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San Diego Politics is One Big Boondoggle Bull Shiite!

San Diego Becomes Another Liberal Destroyed City?
San Diego Politics is One Big Boondoggle Bull Shiite!

Ahreeman X
May 27, 2022

Todd Gloria the corrupt incompetent gay mayor of San Diego Cartoon
Todd Gloria the Beauty Pageant Establishment Politician

San Diego Political History

If politicians are diapers and once a while, they get full of themselves, so they need to be changed, then San Diego politicians are “Adult Size Diapers”! For about 35 years, corrupt and/or incompetent Democrats and RINOs have been running San Diego City Hall. One corrupt and incompetent mayor and city councilmen after another have been running the show, because California is a corrupt one-party system and Democrats are running California. In addition, RINOs know their place as the second-class citizens and they are happy with it, because once a while, Democrats allow them to show-reign in California! Democrat and RINO Republican Establishment have been destroying California to the ground.

San Diego has been the last strong conservative stand in California; however, it is now officially becoming another Democrat destroyed large city. San Diego and even California did not used to be liberal and it was pretty much conservative and independent.

San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Glory Before Todd Gloria
Gaslamp used to be the historic heart of San Diego loaded with international restaurants, clubs and hang outs, the “It” Place to be at for all!

Why San Diego has become Liberal?

I have been living in San Diego for 38 years and I can testify that San Diego and, in that manner, California has never been this liberal infested and degenerated like it is today! You may ask why is that? The answer is very simple. All the riff raff, degenerates, welfare queens, project dwellers, illegal aliens, Muslim Refugees, criminals, government dependents, and other liberal plantation slaves from the east coast, Midwest, south and basically New York, Chicago and Philly plantations rushed California and San Diego; therefore, all of a sudden after 38 years, we suddenly opened our eyes and witnessed that California and even San Diego as the last conservative stand in California had turned degenerated liberal!

I have seen the decline of San Diego through 4 decades! Everyone who came to San Diego for a visit, went back to the East Coast, sold everything and came back here to live for good. I did it myself! 38 years ago, I moved from Philly and South Jersey to San Diego; however, I was not a liberal and never been resided on the Liberal Plantation!

So, if you ask, where have all these degenerates come from? They came from around the US, south of the border and overseas, all to San Diego to turn San Diego to yet another Liberal Shiite Hole and another Democrat Destroyed Large City in the USA. Migrations continued until today that we find ourselves not in the “Finest City in America” and the World, but in a 3rd world Liberal Shiite Hole!

San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Homeless Dump After Todd Gloria
Todd Gloria and Democrats turned San Diego to another Democrat Destroyed Large City, a True Liberal Shiite Hole! Still, San Diego suburbs are great but let’s try to save San Diego from the total annihilation by the liberals!

Why Gavin Newsom had become a Drug Lord?

San Diego used to be the 6th most populated large city in America but now it is number 8th! Actually, California has lost population during the last two years! For the first time in history, people are leaving California. Regulations, high taxes, out of reach cost of living, astronomic cost of housing, gas prices, homeless everywhere, high crimes, pollution and open borders has made California impossible to make business and to live but still heaven for illegals, Muslim refugees, government mules and Liberal Plantation Slave Residents!

The businesses and the middle-class working people are leaving California. On the contrary, the riff raff, illegal aliens, welfare queens, government mules and dependents are still rushing the state to collect their perks! As the result, state government does not have any more producers, workers and tax payers to finance its huge number of welfare and food stamp recipients residing in California Liberal Plantations, and that is why Gavin Newsom and Democrats legalized pot! Gavin Newsom had become a drug dealer, selling dope to collect revenue, financing his nanny state riff raffs!

California Sanctuary Banana Republic Cartoons

Gavin Newsom and Todd Gloria, “Bubble Butt Boys” and communist comrades in arms.
“Jerry Brown’s Butt Boy” (Gavin Newsom) turned California to a Gay Bathhouse and “Li’l Eskimo Pie Boy” (Todd Gloria) turned San Diego to a 3rd World Liberal Shiite Hole!

Swamp Creatures of All Sizes

Swamp Creature Slime Dirt Bags come in all races, genders and sizes, at national level such as “Beijing Joe” (Joe Biden), at State Level such as “Jerry Brown’s Butt Boy” (Gavin Newsom) and at the city level such as “Li’l Eskimo Pie Boy” (Todd Gloria). Until we drain the swamp via establishment of the fair elections, these slime balls will continue their parasitic existence at all levels.

Democrat Corruption City, State and Nationwide

California has always been a corrupt state with corrupt and rigged elections but this turn around in 2020 it was all the way rigged. How else do you assume that in the last conservative stand in California which is San Diego, there was elected a Democrat mayor and 8 out of 9 Democrat councilmen? And being a RINO for that one Republican is even up for debates!

Gavin Newsom and Todd Gloria Meeting
Gavin Boy: Hey Li’l Todd, aren’t we so perty and perky?
Li’l Todd Boy: Oh Slim Gavin, we are sooo Perrrty!
G: Good to see you Todd, just like good old Gay Bathhouse days in Sacramento …
T: Yeah your touch brings back memories, you’re so elegant …
G: Looks like you done a great job in San Diego, now it’s a Model Liberal Shiite Hole!
T: Not as good of a job you done to the state, the Golden State is now the Shiite State!
G: Shiite meaning Muslim Shiite?
T: No Liberal Shiite …
G: Muslim, Liberal, they’re all the same Bull Shiite!
T: Hey, didn’t you used to sit on Uncle Joe’s hairy legs?
G: I was raised on Uncle Joe (Biden) and Uncle Jerry’s (Brown) hairy laps …
T: That’s why you got the nervous tics, jumping up and down like a jack in the box!
G: You’re a cute li’l thang, come to Sacramento Gay Bathhouse and see me sometimes …
T: Will do Slim Gavin, love your fashion sense …
G: Tata Li’l Todd …

California Jungle Election System

In California, the top 2 candidates in primaries, run for office in secondaries, so GOP never gets elected! It is always Democrat versus Democrat! Since 2020, which Democrats openly stolen the elections via the excuse of COVID-19 and established “Mail In Ballots” (Cheat by Mail) and Drop Boxes (Mule Run Mass Drops), the “Elitist Coastal Party” of Hollywood and Silicon Valley AKA “Democ-Rat” party has been completely monopolizing the dibs on elections and creating an Absolutist Tyranny in California. California is a single party Communist State where Dems control everything. Corruption and incompetence are visible all over the state.

San Diego 2020 Election, Erection or Selection?

In 2020, Democrats had given a choice between an “Old Bag Liberal Hack” (Barbara Bry) or a “Corrupt Career Politician” (Todd Gloria) to the San Diegans! A couple of Bozos for mayor!

Barbara Bry is an old liberal hack and a political mercenary without ethics but who is Todd Gloria? 

Todd Gloria Corrupt Incompetent San Diego Gay Mayor Trojan Horse Cartoon
Beauty Pageant Career Politician of San Diego
2016 Councilmember Gloria and 101 Ash Street Special Interest
2021 Mayor Gloria and SDG&E Franchise Special Interest
Li’l Eskimo Pie Boy and his horses, always in Special Interest Pocket!

Who is Todd Gloria?

Todd Gloria is a product of the corrupt California Democrat Establishment, a Pipsqueak who was bred and raised upon the California Liberal Plantations!

Todd Gloria is racially a half American Indian from Alaska, quart Filipino and quart Puerto Rican. He is a career politician. His mentor was Susan Davis, the liberal congresswoman. Todd Gloria was Susan Davis’ Errand Boy, Kevin Faulconer’s Water Boy and Gavin Newsom’s Butt Boy!

Todd Gloria is a Hillcrest Gay Activist, a Career Politician bred in Sacramento and San Diego. He spent a lifetime living on Liberal Plantation and finally rewarded for years of butt kissing and bending over by granting positions in the San Diego City Council, California State Assembly and now as the San Diego Mayor!

How San Diego Election was Stolen?

In 2020 it was not only the national and state elections which were stolen but also the San Diego elections. Democrats have been stealing elections for 100 years but this turns around, they used the COVID-19 pandemic to openly cheat and commit the crime of the century! How San Diego elections were stolen was basically the same ways that the national and state elections were stolen.

San Diego Elections Theft Methods
* Mark Zuckerberg’s Dark Money
*  Mark Zuckerberg’s Drop Boxes (Zucker-boxes)
* Mark Zuckerberg’s Mules at Drop Boxes
* Mark Zuckerberg’s Ballot Harvesting
* George Soros’ Dark Money
* George Soros’ Dominion Machines
* Mass Vote by Mail without registration
* No Voters ID
* No Signature Verification
* Democrat Ballot Harvesting

And so on …

Yes, California is the most business unfriendly, high regulations, high crime, most expensive, most homeless and most corrupt state of the union, a true Liberal Shiite Hole. The 2020 election in America, California and San Diego was rigged.

California, New York and Illinois in that order are the most corrupt states of the union.

City, state and national elections have been rigged for over 30 years but they have never been openly rigged like 2020 with 81 million fraudulent votes for Biden!

Sacramento Democrat LGBTQIA Caucus AKA Gay Liberal Bathhouse
L to R: Evan Low, Scott Wiener, Gavin Newsom, Susan Eggman and Todd Gloria
One Big Happy Corrupt Gay Liberal Family!

California Permanent Rigged Elections

Democrats are making rigged elections permanent by mail in ballots! Again, they are printing mass mail in ballots and drop boxes to steal another election!

Elections should be conducted as “One Day Elections”, paper ballots only and the results must be unveiled the same night.

So, Democrats had stolen the San Diego elections, courtesy of George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg. They have erected their faithful career politician Butt Boy as the mayor and a gang of liberal political hacks as city councilmen!

These are woke times and who better to erect as the mayor as Li’l Todd Gloria, the Li’l Gay Elf on the Shelf?!

San Diego City Hall Democrat LGBTQIA Gathering AKA SD Gay Liberal Bathhouse
L to R: “Li’l Gay Elf on the Shelf” (Todd Gloria), “Tod Gloria’s Butt Boy” (Nick Serrano) and Air Headed Hindu Woman (Kamala Harris)
One Big Happy Corrupt and Clueless Gay Liberal Family!
Question: Pin the tail on the most air headed bimbette (not a fully grown bimbo) of the three?

Todd Gloria’s Creative Nick Names

I mess around with Todd Gloria a lot, not because he is gay but because he is a corrupt and incompetent career politician. Todd Gloria has been present in San Diego politics forever and on his watch in many positions, the Special Interest, Silicon Valley, Trial Lawyers, Union Bosses, Corporations and particularly PCC (Persian Cultural Center) which is the Money Laundry Bank for the Iran Lobby have been doing business with the San Diego City Hall!

15 Years Support of Iran Lobby by the San Diego City Hall

Iran Lobby Billionaire and Millionaire financier residents of San Diego are great supporters of Todd Gloria and Democrats of San Diego. For God’s sake, Iran Lobby characters work in San Diego City Hall. For over a decade, San Diego City Hall has been supporting PCC and Iran Lobby like a mother feeding her baby! Democrats, RINOs and surely Todd Gloria were present in San Diego City Hall caressing the Iran Lobby babies, feeding them support and milking the Big Shot Iran Lobby donors!

Like every other Democrat and RINO mayor of San Diego which has been on the take by Iran Lobby and other special Interest, not that Todd Gloria kept up the tradition but he accelerated and intensified the kickbacks! In 2021 the San Diego City Hall funded, supported, legitimized and been on the payroll of the Iran Lobby, let’s see what will they do in 2022.

San Diego Iran Lobby Threatens Ahreeman X
PCC Persian Cultural Center San Diego Iran Lobby Bank

This is not the subject of this article but in my next article on San Diego, titled “San Diego City Hall and Iran Lobby Connection”, I will dig deep in to all the players, pawns and dirty deals at San Diego City Hall.

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center Thread

“Li’l Eskimo Pie Boy” (Todd Gloria) at the Gay Pride Parade
Bubble Butt Boy Todd: Hey Y’all, I swallow Big Schlongs in whole and I’m damn proud of it! Wavy Wavy, Oopsy Daisy, Bitsy Sissy …
and they tell me I’m not talented!

Todd Gloria Show

When I first saw Todd Gloria’s commercial on Tubi running for mayor, the way he was frolicking down the street, shaking his bubble butt, whining talk with gay hand gestures like a moaning bitch in heat seducing the audience, I knew he was a Flaming Faggot! The people who saw the commercial with me, said he is not gay. I said, yup, he is not gay, he is a Flaming Faggot! I know these people like the palm of my hand! I can identify them a mile away, the sissy walk, the moaning talk, the hand gestures, the whining chat like a moaning bitch in heat, the only thing missing was a finger snap with hand going round and round 360 degrees with neck shaking side to side like a bar wench!

At that moment, I told everyone, oh great, now we have a choice between an old bag liberal hack (Barbara Bry) and the Woke Bitch Boy (Todd Gloria)!

You see, I do not mind if you are gay but I look at your record. For instance, I refer to Ric Grenell as a worthy public servant and patriot who happens to be homosexual. On the contrary, a corrupt and incompetent career politician such as Todd Gloria, I simply cannot help myself, not to hand creative names to him, and these creative nick names came to me spontaneously, names such as:

Todd Gloria’s Nick Names
Li’l Eskimo Pie Boy
Li’l Gay Elf on the Shelf
Porcelain Dolly
Bubble Butt Boy
San Diego City Hall Towel Boy
San Diego City Hall Water Boy
Stray Fag
Domesticated Fag

Todd Gloria is racially a half American Indian from Alaska, so I simply could not help myself granting this fabulous nick name to him: Li’l Eskimo Pie Boy! Now that is creativity and my favorite nick name for Li’l Todd Gloria!

San Diego Politics is One Big Boondoggle Bull Shiite!

Democrats and RINOs finance, focus and waste taxpayers’ dollars on nonsensical boondoggles such as Climate Change, Green Energy, Equity, Inclusion, CRT, LQBTQIA Wokeness and other liberal garbage rather than actually solve city’s crucial problems such as:

* Water and Sewer Prices
* Gas and Electric Prices
* Petroleum and Natural Gas Prices
* Cost of Housing
* Cost of Living
* Food Prices
* Gasoline Prices
* Empty Shelves in Supermarkets
* Homeless Everywhere

Being Gay and Minority is not Qualification to Run for Office

According to Democrats in the woke era, all you need as qualifications is to be gay and/or minority to run for office! That’s Todd Gloria’s qualification! Todd Gloria is as qualified for mayor as Hussein Obama was qualified for president and we all know how Obama’s presidency put America in the poor house!

They are even passing laws in San Diego and Los Angeles school districts to eliminate the grade system from F to A and not pass students based on attendance, punctuality, behavior, work quality, hard work, progress and effort. The new CRT, equity and affirmative action system will surely pass you to college without even knowing how to read and write. The only qualification is for you to be a minority or at least LGBTQIA Alphabet soup!

Homeless Problem Solution

Todd Gloria and liberals throw money at homelessness without thinking. Millions have been thrown at the homeless problem by the liberals and millions have been wasted, guzzled down and slushed down the liberals’ pockets under the façade of “Fighting the Homeless Problem”, yet without any real solutions.

Homeless problem can be solved in few weeks. Create a camp for the homeless to work and live in. Homeless are of 3 types:

* Mental
* Addicts
* Down on their lucks

I know, because I used to be homeless!

From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life

The camp can be divided in 3 sections:

* Asylum for the Mental
* Rehab for the Addicts
* Assisted Housing for Down on their Lucks

Mental can live in the Asylum part. Addicts in the Rehab part and people down on their luck can live in the assisted housing part until they get back on their feet. Simple as that. Instead of this solution, Democrats keep on throwing millions of taxpayers’ money on the problem and never solve it.

Yes, instead, Dems throw money at the problem, millions of dollars of money. Homeless gets paid mega bucks by the government, they got their booze and drug money, they got their free needles courtesy of the Democrats, they camp in the streets, piss and Shiite all over the downtown, midtown and south San Diego and of course, tents and needles are everywhere!

Corrupt San Diego Media

Democrats run California and San Diego with the assistance of the corrupt corporate Media. The Corrupt San Diego Media is a representation of the corrupt American National Media. Let’s focus locally on San Diego Media.

San Diego Union Tribune is a liberal ragpaper with declining subscriptions to the point that people hesitate to read it even online!

All San Diego media is garbage except KUSI which is semi fair and some Conservative Talk Radio Shows. OAN is the only good thing that came out of San Diego corrupt media. San Diego Media’s sole job is to propagate and cover up for Dems.

Real News Networks List vs. Fake News Media

Real News Networks List vs. Fake News Media Thread

I recall an article on San Diego Union Tribune after the elections which stated something like, up and down the state, in many places Republicans won or came close to winning except San Diego where Dems won mayor and 8 out of 9 city council. Yet San Diego Union Tribune failed to question and ask why?

How is it that in San Diego, the heart of Conservatism in California, Dems won with landslide? Union Tribune would never ask tough questions like that, because it is a liberal rag and its job is to brainwash, propagate and distribute narrative sent by the Democrat Party DNC!

Look at local news, ABC, CBS and NBC all garbage. Even FOX the RINO media has Persians such as Shally Zomorodi who instead of asking tough questions and investigations in to corrupt San Diego politics, she goes to Gay Parades, rides a car and waves to the gays in solidarity with So-called Gay Pride Parades! This cracks me up! We should take this term (Gay Pride) to Iran, specifically to Qazvin (Equal to San Francisco) and tell them that it is a pride to be gay! All these years, people were melting down in to the ground for shame of being gay in Iran, but in America it is a pride to be gay! Hey, look at me, I’m bending over, opening my butt to be banged and I am damn proud of it! My achievement is bending over and opening my butt hole! That is my pride! Qazvinis would get a kick out of this one! They would tell themselves, damn boy, all these years we been mocked for butt banging, being perverts and pedophiles! We had no idea that we were doing “proud work” and being proud of our Gay Pride!

Actually, let’s get a battalion of Hillcrest Faggots to Qazvin, running around with their short shorts, twerking, tag along Li’l Todd Gloria too! Qazvinis would create a couple of new cavities for them. Qazvinis be banging these Militant Faggots like there is no tomorrow! Next thing you know, these Stray Fags would spend a month in hospital due to torn rectums and afterwards turn to Domesticated Fags!

So, San Diego media characters such as Union Tribune and Shally Zomorodi rather than investigation into the stolen 2020 election, participate in the Gay Pride Parades and waving hands to the local LGBTQIA Drag Queens and Female Impersonators!

Todd Gloria’s Woke Agenda

Liberals destroyed Sacramento and San Francisco to the point that they could not live in it, so they came to live in a clean conservative city but then they turned San Diego to a replica of San Francisco!

Li’l Eskimo Pie Boy erected by the Deep State has no concern about San Diego but his concern lies with the Woke agenda.

When oil production stops, fertilizer production stops, then food production stops, then we have empty shelves in supermarkets.

Election was stolen because RINO governors, lawmakers and officials in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and such did not investigate, not even conducted hearings on these stolen elections in their states. They all got woke!

Same in San Diego, Todd Gloria’s CRT racist ideology in schools, teaches blacks and Latinos that they are oppressed and too stupid to achieve anything on their own and teaches whites and Orientals that they are the oppressors. Orientals are the inconvenient minority because by culture they work hard and study hard; therefore, must have limited quotas attending the educational system.

Gloria’s distribution of crack pipes, welfare and food stamp to homeless by order of Biden rather than dealing and solving the problem is legendary.

Todd Gloria has been wasting money and getting no results.

Title 42

Title 42 which was created by the Trump administration banned the diseased or suspected diseased carriers of epidemics to enter the US and forced them to remain in Mexico.

In March 2020, the Center for Disease Control under the Trump administration issued a public health order allowing for the rapid expulsion of unauthorized border crossers and asylum seekers citing COVID-19 concerns. As it is considered an "expulsion" rather than a "deportation", the migrants are not afforded the right to make a case to stay in the U.S. before an immigration judge. Most migrants subject to Title 42 measures are returned to Mexico within hours.

The program allows the US Border Patrol and US Customs to prohibit the entry of persons who potentially pose a health risk by being subject to previously-announced travel restrictions or because by unlawfully entering the country to bypass health-screening measures.

Biden bans Title 42. It ends in May 2022. Even with the restrictions of Title 42, we had open borders by Democrats. A fourth of illegal aliens had diseases entering US, after May, there will be literally open borders times 10. Mass illegal alien invasion from around the world will occur. A fourth of these illegals will have covid and other diseases. They will be placed by Biden admin in dark of the night via planes, trains and busses around the country.

The plan is to import 4 million illegals and place them around the country. San Diego city and county are the perfect example of illegal placement. Todd Gloria and his City Hall are participants in this crime.

Lately we notice that a judge halts Biden’s illegitimate regime to end Title 42 but Biden’s Regime is determined to plead or use any other loop holes to overturn the judge’s decision.

Open Border Pandemic Diseases

COVID-19 and now we have Monkeypox coming!

You know how in retaliation, the governor of Texas is sending buses full of illegals to DC, wish we could send San Diego Mayor and City Hall back to Sacramento and San Francisco!

It is funny how Todd Gloria’s City Hall mandated masks and vaccines for the police and firefighters, even threatened to fire them if not obeyed, but hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated and unmasked illegal aliens crossing the border illegally are encouraged to come and furthermore, placed on the charter planes and buses by San Diego City Hall to be placed all over San Diego as the latest government mules and government dependents of the California nanny state!

Democrats are Importing COVID-19 to America!

The best way to dodge mask mandate and vaccine mandate when asked, is to identify yourself as an illegal alien which will be relocated on the charter plane or bus by the Biden Regime in the dark of the night; therefore, the authorities will leave you alone!

They just had a poll and most of the Democrats admitted that if USA is attacked like Ukraine, the majority of them will not fight for America! Why you may ask? Because they are a bunch of Socialist, globalist Faggots.

“Todd Gloria is an Irish Leprechaun!” (Media)
Todd Gloria: I am on the life time search for a Shillelagh this thick for internal usage!

Fruits of Todd Gloria’s Mayoral Reign

Todd Gloria’s erection as the Woke Mayor of San Diego resulted in:

Higher Gas Prices
Higher Cost of Living
Higher Food Prices
Higher Gas, Electric, Water and Sewer Prices
Higher Crime Rate
Anti-Police Policies
Mass Homeless Problem
More Government Dependency
Larger Nanny State
More Hard Drug Addiction
More Pot Addiction
More Welfare Dwellers
More Illegal Aliens
More Muslim Refugees
More Drug Cartels Crossing the Border
More Border Child and Women Trafficking
More Driving Under Pot Influence
Open Border Chaos
Mass Inflation
Lower Wages
Critical Race Theory, Equity and Inclusion Garbage at Schools
Lower Education Standards
Disastrous Local Economy

And so on …

Simply put, Todd Gloria had turned San Diego to a Liberal Shiite Hole Gay Bathhouse and this is only the beginning of his handy work!

Cheat by Mail Announced Again in Upcoming Election

In California, you can now print ballots online. They are sending mass mail in ballots to everyone. Some people get 6 ballots at a time. Conservative ballots tend to get piled up in bundles and disappear in post office! Democrat ballots suddenly appear by hundreds from nowhere at the polls!

“Li’l Eskimo Pie Boy” (Todd Gloria) and the Bull Dykes
Todd Gloria selfie with the Bull Dykes and Butch Girls of the LGBTQIA Alphabet Soup
Everybody on 3: Say Gay!

Things Can Change Quickly

In Imperial Iran, overnight things changed! In 1979, all of a sudden, a progressed nation (Imperial Iran) switched to a Theocratic Backward Dictatorship of the Mullahs (IRI). Same girls who wore miniskirts and danced in discotheques, overnight started wearing chadors and prayed in the mosques!

California used to be republican. All types of degenerates from East coasts and North, came down here and turned the state to a Democrat state. If patriots run for offices from top to the bottom of the ticket, things can change quickly. It will happen and you will be amazed how quickly the Silicon Valley and Hollywood will lose their grip on California politics! Afterall,

“People’s will is much stronger than establishment’s money.”

“There is a thin line between Democracy and Socialism which is called Freedom. By eliminating the Freedoms, Liberal Democrats are pushing the society to cross that line towards Socialism!”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Many in GOP and out of GOP have been pushing me to run for office. Don’t you think spending 43 years of my life in the Iranian politics as a Freedom Fighter, fighting the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and Islamists is enough dues paid by me in politics?! In addition, as a Patriot, I have been supporting the patriots and the National Populist cause not only in USA but worldwide. I am very political but I am not a politician. Politics is dirty business and I always stay away from it.

Yes, things can change very quickly. I encourage patriots and Trumpists who love this country to run for office in San Diego and California, so we can change this corrupt state back to red. I promise you that we in IPC will support you and do our best to turn California red and cleanse the stench of Democrats and RINOs off of the body of the Golden State.

Patriots, let us get these crooks, charlatans and bums out of San Diego City Hall.

Help us save California because things can change quickly!


Dr. X


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