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San Diego Illegal Alien Dumping
Ahreeman X
April 6, 2024

Guardians of the US Border: Story of the Border Guard and the Border Czar!
Li’l Poopoo Bear Gloria (Todd Gloria) and Li’l Hindu Riding Hood (Kamala Harris)
Q: What’s the difference between Air Headed Blondes and these two Bimbos?
A: The Blonde Hair!
“Gloria and Harris are good friends!” (Media)
* A chitchat amongst the liberal friends:
Kamala: You’re so cuddly, like a Poopoo Bear, can I take you to DC and put you on my shelf?
Gloria: I’m a Li’l Poopoo Bear, I must stay in San Diego to Poopoo all over the county!
Kamala: But can I borrow you a while, cackle, cackle, Ha ha ha ha …
Gloria: But I have a duty to open borders, turn San Diego to Neo Tijuana, so the whole county smells like a combo of Sewerage and Ass, kind o like the Gay Bathhouses at Hillcrest, so I feel right at home!
Kamala: Yeh, let’s turn America to a 3rd World Shiite Hole, a New World Order, cackle, cackle …
Gloria: As long as Uncle Soros pays us the Big Bucks …

Todd Gloria Turned San Diego in to a 3rd World Shiite Hole

Every week thousands of illegal aliens cross the open borders at San Diego. In addition, Biden Regime dumps another few thousands from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and elsewhere in to San Diego! This illegal alien dumping is a co-project of Joe Biden illegitimate regime (Obama’s 3rd term), Gavin Newsom, Todd Gloria and Democrats. They are importing diseases, criminals, insane, child sex slaves and cheap labor for the Liberal Plantation of California and nationwide.

Todd Gloria took over a Conservative, Clean, Thriving City in California and turned it to another Democrat Destroyed Large Blue City in America! During Todd Gloria’s illegitimate reign, San Diego has become a crime ridden, drug infested, whore brothel, homeless tent city, illegal alien dump, filthy garbage dumpster!

Biden Regime via Deep State is now dumping illegals all over USA and specifically in to San Diego with planes, trains, and busses! Latest dumping is Haitians! CIA, Clintons and Bidens stole Haiti’s funds, stole Haiti’s election and intentionally are flooding USA with Haitians!

Biden Criminal Migrants Illegal Alien Caravan Branco Cartoon
“Biden is finishing what Obama started.” (Media)
“Biden’s illegitimate presidency is Obama’s 3rd term!” (Media)
The Globalist Pied Piper plays the Obama Notes of Communist Hope and Chage for USA!

Great Replacement

With open borders, Biden Regime is replacing you with illegal aliens and you are paying for this replacement with your tax dollars, while at the same time this is taxation without representation because elections are being stolen!

Biden Regime made an agreement with the UN to plane the illegals to Mexico and from there bus them to US on tax payers’ dollars. Next, Regime hands them dollars and sends them to their desired destination in the US. Regime also pays for NGOs to facilitate this ordeal.

Biden Regime flies illegal aliens from other states or abroad to USA and dumps them in San Diego, hands them $1,500 Gift Credit Card each, a free mobile and calls them “Newcomers,” or better “Neighbors.” Once they are settled, got free education, Medicare, food stamps, welfare, housing and benefits off of your tax dollars, then US government officially calls them “Neighbors.” Todd Gloria is complicit in this crime with Gavin Newsom and the Biden Regime. After all, George Soros had officially brought all of them to power via stealing elections!

Democrats are good with spending your tax dollars on illegal aliens to replace you as American citizens, take your jobs, destroy your healthcare, destroy your educational system and erase you from the picture. Democrats never spend their own dollars but make you spend your own money to expunge yourselves from the American dream. Democrats and RINOs will get new voters and cheap labor but you get new 3rd world diseases imported by the Democrats to USA! You the American citizens are digging your own graves by importing millions of criminals and diseased illegal aliens in to your homes!

“Todd Gloria is the worst mayor ever who destroyed San Diego!” (Media)
“Todd Gloria has Big Hopes and Dreams!” (Media)
Boy Named Gloria: I have a dream …
Ahreeman Joon: To fix San Diego after you ruined it?
Gloria: No, I have Big Liberal Dreams, so I am in need of a Big Thick Schlong Shillelagh this thick!
Ahreeman Joon: To construct?
Gloria: No, for internal anal usage …

Illegal Alien Diseases

Why do you think all of a sudden we have a wave of the 3rd world diseases which we never heard before, all over USA? Measles, Cholera, Malaria, Diphtheria, Chickenpox, Bubonic Plague, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, HPV, COVID Variations, Monkeypox and AIDS variations?

Cartels are making billions via importing diseased transsexuals, children sex slaves, female sex slaves, criminally insane, prisoners, and other infected persons from 180 countries and territories all around the world in to the USA and specifically in to San Diego.

At least Texas is putting up a fight blocking the flood of invasion but San Diego border is wide open by the Democrats, and Todd Gloria welcomes the Bi-grants (Biden Criminal Immigrants)! Todd Gloria is intentionally infecting the American citizens with the 3rd world diseases and taking away their security and safety by flooding San Diego with criminally insane illegal aliens.

San Diego Illegal Alien Police Officers!

“Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa always hang around at the Gay Parades!” (Media)
At LA Gay Parade
Ahreeman Joon: Governor, are you promoting social justice, DEI and CRT?
Gavin New-Scum: No, Antonio and I picked up a couple of well-built Twinks to bang us all night long!

Globalist Enslavement of the Workers

Europeans are pussy whipped, compliant, obedient and forced to become slaves to their socialist governments. WEF, UN, EU and Globalists have turned Europeans to obedient slaves by taking away all their rights and forcing them to accept a flood-load of millions of illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees. They destroyed Europe and now they are destroying the USA.

Democrats are not Americans but Communist thugs enforcing the UN, WEF and Globalists’ agenda to destroy the American independence and sovereignty. The governments in Europe and USA are turning you gay, make you passive and weak, destroy your womanhood and manhood and then import aggressive uncivilized illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees to replace you as a voting block and cheap labor.

Liberal Made LGBTQIA+ 6 to 60 Genders!
Why Liberals are Forcing People to Become Gay?

Liberals always force their theories upon you as laws for you to live by!

Liberal Made Climate Change Apocalypse

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

You are Funding Your Annihilation!

Why would you allow criminals in to your home to destroy your home? Now we have hundreds of thousands of Muslim pro Hamas protesters in the streets of USA and Europe! You are funding these illegal aliens and Muslim Refugees with your tax dollars and you keep on electing Communist Democrats year after year, so the corrupt Democrat system remains intact in San Diego and California!

Rigged Corrupt System

Democrats in this country own the government, media, social media, tech giants, Hollywood, entertainment industry, corporations, and Deep State! Is that the definition of a true Democracy or even a Republic? In other words Deep State and Democrats are one, and we live in a police state! RINOs AKA GOP Establishment are the second tear part of the system which runs USA. They tag along as the sidekicks and the lower half of the Uniparty! They are Globalist Republicans and Neo-Cons.

Deep State Propaganda Machine

“Gay Street Boys Band” of Backdoor California Politics!
Todd Gloria, Evan Low, Mark Berman and Uncle Bun Buns
“California has become a Gay Heaven for LGBTQIA+ 6 to 60 Genders!” (Media)
Ahreeman Joon: Are you the new Hope and Change Hip Hop Band?
Gloria: No, we’re just having an Emotional Gay Drama Moment after a Sausage Orgy at Hillcrest!
Ahreeman Joon: Have you developed some solutions for California homeless problems?
Gloria: No, but we developed some hemorrhoids due to severe intense butt banging!
Ahreeman Joon: Mayor, what are your pronouns?
Gloria: Butt Boy and Bimbette!
Ahreeman Joon: Why Bimbette?
Gloria: Because I’m still not a fully grown Bimbo, I’m just a Li’l Ol Bimbette! Slick Gloria they call me!

Illegal Alien Squatting to Own American Homes!

Check this video clip by a Venezuelan illegal who gives instruction to illegals on how to squat and own people’s houses. He brags about how Biden Regime travels illegals to all around the USA, gives them money, and benefits.

Video Clip 2

Video Clip 1

Leonel Moreno, migrant influencer encouraging others to invade US and squat at homes

Venezuelan Migrant Who Instructs Illegal Aliens How to Invade American Homes is Now a Fugitive

In addition to all of these illegal alien criminals, Chinese and Iranian terrorists along with their proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah are also barging in to the USA.

The good news is that RINOs are becoming extinct and expelled from the GOP because GOP is now basically the Trump’s party AKA MAGA; therefore, we can finally vote in the congress to secure the border!

California Communist Republic

California as the most corrupt state of the union is a Communist Republic where the Pelosi Mafia runs the state. Gavin New-Scum (Gavin Newsom) as her nephew is Comrade Chairman of the California Communist Party AKA Democrat Party.

The same as Communist China during the Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong where positions were not given by merit yet by social class, also in Biden’s Illegitimate Regime, positions are given due to Affirmative Action, DEI and Cultural Marxism rather than merit!

Same for San Diego Erection where Mayor and Councilmen were erected by George Soros, Electronic Machines, Mail-in Ballots, Ballot Harvesting, Zuckerberg Drop Boxes (Zucker Boxes), Illegal Alien Voting, Dead voting, Multiple Voting, Out of State voting, Cats and Dogs Voting and tens of other cheating methods, the erected mayor was erected due to factors such as being “Incompetent,” “Minority,” and “Gay” which are in fact qualifications in Democrats’ Bizarro World! Todd Gloria is not even a diversity hire but a Diversity erected mayor by the California Gangster Marxist Regime of the California Communist Government. 

Todd Gloria had turned San Diego from the Greatest and Finest City in America to yet another Liberal Destroyed, Democrat Shiite Hole, Large City in the USA.

That is why we granted these scum the names they deserve:

* Eskimo Pie Boy (Todd Gloria)
* Gavin New-Scum (Gavin Newsom)
* Crooked Joe (Joe Biden)

Evolution of Criminal Political Correctness Terminology

From “Illegal Alien” to now “Neighbors” the Democrats indoctrinated their liberal PC lingo:

Evolution of Liberal PC Lingo
Illegal Alien
Illegal Immigrant
Undocumented Immigrant
New Comers

NGO Role

NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) which are in fact receiving their funds from the government, are a great factor to finance and facilitate the illegal alien migrations from around the world to Panama and from Panama and through central America to Mexico and lastly to USA. They provide transportations such as buses and trains, food and water, medical needs, lawyers, paralegals, instructions, traffic directions and everything else for he illegal aliens to flood America.

Many of these NGOs are parts of the “Open Society Foundations” of George Soros, Churches, Religious Groups, RINO Organizations and Radical Democrats Groups.

“Todd Gloria is very keen on Evan Low!” (Media)
A Kissy Poo Reminiscing the Sacramento Nights!
Ahreeman Joon: Mayor, was it a surprise gay kiss?
Gloria: No, it was a thankyou kiss for all the BJs I gave to Governor down to Doorman in Sacramento!
Ahreeman Joon: During the Gay-Las?
Gloria: no, during the state administrative hard work!

Number of Illegal Aliens in California

According to their own liberal biased study:


California population in 40 Million and 14% are illegal aliens. That makes 5.6 Million illegals in California!

Just imagine what is the true number? At least 6 Million!

Number of Illegal Aliens in USA

Since 2021, Biden allowed at least 7.5 Million illegals in to the USA (by many logical counts 10 Million). We had 32 Million illegals to begin with (allowed in by Democrats). That makes the total of 39.5 million right now in USA. By the end of Biden Regime, we will have at least over 40 Million illegals in USA!

How Democrats Destroyed California?

Gavin Newsom took over the 4th largest economy in the globe with a $100 Billion budget surplus and turned it to a $75 Billion budget deficit!

As of 2016 when Trump got elected and specifically on 2020 when they stole the elections, Democrats started handing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, so they could vote.  This happened in Blue states such as California, Illinois, New York, Washington, Minnesota and such. They also mailed in millions of ballots, put drop boxes and allowed ballot harvesting. These acts plus electronic fraudulent voting machines and tabulations, guaranteed rigging elections.

In California illegal aliens get driver’s licenses. Once you get driver’s license, you get mail-in ballot, be part of the ballot harvesting or even vote in person. This is only one method of cheating by the Democrats. These technically illegal drivers licenses are at such high rate that the California Government needed to create “Real Driver’s License” and “Real ID” to get in to the government offices and airplanes! So even they know perfectly that what they hand to illegals are not real driver’s license and real ID! So now they have Real ID and Fake ID! California is at the time one large crime infested republic run by the corrupt criminal Democrats.

Squatting 30 days in empty homes and own it is what the illegals are doing now! That is the US law in Blue Democrat states. That is preached by illegals on social media, so they can take over people’s homes. They are documenting the crimes which they will commit. They have no fear of getting physical with or even killing cops. That is why we call this new wave of crimes “The Bi-grant Crimes” (Biden Criminal Immigrants Crimes).

Bigrant = Biden Criminal Immigrants

San Diego Illegal Alien Dumping

Take a walk around San Diego, will you? It is so bad that I hate getting out of my house and go around once beautiful San Diego! Let me give you a few examples:

Woke Scripps Clinic

I went to Scripps Clinic and I saw Pediatric woke designs and decorations on the walls for the children to indoctrinate them. This was the Pediatric Department. Subliminal messages like “Rise Everyone,” “Include Everyone,” “Everyone is Welcomed’ and so on and so forth! There were one of each race and Muslim Rag Head characters drawn on the walls! I went to Scripps Clinic lab for blood test and there were Ugly Hairy Men with long hair in hot pants, bras and high heels! I almost threw up and my schlong got limp forever! There were Muslim fat and ugly women with head scarves as lab assistants taking blood!

Woke Ross Stores

I went to Ross which in the past looked like Saigon, South Vietnam after the war, but now looks like Mogadishu, Somalia, East Africa in civil war! The woman attendant at Fitting Rooms was a Somali woman in burqa, head to toe covered with faded flowerlike hejab. Only her eyes were visible and she was even wearing a mask! The cashier was a Paki with head scarf, and store help were African Hejabi Muslims!

Woke Macy’s Department Store

I went to Macy’s and a gay guy with bubble butt, long hair and makeup, yet Fu Manchu mustache and beard in Red Vinyl Latex sleeveless shirt and tight pants in high heels was attending the women’s makeup and perfume department!

Are you kidding me?! These are scenes from the Superman’s Bizzaro World edition Comic Book! This is not the America which I become the citizen of! People escape Communism and Islam to come here! People come here for the American culture, not Communist and Islamic subcultures!

Liberal Bizarro New World Order!

Picture this:

Homeless all over the streets, drug needles mixed with feces and urine on street sides, Muslim baggy shalwar pants wearing beanie hatter men walking with Hejabi burqa women down the streets, Ugly hairy Trannies shaking their asses in department stores waiting on you, Rag Head diseased Hejabi Muslims on cash registers in shopping centers, and fat Jurassic style Muslim women in headscarves and long Islamic outfit who look like the Bride of Frankenstein taking your blood at the clinic! That’s the new San Diego, the Finest City in America!

Where did all of these degenerate ugly faggots, trannies, Muslims, illegals and rejects from the 3rd world prisons, asylums and institutes for Criminally Insane come from, piled up and shipped to USA to kill my beautiful San Diego Scenic view?!

For God’s sake, if you wanna be a Chick with Dick, at least make yourself pretty, sexy and surely shave the beard and mustache, so you don’t look like a hairy baboon such as Michelle Obama AKA “Big Mike” and such!

You are killing Haji Kuchike (Junior Pilgrim) AKA the Ahreemanic Schlong to the point that it’s like banging on his head with a large hammer, so he will never again rise up! Limp forever! 100 Viagra pills will not even work!

Sex Change Operation by Dr. Haji Kuchike!
Adventures of Haji Kuchike and Haji Bozorge AKA Hojaj

San Diego Crimes

San Diego crimes are high, no police in sight because Todd Gloria killed the police department so no one wants to become police! In addition, Democrats are taking away your guns so you cannot defend yourselves! While criminals get out of jail free cards, you cannot shoot them in your own property! You voted for Democrats, elections have consequences and now you are paying for these consequences!

George Soros erected liberal judges, liberal prosecutors and liberal judicial system in California is here to protect the criminals and screw you the American law-abiding citizens, so you get shafted! Only morons still vote for Democrats because no logical person will! Throughout all of these episodes, the corrupt San Diego media is compliant with the Democrats!

Yes, you are funding the invasion of your own country!

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria Places Illegals All Over the City and County.
San Diego Mayor, California Governor and Biden are Partners in Crime.
San Diego Welcomes Illegals, Criminals, Cartels and Terrorists.

Let’s focus:


2,000 Additional Immigrants Dropped Off In San Diego County

Brooke Mallory


In San Diego, California, more immigrants are being dropped off at different transportation hubs.

More than 2,000 illegal asylum seekers were reportedly dropped off in the county just last week, according to a representative for San Diego County District 5.

Immigrants are experiencing their first taste of American culture at the Iris Transit Center. The representative went on to explain that U.S. Customs and Border Protection had dropped off at least 292 people there on Sunday morning alone.

“I have come to the land of safety and freedom,” migrant Mohamed Sweilem told a reporter through a translation app.

Sweilem is from Mauritania, a country in northwest Africa.

“I have been gone for a month or more since my approach,” Sweilem continued, saying that he was coming from an immigration detention center. “The most important thing is to reach the dream, which is to reach the United States… I was oppressed in my country.”

“These people are good people, and they provided us with all means and all necessary services. Thank you. Thank you a thousand times, thank you,” he concluded.

According to staff at a local migrant shelter who spoke to the press, they claim to already be at full capacity.

Lindsay Toczylowski, a notable immigration attorney, expressed her own thoughts as well.

“One of the best moments we see is when they’re finally able to tell their family that they’re here,” Toczylowski said. “It’s incredibly diverse, we’re utilizing translators, and there are people from all over the world… These are refugees. These are people who are coming to seek refuge in the United States, and the countries that they are from reflect many of the conflicts going on around the world.”

Toczylowski also serves as the Immigrant Defenders Law Center’s director.

Her organization assists illegal immigrants like Sweilem by giving them food, drinks, phone chargers, legal counsel, and more while guiding them through their journey.

However, other individuals, including local San Diego County officials, have voiced worry about the influx of immigrants.

“2,000 migrants from around the world have been dumped in San Diego County in four days. The Biden Admin is rolling out the red carpet for this chaos, showing zero concern for our region’s resources. State & local politicians are offering legal protection & free taxpayer-funded benefits, only encouraging this to continue. We can’t have a country without a border!” San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond of District 5 said.

The mayor of El Cajon, Bill Wells, similarly echoed his feelings of frustration and worry regarding the immigrant drop-offs.

“This is a disaster. Every emergency room is at capacity in SD County. Our homeless shelters are full. Resources are stretched thin,” Wells maintained.

San Diego Being Overrun By Illegal Immigrants; El Cajon Mayor Calls It A Catastrophe.

The mayor of El Cajon, CA, Bill Wells, is expressing concerns about the San Diego border is being overrun by illegal immigrants. One America’s Stella Escobedo spoke to him about the latest surge.


Biden’s Border Buses Release Hundreds Of Illegals Into San Diego
‘Do Whatever You Want, You’re Free’

Kelen McBreen

Info Wars

Joe Biden's DHS was caught letting loads of illegals loose in California

This is all part of the Deep State agenda to bring in a new wave of Democrat voters.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin shared footage on X Friday showing hundreds of illegal immigrants flooding the streets of San Diego, California, after being released by Joe Biden’s DHS.

Video Clip
Watch as Border Patrol mass releases hundreds of illegal migrants to a city street in San Diego as CBP facilities are overcrowded.

Migrant: “It’s no problem if I go to Chicago?”
BP agent: “You can do whatever you want, you’re free.”

These are Biden’s buses, not Texas.

The white Border Patrol buses dropped off illegals from nations like China and Pakistan with officials claiming the release was necessary because government-run migrant facilities were overcrowded.

Footage captured by Melugin shows a masked illegal asking a Border Patrol officer if he was allowed to travel to Chicago, to which the government employee responded, “You can do whatever you want. You’re free.”

On Wednesday, a sheriff in Arizona issued a stern rebuke of the Biden administration after his office was also informed of illegal alien street releases into his county due to the overcrowded migrant detention centers.

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels wrote on Facebook, “The migrants being released are from outside Cochise County but were bussed to Cochise County, processed and then released. Cochise County is a rural county with limited resources leaving these migrants vulnerable. In short, this lack of humanitarian consideration poses risk for the migrants.”

Sheriff Dannels also talked with Melugin, telling Fox News, “People come from all over the country to smuggle here. They endanger this community, the citizens. We’ve worked united to combat that. Then to find out yesterday that CBP is doing street releases as they call them ‘safe.’ There’s nothing safe about it.”

Don’t forget, Biden’s DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently referred to the planned invasion of America as a “model approach” to immigration.

Mayorkas praises “model approach”

It’s a model for death, despair, and an end to sovereignty in America.

Mayorkas should be removed from office and the House should restrict funding until we force change
Mayorkas and Biden should both be immediately impeached for violating their oaths to the U.S. Constitution.

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US Open Borders

Observe Law & Border popular program by Ben Bergquam of RAV, exposing flooding America with illegal aliens by the Biden Illegitimate Regime:

Law & Border Show

RAV (Real America’s Voice)

“San Diego Mayor is a Big Fan of Drag Shows!” (Media)
Todd Gloria and his Tranny Date during a Drag Show at the Lips Transsexual Club, San Diego
Gloria: Boy, you’re so tall, is your schlong tall too?!
Tranny Escort: Hush, I never kiss and tell …

Destruction of USA by Design

Destruction of USA by Design: Globalist Program
Planned in 1960s, Obama Started the Plan in 2008
George Soros, WEF, UN and Globalist Detailed Plot

Destruction of the 5 Pillars of the American System:
Government, Culture, Law & Order, Economy, Media
Destroy Capitalism to Establish Communism

Democrat Party Doctrine: Designed Chaos to End USA
Complete Overhaul of the American System in Progress
Stop the Democrats or America Will Die!

Obama’s 3rd Term: Biden Destruction of America!

It almost feels like the chaos surrounding us today is too much. We’ve had 7.2 million migrants illegally enter the U.S. since President Joe Biden took office. We’ve got record inflation and violent crime rates. How did our country turn Upside Down so fast? Glenn explains that what’s happening today isn’t actually “chaos,” because the definition of “chaos” is “complete disorder and confusion.” The people behind everything happening in our country today aren’t confused at all. In fact, the current destruction America is experiencing today was by Design. Glenn walks you through the playbook, which is borrowed from Barack Obama. The Obama playbook for fundamental transformation was something called “Top Down, Bottom Up, and Inside Out.” A similar plan was used by the Soviets to flip a capitalist Czechoslovakia to communist. The progressive U.S. version is modeled on a strategy written by American socialists from the 1960s called the Cloward-Piven Strategy. When Glenn first outlined this strategy over 10 years ago, the media mocked him, but no one is laughing now as the top pillars of society begin to crumble: government, culture, law and order, the economy, media and information. Topple just one of these, and you could force a country even one as powerful as the United States to fall.

Destruction by Design Documentary

Destruction by Design - YouTube
Exposing the Secret White House Plans for America’s Sabotage

Destruction by Design - Rumble
Exposing the Secret White House Plans for America’s Sabotage


Glenn Beck YouTube

Blaze TV YouTube

Glenn Beck Rumble


Glenn Beck Site

The Blaze

Election, Selection or Erection?

US politics, California politics and specifically San Diego politics under Democrats resembles the Iranian politics under the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and their Uniparty Hezbollah (Party of Allah)! So is it election, selection or erection?!

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Is San Diego Politics Hopeless?

Over 40 years ago, I moved from New Jersey to San Diego and this beautiful great town had become my home. Throughout these 40 years, I have seen nothing but corrupt and/or incompetent mayors in San Diego; however, none of them ever came as close as Todd Gloria! This short slick Eskimo Pie Boy is the epidemy of corruption, incompetence and disaster! During his occupation of San Diego City Hall, once Finest City in America had become just another Democrat Run Destroyed Large City in USA. Todd Gloria had turned San Diego to a 3rd World Shiite Hole and more!

Bubble Butt Boy Mayor” and his “Soy Boys” at San Diego City Hall are a band of losers actively destroying San Diego. Illegal Alien Dumping is only one of the many ways they have destroyed San Diego.

Stolen Elections have catastrophic results, may it be national (Joe Biden), Statewide (Gavin Newsom) or local (Todd Gloria). When elections are stolen by George Soros, Deep State, Democrats and Globalist Corporations like Facebook via Mail-in Ballots, Ballot Drop Boxes, Ballot Harvesting, Electronic Voting and Tabulating Machines and 101 other Democrat cheating methods, then US elections particularly in California which is the most corrupt state of the union, will become meaningless.

Gangster California Government runs the state with Jungle Elections, One Party System, Rigged Elections and drafts CCP Communist China’s platform as a role model to destroy state’s economy and society. Democrat Party’s woke agenda, PC platform and globalist climate cult agenda is directly dictated by the WEF, UN, Tech Oligarchs, CCP China, Iran Lobby and George Soros combinedly in cahoots to destroy California and USA.

Todd Gloria is only a water boy, a towel boy and an errand boy to this massive plot nationwide and global-wide to control earth. In a micro aspect, Todd Gloria is selected rather than elected, to destroy San Diego via his credentials! What are Todd Gloria’s credentials and qualifications? He is Gay, Minority, Corrupt, and Incompetent. Those are high qualifications for the Democrat party!

Unfortunately Todd Gloria most likely will be reelected because there is no better candidate! I strongly point the finger at the San Diego GOP and California GOP because they are hugely incapable to find charismatic candidates who can problem solve, so they can become mayors, assemblymen, state senators and governors. California GOP is heavily RINO. We need to draft grassroot MAGA to cleanse GOP and then California.

“San Diego Mayor is a Big Fan of Mythical Figures!” (Media)
Gloria: Are you the Gay Bunny?
Bunny: No, I’m just a pervert groomer in costume, having a hard-on fetish for kids! I’m only impersonating the Gay Bunny! How about you?
Gloria: I’m only an Elf on the Shelf impersonating a mayor!
Bunny: Touche …

Why I don’t Run for Office?

Many tell me if you are unhappy with the state of local GOP and local politics, then you should roll up your sleeves and run for office. To all of those conservative friends who have been trying hard to make me run for office, I have to tell you that:

Hypothetically, if I would have run for office, I would have not run for assemblyman, mayor, state senator or even governor. I would have try US Senate.

I have spent half of my life as Iranian opposition activist, resistance fighter, journalist, American patriot activist, National Populist and Rebel against both Iranian IRI Establishment and US Deep State Establishment. The last thing I need is to spend the rest of my life running for US political office to take on the corrupt Deep State Establishment. Let me have a break and rest possibly in peace for rest of my life!

If I nag, it is not bitching and moaning but it is constructive journalistic critic of how things are presently run in local, state and national GOP. We strongly need and could use a “Cleanup Girl” like Lara Trump at the state and local level in California!

Politics is a Dirty business for filthy scumbags and men of small stature in need of collecting fortunes and power. I am a simple man, a simple journalist. Let me keep my dignity and good name!

MAGA is the only solution to cleanup the local politics in San Diego and California, so afterwards, we can cleanup the election system and the corrupt administration in the San Diego and California politics.

“US Government is like a beautiful seductive transsexual with a foot long pole whom you primarily assume that she is lusciously French kissing you until you feel an excruciating pain in your backdoor, finding out that she is ripping you apart by screwing you deep! At first, US Government seduces you with rainbows, flowers, hearts, DEI, CRT, Affirmative Action, Social Justice, Lift Every Voice, Transgender Love, liberal holding hands, singing Kumbaya and everyone wins a trophy. Suddenly you find her behind you pumping you vigorously and violently with taxation without representation, cyber censorship and police state taking away all your rights and amendments including but not limited to the first, second, fourth, fifth and eight amendments to the constitution!”
(Ahreeman X)

“There are only two things worse than living under Socialism and Communism, first is living under Islam and second is Death! Democrats are Communist Party USA!”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

More power to the people

Dr. X


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