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Vote McCain - Palin Ticket, Save America and Iran!

Sarah Palin Rocks America!
Vote McCain - Palin Ticket, Save America and Iran!

Part One
Ahreeman X
September 14, 2008

Sarah Palin (The Barracuda) and The American Eagle, patriotism at its best!

Part One
Part Two

I am going to be very blunt, frank and politically incorrect writing this article. Sarah Palin is a budget balancing, corruption ending, semi automatic shooting, gun slinging, morality ranting, patriotism raving, public preaching, crowd gathering, rebel rousing, ass kicking, reform tasking, house cleaning, independent minding, NRA membering, family valuing, government shrinking, moose hunting, oil drilling, outdoor roaming, survival dwelling, America loving, flag waving, tax cutting, gun packing, politically incorrect, stubborn woman who is here to cut government’s wasteful spending and hand the power to the American people! Country First indeed!

In the past, I have explained vastly on why we should elect Senator McCain as the next president of United States of America:

Why John McCain and not Democrats for US 2008 Elections?

Now I will explain on why Sarah Palin is what we exactly need for the 2008 Vice Presidential choice?

Sarah Palin wrapped inside the Star Spangled Banner.

Sarah Palin is a maverick, an independent thinker, an independent doer, a rebel and a reformist.

Sarah Palin’s story is a story of the American Dream coming true. She is a true American hero. Sarah Palin kicks ass and she already rocked the polls and future votes. Sarah Palin is my kind of a woman: Fierce, Firm, Solid, Pure, Revolutionary and Hard Working. Sarah Palin thinks outside the DC box, she is everything that liberals hate and she is exactly what
America needs at these crucial times.

Sarah Palin is making one of her famous gentle yet fatal remarks.
Sarah Palin slaughters but with class!
Sarah Palin kills but with finesse!

Sarah Palin as the governor of Alaska, the largest state of the union, has an amazing and unheard 82 % approval rating from the people of Alaska. Compare this rating to the nationwide approval rating of the liberal “Do Nothing Congress” led by Nancy Pelosy which is an all time low of only 9 %, and then go figure! At least George Bush as the president has 30 % approval rating by the masses but the Liberal “Do Nothing Congress” has only 9 % approval rating by the Americans!

Sarah Palin the biker!

Sarah Palin worked her way up from a PTA and a Hockey Mom to the city council member to mayor and then to the governor of Alaska.

Sarah Palin shoots a rifle. Sarah is a pro gun, shooter, hunter, fisher and lifetime member of NRA (National Rifle Association).

Sarah Palin is an NRA (National Rifle Association) member, labor union member, corruption fighter, pro life, heartland America, and hokey mom. Her son is now in military and in Iraq. Sarah shoots guns, hunts and fishes so no doubt your second amendment will be preserved!

When Senator McCain first appointed Sarah Palin as her running mate and VP, he caught everyone by surprise! The mainstream liberal biased media started vicious attacks on her. The Democrats started vicious attacks on her. They assumed that she will be a little hick housewife from hick towns of Alaska! They assumed that they can easily victimize her!

Sarah Palin took Stage, Democrats saw Death and Defeat!

Once Sarah Palin took stage at the GOP Convention and made her speech, the world clearly found out that she is far from a victim, but she is a wild tiger who will kick ass! Not that she answered to all the cheap remarks made by Democrats, but she crucified them along with the liberal mainstream biased media!

In her GOP Convention speech, Sarah Palin returned the favor, answered the liberal rhetorics, kicked ass and slaughtered the Liberal Democrats! The Barracuda swallowed the liberals alive!

Sarah Palin took stage and Democrats saw Death, Defeat and Election Loss in their eyes!

Sarah Palin takes stage at the 2008 GOP Convention.

Observe this historic speech where Sarah Palin stole America’s heart and soul and become the new GOP and America’s rising star:

Sarah Palin (Governor of Alaska) GOP Convention Speech

Sarah Palin Biography – GOP Convention

Sarah Palin and Troops

Governor Sarah Palin visiting Alaskan service members as part of a week-long tour in Kuwait. Scenes include Palin exiting an up-armored Humvee, greeting service members and firing weapons at a target range. Provided by 50th Public Affairs Detachment. This video is from July 2007.

Sarah Palin is a solid supporter of the troops. Sarah is being addressed and updated by the officers and troops in Kuwait (2007).

Sarah Palin visits troops and shoots rifle – part 1

Sarah Palin visits troops and shoots rifle – part 2

John McCain – Sarah Palin Website

Sarah Palin - Wikipedia

Sarah Palin dines with the troops.

GOP Convention

Observe these other most interesting and awesome speeches by GOP greats:

Fred Thompson (Former Tennessee Senator) GOP Convention Speech

Rudy Giuliani (Former New York Mayor) GOP Convention Speech

John McCain (Senator from Arizona) GOP Convention Speech

Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani had conducted great speeches.

Before Sarah’s speech in GOP Convention, Obama, liberals and “Drive-by Media” (Liberal Mainstream Biased Media) called her inexperienced.

After her speech, it was pretty clear that she holds more executive experience than both Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden, the complete Democratic Ticket!

The original maverick (John McCain) and the Neo Maverick (Sarah Palin) waving to the crowd at the 2008 GOP Convention.

GOP Fabulous Country Entertainment

Gretchen Wilson, John Rich and Cowboy Troy (America’s Heartland and Working-class Entertainers) had done a magnificent mix of the Pledge of Allegiance with the Star Spangled Banner at the Republican National Convention.

Pledge of Allegiance - Star Spangled Banner Mix
(Gretchen Wilson, John Rich and Cowboy Troy)

Pledge of Allegiance - Star Spangled Banner Mix

Check out this wonderful rocking video in 2 parts:

1. Raising McCain
(John Rich)

2. Pledge of Allegiance + Star Spangled Banner Mix
(Gretchen Wilson, John Rich and Cowboy Troy)

Raising McCain + Pledge of Allegiance - Star Spangled Banner Mix

This is heartland America entertainment.


Sarah was born in Idaho. She is a small town girl from heartland America. Her mother was a school secretary and her father a science teacher and a track coach. She has three other siblings. Family moved to Alaska when she was only an infant. Sarah attended Wasilla High School in Wasilla near Anchorage, Alaska. She was the point guard and the captain of basketball team in high school. She was so aggressive and intense that her nickname was “Barracuda”. Eventually Barracuda helped the team to win state championship. Sarah was a beauty pageant. She won a scholarship and Miss Congeniality award. She received a degree in communication and become a journalist. She started as a sports reporter in Anchorage.

The young Sarah Palin

Sarah started from the bottom and from nothing. She started as a PTA Mom to city council member in Wasilla, to mayor of Wasilla and to governor of Alaska. On November 2006 she was elected as the first woman and the youngest person becoming the governor of Alaska. She is the first woman becoming the VP for GOP. Sarah Palin is a self-made woman who dragged herself up from nothing to everything and she had done it through hard work.

Sarah Palin (the Barracuda) captain of the basketball Wasilla Warriors from Wasilla High school (on the right) leads her team to the 1982 Alaska State Championship. Sarah’s nickname was Barracuda due to her aggressive and intense style of play and leadership.

Double Standards!

Imagine if Sarah Palin would have gone on the National TV and said:

They can put a suit on a monkey but at the end of the day monkey is a monkey!”

What do you think would have happened in America? There would be the greatest Sarah Palin bashing on the mainstream liberal media that you have ever seen before! There would be protests in the streets by anarchists and liberal left! There would be race riots!

Then how come Barack Hussein Obama gives himself the right to say this in his speech:

You can put a lipstick on a pig but after all pig is still a pig!”

And then the mainstream liberal media laughs about it, he goes on all the talk shows and they laugh about it, actually the whole media thinks it’s funny and laughs about it and then slides it aside like nothing said and nothing happened!

Do you really think that Barack Hussein Obama did not know what he was talking about? Do you really think that this was not planned? Do you really think that this was an innocent coincident?

Sarah Palin stated in the GOP Convention that:

Do you know what’s the difference between a Hockey Mom and a Pit Bull? The Lipstick!”

And then right away Obama goes on campaign trail and makes such remarks! How on Earth is it OK for a Black man to insult a White woman in America and get away with it, but if it was vice versa, then the media would raise hell?!

This is called Double Standards. Mainstream Media is owned by the liberals and they set the standards for the people.

Mainstream Media, Hollywood and special Interest plan for the Americans on how to think, live and believe! This is pure political correctness garbage, liberal style!

Who would you choose to lead the nation and secure your family?
The American Patriotic Barracuda (Sarah Palin)?
The Turbaned Hussein (Barack Hussein Obama)?
Choice is yours?

Which Iranian Americans Vote for Democrats?

Have you ever wondered that how come every single Reformist Hezbollah, Moderate Hezbollah, Fundamentalist Hezbollah, IRI lobbyist and IRI Agent in America votes for democrats?!

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America!

Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah in America!

Hezbollah IRI Lobbyists in USA (Trita Parsi - NIAC) Sue Author

Movement Index

Then you have liberal pacifists voting for democrats to maintain peace between USA and IRI; therefore, expanding and prolonging the lifespan of IRI.

So basically you have 2 groups voting for Democrats:

1. Hezbollah and IRI Agents

2. Liberal Pacifists

Why Liberal Pacifists Vote for Democrats?

Liberal mentality dictates to the liberals that the Big Government must control their lives, provide everything for them and hands them free goods! They believe people are powerless and government must run their lives.

Liberals love them Welfare, Healthcare, Free Cheese and Free Kool-Aid that government provides for them. They believe government owes them free things and they gladly accept them, but little they know that half their salaries will end up in government’s pocket paying for these stuff!


In America if you work for a legitimate company in the private sector or for the government, then you have medical insurance through your employer.

In America if you are self employed and make money, then you provide your own medical insurance.

In America if you are low incomed and no incomed, then there exists Public Clinics which charge you very little or nothing for medical services.

In America GOP plans offer Tax Cuts so everyone can afford to purchase their own medical insurance if they desire.

Still, liberals demand Public Healthcare the same as Europe and Canada for all. The same low quality healthcare which costs us half our paychecks to pay for every bum in America with no job and on welfare!

Liberals bitch that there exists no public healthcare in America! Then they blame the government! They don’t accept any responsibility!

Well maybe if you were working for the proper company with a health plan, or you were self employed and made money, or if you had the brain and vision to be in the right line of work, or if you planned your life right, or if you were hard working enough, then you would not see the need to beg the government for healthcare! You would get your own!

Even if you are a bum in America, there exists Public Clinics for free healthcare and Shelters for free living.

Then why should I pay half my paycheck as tax to provide Public Healthcare for some bum who is a failure to society and due to his own shortcoming, shortsightedness and wrong life planning, he expects me to make up for his shortcoming?

I pay more tax, so government gets bigger and richer, so the government can support and provide healthcare, welfare, food stamps, free cheese and Kool-Aid for dependent bums with no jobs! This is where liberals come from and this is their mentality!

Public Healthcare = Low Quality Healthcare for All

Once I was down in the gutter:

From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life

I am not where I am today because I am rich! I am where I am today because I got tired of being poor and I did not beg the government for handouts, but I have done something about it on my own which is called “Getting a Job” and “Working Hard”! Little Sissy Faggy Piss Ant Liberals who live in their Mother’s basements should try that! Get a job rather than attending Cindy Sheehan’s peace protests!

These bums put down Sarah Palin who worked hard all her life and dragged herself up from nothing to the governor of Alaska, yet they still live in their mother’s basement and spend 12 hours a day in front of the monitor on Internet jerking off and jerking around!

Selfish Iranian American Liberals

Liberals are selfish! Liberals neither care about America nor Iran! Iranian American Liberals bitch and moan on how long they have to wait at the airport for security checks and they blame it all on Bush! They don’t care about public safety, terrorism, war on terror and common good, but they care about their own time getting wasted in the airports!

Liberals do not want war because they care about the safety of their families in Iran more than the freedom of Iran from Islam! They rather IRI stays in power for another 60 year than to commit to a revolution or American Liberation to free Iran from Islam!

Liberals are too cowardice and Self Serving to make a move and lift a finger to free Iran, yet they are also reluctant to allow America to do the job for them! They just want the IRI’s lifespan to be prolonged and Iran remains in slavery of Islam, while they live their comfortable lives in America!

People are holding on to two or three jobs in Iran to survive and make ends meet for their families, economy is destroyed, no freedoms exists in Iran, our home is destroyed by Islam, yet these Iranian American Liberal Pacifists live a beautiful comfortable life in America, march for peace, hold hands while singing Cumbaya Songs, create 1001 Piss (Peace) Movements and cheer for peace so IRI can continue to grow and enslave our people!

Liberals are too selfish to commit to a cause except Kun Goshadi (Lazzy Assing Around) and maintaining the Status Quo by creating Bull Shiite “Piss (Peace) Movements”!

Nature of Iranian American Liberals

Liberal Pacifists are not patriots. They do not give a rat’s ass about America nor Iran. They live in America to enjoy the freedoms and the benefits which the system provides for them. They believe government owes them everything! They love free things. They love free housing, free social security money, free disability, free welfare, free food stamp, free healthcare, free cheese and them free Kool-Aids! They are great Kool-Aid drinkers! Nothing tastes better than them free government Kool-Aids, yum yum, gimme some!

Iranian American Liberal Pacifists demand free things and they believe government must provide for them. They believe everyone owes them something!

News flash, extra extra ……. Get off your asses and get a job! If you have a job, then get a better job so you can provide proper food, shelter and healthcare for your own family! Stop begging the government for benefits!

These are the same people who receive benefits, retirement, social security and Medicare from America, Denmark and Iran all three! One month a year in Iran, one month a year in Denmark and the rest of the year loafing off in America living on my hard working taxes!

These people live off of government and they are dependant voters! They are dependant to Democrats and Big Government!

Then you have the Iranians who get their salaries from Tehran and Qom!

Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!

Trita Parsi (NIAC), Hezbollah – IRI Lobbyist Frauds US Congress for Funds

CASMII Scam: IRI Lobby Group in Disguise

For every one IRI Lobbyist, IRI backed website, IRI backed media and Hezbollah Agent that we expose, 10 more pops out! IRI Lobby Groups are like cockroaches, they multiply! The strange thing is that all of these people are Democrats, solid Liberal Pacifists and all of them vote Democratic! Here is a list of them:

Hezbollah and IRI Lobbyists in America!

Take the Ahreemanic Challenge!

Have you ever met a Pro IRI Iranian or a Liberal Reformist Iranian who does not vote for Democrats and is not a Democrat? If you find such a person, then I will gladly change my name from Ahreeman to Mohammed Ali or Abdul Ahmed!

Reality Check

US Democratic Party is the party of choice for Iranian Hezbollah, IRI Lobbyists, Iranian Liberal Pacifists and Iranian Bums!

These people are not American Patriots because if they were, then they would not be pro appeasement policies towards IRI.

These people are also not Iranian Patriots because if they were, then they would not intentionally prolonging IRI’s lifespan by Piss (Peace) Movements and policies!

Iranian American Liberal Pacifists are the roots of our disease. They are the cause for our homeland remaining in chains for 30 + years. They are the best servants of Mullahs. They are either doing what they do intentionally (IRI Agents) or unintentionally (Pacifists). Either way they are committing Treason towards America and Iran.

Ignorance is not an Excuse in the Court of Law.

Either you want to over throw IRI and end the reign of Islam in Iran or you are prolonging the life of IRI. There is no in between! Either you are an American Patriot and an Iranian Nationalist or you are a Bloody IRI Little Helper and an Iranian Traitor.

Sarah Palin and the Rowdy Alaskan Vikings!

This is why GOP members and any Iranian who votes Republican is most likely an American Patriot and an Iranian Nationalist.

Sarah Palin and the Alaskan Vietnam Veteran Bikers!

We love America.
Liberals love to Hate America!

We love Iran
Liberals love peace to prolong IRI’s life!

We love Star Spangled Banner.
Liberals love to burn the Flag!

We love Lion, Sun and the Sword.
Liberals love plain tricolor flag or gay lion with no sword or Allah’s emblem!

Iran's Flag: Save Persian Lion from becoming a Gay Pussycat!

Liberalism is the cause of a disease named Islamism!
Liberalism is what gives life to Islamism.
Liberalism and Islamism go hand in hand.

Carter gave birth to Khomeini.
Obama will guarantee the IRI to grow bigger and stronger!

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

Sarah Palin is what America is all about! Next page

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