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Not Monarchist but Pahlaviist!
Don't name them Monarchists, but name them Pahlaviists!
Ahreeman X
May 21, 2007

L. The Opie Pahlavi
R. The Dopey Pahlavi

I believe it is wrong to name the majority of the present monarchists as simple Monarchists or Constitutional Monarchists, because they are not only the believers in the monarchy or constitutional monarchy. They do not just believe in the fundamentals of the monarchy but more!

Ask them if they would like Qajar, Zand, Afsharid or any other dynasty or a new dynasty to return to power? They will clearly answer you: "No"!

Today's monarchists are not actually just monarchists or constitutional monarchists, but it is correct to refer to them as:

Khaye Malan-e Pahlavi (Pahlavi Ball Polishers)

Or best put,
Nokaran-e Pahlavi (Servants of Pahlavi)

So these people are not truly monarchists but they are "Servants of Pahlavi". Their sole purpose is to return the Pahlavi Dynasty to power and crown and throne Reza Pahlavi by all means necessary. To them, a good nationalist is a servant of Pahlavi and slave to Reza Pahlavi.

Aside from Hezbollah, these people are the most reactionary and fanatical movement in the Iranian politics. They are blind to the fact that Reza Pahlavi is the worst candidate for monarchy, presidency, any political office, any management position, any simple job or even walking the family dog! They are blind to the fact that Reza Pahlavi is basically a waste of oxygen! As long as his last name is Pahlavi, then they will get erections to revive the Pahlavi Dictatorship by erecting Reza Pahlavi as a monarch!

These people are obsessed with over 50 years of the Pahlavi's Absolutist Dictatorship and they love to return Iran back to pre 1979 era! They gain erections just thinking about it!

So maybe all of you need to ponder and maybe we should revise the title of our argumentation:

Monarchy or Republic?


Pahlaviism or Democracy?

Simply because, this is not a logical argument between monarchists and republicans, but this is all about Pahlaviism or Democracy?

On one side, we have absolutist servants of the Pahlavis and House Niggers to Reza Pahlavi and then on the other side we have the Democratic Forces.

This is definitely not about Monarchists vs Republicans, but it is all about,

Pahlaviism vs Democracy!

To understand Pahlaviism, all you have to do is try to speak against the Pahlavis in monarchists' forums, radios, TVs, magazines and newspapers and see what will happen!

Even if you get lucky to bypass the primary censorship, then you will right away be deleted, knocked off the air, not published or shutten up! Their media is exactly the same as the situation of Iran pre-1979! This is their goal, to return Iran to the Shahollah Era.

All this garbage talk and superficial shallow speeches about "Constitutional Monarchy", "Democratic Monarchy" and etc. is nonsense. All they want to do is to return Pahlavis via Reza Pahlavi on the crown, back to Iran. That is their sole purpose.

The unavoidable eminent Fall of the Pahlavi Dictatorship,
was a historical destiny and a destined political evolution.

A "Pahlavi Constitutional Monarchy" of Shahollah is as oxy moronic as the "Islamic Democracy" of Khatami and the Reform movement!

The whole ideology of these Pahlaviists is based on a lie! They claim to be "Constitutional Monarchists", so ask any of them, specifically Reza Pahlavi II, that:

Question the Pahlaviists?

If you believe in the constitutional monarchy, then:

1. How come your grand father "Reza Shah The Great" had overthrown the legal and democratic "Constitutional Monarchy of Qajar" and Ahmad Shah Qajar via a coup?

2. How come you support over 50 years of the illegal "Absolutist Dictatorship of Pahlavi" but you condemn the legal and democratic "Constitutional Monarchy of Qajar"?

3. Why did the masses of Iran and commanders Satar Khan, Baqer Khan and other constitutionalists had fought the Absolutist Dictatorship of Mozafar al Din Shah Qajar, committed the "Constitutionalist Revolution of Iran", and created the legal and democratic Constitutional Monarchy of Qajar on 1906? So that the Pahlavis would overthrow it via a coup and establish the Pahlavi Dynasty and the Absolutist Dictatorship of Pahlavi on 1925?

You see, these people are not constitutional monarchists, but they are fascist thugs and Pahlaviists. They just use the façade of constitutional monarchy to fool the public! The funny thing is that even their guru (so claimed) Reza Shah The Great was a Republican in heart and hated these thugs! Read:

Reza Shah The Great, the Real Story

So distinguish between the "Constitutional Monarchy" and "Pahlaviism". To believe in both is an oxy moron.

I want you to ask yourselves that:

We came a long way (28 + years) and gained much democratic education, to once more, let it all banish by yet another Pahlavi Absolutist Dictatorship, yes or no?

The Imminent Downfall of the Shah by David Suter
This is the End of All Tyrants.

Learn from the history or you will be doomed to repeat the same historical mistakes!

Today, monarchists are a slim minority force, absolutely an irrelevant factor to the future of Iran; however, one should always recall the 1920s and the small and irrelevant little party named the Nazi Party, and then see how they took over the power in the 1930s and then destroyed the world and Germany in 1940s. Even though Pahlaviists are little clowns and comic relieves of the Iranian politics, yet there should be a committee created and named as: "The Pahlavi Watch" (same as the Islamist Watch) to make sure that these fascist clowns will always remain in chains and under tight leashes. Kick these Pahlaviists down and then keep on kicking them hard to make sure that they will stay down and never stand up, because once they stand up, then all your hopes for the future democracy (post IRI) will fall! Afterall, there are not much difference between The Shahollah and The Hezbollah, now is there?

Say it loud and say it with pride:

"No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man.


Dr. X


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