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San Diego Illegal Alien Police Officers!
Ahreeman X
January 18, 2023

Drug Cartels for Biden Voters Branco Cartoon
Drug Cartels’ business is booming, thanks to Biden and Democrats open borders! Drug Cartels are making up to 250% return on their investments. They are running drugs, gang bangers, illegal aliens, women sex slaves, child sex slaves, Islamist Terrorists and everything else the clients desire! They are controlling the Mexican side of the border and now they are beginning to control the American side of the border! Will the Big Guy Biden get his 10%?

Intro Disaster

In the past, we had woke corporations and Iran Lobby erect mayor and councilmen but now we will also have drug cartels erect police officers in the Ex-finest City in America. San Diego politics is one Big Boondoggle Bang and Bologna Bull Shiite Boomerang which will always land on San Diegans’ faces!

In the past, we had IRI Agents and Islamist Terrorists in the San Diego City Hall and now we will have Drug Cartels infiltrating the San Diego Police Department!

Welcome to the new San Diego Police Department Special Units:

Mojado (Wetback) Units
Pollo (Chicken Illegal Crosser) Units
Coyote (Coyote Illegal Smuggler) Units
MS13 (Gang Banger) Units
Cartel (Drug Cartel) Special Units

These fine criminals will be all over the SDPD and County Sheriff Departments!

California Gay Bathhouse Soy Boys!
Gavin Newsom and Todd Gloria: Aren’t we perty, pretty perrrrty with Pearly White Teeth, Pearly White Butts and Gay Hairdo?! We the Gay Bathhouse Liberal Boys! We FAQed up California and San Diego perty good! Maybe we should run for US president and VP to also FAQ up United States, no?

New California Woke Law to Destroy the Police Department

Liberal Democrats Gavin Newsom and State Senator Nancy Skinner cooked up this catastrophe and Todd Gloria as Gavin Newsom’s Butt Boy, as always chewed on it and implemented it.

Traditionally, you had to be an American citizen or at least a Permanent Resident (Green Card) to become a police officer in California. Now, all you have to do is to have a driver’s license, a work permit or some type of work visa to be a police officer!

In California, government hands to any illegal alien, a driver’s license, a work permit, a visa, free mobiles, free housing, free education, healthcare, welfare, food stamp and tons of other benefits! So basically, any illegal alien crossing the border can now become a San Diego Police Officer and even vote!

In California where we have over 3 million illegal aliens and adding, not all of them are Dreamers whom have been raised here, but they surely have Dreams! There are Muslim Refugee Islamists, Illegal Alien Criminals, Human Traffickers, Gang Bangers, and other Shady Characters which now Drug Cartels can easily install inside the police departments!

Thanks to Democrats, we have 27 million illegal aliens in America and another 6 million are on their way!

Biden Border Patrol Works as Travel Agents for Illegal Aliens Branco Cartoon
“Biden Regime ordered the ICE and Border Patrol to stand down and aid illegals to settle in USA!” (Media)

SDPD Will Become Similar to Tijuana PD

Do you see how the Mexican police operates across the border? They stop Gringos (Americans) for any Bull Shiite excuse to extort money from them and if they refuse, they threaten to take them down to the jail and to the judge. More corrupt than the Mexican Drug Cartels are the Mexican Police whom are mostly thieves and criminals!

The cartels own the Mexican police across the border and now they will own the US police this side of the border! With Biden’s open border policies, the cartels are basically in partnership with the Democrats but now, they will openly draft and install criminals inside the SDPD and County Sheriff.

Biden, Democrats and RINOs Support Illegal Aliens Branco Cartoon
Blindfold Visions flood illegals in to USA:
Democrats for votes,
RINOs for cheap labor,
Biden, forget Biden, he is Brain Damaged! Biden does whatever Obama orders!

My Highest Respect for the Police and Sheriff

I used to literally get out of my SUVs or Cars and shake the hands of the police or deputy sheriff and thank them for their services. Now, would I do the same?

First of all, do these new recruits even speak proper English? I have no problem because I speak 5 languages including Spanish, but do you? What if you need help or aid? Will you be able to communicate with the neo SDPD?

Drug Cartels have been planning this event for decades and now it comes to reality! They wanted to infect the American PD the same as the Mexican PD and now, their dreams have come true! So, as you can see, it is not only the Dreamers’ Dream but also the Drug Cartels’ Dream which had come true!

In the upcoming days, you will see a number of Chulos, Vatos Locos, MS13, and as Trump states, some Bad Hombres amongst the ranks of the once honorable SDPD and County Sheriff.

Todd Gloria and the Gay-La Old Boys at the Gay Pride Museum of Us
Eskimo Pie Boy (Todd Gloria): I’m thinking of putting together a new Gay Band named “Li’l Gloria and the Ol Soy Boys,” and the only thing missing is that I am in search of a Schlong this long for the band’s internal usage, anyone seen one?!

Todd Gloria Destroyed SDPD and Now Destroys Public Safety

Thanks to Todd Gloria’s woke policies, 500 San Diego police officers have been forced to resign the department and God knows how many deputy sheriff! Vaccine Mandates, Mask Mandates, and to tie the police hands behind their backs by not allowing to do their job, not only had put the police lives in danger but blocked them to establish safety and security in San Diego.

The Li’l bubble butted soy boy liberal in San Diego City Hall (Todd Gloria), the same as the Tall Slim bubble butted soy boy liberal in Sacramento (Gavin Newsom), caused the destruction of the California police and along with it, the safety and security of the Californians!

Todd Gloria Destroyed San Diego Police Department

To destroy the richest state of the union (California) and the finest city in America (San Diego), all you have to do is to put Democrats in charge and everything will go down the toilet!

San Diego Becomes Another Liberal Destroyed City?

Biden Open Border for Illegal Aliens Ben Garrison Cartoon
Rolling out the green carpet!
Biden: C’mon man, c’mon right in and feel at home! Mi casa es su casa!

Todd Gloria is Always on Woke Corporations’ Payroll

Have you seen your gas and electric bill lately?

Highest energy prices while we are sitting on the greatest resources of gas and oil in California which we cannot drill and in addition the corrupt mayor makes deals with SDG&E to jack up the prices.

Even with the solar, all year long, you have credit but right on December of every year, suddenly not that your credit becomes zero but you end up in the negative and have to pay to the SDG&E! This crooked company cheats people every year!

Woke Corporations like SDG&E and Iran Lobby like billionaire and millionaire members of PCC own San Diego City Hall and its George Soros installed mayor, but now the Drug Cartels will also own the SDPD and the County Sheriff! 

Is City of San Diego Funding Terrorism: Persian Cultural Center PCC?

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center Thread

Todd Gloria the Worst San Diego Mayor

Todd Gloria is a corrupt and incompetent career politician who turned San Diego to another liberal destroyed blue state large city. We used to always say that San Diego would never become Los Angeles or San Francisco, but it did! We used to say that San Diego conservative politicians and police department would never allow San Diego to be ruined but now they are both gone! They are being replaced with George Soros installed woke liberal politicians in the city hall and woke police in the department.

City of San Diego and County of San Diego are now both Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens. On weekly basis, hundreds and thousands of illegal aliens cross the open border and transported via buses across the county. They are placed in free housing, given welfare, food stamps, healthcare, free education and other benefits provided by your tax dollars.

Next thing you know, they hand them driver’s licenses and work permits to work and even vote! They are prospect Democrat voters. These bus transfers and plane transfers are conducted in the dark of the night via the coalition and cooperation of the Federal Government (Joe Biden), State Government (Gavin Newsom) and Todd Gloria (Local Government). Criminals always do their deeds in the dark of the night.

Third World San Diego

Have you been at south of the Broadway lately? Go to downtown or try Market Street or Imperial Avenue. Both sides of the streets are homeless tents, sidewalks are loaded with drug needles, used condoms, feces and heavenly urine odor!

When some event is taking place in the Gaslamp Quarter or Downtown, they pack up all the homeless, derelicts, bums and junkies, and dump them south of Broadway or else downtown will look full of homeless! When the event is over, homeless will be back!

Have you been at the ghettos lately? Try Sherman Heights (Mexican Ghetto) or Logan Heights (Black Ghetto). They were horrible to begin with, but Todd Gloria made them worse!  I know because 28 years ago, I used to manage a wholesale ice cream and candy company right on the border of Sherman and Logan Heights! It was bad then but now go check them out! They are crime scenes!

Citizens have no safety; residents are afraid for their lives and children’s lives. Traditional Neighborhoods with many landmark restaurants, parks and buildings have turned to dumps and hangouts for drug dealers, drug users, gang bangers, bums, homeless, rapists, killers and criminals. Try National Avenue and the park nearby?

Forget the ghettos but go to midtown like Balboa and Genesee avenues. Check out both sides of the street, specifically near the mosque, it is worse than the Santee mosque area! For a second, you may believe that you are in Somalia, Sudan or some Islamic third world nation! Women in burqa and abaya covered head to toe in shrouds, men with beanie hats and baggy shalwar pajamas both sides of the streets! Many of these bearded men are fundamentalist Islamists which Biden and Gloria settled in San Diego. They are the products of Multiculturalism to destroy the American culture.

I know because I am all over San Diego. I am with the people and amongst the people. Unlike the “Eskimo Pie Boy” who sits his Li’l tushy in his office at City Hall and like a “Gay Elf on the Shelf” jumps up the City Hall shelves, I go around and I speak to the everyday people in the ghettos all the way to midtown and uptown. I go around from South Bay to East County to San Diego Central and North County. I know what the hell is going on everywhere.

This is what happens when elections are stolen, jungle election system is installed, conservatives will never get elected and the coalition of George Soros, Woke Corporations and Iran Lobby erect mayor and councilmen in the City Hall!

Todd Gloria’s Qualifications?

In the liberal Bizarro Universe, being Gay, Minority, Corrupt and Incompetent are great qualifications to be in the political office! Naturally Todd Gloria has all four of them, so this “Boy” who was Gavin Newsom’s Butt Boy and San Diego City Hall’s Towel Boy got erected by Soros as the San Diego mayor!

Through the years of being a councilman, he sold out the San Diegans’ interests to the woke corporations such as SDG&E. He made one dirty deal after another but the worst one is to legitimize the PCC (Persian Cultural Center of San Diego) Iran Lobby organization as an art and culture institute! San Diego city hall is owned by billionaires and millionaires of the Iran Lobby.

Check all PCC articles at the bottom of the page:

Iran Democratic Movement Index

Todd Gloria had turned the San Diego City Hall to a Gay Bathhouse and turned San Diego to a Shiite Hole, so now they both smell like butt!

Start Packing!

Are you packed? I am always packed! We are literally living in the wild wild west! In California and now specifically in San Diego, there is no law and order. Police’s hands are tied, they are not even allowed to hand a ticket for jaywalking because they might be branded as racists!

California’s New Radical Liberal Woke Laws

Democrat Destroyed California Must Turn Red!

Todd Gloria primarily destroyed the San Diego Police Department, everyone got fired or mostly quit. Now he is hiring illegal aliens installed by the Drug Cartels as police officers!

Do you know how easy it is to infiltrate the Federal Security and Intelligence Agencies such as NSA or FBI?

Iranian Spies in DC and Persian Cultural Center San Diego

It takes much less efforts to infiltrate the local police departments and Drug Cartels are masters of it. They are already trafficking fentanyl, heroin, other dope, women, children for pedophiles and gang bangers via open borders. Now with this new woke law, they will infiltrate the police departments.

Your safety and security as American citizens means Shiite to the Democrats. They care about illegal aliens because illegals are their future voters.

American blacks and Latinos residing in the ghettoes, quality of life and employment means zilch to the Democrats. All of their jobs are now going to illegals who compete for low skills jobs! Democrats abandoned blacks and Hispanics and that is why more and more of them are becoming Trump voters and MAGA. Democrats have been using blacks and Hispanics for decades. The jig is up! Democrats care about the prosperity of the illegals because they are Democrats’ new milking cows! With blacks and Hispanics leaving the “Liberal Plantations,” Democrats need new slaves!

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

So, police, security and safety are gone. You are on your own to protect yourself and your family. Start packing, the more guns and knives, the merrier! I always pack guns and knives or else I would have been assassinated by the IRI Iranian agents, Hezbollah and Islamists a long time ago!

Democrats destroyed not only your American economy, culture and prosperity but also your security and safety!

Observe the new California Woke Law:


New California law allows non-U.S. Citizens to become police officers

CBS Channel 8 San Diego

With the new year, comes new state laws, including a 2023 law that changed the qualifications to become a police officer in California.

San Diego — With the new year, comes the new state laws, including one that changed the qualifications to become a police officer in California.

Now, anyone who can legally work in the state under federal law, can be a police officer, regardless of citizenship.

CBS 8 cleared up some misconceptions about the new law by going directly to the State Senator who wrote the bill, and we talked with the San Diego Police Officers Association about their concerns.

“The San Diego Police Department has lost over 500 officers since July of 2020. That's drastic. We need everyone we can to be able to be a police officer. However, we are not in favor of reducing the requirements and lowering the standards,” said Sgt. Jared Wilson, speaking as President and on behalf of the San Diego Police Officer's Association.

Wilson said they do have concerns about the new California law that changed the qualifications to become a police officer in the state.

Prior to Jan. 1, 2023, you had to be a United States citizen or permanent resident to qualify for the job.

Now, that's no longer the case. Anyone who is legally authorized to work in the state of California, under federal law, with the proper green card or visa, is eligible to become a police officer.

State Senator Nancy Skinner is the author of Senate Bill 960, which changed the requirement.

“When you look at California's rules, almost every other profession, lawyers, doctors… even firefighters… are able to be part of that profession as long as they have full legal authorization, full federal legal work authorization. It was only our sworn officers we restricted that way,” said Skinner. She added, “Ironically in the military, you could be an officer in the military, and you could not be a peace officer in California. So that's why we felt it was totally right to fix the rule.”

To make things perfectly clear, Skinner said this in no way applies to undocumented workers. She said a person has to have full legal work authorization, under federal law; people who pay taxes and have every ability to work legally in the U.S.

Senator Skinner said it was the University of California Police Department that first reached out and pushed for the change. During a time when police departments across the state are struggling to fill positions, UC David Police Chief Joe Farrow testified at an Assembly Public Safety Committee Hearing on June 1, 2002, that they see a lot of stellar candidates in their programs, who they ultimately can't hire.

“We wanted to come to the legislature to see if we can't change that law and that's why I'm here today,” said Chief Farrow.

SB 960 passed, changing things for people like UC Davis graduate and DACA recipient Ernesto Moron, who attended the UC Police Academy and passed the background check, but wasn't eligible to be hired as an officer, until now.

“This bill will allow me, and countless others, the opportunity to fulfill my dream to serve the communities where I was raised, educated and live as a sworn police officer,” testified Moron.

The SDPOA says, while they don't support the new law, they do acknowledge it will help people like Moron.

“The public demands and deserves a high-quality police force and officers that meet stringent standards, so we're not in favor of low in these standards at all,” said Wilson. “However, I think there's a handful of people who have been in this country a long time we'll be able to hire as a result of this, and hopefully they become citizens, but lowering standards is not the right answer to fill in our ranks,” he added.

Senator Skinner said removing this requirement is not lowering the standards of what it takes to be a peace officer.

“They would still have to meet every other qualification,” she said, including a rigorous background checking, graduating from a police academy, and every other requirement that all candidates must meet.

“We are not forcing any police department or law enforcement agency to hire that category of people,” Skinner explained. “We're just removing the restriction that has been removed in the military. It has been removed for firefighters, for lawyers, for doctors. So, we felt like it was appropriate to also remove it for our police officers.”

Senator Skinner says the California Police Chiefs Association supports this new law. She said they “Were completely in support of the bill because they are struggling to fill vacancies. They are struggling to recruit people for their academies, so they felt like, ‘why would we restrict people that otherwise meet all of our requirements from being able to serve their communities in this way?’”

CBS 8 contacted the San Diego Police Department and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to see if they will be hiring based on the new law.

The San Diego Police Department spokesperson said:

 “We have worked with City Human Resources to change our bulletin to reflect the changes of SB 960 and citizenship requirements for applicants. Each applicant, no matter their citizenship status, would go through the same testing and background process.”

A Sheriff’s Department spokesperson told CBS 8, among all other requirements, applicants “must be able to meet this requirement: Be legally authorized to work in the United States under federal law.”


Real California ID vs. Regular California ID

Why do you think it is that now people require to get “Real ID” vs. “Regular ID?” Its because any illegal alien can now get a driver’s license, get work and even vote! So now, the government requires you the American citizens to get “Real Driver’s License ID” which is a different format, to travel between states, abroad or enter a government building! California government knows that California Driver’s License means jack Shiite and it is as fake as a $3 bill, so they require Real ID to go places! Democrats are so full of it that the stench is oozing from Sacramento!

Welcome to America: Today’s Illegals, Tomorrow’s Democrats Freeway Sign Ahreeman X Cartoon

San Diegans Will Finally Rise up!

Eventually the fine people of San Diego will get fed up with working hard and paying high California taxes up the butt without representation! Taxation without representation via stolen elections! People have to work hard and pay high taxes to support illegal aliens, bums, free loaders, junkies, drunks, and Welfare Queens! Soon or late, the working class of San Diego the same as the working class of America will get fed up and they will uprise and crucify the criminal corrupt Democrats of Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Sacramento and surely San Diego who run California!

American Government at Federal, State and Local levels are the enemy of the American people. The National Corporate Media, the Local Media and the Tech Giants are Democrats’ partners. Same goes in San Diego, the media witnesses the crime and turns the blind eye, turn their heads, remain silent and protect the Democrats. Except OAN, KUSI and a few Talk Radio Shows, the rest of the media are Democrats’ mouth piece (NBC, ABC, CBS, Union Tribune) or RINOs (FOX) which makes no difference, they are both establishment media!

Eventually people will rise up. Establishment must be very afraid of the day that the American people will take back San Diego, California and America. Brothers and Sisters, little by little we can take our city, state and country back. Changes can come from the within.

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President 2024

Volunteer, become activists, become poll workers, become poll watchers, become election observers, become any type of volunteer worker which you can and most importantly vote and leave the fixing of the rigged elections to us.

Together, we can take our country back. Together we can throw these bums in San Diego City Hall, Sacramento and Washington DC out of office and in to the Dumpster of History. Together we can clean America back to what the Founding Fathers visioned for us.

“Democrats are Destroying America

When you want to completely change a system of government, primarily you eliminate all aspects of that system’s culture. That is what Democrats are doing. They are erasing the American history, culture, philosophy, heritage, traditions, holidays, and festivals. Democrats are destroying the soul of a nation and the American Exceptionality, so they can destroy the American system of government and replace it with Socialism.”
(Ahreeman X)

“Until there exists a single homeless person or a hungry child in America, we have no business importing a single illegal or legal immigrant to America. Let’s take care of our own people first.”
(Ahreeman X)

“Will of the People is greater than the wealth of the Globalists.”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Always remember, this is your city, your state and your country, not theirs! We shall overcome because we fight for justice. We cannot pack up and leave because there is nowhere else to leave to! We will be thrown in to the sea, Pacific Ocean or leave the state like millions do every year!

I choose to do neither, I choose to stand my ground, my home and fight the Establishment and the Scum in the San Diego City Hall. Will you fight too?!

More power to the people

Dr. X

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