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Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise! - Part 1

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America!
Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!

Part One
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: December 23, 2003
2nd Edition: February 28, 2017

JJ Bowl
JJ = Jalq Jalq (Islamically Correct Masturbation, Islamic Style!)
Jahanshah Javid (JJ) = Shiite of the Season

Jahanshah Javid IRI Media Mouthpiece in USA

…. And this season's "Shiite of The Season Award", goes to Mr. Jahanshah Javid!

An Exposing Document

Friends, Fellow Persians and Comrades:

I truly did not want to write this exposing piece and wanted to leave it alone; however, this man's certain actions, forced me to write this piece! Lets talk about Jahanshah Javid, the publisher of and his unique style of Journalism, and then expand the issue to all Hezbollah's Front businesses in USA, shall we?

Jahanshah Javid Iranian Hezbollah Agent IRNA Badge
Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) ID Badge
Position: Translator
Birth Certificate # 41449
Birth Date: 1340 (Persian Shamsi Year) = 1962
ID Badge Expiration Date: 12/29/1362 (Persian Shamsi Year) = 1983

* Notice when he went back to Iran, he changed his name from Jahanshah Javid to Mohammad Jahanshah Javid. He changed Jahanshah (Persian) to Mohammad (Arabo-Islamic) to better blend in with his Hezbollah buddies.

L: Jahanshah Chameleon's Hezbollahi Face!
M: Jahanshah Chameleon's Liberal Reformist Face!
R: Jahanshah Chameleon's Weasel Opportunist Face!

Jahanshah Chameleon's Patriotic Face!

Jahanshah Javid with some of his Hee-Rows (Heroes) Che Guevara and Lenin on Graffiti Wall!
Jahanshah Javid is a Weasel Chameleon who changes colors, shapes and political affiliations like under wears! One day he is Hezbollah, one day Islamist Reformist, one day Islamist Apologist, one day IRI Lobby Media, one day Marxist Leninist, one day “In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All” Left (Intellectual Leftist), one day American Patriot, one day Liberal Leftist, one day Human, one day Weasel, and the next day Insect! The reality is that he is a Chameleon with many faces, a weasel with no principles, and an IRI Media Agent performing his role for the IRI Lobby and IRI Islamist Regime of Tehran.

History of Jahanshah Javid, an opportunist

Mr. Javid's Dark past
a bit of history

1962 - Jahanshah Javid was born in Abadan, Iran

1974 - He traveled to Egypt with his family, this trip had a significant impact on him to grow future Islamist Tendencies.

1976 - He moved to United States of America to finish High School.

1979 - Islamic Revolution (Reaction) of Iran occurred and Islamist Fundamentalists, occupied the government offices of the progressive civilized Iran! The plan was to push Iran back to 7th century AD!

1980 - Jahanshah voluntarily went back to Iran to help the Islamic Reactionaries and the Islamic Republic's Occupying Regime to establish a Theocratic Dictatorship upon Iran! He grew a beard and a mustache. Like a devout Muslim, he started praying 3 times a day. In the past, he had mild religious tendencies, yet suddenly he had turned to a full-blown Islamist! His first job was a translator position for IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency).

Next, he changed his name from Jahanshah (a Persian name) to "Mohammad" (an Arabo_Islamic name)! At the time that True Iranian Nationalists were going back to their Persian roots and changed their Islamic names to Persian names, this gentleman done the opposite! For example Mr. Reza Mazluman changed his name to "Kourosh Aryamanesh". My Master (Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh) sincerely believed that to own an Islamic name for an Iranian is a disgrace and considers as Treason to Iran and Iranians; therefore, he found it necessary to change his name to a Good Iranian Name. On the other hand, this Born Again Shiite, Jahanshah Javid went by the fashion and fad of the day and sold his Iranian birth name, yet bought a worst possible Arabo_Islamic name that he could get his hands on from The Islamic SuperMarket of names! Like a Chameleon, he changed colors and face, like a camouflaging lizard, Chameleon Jahanshah became Mohammad!

Now named Mohammad Javid, became a full-blown Muslim Revolutionary working for the IRI Government. His hobby was photography yet propaganda photos! He made a career out of taking pictures of the Islamic Pro IRI demonstrations and Islamic revolutionary slogans and graffiti on the walls of Tehran! What an artist!

Later, he married an IRNA typist named Zahra Pirani. Supposedly he was rebelling against his social class, he was of the middle class so he married a religious woman from a lower social class. At this point he was going more and more towards Religious Fanaticism. Also at this time,

known IRNA propagandists were amongst his friends and during this period, he became a reporter-photographer for IRNA and a flaming Islamist Propagandist. He managed to gather a gang of extremist Islamic Fundamentalist Reactionaries and Hot Headed Islamic Militants and students around him! At this point, he became a professional propagandist for the Terrorist Regime of Mullahs! People like Jahanshah Javid are the reason that Iran got destroyed!

1982 - His daughter, Mahdiyeh was born. Please pay attention to the deeply religious name which he chosen for his daughter: "Mahdiyeh" (female version of Mahdi, the mythical 12th Imam of Shiite, whom in childhood had disappeared in a well, and upon his return, the justice shall come upon Earth)!

1981 - 1985 - Many of his photos appeared in the Iranian broadcasting organization's Soroush magazine. He was also working for IRNA in Tehran as a reporter/photographer.

1982 - 1988 - He continued working for IRNA and in addition Kayhan International which was the international English version of Hezbollah's propaganda tabloid (Kayhan) published in Tehran.

News Agencies, same as NFL American Football Teams or International Soccer Teams, trade players; however, the players in this case are writers, reporters and photographers. This is a tradition amongst the news agencies to trade players, trade information and keep up the good public relation.

British Government as always, had a perfect relation with Mullahs of Qom; furthermore, British policies were one of the major factors towards the success of the Islamist Reaction of 1979. Diplomatic relations of Great Britain and Islamic Republic is more complexed than a simple official relation, yet it's more like a Diplomatic Love Affair! UK, gets cheap oil, number one (best) and top of the line Iranian food products, produce and can goods in wholesale prices, and naturally the rest of the natural resources of Iran at bargain prices! In return, Mullahs get to have the British Green Light to stay in power, oppress the masses and do as they please! In addition, UK, France, Germany and Italy remain as IRI's Top 4 trading partners and avoid participating in any possible sanctions or blockage posed by United States upon the IRI. So UN, EU, Russia and China, leading by the reluctant UK, sabotage any possible sanctions upon IRI. The perfect love affair made in heavens!

The same type of love affair and mutual wheeling and dealings also goes on between the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Islamic Republic's News Agency (IRNA)! The beautiful trade of information, agents and the usual flirtations in a Secret Rendezvou goes on behind the curtains! These rendezvous were going on pre and post Islamic Revolution! Naturally, Mohammad Khan-e Javid, the born again Shiite was an obedient trustee and servant of IRNA and IRI; therefore, they traded him with the British. Mohammad Javid at first became a liaison and then an agent. During this period, Mohammad Khan started to first become an IRNA Agent in British Hierarchy and then a Double Agent working for both BBC and IRNA. Jahanshah Khan or better said, born again Shiite Mohamad Khan, started to climb the ladders of International Journalism or better put International Treason to Mother Persia!

During this period, he was working for IRNA in Tehran and London, Islamic Organization of the Crescent International in London, Kayhan International Newspaper (Tabloid mouthpiece of Hezbollah in English) in Tehran, reporter at Non-Aligned Movement summit for IRNA in New Delhi, India (1982). During this era, Mohammad Khan was officially working for IRNA, yet he was making connections and establishing himself to eventually move on to BBC.

Jahanshah chameleon was working hard to learn the fine arts of opportunism, incognito information trades, propaganda and double cross!

1988 - 1989 - He acted as a reporter and an agent of IRNA to cover assignments in Belgrade (1989) and at Iran-Iraq peace talks in Geneva (1988 - 1989). He was also freelancing for Tehran Times, another IRI mouthpiece media.

1990 - 1992 - He went back to school, continuing his education at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque and while he was there, he was working at the Daily Lobo. On 1991 He done some freelance for Associated Press in Tehran.

1991 - 1996 - He started his official work with BBC Persian Service, yet he was still working for IRNA in New York and UN. He continued his education in media studies in Hunter College of New York. His studies continued for decades (From Birth to Grave!) but has he ever managed to get a lousy degree? Only Allah knows!

1994 - 1996 - One of Jahanshah's darkest eras in life was working as a propagandist mouthpiece for the Islamic Regime, as a direct Agent of The Islamic Republic in the infamous "Aftab" Cable Television in New York.

At the same time, he was working with Iran Business Monitor also in New York.

IRI's America East Coast Operations
- Aftab TV (later changed to IRI International Jame Jam TV)
- Alavi Foundation (New York)
- Muslim Student Association
- A number of other organizations and Front Businesses

Aftab Television, Alavi Foundation and Muslim Student Association, were some of the most infamous front organizations of IRI in New York to operate their well connected network to sabotage Opposition networks and activities via collecting huge amounts of Islamic Charity and donation funds to operate their network of espionage, money laundry, illegal weapon purchases, illegal business transactions, spreading Islamist propaganda, drafting new Muslim agents, and other terrorist activities. These three organizations were Front Businesses for IRI's illegal activities in "America East Coast Operations."

IRI's America West Coast Operations
- Iman Foundation (Los Angeles)
- Muslim Student Association of California
- A number of other media and satellite televisions

IRI has a separate network of Espionage in west coast which is called "America West Coast Operations", which includes Front Businesses of Iman Foundation, Muslim Student Association of California, and a number of Media mouthpieces including newspapers, magazines, websites and Satellite televisions.

1996 - 2001 - Mr. Javid continued his activities with BBC Persian Services and also added Washington, DC to his area of operation.

On November 6th 1995 Mohamad Javid created a new mouthpiece front business, yet this time in the form of a Net Media named "The Iranian Magazine":

Important Note:

Jahanshah Javid, the same as a chameleon changes colors, shapes and sites to lose track, but we manage to find him!

Jahanshah Javid's New Site is "Iroon Magazine":

Jahanshah Javid Hezbollah IRI Agent Cleans Track on Internet

This is the latest way which he registered his front business website (2003):

Domain Name:
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Name Server: NS1.SIMORGH.COM
Name Server: NS1.GPG.COM
Updated Date: 27-jun-2006
Creation Date: 06-nov-1995
Expiration Date: 05-nov-2008

Administrative Contact:
Javid, Jahanshah

Abadan Publishing
377A Atlantic Ave. Apt. 2
Brooklyn, NY 11217 US
(718) 852-4851 fax: 999 999 9999

Technical Contact:
Hosseini, Anoosh

PO BOX 2877
SAN RAMON, CA 94583-7877 US
925-735-8606 fax: 925-735-8606

Record expires on 07-Nov-2008.
Record created on 06-Nov-1995.
Database last updated on 20-Oct-2006 23:33:46 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:


Iranian LLC
507 Mariani Lane
San Jose, CA 95112 US


What part is fake and what part is the truth, remains to be known! He continued working with IRNA, Iranian Business Monitor, Aftab TV (later on switched to IRI Satellite TV for abroad viewers and Jame Jam TV) and many other IRI Agencies. Jahanshah Javid, until the present day, manages to keep a good relation with Hezbollah organizations and mouthpieces inside and abroad!

2004 - Jahanshah Javid's original spouse was a Hezbollahi Typist named Zahra Pirani. He has a daughter, Mahdiyeh Javid who were born on 1982. Mahdiyeh is also presently working for and her Hezbo Daddy.

On year 2004, Jahanshah married a woman named Javaneh Khodabakhsh. This woman is also presently working for and Jahanshah Chameleon. Like everything else, Jahanshah swapped his Hezbollahi chadori wife with a western Iranian American wife to fit his ever-changing chameleon lifestyle and profile!

Profile of an Opportunist!

So as you see, primarily JJ changes his environment, next he changes career, then he changes face, dress and outlook. Lastly he changes wives! The perfect chameleon in action!

Many Faces of Jahanshah Javid

Jahanshah has many faces!
Jahanshah Chameleon camouflages to his Islamist Hezbollahi Face!
Jahanshah Chameleon camouflages to his Liberal Reformist Face!
Jahanshah Chameleon camouflages to his Weasel-like Opportunist Businessman Face!
Jahanshah Chameleon camouflages to his clean-cut and shaved American Patriot Face!

Mr. Javid is a Chameleon Lizard, he camouflages and he changes face, outlook and name as it suits him and requires him to do such! In 1980s it suited him to change colors, grow a beard and mustache, wear a raggedy black Islamist shirt, move to Tehran and change his name from Jahanshah to Mohamad! Once established himself in United States, he switched again! He shaved the beard and mustache, threw away the black Ya Hussein Shirt, put a tie, white collar shirt and a suit, and of course changed his name, back to Jahanshah Javid! How could he afford not to? The orders from Tehran are very clear. IRI Mouthpieces have to blend in, have to show a facade of a clean cut shaved, well dressed journalists!

Today, Mr. Mohamad Khan-e Jahanshah-e Javid operates as a business (not a reliable tribune). is a tabloid, not a valid media. He is a businessman with a very dark past and an extremely hazy and cloudy present, unorthodox business practices, tight relations with Islamic Republic of Iran, IRNA its News Agency, Suspicious IRI backed and owned organizations, front businesses and mouthpieces in America.

Mr. Javid does not operate his "Net Tabloid" as a Fair and Balanced Net Media (such as IPC), yet he puts up a facade of a modernized westernized liberal media on his tabloid, but as much as Tehran allows him to do so! Once a Real Opposition article, document, announcement or news is sent to him or hits his website or forum (The Iranian used to have a forum), he simply eliminates it. Mr. Javid is allowed to play westernized liberal media sham as much as Tehran allows him to do and as long as episodes remain in the frame work of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Laws and Regulations! Once a while he publishes some very radical and liberal photos and articles to lose track, but as long as they are in that framework!

Jahanshah Javid, an Opportunist!

The "Nothing is Sacred" slogan, is a sham. His Atheist outlook, is another facade. Mr. Javid is not an atheist, not a creationist, not even an Islamist, but Mr. Javid is a flat opportunist! His philosophy is "Any Which way the wind blows"! He has no morals, no journalistic integrity and surely no decency! Whatever steps which helps him to grab an opportunity and fills up his bank account, he will grab, like he grabs his own mother!

Yesterday's Hezbollah, Today's Reformist!

Mr. Javid is the perfect portrait of an Ex Militant Hezbollahi Islamist turned present Hezbollahi Liberal Reformist! Yesterday he was a Hard-core Radical but today he sings Reformist Songs! He manages to keep a perfect relationship with his masters (IRNA and BBC), Reformist Movement (to block the Iranian Revolution), Whores of Opposition in Reform Clothing (Meli Mazhabi and Jebhe Meli) and other servants of IRI.

Mr. Javid has managed to create an establishment, inside United States of America, as a Mouthpiece and Front Business for the IRI and to some points (like the rest of these mouthpieces) managed to collect funds from various Iranian Businesses for advertisements, to keep his "Net Tabloid" going. The is alive, at the expense of the good Iranian businessmen, unaware of Mr. Javid's True identity and history. Many of these advertisers are keen on IRI and work with IRI; however, there are a good amount of good Iranian business people who are not informed about Mr. Javid's Shaky Business Deals! Mr. Javid is only one example amongst many other "Sleeper Cells" of IRI in USA who are basically operating as "Journalist Cells". I have the history and records of many of these "Journalist Cells" in my archives. I have dates, documents, and hard evidence on many Servants of IRI, which at a proper time I will expose them one by one.

In case, there will be a funny accident happening to me, my comrades have orders to expose these documents with or without me amongst the living! I always manage to keep some documents as "Insurance Policy" aside and away from Hezbollah and public, so Hezbos will not be so eager to come to my funeral too soon!

Why I wrote this piece?

As I have mentioned, I have much bigger fish than Javid to fry and I truly did not want to write this piece but he forced me into doing it by boldly committing these acts:

a) IPC posts informative announcements around the web. While, still had a forum, IPC posted one of these informative posts in there. Jahanshah Javid Deleted the very first IPC Informative Announcement in his forum. This is where "Nothing is Sacred" is in fact nothing but an empty slogan! When some hard-core Opposition Organization (IPC Operations), posts an informative post, then it gets deleted in; furthermore, later on the forum, itself gets deleted and disappears from face of the earth! Why is that? Because Jahanshah Javid wants absolute control on what to be published and what not, in! After all, there is a limit to what he is allowed to publish in! He can publish Hezbollah views, he can publish National Islamist (Meli Mazhabi) views, he can publish Liberal Reformist (Ebadi, Khatami, Ganji) views, he can even publish Liberal Democratic views and anyone such as members of Jebhe Meli (Iran National Front) whom can be tolerated under the Islamic Republic's laws and frame work. Sometimes he can even publish a random radical and liberal piece (to lose track), but he can never publish a hard-core Iranian opposition piece, which directs towards Mullahs and his bosses in IRNA or IRIB! Mr. Javid must absolutely obey Tehran and Qom!

b) Later on, Mr. Javid deleted IPC Web Mistress' post in his forum, questioning him on his trashing of Freedom of Speech, One Sided Journalism and Oppressive Behavior.

c) Next, Mr. Javid, Ignored IPC Web Mistress' E-mail to him and his Junior Hezbo Forum Monitor "Mashregh". He refused to respond.

Can people change?
(Counter Points)

* Now, you might ask me, Dr. X, weren't you the preacher of "how people can Evolve"? Then isn't it possible that Hezbollah was just a phase for Mr. Javid and he grew out of it (as he states in his site)? Then I will tell you that first, he still has a perfect relation and association with Tehran, and second, I will ask you that, are what he done in later days, the actions of an Evolved man? How can you delete and silence people's voice for expressing their opinion and then turn around and state that is protector of Freedom of Speech? How can you defend Freedom of Expression and then delete an informative update post made by a group of sincere opposition members from all walks of life and ideologies? Then isn't slogans such as "Nothing is Sacred" just a sham?!

* Then you might say that he has the right to delete articles in his own forum, but then again, I will tell you that I, also have a duty to reveal the truth about his "very dark past" and the "hazy present business deals" rather than "journalistic integrities" to the general public. It is my duty to general public to expose Mr. Javid and likes of him, wide open! In united states, This is called freedom of press, and is also protected by the press shields laws.

Back then, This was what IPC Web Mistress wrote to Mr. Javid and she never received a reply, simply because "What could he say?!" Please view the E-mail:

* * *

A Letter from IPC Web Mistress to Jahanshah Javid

To's Publisher and its forum Moderator:

You have shamelessly deleted the only post, which we have made in this Grocery Store of yours. Once a while, we write an informing notice about updates in IPC, opposition and Iranian politics, and then we email this notice to every major political party, personality, organization, media and group of Iran, we also post it in all major Iranian forums. This notice consists of links to various new web pages of IPC, which varies from cartoon animations to articles. We have never posted anything in your forum until yesterday and you managed to delete it yesterday. IPC is not a strict commercial site or a grocery store (Dokan) like your site. IPC is a political, cultural, historical website to protect and serve the Iranian Culture and to expand and teach the true meaning of the words, strange to many Iranians such as "Democracy" and "Freedom of Speech" and "Freedom of Expression". Iranian Dictatorial Mentality exists in all lines of Iranian life, the Iranian Media included. Iranian Forums are a perfect example of this system with a "Moderator Dictator Shepherd" deciding on what goes and what not, and how to rule over the people as cattle. The cattle is used to be moderated, because Iranians have been shutten up for 8000 years!

The dictators and Moderators are also used to smacking the cattle on the head to keep them in order, such as you do. Cattle needs a shepherd because cattle knows no other system than this Dictatorial system; otherwise, there would be no need for Moderators with absolute powers over the masses!

The bottom line is that we posted an extremely important and informing post to raise the awareness and education of our people and to expose a various different movements, and you went ahead and deleted it. We already went through this routine with the last shameless forum (Jebhe Melli Iran forum aka INF Fascist Forum) which deleted us and we are aware that to sing songs of Freedom of Speech, Democracy, and Equal Rights to Iranian Authority Figures or Wanna Bees are hopeless. Iranians are used to controlling and forcing their opinion upon others, some do it as an Imam, some as a Cabinet Minister and some as a Forum Moderator; this is the mentality in which they have been taught and grew up with. I imagine, this makes us idealists to continuously sing these songs to the deaf ears of our people! We understand uneducated Iranians have the right to behave this way, but what is your excuse?

You deleted a Chance for our people to get informed! But, we will not do to you, same as you have done to us, we will show you a "BETTER WAY". Disregarding their political, religious and philosophical beliefs, we will keep the links to all major Iranian entities in IPC directory. As we have always done, we will continue keeping your links in IPC directory, to show you this better way.

I will not take any more of your time and I will leave you with a quote:

"The Government of each nation is a representation of the masses of that nation. Islamic Republic of Iran has been in power for decades. IRI represents Iranian mentality; therefore, it is only fair to get this conclusion, that our masses do deserve the rule of the Islamic Republic!"
(a speech from Dr. X, 2001)

The Roots of our problems are the mentality of our own people.

IPC Web Mistress

* * *

The above, were what Cat wrote (few years ago) to Jahanshah Javid's deaf ears!

Well, this one for you Cat. Thanks for the past exposing piece on Jebhe Meli. Now we are even!

When you surf the web and open's first web page, you will see a "Begging Button" for you to donate to his website. JJ (Jalq Jalq aka Jahanshah Javid) screams: Readers of unite! This sounds like "Proletariat of the world, unite!", yet this time, strictly for Mr. Javid's pocket, wallet and bank account!

Obviously the advertisements are not enough, presents from Tehran and across US are not enough, and now Mr. Javid begs for more money from you to support his Hezbollah Mouthpiece in Disguise! It is amazing how all of these IRI Friendly, Reformist Friendly websites like or or etc. always beg for money at the first or second pages of their website! Well, I trashed Jebhe Meli's Beggary, so recently they took off their "Begging Button" from their first page (Jebhe Meli in America site)!

IRI Lobby Groups, Agents and Media in USA

For more information on IRI Lobby and Agents:

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America: Part 1

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America: Part 2

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America: Part 3

Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA Thread

IRI Neo Financial Tactic!

Jahanshah Javid is only one small potato amongst many other big potato servants of IRI, Reformists and New Liberal Face of the Islamic Regime. One of the new tactics of the regime is to create all of these supposedly Liberal Media in the forms of Website, Newspaper, Magazine, TV, Radio, etc. and furthermore, makes you (the Iranian consumer) to support them with your advertisement and donation money, so they don't even have to lift a finger to support their own Front Business!

This is the ultimate slickness and Weasel-like tactic for Hezbollah to sell you their propaganda machines as Free Speech Tribunes, make you pay their salaries, run these "Journalist Cells" with your money, and then turn around and laugh in your faces! Tehran is making a mockery out of Iranian Americans and other Exiled Iranian Successful Businesses and professionals, and then using them as toys and bank accounts! This is the ultimate spit in the face of Freedom loving Iranians in Exile! Basically they take your money, brainwash you with their disguised rhetorics and spit in your face and hey, so far they have been doing it for almost 29 years! The question is "How gullible can you be?"

As I have always stated, no one will help us, no prince charming on the white horse will come to save us, Foreign Powers' primary duty is for their own benefits, people and government. They will not go out of their ways to save us, and no miracles will happen. We have our good friends, friends of Iran in all levels of American or European Societies, but ultimately, it is only "Us" who can help "Us". So be wise and do not blindly accept anything for its face value. I beg you to do some research before you fall for these IRI Mouthpieces. This is only one case, I can give you many other bigger and juicier cases, but the time is not now, eventually I will share many episodes with you. Continued in next page

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