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Iranian Election Fake Photo-op COVID-19 Vaccine Lineups
Catayoun Razmjou
June 3, 2021

Iranian Democracy Cox and Forkum Cartoon
Iran Elections in a Nutshell

IRI haven’t had a real election in Iran since Mullahs took over in 1979 but some western media excitingly promotes these sham elections like they are real! Mainstream Liberal Media treats these elections with excitement and Democrats whom as usual are in cahoots with the Mullahs and the Iran Lobby, are yet looking for another so-called Great Moderate like Mullah Khatami to fool both the American and the Iranian people, while cooking the 2nd round of Obama-Iran Nuclear Deal in Obama’s 3rd Term presidency of Puppet Biden!

Inside Iran, the latest trick for photo-ops is that the regime sets up fake lineups for COVID-19 vaccination because COVID-19 is making a killing in Iran! In advance the regime indirectly and through the 3rd parties, announces that American Vaccines are being distributed in the lineups.

Once huge lines are formed, they take pictures of the people and post them in the media as lines for the candidates and elections! When the lines are full, and photos are taken, they tell the people that we are sorry, we ran out of vaccines! Then desperate people hopelessly go away! These scenes occur while the heads of the regime are being vaccinated with American vaccines but many of the people are being vaccinated with the Russian low effect vaccines or Chinese no effect vaccines!

In this day and age in Iran, people line up for nothing maybe except for the American COVID-19 vaccines and the regime knows it!

Do you observe how low the regime is going, and down to what level to promote elections not to Iranians because the Iranians are not voting but to the world, that yes, people care about the IRI elections! People are fed up with the regime and its elections. Over 42 years of lies, sham elections and 3 fractions of Fundamentalists, Reformists and Moderates games played by the regime.

At the end of the day, IRI elections are selections conducted by Ayatollah Khamenei selecting a new puppet for 4 years. It is all a show to suppress the voice of the people to control them as sheep for another 4 years!

This time around, the economy is dead, the job market is dead and people are dying by COVID-19 which the regime helped China to spread around the world! The complete election show is getting too fake, too old and too repetitive for the Iranians! Maybe the Mullahs can fool the world but not the Iranians!

People ask us in many e-mails that why don’t we post a club post in the forum or an article in the website about the elections? We reply: What elections?! This show has been going on for over 42 years!

It seems like the world is moving away from Democracy and Fair Elections! Woke Corporations and Tech Oligarchs with their billions are ruling the world! What happened to rule of the people?

When elections are being stolen in the largest Democracy in the globe, America. When the Deep State and Democrats commit a fraud and a Coup-D’état to steal the elections, oust the legitimate president, fabricate 81 million votes for a dementia old patient who never actually campaigned, and crown him as the president of USA, then what do you expect to happen in Iran or elsewhere?

They rob the American people shamelessly in bright daylight, fabricate 81 million votes and when the people demand to see these 81 million votes, the Government, Legislators and the Supreme Court turn the blind eye and the deaf ear! Showing no courage, flat out corruption or both, remains to be seen!

When the heart of democracy and hope of the world conducts sham elections and oust the legal president, then we have no room to bitch and moan about fake elections and dictatorships in China, Russia and Iran! Take a good look at America, in 2021 and as of January 20, 2021, we have a Banana Republic operating America, and if anyone like Mike Pompeo rejects and denies it, then why are you surprised? Once a CIA Op., always a CIA Op.! CIA was part of the Deep State which made the January 20, 2021 Coup D’état!

Anyone who is still voting in any type of the Iranian elections, must be a part of the regime, Hezbollah or just a fool! It is time to wake up and understand that until the IRI Regime goes and the Bent Pig Bastard Mullahs and Hezbollah pack up and leave Iran, any hope of fair elections is as much as wishing to ride a unicorn in the sky! A Fair election occurs in Democracies not under Islam! Everything else is wishful thinking and fool’s play! The spatula hit the bottom of the pot, we are out of food and the bellies are hungry.

“Them Belly full but we hungry,
A hungry man is an angry man!”

(Bob Marley)

Dig it man? Revolution is the only solution. Time to rise up because there is nothing left but hunger, disease and death in Iran!

Long Live Iranian Opposition
Death to Islamic Republic of Iran

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