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Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!
Ahreeman X
March 16, 2017

Even the baby is confused about the Liberal Hypocrisy!

Liberals are Amazing Species!

Liberals don’t like to be categorized in to a group and branded as one. They do not like generalizations and classifications. They claim everyone is different, cultural and racial boundaries must break, diversities are good and they heavily grasp diversity; however, when it comes to thinking, they are all about groupthink as a whole!  They like mass diversity in everything else but everyone should think the same!

In Liberal LaLa Land, there are no races but human race and there is no diversity in thought but liberal groupthink! This is absolute hypocrisy!

Liberals like diversity and they do not even like to be branded as “Liberals”, they find that offensive; however, when it comes to thought, they think as one and they bash anyone who thinks different! When it comes to thought, there is no diversity allowed in the liberal world! Anyone who thinks different will be black balled as a black sheep.

When it comes to diverse thoughts, the diversity in whole goes in trash! Liberal groupthink is anti intellectual and intellectualism. Actually it is anti progress and mental development.

Liberals are way too open minded on diverse everything else but they are a cattle-like herd when it comes to thinking! Liberals only accept Group thinking!

Liberal Academics: Do not bother us in our Little Safe Space detached from the Real America!

Terminology Political Correctness

So eventually this is coming down to ultimate political correctness,

First it was

Not Blacks but African Americans
Not Indians but Native Americans
Not Orientals but Asians
Not Hispanics but Latinos
Now it will be
Not Liberals because they don’t want to branded as a group!

So what the hell should we call Liberals?

Not Liberals but Mentally Scattered?
Not Liberals but Genetically Diverse?
Not Liberals but Morally Bankrupt?
Not Liberals but Intellectually Challenged?
Not Liberals but Politically Communist?
Not Liberals but Economically Disadvantaged?
Not Liberals but Philosophically Marxist?
Not Liberals but Evolutionary Devolved?
Not Liberals but Revolutionary Flawed?
Not Liberals but Biologically Incompatible?
Not Liberals but Organizationally Chaotic?
Not Liberals but Psychologically Unstable?
Not Liberals but Naturally Hypocrite?
Not Liberals but Constitutionally Phobic?
Not Liberals but Democratically Fascist?
Not Liberals but Environmentally Conspiratorial?
Not Liberals but Rationally Illogical?
Not Liberals but Educationally Abyss?
Not Liberals but Socially Fake?
Not Liberals but Humanly Shallow?

Classic Liberal Safe Space Playpen
Decorated with Playpen hanging Communist, Muslim, Gay, Socialist, Peace & Hillary Décor.
Residing Liberal Playpen Babies sucking on pacifiers are:
Liberal Black Lives Matter Anarchist
Liberal Colorblind Mizzou Baby Academic
Liberal Tranny Chick with Dick

Never Ending Liberal Political Correctness!

With liberals it never stops!

First it was Negro, then Black, now African American, what’s next?
What was wrong with Negro? It is not profanity but it is a race of people!
What was wrong with Black? It was an identifying racial group!
What the Hell is African American?
What if they are not from Africa?
What if they came from Caribbean?
Of course originally everyone originated from Africa (first human), so shall we refer to the human race as African Americans?
Technically everyone is African American because at some point someone in their ancestry came from Africa!

Do you see the liberal hypocrisy and garbage of political correctness?

Do you see the fallacy in the Liberal Logic?
What logic?!

Liberal Hypocrisy

Liberals get offended if you call them liberals but they offend any free thinker all day long! They call you racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, idiot, hick, stupid, hill-billy, but they do not find that offensive! Now that is what it called liberal hypocrisy!

How can liberals believe in diversity in everything but free thinking? When it comes to free thinking, you must believe, behave and think like a Socialist or else you will be branded with tons of names and you will be banned from the American Failed Educational System which is 14th in the world but spends the most money per student ($ 11,000.00 by average K – 12) in the globe!

Angry Liberals

Liberals are hateful, angry, spiteful, bitter, mad, insulting and combative. Liberals are wounded and they know that they will be miserable for 8 years of Trump! Even though they are in denial about the election results, yet they do their best to derail Trump’s presidency and aggressively destroy anyone who caused this misery and brought this catastrophe upon them by voting for Trump and supporting him!

If you are not a Liberal, you must be Marginalized!

They crucify you in college campuses.
They deny your freedom of speech in college campuses.
They name call you in college campuses.
They destroy your freedom of assembly in college campuses.
They ban you from work in Hollywood.
They isolate you in Hollywood.
They deny your freedom of expression in Hollywood.
They black ball you in Fake News Media.
They mock you in Fake News Media.
They openly brand you in public.
They shamelessly insult you in society.
They physically assault you in rallies.
They intolerantly silence you in debates.
They eliminate you from the relevance.

Liberal LaLa Land

In Liberal LaLa Land everything is diverse and everything goes but Free Thinking! You must Groupthink or else you will be banned from the circa!

Everything Goes, in the Liberal World

Diversity of sex is cherished; they even give you minority rights by “Sexual Preference”!

Homosexualism, Bisexualism, Transsexualism, SadoMasochism, Bestiality, Incest, Pedophilia, even banging vegetables! As long as consent exists and both parties are OK with sex, then why not bang your mother, daughter or niece? In Liberal World, there is no morality; no wrong and no humanly evolved behavioral patterns!

Open borders are a must, everyone is welcomed to America. Give us your illiterate, deranged, derelict, basket case, murderer, bandit, sexual predator, drug dealer, terrorist and color them with all colors, all races, specifically all the rejects from south of the Border and all the criminals from the Central America, the Latin World and Mexico. Make sure you let in all the Muslims and Islamists from around the Middle East and North Africa! Just bring them in, give them free housing, food stamps, welfare, Medicare, free education, and all types of benefits.

Make sure the hard working Americans pay for all of these goodies via their taxes but make sure to hand all of these refugees, illegal immigrants and Muslim Invaders, drivers licenses and voters registrations to vote Democratic and become good liberal Democratic “Dependant Voters” so the Democratic Party can continue lining their pockets and wallets with that good old green dough and maintain power in DC and the Blue State Capitals.

Make sure to turn California, New York and Illinois loaded with illegals, refugees and dependant voters so the rest of America can work hard and pay taxes to support their “Welfare States”!

Inject Multi-Culturalism in to the vein of Americans even if they don’t want it! Just shove every culture around the world and every degenerate from around the globe in to the melting pot but make sure that you reject the American Culture because it is Racist and Xenophobe!

Just make sure to FAQ up the American Economy, Education, Military, National Security and Society in the name of Liberal World Order and Open Borders!

Islam Contradicts Democracy and US Constitution

Liberal White Guilt

Every single liberal, specifically Old Fart White Liberals have the “White Guilt” for possible something that someone in their ancestry had done during the Slavery era! Liberals feel like they owe Blacks something and they must give them advantage, benefits and perks. In other words “Reverse Discrimination”.

Affirmative Action, Everyone Wins a Trophy in Schools, Quota in Colleges, Blacks and Hispanics allowed not by merit, Government benefits, and so on ….

And do not forget, All Muslims are specifically welcomed and allowed to do as they please and get all the perks, special rights, special benefits and the best grants on and off campuses!

Basically give all minorities all types of rights and make sure to artificially equalize them with so called non minorities and Whites at all costs.

Corrupt Congressional Black Caucus

The Welfare State System would guarantee the Old Fart White Liberals and Thieving Congressional Black Caucus to maintain power in Washington DC and keep on keeping on riding the poor Blacks, Hispanics and the rest of the Melting Pot forever. More money, more money, Mo Money …

More money for the Congressional Black Caucus and more poverty for the average Ghetto Black! Just keep them dependant, jobless and on welfare so the DC Liberals can build their bank accounts and power centers!

Hollywood Liberals

Hollywood Liberals love to stand up for the rights of illegal immigrants, Muslim Refugees and every other misfit around the world who sees himself entitled to enter America and collect benefits, but when it comes to including these people in to their Hollywood circa, it is a No No!

Do you ever see these Hollywood Liberals allow illegal immigrants and refugees in to their lavish Hollywood Parties and Mansions? Only as servants, maids, gardeners and babysitters they can get in them mansions! But not to consort with! Well, my friends, that sums it up for Hollywood Hypocrisy for yous!

Trump Iran Visa Ban: Pros and Cons

Hollywood Liberals live in their Bubbles in their Hollywood Mansions and preach garbage to the world, yet they are detached from the reality and detached from the Average American and his challenges. They are out of touch with the average Working Joe and Jane.

End to LaLa Land

But there is a problem! Liberals are hitting a brick wall hard and Liberal LaLa Land is coming to an end! How and why on Earth this is happening to our Fairytale world, our Liberal Bubbles and LaLa Land?

You guessed it! Big Bad Trump is crushing their Dream World and the bricks are falling on their heads! Their whole world is being crushed right in their faces! They have no clue what hit them! Liberals are even in denial to accept the results of the 2016 Elections!

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President

Finally the American People, the Working Class and the Patriots showed the finger to the Liberals in LaLa Land and told them FAQ you! This FAQ you was in the form of electing Trump!

Trump National Populist Revolution

Liberal Nightmare

Government of the People, by the People and for the People has been established. The Movement of People is victorious and the Leader of the Movement is now the President of United States! This is a Liberal Nightmare, also not just a liberal, yet a global corporate nightmare! Not only liberals but the GOP Establishment and global corporations are also in denial and depressed!

Just take a look at the faces of:

Nancy Old Pussy (Nancy Pelosi)
Dianne Frankenstein (Dianne Feinstein)
Al Frankenstein (Al Franken)
Chucky Doll Schumer (Chuck Schumer)
Hillary Rotten Clitoris (Hillary Rodham Clinton)
Hussein Obama
Little Faggots in CNN
Bull Dykes in MSNBC
Bozos in Hollywood
Whining Rag Dolls in Media
Marxist Professors in Colleges
Global Corporations CEOs
Wall Street Executives

And you will see the denial, hatred, and amazed looks!

How the hell did this happen to us? Liberals scream!

Liberals in the LaLa Land Field of Prairie!

Let’s be visual. To comprehend the depth of the Liberal Denial, Pain and Misery, I want you to visualize Nancy Old Pussy or your favorite liberal in this picture. Visualize this:

At this point in time (after January 20th Inauguration), the typical liberal is standing amazed and naked in the middle of a field of prairie with her right hand’s thumb up her butt and her left hand’s pinky between her teeth, pondering and wondering what the hell had happened to her Liberal LaLa Land while her whole world crashed down on her head! Standing amazed and wondering indeed!

Now that gesture in the middle of a field of prairie is a classic Persian Style!

Picture Nancy Old Pussy is getting hit by bricks from the right, left and above and her whole world is crashing and crushing down on her head. She is getting bitch slapped by Karma and bruised all over, while she screams to the above:

Nancy Old Pussy:

Oh Lord, please forgive me for my sins and a life of lies, pretence and collecting wealth at the cost of the  misery of the Hard working Americans! Lord please forgive me and please stop these bricks ….

Suddenly another thick brick hits her in her lying face and crushes her lying nose which cannot grow no more to get any longer!

….  And suddenly she joins kneeling down next to her colleagues in Church, excluding Hussein Obama (because he is in the Mosque) forming crosses on their chests while whispering:

Have Mercy on My Soul
Have Mercy on My Soul
Have Mercy on My Soul
Have Mercy on My Soul
Have Mercy on My Souuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul, Lord …

Oh Lordy Lord,

Have Mercy on My Soul
Have Mercy on My Soul
Have Mercy on My Soul
Have Mercy on My Soul
Have Mercy on My Souuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul …

(And the Congressional Black Caucus is harmonized singing an old Negro Spiritual at the background while shedding some Alligator Tears and doing some synchronized moves to the right and left!)

I couldn’t have pictured it better for yous, now could I?
Now that’s better than a Hollywood Movie Scene of fake sorrow and remorse!
Isn’t it so?

Classic Liberal Safe Space Playpen
Residing Liberal Playpen Babies sucking on pacifiers are:
Liberal Black Lives Matter Anarchist
Liberal Colorblind Mizzou Baby Academic
Liberal Tranny Chick with Dick

When it’s all Over ……

And when it all finishes,
Riots, Media Barks, Hollywood Screaming, Store Boycotts, Congressional Derails,
The 101 Liberal freak shows are over,
The resistance breaks down,
The total efforts turn to abyss,
The loss is obvious,
The culture change is unavoidable,
The Will of the People Prevails,
The 8 years of Trump is in the horizon,
And when all false threats to leave America from Trump Oppression is done,
And their whole world crashes down upon them …..
Then the Little Liberals crawl back in to their Little Safe Space Playpens!
To suck their thumbs and lick their wounds and finger their butts and …..
In their “Little Safe Space”!
And there’s your prayer …


Dr. X

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