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Iranian Election, Selection or Erection?
Ahreeman X
June 21, 2017

Iranian Election Cartoon


In Iran, things are not always what they seem to be! They portray one thing but in reality they are something totally different! The perfect example is the Iranian Elections!

IRI, land of the Slaved and home of the Weak!
Theocratic Slavery to Allah, Islam and Imam!
Iranian Style Democracy in Action!

The Facade

Iranian elections during the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Era of the past 4 decades are amazing extravaganzas! The theatrics are superb, the promos, posters, propaganda and media coverage are astonishing and the excitement is in the air; however, in reality, they are a phenomenon totally different than what they seem to be! Things are not always what they seem to be! One would never know if they are in fact elections, selections or erections?!

Iranian Democracy Cartoon

Every four years, Mullahs, Sepah IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) and Hezbollah of Iran get the state media to grab their megaphones with microphones, drums and horns, make a lots of noise and harbinger the news of the upcoming so called elections! Next, they send their Basij Paramilitia and surely Ansar-e Hezbollah Thugs in the streets to run rallies and make a lot of noise about the upcoming elections. Then, they draft a bunch of young Muslim boy toys (Muslim Bache Kuni) with puberty level premature beard and mustache to hang and glue tons of political posters on the street walls to celebrate the tradition of the IRI’s 4 decades of Islamic elections!

The whole election period is full of theatrics and shenanigans. It’s a dog and pony show, bear and hula-hoop show, elephant and mouse show and indeed storyteller and monkey show (Luti O Antari)! Shiite Islam is the master of theatrics, specifically during the Ashura (annual Imam Hussein mourning season). They have Ta’ziyeh (Islamic Theatre Plays) and Marsiyeh (Crying and mourning) and tons of rallies, crowd gathering, chest banging, head banging and chain banging plus much free food at the mosques! Iranian Elections are the Shiite Islam’s political versions of the Ashura Theatrics! They are intense and make believe! If one doesn’t know the reality of elections, he may assume that these are Real Elections, Islamic Style!

Ashura, this is Shiite Islam

The Reality

The reality of the matter is that every four years, Velayat-e Faqih (Supreme Spiritual Leader) of IRI, now “Imam Seyed Ali Khamenei” and his executive arm, Sepah Pasdaran IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) and the Grand Ayatollahs (Central Circle of Qom Mullahs) gather and pre select the candidates for the elections!

Everyone can enter the elections but only a select few will remain to participate! Candidates are selected by the Supreme Spiritual Leader upon their allegiance and faithfulness to the Islamic Regime and Islam. In other words, you must be a Muslim, Islamist and Hezbollah to even be considered as a candidate to run for the elections!

Iranian Elections are basically a cut and sew job and a patch job by the high level Mullahs led by the Supreme Leader who select the candidates and ultimately the president. The IRI president is basically a puppet of the Supreme Spiritual Leader!

No political party is allowed to participate except Hezbollah (Party of Allah)! Please note that Hezbollah originated in Iran and Hezbollah of Lebanon is only one fraction of the Hezbollah. Of course there are 1001 political parties in Iran but in reality they are all factions of the same entity which is Hezbollah! They are all Islamic Parties faithful to Imam and Islam! All other political parties of Iran are banned and exiled.

Iranian Political Parties and Organizations

Islamic elections are more like a game which Supreme Spiritual Leader and Top Mullahs play every four years. Majles (parliament) is a show with both houses of “Islamic Consultive Assembly” (Majles) and “Assembly of Experts” (Majles-e Khobregan) members voted by the people but pre selected by the leader, so the people know who to vote for! Presidency is the same; the leader selects the candidates for the people to vote for!

Shiite Logic

The Shiite Islamic Logic is that how can people know who to vote for if the Leader does not select for them the candidates?! In Shiite Islam, people follow the Supreme Spiritual Leader in every aspect of their lives. VF (Velayate Faqih) runs every aspect and corner of their lives and people like sheep or in fact Sheeple just follow the leader. VF (Supreme Spiritual Leader) sets the standard for the people in religion, politics and life. Like a good father for small children (people), the leader must pre select the candidates for the people to vote for! It is absolutely forbidden for the Umma’ (Muslim People) to vote or make any decision on their own! Leader sets the criteria and platform, and then people vote and live accordingly! Kind of like Shepherd and Sheep!

Velayat-e Faqih” (Supreme Spiritual Leader) means “Guardian for the Underage” (in Arabic Rooted Persian); therefore, Shiite Islam considers all Shiite Muslims as the “Underage” in need of a “Guardian” and that is the truth about the Shiite Islam. The Shiite are in need of an Imam to follow on every aspect of their lives thus they cannot make any decisions on their own! A Total Shiite mind control which creates slaves to Allah!

The Show

The Islamic Election Show conducts in this manner:

I. Imam pre “Selects” the candidates!

II. People AKA Sheeple vote, “Elect” and think that their vote matters, they become happy cattle!

III. Imam “Erects” the next president and gives him the blessing!

The process goes like:

Selection => Election => Erection

So one in the outside civilized world (non Islamic world) cannot really tell if these every four year shows are in fact Elections, Selections or Erections?

It’s like people assume that they are electing but their election has been pre selected by the Imam and alternatively Imam erects his holy Schlong, stick it up the new president’s roundel, rise him in the skies of IRI and shows the Umma’ that their vote matters! Next, Imam carries the new boy on his Holy Schlong all the way to his future office and lands the new president in his new presidential palace! Imam’s Holy Schlong carries a lot of weight and is mighty strong! This event concludes the final part of the IRI Elections and it is called the Erections!

IRI Holy Ranks of Islam

Historical Participation

So far it has been about 4 decades that Umma’ of “Gav O Guspand” (Cattle and Sheep) gather every four years and participate in these “Islamic Elections” AKA Sham Elections AKA Show Elections AKA Selections AKA Erections!

Everyone Lies; Everyone’s Happy

Everyone knows that Islamic Elections are a Lie but everyone participates and they are happy that they have participated! Imam lies to the people, Mullahs lie to the Imam, Sepah lies to the Mullahs, People lie to themselves, president lies to the people, president lies to the Imam and everyone makes believe that they have actually conducted a Free Election! Everyone lies, even to themselves, everyone is happy and everyone goes back to their slave-hood and slavedom to Allah, Islam and Imam for another 4 years, happy that they voted!

Same as Islam, Muslims live a lie and every aspect of their lives is a lie. Islam is The Big Lie!

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected!

The Show Must Go On

The Show has been going on for about 4 decades. This year, the selected finalists were “Hassan Rouhani” (Moderate Mullah) and “Ebrahim Raisi” (Conservative Mullah). There was no “Reformist Mullah”, because the Reformists were banned to participate due to the past Erection’s Green Shenanigan of “Mir Hossein Mousavi” and “Mohammad Khatami”!

Reformist, Moderate or Conservative Muslims, they are all the same Bull Shiite! It is all a Show and a Sham. Islamic Elections, the same as Islam, is a sham, a political ideology and a con, posing as a religion!

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology

Islam Contradicts Democracy and the US Constitution

The funny thing is the Reza Pahlavi’s 1 to 3 minute promos on FOX and CNN every 4 years, for the Islamic elections! Rest of the year or years, he is a dead man in silence! Once election begins, the Dead Man farts (speaks for 3 minutes on the American News Media) and he is only doing this to say that he is still alive! So every year or 4 years, Reza Pahlavi does a 3 minute promo (Mordeh Guzid) to save face to the public and pretend that he is still relevant! The reality is that Reza Pahlavi has made a secret deal with the IRI and the Mullahs. Reza Pahlavi sold the Monarchists and the Iranian Opposition for a lump sum of money to the IRI Mullahs! He is only allowed to talk but not to act. To think of it, that is what he was doing all these years, so nothing has really changed! Stay tuned for my future article on this issue.

You know the American saying and expression: “It’s All Good”? With Iran and Iranian’s affairs, “It’s All Bull Shiite” AKA “It’s All Kos O She’r” (Pussy Poetry)! And that’s Persian expression for yous!


Now you may ask,

Will there be hope for the Iranian Umma’ (Eye-Rainian Sheeple) to ever wake up, smell the reality and establish a free, democratic, secular and Real Republic with Real Elections?

The answer is,

Only if the Iranians dump Islam and the Islamic Regime, and get them out of the government, then Iran will be free!

Now is that likely to occur?

Of course, it may take a century but there is always hope!

Hey, I am doing my part to educate the cattle! IPC has been educating the Great Iranian Sheeple, now for 17 plus years. There is always hope!

The good news is that IPC is a 24/7 propaganda machine using the power of Internet to evolve the Iranians; therefore, there is always hope!

For decades, we have turned many in the Dark in to the Beacons of Light!

Call me the Evolver of the Iranian Minds!

“Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!”

And there’s your prayer ……


Dr. X

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