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Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise! - Part 2

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America!
Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!

Part Two
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: December 23, 2003
2nd Edition: February 28, 2017

JJ Bowl
JJ = Jalq Jalq (Islamically Correct Masturbation, Islamic Style!)
Jahanshah Javid (JJ) = Shiite of the Season

…. And this season's "Shiite of The Season Award", goes to Mr. Jahanshah Javid!

Who is Hezbollah?

Allow me to define Hezbollah. Many of you are under the impression that Hezbollah is a terrorist
organization in Lebanon! Those who think so, are simply unaware that Hezbollah originated in Iran. The movement practically started on 1979 by followers of Imam Khomeini. Tehran is the headquarter of the International Hezbollah. Iranian Hezbollah is also known as Ansar-e Hezbollah. The Lebanese Hezbollah is only a faction of Hezbollah, funded, supported and trained by Iranian Hezbollah and Sepah Pasdaran (Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guards) and its elite Ghods Units.

Hezbollahi is a Hezbollahi. May it be, A Fundamentalist Hezbo, A Moderate Hezbo or
A Reformist Hezbo. They are all the same in nature! The only good Hezbo is a ...... Hezbo!

Jahanshah Chameleon with his Hezbollahi chadori wife Zahra Pirani!

Jahanshah Chameleon with his Western Iranian American wife Javaneh Khodabakhsh!

Tehran is The Hezbollah central!

You see, Hezbollah means Party of God (Allah).
Hezbollah = Hezb (Party) + Allah (Arabo_Islamic God)
Hezbollah => Party of God

Hezbollah is a political party and a militant organization which believes that the only form of government must be the Islamic Government which controls the political, judicial, legislative and every other social aspects of a society.

Hezbollah believes in one nation, one government and one people (Umma') under Allah. A global Islamist Regime is well desired by Hezbollah.

To achieve this regime, the ends, justifies all the means!

Many Faces of Hezbollah!

Hezbollah comes in many shapes and forms!

Fundamentaist Hezbollah

Hezbollah could be Fundamentalist Islamist.

Hezbollah Iran
Hezbollah Ansar News
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Moderate Hezbollah

Hezbollah can be Moderate Islamist.

Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

Reformist Hezbollah

Hezbollah can be Reformist Islamist.

Jebhe Mosharekat
Jebhe Mosharekat (Emrooz)
Seyed Mohammad Khatami

Friends of Hezbollah

Then you have Reformists, Liberal Reformists, National Islamists or Liberal Democrats whom assume that they can reform the un-reformable Islamic Republic of Iran from within the regime! They are willing to cut a deal with anyone in the regime and any fraction of the regime, as long as the regime throws them a bone or an end piece of meat or power! These people often sell their own mothers for $5, any day of the week! These low life opportunists are worst than Hezbollah, because they are only in it for power, money and position! Low lives such as:

Shirin Ebadi
Akbar Ganji
Jebhe Meli (Iran National Front)
Nehzat Azadi (Iran Freedom Movement)
Meli Mazhabi (National Islamists)

It is laughable that Norwegians granted "Piss Nipple Price" (Peace Nobel Prize) to Ayatollah-ette Shirin Ebadi! But then again, what do you expect from a committee whom also grants this award to characters such as Carter and Arafat?!

Reforms under the framework of Islam are a myth! Liberal Reformism, same as National Islamism (oxy moron) and Secular Islamism (oxy moron) is a sham!

More on Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America

A while back, a friend required about Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America. He brought up a few organizations and he needed some answers. Allow me to elaborate.

(Hands Across The Mideast Support Alliance)

HAMSA is consisting of two different organizations:

(American Islamic Congress)


The Tharwa Project

Then you have:

Muslim Students Association

People ask me if they are front organizations and businesses for Hezbollah?
Why don't you contact them and ask them:

"Hello, Alo? Are you a Mild "Muslim Apologist" or a Hot Fundamentalist Islamist?"

Do you like Mexican food?
You see, Muslim are like Salsa, they come in Mild and Hot!

Some are mild and some are hot!

Myth of two Islam: The Moderate and The Extremist Islam!

"All" Islamic Foundations and Organizations in North America, are presently under Homeland Security and FBI's surveillance. There is no hard-core evidence or substantial fact that HAMSA has Hizbollahi connections, yet they are an Islamic Organization, and they have "Islamic Apologist" views. If you speak to them, they will bring you every excuse in the book that Quran is misinterpreted and one should not take Quran "Literally", yet one should look at the depth of the meanings of each verse, Ayeh and Surah! There is a deeper meanings to Ayate Quran. They will make a symbolic interpretation of every single Aye in Quran and Ravayat in Hadith which promotes Jihad, Murder, Rape, Pillage, Kill Infidel, Kill Jews, Kill Christians, Bang a 9 year old child, polygamy and etc. They will interpret and justify every single clear cut Quranic Fatwa to rape, murder, maim and decapitate Christians, Jews and Infidels!

Unfortunately the West is under the spell of Islam! The west still assumes that there are Good Muslim and then there are Bad Muslim! The west believes that there are Moderate Muslim and then there are Extremist Musim! The west believes that Islam is the religion of peace, but a few fundamentalists are the ones whom give a bad name to Islam!

Let me quote and for once and for all clarify this fact:

"There maybe some moderate Muslim, but Islam in its nature is fundamentalist!"

Now back to our case,
So far there is no solid evidence that HAMSA has Hizbollahi connections, but through the years, they have been collecting huge funds, and like "All" Islamic Organizations, some of these funds, somehow has found their ways in to the pockets of so called "Radical Islamic" groups!

The fact is that there is not a solid line for us to separate the "Radical Fundamentalist Islam" and the "Good Moderate Islam"! When it all comes down to get down and dirty, Islam is Islam and Muslim are Muslim. A Muslim will defend Islam, stands against Western Values and ways of life. A Muslim defends Quran, and their pedophile, murdering, rapist, thief and bandit prophet! Democracy and Islam are like Cat and Water! Secularism and Islam are contradictory to one another! Islam is not just a religion, but a way of life, a form of government which dictates all social and judicial rules via the Shari'a Laws of Islam. In Islam, all three branches of government: legislative, executive and juditial are under the control of state (Islam), then how can a Muslim be a Moderate Muslim, a Secular Muslim or American first and Muslim second?!

These are all Islamist Apologist nonsense to put up a civilized face and a peaceful mask for Islam in the west! Inside every Moderate Muslim, there is a Fundamentalist Muslim, waiting to be born! That's why terms such as:

Meli Mazhabi (Nationalist Islamist)
Islamic Democracy
Reformist Islamist

are as cheesy as they come!

The only way to reform Islam is to end its existence!
Islam is not just another religion, yet a dangerous political ideology!

How can you be an Iranian Nationalist and then believe in Islamist Internationalism?!
How can you believe in Democracy and then believe in Islam (Theocratic Dictatorship)?

It's all politics and that's why supposedly both Reza Pahlavi (closet Secularist) and Maryam Rajavi (closet Marxist) are Good pious Muslim! Well after all, you must be a Good Muslim (at least by facade), to ride the masses of Iranian Muslim Cattle (Gav o Guspandan)! Hee Haw, ride em up, roll em in, Raw Hide!

Amen Brother!

Now, some as:

Alavi Foundation of New York


Iman Cultural Center of Los Angeles

have known connections to Islamic Republic of Iran and are basically front organizations for Hizbollah, yet others are still incognito!

Look at this:

Iman Cultural Center
Iran Hall (Talar-e Iran)

This is a page from Iman Cultural Center. They even built a Hall of Iran with replica of Persepolis Walls, so once you are in it, you will feel that you are in Persepolis! Then the "Dakeye Gedayi" (Collecting Funds) starts and the bending up and down (Namaz Prayer) and Arab Parasti (Arab Worship) starts and all of a sudden you will find yourself in Mecca! At first, they bring you the Persepolis, but somehow by the end, you end up in Mecca!

The bottom line is that the civilized world is at war with Islam. Hizbollahi or not Hizbollahi is not the subject! Wash away the facade and get close to a Muslim, start talking to them for half an hour, suddenly the Moderate Muslim, starts criticizing the Western Lifestyle and starts taking sides with Radical Islamic Heroes whom are fighting the west. It is always the same!

Even though, due to constitution of IPC, I must work with Opposition Muslim, yet at the bottom of my heart, I always have eyes behind my head and watching them, just in case the "Sword of Islam" may Frag me up the Shiiter! I simply have a hard time trusting Muslim, especially Iranian Muslim (Salman Farsis)!

The term, "Iranian Muslim" is also an oxy moron! How can you be an Iranian Nationalist and then a Muslim?! Figure that Islam has destroyed Iran in two occasions (651 AD and 1979 AD), then how can one be both? An Iranian Muslim is as contradictory as a Black KKK or a Nazi Jew!

Since its birth, Islam had one mission and one mission only:
To spread the Islamic ideology by force, rape, murder, pillage, violence and slaughter of the innocent; so The Islamic Empire can be created to destroy global cultures and to conquer the world. One Umma' under Allah!

Sometimes I feel that I am stuck between Shiite and Bull Shiite!
I am stuck between Shiite (Muslim) and Bull Shiite (Western Apologists for Islam)!

I have a personal problem with Hezbollah!

Due to the way that I always bash and expose "All" types of Hezbollah, some people often make remarks that "It is personal" or "Ahreeman has a personal problem with these people"!

Well, I am here to respond and testify that:

Hell yes!
I do indeed have a personal problem with Hezbollah in any shape or form!

I have a personal problem with:

Yesterday's Hostage Taker and Today's President like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Yesterday's Hostage Taker and Today's Ex Vice President like Masoumeh Ebtekar (Ebte-Kir).
Yesterday's Hezbollahi Pasdar and Today's Liberal Reformist Journalist like Akbar Ganji.
Yesterday's Hezbollahi Lawyer and Today's Humanitarian Con Artist like Shirin Ebadi.
Yesterday's Hezbollahi Propagandist and Today's Liberal Con Artist like Jahanshah Javid.
Yesterday's associates of Hezbollah and Today's Reformists like Jebhe Meli Iran.
Yesterday's partners of Hezbollah and Today's Meli Mazhabi, Vajih ol Melleh like Nehzat Azadi.

These great Iranian Hee-Rows, presently go under the face lift and assume that the masses do indeed forget their disgraceful pasts!

One more time, for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind:

Hezbollahi is a Hezbollahi. May it be,
A Fundamentalist Hezbo such as Ahmadinejad,
A Moderate Hezbo such as Rafsanjani and Kargozaran,
A Reformist Hezbo such as Khatami, Ebadi, Ganji and the Reform Movement.

Whores of the Opposition are Liberal Reformists. May they be,
Dead Opportunist Jebheis such as Sanjabi, Bazargan, Forouhar,
Alive Opportunist Jebheis such as Boroumand, Amir Entezam,
Meli Mazhabis such as Ebrahim Yazdi and other Dayus!

Is it personal?
To answer precisely,
Hell yes! I have a personal problem with Hezbollah in any shape or form. I have a problem with all Liberal Reformists and Front businesses of Hezbollah, may they be either:

Alavi Foundation of NY

Iman Foundation of LA


The Iranian Magazine


Iroon Magazine

.... or may they be IRI's Santee Mosque in San Diego County or any other Bull Shiite Liberal Reformist business, fronting in disguise for Hezbollah of Tehran!

All and All, they are blocks on the way of the future Iranian Nationalist Revolution.

Yesterday's writers of, today's writers of!

Have you noticed, since Jebhe Meli forum closed down, all the Jebheis, Meli Mazhabi, Liberal Reformists, and other Reformists are now writing for! This of course includes the untalented Ex Hezbo and present Liberal Reformist Grizzly Bear, Mr. Jalq Jalq aka JJ aka Jahanshah Javid (publisher of!

The Untalented Troll, Jahanshah Javid!

While back, I was browsing that site and noticed that the site is so intellectually poor and out of material that JJ had to video tape himself, dancing behind the wheel of his car (Dancing Bear) and post the video on the site! On another occasion JJ was taking photos of the live American TV and writing notes as his remarks, under the photos, post them on the site as humor pieces and graphic design! The talented Mr. Jalq Jalq in action! I feel sorry for the readers and advertisers of whom are paying to view or read this type of garbage!

It is truly sad to see certain Iranians actually pay to see a short, dark, fat, hairy troll dances on the seat of his car (dancing bear), mocks the nature of Persianhood by peddling his butt: " readers, unite", charge people to read his no talent garbage and then claim that has 700,000 readers a month!

Do you recall how ex bozos of Jebhe Meli forum and present writers of,
Dr. Anvari, Dr. Kazem Zadeh, Dr. J, Dr. Hammihan-e Dooli, Dr. Sool, Dr. Chose-Fil and other Dayous used to write: Forum has 70,000 readers a month?

Now a fat Master-Baitor wanna be journalist, Mr. JJ aka Jahanshah Javid also claims that: has 700,000 readers a month!

70,000 or 700,000, why not 7 million?!
There is no tax on Bull Shiite!
(Kos O She'r maliyat nadareh!)

One can Bull Shiite all he wants and with no limitation by the law!
One does not also need any evidence or documentation for one's bull shiite!

Final Words

Lastly, I want to mention that my comrades mean the world to me. Camaraderie is my game. We all have different ideologies, but we are all Iranians. I criticize them but once it comes down to getting down and dirty, my opposition comrades of Monarchist, Republican, Muslim, Communist, Socialist and Nationalist are all and all my comrades and I will stand behind them and defend them to death.

IPC Operations is not a political party, yet it is a political entity consisting of all opposition and non opposition members from all walks of life, and when it comes to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Press and Media, Human Rights to express themselves, and Individual Rights, we will become united and together we will expose Theocratic Dictatorship of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mullahs oppression and murders, IRI's activities in the West as Sleeper Cells and Journalist Cells. We become united as a big punch in the face of Fundamentalist, Moderate and Reformist Fractions of IRI and their Mouthpieces. We will expose All Hezbollah's puppets in disguise.

If you ask Tehran, they will condemn their own mouthpieces like, Alavi Foundation, Iman Foundation, Santee Mosque of San Diego County, Muslim Student Associations and 101 other Sleeper Cells and Journalist Cells (I will discuss them in a later time), but in reality, they have a beneficial mutual business deal with all of these Front Businesses!

To all actual or suspected Hezbollah front businesses in America

To all actual or suspected Hezbollah front businesses in America,
I assure you that we are closely watching you.
I also assure you that Department of Homeland Security is also closely watching you.
Make no mistakes, only one unexplained move, one suspicious bank wire from Tehran, one fishy financial transaction in US or overseas, one suspicious association with terrorist suspects, one unaccounted shipment to Tehran, one transfer of important information to overseas, one shaky deal or one false move, and you are history!

Persians, be wise and do not be toyed with. Get informed and fight back with all your might. As free Iranians, if you cannot be in our ranks, then at least help to free Iran by not supporting these Front Businesses for IRI.


On 1979, we mourned the Death of Iran. Today, I am asking you to help me, to help us, to help yourselves, so one day soon, we can celebrate the Re-Birth of Iran! Help us to help you to help your children. True Iranians will live, love and die as Iranians.

Think about it, when you donate, advertise and affiliate with other commercial sites, you are basically supporting the lifestyle of a fat-bellied Iranian webmaster, his luxury house, luxury automobile, champagne, caviar, Chelo Kabob and ….., but when you support IPC, you support the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran. When you support IPC, you support Iranian Resistance and "All" Iranian Resistance to tyranny, because IPC advertises, promotes and supports "All" Iranian Opposition political parties and organizations of Iran. When you support IPC, you support The Opposition to tyranny. When you support IPC, you support the survival of Iran's culture, heritage, traditions, history, celebrations and "Persianhood". Westoxication outside Iran, promotes Westernization, and Arabtoxication inside Iran, promotes Arabo_Islamization. IPC promotes Iranization, Persianhood and keeps our culture alive.

West looks out for west and AIOG looks out for Arabo_Muslim, but who looks out for your children? When you support IPC, you support the future of your children to live as proud Iranians.

So put the two in a scale:
Should you support IPC or should you support some Iranian Tabloid?
Should you support Iranian Culture or should you support some webmaster's fat belly?
Should you support freedom of Iran or should you support financing some webmaster's new luxury home?

We believe it is a no brainer!

Islam has brought a present to Iran: "Culture of Death"! Help us bring back the present of "Life" to Iran! Iranian culture is not about mourning, crying, and self-mutilation for the Arab Prophet and his 12 Imams, throughout the year! Iranian Culture is about laughter, happiness, music, dance, celebration, life, warmth and love! Help us to inform the uninformed. Help us to return "Love" back to Iran. Help us to help you.

I am what I am and there is one side to me. What you see is what you get! As you are my witness, throughout my life, this has been, is and will be my motto:

No Deals
No Reforms
No Retreats
No Revisions
No Surrender
No Opportunism
No Sweet Talks
No Negotiations
No Beating around the bush
No Dancing around the issues
Only Absolute Overthrow of Islamic Republic of Iran,
By "All Means Possible"

More power to all freedom fighters of Iran

Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X

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