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Iran Protests = Iranian Nationalist Revolution
Ahreeman X
December 31, 2017

Iran Politics Club Official Announcement

Futurist Faravahar Iran Flag
Present Green, White and Red Order Iran Flag
Iran Politics Club Futurist Faravahar Tricolor Iran Flag

For more information:

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags: Chapter 14: Iran Politics Club Flags

Iran Politics Club Flags

Heroic Masses of Iran

You have given yourselves the best Christmas present possible, the present of “Freedom”! May this Christmas be the last Christmas and this New Year be the last New Year for the IRI Islamist Regime. May the future bring freedom and democracy to Iran and Iranians.

We in IPC will do our best efforts to draft proper planning to transform these protests to riots and then revolution. The goal is:

Protests => Riots => Revolution

IPC Operations supports, works with and consists of the:

Iranian Opposition
Iranian Student Movement
Iranian Democratic Movement

Brave Iranian Woman Protestor raises her fist at the Police while getting Tear Gassed in 2017

December 28, 2017 is not the first date that the masses of Iran rose up, yet we, the Iranian Opposition have been actively stirring this pot since 1979 when the Islamist Terrorist Regime of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) has illegitimately taken over our beloved Iran. We, the Iranian Opposition have been organizing, designing and planning the uprisings such as the 2009, the 2017 and many more since then. What is happening today in the streets of Iran is the fruits of the tree which we have planted about 4 decades ago!

Throughout these four decades we had many defeats and we may have many more defeats but we shall keep on trying over and over until we achieve our ultimate goal which is the freedom of Iran.

Face to Face
IRI vs. Iranian People
Anti Riot Security Force vs. Iranian Protestor in 2009 Riots

Iran 2009 Protests and Riots Photo Gallery

Iran Politics Club Role

Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran. IPC (Iran Politics Club) is not only the largest Iranian website in English in the world; furthermore, it is the backbone of the Iranian Opposition. IPC is an active 24 / 7 propaganda machine at the disposal and service of the Iranian Opposition, Iranian Student Movement and the Iranian People.

In the past, I have made it clear that I shall work with anyone (despite the political ideology) who picks up a pen or a gun to fight the IRI Islamist Regime. My goal is pretty obvious, it is to get Islamic Republic and Islam out of the Government and back to the Mosques. Islamic Republic and Islam are the root causes of Iran’s misery and cultural decline in the globe.

Islamic Republic and Islam have turned a prosperous, progressive, rich and advanced Iran (before 1979) to an economically bankrupt, culturally infected, socially regressive and morally abyss Iran which is the mother of the global Islamist Terrorism (after 1979).

Before 1979, when we stated that we were Persians in abroad (at the universities and workplace), people admired us and the Persian culture. Today, when we say that we are Persians in abroad, people look at us with disgust and hatred. They look at us as Islamist Terrorists! It is amazing how an Islam infested infection named the Islamic Republic Regime can change the 8000 years old glorious prestige of a nation and its people in only a short time of about 4 decades!

Yesterday the Persians and Persia (Iran) were the Mother Culture and Civilization of the Globe. Today the Persians are the Disease of the world. What has changed? What has caused this catastrophe? Allow me to be very clear about my answer: Islam, Islamism and Islamic Republic had caused this catastrophe. Islam is the root cause of this disease. Throughout the history, everywhere that Islam went, it left a legacy of death, disease and destruction. Islam had destroyed Iran in two separate occasions, once in 651, the 7th century AD and once in 1979, the 20th century AD.

First AIOG (Arabo Islamic Occupational Government)

Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire and Blood: Arab Muslim Invasion of Persia

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

Second AIOG ((Arabo Islamic Occupational Government)

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

Only after reviewing the history of Iran, you will comprehend the reason for why we have changed,

From this (Islam Free Iran):

8000 Years of Iranian History!

To this (Islamic Iran):

Ayatollah Gilani's Resaleh on Socio-Sexual Problems in Islam!

Only then, you will sigh alas that we have made a 180 Degree turn on Civilization. We were the Mother of the Civilized World and now we are the Mother of the Global Islamic Terrorism,

From this (Father of Nation):

Reza Shah the Great, The Real Story

To this (Father of Global Neo Islamism and Islamic Republic):

Ayatollah Khomeini on Islam, Sex and Marriage

Ayatollah Khomeini on Islam, Bathroom Laws and Regulations

It is really sad!

Things Can Change Quickly


Things can change very quickly! In only less than 4 decades, an advanced and progressive Iran (Imperial Iran) has turned to a regressive central heart of the Islamist Terrorism (Islamic Republic of Iran)!

Progress changed to Regress!
Persianhood changed to Islamism!
Girls in mini-skirts changed to girls in chador and hejab!
Men in suits and ties changed to men with beard and dirty collars!
Modern country changed to 7th century Islamic country!
Individual Freedoms changed to No Freedoms!
Industrialization, Modernization and Technology changed to Fortune Telling, Islamic Infection and Religious Inquisition!

Trust me, once again things can change very quickly! We can easily reverse all of this. We can easily erase the past 4 decades of Islam and Islamism out of our history. Once again, we can revive Iran which will progress with the speed of light. Future is bright.

Causes of the Iranian Protests

Why are people protesting and have no fear of arrests, injury or death?

* High Inflation
* High Unemployment
* High Prices of Food and Cost of Living
* Loss of Currency Value
* Government and Private Financial Frauds
* Plunder of People’s Savings
* Economical Bankruptcy
* Islamic Oppression
* Lack of Freedoms

It is amazing how IRI is funding every single Shiite Islamic or Extremist Islamist Regime and Organization in the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and European Balkans but the Iranian people at home are starving due to doubling of the food prices!

How can IRI create a regional empire with her own people hungry?! You can push people to a certain point and eventually people will explode!

Global Islamic Terrorism

IRI funds, arms and military trains:

Hezbollah of Lebanon
Hamas of Palestine
Al Jihad of Palestine
Syrian Ba’ath Regime
Iraqi Shiite Militia
Houthis of Yemen
Bahrain Shiites
Afghan Shiites
Tajik Shiites
Bosnian Muslims
Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt

And so many others …

At the same time the Iranian People’s backs are broken due to the high prices of food, cost of living, inflation, unemployment and 101 other pressures from life!

IRI Regime is concerned with enflaming a global Islamist Revolution.
Iranian People are wondering about how to put food on the table!
People work 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet!

IRI is starving her own people while funding a global Islamist Revolution and Jihad!
This is why IRI Islamist Regime need to die and this block got to go!

To Mojahedin, Monarchists and Totalitarian Groups

Mojahedin, Monarchists, Marxists, Socialists and Fascists are also valuable members of the Iranian Opposition and their efforts to overthrow IRI is well appreciated; however, they must simply comprehend that they cannot pre-elect presidents and pre-erect Shahs in exile nor can they dictate the future regime of the Iranian Government to the Iranian people. People of Iran are the ones who will decide the future regime of the Iranian Government. Future referendums will decide the nature of the future regime.

Supporters of the outdated and dead ideologies must comprehend that the Iranian people have already experimented with these ideologies and they have all failed. The future is democracy and freedom.

Outdated Ideologies

Islam died in 14th Century AD
Monarchy died in 19th Century AD
Fascism died in 20th Century AD
Communism died in 1980s
Socialism died in 1990s

The future is Democracy and Freedom. Stop looking back and start looking at the future.

Old, outdated and illogical ideologies such as the Reformist Islam (Green Reformists), Marxist Islamism (Mojahedin), Monarchism (Monarchists), Communism (Marxists) and Socialism (Socialists) will not fly anymore.

You cannot turn back the time. You cannot regress the society. People of Iran rejected the monarchy on 1979 and they are rejecting the Islam today.

What makes you think that the Iranian people will once again accept dictatorship of any kind? What makes you think that the people of Iran will this turn accept a more moderate Islam sugarcoated as the “Reformist Islam” (Green Movement), a blend of Communism mixed with Islam as the Marxist Islamist Ideology (Mojahedin) or a neo blend of Monarchy with a powerless Shah (Monarchists)?! They have been there and done that, now the Iranians want Democracy and Freedom, a Democratic Republic.

This is not about Islam, Mojahedin or Monarchists, but this is about the Will of the Iranian People and their Struggle for Democracy and Freedom.

Trump will Back the Iranian Protests

Trump is not Obama. Hussein Obama has betrayed the Iranian Opposition and People in two separate occasions:

On 2009 Obama backed the IRI and Mullahs rather than supporting the Revolts of the People.

On 2015 Obama handed $ 150 Billion to IRI and Mullahs to establish them. This was the Iranian people’s money not the Mullahs!

Iran 2009 Protests and Riots Photo Gallery

Trump is not a Muslim Buffoon like Hussein Obama, Trump is man of the people, a true revolutionary, a constitutionalist and a solid National Populist. Trump will stand by the Iranian People until the end. Trump means what he says and he will stand by his word.

Obama was with the Mullahs.
Trump is with the People.

You can count on Trump.

Future of Iran


Future is bright. In the past, we have lost many battles and we may lose this battle, yet we will try over and over again and one day we will win this war. We shall overcome because we are fighting for justice, freedom and human rights. They are fighting for Allah, Islam, Jihad and Exporting Islam to the world. All we want is to live free.

The Future of Iran is not separated from the future of the world. Brexit and Trexit (Trump Brexit) shown that the people care and love their political independence, economic prosperity, individual freedoms, and Nationalism; it also showed that the people hate the Establishment and the people shown it with their Populism.

The world is moving towards Futurism, but before we form the future unified Earth, we must be standing on our own feet and become strong independent nations and national governments which care for our own people.  Only then, we can establish the future unified Earth.

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow - Nationalism

Moral Revolution: The Alternative Tactic

So primarily we must move towards “National Populism”.

Nationalism = loving one’s Nation
Populism = hate for Establishment

So, let’s speak Persian,

Establishment = Tashkilat-e Mostaqar, Nezam
(In our case the Islamic Establishment: Tashkilat-e Mostaqar-e Akhundi, Nezam-e Eslami)
Populism = Zediyat ba Tashkilat-e Mostaqar, Zediyat ba Nezam

Nationalism = Melli Gerai, Vatan Parasti
Populism = Zediyat ba Tashkilat-e Mostaqar, Zediyat ba Nezam
National Populism = Melli Gerai-ye Zede Tashkilat-e Mostaqar
Or best put,
National Populism = Hokumate Mardomi

American National Populist Revolution

Despite all odds, we have worked hard and our American National Populist Movement under the leadership of Trump has overcome the Establishment. We fought hard and we defeated the Establishment. We established the Government of the People and revived the American Constitution. We have established the 2016 American National Populist Revolution.

We defeated these enemies of the American people:

Washington DC Establishment
GOP Establishment
Democratic Party Establishment
Global Corporate Media Establishment
Global Corporate Establishment
Global Banking Establishment
Hollywood Establishment
Academic Establishment
Wall Street Establishment

And so on

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President

Trump National Populist Revolution

Iranian Future National Populist Revolution

We the National Populists have won and the Establishment had lost. They are still whining over it! If we could do it in America, then you can do it in Iran.

Learn from the National Populist Movement of America and Britain. Establish the National Populist Movement of Iran and defeat the Iranian Establishment.

The Future is National Populism

The future is democracy, individualism, independence, rule of law, true constitution, freedom, populism, nationalism and Persianhood. Break the System, break the Regime and break the Establishment. Establish National Populism.

Future of Iran is Democracy

By establishing National Populism, the masses of Iran will establish their future which is Democracy, Freedom, Rule of Law, True Constitution, True Republic and Salvation.

Trump and the American People freed America from the Establishment and established true Democracy:

Government of the People by the People and for the People.

Iranian people can do the same.

IRI is Government of Ramal (Fortune Tellers) by the Dalal (Dealers) for the Hamal (Lampoon Porters).

IRI is the government of “Tashkilat-e Mostaqar” (Establishment). We want to establish the Government of National Populists (Hokumat-e Melli-ye Zede Tashkilat-e Mostaqar). We want to establish Government of the People (Hokumat-e Mardomi). Goal is:

National Populism = Hokumate Mardomi

Iranian people must and Iranian people will bring independence, freedom and National Populism to Iran. Iranian people will bring Democracy to Iran. We the Iranian Opposition have faith in the Iranian people. We have been working this garden for 4 decades, now is the time to pick and eat the fruits of our labor!

Independence, Freedom, National Populism
Esteqlal, Azadi, Hokumate Mardomi

Death to Islamic Republic of Iran and Mullahs
Long Live Freedom

More power to all Freedom Fighters of Iran


Dr. X

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