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The Letter Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Answer!

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Enter!
The Letter Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Answer!

Ahreeman X
1st Edition: January 9, 2003
2nd Edition: January 22, 2007
3rd Edition: January 20,2018

Seyed Reza Pahlavi II at CNN.
CNN Nominated Shah
To be Prince and Shah of Iran.
LifeTime Career Exilist Award!

Seyed Reza Pahlavi II at Shrine.
Imams Hassan and Hussein's
Nominated Shah
To be Prince and Shah of Iran.
LifeTime Career Exilist Award!

Dear Mr. Reza Pahlavi II:

I hereby send my greetings to you, I wish the best for you and your family, and I hope you will be successful to achieve your goals. Mr. Pahlavi, personally I am well aware of every single person, political party or organization, which is relevant to the Iranian Politics. I make sure that I keep up-to-date about the detailed activities of every political personality or party relevant in Iranian Politics; therefore, assuming that you do the same, then I do not need to write a lengthy introduction about who I am or what IPC is all about, you are already well aware of all this. However, I would like to mention a few important pointers, before I start this dialogue with you. I would like to emphasize here that IPC is neither a political party nor a political organization, yet it is an entity, which works as a catalyst. I refer to IPC as a "Catalyst" which has been trying to link together; all the different separated links of Iranian Opposition around the globe. "IPC Movement" had started its activities in hope of uniting the Iranian Opposition from all sides of the spectrum. "IPC Club," on the other hand, was created to provide the first censor free political forum for the Iranian Community. In a way IPC was created to preach, practice and describe the true meaning of Democracy, Free Speech and Human Rights to the Iranian Community, not well familiar with the meaning of these terms! IPC Movement had success providing an environment for lower level members or sympathizers of different opposition groups to not just have a dialogue, yet to actually cooperate working together inside and outside Iran through a well connected network; however, the movement has failed to even gather the Mid Level or Opposition Leaders of The Iranian Opposition to join sitting on the same conference table for a simple dialogue.

Opposition Leaders of Iranian Opposition are too Egotistic, too Vain, too Selfish, too Proud to even consider putting Iran above their personal pride, now forget even joining in a dialogue! Therefore, the movement started to concentrate on the Student Movement, specifically The Youth Movement as a whole. The youth inside are the ones on the front line who will build the future of Iran, the youth outside are the ones who will learn, educate and transfer our 8000 years old culture to the future generations. The Movement started concentrating on "The Moral Revolution" and "The Personal Education" for the youth to educate themselves on the subjects of Democracy, Nationalism, History, Culture and Morality, so eventually via transferring this knowledge to the youth, we will revive a sense of Nationalism, Persian Pride, Historical Awareness and Self-esteem to the youth and arm them with the knowledge of our 8000 years old rich civilization (The oldest in the world) to battle the every day bombardment of their minds with "Arabo_Muslim" Sub Culture (inside Iran) and "Westoxicated" Sub Culture (outside Iran), to eventually create an overall uprising due to mass education. In a way the "Personal Education" and the "Moral Evolution" shall bring on the "Political Revolution."

Before I even start this dialogue, I would like to take this opportunity to state here that by having this dialogue:

I have no political ambition therefore I will not ridicule you for political motives.
I have no financial ambition therefore I will not flatter or praise you for financial motives.
I have no popularity ambition therefore I will not use this dialogue to gain fame.
I have no hidden ambition therefore I will not use you for personal agendas.

Dear Sir, I have absolutely no reason to ridicule you or praise you. I only start this dialogue because I consider you a constructive member of the Iranian Opposition doing what he can do and doing what he is able to free our land. Yes, you are one of the people amongst the opposition who does matter and who does make a difference; therefore, you are chosen by me to have this dialogue with.

Sir, let me be very frank with you, "This Dialogue, if not the Toughest, then will be one of the Toughest Dialogues of your whole political career!" You will be put on the "Spot Light" by me. I will throw you questions from the right and from the left, I will keep the spot light on you; there will be historical, social, philosophical and of course political questions for you and sir, you bet there will be an answer required from you on each of these questions.

This dialogue will not be a brief chitchat with CNN or FOX as a common courtesy chat, promotional debate or an overall trade of views in 5 minutes. This dialogue is not an interview with American Media nor an interview with dime a dozen fly by night Persian Satellite Televisions or Cable Radios. This dialogue will not be a promotional politically correct trade of "Persian Flattery" (a Persian Traditional style of dialogue to put oneself down to the ground level and to bring the other party up to the sky to make him feel great and to show ones modesty) between the usual Persian Media and you. This is no Persian Hard Cover, Mass Media or E-Media having a sweet giggling interview full of praisal for you nor this will be a hostile trade of words by your political enemies in a form of E-mail to trash or bash you.

I am neither your political rival, enemy nor foe. I am neither an average "Yes Sir Man" nor "Garden Weed" around you to praise you or falsely flatter you with charms. I am not interviewing you as a Media Outlet. I am not a reporter, nor am I having a need to love or hate you for any alter reasons! I do find you worthy of this dialogue, I do believe deep in the heart, you mean well and you do care about Iran. I also do believe that deep in the heart you want to expand the knowledge and practice of Democracy for our people. That is why I bother to have this dialogue with you.

Sir, this will be an honest, straight to the point dialogue, what you see is what you get! If you know me by now, then you must know that I do not do "Persian Flattery," "Beating around the Bush," or "Romancing The Stone"! I will have a straightforward dialogue with you, because it is my National Duty to have this dialogue with you so The Masses of Iran will be informed about the many sensitive issues that must be revealed here. Yes, this dialogue will be published in IPC; therefore, the whole world will have access to read it; furthermore, this dialogue will remain as a document in "History of Iran," so the future generation will read this and judge for themselves about "What are you made of?!" Your answers here will determine that what are you really made of! Everything will be clear and all questions will be answered, all clouds will be vanished and the average Joe, Hassan or Taqi will know about our duties to our nation and if we are doing our share or if we are neglecting "Mother Persia." Time is now, place is here and the dialogue will roll. I hope you are ready because Masses of Iran, the youth movement, the opposition members, the Shakers and Doers will read this and will analyze your responds, answers and debates in IPC. There is no way out of this dialogue due to any excuse, because what must be said, will be said and the world will read this right here and right now. I shall respectfully await for your response. Lets Roll:

First issue of the day is to clarify a fact or two about my angle of view to the political matters of Iran, so you will know better about where am I coming from! Dear Sir, the purpose for using pseudo Name rather than Real Name, is that I am way out there in public, way involved with politics, not having the luxury of a number of available body guards around me at all times; therefore, I do not want to make it much easier for Hezbollah to gain more info about me so they can have the foundation ready for themselves to easily assassinate me. Let's say, I shall not make it easier for them to take me out! However I shall give you a brief background about myself so you will know more about my viewing angle towards the issues.

Dear Sir, I am simply a student of Dr. Aryamanesh. He was my mentor, my heart, my soul, the fire in me and I have made a solemn oath to carry the torch and the task that he had started and due to assassination, never had the chance to finish! I am not an outsider looking inside to the Imperial System of Pre 1979. Actually I am the same as you, an insider of the regime looking inside. What do I mean? My family and I were insiders to the Imperial Court and The Cabinet; therefore, I am looking to the Imperial System as an insider rather than an outsider looking in. Without naming any names or details, let's say that My Father was one of the handful of people during The Imperial Regime who was granted a "Political License" to publish a political hard cover media, by your Father Mohamad Reza Shah-e Pahlavi. As you know, it was not a tradition to own a political media during the Imperial Regime! My father was a well known Historian, Author, Journalist, and a Cabinet Minister in his Excellency Prime Minister Amir Abbas Hoveida's Cabinet before 1979. His Excellency Asadollah Alam was a good friend and His Excellency Amir Abbas Hoveida was a close friend of my father, so as you see, our family was insider to The Court and The Cabinet. His Excellency Amir Abbas Hoveida was also my GodFather! No, I do not mean like Don Carleone Mafioso! I mean, in case that my father had to pass away first, then Mr. Hoveyda would have taken the responsibility to become my GodFather as a supervising Guardian. But the destiny had another page written for him and he passed away before my father. My mother had a high ranking position in Ministry of Health, also an assistant to your mother, Empress Farah, in one of the organizations directly under her supervision. So as you see both my parents were insiders of the system and trusties to both your parents. Therefore, have this in mind that when I speak of the Imperial System, I am not a naive outsider who is not aware of what was going on in Imperial Iran before 1979!

Second issue of the day shall be about a request that I have from you! Dear Reza Pahlavi II, that is what I call you by! You will not hear me calling you: The King, The Crown Prince, Reza Shah-e Dovom, Alahazrat, Valahazrat, Shah-e Javan (The Young Shah), your Majesty, etc.

No sir, You are not Shahanshah of Iran, you are not even a prince anymore, simply because we do not even have a nation called The Imperial Iran, not even Iran! Yes, sir, our nation died in 1979, Ahura bless her soul, Iran has died 24 years ago! Today, the name of the country is "Islamic Republic" that's all. You cannot be called all these kinds of titles, simply because you have no crown, no throne, not even a nation to be the King of or the prince of! Now if in the future we will go back to Iran and Iranian Masses choose to vote for Constitutional Monarchy rather than a Republic in a Free Democratic Referendum and choose to grant you the title, then you can or we can call you, The King, The Shah, The Prince or whatever else. Otherwise you are just another prince without a crown, without a domain, without a ruling family and without even a nation! There are so many of these types of Prince or Princesses around, trust me, I am one myself! I am a prince of Zand and Qajar Dynasty both! But Aristocracy and Blue Blooded Episodes are gone and done with now! No one cares, no one praise and let me be honest with you, if there are still people who do praise and name a dozen of titles before they speak of your name, well you should know better, you are a smart man..........we always had a group of "Yes Sir Men", "Garden Weeds", and "Persian Hand Kissers" in our history who always took the Monarch to the highest level in the sky beyond reality, disguised the reality of Iran, informed him of the false news and the mood of the masses and eventually these "Garden Weeds" around the Monarchs were the ones who finally caused the downfall of the Monarch! These "Garden Weeds" created an imaginary world for the Monarch away from the realities of Iran and filled it up with false Chaplusi (Flatteries).

so dear Reza Pahlavi II, do not possibly think that I am trying to put you down or so! Not at all my friend, not at all........I am just whispering a sound of reality check in your Majesties ears! And I told you clearly that I do consider you a good member of the Iranian Opposition who does try to do something for Iran and has good in his heart. You do have a sense of justice, you do love Iran and you have good intentions in heart. You are not a member of what I call The "Whores of The Opposition" such as Jebhe Meli, Hezbe Tudeh, Nehzat-e Azadi, Fedayeen Aksariyat, or other Meli Mazhabi Groups who have been flirting with Hezbollah's Reformist Fraction for 24 years and ongoing and betrayed Iran for over two decades. That's why I am having a dialogue with you!

Back to my request we go. About a few months ago I instructed IPC Office to send an E-mail to all political parties, organizations and personalities of Iran regarding a request. Website had the links to a couple of books by your father and a couple by Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh as book downloads. We have copied the links into IPC Library with thanks to mentioned on our website. As of few months ago, has closed down it's site and vanished from the face of the Earth! Before they closed down the site, we E-mailed them regarding these links.

Unfortunately we never bothered to download these books for ourselves so we could link them back into IPC Library. never replied back, the site closed down and they have disappeared since then. So far we had a huge number of requests specifically from Iranian youth inside Iran to somehow link these books back online. So far only a few friends bothered to E-mail us back and promised to send us some of these books from their own archives and so far non of them sent us anything! It is amazing that out of all these opposition organizations and Nationalists, not even a single person amongst these great opposition leaders of our country have had saved any of these valuable exposing books and neither bothered to respond back. I talked to many of our comrades from a various lines of Iranian political spectrum and they even did not have these books saved.

Now my word is only with you. Mr. Pahlavi, you have never bothered to respond back, not even a line! Let me put it this way, my father is a well-known author of this country, at least he was until 1979 when he stopped writing, journalism and politics altogether and committed Isolationism! That is one of my biggest problems with him! Anyhow, my father obviously wrote some books and if someone asks me of his writings, I obviously do have his books and I can provide any of his books on history, politics or other issues. Your father was the Shahanshah of this nation, the great leader of this nation for many years, are you trying to tell me that neither you, your secretariat, your office, your fellow followers, Royal Family or any person that is around you has these books? Are you trying to tell me that you have no access to or people who ran this site? There are two conditions, either you have these books in E-copies or you don't. If you do, then at least link them in your site so I can link them in IPC, so the comrades, students, and Iranian youth who are flooding our E-mail Accounts can read them! If you don't have the E-copies, then by all means, I am sure among all these people around you, there are some who are not occupied all the time! So would you tell them to scan these books and create electronic copies of them so you can load them up in your site and then I can copy them to IPC or would you just send them to us? I am sure you must have your fathers books and I am sure you can manage to find Dr. Aryamanesh's books somehow! The question is, how important is this task to you? Let me put it this way, to provide these books for me, means to provide these books for the same students who are on the front-line of our struggle inside Iran sacrificing their lives for us, The Opposition. They are the ones who request these books, they are the ones who want to read these books which are banned in Iran. It is all very nice to interview American Media every other week to send the message of our movement to Americans and to The World but please have in mind that your first priority is our own people, specially the ones inside who are activists and members of IPC Revolutionary Movement which means they are members of some Iranian Opposition Group of some kind. We have Monarchist, Republican, Nationalist, Communist, even Mojahed youth who are asking about these books, I certainly believe that unlike me with lack of man power around me, you have much more man power around you, so for goodness sake, will you get them to find these books or scan them or somehow provide me with electronic copies of them? This is your primary responsibility to Iran and Iranians which are your own flesh and blood and much more important than a lecture at some university or an interview with some American Media. Sir, you did not even drop a line back to IPC Office about this request! Once again, I am requesting specifically from you to provide electronic copies of these books for me and for our cause to educate our youth about the true history of Iran and true nature of Theocratic Islamic Government ruling our land. Will you finally do something about my request? Here is The Persian section of our library and you will see the missing books that I need (updated since then):

IPC Library: Iran Online Persian Library

These are the books that I need (Some found since then):

Mohamad Reza Pahlavi:
The White Revolution
The Answer To History

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh:
Uninformity and Rot,
Book One - Discovery of Secrets
Book Two - Supreme Religious Leadership

Thank you very much for your consideration.

(Note that since then, we collected all of the books plus more, and published them for public to read for free, no thanks to Reza Pahlavi.)

Third issue of the day is about a question that I have from you. Your father committed many mistakes and you yourself admitted to all this. However the average people have a different impression about the mistakes that he had done, yet I have a totally different point of view about this! Unlike many other people I believe that Alahazrat's greatest mistakes where these:

1. Not to be able to clearly separate Religion and State! During his reign, Iran had an official religion which was Shiite Islam and he never separated religion from government. Himself he was a religious man and to some point very superstitious! He often had visions of Imam Ali, Hussein or Hazrat-e Abbas. Once he said, I saw in my dreams that I had fallen from my horse and then Hazrat-e Abbas grabbed my hand and lifted me up from the ground! Tofiq the Caricature Humor Magazine wrote that Hazrat-e Abbas did not have any hands, both of them were cut off in Karballah by Yazid and Shemr, so how did he help you up? Next thing you know Tofeeq was closed down for three months! Alahazrat sincerely believed that super natural Shiite characters and powers were behind him to save him from assassinations and Evil catastrophes! There was an open double standard about political prisoners! The communists were getting executed after a show trial but the worst that could have happened to Muslim prisoners or clerics was exile, like Khomeini's case! SAVAK never killed a holy Shiite cleric but they had no problem taking care of Communists or Marxist Islamists as he used to call Mojaheds! This was the exact reason that finally Muslim prisoners, Holy Men and Ayatollahs like Khomeini eventually caused his downfall! No clear separation of Mosque and Government was your father's biggest mistake. How do you feel about that? And how would you behave and react in future of Iran? That is if you will hypothetically gain power in Iran as a Shah or a President or a Ruler? what would you do?

2. Another one of your fathers greatest mistakes was "Abandoning Friends in times of need"! I am perfectly aware of the history and I already can imagine what will your answer be to this question, your father was ill with Cancer, could not make a clear decision, he had to leave Iran for sake of the nation, etc.

But let me give you a perfect case here. Hoveyda was arrested and put in prison as an escape goat! Hoveyda could not be arrested without the direct permission of your father, I know this and you know this. Hoveyda was a great patriot who truly served Iran for decades as one of the greatest prime ministers of Iran, ever! Hoveyda was one person that he never ever stole a dime from that country, never stole, never accepted bribes, never was corrupted and always put Iran above his private benefits. When things got shaky, a group of people got arrested as escape goats included Hoveyda and put in prison to calm people down that oh yes, these authorities were the reason for all Iran's problems and corruptions! This was of course all a show! The actual thieves and corrupts, the "Yes Sir Men" and the "Garden Weeds" amongst the Cabinet, Courthouse, Imperial Family and the Private Business were walking free in the streets of Iran while people like My GodFather, Amir Abbas Hoveyda were put to jail for decades of sincere service to Shah and Iran! We both know that these prison terms were temporary, not real and they were held there until a future trial that would be held by masses of Iran to see if they were guilty or not. This is fine, OK, let's say this was all a show prison term and temporary. Yet this became dead serious to someone like Hoveyda! Even when the government collapsed, all the prison doors got opened and all the prisoners freely left, yet Hoveyda did not leave and he chose to stay in prison and be trialed by the masses of Iran because he simply knew that he had committed no crime and he was innocent of all charges. He was never a part of SAVAK's episodes nor he had ever took a dime which did not belong to him. He remained in prison by his will to answer to people of Iran in an international official trial, a legal trial, less he knew that when so called Muslim Revolutionaries would seize control of the government, a baboon like Khalkhali would be in charge of Judiciary System by the direct order of Imam Khomeini and he will execute people like flies and by the thousands! So Khalkhali personally executed Hoveyda by a bullet in the head without even a fair trial! He never even had a chance to defend himself in a fair trial.

So let's say, Hoveyda had lost his marbles when he decided to stay in prison and Iran, and not to leave the country when the government was in transition, just before the Islamists took control. Let's say Hoveyda did not act rational. But my question and my point is that first, why did your Father even allow his number two, his friend and his sincere servant to be humiliated like that at the first place? And second, when Shah was leaving Iran, he even took his Dogs with him! You remember those dogs don't you? Yes, he even took his Doberman Pincher dogs with him but he did not take Hoveyda with him!

He could force Hoveyda to leave with him, he could at least reason with him or just send a couple of officers to kidnap Hoveyda from prison and force him to leave Iran with him, but he never ever even bothered to do so! He took his dogs but he did not take along with him a man who served him for few decades of sincere dedicated service! Now his son which is you and according to you, the inheritor of Iranian Throne must answer to the history? You mentioned once that this responsibility (Iranian Crown) either if you asked for it or not, has been left to you as an inheritance and you have a responsibility to Iran and Iranians, so I am asking you right here and right now without any beating around the bush, was your father right or wrong to betray a comrade; furthermore, his number two, like the way that he done? Cancer or no cancer, sick or not, tell me right now, is this any way to treat a comrade in need? I would have never left a man behind, I would have had sacrifice my own life to get the last of my men out of danger before I see a day of rest or comfort. Shah and The Imperial Family left Iran in the times of crises. They never gave Iran democracy nor did Shah ever trained the Generals or Officials to think for themselves and make critical decisions for themselves, because he always had all the last words and critical decisions to make as the final and ultimate person in charge; therefore, Iranian Authorities were basically not autonomous, independent thinkers, critical thinkers nor strong enough to make critical decisions without his final words. So in his absence and with CIA or Pentagons last words, they ended up making the wrong decisions! Shah left and Iran collapsed. simple as that.

He left many good comrades behind, the most important one was Hoveyda my GodFather. There was indecision like never before amongst the officials and it finally ended in disaster! Now what's done is done but your answer here will tell us about what would you do in a situation like this! Let's say, hypothetically in the future of Iran you will be number one and let's say hypothetically that there will be people like my comrades and I working with you in the future government of Iran. when worst comes to worst and times get tough, will you abandon your comrades for instance people like me and will you abandon Iran and fly out of Iran to save your own neck? Let me clearly testify here that Reza Shah The Great, your grandfather would have never just leave Iran under pressure and force, even during his elder days, if he would have not been assured that his son will seize power and his comrades will remain secure! Let me testify here that Reza Shah The Great would have never left Iran in silence if he knew for sure that there will be no return and there will be thousands of his men and comrades getting executed by the day like flies! What would you do? what will you do in the future?

3. Your father never ever had the self determination, powerful decision making characteristics, Iron Will, Bravery, Secularism, and charisma of Reza Shah The Great, father of The Nation. He simply was no Reza Shah because if he was, then 1979 would have never happened! Even if he had to eliminate 10,000 Muslim Terrorists in the streets, he would have avoided the Reaction of 1979 and he would have not waited for orders from DC or White House nor he would have waited for their advice! You, my friend are also no Reza Shah The Great! You are your own man and you have your own methods but you will have a long way to go to even be considered as an Opposition Leader, set aside to become the Only Leader who will be able to unite this opposition and lead Iranians in their struggle! You have many tests that you must pass yet. This is my exact problem with Monarchy!

In Monarchy (Constitutional or Absolute), the leadership is by heredity. what is the guarantee that the son will be as worthy as the father or even as half of the father or even worthy at all? Rulership and Leadership cannot be by heredity, it should be due to worthiness and qualifications. Masses of Iran must elect the leader of the nation and if you are about to tell me that we can have a Constitutional Monarchy like UK, then I shall tell you that it has never ever happened before in the history of Iran! Constitution of 1906 did not last. Reza Shah himself did not want to become Shah, he wanted to become the first president of Iran to change everything and to build a new system and to become another Ataturk. Well, as usual, The Yes Sir Men, The Mullahs, The Feudals, The Monarchists, The Aristocrats and The Corrupt did not let him do this and they forced him to understand that Iran cannot be without a Shah! Sir, I am here to tell you that if Reza Khan would have become president of Iran, today our country would have been another Japan and Islamic Reaction would have never happened in Iran! So what's your take on heredity of leadership? Actually what would be the use of a Monarch if he will not even govern but rule? what is the use of a symbol with no power? What's the deal? Do you consider yourself as worthy as your grand father? Are you even as worthy as your father? Are you even worthy of becoming the leader of our nation? what makes you say so? What are your qualifications? Let me frankly ask you an honest question, except a few years of activity after 1979 and a few years of activity now, where have you been for almost 20 years? I know what you have been doing, I know the details of every move that you or any other opposition leader or political personality of Iran does in every month of his/her life, but maybe people of Iran would love to know what have you been doing during all that time?

Lets move on to the fourth issue of the day. I am well aware of many financial details of the old and the new regime, of the officials outside and inside's possessions, of who took how much and when he took it out of Iran, of who has how much and where does he stash it. Therefore I have instructed my comrades about what should they do in case that I get eliminated and what to do with these documents. I am a 6' 3" tall Martial Arts Expert who always carries a gun and a knife, yet no one is immune from a well planned assassination; therefore, I have gave proper instructions of what needs to be done when I am gone. The point is that you do not need to tell me like you had told many others that you do not have millions and billions of dollars stashed away somewhere, I already know the details of your banking. I am very well informed about relevant people's finances. I also know that you have almost lost all your assets once, due to:

1. Growing a bunch of "Garden Weeds" around you and financing them, instead of having some wise technocrat consultants, worthy and knowledgeable people around yourself.

2. Trusting some sad advisors as your financial advisors!

3. Bad investments in the market and giving away funds to "Garden Weeds" instead of supporting some just Freedom Fighters of our nation with a Just Cause.

All and all these wrong consultants and wrong decisions, made you to find yourself deep in the hole one day and way broke to the point that you had to beg and borrow from some wealthy members of Foreign and Iranian Royal Families and private businessmen. Eventually you have re established yourself, married to a very wise, well off and "a good manager of funds" lawyer who unlike yourself knows her finances and how to manage your finances, very well. Let's say you lucked out to find a wise woman like her (Yasmin). Also you made agreements with the Imperial Family and certain Financial Sources amongst the community to get back to politics religiously in exchange for well-funded resources. Now that you have managed to stand on your feet again and rebuild your finances, you are doing good but you don't need to tell me about the millions and billions that you do not have stashed anywhere, because I am no outsider who hears rumors about the billions of dollars stolen and stashed by Pahlavis!

I know the details of your finances and I know that you are no billionaire and I also know that you have almost lost everything that you owned at once! This brings me back to my point here. I urge you and beg you to pull the weeds around you out of the ground, replace the weeds with some worthy wise consultants around you. Have some decent independent minds and technocrats around you instead of your usual "Yes Sir Men" and "Garden Weeds" who praise and kiss your hand at an ongoing rate! The problem with your father or any other Monarch was the same story! Instead of having some wise Truth Tellers around them, the Monarch manages to collect and feed a group of Untalented Charlatans around him who will feed his ego, do and say what he wants them to do and say! Do not make the same mistake that your father has done. This is crucial for your political career. Now, by no means I am saying that all the people around you are useless! Not at all, I am well aware that you have some decent folk around you, we do not want to play the name game, I never name people in a public document, I do not even name myself! Yes, you have some good folk around you, yet the majority of the people around you are useless to the cause, waste of Fresh Air, and "Garden Weeds." That's all that I have to say to you, because you are wisened up after your past experiences and you can go and think about what I have told you right now! Enough said.

The fifth issue of our discussion will be about a document that I have in front of me on my desk, right now. This is one of the few documents of this type which I own! Time is 1984 and the document is written and signed by a very popular compatriot and a great Nationalist, a General of The Imperial Armed Forces. As usual I will not name names or ranks here, but I am sure you can think back and figure what am I talking about! As you know the IPC Revolutionary Movement and Operations do work with many connections among the Imperial Armed Forces inside and outside Iran. I have promised this General to keep the oath of silence that is crucial to a Covert Operations like ours. So in this document, this Compatriot General insists that at the time they still had the connections and organizations and comrades to prepare an uprising inside to over throw the regime of Mullahs.

Now, there is no such organization, but back then there were still many right men posted in the right places inside the Regime and lived inside Iran and they could be used to jump-start an uprising. There is no doubt in my mind that this General was speaking from his heart when he wrote a multi page document and sent it to you, asked you for financial support and political support. In front of me, I also have the response that you made to this General. Your response to this compatriot was less than six lines! You formally appreciated his efforts, told him that you will eventually chat with him when you get to USA and you enjoy learning from his experience and you basically brushed him off! Of course you done that with "Persian Flattery." This man with the organizational backing inside Iran and back then asked you for finances and political support to cause an uprising to end the Regime of Mullahs on 1984 and you handed him some sweet talks, no dollars and brushed him off! At the same time you were leading a life of Ball and Games, bad investments, giving away dollars to the weeds, having losers as your financial and political advisors and absolutely not thinking rationally about the future of Iran or yourself!

Actually the only person who ended up helping the cause was your Auntie Ashraf and that was not even enough to start taking this organization off the ground! Ashraf sent $20,000 to this General and the organization, which was awaiting to create a second coup (after Nozheh)! $20,000 was a spit in the face of the nationalists. Billions stolen from Iranian National Budget by Pahlavis and sent out of Iran, but only $20,000 budget set aside to regain the freedom of our homeland!

(This is history of Pahlavis thieveries for you!)

At least Ashraf sent her political support and $20,000, how about you? At least Her Majesty Ashraf done something! In the history of The Pahlavi Royal Family there were a few people who actually done something to regain our land from the Arabo_Muslim Invader Occupiers of the 1979, a very few people indeed!

One was The Great Commander, Brave Captain Shahryar Shafiq martyr of the opposition and Ashraf's son. Ahura bless his brave soul who lived proud and died by the hands of the assassins of Hezbollah.

One was My great Master and Mentor, the Reviver of The Persian Culture, the Exposer of false Arabo_Muslim Forced Sub Culture to our masses, the Great Historian and Author, Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh who became a part of Royal Family by wedding and by marrying to Dr. Azadeh Nikbakht. Ahura bless his Great spirit he was the light and fire that burned the spirit and soul of mine and many alike. He was also assassinated by the bullets of Hezbollah.

There were a few other people who done something here or there or they were activists once and devoted their time to free our land, like for instance Dr. Azadeh Nikbakht. But basically the rest of the Royal Family did not lift a finger to free our land! They left Iran to Exile, they reminisced about the good old times for 24 years and on going and they consider themselves Great Nationalists! You be the judge, will you?

I just want to hereby state that you as the inheritor of The Peacock Throne will be held responsible and must answer to the history as your father wrote the book "The Answer To History", you will be answering to the history. I am hereby holding you responsible to answer to the history of the mistakes that you have done one after another failing to free our homeland by not committing yourself fully to the cause and not putting your money where your mouth is! Yes sir, dear friend, you will have to answer to the history. You can respond or not to respond but right here and right now with documented facts that both of us know and are aware of them, I hold you responsible for failing your National Duties in the past. Do you have anything to say to the Masses of Iran whom are today fighting the Turbaned Beasts inside Iran with bare hands? Do you have anything to say to our political prisoners rotting in jails of the Islamic Regime? What is your response? Your answer today will let the Shakers and The Doers and The Relevant Comrades to decide that will they work with you tomorrow and after we free our land.

Let me remind you that you have managed to already push away many sincere lovers of Iran away from yourself. You have managed to brush away many Monarchists, Republicans and Nationalists away from yourself and you have also managed to gather a group of absolutely baseless, useless weeds around you.

Let me remind you that no matter how many lectures you hold in American Universities, how many interviews you hold with American Media, how many interviews you hold with these Tabloidious Persian fly by night, dime a dozen Satellite Televisions or Cable Radios, no matter how many Audio Feeds you record and send to Iran via Website, the bottom line is that Hypothetically America can put you back in power or at least in the circle, in the future of Iran, or possibly you can go back after the IRI is gone, but without the backing support of the Masses inside or outside, you will be doomed to fall, same as your father has fallen from the grace. Without the backing of Iranian Masses, all your efforts are useless and you are well aware of this fact. I am not telling this to Jebhe Meli, Hezbe Tudeh or other Whores of The Iranian Opposition, because they are known criminal traitors who been flirting with IRI for almost Quarter of The Century, yet I am telling you this because unlike myself, you do have a political ambition for the future of Iran and you are The Son of Shah, so think about what I have just said. Thank you very much for consideration.

Sixth issue of the day, will you be kind enough to tell me what is the meaning of this?

The Diba Family Tree Web Page

Published in your mother's site:

Empress Farah Pahlavi Site

(Note that right after I sent this letter to both Reza Pahlavi and Farah Pahlavi, the Empress ordered her webmaster to take this page off of her official website!)

Let me clarify here, I do perfectly understand that Reza Khan, The Father of Nation, even though not an Educated man, yet he was the Brightest Man in the whole Pahlavi Family! The uneducated Reza Khan was a secular man, he practically mocked the whole hierarchy of The Shiite Islam and The Mosque! I really do not need to put in words about how he felt and what he said about the Mullahs, Mosque and Islam to the knowledgeable people of relevance around him, do I?

I also know that your father had a controversial dual character to his psyche. On one hand he was the reviver of The Persian Pride and Follower of Cyrus The Great, and on the other hand he was going to Haj in Mecca, dreaming about Hazrat-e Ali, revelations about Imam Hussein being his protector and visualizing Hazrat-e Abbas lifting him up from the ground!

Alahazrat had one foot in Persepolis but one foot in Mecca!

As I have always said, mothers play a crucial role in forming the psyche of the child. If the mother is bright, educated, career woman and secular, then the child will be bright. If the mother is full of superstition, religious mumbo jumbo, backwarded reactionary, uneducated and a housewife, then the child will grow up to be like her! Now the issue here is that Reza Khan was an uneducated yet a very bright man; however, the roots of superstition which built your father's psyche came from your Grand Mother, Queen Mother. We both know that throwing Rouzeh Khani (Islamic Mourning Gatherings), Majles-e Aza (Islamic Crying Gatherings), Ashura and Tasua Episodes (Imam Hussein Remembrance Gatherings) were a tradition in the Courthouse! But I have never known or even thought that your mother, the flower of Women's Rights, the blooming Model for Independent Women of Iran, The Well Educated Farah Diba Empress of Iran would pull such document and episode out of God Knows where and publish it on the Internet that: hear yee hear yee, Us, The Diba Family are in fact Tabatabai Family "The Ancient Seyed Akhund Family of Iran" and our roots goes back to Imam Hassan-e Mojtaba The Great Seyed Descendant of Mohammad The Prophet! Then she concludes that due to family roots, your family is both Seyed-e Hassani and Husseini! You are of both branches of Seyeds, so you are double Whammy Seyeds! Well, Ale Luya, Allah bless my soul what glory and pleasure that our future King will be a Holy Seyed! I was totally taken by surprise, I was totally amazed to hear this from your educated mother and I am still in state of shock! Boy, they might even take me to hospital this evening for shock therapy to come out of the state of shock! I am dazed and confused! I could digest hearing such bizarre episode from your father but I have never thought of hearing this from your mother! Can I ask you something?

There could be two reasons for your mother to pull such episode:

1. Political Reasons, meaning that she is trying to connect herself and you to Seyeds of Hassani and Husseini to build a legitimate Holy connection between the Diba/Pahlavi Family and Prophet Mohammad, so the illiterate uneducated masses of Iran would go huff and puff and run the streets that oh yee oh yee, Prince Reza Pahlavi is a Seyed, descendant of Mohammad and an Ali Allahi himself. For Allah's sake he is both Hassani and Husseini too! So why not overthrow the Mullahs and elect Seyed-e Oulad-e Peyqambar, The Great Seyed, The Great Martyr, "Seyed Reza Pahlavi II" to power in Iran, so we can have a great "Shiite Imperial Regime" with the head of the Regime directly descendant of Mohammad The Prophet?! So the first possibility is that she done this for political motives.

In this case, let me assure you that 2/3 of the Iranians are under 35 years old and the youth of Iran who will build the future of Iran are secular people, willing to separate Mosque from Government, they hate Mullahs, they are becoming more and more Anti Religion and brighter by the minute! The youth could be careless that you are Seyed or not; however, the educated intellectuals of Iran who know better, will start looking at you with a negative point of view as an opportunist or worst, as a non secular man! I know that you are emphasizing on the secular system of democracy but pulling something like this by your mother is a tragedy to this stand of secularism of yours! Dear Reza Pahlavi II, either this way, or that way, but you cannot go in the middle of the way and play the "Secularo_Seyed" Positions in Iranian Politics! Do you get me? This is a tragedy for your political ambitions and a turn off by the majority of Youth who tries escaping the present Seyed-hood System and a Mockery of whatever you preach about Secularism in the mind of the Iranian Intellectuals!

(Note that since then in 2003, Reza Pahlavi never openly accepted, yet in action, he changed his stands on religion and adopted everything, which I advised him in this letter! His ego does not allow him to openly accept and draft my advice in public!)

2. Personal Reasons, well, you might tell me that she done it for personal reasons and she is truly a Seyedeh and you are truly a Seyed. My friend, I know that your mother and yourself are intelligent people, logical people, and understanding people. Will you please refer your mother to consult with writings of another member of the Royal Family Dr. Azadeh Nikbakht and her Assassinated husband Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh my Master? would you please get Empress Farah to read some Historical Facts of our rich Iranian history so she would be enlightened that Hussein and Hassan were a couple of Mass Murderers who killed Tens of Thousands of Iranians during the Arabo_Muslim Occupation years? specifically, Hassan and Hussein practically beheaded almost the complete population of Neyshabour, Khorasan to the point that non-stop rivers of blood was floating in the streets of that town. Neyshabour was a major Iranian city before Hassan and Hussein. After they were done with this city, Neyshabour never recovered from this catastrophe and for centuries after, it became a small time boon town in Khorasan. These two Great Descendant Seyed Ancestors of yours (According to your mother) were great executors and pawns of what I refer to as "The Persian Holocaust," where Arabo_Muslim had mass murdered Hundreds of Thousands of our Iranian Ancestors during the vicinity of before and after 651 AD. My friend, it is better to claim that you are descendant of Genghis Khan of Mongol or Timur Lang The Turkmen Blood Sucker than to admit you are the descendant of Seyeds Hassan and Hussein! There is no pride in this episode!

(Note that later on, I consulted with my mother who knows Farah much better than I do. I informed her of Farah's episode on her website! My mother pointed out that Farah was always a religious person and she carried her religious superstitions all the way since she was a student in Europe! Then my mother handed me a hand written document by Farah Pahlavi stating that: "Her greatest honor is that she is from Mohammad The Arab Prophet's dynasty and her greatest gift to nation of Iran is the Translation of Holy Quran which she granted to Alahazrat during their coronation ceremonies!" Soon I shall publish the Original Persian and the English Translation of this historic document by Farah Pahlavi in IPC. My mother told me that it is a fact that Farah is a hard-core Muslim with deep superstitious religious beliefs, but she is truly not sure if Farah is really a Seyedeh or not, and if Diba Family is directly related to Mohammad or not? In other words, I could not get my Mother to confirm or deny if this web page was an opportunistic attempt and a publicity stunt or was it for real! All this episode was news to me but nothing new to my mother who worked with Farah up close and personal!)

What is a Seyed or Seyedeh? A bunch of Arabs invaded Iran, raped our women and daughters, created an illegitimate race out of rapes that is now called Seyeds! Let me ask you something, is Empress Farah truly proud of being a Seyedeh? Are you? And please do not brush me off by telling me to take this one to the Empress herself and ask her about why she has put this web page in her website, because I am hereby asking your input on this issue and I gave you both of the possibilities that your mother may have done this for. What is your input?

(Note that Reza Pahlavi reads everything that I write about him and he acts upon every constructive advice, which I had given him. He acts upon them as much as his capabilities allow him. He is not a man of large capabilities and great determination and will, so what he can do is very limited. He is also too egotistic to openly admit these facts in public!)

Seventh case of the day, you are of the Iranian Opposition; therefore, you are my brother, we are on the same side, I have no bone to pick with you. I have my tactical differences with you but we are both fighting for the same cause. If I criticize your ways, I have earned every right to do so. I paid my dues to the opposition, I have a history of political activities, I devoted a lifetime fighting the Islamic Regime. I have no intention to bash you, I criticize you because I am your true comrade and I earned my right to not just criticize you, yet all opposition leaders of this nation. You talk about "Non Violence," "Civil Disobedience" and "Negative Struggle." You compare Islamic Republic of Iran to South Africa during Apartheid and Mandela or America during 60s and Dr. King! Dear Reza, do you honestly believe in this? do you not see that:

A) In both cases above, South African Government and American Government were civilized governments and part of the governments in the global civilization who obeyed the International Law to some points or all the way. IRI is a blood thirsty illegal, illegitimate Gang of Mafia and the Heart of International Islamic Terrorism pumping Fuel and Dollars to Global Terrorism including Al Hamas, Hezbollah of Lebanon, PLO, Tajik Fundamentalists, Afghan Shiites, etc. and closely cooperates with non Shiite Groups of Wahabi or Sunni like Al Qaeda, Al Jihad Al Islamiya of Egypt and Palestine, etc. IRI's close political partners are Sudanese Fundamentalist Government, Syrian Terrorist Government, Libyan Moammar Khadafi and other thugs in office. IRI knows no international laws, cares about no civil disobedient and will crush all opposition by the maximum force. Let me remind you that Iran had 3,000 political prisoners during your father's era but today Iran has 30,000 and adding political prisoners. IRI has massacred tens of thousands of Iranians only 30,000 opposition members in the 80s and another 250 opposition leaders, movers and shakers until today. You are comparing IRI with South Africa, America, British India and I imagine you want to play the role of Gandhi, Mandela or Dr. King with IRI. Dear Friend, I suggest that you compare IRI with Nazi Germany during Hitler or Fascist Italy during Mussolini and please picture that what would SS, Gestapo or Storm Troopers do to Gandhi or Mandela type of a deal opposition leaders and Civil Disobedient Demonstrators! You are making a historical misjudgment and a great political error by wrong analysis of the present "As Is" Situation of Iran; therefore, you can never provide the proper "To Be" desired situation for Iran of the future.

B) The South African Opposition during Mandela, American Opposition Civil rights Movement during Dr. King and 60s, Indian Opposition during Gandhi Era and British Occupation were, "United". Even Afghani or Iraqi Opposition sat together on the conference table in Germany or London and they even planned the future economics and political priorities of the future provisional governments in those nations. Iranian Opposition is the most divided opposition in the history of mankind! There is a clear non-partisan, non-cooperative, hatred between Monarchists, Republican, Nationalists, Communists and Muslim factions of Iranian Opposition. There are even a variety of different Monarchist Groups that hate each others' guts and the same goes for Communists with 101 different factions, branches, parties and groups! We (IPC Operations) and others like us, could not even get these opposition leaders or even Mid Levels to sit on the same table to talk to each other, now forget working with one another! How can you compare Iranian Opposition with those united oppositions?

Iranian Political Organizations

In conclusion, I wish you the best and I wish you are right, yet the logics and facts, contradicts your tactics and your methods to be of any effect. Please prove me wrong and laugh in my face when your methods will win our freedom and please have mercy on me and still give me a position in Prime Minister's Cabinet as a simple minister of culture, once you gain power! Yours truly, a humble comrade!

The eight issue of the day is do you believe in uniting the present opposition or do you believe in creating a new political party or do you believe in active support of the student and youth movement inside? So far you have done nothing about any of the above to prove that you are pro either one tactic! Let me ask you something? You would like to play the role of a passive spiritual leader, a humble member of the resistance and you expect the opposition, students, and the youth to fight IRI, up-rise, over throw IRI, conduct Referendum, elections and then bring a civilized regime to power and then if they decide to vote for Constitutional Monarchy and for you as the Monarch or maybe President, then you will gladly accept the offer. Excuse me Dear Reza, Dear Friend, but correct me if I am wrong: If the masses of Iran will organize, battle the IRI, Change Regime, Conduct Referendum, Conduct Elections for Prime Minister or President, etc., then why would they need you to run the nation? What have you done so far or will do in the future to prove your qualification to be that great leader? The expectations of Masses of Iran from you is much higher than a simple spiritual passive peaceful advisor conducting interviews with American Media or Persian Exiled Satellite TVs! Dear Sir, Opposition and The youth Movement needs Funds, Guns, Manuals, Organizations, and many other Goods, they need active financial, military, organizing, networks, political support to battle the beasts with turbans. They do not need a "Pacifist Seyed" preaching to CNN! Excuse my boldness but at this point of our struggle we are beyond "Persian Flattery." Tell me, the opposition needs you now, why would the opposition even need you in the future when they successfully over throw the Islamic Regime? Don't get me wrong, I have my weaknesses just like you! For instance you refuse to accept military support and backup from US or even political interference from US, I on the other hand have refused any Financial Funds, Donations, Telethons, or Charity from anyone and The Operations and Movement members were so far supporting our operations and network with our own personal funds.

(Note that since then, we have decided to commercialize the IPC Website to create revenue for supporting the struggle to free Iran.)

You see my weakness is that I cannot pick up a bucket with a begging hand, sticking out of it and go around K-Mart, Airports, Train Stations, or Gray Hound Bus Stops like Mojahed Brothers and Sisters beg for dollars, or even go around Persian Tabloid TVs, Radios, Hard Cover Media, American Foundations, Politicians, Rich Arab Sheiks of The Southern Persian Gulf, other Heads of States or Persian Billionaires, with begging hands and beg for some dough like Monarchists!

I guess I am too pig headedly proud to beg for money, so I rather fork over the doe from myself and the comrades. But in general you might want to let us know about if you truly feel that this is everything that you can do for Iranian Opposition? Can you do more? I always tell comrades to not be harsh on you, maybe this is all that you can do, every man has his limitations and you are doing what you can do, that's all. I would love you to do much more than what you are doing now, but hey, I take what you are doing now over doing nothing! I prefer you do your informing exposing interviews with American and Iranian Media, Lecturing in Universities and sending audio/video clips to Iran via Website than doing nothing! "Kachi beh az hich chi" (something is better than nothing). I always appreciate what you do, but as a comrade let me be honest with you that I had expected much more from the Grand Son of Reza Khan than this! If Reza Khan was forced to exile at his teen years, it would not take him Quarter of The Century and ongoing in Exile to sit around and see the Baboons with Turbans pillage his beloved nation! No dear sir, Reza Khan would gather all his finances, all Royal Family's finances, all the funds that he could gather from Persian Billionaires and create an Army of commandos, fund the uprising of masses inside, agitate the student movement and motivate the youth, spread guns and manuals, teach combat trainings, get all the help that he could get from the Free Foreign Nations as long as they would not interfere dictating internal policy to Iran and he would put everything together and commit an uprising in a few years after the forced exile! Yes, sir, Reza Khan would not Diddley Da or playing around for 24 years! But then again you my friend are no Reza Khan, they don't build them like Reza Khan any more! Unlike many others of my comrades amongst the Monarchists, Nationalists, Republicans and other Opposition Groups, I have accepted you for what you are and trying to convince others that this is what you can do and you are all that you can be, so let's accept you as what you are and appreciate everything that you do for the opposition. I have accepted you as yourself and do consider you as a brother in the opposition. More power to you. What's your take on this?

Ninth issue is that what is your input on the future Constitution for Iran and what should it be? Do you believe in 1906 Constitution? Do you believe in Federalism in oppose to Centralism? Do you believe is Separation of Mosque (Religion) and Government (State)? Do you believe in an official Religion for Iran and Iranian Government? What stand will you take about Ayatollahs, Shiite Clerics and Holy Men in general and where do you draw the line of interference of Religion in official affairs?

Tenth issue goes like this, I know about your family's background but are you a religious man? What is your personal philosophy and ideas about Creation, Evolution and Religion? Who is the real Reza Pahlavi? Tell us about yourself, your ideas, a little about your beliefs? Idealism or Materialism? Evolution or Creation? Tell us about your Moral Values? Have you gained much experience through all these years? In what ways do you feel that you have changed your stands and changed in general since 20 years ago? What have you gained? Would you go back and change things that you have done in the past? Are you happy with yourself? Are you OK with what you have done so far in life, love, politics, and in general? Are you in peace with yourself? Tell us about your interests now? What are you into? Your hobbies? Your passions? Your main interests? Tell us about the inner Reza Pahlavi, who you really are? How is married life, family life? "How does it feel to be a father"? Share what you can share because the masses of Iran must know all this? What's the plan for the future?

(Note that since then, I have found out that Reza Pahlavi just like her mother Farah Pahlavi has religious superstitions! As I have mentioned, mothers are the main factor and play a crucial role in building the psyche of the children. Religion and Superstition transfers from one generation to another via mothers!)

At last here comes the last issue of the day, dear Reza Pahlavi, man to man, Opposition Member to Opposition Member, Resistance to Resistance, Iranian to Iranian, human to human, and Comrade to Comrade, be honest and tell me right here and right now......... do you see a substantial Change in the near future of our nation? How substantial? How far in the future? What are your last words, last advice, suggestions for the opposition, what should we do?

(Note that obviously since then, nothing substantial had occurred, because Reza Pahlavi has sold the prosperity of Iran for the prosperity of his belly and under belly, and comfortable lifestyle.)

At last, I shall cut this lengthy E-mail to you right now and right here and I shall not take any more of your time. I want to thank you for your time, I want to thank you for all that you do for the opposition, I want to encourage you to keep on exposing the beast like you have been doing world wide, I want to encourage you to do as much as you can do for the resistance. I hope you will go over this E-mail thoroughly and carefully. I hope you will unveil many issues, respond wisely to many questions asked, inform widely about many issues brought to your attention, and respond in details about everything asked from you. I understand that you are occupied yet so are we all, but we shall make time for our passion and that is our Motherland, Mother Persia. I anxiously await to hear from you, yet take your time in responding to this E-mail and satisfy our comrades and youth inside and outside Iran whom await your response. I wish you and your family, especially Empress Farah the best. I shall now post the URLs to our sites and of course Empress Farah's site down over here for the public record:

Empress Farah Pahlavi Site

Reza Pahlavi II Site

Iran Politics Club

All the success to you in your struggle to achieve your goals and the best to you to help free our land and to regain our lost National Pride. I hope one day soon we can once more be proud to scream in public that we are Iranian without going to details for half an hour to enlighten the other party about how the last 24 years does not represent our 8000 years old rich civilization of Iran! I hope once again we will be proud to announce that we are Iranians, because at the present time, there is no pride in being a citizen of The Islamic Republic!

I hope that we will soon find a way to cause a "Change", because I am tired of still reminiscing about the "Good Old Times" and "Glory of The Past" with my comrades, like a few old ladies gossiping about the good old days that we used to have almost a Quarter of a Century ago!

More power to the resistance



* * *

Follow Up
March 18, 2003
The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Enter!
The Letter Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Answer!

Written: January 9, 2003
Republished: January 22, 2007

This E-mail will be sent to all major political parties, organizations, personalities and media inside and outside Iran.

Dear Mr. Reza Pahlavi II:

Over two months ago The Founder of IPC started a dialogue with you which you have never bothered to reply to it. Here is the dialogue:

Dialogue of Reza Pahlavi II and AX
January 9th, 2003


Over a month ago we (IPC Operations) have sent you a month notice to please reply to this dialogue. Here is the e-mail:

Dialogue of Reza Pahlavi II and AX (Follow Up)
February 2, 2003

Dear Mr. Reza Pahlavi:

We are asking you once again to respond to The Founder of IPC and his E-mail as a dialogue opener. We expect you to answer to all questions asked from you. We expect you to clear every issue mentioned in the dialogue. Please understand that your response or non response to this E-mail will determine the path of many opposition groups/members inside/outside Iran to cooperate with you in the future of Iran. By not responding to this E-mail and keeping silence, you clearly are sending this message that you have nothing in respond to this E-mail and you agree with every detail written in this E-mail, and you prefer to keep the masses of Iran in the dark, otherwise masses of Iran specifically opposition has the right to hear from you. We also need to inform you that if we do not hear from you in a month, then we will have no choice but to publish this statement as your response in IPC:

"Mr. Reza Pahlavi reluctantly refused to respond to any of the issues mentioned above (The dialogue), meaning Mr. Pahlavi has absolutely nothing to state in response to the dialogue and refuses to participate in this dialogue for the purpose to clarify all these crucial issues and brush away the clouds for the masses of Iran."

This dialogue will be published and distributed as hard copy pamphlets inside Iran.

We suggest that you clarify your stands on each issue, for us and the opposition. If you seek to lead the opposition you cannot keep silence and you must respond to all issues of the dialogue.


After over two months and past the extended deadline, today your secretariat sent us this e-mail:

Dear Sir/Madam:

The Secretariat of Reza Pahlavi of Iran hereby acknowledges the receipt of your e-mail, and thanks you for your interest in our efforts and the Iranian cause.

RP Secretariat
P.O. Box 566
Falls Church, Virginia

Tel: (703) 827-0928
Fax: (703) 827-9101


Dear Mr. Reza Pahlavi II:

We understand you are a busy person and so are we and that is the reason for us not to yet publish "The No Response" reply by you in the IPC Website. Although, we are well aware that you read this dialogue over two months ago and you had plenty of time to think about it or consult with your consultants about your reply. Over two months has passed and over twenty questions and different issues has brought to your attention by the founder of IPC. During the last two months you had plenty of time to conduct interviews with American and Persian Media but you found no time to respond to this dialogue. Responding to this dialogue means for you to respond to us (IPC Operations) and The Active Iranian Opposition (variety of Groups). Either your priorities are to chat with Media instead of Iranian Relevant Opposition or you are not still ready for a response or you do not have a response because you have nothing to say! Either way, dear Sir, we are in sensitive moments of our struggle and you know very well that over 250,000 Coalition Troops in Persian Gulf are not just for Iraqi Campaign which can only take a month or two! The time for big decisions is now and the time for us, the Iranian Relevant Opposition to see "What are you made of" is now. We still cannot see any sign of you being the man who can lead the Iranian Opposition in the soon to come battle. How long would you like the Iranian Opposition to wait for your response, if any? Sir, by Iranian Active Opposition, we are not talking about the few Monarchist TV and Radio Stations or Bald Headed Fat men in suits living in Los Angeles! By Iranian Active Opposition we are talking about The Active inside and outside opposition consisting of Republicans, Monarchists, Nationalists, communists and Muslim on the front line of our struggle who been waiting for your response to the founder of IPC for over two months while you chit chat with MSNBC! Iranian Opposition Groups cannot wait for you forever!

Dear Sir, a simple reply would do, just reply if you are going to respond to the dialogue or not? That's all we want to know so we can make decisions and Iranian Relevant Opposition can make decisions about "What are you made of", can you manage that? We still need to know what to publish as your official response or non-response in the website and for the historical records! What must have been said, has been said, and now we are still waiting to see if you are the man of the battle, are you? What is the meaning of your secretariat's e-mail? We are willing to wait for a while longer for your response but are you going to respond, a simple yes or no would do?

Thank you kindly,

IPC Office

* * *

Final Words

April 8, 2003

Mr. Reza Pahlavi II had chosen to remain silent. He refused to respond and participate in this dialogue, simply because he had nothing to say and he could not conduct a public political debate on the Internet! Mr. Reza Pahlavi could not answer to the Iranian Active Opposition and Myself, yet the history has been written here and as Alahazrat stated,

one day he has to "Answer To The History."


Dr. X

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