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The IRI Shiite Heroine of Reforms and Environment

Massoumeh Ebtekar AKA Machine Gun Mary
The IRI Shiite Heroine of Reforms and Environment
Ahreeman X
May 1, 2009

L. Flushing the Shiite down the toilet!
R. This is a bold piece of Shiite; it keeps on popping up and out of the bowl!


For every season there comes a Shiite and this season’s Shiite of the Season Award goes to one of the greatest Piece O Shiite that world has ever known! This legendary Muslimette Bimbo is a yesterday’s terrorist and hostage taker, but today’s reformist and liberal environmentalist!

Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together and give a heartwarming applause to Ms. Massoumeh Ebtekar AKA Machine Gun Mary AKA Jendeh Bi Ekhtiar (Powerless Whore) AKA Massy Ebte KIR (KIR = Khomeini’s Islamic Republic)!

L. No Shiite Sign
R. Massoumeh Ebtekar: Now c’mon doggie, be generous and provide us with more Shiite! Don’t you know I just lovese lovese loves Shiite?!

It’s show business like no business like show …… and here’s Massoumeh …….

On Reformists

Islamist Reformists are amazing creatures! They want to reform Islam but keep Quran intact! They want to reform IRI but keep the Islamic Constitution intact! They want change but they want to keep the Status Quo intact! Islamist Reformists and the term itself are an oxymoron! They are contradiction in contradiction! Reformists are only a block on the way of the Iranian Nationalist Revolution and they are pawns to prolong the lifespan of IRI. Ms. Ebtekar is not just a Reformist but she is the IRI Shiite Super Heroine! She is the past Vice President and the possible future President of IRI.

In the past, women could not become presidents, but now that the Shiite had hit the fan and people are fed up with all the Bull Shiite of a regime which is full o Shiite, then everything goes and even women can become presidents! But still women cannot become Rahbar (Supreme Spiritual Leader), but as IRI gets deeper in to desperation to survive, it is also possible that in the future the women can also become Imams and Leaders of IRI.

Many faces of Massoumeh Ebtekar
L. The Hostage Taker’s Spokeswoman: Machine Gun Mary 1979
R. The Reformist Environmentalist: Niloufar Ebtekar 2009

Reformists are the most dangerous elements of IRI, why you ask? Because with the Fundamentalists and Moderates, it is obvious where do they stand, but Reformists are con artists who fool the public by shouting Islamic Democracy, yet maintaining the Status Quo and business as usual!


Machine Gun Mary was born in 1960. To her friends she is Niloufar, to Iranians she is Massoumeh but globally she is known as the infamous and the notorious one and only Machine Gun Mary!

Massoumeh Ebtekar: Praise be upon Allah, with this getup, don’t I look a little bit like Darth Vader?

She was born as Niloufar Ebtekar, but later on, after becoming a full blown Islamist Reactionary (late 1970s) she changed her name to “Massoumeh”. So she changed her Persian name (Niloufar) to an Arabo-Islamic name (Massoumeh). At the time, this was hip and fad of the day. Persian names were Reactionary and Islamic names were Revolutionary! For instance, another Hezbollah criminal, yesterday’s Hezbollah propagandist and today’s liberal reformist Jahanshah Javid, publisher of the IRI Reformist mouthpiece ( tabloid, has also done that! He changed his name to Mohamad Javid and then later on changed it back to Jahanshah Javid! Read more about this opportunist dirt bag in “Hezbollah Front Businesses in America” article:

Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise

Read more about other Shiites of the Season:

Shiite of the Season index

The funny thing is that today’s Hezbollah and IRI Lobbyists try to win Iranian people’s hearts by pretending to be Nationalists and naming themselves Persian names such as “Trita Parsi”. Review some facts about this joker:

Trita Parsi in the Congress, a Dark Day for the Iranian Community

Trita Parsi (NIAC), Hezbollah – IRI Lobbyist Frauds US Congress for Funds

Iran’s Oil Mafia Penetrating the US Political System

Every IRI Servant has a Specific Job!

Every IRI servant has a job and Jahanshah Javid’s job is to propagate and provide a tribune for Trita Parsi and other IRI Lobbyists in America.

IRI Tabloids and Propaganda Media in America such as:

Payvand (Ali Moayedian)

The Iranian Magazine (Jahanshah Javid)

are to propagate IRI Lobby groups such as:

Houshang Amir-Ahmadi and AIC
AIC (American Iranian Council)
Houshang Amir-Ahmadi at

Trita Parsi and NIAC (National Iranian American Council)
Trita Parsi
Trita Parsi at

whom in return, these groups are created and supported by IRI’s Front Organizations posed as Cultural Organizations such as:

Alavi Foundation of New York

Iman Cultural Center of Los Angeles

More IRI Servants:

Hezbollah and IRI Lobbyists in America!

Flush all them Shiites down the toilet!
Hot damn, they simply won’t flush down!
Bold pieces of Shiite, aren’t they?!

So as you see, they are a network of IRI and Hezbollah deep in the heart of United States of America.

IRI Anti Opposition Activities in Southern California

Unfortunately Obama’s passive submissive appeasement policies as a weak Democratic president avoids US national security and Homeland Security to do anything about these IRI spies in America. So as I stated before:

A Regime Change in Iran requires a Regime Change in America!”

Sarah Palin is coming to cleanup DC!

A Career Full O Shiite!

Back to little Massoumeh we go …
Little Massoumeh moved with her family to United States due to her father studying at the University of Pennsylvania at the time. Massoumeh lived in Philly (Philadelphia) during her childhood. If you were wondering how is it that she has such beautiful American Accent (Philly Style), this is why!
Massoumeh has a BS in Science degree from Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran [National (Meli) University]. She has a MS and a Ph.D. in Immunology (Biomedical Science) from Tarbiat Modares University (1995).

Massoumeh Ebtekar aka Machine Gun Mary the spokeswoman for hostage takers (Students of Imam’s Line) with her famous Machine Gun walking the yard of the seized US Embassy, Tehran 1979.

Massoumeh was the spokeswoman for the Terrorists, Oops excuse me I meant students of Imam’s Line (Khat-e Imam) who held over 50 American Diplomats as hostages (1979) for over a year (444 Days)!

Massoumeh Ebtekar the Vice President, Tehran 1997

From November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981, for 444 days, Massoumeh Ebtekar, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the rest of their gang, Oops sorry, to be politically correct “Islamist Students” had held 52 American Diplomats as hostages. The weak American Democratic President Jimmy Carter had allowed this to go on for so long. Today’s Obama policies are basically Carter’s 2nd term of service!

Reasons for the Birth of IRI

Massoumeh and the gang incarcerated, abused, tortured and held these 52 Americans illegally as hostages for 444 days! I would like the Iranian American Liberal Democrats and the American Democrats to remember that when they grant her all types of Environmental Awards today!

During those 444 days, Machine Gun Mary was one of the most popular, notorious and wanted faces in America!

On Iranian American Liberal Democrats

How can you be an Iranian Nationalist and an American Democrat at the same time? This is oxymoronic! How can you belong to a political party which destroyed Iran? Carter and Democrats practically gave birth to Khomeini, Neo Islamism and IRI in 1979! You cannot be an Iranian American Liberal Democrat and then pretend to be a great Persian Nationalist! This is contradictory!

Reasons for the Birth of IRI

Massoumeh and Media

Back then, an ABC reporter asked her:

ABC Reporter: Could you see yourself picking a gun and killing the hostages?
Massoumeh Ebtekar: Yes of course. When I've seen an American gun being lifted up and killing my brothers and sisters in the streets, of course I could.

In late 1990s Elaine Sciolino, a New York Times (liberal leftist paper) reporter interviewed Massoumeh:

Elaine Sciolino: Do you have any remorse taking hostages?
Massoumeh Ebtekar: No apologies. Hostage taking was the best direction that could have been taken by Iran at the time.

Atlantic Monthly reported:
{Known as "Mother Mary" and "Screaming Mary," she was especially disliked by many of the hostages, in part because her accent made her seem like a turncoat, a "Tokyo Rose," in part because of her endless propagandizing. She would saunter through the captured embassy with a camera crew in tow, urging the hostages to describe their ordeal in upbeat terms. "You have been treated well, haven't you?" was her constant refrain. During one such filming session, in the final days of captivity, Army Sergeant Regis Regan got so fed up with Ebtekar that he let loose with a stream of invective and was dragged into a hallway for a beating. Another former hostage, Michael Metrinko, one of the embassy's political officers, summed up his feelings about Ebtekar this way: "If she were on fire on the street, I wouldn't piss on her to put it out."}

Ebtekar is clearly on the record as being willing to shoot hostages herself, and as having no regrets about the embassy seizure.

Massoumeh the Journalist!

In 1981, Khomeini had put Khatami as his eyes and ears in the Kayhan Publications Company. Khatami’s role was to censor, control and to make sure that the leading Iranian media giant would become Islamically Correct and to not publish anything out of line!

In return, Khatami had erected his Harem Bitch, Massoumeh Ebtekar as the Editor-in-Chief of Kayhan International (English Daily Paper) to make sure that this English paper would properly propagate Islamic garbage to the world! Massoumeh, as Khatami’s main bitch ran Kayhan International from 1981 to 1983.

Massoumeh the Author!

Ebtekar was so proud of her role in hostage taking that she wrote a book about it and made good money off of it! Massoumeh Ebtekar and Fred Reed wrote a book named:

Takeover in Tehran: The Inside Story of the 1979 US Embassy Capture.

Takeover in Tehran: The Inside Story of the 1979 US Embassy Capture
by Massoumeh Ebtekar

You can order the book here:


Since 2008, Massoumeh has been writing much garbage, I mean articles in various papers about Ashura, Islam, Reforms and Environment!

Massoumeh the FemiTazi (Islamist Feminist)!

Isn’t it ironic and contradictory to be an Islamist and then a Feminist? There are no rights in Islam for women, then how can you be a Muslim; furthermore, an Islamist and then a Feminist? This is an oxymoron, but then again our Heroine is full of surprises!

Massoumeh released fiery speeches against Taliban and Burqa in Afghanistan but herself wore Chador and Maqna’a while reading these rhetorics! Check out some of her records:

1991 - Massoumeh co-founded the Institute for Women's Studies and Research.

1992 – Massoumeh published the “Farzaneh” journal for the Institute for Women's Studies and Research.

1995 – Massoumeh was appointed as the:

* Head of Women's NGO (so-called: Non Government Organization) Coordinating Office

* Vice Head of the National Committee to the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China

* President of the Network of Women's NGOs in Iran.

Massoumeh: I’m in need of something this thick!

Under Khatami’s robe and belly (cabinet), Massoumeh Ebtekar as the Vice President and Zahra Shojaei as the Advisor in Women’s Affairs had served and fought for the needs of the Muslim Women as Aqdi (permanent wives) and Siqeh (temporary wives)! In addition they have both served the needs of President Khatami!

Massoumeh: I’m in need of something this big!

Zahra Shojaei was appointed to this position which was held before her by Shahla Habibi (Rafsanjani’s harem bitch) and after her by Nasrin Soltankhah (Ahmadinejad’s harem bitch). As you can see, there are no shortages of Sisters of Zeynab and Militant Islamist Whores in Iran!

Zeynab Sisterhood Memoirs

Massoumeh the Politician

Massoumeh is a founding member of the Reformist Party: “Islamic Iran Participation Front” (Jebhe Mosharekat).

Jebhe Mosharekat

Massoumeh the Vice President

Massoumeh is the first female Vice President of Iran and she served in Mohamad Khatami’s cabinet. During Khatami’s presidency, she also became the head of “Environment Protection Organization of Iran”. Massoumeh had no problem holding hostages by the force of the machine gun, yet her little heart always beats passionately for the environment. Isn’t that a typical Liberal Reformist?!

Crimes of Mohammad Khatami

As you can see, banging Khatami pays and eventually you can rise up from a Hostage Taker to VP!

Massoumeh the Environmentalist Champion!

Massoumeh was the VP of Environmental Affairs and the head of “Environment Protection Organization of Iran”. Islamic Republic of Iran is one big Shiite Hole (literally) and Ms. Ebtekar is worried about the environment! IRI is one of the largest global environmental hazards. There are no environmental codes in Iran, but Ms. Ebtekar is determined to change all that! We suggest for Ms. Ebtekar to start with her tons of Islamically Correct undergarments (maqna’a, rusari, labadeh, zir pirhan, shaliteh, tonban, tonekeh, etc.) worn under her chador to cover her body parts safe from Mullahs’ beady eyes and start washing them on daily basis because it surely gets hot and moist down there and all this heat and moisture causes all types of Islamic Viruses, Fungi and Bacteria to grow down there. Now that type of Islamic Pus, I call an Environmental Hazard!

The Iranian Disease

On 2005, Massoumeh co-founded the Center for Peace and Environment, a so-called non-governmental organization devoted to the promotion of just and sustainable peace and the protection of the environment. Over 120 experts (government bureaucrats) and academicians are currently members of the Center.

At Environmental Awards Ceremony
With big smiles but what are they thinking about?
Massoumeh thinking: What’s with the head gear and getup? This African looks like a Boogeyman!
Umba Umbe thinking: What’s with the Penguin Outfit? This Muslimette looks like a Penguin!

Currently, Massoumeh heads the Tehran City Council Environment Committee and runs 20 different working groups on environmental issues (big government useless spending).

Massoumeh the UN Award Winner!

On April, 2006, the IRI Terrorist, Massoumeh Ebtekar won a UN Award!

Massoumeh was named one of the seven “Champions of the Earth” in 2006 by the “United Nation’s Environment Program” as a prominent and "inspirational" environmental leader who has made an impact at policy level in a region of the world! Would someone please gag me with the spoon?!

At Environmental Awards Ceremony
The New Rock Band:
Massoumeh and the Retards!

Massoumeh was also named as one of the 50 environmental leaders by “The Guardian” (Liberal leftist newspaper) in January 5, 2008 as the only Iranian or Muslim woman in the list. Ooh someone please pinch me!

The UN Environmental Program hands out the “Champion of the Earth Award”. This award is for the Environmental Leaders with creative visions who are actively saving the Earth (Liberal Environmentalist Wacko Bull Shiite)! So UN handed an award to Massoumeh Ebtekar, Vice President of Iran and former head of “Environment Protection Organization of Iran”; however, UN had forgotten to also mention amongst her accomplishments, a prominent role in the 1979 American embassy hostage crisis, in which Massoumeh and her gang had stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran and held Americans hostages for  444 days! The Americans were held captive until the Great Ronald Reagan finally took over the office from the Peanut Farmer Dingy Carter, Oops sorry, I meant Jimmy Carter!

Jimmy Carter was another UN Award Winner. This great humanitarian is also responsible for creation of the IRI and global Islamism, but that is another chapter and story!

Massoumeh Ebtekar is exactly the sort of character that would be granted an award by the old bureaucrats in UN. In addition, she used her acceptance speech as an opportunity to propagate IRI’s psychotic theocracy.

Massoumeh: I would like to take this opportunity to polish the balls of Imam a little bit, using my very delicate and thin silk handkerchief, specially made for Ball Polishing!

Please review these related articles:

Hezbollah and IRI Lobby in America

12 Years of IRI Lobby in America

Hezbollah IRI Lobbyists in USA (Trita Parsi - NIAC) Sue Author

Voices for Peace Video, a Hezbollah IRI Production

What does Obama Administration means to US, Iran and the World?

Massoumeh is now married and has two children. Today, Massoumeh the same as Parvin Ahmadinejad (sister of Iran’s president) is a City Councilwoman erected for Tehran. Massoumeh is also a professor in Tarbiat Modares University where she graduated!

Massoumeh Ebtekar is a possible running candidate for Iran’s presidential race of June 2009. The heroine of reforms may have her eyes to conquer the office of presidency and hearts and souls of the Iranians!

Legacy of a FemiTazi
An Islamic Conclusion

In the name of Allah, the creation of Mohammed’s Delusional Mind …

Massoumeh Ebtekar is a great role model for all Muslim women. Her success story further proves and teaches us that Islam (Terrorism) does pay! Just follow Quran and Hadith, join Imam Khomeini’s line, walk the Islamic line and you can rise from a Hostage Taker to Vice President!

Massoumeh’s career is amazing! From a spoiled well off girl studying and living in Philadelphia, to her returns to Iran and participation in the Islamist Reaction of 1978 all the way to her political and eventually environmental career!

What kills me most and makes me to roll on the floor peeing myself laughing is her bravery and courage to finally dump her Reactionary Persian Name (Niloufar) in the dumpster of history and erecting a Neo Arabo-Islamic Halaal name (Massoumeh) for herself to prove to the world that in heart, she is not Persian, but a true slave to submit herself to Allah, Islam and Arabs!

All good things come to an end and it is now time to flush that Shiite down the bowl!
The National Anthem of Islamic Republic is playing at the background ….
Ey Imam, Ey Imam, Lala Lala La ……
Orevua Massoumeh!

Bravo Massoumeh, Bravo. You are the true ripe fruit of IRI. You are a true success story of how one can abandon her roots and become an Arab slave! You are a great role model for Muslim Women and surely a Disgrace for Iranian Women!

Dr. X

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