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Until there’s a Single Homeless in USA,
No Immigration!


Until there’s a Single Homeless in USA, No Immigration!
Ahreeman X
September 16, 2022

Biden - Pelosi Rolling Out the Green Carpet for Illegal Aliens Ben Garrison Cartoon
“World is dumping its criminals in to the USA!” (Media)
“Over 5 Million Illegal Aliens crossed Biden’s US Open Borders!” (Media)
Come and get it! Free money, smart phones, welfare, food stamp, healthcare, education, housing and many more benefits for the Illegal Aliens are provided by Americans’ tax dollars, courtesy of the Democrats!

Many of you know where I stand on immigration but for those who don’t, allow me to elaborate. I am against all immigration, legal or illegal to United States of America. Why you ask?

The country is literally destroyed by the Democrats. Economy, Society, Culture, Education, Morality, and every other aspect of the American civilization is destroyed by the Democrats.

Country, specifically Large cities in the Blue states are loaded with homeless, and projects are loaded with underclass dependent to the government.  Many liberals, even conservatives are trying to be politically correct on this issue and sugar coat the subject but you know me, when I enter the House, political correctness is tossed in the dumpster! Let me be very clear here:

Quote me on this one,

“Until we have a single homeless in the streets or a single hungry child in the projects, we should not allow a single immigrant, legal or illegal in to the USA.”

Primarily, we need to take care of the American citizens, toss Democrats out of power, fix our broken country, home our homeless, feed our hungry children and revive our economy. Once this country is back on track where it should be, then we talk immigration.

First, close down the border, dump the 5 million illegals who Biden allowed in America, out of here, arrest all the illegal alien criminals, gang members, cartel members, drug dealers and scum, deport or jail them. Not to worry about dumping the 5 million illegals out, because there will be still 22 million illegals left which the Democrats allowed in before Biden! There is never any shortage of illegal aliens in America because they are prospect Democrat voters and cheap labor for the RINOs, undermining the American workers.

Once we cleanse the country off of Illegal Aliens, then we talk.

In the future, once we straighten our country up, if any immigration at all, then they must be upon merit and qualification. We shall only allow people in to the USA who are hardworking skilled labor, special skilled specialists, investors with money, technocrats, technical Its, Medical professionals and other professionals, also a limited number of unskilled workers. An important condition will be that all of these immigrants must not have felony criminal records and they must love America and willing to forget about their allegiance to their old country. They must be willing to fight and die for this country. Simple as that. If you are a criminal or you don’t love America, then you have no business being here, get the hell out or don’t even try to come here!

Root Causes of All Social Problems in America Branco Cartoon
“Kamala Harris is always looking for the root causes of the immigration problem!” (Media)
“Democrats always look for the root causes of America’s social problems!” (Media)
News: Root Causes Found - They have Marxist tendencies!

How to solve the homeless problem is very simple, you don’t dump billions to solve the issue. You create homeless camps divided in three sections of asylum for mentals, rehab for addicts and assisted living for those down on their luck to get back on their feet. Trump got a point, make it tent camps because tents are cheaper than building buildings. So, tent camps are fiscally logical to build. Homeless problem can easily be solved if the government wants to solve it. Liberals are just getting rich by slushing the money assigned to solve the homeless problem. They are not serious about solving the problem but Trump will. In the future, I shall write an article on this issue and elaborate more.

How to solve the problem of the underclass dependent to the government as ghetto dwellers in the projects is even much simpler to solve. Just create jobs for them so they can taste the dignity of making a buck. Many are willing to work for a living but need good paying jobs, so problem will be solved. Others are bums and welfare Queens as baby making machines on entitlements. This second group will be forced to get off of their asses and get in to the job market, so they can leave the government welfare, food stamp, housing, Medicare and specifically that government cheese and Kool-Aid behind and regain their dignity by getting a job, a life and a career in that order!

How can you get people to work when government pays them not to work?!

So, for those bleeding-heart liberals, let’s make it very clear, you are entitled to nothing except the fruits of your own labor!

Drug Cartels are Biden’s Travel Agencies to import Illegal Aliens from around the globe as prospect Democrat Voters whom many are drug traffickers, human traffickers, child sex slave traffickers, murderers, rapists, gang members, Terrorists and other criminals.

Biden Drug Cartels Travel Agencies Branco Cartoon
“Drug Cartels are solid Biden and Democrat Voters!” (Media)
Coyotes for Biden: Viva Democrats!

Once again, I shall make it very clear especially to those liberals hard of hearing, very loud and very clear:

“Until there exists a single homeless person or a hungry child in America, we have no business importing a single illegal or legal immigrant to America. Let’s take care of our own people first.”
(Ahreeman X)

“Liberalism is a mental disadvantage which obscures the vision so the liberal becomes incapable to comprehend the true human nature. In the real world, human nature seeks free markets, competition and thrives to achieve better life and excellence. This is called Survival of the Fittest. In the artificially equalized liberal aquarium, everyone is equal, no motivation is needed to progress or evolve, competition is politically incorrect, socialism is the key word and the Big Government provides for all, controls all and rules over all because the Big Brother knows best. This mentality forces the liberal to live in LaLa Land, detached from Reality, mentally challenged and incompetent to cope with the challenges of life. As we have seen in USSR, East European Block and now the European Union, these challenges will eventually bring down the Socialism and push the masses to either force a peaceful change towards the Capitalism or to collapse the complete system.”
(Ahreeman X)

Liberalism like syphilis is an epidemic which in its advanced fourth stage can eat the brain out. This would make the patient to become senile, delusional, illogical and detached from the reality, living in the LaLa Land!”
(Ahreeman X)

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More Power to the People


Dr. X

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