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Chapter 4: Epidemics of the Iranian Disease

The Iranian Disease
Chapter 4: Epidemics of the Iranian Disease
Ahreeman X
June 14, 2015

Iranian Disease Epidemics


Folks, to cure our ills, we must self critic ourselves; who better to critic us than ourselves?!

… and you thought that the analysis of the “Iranian Disease” is over?

Who knew back then, that in the future, there would be a promising 4th chapter?!

In the past chapter, we have discussed:

Chapter 1: The Symptom and The Disease
Chapter 2: Roots of The Iranian Disease
Chapter 3: Cure for The Iranian Disease

… and we have discussed various issues such as:

The Helpless Victim Disease
The Eye to The Sky Disease
The Monitor Factor

And so on …

The Iranian Disease: Series in 3 Chapters

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected

Domestication of Persians

The Moral Revolution

L: No Allah, No Islam (English)
R: No Allah, No Islam (Arabic)

Next Chapter: Rest of the Story

Now we will focus on the details and we will dig deep in to the core of this Allahic Virus! Why call it the Allahic Virus? Because this disease, its symptoms and its variations had little roots before Islam originally hit Iran (651 AD); however, the “Iranian Disease” went nationally viral after the “First AIOG” (Arabo Islamic Occupational Government of 651 AD) and it surely became a national epidemic after the “Second AIOG” (Arabo Islamic Occupational Government of 1979 AD)!

… and now the rest of the story …

L: Islam Disease Allah Virus
R: Iranian Disease Allah Virus

Are you ready to Rock? Ready, set, let’s Roll:

Travel through the Heart of the Epidemic

We will now observe the core of the “Iranian Disease” via wireless “Micro Telescopic Probe” surgical tool which we are sending through the skin, nerves and blood veins, deep in to the hearts and minds of the Iranian Patients to gain more information and collect more data about the nature of this disease. We shall now use the modern technology of the information age and the space age to help understanding and curing this national epidemic named the “Iranian Disease”!

We shall now travel deep in to the dark undiscovered territories of the Iranian Mind, psyche and soul to study, experiment, educate and gather new data towards the cure of the “Iranian Disease”!

Deep in to the Iranian Mind, we go …

Life of Lies

Iranians are leading two lives; one is the façade they portray for the outside world in public, and one that they live inside their comfort zone and inside their homes.

One in which they portray themselves as religious lambs of Allah, Yahweh, Jesus or whatever other Myth (God) that they believe in …

One in which they live in hiding, a life of songs and dance, wines and dines, sometimes leading to drugs and corruption, sometimes expanding to moral bankruptcy …

The Moral Outlook and The Immoral Inlook, a Dual Life which the Iranians are leading!

At Inxile (inside Iran), the Inxiled Iranians (Exiled in their own country), they do it due to the Islamic Regime.

At Exile (outside Iran), the Exiled Iranians (Exiled from their own country), they do it thus it has become a generational and a traditional habit!

So the Iranians throughout the centuries have learned to lead a “Dual Life”, a dual life of lies!  

Seasonal Fans

* Seasonal fan is a fan of the team, only in the good times.
* Fanatic (Hardcore Fan) is a fan of the team during bad or good times, lose or win times, rain or sun times, storm or blue sky times, earthquake or serenity times, from birth to death and forever …

Iranians are the true definition of the “Seasonal Fans”! Why is that? Is it Islam? Is it Infectious Traditions? Is it leading a Dual Life of Lies?

One day they are Marxists, the next day they are Muslims!
One day they are Atheists, the next day they are Religious!
One day they are Hezbollah, the next day they are Mojahed (Marxist Islamist)!
One day they are Mossadeqist (Jebhei), the next day they are Monarchist!
One day they are Shahollahi, the next day they are Hezbollahi!
One day they are Democrats, the next day they are Despotic!

Iranians are the same people who one day waved the banner of Mossadeq (1953); the next day, they waved the banner of Shah (after 28 Mordad); and the day after, they waved the banner of Khomeini (1978)!

Allow me to quote from some meaningful Persian poems; I’ll try to translate them in to English in a way that they make sense:

“Bar zendeh bad goftan-e in qowm-e por farib, del maneh,
Ke yek taneh bar sangarat zanand!”

(Do not rely on the “Long Live” chants of this dishonest tribe,
Thus they will unite and bury you in trenches!)

“Ma mardom-e Iran, por jush-o zerangim,
Afsus ke chon buqalamun, rang be rangim!
Gah bar dar-e masjed, gah bar dar-e yek baq-e qashangim!”

(We Iranians are over achievers and cleaver,
Alas that the same as turkey, we have many colors!
Sometimes we are at the mosque and sometimes we are at the party garden!)

Both of these poems deal with the seasonal fans psyche of the Iranian people. You cannot rely on the seasonal fans. You need hardcore and solid fans to rely on, especially when you are building a political movement, a political party or most importantly, reforming a culture and building a nation.

Allow me to use metaphors,

As I have always stated,
Today’s Iranians are not Yesterday’s Persians!

I am a retired football player and a Football Fanatic; therefore, I shall explain it this way:

In NFL (National Football League) or as in outside USA, you refer to it as the “American Football”, San Diego Charges has seasonal fans; therefore, this kills the team’s spirit and that is why Chargers is a cheesy team! On the contrary, Pittsburgh Steelers has die hard, hardcore, lifelong fans that are born as Steelers Nation and die as Steelers Nation; therefore, Steelers get energy from their fans and this is why the Steelers have won 6 Super bowls as the world champions and they are on the stairway to the 7th.

This is why Chargers have never won a Super Bowl, barely made it to the playoffs (through the years) and it has been 30 years that they have been talking of leaving San Diego. On the contrary, Steelers has over 10 million fanatical fans that follow the team everywhere they play and that is why they are called the “Steelers Nation”! When Steelers visit another city, they often have more fans in the stadium than the host and most of them are local! Steelers has 10 million fans global but only a million are from Pittsburgh vicinity!

For instance, as a Steelers Nation Fanatic, I have been a solid Steelers Fan since Junior High days back in Iran when no one followed American Football but we played friendly games! I have played high school, college, university and semi pro and all through the years for decades until this day, I have been a Steelers Fanatic! We born and we die as Steelers Fanatics!

I don’t support home teams. I support the best team in history of football. I support the team because of the way they play (smash mouth football).

I have never supported the home team only because they happen to be in the same geographical location! American Football does not even exist in Iran where I was born and raised. I have never supported the home team at my first US home Philly (Eagles) and I am not supporting the home team now in San Diego (Chargers). I am always in trouble with the home fans thus I was born and I will die as a Steelers Nation Fanatic for life!

Persians were Steelers Fans.
Iranians are Chargers Fans.
This is why Persia was Persia and Iran is Iran!

You cannot build a Championship Team with the Seasonal Fans.
You cannot change the culture with the seasonal fans.
You cannot rebuild a nation with the seasonal fans.

Dead Worship

Once we are alive, Iranians critic us, bash us, trash us and look for every flaw in us but once we are dead, Iranians set everything aside and they worship us!

Ferdowsi, Yaqub Leis Saffarid, Reza Shah, Mohammad Reza Shah, Hoveyda, Farrokhzad, Bakhtiar and so on were all criticized in life but once dead, they have become folk heroes, legends and were worshiped!

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran: Part 4

History of Iranian Military Uniforms - Chapter 14: Saffarids

Reza Shah the Great, the Real Story

Toward the Great Civilization by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

Amir Abbas Hoveyda, the Orchid Man

Fereydoun Farrokhzad: Warmates

Immortal Guards, Then and Now: Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar

I’ll bet with you that my critics will worship me the minute that I’ll be dead!

“That SOB Ahreeman” and “That Narcissit Ahreeman” will become “Great Compatriot Ahreeman” and “Legendary Fallen Hero Ahreeman”! I know Iranians like the palm of my hand!

The Time – Poem by Ahreeman X

We do not appreciate people alive. We do not appreciate what we have now, until we lose them! Once dead, we make shrines for them and uplift them to heavens by creating saints out of them!

Iranians are certified and genuine Dead Worshipers thus they have always worship the dead. Old habits die hard!

Foreign Worship

Why are Iranians “Foreign Worshipers”?
* Back then (before 1979), they were Westoxicated and following the American and the “Euro-Pee-On” trends!
* Now (after 1979), they are Arabtoxicated, following the Muslim trends and sympathize with the Palestinians, Lebanese and Oppressed Muslim Masses!

In today’s uptown Iranian large cities, you will find Iranians that are more fashionable and westernized than the Hollywood and Paris citizens!

In today’s downtown Iranian large cities, you will find Iranians that are more Jihadi, Maktabi and Muslim than the Arabs, Hezbollah and Hamas!

What the hell is wrong with the Iranians today?
Is it lack of culture?
Is it lack of Traditions?
Is it lack of Morality?
Is it lack of the Iranian values?

What has happened to the 8000 years old Iranian Values and Culture?
If one does not know about the rich history of Iran, they may assume that these so-called Iranians have no culture of their own!

8000 Years of Iranian History: Part 1

How do you diagnose this case:

I came to America when I was 16 and have been living here for decades but when you speak Persian to me, I will speak Persian back to you without an American accent! When I speak Persian to you, I will use such traditional Persian words, expressions and idioms that not you, nor your mother but maybe your grandmother would only comprehend! That’s how traditional of a Persian speaker I am!

Then I look at some of these little piss ant and punk ass Iranian little faggots and bimbos FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) who just landed in America last year (from Iran) but this year, if you speak Persian to them, they will respond to you either in English or in Penglish or in Persian but with an American accent!

I mean how the hell is it possible that after 35 plus years that I have practically grew up in America and travelled the world, I can speak fluent Traditional Persian without an American accent, but Soosoo (Soheyla), Booboo (Batul), and Ani (Enayat) who fled Iran yesterday and now are in New York, cannot speak Persian without an American accent?!

This, my friends is called:

“Faqr-e Farhangi va Kambud-e Danesh o Savad”  
(Cultural Bankruptcy and Lack of Proper Education)

“Tazeh Be Dowran Residegi” (Johnny be Lately) of the FOB Iranians is another catastrophic part of the Iranian Disease which is threatening our Persian cultural integrity and “Persianhood”.

Iranians need “Tadavom-e Shakhsiyat” (Stable Peresonality).


What is with the Degeneration of the Persians?

In exile, we identify with anyone including but not limited to Americans, Italians, Mexicans, Blacks, Turks, Jews, Arabs, and any other racial, ethnic or religious group but Iranians!

It is amazing that we manage to find any American, Black, Mexican, Oriental, Indian, Jew or Arab to marry with, yet we can never find the right Iranian to marry!

Question for Persian Girls?

Are all the eligible and decent Persian Guys dead, that you actively marry every Joe (American), Shmoe (Jew), Habib (Arab), Jose (Mexican) and Gerome (Black) guy in the White Pages?!

Evidence and Survey proves that marriage of the same culture partners, lasts longer. You can identify with each other, simply because both of you (husband and wife) speak the same language, celebrate the same festivals, share the same culture and follow the same traditions. This is why Persians should marry Persians, then why not you?!

But on the bright side, thanks to the Black Guys, every fat and ugly Persian girl with a gigantic butt has found a lover, a boyfriend or a husband! Allah blesses all the Brothers!

There I go again and add yet another segment of the Iranian population (Fat and Ugly Persian Girls with Big Butts) to the long list of the Ahreemanic enemies! I just can’t help myself not to speak the truth and to be politically correct!

Nation of Cowards

Do you wanna make Iranians runaway?
Talk politics!

Honestly, Iranians are very nosey folks. In Persian gatherings, they often gather around me and ask me a questionnaire about the details of my life (20 Soali)! I have come up with the perfect solution to keep away the nosey Iranians from butting in to the details of my life! Once they start with the speedy questions, I just hit them back with a question about politics! Once I speak of politics, I watch them run! Iranians by majority are cowards and afraid of getting involved in political, religious and racial discussions or anything related to politics, religion and race! Iranians (especially in the west) the same as American Liberals, consider these subjects taboo and personal!

Today’s Iranians are not Yesterday’s Persians

If one day, the Iranian women wake up; if on that day, all the women don’t wear hijab; who’s to stop them? IRI? How many will they jail or kill? How many can they jail or kill? They have to eventually give up and surrender to the will of the Iranian women!

Same goes with the Iranian Silent Majority who never gets involved with the business of politics and revolution.

Throughout the Iranian History, Change has always been imposed by a selected few, simply because, except a few, the majority never bothers to risk taking a step away from their comfort zone! The majority inside and outside Iran has always been silent and if one does not know better, you may assume that the majority of the Iranians have been dead for millenniums, thus they only eat, breed and Shiite, the same as the zombies!

For God’s sake, if one day the silent majority of Iranians break their silence, people may call them Persians again!

Mob Factor

The effects and presence of the Mob Factor in Iran is amazing! Once one person starts a trend, then the next one does it and then suddenly a mob follows the pattern; however, these trends are almost always towards the negative and not the positive.

Once one person raised his hand and chanted “Death to the Shah”, then the next one started chanting and then suddenly a herd full and then a street full and then a nation full followed chanting … all and all picked up axes to cut off their own salvation roots, prosperity, security and Persian Heritage. Like monkey see, monkey do, the mob erected Khomeini to power and then Khomeini flipped them the finger and brought them the present of Theocracy instead of Democracy. Not that they did not replace dictatorship with democracy, yet they have lost their economy, security, prosperity and all freedoms.

Labor Day and Aqa Nuri

If not in the world, yet surely in the Middle East, Iranians are the most schooled folks around; however, are they educated?

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!

Khomeini took advantage of the Iranian Mob Factor. Khomeini tamed this westernized herd and cowed them into submission to Islam! Imam created a herd of obedient Muslim Cattle out of these corrupt westoxicated taqutis!

Reasons for the Birth of IRI

Cow them into submission and ride the Mob in the wild wild East!
Ride’em Eye-Rainian Cowboy, ride them Obedient Muslim Cattle, Hee Haw ….

Riding in Wild Wild East and Fantasies of Iranian Opposition

… and that was our story …

We travelled deep into the core of the epidemics and have discovered wondrous data to put forward for you. Now it is up to you, the future generation, the Iranian Youth, to wake up, self educate yourselves and create a revolution to change everything and start a new, or to continue with your Rabbit Nap (Khab-e Khargushi) while the world moves forward and the “Industrial Revolution” has passed you by, set aside the “Information Age”!

The Time will tell …

Jahan Koodak Stories of My Childhood

… and there’s your prayer!


Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X

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