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Kurds are Persian!
Catayoun Razmjou
April 5, 2020

Dear Kurdish Brothers and Sisters:

All of the Regional problems are because of historical ignorance, which can be solved by dialogues. Please calm your tempers, open your minds and ears. Lend me your time and attention for a short while. I promise, it will worth it. After reading this article, you will be informed about many Kurdish, Iranian, Regional, Near Eastern and global subjects. Ignore this post and you will remain ignorant to historical facts.

There are some people amongst the Kurds whom have the knowledge of history, but majority of Kurds are uninformed of our history. I have been reading many Kurdish articles and I have seen false remarks have been made about the Kurdish history, Kurdish-Persian Relations, and IPC (Iran Politics Club). These remarks have been made because of historical, racial, sociological, political and natural ignorance.

I am here to inform you, clarify the situation and resolve all of the issues. I am the IPC Web Mistress. Some IPC members monitor the web and they inform me of issues related to Iran, Iranian Opposition and IPC. It is my job to give information and try to solve the problems by reasoning with those who have open minds and open ears.

Flag of our beloved Kurdistan


IPC is a coalition of Iranian opposition members from different sides of the isles belonging to different opposition parties and groups of Iran. IPC members are Monarchists, Republicans, Nationalists, Socialists, Communists, Muslim, and every other side of the Iranian politics including right, left and center. IPC exists for 6 years. IPC's primary Goal is:

Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom,
Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

3rd Amendment of IPC teaches us:

3rd Amendment.
Iran Politics Club supports the achievement of equal rights for "All" Iranian (Persian) ethnic groups. Persian is the Latin term for Iranian; therefore, Persian means Iranian. IPC believes in all Iranian ethnic and racial groups including but not limited to: Persians, Azeris, Kurds, Turkmens, Baluchis, Arabs, Jews, Armenians, Assyrians, Blacks, Orientals, Indians and others, to have equal rights, equal votes, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of assembly and all other natural human rights and freedoms.

Please read:

IPC Constitution

In "A Vision for Iran of tomorrow" Lectures, Dr. X informs us:

"My vision is to revive the Persian Empire by primarily changing regime in Iran, build a strong Iran with Persian Nationalism and secondary, make the Persian Union a reality. Persian Union, meaning returning all Ex-States and present independent nations of Central Asia and Western Asia including:

Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Lower half of Pakistan (Baluchistan half), Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ossetia (a small part of Russia), Greater part of Iraq, Bahrain and a small part of Kazakhstan,

..... back to Mother Persia by creating a strong Federal Economical Union called the Persian Union."

Please read:

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow (Nationalism) Series

Kurdistan and Kurds

Kurds are an Aryan Rooted Race, to be precise, Kurds are Median. Meds are one of the 3 major Aryan Tribes of Iran (Persia, Media, Parthia). Kurdish roots go back to 6th century BC, Median Kingdom of Iran. Since then, for off and on throughout the history, Kurdistan has been "a state" of Iran.

Persian Empire, especially Achaemenids Empire had respected and enforced "Federalism" throughout the Empire.

Persian Empire, has always enforced a Federal System of Government. All of the Persian Empire states (Satrapies) had total autonomy in their internal affairs. States had only contacted the central government for military campaigns, defense, international trades and special matters regarding national security of Empire.

Kurdon (Kurdistan) has always remained as a crucial and important state of the Persian Empire. When Islam entered Iran (invaded Iran), ignorance, racism, ethnic problems and centralism also entered Iran. There were no Kurdish or Ethnic problems before existence of Islam. Persian Empire, unlike the Fascist Roman Empire, was a Union of States with Equal rights. Kurds like every other state of the Greater Iran had equal rights. Persian Empire, from time to time was one of the two or the sole Super Power of the globe. Persian Empire stretched from China to North Africa, and from Yemen to Balkans in Europe. Kurdon was one state of Iran.

Kurdistan remained a state of Iran, off and on, after the independence 873 AD. Kurdistan remained a part of Iran until Ottoman Reign and by then there were conflicts over border territories.

Our mentor, Dr. X lectures us:

"Arabo_Muslim invaded us (Kurds and Persians), killed our fathers, raped our mothers, took our sisters as concubines and enslaved our brothers as free labor force. Get your facts straight and know the True Enemy."

Kurdish Roots

Kurds are Aryan. Kurdish Language is an Aryan off shoot Persian Language of the Indo-European branch. Kurdish original religion is Zoroastrianism. Kurdish history is a part of the Persian history. Till a few hundred years ago, Kurdistan has always remained as a part of Iran. Primarily Arabo_Muslim (Caliphate) and then British policy has divided Kurdistan in to four parts (Syrian, Iraqi, Turkish and Iranian)!

Persian means Iranian. Persian is the Latin term for Iranian. Kurds were never a Persian Colony, but Kurds were always a devoted State of Iran. Kurds were and are Iranian. Kurds are one of the many Iranian Ethnicities.

Kurds and Persians have the same language, culture, religion, history and roots. You celebrate Persian Celebrations (Nowrooz, Chahar Shanbeh Soori, Sizdah Be Dar, Mehregan, etc.). You have the same race, the same culture, the same language family, the same humanity as Persians and all other Persian Tribes (Azeris, Baluchis, etc.)

A while back, a Kurdish fellow made a remark that "Chahar Shanbeh Soori" is a Kurdish term (Red Wednesday) and it means nothing in Persian! This is false. Sor means Red in Kurdish, but Soor means Party in Persian. It is not Chahar Shanbeh Sori, but it is Chahar Shanbeh Soori. So it doesn't mean "The Red Wednesday" but it means "The Wednesday Party". These kinds of remarks by fellow Kurds, do nothing but division. These are ignorant historical remarks by more ignorant individuals who want to divide and separate Kurdistan from Iran.

Not that we will not let go of Iranian Kurdistan, but in the future, we will annex all four parts of Kurdistan (Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iranian parts) and they will be a part of the Persian Union.

British Policy of "Division and Rule" has divided us. Separatism, Independent Kurdistan and other nonsense are Foreign Sabotage to divide us.

Persian Tragedy

The whole region is in shambles because The Persian Empire is enslaved and occupied by Arabo_Muslim Occupational Government which Dr. X calls AIOG. When once again, we end the reign of Arabo_Muslim in Iran, we will free Iran and establish a government of Law and Order. We have done it before! We will establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran. After that, we will work towards creation of a "Persian Union".

As Dr. X puts it:

"A Persian Union to revive the Persian Empire by primarily changing regime in Iran, build a strong Iran with Persian Nationalism and secondary, make the Persian Union a reality. Persian Union, meaning returning all Ex-States and present independent nations of Central Asia and Western Asia ...... back to Mother Persia by creating a strong Federal Economical Union called the Persian Union."


When there will exist a strong economical, political, militaristic global power named "Persian Union", with an internal Federal System of Government, then why would little separate entities of the West and Central Asia rather stay separated from Mother Persia? Why would Kurdistan rather to struggle on her own than to join The MotherLand to fulfill her global duty? Why would you rather remain a small irrelevant country, when you can have blooming economy and sophisticated technology as a part of the future Persian Union? Isn't it beneficial for all of us to form a strong union as a global power by reviving our mother Persia?

We don't look at Kurds as a minority! Kurds are our own body parts and they are our brothers and sisters. You have as much rights to The Persian Empire as we do. Kurds and Persians are two split parts of a same apple.

Kurds are Persian

If you comprehend the above fact, then fighting for an independent Kurdistan, Separatism, and other silly notions sounds idiotic. You have a greater goal in history. You the same as us, are a part of a greater cause which is called The creation of the "Persian Union" by reviving "The Persian Empire".

This task will become reality by victory over enemies including primarily, The Islamic Republic of Iran and Secondary, Arabo_Islamic Regional Forces.

From now on when you look at the region and the world, please look at it with an historical point of view, because ignorance is not a good excuse.

It is ignorant to talk about Afghans, Tajiks, Baluchis, Azeris, Persians, etc., etc., etc. and Kurds as separate entities! Because we are all, different parts of the same body. All of us are brothers and sisters. It will only take an open mind and some intelligence to review the history and to comprehend this fact.

The only possible future salvation for Kurdistan (All four parts) are to become a united solid Kurdistan, as a State of The Persian Union. This Kurdistan will have absolute autonomy and will be a part of the Federal Persian Union and Persian Empire. This Kurdistan will be relevant in the world. Separatism, Independence and other nonsense will destroy you.

If you are looking for an enemy, then look for Pan Arabism, Al Qaeda, Hizbollah, and their Master: Islamic Republic of Iran! We are not your enemy!

United we stand, divided we fall

Before I leave you with these thoughts, I know for sure that some ignorant, stubborn, historically illiterate members of the Kurdish Family, will start pointing fingers at other IPC members and me. Some of you will shout Persian Racism, Persian Chauvinism, Collaborator and Persian Nazism. I heard it before and dealt with these ignorant remarks before. For your information, The Founder of IPC, Dr. X himself is part Kurd and I am also part Kurd. So don't even go there. We are Kurds ourselves, so your nonsense about Persian Chauvinism will be dumped in trash can of history. Once again:

Kurds are Persian, so put that in your brains and I beg you to look at the Big Picture. We are the same, we are one and we are all brothers and sisters. Please excuse me because I have to leave. We have a global task to accomplish. Another day, another web site, another forum, another organization, another part of the Persian Tribe to inform. We always look at the Big Picture.

Our Dream will become Reality

Please remember that Hatred is not the answer. Please remember, our home is your home, so feel free to drop by IPC. We welcome all of you.

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Best Wishes

Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
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