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Liberal Plantation System and Globalism
Ahreeman X
February 27, 2021

George Soros Puppet Master of Military Industrial Complex Ben Garrison Cartoon
Liberal Plantation System of Liberal Plantation Jew Masters
Rothschilds Head Master Puppeteers control George Soros the Puppet Master who in turn controls the MIC - Military Industrial Complex (General McMaster and General Petraeus) and the Pentagon.

Before I kick it off, I would like to thank three of our talented patriotic cartoonist friends and friends of the Iranian people whose cartoons are fabulous and been used in this piece. Support them any which way you can and spread the word about them to all patriots:

Ben Garrison and Tina Garrison Graphics Site

A F Branco Comically Incorrect Site

More Patriotic Cartoonist Friends:

Iran Cartoons Index

Liberal Plantation System is a globalist economic, social, political, philosophical and fundamental system which runs the west. The liberal indoctrination and mass propaganda are promoting it. The system is owned and operated by the Democrats and the Deep State. Before we discuss the entity and structure of the Liberal Plantation System, we must discuss the Political Correctness and the Cancel Culture disease which is sweeping away our freedoms and livelihood!

Political Correctness Out the Door!

In America, political correctness hides the facts from the people. In IPC, the first order of operation is that we throw the political correctness out the window and in the dumpster. You want to listen to lies? Then tune in to American media. You want to listen to facts? Then you are in the right place! Liberal political correctness and cancel culture has been destroying America and the world. We hand you the facts and that is why massive number of readers read IPC, globally! Democrats’ Socialist Regime which is established in USA is transforming USA to the USSA (Union of Socialist States of America)! Democrats warn you to obey and if you don’t, they ban you and then cancel you. Democrats are cleansing the society from patriots with brains so they can rule the rest of the society which are obedient Liberal Sheep!

Democrats are creating a Chinese Style Socialist Regime in America. Media, Social Media, Tech Giants, Hollywood, Academia, Big Government, Military Industrial Complex and Deep State are in bed with Democrats; therefore, they are enemies of the American People. We in IPC are with the American and the Iranian People, and we are Anti American and Iranian Establishments. In Iran, Muslims are destroying the country and in America, Liberals are destroying the country. We in IPC as National Populists are with the people and against the establishment. We are patriots.

Joe Biden and Democrats Riding Black Slaves at the Liberal Plantation Branco Cartoon
Liberal Plantation System
Joe Biden rides at the back while Democrat Jackass Masters ride the Black Slaves for their votes by hyping them against Trump!

Liberal Race Card Against Ahreeman X

Two factors are clearly visible in this political environment:

I. Liberal Race Card Playing Democrats
II. Certain Iranian Opposition RINOs and Democrats

Let us elaborate:

I. Liberal Race Card Playing Democrats

Liberal Race card playing Democrats pretend that I’m a racist! Bashing Liberal Hindus, Blacks and Jews, doesn’t make me a racist. I also promote Conservative Hindus, Blacks and Jews. Liberals love to play the race card on me but Ahreeman don’t play that and Ahreeman is not PC.

When I refer to Sundar Pichai as the Dog Face Hindu, I insult Sundar Pichai, not all Hindus. Indians are a solid base of the readers of IPC and Indians are our brother culture. I have the highest respect for the Indians. I admire greats such as Master Anwar Shaikh and our Indian Brothers and Sisters.

Anwar Shaikh Index

Anwar Shaikh: Why Islam Can’t Coexist with Other Religions? Thread

When I refer to Hussein Obama as the Muslim Jigaboo, Dhimmi Boy, Chocolate Boy, or Liberal Plantation Negro, I insult Obama, not Blacks in general! Personally, I am a black man trapped in a white man’s body! Blacks are my people. I play the blues piano and chill with the sisters and brothers. I admire people like Justice Clarence Thomas, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Dr. Ben Carson or Candace Owens. Herman Cain was my main man! I have always stood up for Blacks’ equal rights but not for Affirmative Action which is special rights and Black Privilege.

Lovely Herman Cain has Left Us
The Black Business Guru’s Legacy

Dr. Condoleezza Rice - The Real Deal

When I trash Liberal Plantation Jew Masters like George Soros, or refer to Mark Zuckerberg as Mark Sucker-Turd or Jew-Bot (Jew Robot), that doesn’t make me an Anti-Semite! If there’s one person amongst Iranians who always defends the Jews and Israel, it is me! I love Bibi and the Conservative Jews but this doesn’t stop me from bashing the Globalist Liberal Jew Bosses! Benjamin Netanyahu is a great man. Conservative Jews are true American patriots and lovers of Israel but Liberal Plantation Jew Bosses run the plantations and Liberal Jews follow them like sheep! You can often catch me at the local Jewish Restaurant eating Kosher food and chilling with the Hebrews, so don’t go playing the Anti-Semitic Card with me because the Bull Shiite doesn’t stick with me!

Historical Facts on Israel - Palestine Issue

Historical Facts on Israel-Palestine Issue Thread

Yasser Arafat and Palestinians Helped the Rise of IRI to Power

When I trash liberal made 6 to 60 genders LGBTQ Bull Shiite or Militant Gays creating a fake identity for themselves as a Minority based on sexual preference, this doesn’t make me a homophobe! I have the highest respect for constructive gays such as Richard Grenell who is a patriot and done a lot for America. I respect many patriotic homosexuals. I always stood up for homosexuals’ equal rights but not special rights based on sexual preference!

So do not safsateh (flawed logic), maqlateh (fake logic) and mix and match things up, trying to brand me as a racist! These liberal race cards don’t work with me.

I judge people by their personality and what they have achieved, not by race, color, ethnicity or sexual orientation. When I bash someone, I am bashing that person or segment of people but not the whole race or creed, so don’t play the race card with me. That Bull Shiite doesn’t fly with me!

George Soros Illegal Aliens Invasion USA Ben Garrison Cartoon
Liberal Plantation System: D Day Invasion USA
Liberal Plantation Motto: Todos En La Lucha (All in the Fight)
Democrats are losing their Black and Hispanic Base; therefore, George Soros floods America with illegal aliens from Central America, Mexico and Muslim Refugees (ISIS)!
Soros Globalist Ship landing in USA the land of Free Stuff! Uncle Sam’s back is breaking due to burden!

II. Certain Iranian Opposition RINOs and Democrats

Certain Iranian opposition authors are seasonal warriors, only active during Democrats’ reign. When they had to stand up and fight, when it mattered during the Trump era, they remained silent, or criticized Trump and even colluded with the Iran lobby but when it doesn’t matter at all to be activists during the Democrats, they sing opposition songs! Democrats and Mullahs are old friends and in bed with one another. It is simply silly to complain to Democrats about the Mullahs!

Democrats Always Misfire on Iran!
History of Democrats and Mullahs 4 Decades of Cooperation!

Democrats Always Misfire on Iran: History of Democrats and Mullahs

Let me give you a few examples amongst many. Throughout my life, I have helped many people, including opposition characters and personalities. I also helped various local authors and tuned them to global authors. I literally dipped my hand in honey, shoved it in their mouths and fed them. In return, they bit my hand! If they wouldn’t bite my hand, then how would we know that they are typical Iranians?! The end results were that they bit the hand that fed them! That’s a good thing that I didn’t dip Haji Kuchike (Ahreemanic Schlong) in the honey and shoved it down their throats or else we would be in trouble now! Yet they are puny and don’t have the jaw strength to chew off Haji Kuchike!

Sex Change Operation by Dr. Haji Kuchike!
Adventures of Haji Kuchike and Haji Bozorge AKA Hojaj

They do not have the guts and balls to openly criticize me and bash me but incognito, with inuendo and in a nutshell they bash my Web Mistress, my Operation Members and my Readers! They brand them as racists, fascists and other Liberal crap shoot! I am not going to name names but everyone knows who they are. Allow me to give you a few examples amongst many folks whom I helped and they bit my hand off:

Leftist Iranian Authors Examples

I. Marxist Woman
II. Jebhei Liberal Man
III. RINO and Liberal Duo Ex-Partners

I. Marxist Woman

This woman which I spoon fed her and turned her from a local author to a global author, fled and for publicity, posted her articles in the Iran Lobby media and colluded with Iran Lobby! No wonder many leftists end up in Iran Lobby’s ranks! She put herself under the balls of Jahanshah Javid, a known Ex Hezbollah and present Iran Lobby and IRI backed media!

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America!
Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!

II. Jebhei Liberal Man

This guy again was a local author who I turned global. He was Jebhe Meli (Iran National Front) sympathizer, a liberal social democrat and a leftist. Eventually he quit politics, opposition activities and sold out to American Democrats by getting a government cushy job as a Big Government’s small bureaucrat! Then he was trying to erase his record in IPC which everyone knows that we don’t censor, revise, remove or delete anything!

Joe Biden Rides the Blacks vs. Trump Carries the Blacks Out of Liberal plantations Branco Cartoon
Liberal Plantation System: Trump the Savior
Democrats have been riding the blacks for 100 years as Government Mules and taking them granted for their votes while Trump carried the blacks on his backs and freed them from the Liberal Plantations! No other president in history of America had done more than what Trump done for the blacks, maybe except Abraham Lincoln!

III. RINO and Liberal Duo Ex-Partners

There was a duo who done good amount of Anti-Iran Lobby activities in the past. Eventually they had a falling and each went his own way. One is a RINO and other is a Liberal. They were silent during Trump era which mattered to be activists, but during Democrat era which means nothing to be activists, they are all talk!


The RINO done some valid activism in the past and somewhat exposed the Iran Lobby but he was silent during Trump. When Trump was crushing the IRI Mullahs, this guy was criticizing Trump and silent on activism. When Democrats are in power, he becomes all loud and opposition friendly!

The Liberal

The Liberal one, on the other hand is a National Islamist (Meli Mazhabi) with a dash of NCRI (Mojahedin) spice in him! He has a long history of Anti-Iran Lobby activism and he done a great job in the past but again silent during the Trump era! The Trump era was the time to be active because Trump literally demolished IRI, but these guys were either silent or criticizing Trump.

Now in Democrats era, he is active again which means zilch because Biden is a longtime corrupt kickback receiver of the Iran Lobby and in bed with the Mullahs!

So, this guy now goes around the Bull Shiite Iranian TVs and Liberal Jew Owned and operated YouTube, run by Google and its Iran Lobby friendly Iranian American management, and incognito and with inuendo criticizes my Web Mistress, My Operation Members, My Sympathizers and my Readers! He refers to them as Fascists, Anti-Semite, Anti-Bahai and Racist! Then he categorizes Proud Boys Patriots as Racists and Fascists and QAnon as nutjobs but he is silent about the BLM and ANTIFA liberal socialist psychos who burned down America in the past 3 years! He connects Shambool with Bambool and Aseman to Risman, then he connects Shiite to Shingles and creates historical connections between Hitler and Nazis with the so-called “Wave of the Iranian Fascists” (including us) who are now taking over the airways! Then he recommends that Iranian political activists must only stick with the Iranian politics and stay away from the American politics! This guy supposed to be an investigative journalist!

Firstly, all of your categorizations are flawed. Secondly, your historical knowledge is flawed. Thirdly, IPC doesn’t limit itself to the Iranian affairs, IPC is global. Fourthly, you are connecting Bang with Bologna and that would become Bang and Bologna Rhetoric which you shout! The left is portraying the QAnon as nut jobs and so are you! This is not the time to discuss QAnon. In the future I will write a vast article about them. I am neither defending nor denouncing QAnon here, but I inform your ignorant self that Many Iranian American QAnonites have moved to Iran to actually make a change by creating an underground movement, fighting IRI. That is much more than you and your ilk had ever done! You need to stop spreading Bull Shiite about QAnon. You know who else spreads Bull Shiite about QAnon? CNN, Google, Wikipedia, and Hollywood! So, you are in great company!

Then this guy bashed Proud Boys and refers to them as Extreme Fascists! He calls these patriots, extreme Fascists and the uninformed audience of these Bang O Salavat Cheesy Iranian TVs buy this crap because they are clueless about the American politics! Do you know who are Proud Boys? They are the patriots with balls who stood up to BLM and ANTIFA and done street fights in every major city to save the Constitution!

Then this guy goes all the way and bashes our people but like a typical Iranian, he doesn’t name names and he does it incognito! He assumes people are stupid and they don’t know who is he talking about! People are not idiots. People are very well informed of IPC as the largest Iranian website in the world.

Fellow, allow me to remind you that you were a local author in the Iranian community and I made you global. I promoted you like hell! Now you are lining up Kos O She’r and Bull Shiite about my people?! Referring to us as Racist, Anti-Semite (Yahud Setizi), Anti-Bahai (Bahai Setizi) and other crap is getting old! You are a typical Iranian Liberal playing the race card and biting the hand that fed you!  Do you even believe in the nonsense that you are feeding these clueless Iranian audience of the Cheesy Iranian TVs? Do you know who still watches these cheesy Iranian TVs? Old Farts who can’t speak English to watch the American media and the FOPs (Fresh Out of Plane) without the English knowledge! Iranian Intelligent Youth whom are the future of Iran, may they be residing inside Iran, America or around the world, are having perfect English language knowledge and they surely do not watch these Bull Shiite Iranian TVs and Iranian Media Mafia, but they surely read IPC every single day! So good luck with your lining up Mozakhrafat and Mohmalat on the Iranian TVs and then publish it in the YouTube!

I don’t know if this fellow is getting kickbacks from the Jewish Lobby and the Bahai Lobby or not, but I can clarify one issue here, that if I criticize anyone and any group including Liberal Jews and Bahais, it is via facts and documentation, not via stomach gas (Bokhar-e Me’deh)!

Baha’i Cult Contradictions
28 Contradictions of Baha'i Doctrine

Baha’i versus Islam on Revision of Quran

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

FBI Most Wanted List Posters - Post January 6, 2021

I do appreciate this fellow’s history of Anti-Iran Lobby Activism and all the good work which he had done in the past but why is he trashing his own legacy by bashing us who helped him to grow?

No one but no one in the Iranian opposition has been fighting the Iran Lobby and exposing them like we do! We have been fighting the Iran Lobby with every bit of our soul for so many years! Why are you bashing friends rather than foes?

What else can I say beside the fact that these guys are Carpetbaggers who fish for audience and votes in a new arena and horizon!

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Namazi Family are Iran Lobby, Not US Hostages!
Globalist Criminal Billionaires, Not Innocent Victims!

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center Thread

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA Thread

Iran Movement Index

I honestly do not get it, why so many people whom I help to grow, once they grow, they turn on me, bite my hand and bash me! In Persian we have an expression: “Dast-e Man Namak Nadareh!” (my hand doesn’t have salt) meaning that I stick my hand in honey and put it in these people’s mouths and they bite it hard! That is the story of the backstabbing Iranians and how they thank me for decades of promoting them globally! Not for a minute assume that it ends with these four, but I can tell you names and stories from today until tomorrow and fill up a web page, but we are getting distracted from the main subject, so back to the subject, we go.

Who Runs the West and the East?

Basically, liberal plantation Jew bosses run the west, and then China, Russia and Iran regimes run the east which are far worse and ruthless than the liberal plantation Jew bosses!

George Soros the Most Corrupt Man on Earth and Epidemy of Global Chaos and Evil!
Globalist Liberal Plantation Jew Master Planner of the New World Order


Globalism is the belief in the global whole, one world order, one world nation, one world culture, one race, one economy, one social order, one discipline, one international community, and one global society which is prior and rules over the individual rights, freedoms and benefits. One size fit all!

Globalists see one system fits all. Globalists’ priority is Internationalism and they are against nationalism. Globalists’ concern is one world economy which is planned and executed by the Global Corporations for the benefit of the Global Corporations who know better on how to operate the world as one international community and they know what’s best for the individual nations, individual workers and individual rights. The decision is made from the top and the individual at the bottom is a part of the whole who must follow and obey the one world order.

Globalism is in direct antagonism with Nationalism, Nations’ Workers, Individual Labor, National Economy, National Resources, National Wealth, National Pride, Individual Rights, Individual Freedoms and Individualism.

Globalism robs nations out of their fortunes and natural resources, and then destroys their work force. Liberalism paves the way for Socialism which paves the way for globalism. Who runs the Liberal Plantations? You got it right: Liberal Plantation Jew Masters! This is a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Business, Global Banking System, the New World Order, the Green New Deal and the Climate Change Hoax which are all and all parts of the plan to destroy nations’ independence, pillage and plunder their wealth and enslave their work force! Globalism is the enemy of the Americanism and the American Workers. Who promotes Globalism? Democrats indeed! Who are Democrats? The owners of the “Liberal Plantation System” which runs most of the globe including the West!

What is Patriotism?

Liberal Made Climate Change Catastrophe Hoax!

Liberal Plantation Slave Blacks Then (Pre-Civil War) Ben Garrison Cartoon
Liberal Plantation Jew Master Then: Liberal Plantation System
Liberal Plantations Then in Richmond Virginia, Confederate States of America
Chuck Schumer’s Great Grand Daddy Jew Master: Listen Bubba Jones, pay attention Boy! You get free food, free housing and free medical care. We be giving you all that for free and you be picking cotton and work our plantation. Now that’s a Great Deal Boy, isn’t it?

Liberal Plantations Then and Now

Liberal Plantation System destroyed the Black Family Unit, got the father out of the picture and made the single mother dependent to the government. The child grows up without a father figure and becomes a criminal ending up in jail! This is how Democrats rule the black community.

“Black Community’s Terrible Choices Made” is “The Real Problem of the Black Community”, not the police department. You can defund the police departments all over the United States but that will not solve the Black Community’s problems. Black community needs to commit to a deep soul searching to free themselves from the liberal mindset which is the root of their problems and cause of their slavery in the Liberal Plantations, giving ride to the Democrat party now between 30 to 100 years (depending on the city)!

In old times, before the civil war, the liberal plantations enslaved the black man’s body but today they enslave the black man’s mind! Allow me to remind the historically illiterate folks that the Democrats were the original southern plantation owners, they created the Confederacy, they created the Ku Klux Klan, they created the Jim Crow Segregation, and they created the Plant Parenthood and spread them around the black communities to kill the black babies via abortion!

Today’s Democrat party keeps the black man and woman, slave in the mind. Democrats trap the black man with welfare, food stamp, housing and benefits to keep him dependent to the Big Government and use him as a voting machine. Blacks are vote count calculation for the Democrats. Blacks are similar to Jack Asses giving rides to the Democrats to stay in power! Affirmative Action which is growing again under Biden, is the root cause of people’s mistrust on blacks having the jobs due to merits!

Blacks best recognize that who is the real enemy and the cause for their enslavement!

What has Democrat party done for the Blacks during the past 60 years? Take a good look at the Liberal run large cities of America. They are crime infested, air polluted, poverty stricken, traffic jammed, project pact, homeless decorated Shiite Holes of America. Blacks were in the ghetto on welfare and food stamps, eating that government cheese and drinking that Big Gov. Kool-Aid, then and now! If anything, their pitiful situation deteriorated and got worse.

Suddenly Trump came along and told them to vote for me, what the hell do you have to lose? That was a changing point for the Black Community. Trump is the only person who has done anything for the Blacks. No one has ever done more for the Blacks than Trump.

Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization

Black Lives Matter Cartoons

Liberal Plantation Slave Blacks Now (Post-Civil War) Ben Garrison Cartoon
Liberal Plantation Jew Master Now: Liberal Plantation System
Liberal Plantations Now in Capitol Hill, Washington DC, United States of America
Chuck Schumer the Liberal Plantation Jew Master: Listen Bubba Jones, pay attention Boy! You get free food stamps, free project housing and free Obamacare. We be giving you all that for free and you be Errand Boy for us and voting Democrat. Now that’s a Great Deal Boy, isn’t it?
But Suddenly, Bubba Jones opened his eye to the century and half of Democrat Slavery of his people and then Bubba woke up to the historical reality. Bubba saw the light of Trump!

Now let us dig deep in to the Liberal Plantation System:

Liberal Plantation System

The Liberal Plantation System has a structure:

Liberal Plantation System
Liberal Plantation Masters
Liberal Plantation Foremen
Liberal Plantation Slaves

Now, let’s elaborate:

Liberal Plantation Masters

Masters run the plantations. Masters are often Big Liberal Jew Bosses! These Liberal Jew Bosses own the plantation and brainwash the average liberal Jew into following them like sheep. Jews by majority are liberal sheep followers without identity of their own, except the Conservative Jews whom have brains, think on their own, have free will and are free thinkers. Conservative Jews truly love America, Israel, and Freedom. Rest of the Jews are sheep followers of the Liberal Jew bosses who own the plantations! These Jew bosses make the Big Money, Profit off of the Plantation System and rule the world.

George Soros, Rothschild Family, Google Ownership and Management, Mark Zuckerberg, Big Pharma, Tech Giants, Hollywood, Entertainment Industry, Corporate Media, Social Media, somewhat Academia, and surely Banking System owners and CEOs are only some examples of the Liberal Jew Masters owning the Liberal Plantation System.

They are driven by greed, power and control via globalism, socialism, liberalism and destruction of the Americanism and the American Labor Force.

FBI Most Wanted List Posters - Post January 6, 2021

US Elections 2020 Rigged by George Soros
Complete System is Rigged by Deep State

How American Election was Stolen?

New Absolute Proof of US 2020 Election Fraud

Liberal Plantation Foremen

This is where the Iranian Americans come in. Persian Techie Multi-Millionaires and Billionaires who run Google, Facebook, Twitter and hundreds of other Tech Giants, Tech Companies, Telecoms, Information Technology Corporations and Industries are basically Liberal Plantation Foremen who operate the Liberal Plantations. They run the Silicon Valley and gaining more and more power by the day. They are the Silicon Valley Persian Mafia.

These Persians are operators who operate the Liberal Plantations, enablers who enable the Plantation Owners’ crimes, oppressors who oppress the Plantation Slaves, and the generators who supply the power and energy behind the Liberal Plantations. They run the show as “Persian Wazirs” yet more like “Persian Traitors” who are faithful servants to the Plantation Masters.

These Persians do anything for a buck. They sell their own mothers for a $ 5 bill. Just wave that green dough in their faces and like Street Whores and Butt Boys, they bend over for you to FAQ them up the Shiiter, ball deep!

At the same time and simultaneously that they undermine Americanism, Patriotism, Democracy and Freedom; they also destroy the Persian Culture, Persianhood and Iranian Traditions. They are the most corrupt and morally bankrupt elements of the Globalist Left who openly support the Iran Lobby, are in bed with Communist China, Arab Oil and naturally wheel and deal with IRI.

These Iranian American Plantation Foremen are the epidemy of immorality, censorship, oppression, and corruption. They are the Super Spreaders in the Brainwash plague, fungus in the Establishment and the Deep in the Deep State!

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Iranian American Democrats, who are they?

History of Democrats & Mullahs: Democrats' Misfires

Liberal Plantation Slaves

In the old times, before the Civil War, the Liberal Plantation Democrat Jew Masters enslaved the Black Man’s body but today, they enslave the Black Man’s mind! The plantations are the same plantations but the methods of slavery have changed, Democrats invented the Confederacy, crafted the KKK, designed the Jim Crow, perfected the Segregation and now they are enslaving the Blacks with Welfare, Food-stamp, section 8, project housing, benefits, healthcare, government cheese, big ol loaf o Big Gov. bread, and Kool-Aid indeed!

Not only majority of Blacks are on the plantation, but also liberal Jews, minorities, illegal immigrants and other prospect Democrat voters! Blacks are a voting block who have been giving free rides to the Democrats for centuries and they are happy residents of the plantations, love to be taking care of by the Big Gov. They have Stockholm Syndrome and are happy slaves. They jump up and down, entertain and even do court jester acts for the Masters! The only free-thinking Blacks who actually own brains and think for themselves are the Conservative Blacks who had left the plantations long ago and are now beginning to leave the plantations. Free at Last, Free at Last ….

Liberal Plantation Negroes and Pegroes!

You may find it hard to believe but not all Persians are Millionaires and billionaires! There are even Persian Slaves amongst the Liberal Plantation Slave Force! They are lower income Persians who do not run the liberal plantations but due to the media, social media and academic brainwash and the traditional historic leftist ignorance, they are also Democrats! These Persians are known as “Pegroes” AKA “Persian Negroes” whom are similar to Negroes! The Liberal Plantation Pegroes indeed!

Iran Lobby

Iran Lobby is in the pocket of both Mullahs and George Soros; therefore, Trita Parsi, NIAC, PAAIA and other traitors are similar to Pegros (Persian Negros) but a wealthier level of Pegros!

Persian Cultural Center San Diego is the Bank for Iran Lobby
PCC is the Money Laundry Bank for the Iran Lobby

New Democrat Slaves

In 2020, Trump got the highest number of black and Hispanic voters ever in GOP. Blacks, Hispanics and minorities are wising up! As long as the blacks and Hispanics are leaving the Liberal plantations, the Democrats need new slaves; therefore, they are now importing Illegal Aliens as cheap labor for RINO Republican Businesses and New voting block for the Democrats!

California Sanctuary Banana Republic Cartoons
Bankrupted by Liberals!

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

US Democrat and Republican Party History, the Real Story

Problem is Not the Jews, But it is Liberalism

the problem is not the Jews but it is Liberalism because a minority of Liberal Jew Masters run the liberal plantations, yet the majority of the Jews, the same as the blacks, are Liberal Plantation slaves! These Liberal Jew Masters run every aspects of the Liberal plantations such as the Media, Tech Giants, Hollywood, Global Banking System, somewhat Academia, somewhat Wallstreet and so on. The only Jews who freed themselves from the Liberal Plantations and oppression by the Liberal Jew Masters are the Conservative Jews. The conservative Jews are the True Jews with brains who love America, who love Israel, are patriots and are historically, economically and politically aware of what really goes on in the globe! Except the Conservative Jews, the rest of the Jews are as much victims and slaves to the Liberal Plantations as the Blacks and Hispanics! They are all slaves to the Liberal Jew Masters owning the Liberal Plantations.

Welcome to America Open Borders Traffic Sign Ahreeman X Cartoon Graphic
Liberal Plantation System: Blacks and Hispanics are Leaving the Plantations for Trump!
Liberal Plantations are running out of Black and Hispanic voters, so they need to import illegal aliens as prospect dependent Democrat voters!
Today’s Illegals, Tomorrow's Democrats
Provided by the California Socialist State Government
* Free Driver License
* Free Healthcare
* Free Welfare
* Free Food Stamp
* Free Education
* Free Housing
Special Benefits for Muslim Refugees, Islamist Combatants and MS-13 Gang Bangers
Paid by the American Taxpayers
Courtesy of Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom

Future Solutions

We must Pack up the Liberal Plantation System and free the slaves, the black slaves, Hispanic slaves, minority slaves, the liberal Jew slaves, the Persian slaves, the brain drained, the brainwashed kids and the terrorist kids produced by the Failed Liberal Educational System. Free at last, free at last!

US Establishment Games

Future of America
Patriotic Solutions

We are all Americans, Red Blooded Americans, brothers and sisters, patriots, one solid force and we must be one punch in the mouth of the traditional “Liberal Plantation System”. As Dr. King stated, sing it loud and sing it proud: Free at Last, Free at Last!

Together we shall find our way to the Shining City Upon a Hill!


Dr. X


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