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Globalist Criminal Billionaires, Not Innocent Victims!

Namazi Family are Iran Lobby, Not US Hostages!
Globalist Criminal Billionaires, Not Innocent Victims!

Ahreeman X
September 22, 2020

Baquer and Siamak Namazi are not American Hostages, but they are Iran Lobby Founders and Heads of the Iran Oil Mafia Family. They are in IRI prison due to the power struggle and internal rivalries between the different fractions of the IRI Islamist Regime.

Background Information

Lately, the Iran Lobby Groups and Voice of America in Farsi influenced by the Iran Lobby have been once again propagating the release of the Namazi Family from the Iranian prison. In the past, we have exposed the Namazi Family in depth and the Iranian Media influenced by the Iran Lobby had turned down the rhetoric on releasing the Namazis; however, as soon as things become quiet on Namazis, the Iran lobby and the Iranian Media influenced by the Iran Lobby, assumed that the people have forgotten the true nature of the Namazi Family; therefore ,once again they have begun their scattered tweets, news bits, clips and propaganda to release the Namazis! It is time to once more remind the public of the true nature of the Namazi Family and expose new information.

Voice of America Propagating for the Namazi Family

View these latest VOA clips:

Mike Pompeo Twitter Reaction to Iran to Release the Namazi Family

Mike Pompeo Twitter Reaction to Execution of Navid Afkari and Release of the Namazi Family

VOA Farsi YouTube

VOA Farsi Site

Review this expose on VOA:

VOA Voice of America is Anti America!

VOA as stated before, is not the voice of Trump, the American people or the Iranian opposition and the people. Voice of America is the Voice of CIA and Deep State with a dash of Iran Lobby influence!

Some of you have been e-mailing us and pointing to this:

IPC YouTube - Chanels

Then asking that: then how come you advertise for VOA and other public funded American government backed media and also the baseless Iranian Media?

The answer is that we do not advertise for the State Media or the Cheesy Media, but we monitor them. That is what a good journalist does! Not every YouTube channel which displayed is recommended by us as the “Real News”. We only display them to be monitored by you and us. On the other hand, many of the displayed YouTube Channels in our channel section are Real News Networks, but not all of them. In the future, I will publish a piece on the “Real News Networks” and in there I will inform you of these interesting channels.

Siamak Namazi co-founder (along with Javad Zarif) of the Iran Lobby in USA, Trita Parsi’s partner in crimes and member of the Namazi Oil Mafia Family is one of the shadiest criminal characters making out as a bandit, stealing billions of dollars of the Iranian people’s oil revenue.

Namazi Family Analysis

There are questions which comes to the mind:

* Why Pompeo is focusing on the Namazis?
* Why VOA is focusing on the Namazis?

The answer is very simple:

All of them are CIA! VOA is Iran Lobby influenced but it still is the voice of CIA.

Mike Pompeo

Mike Pompeo is a wise secretary of state, a great negotiator and ally of Trump but still he is CIA. Before Gina Haspel, Pompeo was the head of CIA and before that he was a congressman for years. Mike Pompeo has a history as a part of CIA, Deep State, DC Swamp and the DC Establishment; however, as many others, he is a converted Trumpist. Many Swamp creatures have decided to convert to National Populist Trumpists.

For the GOP establishment, it all came down to either leave GOP and to be kicked out by the Trump as a RINO (Republican in Name Only) or an Establishment Convert such as Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. So as a RINO (GOP Establishment, Neo Con, etc.) you had two choices:

A) Leave GOP or be Exterminated by Trump

B) Convert to Trumpist

There was no other way, simply because the era of GOP Establishment was over. GOP had turned from a Republican Globalist Party to a National Populist Party and had become the American Workers Party. This is Trump’s party in Trump’s country and the people, the American workers are now running it. In other words, the old school republicans such Pompeo either had to get the hell out of the GOP, ship out or shape up and become Trumpists!

Trump was cleaning the DC swamp starting with the GOP; therefore, Pompeo had to adapt and evolve or rebel and become extinct. Many were pushed out of GOP because GOP was not the party of Bush Family anymore! Bush era and McCain era was over. GOP was now the party of the American workers. Pompeo decided to convert before becoming extinct or joining the Democrats!

Let’s face it, Pompeo is a great diplomat, negotiator, politician and Deep State guy. He is very useful to Trump and a good converted Trumpist; however, let us not forget that he is still CIA!

Once CIA, Always CIA

Once an employee of the Agency, always an employee of the Agency! You cannot just quit the Agency! Once you’re in, you will always remain in! Even as an Ex-employee or retired employee, you will always remain in the Agency and you are considered a faithful employee of the Agency! The only way that you leave the Agency is if you are dead which that can even be arranged! No one leaves the Agency, so before you join, you better have some deep thinking about it! Same as Mafia, once you’re in, you will always stay in unless leaving in the body bag!

Understanding that Pompeo is CIA and Deep State, can help you understand that where is he coming from! Even in one occasion, Trump being humorous during a press conference speech, while Pompeo was standing next to him, said:

“Now I will hand the microphone to Mike to answer your questions about the Department of State or better Department of Deep State!”
(Donald John Trump)

Trump will always be Trump and no one can change Trump! Only Trump can handle CIA. At that point Pompeo turned a little bit blush but then again, he knows Trump and he knew what he was getting into when he joined Trump and become a Trumpist!

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People

CIA and Namazi Family

Let me be very blunt, it is understood that the Iran Lobby in USA has deep backing and amongst them are the oil cartels, international corporations, Quincy Institute, George Soros, Koch Brothers, Rockefellers, Democrat politicians, RINO politicians and various creatures of the Swamp.

With all that backing, still do you possibly think that the IRI Lobby could operate in the USA without the blessing of the CIA?! The CIA blesses the existence of the Iran Lobby or else the Iran Lobby would have been dead a decade ago!

CIA hopes to build a relation with the Reformist and the Moderate fractions of the IRI via the Iran Lobby. Iran Lobby is a bridge between the Reformists and the CIA. Iran lobby has the backing of the oil cartels, democrats, RINOs and the blessing of the CIA.

Hezbollah Fractions Inside Iran

Basically, we have three fractions inside the IRI Islamist Regime:

Fundamentalists (Khamenei Crew)
Moderates (Rouhani Crew)
Reformists (Khatami Crew)

Javad Zarif and the Namazi Family created the Iran Lobby in USA. Namazi Family are pro the Reformist Fraction of IRI.

So, Fundamentalists claim that Namazis are CIA spies. Opposition claims that Namazis are IRI spies. In a way both sides are correct and Namzis are in fact double agents!

VOA is voice of CIA with a spice of Iran lobby. The blessing of the CIA on the Iran Lobby activities makes the VOA to be keen on the Iran lobby and peddle for the Namazis release.

One Big Corrupt Family

Politics is a filthy business and eventually the American people got tired of it. People got tired of the Deep State, Democrats and the Swamp running their lives! That is why Trump got elected. Trump become the spokesperson for the American people to take their country back. Trump become the crusader to clean the Swamp!

Swamp Fights Back

Swamp will not just die out! Swamp fights back! The first step was to cleanse the RINOs. The RINOs are the GOP Establishment which were cleansed out of GOP. RINOs are the Neo Cons, GOP Establishment, Never Trumpers and the Creatures of Swamp. RINOs are far worse enemies than Democrats because they were and are enemies from the within. They are chameleons! They must be severely dealt with.

RINOs and Democrats have close relationships and together, they were sharing the power before Trump got in. RINOs are not truly conservatives but they are Republican Globalists. When the curtain came down, you have seen that the RINOs had no choice but to leave the GOP and join the Democrats.

Quincy Institute

Quincy Institute is the perfect example of the coalition of the Democrats and RINOs who got kicked out of GOP by Trump. The Koch Brothers were pushed out of GOP and lost all their powers in GOP; therefore, they joined the George Soros and together they created the Quincy Institute.

One of Quincy Institute’s main goals is to fundamentally support the Iran Lobby. Trita Parsi is the co-founder of the Quincy Institute. On the façade, the Quincy Institute fights the endless wars and military adventures which is all a charade! Trump is the only US president in the history who so far did not start a new war but every year, he has been ending old wars started by the Republicans and Democrats! The true motive of the Quincy Institute is to survive the IRI Regime to make bundles of money wheeling and dealing with the Mullahs. That is the goal of the George Soros and the Koch Brothers. So, a Deep State Retired Military Andrew Bacevich and the head of Iran Lobby in USA Trita Parsi started a new grocery store and named it the Quincy Institute.

Quincy Institute is the result of the cooperation between two globalist entities to suck on the blood of the American workers and the Iranian workers; furthermore, backing the Iran Lobby. George Soros the creator of the global chaos, the benefactor of the Democrat Party and the Iran Lobby has married the Koch Brothers, the RINO Swamp Creatures kicked out of the GOP by Trump, and the result of this marriage was a Bastard Baby named the Quincy Institute!

Exposing the Quincy Institute

Andrew Bacevich, President
Trita Parsi, Executive Vice President

Watch these videos:

Tucker: The truth about the Koch brothers and GOP

NIAC, Quincy Institute and George Soros’ Open society Foundation
Collecting funds for Iran Lobby

Read these articles about the Koch Brothers globalist Never Trumpers kicked out of the GOLP by Trump:

Trump’s rise has pushed the Koch brothers out of Republican favor
but their political grip is still as powerful as ever

Koch brothers lead billionaire resistance against Donald Trump

The initial funding for the group, launched in November 2019 includes half a million dollars each from the Open Society Foundation (George Soros) and the Koch Foundation (Charles Koch).

Quincy Institute Site

Koch Family Foundation

Koch Industries Site

Open society Foundations

George Soros - Open society Foundations

George Soros

Connection Between Quincy Institute, Trita Parsi and Namazi Family

So, what is the connection you may ask? The connection is that Trita Parsi in using the Quincy Institute’s funds and backing by the two corrupt billionaires George Soros and Charles Koch to primarily promote and revive the Iran Lobby and secondarily to push for the release of the Namazis whom are also his benefactors. Siamak Namazi is Trita Parsi’s buddy and partner in crime. He is now ousted along with his Reformist Hezbollah friends in Tehran! The Khatami, Mousavi, Namazi and the rest of the Reformist heads are now under house arrest, in jail or marginalized away from the power.

Trita Parsi is trying hard through many ends and sources to release the Namazi Family from jail. That’s why the Quincy Institute is involved, VOA is involved, Pompeo is involved and all and all are trying to get the corrupt shady Namazi Oil Mafia Family out of the prison!

Who is Siamak Namazi?

Siamak Namazi is an Iranian-American who lived in USA, went back to Iran in 1999 and became a partner and the managing director of the Atieh Bahar Company in Tehran. The company was founded in the 1993 by Pari Namazi (sister) and her husband Bijan Khajehpour (Iran Lobbyist). Babak Namazi (brother) leads the legal division of the Atieh Bahar.

Atieh Bahar, the leading Iranian consulting firm, helps the foreign corporations and companies, especially in oil industry to work in Iran. Atieh Bahar partnerships with the Iranian regime, includes joint ventures, consulting, organizing policy conferences for the regime, facilitating convergence of foreign and Iranian oil enterprises, representing and handholding of the multinational foreign companies in their dealings with the Iranian regime.  Atieh Bahar’s Iranian customer list includes high level Iranian institutions such as Banks and the parliament. Atieh Bahar’s subsidiaries have unmatched access to sensitive electronic data from government banks and institutions.

Siamak Namazi, an owner and one of the active directors of this enterprise is inseparable from the Iranian regime and its mafia web that controls the wealth of the country.

After the June 2009 election and the purge of Rafsanjani faction (Moderates), Bijan Khajehpour, the chairman of Atieh Bahar was arrested upon his return from London. He was released later. Rafsanjani’s son did not return to Tehran and stayed in London.

EUNEPA (Eurasian Nexus Partners) Birth

Atieh Bahar was widely and globally exposed by the opposition as the benefactor of the Iran Lobby and the fabric of the Iran Oil Mafia; therefore, it came time to lose track, change face and create a new façade under a new company!

Atieh Bahar Consulting is now part of the EUNEPA (Eurasian Nexus Partners).

EUNEPA (Eurasian Nexus Partners)

EUNEPA’s roots go back to 1994, when the partners Pari Namazi and Bijan Khajehpour set up a small management consulting in Tehran called Atieh Bahar Consulting (ABC). As the Iranian market gained in significance for international companies in the 1990s, ABC also grew and by the early 2000s, ABC became the prime Iranian consulting firm to advise international investors on strategy, issues management, risk mitigation, etc. ABC grew and created the Atieh Group, which in the 2000s included five companies responding to client needs in all relevant issues such as strategy, legal aspects, human resource management consulting and outsourcing.

The intensification of external sanctions in 2007-2008 led to the departure of many European companies from Iran. To be able to work with their European clients, in 2010 Pari and Bijan moved to Vienna and set up Atieh International, which continued the same logic and offered Iran-related strategic consulting services to the European companies.

EUNEPA – A New Outlook

EUNEPA is the continuation of Atieh International which is taking the principals of Atieh Bahar to a new level by covering Eurasia as a region and going far beyond Iran as the main market of interest. EUNEPA’s new region has expanded to Iran, Turkey, Central Asia and the Caucasus and how these markets relate to European and international companies.

EUNEPA’s 25+ year experience shows that understanding the various risk elements in the new markets, especially in the Eurasian countries, will help companies reduce uncertainties and focus on the core business activities to generate value and revenue.

Atieh Bahar’s journey now continues as an Austrian consulting firm looking to act as a Nexus between European and Eurasian business communities named EUNEPA.

Review these important articles:

Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family History and Photo Gallery
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Javad Zarif and Namazi Family created the Iran Lobby in USA

Javad Zarif Father of Iran Lobby in USA

End Game

The End Game is to release the Namazis (Siamak and Baquer) from the prison. They are too important of a factor in this international game of the Iran Oil Mafia, globalist wheeling and dealing, and espionage.

Iran Lobby pawns and organizations such as the Namazi Family, Trita Parsi and NIAC play various roles in this filthy political and business games.

Namazi Family’s True Nature

Namazi Oil Mafia Family and their Servant Trita Parsi are:

* Iranian Agents for Reformist Fraction of the IRI Regime
* American Agents for CIA
* Double Agents of CIA and VAJA (Iranian Intelligence)
* George Soros Agents of Global Chaos to make money for him
* Koch Brothers Agents of global financial wheeling and dealing
* International Corporations Globalist Agents of Grand Revenue
* Oil Cartels Agents of Globalist Dealings
* Internationalist Agents of Global Chaos
* Agents of Destruction of the Iranian Workers
* Agents of Destruction of the American Workers

So, as you can see, this is a global size rotten to the core corrupt business which the Namazi Family is involved in. This is why the CIA, VOA, George Soros, Koch Brothers, Quincy Institute, Oil Cartels, International Corporations, Democrats, RINOs, Iran Lobby, NIAC and Trita Parsi are all involved, doing their share to release the Namazi filthy Family from the IRI prison.

Why Mullahs Hold Namazis in Jail?

On the other hand, the Fundamentalist Mullahs, IRGC and the Core Hezbollah have been holding them prisoners for a long while to:

* Extort as much money as they can from the Namazi Family
* Use them as Bargaining chips with the west in this poker game
* Use them as aces in the power struggle inside the IRI Regime
* Use them as assets to deal with western globalist corporations

Mullahs of Tehran are very wise, they will not let go of the Namazis easily. So far, the Namazis have been very beneficial for them.

Siamak Namazi speech at the AIC (American Iranian Council) Iran Lobby group.

Opposition View

Namazis are one of the most corrupt Iranian International families who got rich off of the misery of the Iranian people. Their grand globalist dealings with the oil cartels and international corporations had brought billions of dollars to the Mullahs, oil cartels, globalist corporations and their bank accounts.

Namazi Family made billions beyond belief, astronomical fortune which is not even listed because it is scattered worldwide in secret bank accounts from off shores Cayman Islands to Switzerland!

We have corrupt Iran Lobby Supporter Billionaires such as Anousheh Ansari, Tayebi Brothers and Hollywood Iran Lobby Millionaires such as Maz Jobrani whom all wheel and deal with the IRI Islamist regime; however, the Namazi Family are in a class of their own, the fortune they made from dealing with the Mullahs are beyond calculation. We are speaking of Multi Billion Dollar globalist revenue made upon the blood and sweat of the both Iranian and American workers. The Namazi Family is the epidemy of everything wrong with the Globalism. They are a filthy rotten bunch, experts in the corruption, globalist deals, outsourcing, book making, tax evasion, grand larceny, corporate espionage, political espionage, illegal international business deals, quid pro quo, terrorist sponsoring, Iran Lobby and opposition sabotage. Namazi Family are Iran’s Oil Mafia’s shadiest family!

Make no mistake and do not allow the VOA and other CIA Media to distract you and make you forget about the true nature of the Namazi Family.

Namazi Family are not innocent Iranian American Hostages in Iran. They are in prison due to the internal rivalries between the different fractions of the IRI Islamist regime of the Mullahs. They are in jail because they are professional criminals, scam artists, creators of the Iran Lobby in USA and Double Agents of VAJA and CIA. Namazi Family are scum bags who made billions dealing with the Mullahs, IRGC, George Soros, Globalist Corporations and Oil Cartels. Blood of the Iranian and American workers are on their hands. Do not allow the VOA propaganda, Mike Pompeo’s Tweets, CIA rhetoric, and Iran Lobby cries to make you forget about the bloody crimes of this filthy Multi Billion Dollars’ Worth Iranian Oil Mafia Family.

Namazi Family are Iran Lobby, not Hostages! The least of their crimes is lobby for a terrorist sponsor regime. The most of their crimes is embezzling and sucking the blood of the Iranian Workers dry like blood sucking vampires.

Do you wonder why Iran is corrupt to the bone and screwed beyond repair? It is because of scum bags and predators such as the Namazi Family of the Oil Mafia.

Then you may say that the poor guys have been in prison for a long time, haven’t they paid for their crimes? I say, let Namazis rot in the prison! This has nothing to do with American hostages in Iran. This has everything to do with the internal rivalries of the IRI Regime’s fractions. By God’s will, let the Namazi Father and Son rot in the prison in peace!


Dr. X


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