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Shiite of the Season Index

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Shiite of the Season

While the seasons go round and round, for every season there drops and lies many Pieces O Shiite; therefore, every season, IPC grants a special award to the best candidate! Every season, IPC conducts a vast search amongst the qualified candidates and then the Greatest Piece O Shiite, amongst the candidates, wins this fabulous award. Every season, we try our best to search and capture the true meaning of Shiite, all in one piece! This Large Piece O Shiite, then becomes the winner of the most honored award: "Shiite of the Season Award"! So without further due, let us attend to the ceremonies! May the Flush works for you!

…… And this season's "Shiite of the Season Award", goes to ……

Shiite of the Season Index!

Trita Parsi
Trita Parsi Iranian Hezbollah Agent in America
Top IRI Iranian Lobbyist in America
Massoumeh Ebtekar
Massoumeh Ebtekar AKA Machine Gun Mary
The IRI Shiite Heroine of Reforms and Environment
Shirin Ebadi
Shirin Ebadi, Symbol of Reforms and Heroine of Islamic Democracy
The Shirin Ebadi Show, A woman for All Seasons of Bull Shiite!
Mohammad Khatami
Crimes of Mohammad Khatami - Nature of Liberal Reformists
Fraudulent Super Hero of Reforms
Jahanshah Javid
Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America! - Part One
(Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!)
Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America! - Part Two
(Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!)

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