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Larry Elder for California Governor

Liberal Destroyed California Must Turn Red!
Larry Elder for California Governor

Ahreeman X
August 31, 2021

Larry Elder vs. Gavin Newsom California Recall Election Boxing Match Political Poster
On this corner, Great Patriot, the Common-Sense Conservative Larry Elder
On this corner, Tyrant King of Liberal Spin, the Jerry Brown’s Butt Boy, Fashionable Gavin Newsom
Let’s get ready to rumble for the future of California! Shall California remain a Liberal Shiite Hole or to be saved?!

Ask a Liberal?

Liberals are “Logically Challenged” and “Common Sense Handycapped”! I would like you to sit down your California liberal friends and family, and ask them these questions:

* Do you like $ 6 a Gallon Gas when we sit on the greatest resources of oil in the world?

* Do you like the Liberal solution to the gas problem, telling you to buy a $ 75,000 Electric car?

* Do you like the Extremely high prices of food when we produce enough food in California to feed the whole nation?

* Do you like California food shortages?

* Do you like unaffordable prices of housing?

* Do you like homeless in the streets with feces and urine everywhere?

* Do you like unbreathable pollution?

* Do you like ridiculously high crime rate?

* Do you like liberal made drought when tons of fresh river water diverts and dumps in the ocean to save a couple of inches long species of smelt fish from extinction while farmers are bone dry and you must not flush down the toilet to save water?

* Do you like liberal brush fires due to horrible forest management?

* Do you like paying astronomical tax rate and have no say on how to run California?

 * Do you like Silicon Valley and Hollywood decide on how you should think, speak and live?

Gavin Newsom California Recall Ben Garrison Cartoon
People recall King Gavin for Killing California!

* Do you like nonsensical liberal-made environmental laws and Green New Deal based on Liberal-made Climate Change fantasy which supposed to destroy the earth in 1970s and every decade, they tell you that earth will be destroyed in a decade but earth is still here?

* Do you like liberals’ Green New Deal telling you don’t eat meat, don’t drive gas cars, no more cows, no more windows in the buildings, no more plane travels and no more plastic straws while they ride their private jets to their thousand-dollar a plate steak dinner, Elite Democrat Fundraisings in San Francisco?

* Do you like working hard and pay high taxes to support illegal aliens and Muslim refugees flooding California as future prospect Democrat voters?

* Do you like COVID-19 infected illegal aliens rushing in to California at the rate of thousand a day while the state government orders you to wear mask, vaccinate, social distance, close down your business and incarcerate yourself in your home?

* Do you like living under the California Socialist Regime where you have no rights and the State Government tells you how to live?

* Do you like Woke Sacramento, Liberal Governor, Liberal Mayors, Liberal City Halls, Liberal Teachers Unions, Hollywood Celebrities, Silicon Valley, Woke Media, Nickelodeon, Disney, MTV, Communist Professors, Liberal Teachers and Library Drag Queens to educate your children?

* Do you like Big Government, Woke Hollywood, Marxist Educators and Liberal Failed Educational System to indoctrinate your kids, infect their brains and graduate them in to the society as BLM, ANTIFA and Communist Activists?

* Do you like working harder every year and making less money because dollar lost its value, cost of living is high and Democrats’ inflation destroyed the economy?

* Do you like being a puppet to Silicon Valley and Hollywood Rich Liberal Puppeteers controlling every aspect of your life?

* Do you like being lectured daily by the Rich White Liberal Elite in Media, Social Media, Tech Giants, Entertainment, Academia and Big Government on how to think, speak, act and live, even what to eat?

* Do you enjoy Big California Government lockdowns, mandates, regulations and tyrannical laws destroying your business, destroying your jobs, taking away your livelihood and then throwing you a handout subsidy like a bone to the dog, only to live and not to demise?

* Do you like the Big California Government as a nanny state to pay you not to work with a small handout welfare, food stamp, Medicare, housing and benefits so you can live as a slave and government mule for the rest of your lives in the sewer; hopeless, with no prospect of education, improvement, progress, accomplishment, great jobs and prosperity, dependent on the Liberal Kool-Aids, Government Cheese, Government Staled Bread Loaf, and handout as a Democrat voting cattle livestock for the rest of your life? Is this all that you can be?

Illegal Aliens are Coming But Citizens and Businesses are Leaving California Michael Ramirez Cartoon

* Do you enjoy being a voiceless, obedient floor mop for the Rich White Liberals in Sacramento and when they say jump, you ask how high?

* Do you enjoy how Middle Class, Workers, Businesses and Wealth is leaving California by the day and for the first time in 2020 and 2021 California actually lost population?

* Do you like how California is becoming a state with the Rich Ruling Elite and the Poor Liberal plantation Slaves on Welfare with nothing in the middle, the same as Mexico?

* Do you like how liberals are making California like Mexico?

* Do you enjoy taking order from authorities with moral bankruptcy and degenerated values in the Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Academia, Media, Entertainment Industry and the Big Government in Sacramento?

* Do you like living in no security with gangs, criminals, drug cartels, with liberal solutions of defunding the police, social workers replacements and woke police?

* Do you like how liberals turned the richest and the most prosperous state of the union to a Shiite Hole?

* Do you enjoy living in a Liberal Shiite Hole?

If the answer to the above questions is a yes, then more power to you, live in Liberal California and enjoy! But if the answer is a Big No, then get off of your butt and do something about it and start with voting liberals and liberalism out of the California and turning California Red! Let’s face the fact, when liberals run a state, that state becomes a Shiite Hole! Look at New York, Illinois, Oregon, Washington and indeed California!

Larry Elder’s We Have a State to Save California Recall Election Political Poster

A Little California History

California with 40 million population is the largest economy amongst the states. If California was an independent nation, after USA, China, Japan and Germany, it would have been the 5th largest economy in the world. California as the richest state of the union used to be the destination for people around the states to come and live. Due to high taxation, high cost of living, unfriendly business regulations, illogical environmental policies, open borders mass illegal alien migration, crime rate and pollution, for the first time in history, in 2020 California lost population and congressional seats because more people and businesses left California than came to California!

California was heaven on earth until Liberals got the stranglehold on it and created a welfare state out of it. Step by step, liberals destroyed California until now that they have turned it very close to a third world nation. California could be heaven, only if we would have packed up the liberals and ship them to some desert, maybe Oklahoma or Wyoming and place them in a reservation! Then we would have the prime real estate shores in America to live and prosper! But then again, I am not so sure that Oklahoma and Wyoming would be thrilled to have the liberals!

The funny thing is that liberals destroyed California to the point that even they can’t live here anymore, so they move to the Red Prosperous States such as Arizona, Texas and Florida! But the problem is that instead of leaving their liberal ideas in the toilet in California, they take them with themselves to the Red States, so they can ruin these states too! Liberals must comprehend that the reason in which they are leaving California is because California is destroyed by Liberalism; therefore, leave Liberalism in toilet and flush it down before you leave California to a new life in a new prosperous Red State!

California is Democrats’ bread and butter. A group of self-serving, self-enriching, corrupt rich California Democrat politicians such as Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff and Gavin Newsom have created an Authoritarian Regime, run by the Liberal Plantation Owners of Sacramento, Hollywood and Silicon Valley where they live in luxury and prosper while you lose your livelihood!

California is the perfect example of the Neo Liberal Plantation System owned by the Liberal Plantation Masters and run by the Plantation Foremen!

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

FBI Most Wanted List Posters - Post January 6, 2021

Larry the Everyday All-American Guy
Larry Elder the popular Talk Radio Show Host, Author, Filmmaker, Thinker, Black Conservative Leader, Great Patriot and a Common-Sense Trouble Shooter and Problem Solver to Save California from the Liberal Disease!

Liberals and Muslims Similarities

It is amazing how liberals think and behave just like Muslims! Conduct an experiment. Ask an average Muslim these questions and they will respond to you with these answers:

Questions for Muslims and their Answers

Q: Have you ever read the complete Quran?
A: No!
Q: Have you ever read the complete Hadith?
A: No!
Q: Do you understand the complete Islamic philosophy?
A: No!
Q: Do you know the complete Islamic history?
A: No!
Q: Do you know that the Islamic world become Muslims by force, bloodshed and conquest?
A: No!
Q: Can you name one contemporary prosperous, democratic and fair Islamic nation for all its citizens?
A: No!
Q: Can you name one lasting constructive factor which came out of Islam?
A: No!
Q: Then would you agree that Islam is not functional and fails at all times?
A: That’s not true because if the True Islam is executed properly, the world would become a heaven!
Q: Can you give one example in which the True Islam was ever totally executed?
A: No!
Q: Then why are you a Muslim?
A: Well, I was born a Muslim, my parents were Muslims and their parents were Muslims and … they tell us that Islam is just, diverse and for us to be good Muslims …
Q: So, you are Muslim by Tradition and due to ignorance, right?
A: Be respectable, don’t insult, don’t be racist and have respect for other people’s opinions and ideologies. Don’t be impolite like Donald Trump with mean tweets!
Q: If diversity is good, then how come Muslims don’t have diversity of thought but instead, they Group Think?
A: Well, Ummm, Ahhh, Um, too many questions is not good, people should understand that Islam is good and just for the society.

Now try to ask an average Liberal these similar questions and they will respond to you with these answers:

Questions for Liberals and their Answers

Q: Have you ever read the complete Liberal Doctrine?
A: No!
Q: Have you ever read the complete Socialist Ideology and Communist Manifesto?
A: No!
Q: Do you understand the complete Democrat philosophy?
A: No!
Q: Do you know the complete Democrat party history?
A: No!
Q: Do you know that the Democrats created the slave-based economy, plantations, confederacy, Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, Segregation and then the Welfare State?
A: No!
Q: Can you name one contemporary prosperous, Democratic and fair Socialist nation for all its citizens?
A: No!
Q: Can you name one lasting constructive factor which came out of Socialism?
A: No!
Q: Then would you agree that Socialism is not functional and fails at all times?
A: That’s not true because if the True Socialism is executed properly, the world would become a heaven!
Q: Can you give one example in which the True Socialism was ever totally executed?
A: No!
Q: Then why are you a Liberal?
A: Well, I was born a liberal, my parents were liberals and their parents were liberals and … they tell us that Liberalism is just, diverse and for us to be good liberals …
Q: So, you are a Liberal by Tradition and due to ignorance, right?
A: Be respectable, don’t insult, don’t be racist and have respect for other people’s opinions and ideologies. Don’t be impolite like Donald Trump with mean tweets!
Q: If diversity is good, then how come Democrats don’t have diversity of thought but instead, they Group Think?
A: Well, Ummm, Ahhh, Um, too many questions is not good, people should understand that Democratic Socialism is good and just for the society.

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!

Liberals Bend Over Backwards for Muslims!
Islamic Invasion of America

Muslims and Liberals have much more in common than they think! As a matter of fact, they are two peas in the same pod!

Larry Elder and His Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
Larry Elder is a star and has a star on the walk of fame, not because he is a Hollywood Celebrity but because he is the Common Man’s Hero! Larry is a Common-Sense Conservative, a Down to Earth Fellow and your good neighbor down the street! Larry has what it takes to save California and revive California from decades of Liberal Destruction!

Larry Elder Solution to California Liberal Problem
To cleanse California from the liberal infection and save California from total annihilation, we cannot replace liberals with RINOs. We cannot replace Democrat Establishment with Republican Establishment but we must bring forward a true common-sense conservative and a National Populist logical system in to power to save California. True Conservative values will save California and make her healthy again. California can once more become the crown of USA and the richest state of the union but with true conservative values. We do not need Republican and RINO solution for California but we need Trumpists and True Conservatives as a solution.

Larry Elder is the true solution to the California problem. Larry Elder is a thinker, problem solver, man with common sense solutions, and a true patriot.

Larry Elder is not some new Liberal Plantation Negro, African American Flavor of the Month or a Johnny Be Lately!

Larry Elder is a Strong Black Conservative, a Patriotic American, a Veteran Talk Radio Show Host, A Great Thinker, A Known Author, A Fabulous Filmmaker, a simple man who has been putting forward common-sense solutions for decades. Larry Elder is one of the greatest contemporary Black Conservative Leaders of America; furthermore, an amazing American Thinker!

Being Black Or Gay is Not a Qualification for Public Office!

Liberals voted for Hussein Obama because he is black, only to make a fashion statement. Hey, look at us, we elected a black man with no executive experience, no business experience and a community organizer in to the office! He never created a single job but he is black and we erected a black president!

Liberals again, erected a Gay Hispanic mayor in San Diego with no private or public sector major experience, qualifications and quality, solely because he is gay! They did not elect a mayor but a “Gay Elf On the Shelf” porcelain doll, who is up to his neck in the special interest and in cahoots with the Iran Lobby all over his administration! That’s how a Man Named “Gloria” become the Mayor of San Diego! Todd Gloria is not a mayor but a Fem Boy Elf On the Shelf!

I imagine by now, you people have learned your lesson to not elect someone because he is black, Hispanic or gay! Race and Gender does not make one unique. It is the Gray Matter in the skull, qualification, Real World Experience, Business Experience, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Common-Sense Solutions which makes one qualified for a job.

As patriots, we do not vote for Larry Elder because he is black, but we vote for him for his decades of critical thinking, leadership and putting forward common-sense solutions for our grand problems in California. The man is a true problem solver, a decent man and a great patriot. He is a patriot who happened to be black. Even if he was blue or green, we would still vote for him. Unlike liberals, we do not see people for their race and sex! We see people as people. We respect people for their individualism and actions!

Why Gavin Newsom Constantly Jumps Up?

Have you noticed that when he speaks, especially in front of the cameras, Gavin Newsom gets a bit nervous and shows nervous tics by slightly and repeatedly doing a little upward motion of his upper body, like a slight jump upward? It is a little jerk motion of his shoulders upward. It looks like constantly he goes tippy toe and uppity up like a little playful boy!

Some people say Gavin has tics. The Tics are sudden twitches, movements, or sounds that people do repeatedly. People who have tics cannot stop their body from doing these things. For example, a person might keep blinking over and over.

I have another theory. As we know, Auntie Pelosi allowed his favorite nephew Gavin to hang around in Governor Jerry Brown’s mansion to learn the tricks of the trade. During Jerry Brown’s 4 terms of Gubernatorial service in California, Gavin Newsom was practically raised on Governor Brown’s laps! He was Governor’s favorite “Boy Toy” named “Gavin Boy”! Gavin was tall, slim, pearly white, faggish hairdo, long on top, short and moussed up on the sides and back, combed back like Sha Na Na Hairdo!

Governor Brown often yelled for Gavin Boy to come and jump uppity up on “Big Daddy Brown’s Laps” riding the horsey! Jerry Brown would sometime grab and lift up this boy, rub him back and forth or up and down on his lap, stroke him back and forth and up and down! This boy was raised on Governor Brown’s liberal manly juices! That’s how he learned the trades of politics and become the lieutenant governor! That’s how the Boy become a Man, liberal style!

Due to too many manly bumps and bruises, shoving and pushing up and down while riding the Big Daddy Brown’s Horsey Lapsey, Gavin developed a habit of shrugging his shoulders and jumping up while he was shoved and pushed from the bottom and behind! Governor Brown was stroking and shoving from the bottom and Gavin Boy was jumping up and down, riding the “Liberal Horsey”! This is how Gavin developed this jerking motion upward until now that it is totally out of control and every few seconds, Gavin jumps a bit up, shrugging his shoulders like something was shoved up his butt! And that is the Ahreemanic intense theory of Gavin’s Uppity Up Syndrome!

Gavin Newsom the Drug Lord

After liberals destroyed the California’s economy, they figured a way to make revenue by legalizing pot! Somewhere along the way, liberals created a whole new generation of dope heads addicted to marijuana! As the result, the California kids had become even more stupid than they used to be! Next thing you know, with the liberal open border policy, the Drug Cartels took control of the California border, trafficked women as sex slaves, imported heavy drugs like Fentanyl, imported gang members, rapists and other hardcore drugs. In a way, Gavin Newsom same as his Big Daddy Jerry Brown had become the El Jefe Drug Lord of California!

California Government has No Respect for the Californians

An example of that is when Californians a year ago voted to eliminate the annoying daylight-savings time clock changes and stick with one natural time standard but the state government and legislators still did not obey the will of the people and stop switching back and forth the time! They still did not vote!

In today’s California, we do not have:

Government of the People by the People and for the People

It has changed to the:

Government of the Establishment by the Deep State and for the Elite

In the California Liberal Plantation System,

The Poor pays no tax and gets all the government benefits.
The Rich pays no tax and uses the loopholes to get richer.
The Middle Class pays all the tax and has no say in the government.

The Middle Class, the Hard Workers, the Tax Payers, the Small Business and the Patriots are the money-making machine for the California Big Government and also enslaved to the governments’ will. Founding Fathers had a great term for this atrocity:

“Taxation Without Representation”

When this catastrophe occurred, the patriots kicked the British Occupational Monarch and Monarchy out of America and established the “Government of the People”. Historically, it is called the 1776 American Revolution. Today, we have another Tyrant ruling with force over the people and sucking the blood out of the people’s livelihood! The King Gavin Newsom and his Establishment Elite is the new monarchy!

Together, the Californians must kick Gavin Newsom AKA Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew and Jerry Brown’s Butt Boy out of the office and back to his mansion!

Larry Elder Double Thumbs Up Gesture
Larry Elder is a True Trump Conservative, a Common-Sense Man and a Problem Solver. To Save California, You Must have a Real Deal and Larry Elder is the Real Deal!

Comprehend Larry Elder

Review these links to understand why Larry Elder is the solution to our problem:

Larry Elder for Governor

Larry Elder Speeches

Larry Elder Campaign Speech

Larry Elder Speech at BLEXIT BACK THE BLUE Washington D.C.

Larry Elder Speech at BLEXIT Greenville, South Carolina

Larry Elder Tubes

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Larry Elder with Epoch Times

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Larry Elder Site

Larry Elder for Governor

Uncle Tom Movie

Larry Elder was shining in this movie.

Uncle Tom Movie Thread Updates Post

Uncle Tom Movie an Eye-Opening True Masterpiece Thread

Uncle Tom Movie Promo – Larry Elder

Uncle Tom - Teaser #1

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Uncle Tom Official Trailer

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Why I Endorse Larry Elder?

I am here to support the benefits and rights of the Iranian Opposition and the American Patriots. In our global battle between the Individualist Workers and the Globalist Corporations, in general, I am with the workers and in particular, I am with the American Workers. I endorse Larry Elder for the same reasons which I have endorsed Donald John Trump.

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President

Larry Elder and Donald Trump Double Thumbs Up Gesture
The National Populist Conservative Gesture!
Larry Elder like Donald Trump is about Action, not Talk!

Turn California Red

California is the most populated state with the most congressional representatives and political say in America. California was the richest state of the union until liberals destroyed it! California is liberals’ money maker and milking cow. If we want to cure America of Democrat corruption and Socialist Infection, we must find the root cause, go to it and destroy it. The infection roots and core of the disease is in California cities particularly San Francisco, Oakland, Hollywood and Sacramento. The Cancerous Tumors are in Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

Together, we must cure California of this liberal infection and tumor Cysts! Let’s turn California red to save California and America!


Dr. X


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