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Interesting Observations on Iran 2009 Protests and Riots

Iran 2009 Revolution is about Change, not Groups!
Interesting Observations on Iran 2009 Protests and Riots

Ahreeman X
June 23, 2009

Table of Contents
Silence is a Crime!
I. Tale of Two Irans!
II. Iran, Island of Stability!
III. Imam’s Ultimatum
IV. IRGC Ultimatum
V. Inadequacies in Election Results!
VI. Obama Betrayed Iran!
VII. Reza Pahlavi Barfed!
VIII. Monarchists were Kicked Out of LA Protests!
IX. All Hezbollah and IRI Lobbyists are at CNN with Free Airtime!
X. Mousavi has Strong Backup!
XI. IRI Hits Below the Belts!
XII. IRI banned all Media!
XIII. Conspiracy Theories are the Common Grounds between Shahollah and Hezbollah
XIV. People Can Change
XV. Today’s Protests are about Change, not Groups!

Silence is a Crime!

To remain silent about the 2009 Iranian Revolution is a crime! It does not matter if you are Iranian or not, but it is your human duty to back the Revolutionaries against the most blood thirsty and oppressive regime of the 21st century, the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Regime!

Her name was Neda and she was 26 years old. Neda means Voice in Persian. She was a voice amongst the wave of millions of voices demanding an end to the Status Quo. Neda never knew that after her death, she would become an icon and a symbol of Voice for the many Voiceless in Iran! She was tough and she was a true Persian woman, not a girl, absolutely not a girl! She was one of the brave Iranian Protesters who was murdered in the 2nd round of martyrs by the Basij Paramilitia. The video is all over the YouTube and the story is all over Twitter.

American Media showed the video of her death but blurring her face! The excuse was that the scene is too graphic for the children to watch! Well it is time to let the children watch the realities of life! Neda was also someone’s child. Neda was a child who grew up way too fast and become a woman! Neda chose a path to fight and die for Iran, so the future Nedas of Iran don’t have to do the same! So the future Nedas could live a normal life as 26 year olds! Enough American political correctness garbage from Obama and American Media. Show her face and show how she died for freedom and democracy …. tell Obama to make a stand and the Media to show realities of life! This is what we told to the American Media … and now they are beginning to show her face unblurred and uncut!   She will be remembered. This one goes to her ….

Allow me to dissect the present situation and dig up a number of Interesting Observations to bring upon your attention …

I. Tale of Two Irans!

Silence is a crime
We have 2 Irans out there:

* The Coward Iran in majority are afraid of their own shadows and the slight mention of the term “politics”!

* The Proud Iran in minority are bravely revolting against the IRI inside and strongly supporting the struggle against the Mullarchy outside Iran.

The Coward Iran

The Coward Iran does not take any risk, not even bother to lift a finger or possibly say a word about politics or against the IRI, even on Internet! The Coward Iran are even afraid of their own shadows! They run from their own shadows and their shadows chases them down the streets making them full of fears from everything and everyone. The Coward Iran is the silent majority who lives like Cattle: eats, sleeps and Shiites! The Coward Iran will not even raise his voice to demand a little bit of freedom to slightly better his own life and to live more comfortable!

The Coward Iran would dare to ever say anything in support of the brave Iranian Freedom Fighters, set aside writing a sentence against IRI. Even on the net, they hide under the rocks! The Coward Iran lives a Sheepish Life, a pest-like existence!

The Coward Iran sits in the safe comfort of the west, having his cozy job in the university, government office or private sector. Once a while he writes and publishes some tales about the Iranian culture and history and publishes it full of error in cheesy Iranian tabloid websites or Ragazines. This is good enough for the Coward Iranian to call himself an Iranian Nationalist and to satisfy his ego that he is doing something for Iran and Iranians.

The Coward Iranian travels to Iran every once awhile so he does not need any headache from the IRI Government going back and fore to Iran. This is why when people speak to him about politics, he always says: I want to have nothing to do with politics! The funny thing is that politics is everywhere and in every aspect of life, but the coward Iranian loves his peaceful and cozy life. He is afraid of the word “Politics” and he is also afraid of his own shadow! God forbid if he somehow gets connected with the word “politics” and has anything to do with the politics. The Coward Iranian watches politics on CNN and FOX! He watches the people protest, fight and die for Iran by hundreds participating in the protests, but not him! His cozy lifestyle in exile or suburbs of Iranian cities are way too heartwarming for him to even lift a finger towards the freedom of Iran! God forbid, they might point fingers at him that he has something to do with politics! So the Coward Iranian continues his petty piggish existence! This is the lifestyle of the Coward Iranian which I am sure you are well familiar with him!

The Proud Iran

The Proud Iran are in minority but they make all the noise, they run the streets of Iran in defiance of IRI and in exile, they shout as loud as they can in support of their brothers and sisters inside Iran. You can’t shut the Proud Iran, screaming Nationalism, even if you try your best! The Proud Iran prefers to die than to live like Sheeple!

The Proud Iran has always been the Change Factor throughout the history of Iran. They are the minority
But they are the “Alive Minority” in comparison to the “Dead Silent Majority”!

II. Iran, Island of Stability!

Recently, Ahmadinejad claimed: “Iran is the most stable country on earth!
This reminds me of what Carter claimed in 1978, just before the explosion of the 1978 Iranian Revolution.
Carter claimed: “In this troubled region (Middle East), Iran is the Island of Stability!
Carter said this in a banquet, dinning with Shah and Farah. Of course at the time, Shah also believed this statement and in his wildest dreams, he had never pictured that soon the whole nation would be in state of revolution and the people would kick him out of Iran!

Down the road in 1978, Mohamad Reza Pahlavi’s popularity rating had become lower than the sewer rats and he faced a nation who wholeheartedly hated him! Mohamad Reza Pahlavi was so out of touch that this came as a shock to him! He simply could not believe that his own Children (as he called Iranians) hated him with a passion! So once more (same as 1953) he packed up and escaped like a coward, fled the nation and ran away like a rat! This Paper Tiger had abandoned Iran and Iranians and escaped Iran in two separate occasions (1953 and 1979). This brave ship captain was the first who abandoned the ship!

Back then, Shah assumed that Iran is an Island of Stability and today, Ahmadinejad assumes that Iran is the most Stable country on Earth! Indeed both Shah and Ahmadi were and are detached from the realities of Iran and surely were and are overconfident about their own beliefs, nonsense and rhetorics!

Iran is burning in turmoil and Ahmadinejad sees Stability and Security! This is how one starts moving towards living in LaLa Land:

Iranian Opposition in LaLa Land

III. Imam’s Ultimatum

Next came Imam’s amazing ultimatum to the opposition! Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei warned the people to end protests or else face suppression!

People indeed responded to Supreme Spiritual Leader’s advice by flipping their middle fingers! Not that they rushed the streets of Iran, but they rushed in greater numbers and indeed clashed with the security forces including Basij Paramilitia, Anti Riot Police, VEVAK (Secret Service) and Army!

Now, it is pretty clear that people are not just seeking re-election and reforms but they are seeking a regime change and an end to IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)!

IV. IRGC Ultimatum

IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) also released a strict warning to all protesters that stop demonstrations or face total annihilation!

Obviously people were so fed up with 30 years of Islamic Oppression that they cared less about Sepah Pasdaran’s warning! When you have nothing to lose, then you rather to Live Free or Die!

V. Inadequacies in Election Results!

Ahmadinejad’s votes in over 140 cities in Iran exceeded the number of populations of those cities! If this is not evidence of fraud then I don’t know what is?

For instance in Abarqu, Ahmadi secured 15,000 votes but the general population of Abarqu is 10,000. If this is not fraud, then it surely must be an amazing miracle casted by Mahdi, Mohammed or Allah! Praise be upon Allah!

VI. Obama Betrayed Iran!

Let’s say hypothetically if Obama was the president of United States in place of Ronald Reagan, then surely USSR and the Eastern Communist Blocks would still be intact and the Berlin Wall would still be up!

Obama’s presidency can only be compared to yet another worthless and weak US president named Carter! Obama’s cowardice, opportunism, indecisions, tragic foreign policy, lack of national security and weakness is only second to Carter! In fact Obama’s presidency is Jimmy Carter’s 2nd Term!

Obama is still pussy footing around to see which way the protests go, what will the results be, will Ahmadi stays put or will Mousavi run the ship? Will IRI stay or will a new democratic regime replaces it? Obama plays both ends and plays the political opportunism card, so he will not risk hurting anyone’s feelings!

Obama has no morality and he does anything to maintain his image as a popular pop star! He had done every immoral task and he told all types of lies just to get elected and now he does anything to keep his popularity rating up. In Obama’s megalomaniac mind, it is all about Obama to remain on the covers of all American Liberal Biased Ragazines, Rag Papers and Media at all costs!

Obama has no principles, so why are people expecting him to stand for Freedom and Democracy? Obama does not stand for what America stands for, but Obama stands for Obama!

In his “Apology Tour” around the globe,  Obama sold America and bashed America only to make himself look good! He clearly stated that before him, America was Evil, but now he made America moral! Obama sells his own mother’s resting grounds for $ 5, then surely he would not hesitate to sell the Iranian protesters’ fight for freedom for less than a dime! Obama is a disgrace to the office of presidency of United States.

This is expected when the historically illiterate and politically uninformed majority hands the key to the White House to a Community Organizer with only 2 months of experience as a Junior Senator!

This is expected to occur when you hand a Ghetto Boy, the key to the White House! Not that he will go on a spending spree, creates over 2 trillion dollars of debt (more debt than all 43 US presidents before him combine), but he also bankrupts America, endangers the national security and destroys America’s reputation as the protector of Democracy and Freedom around the globe!

If America does not stand for Freedom and Democracy to back the Iranian Revolutionaries, then what the hell does America stand for?

VII. Reza Pahlavi Barfed!

We have an interesting Persian Expression and Idiom which says:

Mordeh Guzid!”
(The Dead Man Farted!)

Reza Pahlavi II is a career exilist who has been sitting in exile for 30 years; however, every time Iran gets hairy and people make a move, then this opportunist runs to CNN and MSNBC to get a 3 minute interview and airtime! He holds a news conference with his cheesy Iranian Tabloid Media, makes sure they get a lot of pictures from him and then he screams and distributes these news memos and photos around the net, just to show that he is still alive! His small gang of followers (Monarchists) huff and puff and once more try to bring him to the forefront of the Iranian Tabloids published in LA and London only to yet reclaim his crown and throne one more time!

So every few years when some action is going on in Iran, this sissy boy barfs a bit around the media and lays a double yolked egg! He basically does this so the Iranians become aware that he still breathes and not rested in peace!

For God’s sake, 30 years has passed and amongst the 70 million Iranians inside and 6 ½ million Iranians outside, no one cares about the outdated, suppressive and dead ideology of Monarchy except about % 1 of the population still living in LaLa Land and calling themselves Monarchists!

These Bozos are the comic relief of the Iranian political scene! They are the joke of the neighborhood! This coward, Reza Pahlavi has been playing this charade for 30 years! Every few years, he does the same routines only to let the world know that he is still alive and he is still Shahanshah of Iran in exile! He even crowned and throned himself in Washington DC and calls himself Reza Shah the Second!

The reality is that 30 years ago, Iranians ended Monarchy and kicked his father out of Iran along with his complete disgraceful family of corrupt thieves!

I am a great critic of Abolhassan Banisadr but he really nailed it when a while back he said this about Reza Pahlavi:

Iranians will not swallow their own vomit!”

Meaning that Iranians had thrown up and barfed the Monarchy and Monarchs out of their system 30 years ago! There is no chance in hell that Iranians will swallow back their own vomit!

This is the same as trying to turn the clock back in time. For Iran to go back to Monarchy is like for Germany to go back to the Dark Ages or for America to go back to before 1776 and under the British Imperial Rule!

Iranian Monarchists are a small cult of LaLa Landish characters isolated from the Iranian community, still living in the 1970s and still worshipping a Dead Coward Shah who escaped Iran (Mohamad Reza Pahlavi) and a Zombie Gay Pacifist Coward living in Maryland and calling himself the Shah of Iran (Reza Pahlavi)! No one cares; no one gives a rat’s ass except this Coward Dreamer (Reza Pahlavi) and the Ass Kissers (Monarchists) around him! One thing is for sure that amongst Iranians, the only group which is hated more than Shahollah (Monarchists) is Hezbollah (IRI Fans)!

I despise cowardice. Mohamad Reza Pahlavi and Reza Pahlavi II are perfect examples of cowards. Both of them have inherited no trace of Reza Khan’s braveries:

Reza Shah the Great, the Real Story

VIII. Monarchists were Kicked Out of LA Protests!

As you are aware, since the beginning of the pro democracy protests inside Iran, we have been witnessing protests held by Iranians around the globe in solidarity with the Iranians inside Iran. Los Angeles is no exception. Home to about a million expats, Iranians have held various protests in support of the protesters inside Iran. In one of the major protests held in Tehran-Geles area of LA, a small group of Monarchists tried to steal the protests and change the tune of the protests by bringing the pictures and posters of Shah, Farah and Reza Pahlavi to the protests and chanting Monarchist Slogans! They wanted to twist the complete subject in a way for the American public to believe that possibly Monarchy has a slight chance of returning to Iran!

Gladly, ASAP, the brave Iranian protesters clashed with these thugs, threw down their placards and ripped their Shah and Farah posters and then chased them away from the protests! Monarchists packed up and left like dirty rats!

I simply can’t believe the nerves of these Cultists try to twist and turn the solid global wide protests of the Iranian people in defense of Change, Freedom and Democracy to rhetorics in defense of Return of the Monarchy and Dictatorship to Iran!

Why Monarchy Ended and We Must Start a New?

How Republicans and Monarchists View the World?

Reasons for the Birth of IRI?

IX. All Hezbollah and IRI Lobbyists are at CNN with Free Airtime!

Have you noticed that every single IRI Lobbyist like that Old Fart Houshang Amir-Ahmadi all the way to Pro Hezbollah Students of Muslim Students Assembly to Pro IRI Authors, are all getting free airtime in CNN? Since the beginning of protests in Iran, these Hezbollah Baboons are going to CNN as political contributors and opinion leaders of the Iranian Community! The funny thing is that you don’t see any of them in FOX! They know better to only show up in Liberal Biased Media and State Controlled Media like CNN, MSNBC, NBC and other Liberal Biased Media. After all, Liberalism is the best friend and promoter to Islamism!

Some of these servants of IRI went so far in their pro IRI, pro Ahmadinejad rhetorics that even CNN anchors were amazed about their boldness and reactionary stands! The latest episode was that some whore was defending Ahmadinejad as the legitimate president of Iran and condemning these riots! Then there was this IRI Lobbyist baboon, Kaveh Afrasiabi with his broken English defending IRI on CNN as a “political analyst”! What’s next? Bringing Trita Parsi the servant of IRI to CNN as a great author and political analyst? What a joke!

If CNN keeps on bringing these IRI Lobbyists and Spies to preach as analysts and political commentators, then their rating will drop lower than it already is! No wonder people don’t trust any network aside FOX to watch!

X. Mousavi has Strong Backup!

Mousavi has a strong line of backups and supporters or else he would not openly defy Imam! No one defies Imam or else he ends up dead or under house arrest, remember Ayatollahs Taleqani and Montazeri? But Mousavi is openly defying Imam and asking for reelection! Supreme Spiritual leader ordered partial recount but Mousavi denied and asked for reelection! Who do you think his backup is? Rafsanjani indeed!

Do you possibly think that Mousavi would openly challenge the authority of Imam, Fundamentalist Clerics and IRGC alone? Not that he has reformists on his side (Karroubi, Khatami, others), but he also has Akbar Shah, commander of construction, leader of Moderates and head of Kargozaran, Ayatollah Rafsanjani on his side! When Rafsanjani got your back, then you can go ahead and lead a movement for Change in Iran! Not to worry, Rafsanjani got your back! Read:

Iranian 2009 Election Riots Analysis + Future Agenda

X Diaries: Cayman Islands

XI. IRI Hits Below the Belts!

As of now, everything goes and IRI has openly ordered mass slaughter! Amongst IRI new anti protesters tactics are: Home invasions, acid throwing, dropping chemicals from helicopters on the crowd, sniper shooting the public and sneak attacking the people with axes and daggers! It is now open season on protesters simply because it is now survival fight for the Ayatollahs and their Hezbollah goons!

XII. IRI banned all Media!

Islamic Republic of Iran has officially banned all media forms to report anything from Iran but people still manage to send news, photos and videos to the outside world. They send material indirectly to Iranians outside or to unbanned sites and third parties and then Iranians outside post the info on the originally destined sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

IRI even filters the filter breaker sites, so now opposition uses Psiphon Software as the ultimate tactic:

Useful Software Systems to Break IRI National Internet Wall

The funny thing is that Hezbollah has been lately mass e-mailing us or even catch me on IM will all types of warnings:

H: Changing IP will not help you, we keep on banning you!
X: How can you ban us when you already banned us and filtered us many times before?
H: We will ban you again …
X: Will you promise to double ban us so we become more popular than we already are?
H: Keep joking and one of these days we will ban you from life ….
X: Promise?
H: We will send you to Hell where you belong …
X: Oh goodie, so I will join the Mighty Father, Lucifer at the Under! Hell is so warm and cozy, all the celebrities and entertainers are down there too! It’s a fun place!

A Mid Spring Nightmare

IPC is banned as usual and even double banned, Islamic Style:

IPC Website has been Banned and Filtered by IRI

XIII. Conspiracy Theories are the Common Grounds between Shahollah and Hezbollah

Ahmadinejad blames UK and USA for the Iranian Election Protests and Riots. Shah of Iran also used to blame UK and USA for his overthrown on 1979. Hezbollah are the firm believers in a grand plot and conspiracy of various dark figures and representatives of MI6, CIA, Pentagon, Freemasons, Illuminati, Oil Cartels and Mafia sitting around a round table in a shady and unlighted room deep in the bunkers of London or DC conspiring about how to run the world and how to establish a “New World Order”! Well blame me but Monarchists are also the firm believers of the same conspiracy theory!

Hezbollah and Shahollah have the same beliefs except that Hezbollah believes that they can make a stand against the conspirators; however, Shahollah believes that they are helpless victims against the conspirators and the “Masters” (UK and USA) are in absolute control of the world and no matter how hard the monarchists try, still they cannot defeat the “Masters”!

Do you see how Ahmadinejad and Moahamad Reza Pahlavi could be long lost cousins and how Hezbollah and Shahollah do blame everyone and everything for their own mistakes, shortcomings and fall? They both fail to see that Severe Dictatorship soon or late will result in riots and revolution!

You can oppress people for so long but eventually after years and decades of oppression, soon or late people will rise up to put an end to Dictatorship, to demolish dictatorship and to establish democracy! This is the historical destiny of societies.

In 1978, the great majority of Iranians had risen against the Monarchial dictatorship of Shah.

Today, the great majority of Iranians are rising up against the Mullarchial dictatorship of Imam.

People want to be free and this is the human nature. Obviously Hezbollah and Shahollah are too blind to see this fact!

Conspiracy Theories, Persian Style

XIV. People Can Change

I am a firm believer that people can change! Gorbachev and Yeltsin were both members of the communist party but the first one facilitated the death of the Communist Party and the second one ended the reign of USSR and gave birth to the new Russian Confederation. Putin was KGB and Medvedev was his protégé but down the road Putin became the 2nd and Medvedev became the 3rd president of the new Russian Confederation!

My point is that people can change. Actually Change is good and crucial to the development of a Free Thinker. Change is the very sign of Evolution and Evolvement of the brain and mindset of the people. If people don’t change, then they will get stuck in a fanatical mindset or an outdated mindset from birth to the grave! The best example, are Monarchists and Islamists!

Yes, Mir Hossein Mousavi was the prime minister during Seyed Ali Khamenei’s (IRI 2nd Imam) presidency and Ruhollah Khomeini’s (IRI 1st Imam) supreme spiritual leadership, but today’s Mousavi is not yesterday’s Mousavi. What he believes now is a galaxy away from what he believed then!

Khatami is a reformist, but despite the push from the people, he never made a move against the establishment of IRI, stood up to Imam and used his popularity to lead the movement to push meaningful reforms and to create a Change.

Mousavi on the hand has learned from Khatami’s mistakes. Mousavi also has guts and balls, something that Khatami did not have!

The Risk

Let us view the realities of Iran from Mousavi’s eyes. Reformists such a Mousavi and Moderates such a Rafsanjani are perfectly aware that the present movement, protests and riots can get out of their control and lead to the absolute demise of the regime as a whole. IRI could be overthrown and people could establish a Democratic Republic. Mousavi, Rafsanjani, Karroubi and others are perfectly aware of this danger and they know that if this occurs, then they also could be in trouble but then again, they are also intelligent enough to realize that IRI in its present oppressive form will not last long and soon or late people will revolt against it and destroy it; therefore, they conclude that either ways, there lies danger along the way, but it is still the safer way to reform now than to witness the death of IRI later! Besides, the present form of IRI is not even tolerable for the Reformists!

The government had just briefly arrested and then released Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani (Ayatollah Rafsanjani’s Daughter) and a few other relatives! Faezeh was speaking at a rally. This shows that presently there must be deep conflicts amongst the Olama and Ayatollahs! When they mess with Rafsanjani’s daughter, then they are obviously messing with Rafsanjani and believe me, no one dare messes with Rafsanjani in Iran except with backing of the Sepah (IRGC)!

At this moment, Rafsanjani had started a campaign to rally enough clerics in Qom to back him up and back up the movement and protests. You can’t mess with Rafsanjani and expect him to keep silence! No one messes with Rafsanjani! A great divide between the clerics are forming right in Qom. The rivalry between IRGC and Rafsanjani clearly continues …

Now let’s suppose that Reformists lose the control of the protests and eventually these protests lead to revolution and the end to IRI. Even in this scenario, people like Rafsanjani, Karroubi, Khatami and Mousavi can survive the revenge of the people by claiming that they helped to change the regime. They can even continue being powerful parts of the future Iranian economy, politics and government!

On the other hand, there will be no doubt that the Fundamentalists, Conservative Clerics, Sepah and Basij will face the wrath of the masses!

The bottom line is that people can change and people can progress. This would bring me to my next point which is very crucial to understand the psyche of the present movement:

XV. Today’s Protests are about Change, not Groups!

It is crucial for Iranians, specifically the Iranians in exile to comprehend that the present movement, protests and riots are not about political groups but they are about Change!

The present movement washing away the IRI System is not about:

Reza Pahlavi and Monarchists
Maryam Rajavi and Mojahedin
Various Opposition Groups in Exile

Because none of these groups has a slight chance in hell to gain control of the future Iranian government!

Iran will not go back to Monarchy and will not try out Marxist Islamism! It is 30 years that Iranians are paying for the stupidity of the Fathers of 1979! 30 years under Theocratic Dictatorship makes people not susceptive to fall for yet another form of dictatorship!

8000 years of Monarchy and 30 years of Islam has made Iranians Bull Shiite proof!  About 2/3 of Iranians are under 30 years of age. This new generation which was born and raised during the Islamic oppression of IRI, envying the western freedoms by gazing at them through the multimedia, will not test drive the Marxist Islamist version of Mojahedin’s Islam and allow the Iran of the future to become a replication of the North Korea with a blend of Islam, Rajavi style!

This new generation also has perfect knowledge of how things were during the monarchy and Shah’s era! Monarchy had left a bitter taste in Iranians’ mouths which will last for centuries to come! They will go back to monarchy when hell freezes over! Iranian society will not regress back to monarchy but it will progress to a secular democratic republic!

Any possible future dictatorship will be rejected by the present Iranian youth who are protesting, rioting, sacrificing, fighting and dying for the cause. What is the cause? Change towards Freedom which they have been seeing and hearing all about it through the multimedia and Internet. They want the freedom which exists in America and Europe but Persian Style!

This Movement is about Change!

So as you see, this movement of youth and students is not about Reformists, Moderates, Mojahedin, Monarchists or any other group. This movement is also not about Mousavi, Rafsanjani, Karroubi or any other individual. They are only tools to be used to reach the future goal. The future goal is change towards freedom and democracy.

Mousavi is brave enough because he has the backing of Rafsanjani and he has guts. He could and he can play the role of the Iranian Gorbachev to pave the way and facilitate the path for the up and coming Iranian Yeltsin!

What does this Leaderless Movement Needs?

Iranian Youth Movement does not need a leader. The leaders will develop themselves and they will be self built. What this movement needs is for the ethnic minorities, religious minorities, middle class, bazaar, and various other Iranian social groups to join them in their struggle to gain freedom.

This movement does not even need a particular section of the armed forces and security forces to join them, but they only need a few armories, arms storages, and ammunition warehouses to be opened up to them by a few good men from the Iranian armed forces! All they need is access to guns, the rest will be history!

Yes my friends, the 2009 Iranian Election Protests and Riots is not about various groups but it is about the Change. People have been waiting to create this Change for 30 years and now is the time to Do or Die. Silence is a crime!

Imam Khamenei was pretty clear about his stand: Stop protests or else prepare to be crushed!

Now we will see what Iranians are made of?

More power to all freedom fighters of Iran

Dr. X

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