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Jamal Khashoggi’s Death
Ends Justifies the Means!


Jamal Khashoggi’s Death, Ends Justifies the Means!
Ahreeman X
November 21, 2018

Jamal Khashoggi Arab Fundamentalist Islamist Writer
A Block on the Way of Progress and Reforms in Saudi Arabia

Ahreemanic State of Mind

In this day and age of liberal political correctness era, I am certain that by writing this piece, I will be bombarded with harsh criticism, nasty profanity and much more weekly “Death Threat” E-mails than usual; however, I am used to all the kindness!

The 2016 American Revolution of Trump and the People had occurred, so we can dump the liberal political correctness in the dumpster of history, so without further delay, let’s get to it and let’s Rock and Roll!

I am in a middle of writing a history book and a vast history article; however, this shenanigan has been in the news for so long and has gone so far that I simply could not let this one go; therefore, I had to write an article about it.

Mohammed Bin Salman Saudi Arabia’s Visionary Reformist Prince
Brave Visionary bringing Progress and Reforms to Saudi Arabia

Liberal Socialists, Passive Pacifists and Democ-Rats are basically exploding a massive campaign of propaganda and misinformation about this man and his death. Naturally, the goal is to damage and destroy Trump. Liberals are propagating 24-hour days campaign of disinformation and lies to misguide and misinform the gullible public. Leading this campaign of lies, is the Mainstream American Media whom are 90 % Liberal, Anti Trump and Fake News. On top of the list of the Fake News are CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, New York Times and Washington Post.

Who Orchestrates Jamal Khashoggi’s Shenanigan?

A number of personalities and groups are leading this charade and are making sure that it stays in the news.

Jeff Bezos

On top of the list is Washington Post which is owned by Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world and the greatest corporate globalist on earth. His agenda is to destroy Trump and National Populism in America. His goal is to bring the corrupt American Establishment back to power, retake the power from the American people and hand it to the Deep State and the Washington DC Establishment, so it will be all back to business as usual for the corporate globalists such as him.

The funny thing is that Jeff Bezos has all types of wheeling and dealing with Saudi Arabia, so why not ask Mohammed Bin Salman directly about Jamal Khashoggi’s fate?! Why bother posting daily articles on his Amazon Lobby (Washington Post) about what on earth had happened to Khashoggi?

Jeff Bezos Empire

Jeff Bezos empire is now the defender of human rights, freedom of press and of course the fundamentalist Islamist Jamal Khashoggi!

Bezos Expeditions

Washington Post


George Soros

Then of course, we have George Soros the Billionaire who makes his fortune from creating chaos in the world. Behind every mischief, illegal global deal, insider trade on the stock market and corrupt business deals is George Soros. This Old Fart is financing every terrorist, Anarchist and Socialist group such as:


Black Lives Matter

Southern Poverty Law Center

Open Society Foundations

And indeed, Iran IRI Lobby Groups such as:

NIAC (National Iranian American Council)

PAAIA (Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans)

And so on ….

George Soros Site

George Soros’ goal is to create global financial chaos, destabilize world governments, affect different countries’ economies and push for global mass chaos to propagate for globalism; therefore, him and his organizations and allies benefit from this chaos. George Soros gets rich from global chaos. George Soros is the main financier of the American Democrat Party and the main enemy of Trump and the National Populist Movement.

Democrat Party

Other Groups Benefiting from Khashoggi Controversy

Various other groups benefit from keeping this episode alive and all of them represent the Establishment and Establishment Control of America and the Globe versus Trump and the American People:

Deep State
GOP Establishment
Liberal Establishment
DC Establishment
Hollywood and Entertainment Industry
Global Corporations
Wall Street

Who was Jamal Khashoggi?

The Fake News Media pretends that Khashoggi was representing the free press, he was an innocent journalist and the public falls for that lie! The reality was far from it! Jamal Khashoggi was an Islamist Fundamentalist who supported the Wahhabi Fundamentalist Fraction and Islamism in Saudi Arabia and in the World.

Jamal Khashoggi was a journalist but his type of journalism was the most extreme Islamist type! Khashoggi was the Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda’s imbedded reporter, columnist for Al Jazeera Qatari based ambiguous news agency with Islamic tendencies and of course the Fake News Washington Post!

Jamal Khashoggi Site

Al Jazeera

Jamal Khashoggi and Trita Parsi

Let me put it this way to clarify the situation for all: Jamal Khashoggi to Saudi Arabia was a much more powerful version of Trita Parsi to Iran. They were and are both American Residents (not citizens) who use the American democratic system and the liberal judicial system against itself to promote tyranny, fundamentalism and dictatorship in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Jamal Khashoggi

Jamal Khashoggi was an Islamist Fundamentalist Wahhabi member of the Saudi Royal Family who supported the most ruthless tyrannical fraction of Islam (Wahhabism) and Terrorism (Al Qaeda). His writings and his status were energizing Fundamentalists and Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia. He was a firm block on the way of Progressive Reforms in Saudi Arabia.

In America, Jamal Khashoggi had put on his freedom of the press facemask and became a freedom loving journalist and writer, working for the Washington Post to continue his agenda against the progressive reforms in Saudi Arabia.

Jamal Khashoggi Site

Trita Parsi

Trita Parsi is a lowly servant of the IRI Mullahs’ Islamist Regime of Iran. Mullahs have chosen a Zoroastrian Iranian Swede (not a Muslim) who lived in Sweden, imported him to America and trained him in America to become the Mullahs’ top lobbyist in USA. The latest tactic for the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) is to select and train none Muslims as agents to lose track and blend in to the west. If they are accused of being Islamists, they have the excuse that they are not even Muslims. Mullahs of Iran have masterfully planned and enforce this tactic to infiltrate the west.

Trita Parsi Iranian Agent and Lobbyist in Washington DC
NIAC is Trita Parsi’s Espionage Organization in Washington DC
Lobbying for the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and being on the payroll of the Mullahs, Trita Parsi is a crucial element amongst the Iranian 5th Column agents and spies in USA. Trita Parsi has been actively lobbying for the Islamist Terrorist Regime of Iran for many years. Here, you can see Trita Parsi on Aljazeera Islamist Network. Trita Parsi loves appearances on CNN Fake News Liberal Network and Al Jazeera Islamist Network.

Trita Parsi had put on the legitimate face of a lobbyist in Washington DC who lobbies for the Iranian Americans, while in reality he is on the payroll of the Mullahs, lobbying for the IRI Terrorist Regime. Trita Parsi and NIAC are the worst enemy of the Iranian American Community, Iranian People, Iran and America. Trita Parsi is a snake in the sleeve of America who has been using the American Democratic System as a liberal by façade and serving the Mullahs’ deeds in reality.

Trita Parsi, as a top Iranian Agent and Lobbyist is sabotaging the American System from within. IRI has many agents similar to Trita Parsi in America. IRI has a complete 5th Column including but not limited to Iran Lobby, Iranian Agents, Iranian Spies, Iranian Technology Thieves, Iranian Part Dealers, Front Businessmen, Petty Snitches, Shiite Imams, Media and other low lives, well imbedded inside the Iranian Community in America. They all pretend to be good Iranian American Democrats, Muslims, Residents and Citizens! Trita Parsi is a lower level version of Jamal Khashoggi.

Trita Parsi

NIAC (National Iranian American Council)

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America
Expose Document in 3 Parts

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA Thread

Iran Movement Index

Who is Mohammed Bin Salman?

Mohammed Bin Salman is the Saudi Prince and the only person whom after almost a century (Saudi Arabia formed in 1932) and technically after thousands of years of ignorance and dark ages, is trying to drag this most backward and fanatical Islamic state on earth in to the 21sth century and the modern civilization. Muhammed Bin Salman is a true Arab Revolutionary, Nationalist and Reformist who is pushing the kingdom into the Future, progress and civilization. If it’s not because of Bin Salman and his ilk, the Saudi Arabia will remain as a desert full of backward ignorant Arabs for eternity.

I am not trying to propagate for Bin Salman and his reforms but as a fair judge of history and a historian, I have to admit that Mohammed Bin Salman is a Revolutionary versus the Saudi Reactionaries. He is trying to modernize and civilize Saudi Arabia versus Fanatical Wahhabis who want to keep the kingdom in the darkness and barbaric times.

Let’s say that Mohammed Bin Salman to Saudi Arabia is similar to Atatürk to Turkey and Reza Shah the Great to Iran. Sometimes ends justifies the means. Sometimes you have to use force and violence to create progress, especially if you are trying to create this reform and progress in a backward dump like Saudi Arabia!

Vision 2030
Mohammed Bin Salman Vision

House of Saud Site

What is the Ahreemanic Verdict?

So, what is my take on the issue? Yes, I believe that Mohammed Bin Salman ordered the elimination of Jamal Khashoggi. In a severe absolutist monarchy like Saudi Arabia, no one dares to makes a move without his permission. Afterall, he is the present Prince and the future King. Actually, Mohammed Bin Salman becoming King after his father, will break the Saudi tradition of younger brothers become kings after their older brothers and of course we are all aware that in Saudi, each of these Arabs have hundreds of brothers because their fathers marry at least 4 wives!

I say, what if Mohammed Bin Salman ordered the kill? Hypothetically, let’s say that the people around him did it with his permission, so what? One dead Islamist less in the world! One block on the way of progress less in the world!

Most likely, they arrest a few people, give a few death sentence and life prison terms but later on, they cut the sentences and let them go with a bundle of money each for the faithful allegiance to the prince!

Khashoggi was not just a journalist, reporter and author. He was a member of the Saudi Royal Family and the voice inside the structure against the reforms and progress in Saudi Arabia.

What do My Critics Say?

My critics say that, Ahreeman, we are now living in a civilized world and we do not scoop in to these tactics. We do not torture, dismember, murder and coverup the murder. They tortured Jamal Khashoggi for hours, they dismembered him limb by limb, fingers, hands, arms, toes, feet, legs and finally let him bleed to death and then cut him to pieces with the bone saw, packed him up in suitcases and dumped him in a dark lonely place! In 2018, this type of behavior is not acceptable. This separates us from the animals and makes us civilized.

What do I Say?

I often respond to them by asking them a question. I have been in various debates and arguments online, offline, in private and in parties or in intellectual discussion groups debating this issue. I often ask them a question which later on I shall bring to your attention.

A Question of the Future?

Hypothetically, let’s say that in the future, we change the regime in Iran and we replace the Terrorist Tyranny of Islamic Republic of Iran with a Secular, Democratic Republic. Let’s say the Iranian Opposition will win and gets established in Iran. As you are aware, I have no political ambition. All I want is to serve the country and the people. I will play the role of the wise advisor. Of course, you are aware that it is no secret that one of my goals after the freedom of Iran, is to put the IRI internal and external criminals on the public trials, telecasted live for the public to attend and view online and on the public TV. There will be total transparency in the future regime of Iran.

Some of these criminals will be arrested inside Iran but most of them will escape; therefore, I will gladly accept the task of being in charge to create a task force to move agents abroad, arrest, kidnap and return these criminals to Iran to stand trials. Same as Israel and Mossad done to the Nazi Criminals, we will do to the Mullahs, IRGC, Hezbollah, Basij and other Islamists. Naturally we will return these traitors back to Iran to stand for trials.

Future of the Iran Lobby in USA and UK

But what about the IRI Iran Lobby groups who are already living outside Iran as residents and citizens of USA, UK and other countries?

I have no respect for the Broken American Liberal Judicial System and most definitely not the Euro-Pee-On Onion (EU) laws and regulations. Not if, but when we free Iran from Islam and Islamic Republic, and when I volunteer to be the head of the international task force to kidnap and return the criminals of the Islamic Regime back to Iran to stand public trials, I will make sure that every single IRI Lobby member abroad, specifically in America will be arrested, kidnaped and dragged back to Iran to stand public trial. After the just public trials, I will have the choice to do 2 options:

Option 1:
Hand them to the people and we already know what the people will do, don’t we? People will rip them to pieces and hang them from the tall trees of the Kakh Avenue in Tehran!

Option 2:
I will carry the burden myself and with my good task force, we will go Khashoggi on these low lives but in Persian Style!

In both options, I do not see a bright future for the Iran Lobby Groups and their Associates in America and EU.

Saudis have nothing over us Persians! I take after my great ancestor Aqa Mohammad Khan Qajar who beheaded as many rebels in Georgia, Khorasan and Elsewhere until rivers of blood were running the streets of various provinces. Aqa Khan did not hesitate to behead, dismember or disfigure the enemies of Iran and this is how he protected every inch of the Persian Empire. He was the last Persian Emperor and until he was alive, Russians, Ottomans, British and everyone else dared to cross the Persian borders.

Aqa Khan kept the Persian Empire independent, intact and the Persian Empire’s borders were secure. Aqa Khan was not only the last worthy Qajar Emperor but one of the greatest Persian Emperors of all times. Anyone who disagrees with my statement is most likely some pacifist, liberal, wishy washy, Oopsi Daisy, Sissy Faggy gluttonous who spends his time relaxing on his office chair, surfing online and eating Zoolbia Bamiyeh! There is no shortage of pacifist liberals around! Reza Pahlavi II and his Sissy Monarchists are only one example. Jebhe Meli and Socialist Democrats are another!

Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar the Last Persian Emperor and the Starter of the Qajar Dynasty
Powerful Persian Emperor who kept the boundaries of the Persian Empire intact
After Aqa Khan, Iran lost her Imperial Status and become a Kingdom
After Aqa Khan, Persian Empire had become the Persian Kingdom

Men like these cannot and will not ever change the world. They are lucky if they can change their own underwear. Men who change the world are men of steel and determination who are willing to walk the edge, make sacrifice and shake the world with their unshakable determination. Trump is one of them.

Yesterday and Today

Times have changed and people have become soft. They call it being civilized. I call if being lazy, weak and having no backbones. People have grown indifferent with no apathy. This is why IRI is now in power for 4 decades and no end in sight.

This is the reason that in the past we had:

Reza Shah the Great

But now we have,

Reza Shash de Zepert AKA Reza de Nim Pahlavi
(Puny Reza de Urine)

Reza Pahlavi II cannot even help himself by cleaning his butt, set aside helping to free Iran. He made his secret deal with IRI and now he is officially on the sideline doing cheap talk and playing Social Media, but then again, that is what he was exactly doing for 4 decades, well, except the social media part, because it did not exist!

Reza Shah the Great (right), Iranian Reformer and Father of the Modern Iran
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (left), Great Turkish Reformer and Father of the Modern Turkey
Men of Power who progressed their nations with firm hands
Classic Etelaat Haftegi Magazine Cover

Personally, I am a firm believer in Taking Extreme Actions to force a change for progress. I believe in Aqa Khani and Reza Khani Styles!

Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar

First and Last Persian Emperors

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms
Book in 23 Chapters
Chapter 20. Qajar

Reza Shah the Great

Reza Shah the Great, The Real Story

Pictorial History of Iranian Military Uniforms
Book in 23 Chapters
Chapter 21. Pahlavi 1

A Question to Iranians?

Now I will hit you with the question which I have promised:

So, let’s say that in the future free and democratic Iran, after we free Iran,  If we drag people such as Hassan Rouhani, Sadeq Larijani or even Trita Parsi, back to Iran, put them on the public trials and only after conviction, we torture them, cut them limb to limb (starting from the smallest limb) and torture them to death (because public hanging is too good for them) and then cut them to pieces, pack them in suitcases and dump them in a dark lonely place (Khashoggi Style) or in the toilet sewer (Persian Style), what would you tell us?

Would you thank us?
Would you criticize us?
Would you go Liberal Pacifist on us?
Would you bless our Aqa Khani and Reza Khani Styles?
Would you simply believe that,

Ends Justifies the Means?

Think carefully before you answer!

Trump’s Dilemma

Trump must be firm but on the other hand, he is a businessman not a politician and this is all about business. Trump runs America like a fine-tuned business corporation and this is why America is having the greatest economy in her history. Trump also does not bow to tyrants and apologize for America (like Hussein Obama) but he walks ahead of them, make them bow a little and respectfully stands up for America.

Adventures of Hussein Obama
Episode I - Obama bows to Abdullah!

More Animation Graphics:

Iran Animation Graphics Index

Obama had no problem bowing to the Saudi King and Hillary Clinton had no regrets receiving millions of Saudi Oil Dollars for her campaign to not dig our own oil! No liberal cried for gays getting killed in Saudi and women’s rights being stepped on in Saudi then, but now they cry wolf and they cry a river!

No liberal screamed murder then, but now all the liberals are screaming murder! Aren’t liberals a bunch of hypocrites, frauds and con artists who love to play the Race Card, Sex Card, Age Card and Identity Politics as it suits them?

Trump hosts Mohammed Bin Salman at the White House
Trump does not bow to the tyrants but he proudly stands straight for America
Mohammed Bin Salman follows Trump with his head down out of respect for Trump who brought the message of bring reforms or fade away to the Islamic World. Mohammad Bin Salman as an Arab visionary, got the message and is bravely reforming and progressing Saudi Arabia.

These Bang and Bologna Liberals or RINO Republicans (Republican In Name Only) have no clue about how a country must be run. They are screaming that Trump must cancel all the arm deals, economic deals and relations with Saudi Arabia. They say Trump must go tough on Saudis. They have no clue that over $ 450 Billion Dollars of Trades and Arm Sales to Saudis are in stake which would create jobs in America, funds for treasury and alliance in the region. Now let’s say that hypothetically Trump does all that with the Saudis, and for what?

Erasing one filthy Islamist off the face of the earth? Eliminating one block on the way of reforms and progress in Saudi Arabia? One less Islamist in the world?

One less Islamist in the world means more oxygen for the rest of us!

Personally, I am not keen on Arabs but in this case, I believe we should not punish Mohammed Bin Salman but give him a medal!

Ends Justifies the Means

My critics tell me that Ahreeman and his Ahreemanic Ways are a thing of yesterday, world changed and now we are civilized, besides where did Aqa Khani, Reza Khani and Ataturk Styles get you?

Reza Shah Style worked a while,
But now Welcome to the Islamic Republic of Iran

Ataturk Style worked for a while,
But now Welcome to the Islamic Republic of Turkey

You need to educate the people to have salvation and learn democracy forever.

Today’s Iranians are not Yesterday’s Persians!


You know what?

I am old school. I am an Animal of the Past. I do things old fashion style. I am an old dog and you cannot change an old dog unless you shoot him!

If my enemies lift a finger to harm me, my interests, my people and my agenda, I do not sue them in American courts, complain about them, file complaints and scream injustice.

If one raises one finger against me (legal or physical), I make sure that they, their organization, their friends, their distant family and their immediate family are taken care of, old school Persian Style!

Violence is the solution to all problems. If today’s Iranians were like yesterday’s Persians, more violent and had more guts, then the Terrorist Regime of IRI would have not been in power in Iran, now for over 40 years!

Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and instead of belief in justice, actually take the justice in our own hands to establish the justice or else we will be bystanders for decades (4 decades and adding) and waiting to see what happens!

Iranians have become weak and that is why do not rule the world anymore! Maybe Iranians need to comprehend and get some Constructive Hate and Violence into their weak liberal socialist diets! Maybe Iranians need to develop some Guts and larger Balls because cotton balls will not save Iran:

Reza Shah the Great had Balls of Steel
Mohammad Reza Shah had Copper Balls
Reza Pahlavi II has Cotton Balls

If our Balls continue to decline in this manner, soon Iranians will have “Dates Seedy Balls” (Hasteh Khorma)!

It’s All about the Balls

To all of my liberal critics, allow me to make it very clear:

IRI has basically assassinated more or less, all the relevant opposition leaders, media lords and activists. As a matter of fact, they are still trying. It was only a few months ago that IRI tried to assassinate Maryam Rajavi. IRI cares to assassinate the relevant opposition, not jokes and safe match boxes (Kebrit-e Bi Khatar) like Reza Pahlavi II. IRI cares to assassinate likes of Bakhtiar, Farrokhzad, Aryamanesh and Shafiq, not losers like Reza Pahlavi II who are afraid of their own shadow! With a slight warning and some bribe, IRI silenced Reza Pahlavi II with a secret deal (stay tune for my exposing article).

I have been fighting IRI for 4 decades. 2 decades out of these 4 decades, I have been publishing the largest Iranian website in English in the globe which is like a thorn in the eye of IRI. 

The only reason that after 4 decades of hardcore political activism, I am still alive is because I am extremely violent. I answer violence with more extreme violence. I live by the sword and I will die by the sword, proudly and pure Persian Style!

I am no sissy faggy liberal democrat or pacifist monarchist. I am a Red Blooded Hardcore Persian Nationalist. When it comes to Hezbollah and their spies, snitches and lobby in America, everything is fair game. I have been playing this game now for 4 decades, I am still alive and I am not planning to stop this dance on top of the graves, anytime soon! I love dancing on the graves and when the music stops, I promise you that I will be the one still dancing on top of the graves! I am a great grave dancer.

So, eat some skinny hot peppers, dates, bananas, honey and pistachios. And for God’s sake eat some Kabobs, our complete culture is based on Kabobs and meat, so don’t be a Persian vegan, vegetarian or other type of Animal Rights Wacko! Animals are not people, in the court of law, they do not have any rights! Don’t be Gay, eat some meat! Maybe you get some real energy to stand up and fight for your rights!

A Persian Vegetarian is like a Dickless Black! And don’t be a pacifist gay liberal democrat cause that is not Persian Style! Of course, no offense to Homosexuals, not that there is anything wrong with it (Seinfeld)!

“Get some blood on the blades of your knives and do not wipe it, so you will always remember where you came from, Persian Style!”
(Ahreeman X)

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And now allow me to conclude with one my quotes:

“The Further and Greater your Dreams are, the Further and Greater your Efforts will become.”
(Ahreeman X)


Dr. X


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