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Nature of Liberal Democrat Reformists

Crimes of Khatami
Nature of Liberal Democrat Reformists
Ahreeman X
July 31, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, with every season, there comes a Shiite … and this season's "Shiite of the Season" award goes to Hojatol Eslam Seyed Moahamad Khatami! We have tried so hard to flush this Shiite down the Shiite Can, but he is so persistent, he pops back up and simply refuses to be flushed!

Khatami, an IRI puppet to Stop the Iranian Revolution!

Mr. Khatami was the Minister of Islamic Propaganda (Ershade Eslami), under his absolute knowledge, supervision and OK, in cooperation with Imam Khomeini, only in one shot
15,000 opposition members had been executed in cold blood, in the prisons
of the regime, without even a show trial! This was the 80's.

The same Mr. Khatami, once more clearly over and over had denied the right of Israel to exist! Of course Khatami had also stated the need for IRI to support the Palestinian Terror Organizations by all means possible!

Mr. Khatami clearly went behind the tribune and after the soccer riots, he called the revolutionaries:

Obash, Arazel, Ashubgaran-e khiyabani va Football
{Low Lives, Lampoons, soccer Hooligans}

The only thing Mr. Khatami uncensored, was to clearly prove to the Iranians that the Reformists and himself have no intention of getting rid of Islamic Theocracy and the Government of Allah!

Until there is a Government of Allah in power in Iran, there will never ever be a shred of Democracy in Iran!

As I have said, many times before, Khatami is there to protect the Islamic Republic by all means possible. Until Islam rules Iran, there will never be a chance for democracy to bloom in Iran.

L. Bye Bye but I'll be back!
R. Ajab mardom o 8 sal kos gir avordim ha!
(Funny how I pulled one on people for 8 years!)

Khatami reminds me of Alexander Kerensky in Russian Revolution. Kerensky was put in power to postpone the Bolshevik Revolution, he never meant to change the system of Monarchy, he was bound to keep the Tsar in power. Khatami is there to protect the Velayat-e Faqih and the Islamic Republic of Iran by any charlatanism, fraud, and any other method of riding the public and reformers as Persian Donkeys! Riding the masses, Hee Haw!

The time for Kerenskys in Iran is over now. Iran needs an overhaul not a patch-up job! The whole system is corrupt from the roots and bone marrows. We cannot spray wash a car that has not been washed for 28 + years, with only plain water! We cannot put Shiite on Shingle! We must primarily clean the rusts with W40! We need a major overhaul of the system.

I honestly believe that majority of the youth, even the reformists are on to the leadership of the reform and Mr. Khatami. 8 years of sitting behind his desk and playing Arshimalalan with his Shambool and Haji Kuchike was enough. One cannot fool all of the people, all of the times!

Reform Movement and Islamist Reformists had their chance and they had proved that they only were playing a charade for the masses of Iran. It is amazing that the Reformists are still insisting that they have the answer to the ills of Iran!

Hezbollah is Hezbollah

Hezbollah is Hezbollah, may they be Fundamentalists, Moderates or Reformists. The Reform Movement is the worst catastrophe which had ever hit Iran during the past 28 + years. They had clearly postponed the Iranian Nationalist Revolution by playing the good cop in the Islamic movie of "The Good Cop and the Bad Cop"!

Reformist and Fundamentalist go hand in hand!
Khatami: I have pulled one on people for 8 years, now it's your turn.
Ahmadinejad: Mokhlesim, chakerim, I am your student, you great O Mighty Bull Shiiter!

Reformists in any shape or form including but not limited to Islamist Reformists, Liberal Reformists and other abominations are a block on the road of "Change".

Con Artists and protectors of Islamic Republic of Iran, wolves in sheep clothings such as Shirin Ebadi, Akbar Ganji, Jahanshah Javid and indeed the Khatami brothers are nothing but frauds. We do not need Reforms, we need a Bloody Revolution to "Change" the Islamic System in whole!

The time for Reformists of Iran to gather around Khatamis of Iran, to see the "Farts and Giggles" Show of Reform is over! In the past, Khatami used to gather the Idealist Donkeys and Sheep and give a good "Farts and Giggles" Reform Show and Speech for their money, but now, even the Reformist Students are "On to him!" His song and dance is getting way too old! The perfect example had occurred during that unforgettable 18 Tir Protests. The Reformist Students did not even participate in the Protests and they openly stated that: "Khatami's administration had proved that they cannot even protect the students to demonstrate; furthermore, Khatami clearly stated that he will not back the students' rights to protest, so why should we protest if we know for sure that Hezbollah will slaughter us?!"

Back then, I had predicted that the change was coming like a storm, and the winds of change would Blow and take away the whole Reform Leadership, including Mr. Khatami up in the sky, like blowing in the wind ........ and it did happen just the way that I had predicted. People would not buy the Reforms anymore.

A Mullah is a Mullah, with Pierre Cardin Reformist Robe Aba (Khatami) or Fancy Yves Saint Laurent Moderate Aba (Rafsanjani) or Fundamentalist No Aba (Ahmadinejad)!

Sage Zard, baradar-e shoqal-e.
"The Yellow Dog is the brother to Coyote!"
(Persian Expression from LOP's Graphics Collection!)

Who gots the best smile?
Khatami: Your smile is even lovelier than mine! For 8 years I conned people with this smile! The key is to have a great smile! Just smile and Umma of Gav Parvar will lovese lovese love you!
Ahmadinejad: I brush my teeth with Chinese Colgate Brightening Toothpaste! Hee Hee Hee …

There is no such a thing as a partial democracy or Islamic Democracy! Either Democracy or Theocracy? People are not Cattle (Gav O Guspand) to be controlled by a Valiye Faqih, laws of Shari'a or laws of Allah! Islam cannot force the laws of Islam in a democratic society.

"Mardom Olaq nistand ke no'i Aqa Bala Sar, ya Akhund, ba kolah-e Shar'i va qanune Eslam, baraye anan ta'yin-e taklif bekonad!"

The only people who fail to see Khatami's role in Iran as a:

Goh Mal Zan
"Shiite on Shingler Cover Up Boy"

are the Donkeys of Reform, Lambs of slaughter, Optimist Idealist calves, and of course cattle Sheep of Umma!

The terms:

Islamic Democracy
Civil Society
Dialogue among the civilizations
Religious Nationalism
National Islamist (Meli Mazhabi)

are basically sweet sounding Garbage Ala Cattle terms of

Harfha-ye Sad man ye qaz
"100 pounds for a nickel terms"
(Another Persian Expression)

These types of Bull Shiite, Khatami's style are getting old and he needs desperately to come up with yet another Neo Bull Shiite Term!

Seyed Mohamad Khatami is so bold that even after the end of his disgraceful two terms in office, he travels to USA and lectures for universities as a substantial lecturer, a great Liberal Reformist and protector of Democracy in Iran! Shirin Ebadi does the same! These people truly assume that once more, they can back to power and play the Good Cop for another 8 years! They assume that next turn, they can erect a new Reform Leader, maybe Khatami Junior (Brother) as Neo President Candidate! They assume this Bull Shiite Game of switching from Moderates (Rafsanjani and Kargozaran) to Reformists (Khatami) to Fundamentalists (Ahmadinejad) can replay over and over forever!

The Muslim Dog Who Won't Be Flushed!
Talking about the dog who would not be flushed! This Muslim Dog (Khatami) will never go away! You simply can't get rid of him! If it's not armed forces official, then as a minister, if not then president and if he has no official position, then as a lecturer in American universities! Liberals are the same: Khatami is like Clinton, they would never go away!

Absolute Overthrow of IRI is the only salvation for Iran.

Crimes of Khatami

Khatami's crimes as:

1. Minister of Islamic Guidance aka Ershad-e Eslami (Islamic Propaganda)
2. Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces for Ideological and Cultural Affairs

Let's go back in history, shall we?

Allow me to quote:

Khatami Orders Closure of Daily for Mentioning His Role in Massacre Of Political Prisoners
Iran Zamin News Agency

The clerical regime's newspapers reported that the Tehran-based daily, Arya, "has been ordered to cease publication on the personal orders of the President and the speedy intervention of the Minister of Islamic Guidance after it published an article on the massacre of political prisoners in 1988." Arya had written on March 4, 2000: "The main way to tackle the issue of (chain political murders) is to go to the past and open the file of the large-scale execution of political prisoners in summer of 1988. Another Tehran journal, Gozaresh, further elaborated on the issue on April 8: "The article (in Arya) referred to the fatwa issued by His Eminence the Imam (Khomeini) after Operation Mersad (the Mojahedin's large-scale offensive). The Imam ordered the authorities to issue execution sentences in accordance with Sharia for all Mojahedin prisoners and infidels who are still insisting on their opposition to the state and their support for the Mojahedin." The English-language daily, Iran News, wrote on April 9: "Officials were astonished to see that these prisoners were still insisting on fighting the state and supporting the Mojahedin." The daily added: "The death sentences were issued when President Mohamad Khatami was the deputy chief of staff of the Armed Forces for ideological and cultural issues. He used to implement Imam Khomeini's verdicts in the most serious manner." Khatami's personal orders to shut down a newspaper for a mere mention of the massacre of political prisoners show once again that he, like other ruling mullahs, is frightened of the exposure of the clerical regime's crimes even in the most limited manner, for Khatami, as one of the highest ranking officials of the regime, has been involved in all the crimes of the past twenty years."

Allow me quote more:

Khatami Involved in 1988 Massacre of Political Prisoners
The Sunday Telegraph

Children as young as 13 were hanged from cranes, six at a time, in a barbaric two-month purge of Iran's prisons on the direct orders of... Khomeini, according to a new book by his former deputy.

More than 30,000 political prisoners were executed in the 1988 massacre - a far larger number than previously suspected. Secret documents smuggled out of Iran reveal that, because of the large numbers of necks to be broken, prisoners were loaded onto forklift trucks in groups of six and hanged from cranes in half-hourly intervals.

Gruesome details are contained in the memoirs of Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri... one of the founders of the Islamic regime. He was once considered Khomeini's anointed successor, but was deposed for his outspokenness, and is now under house arrest in the holy city of Qom.

Published privately last month after attempts by the regime to suppress it, the revelations have prompted demands from Iranian exiles for those involved to be tried for crimes against humanity. The most damning of the letters and documents published in the book is Khomeini's fatwa decree calling for all Mojahedin (as opponents of the Iranian regime are known) to be killed.

Issued shortly after the end of the Iran-Iraq war in July 1988 and an incursion into western Iran by the Iranian resistance, the fatwa reads: "It is decreed that those who are in prisons throughout the country and remain steadfast in their support for the Monafeqin (Mojahedin) are waging war on God and are condemned to execution."

It goes on to entrust the decision to "death committees" - three-member panels consisting of an Islamic judge, a representative of the Ministry of Intelligence, and a state prosecutor. Prisoners were to be asked if they had changed loyalties and, if not, were to be executed....

According to testimony from prison officials - including Kamal Afkhami Ardekani, who formerly worked at Evin prison - recently given to United Nations human rights rapporteurs: "They would line up prisoners in a 14-by-5- meter hall in the central office building and then ask simply one question, 'What is your political affiliation?'

Those who said the Mojahedin would be hanged from cranes in position in the car park behind the building."

He went on to describe how, every half an hour from 7.30 a.m. to 5 p.m., 33 people were lifted on three forklift trucks to six cranes, each of which had five or six ropes. He said: "The process went on and on without interruption." In two weeks, 8,000 people were hanged. Similar carnage took place across the country.

Many of those in the ruling council at the time of the 1988 massacre are still in power, including President Mohamad Khatami, who was the Director of Ideological and Cultural Affairs.

"The massacre may have happened 12 years ago, but the relevance is that these atrocities are still happening", said Mohammad Mohaddessin, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Iranian National Council of Resistance (NCRI), the main opposition group, who was in London last week to present evidence to MPs.

The NCRI has prepared files on 21 senior members of the regime whom it alleges were "principal protagonists of the massacre", including Mr. Khatami and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's "Supreme Leader"...

Mr. Mohaddessin said human rights abuses were continuing in Iran despite the election of Mr. Khatami, who "presents himself as a reformist".

Allow me to yet quote more:

IHRWG (Iranian Human Rights Working Group ) Statement
on the Tenth Anniversary of Mass Execution of Political Prisoners in 1988

September 4, 1998

September 1998 marks the 10th anniversary of the mass execution of political prisoners in Iran at the end of the Iran-Iraq war. While the exact number of prisoners executed is not known, it is believed that thousands of people may have been executed. The names of some of them have been publicized by opposition political organizations, and a partial list was included amongst the 1879 victims of executions in Iran in the reports of the former United Nations Special representative of the Commission on Human Rights, Mr. Raynaldo Galindo Pohl (documents E/CN.4/1989/26 and E/CN.4/1990.24), but many still remain unknown.

Even the whereabouts of the remains of most of those executed remain unknown. The execution of such a large number of individuals, within such a short time frame, is an appalling act under any circumstance. What makes this case even more of an atrocity is the fact that the executions were not preceded by proper judicial processes, in violation of half a dozen articles (articles 6 though 11) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), to which Iran is a signatory.

Such a widespread, indiscriminate and concerted violation of the most basic rights of a group of human beings must necessarily be characterized as a crime against humanity as a whole.

According to a letter written by Ayatollah Montazeri -- the designated successor to the post of Supreme Leader at the time -- addressed to Ayatollah Khomeini, many of those executed had already been 'tried' and sentenced to lesser punishments in the past, or had even been found innocent of committing any crimes, and had not engaged in any new activities. This act "shows total disregard for all judicial guidelines and the verdicts of judges", Ayatollah Montazeri noted.

None of those executed was accorded a public trial by an independent and impartial tribunal. Nor was any accorded legal counsel or the right to appeal the verdict. None was granted the "right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law" as required by article 8 of the UDHR. Noting the recent emphasis by the authorities of the Islamic Republic on the rule of law and building a civil society, the Iranian Human Rights Working Group (IHRWG) demands from the current administration in Iran to launch a full investigation into the 1988 mass execution of political prisoners; to provide the public with the number and identity of the victims; and to reveal the burial sight of the victims; to identity those responsible for violating the human rights of the executed prisoners; to establish a tribunal to publicly try those responsible for these executions (which were in violation of the IRI's own constitution and laws); to pledge to punish those found guilty of participation in the massacre of these prisoners. to release the remains of the victims to their families; Furthermore, we demand from the Iranian government: to immediately release all prisoners of conscience. to pledge to provide fair and public hearings/trials by independent tribunals for all prisoners, regardless of their [alleged] crimes and/or political ideology or affiliation. to pledge to provide legal counsel, and the right to appeal court decisions, to all prisoners, regardless of their political ideology and/or affiliation with the government. Finally, the mass execution of prisoners in 1988 is a stark illustration of the detrimental nature of the death penalty itself. We therefore once more urge the government of the Islamic Republic to abolish the death penalty altogether.

Allow me to keep on quoting:

The Karen Parker Home Page For Humanitarian Law
United Nations Commission on Human Rights

Fifty-seventh session
Item 9 of the Provisional agenda

Human Rights in Iran

1. In 1995 International Educational Development submitted a written statement (United Nations Document E/CN.4/Sub.2/1995/55) to the Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities (now the Sub-Commission on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights) in which we provided information about a person named Jamshid Tafrishi-Enginee. In our statement we pointed out that while Mr. Tafrishi-Enginee had spent about 18 months with the National Liberation Army (NLA) of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, we believed that he was in fact an agent of the regime in Iran with an assignment to gather intelligence on Iranian exiles, to seek ways and means for discrediting them and all opponents of the regime, and to carry out misinformation campaigns against them. Mr. Tafrishi now freely admits that we were correct.

2. Mr. Tafrishi has recently written letters in which he reveals that the Intelligence Ministry of the Iranian regime hired him (apparently paying him $72,000 in addition to travel and other expenses) especially to carry out a misinformation campaign about the NLA, with false accusations that the NLA had itself engaged in violations of human rights or intimidation or extortion of the Iranian exile community. A number of human rights organizations were treated to false testimony and government-orchestrated letter writing campaigns. Unfortunately, some of these organizations may have believed this misinformation. Sadly, this campaign appears to have succeeded in shifting attention away from the serious violations of humanitarian law being committed by the Irani military forces as well as the continuing gross pattern of human rights violations taking place throughout the country. Perhaps if the international community has responded to Mr. Tafrishi as we did - we thought Mr. Tafrishi was so clearly inept for his job anyone could see him for what he was - there would still be strong international action regarding Iran.

3. In other work on the situation in Iran, we have expressed outrage over the staggering number of political prisoners executed in the regime's jails. Now it appears we were conservative in our tally of these executions: Mr. Hossein Ali Montazeri, former designated successor to Khomeini, Iran's Supreme Leader at the time, recently made public shocking documents indicating that as many as 30,000 political prisoners were killed in 1988 alone. Iran's current leaders, including Mr. Khamenei, Mr. Khatami and Mr. Rafsanjani, as well as the officials still in charge of the Judiciary, played the primary role in this massacre.

4. The documents made public by Mr. Montazeri include the text of Khomeini's fatwa in Summer 1988, which read in part: "Those who are in prisons throughout the country and remain steadfast in their support for the Monafeqin [Mojahedin], are waging war on God and are condemned to execution.... Annihilate the enemies of Islam immediately. As regards the cases, use whichever criterion that speeds up the implementation of the [execution] verdict." Other documents made public by Mr. Montazeri show that on July 31, 1988 alone, about 3,800 persons were killed, only three days after the beginning of this bloody massacre. On the same day, in a letter to Khomeini, Mr. Montazeri wrote: "At least order to spare women who have children and finally, the execution of several thousand prisoners in a few days will not have positive repercussions and will not be mistake-free. . . . A large number of prisoners have been killed under torture by their interrogators. . . . In some prisons of the Islamic Republic young girds are being raped by force. . . . As a result of unruly torture, many prisoners have become deaf or paralyzed or afflicted with chronic diseases."

5. Gross human rights violations in Iran did not end in 1988. In his latest report to the General Assembly, Maurice Copithorne, the Commission's Special Representative on Iran attests to high rates executions and of particularly gruesome torture, continued discrimination of women and religious minorities, and curtailment of freedom of the press under conditions that he calls "truly draconian.

6. The continuing flagrant violations of human rights in Iran and the shocking massacres of 1988 are irrefutable cases of crimes against humanity. These violations took place and continue in the course of an on-going civil war and are related to that war. Accordingly, the international community is, under the provisions of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and other instruments of humanitarian law, under an obligation to seek out and try those responsible. Such a trial is not limited to a special international tribunal, but may take place in the courts of any party to the Geneva Conventions.

7. International Educational Development/Humanitarian Law Project urges the Commission as a whole as well as its individual members to undertake appropriate action in light of grave breaches of humanitarian law committed by the Irani regime. We also urge the Commission to continue the mandate of its Special Representative. i The state-run daily Iran News, made a reference to this massacre on April 9, 2000: "The decree was issued at a time when President Khatami, was the deputy to the Commander of the Armed Forces Staff in ideological and cultural affairs. He implemented the Imam (Khomeini)'s decree most decisively." United Nations Document A/55/363 at para. 13. See, for example, Geneva Convention IV of 1949, United Nations Treaty Series Vol. 75, p. 267: "Each High Contracting Party shall be under an obligation to search for persons alleged to have committed, or to have ordered to have committed, . . .grave breaches, and shall bring such persons, regardless of their nationality, before its own courts."

Karen Parker, J.D.
The Karen Parker Home Page For Humanitarian Law

L. I loves my righteous holy outlook and beautiful smile!
R. Which way the sun will shine today? Another day, another deal! Any which way the wind blows! Allah is merciful …

I can keep on going until the next eclipse! You see, the issue here is not that if Khatami had committed crimes, but the issue here is that what was the accurate total number of the crimes committed by him?


Seyed Mohamad Khatami, hero of the Reform Movement, withheld positions such as:

I. President of Islamic Republic of Iran
II. Minister of Islamic Guidance aka Ershad-e Eslami (Islamic Propaganda)
III. Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces for Ideological and Cultural Affairs

While having these positions, there were devastating crimes occurring in Iran. Above, I have proved that Khatami was directly responsible for a great number of these crimes.

Questions from Mohamad Khatami?

Eventually in the future just Public Trials with International body present, Mr. Khatami has to answer to certain questions such as:

I. What was your role in the murder of over 30,000 Iranian Opposition members in IRI prisons?

II. What was your role in arrests, incarcerations and tortures of by average, over 30,000 political prisoners residing in IRI prisons at any given day?

III. What was your role in violent suppression of any political protests and the protesters during your presidency?

IV. What was your role in the charade of Reforms and conning the Iranians during two terms of your presidency?

And many more crimes …

Reforms under Islam, an Oxymoron!

Islamist Reformists, National Islamists and Liberal Reformists are a much worst enemy to our nation than Fundamentalist Hezbollah! Why you ask? Because these groups are wolves in sheep clothings portraying themselves as lovers of Islamic Democracy (Oxymoron) and Liberal Democracy to furthermore suppress our people under the boots of the Islamic Regime.

You can never commit Fundamental Reforms under an Islamic Regime, because the Fundamentals of Islam are against the Democracy. This is why the Reform Movement and the Reformists are full of Shiite and the greatest con artists to block our people from reaching Freedom.

Let us flush the Reforms and Reformists, down the hatch, after all Shiite belongs in the Shiite Can!

Reformists are basically the good servants and the good cops for Hezbollah and the Islamic Republic to maintain power. A Reformist is the worst traitor to Iran and Iranians.

Help unclog our toilet and flush the Shiite down the Shiite Hole! Will ya?!

Please expose the Reform Movement and the Liberal Democrat Reformists:

Seyed Mohamad Khatami
Shirin Ebadi
Akbar Ganji
Jahanshah Javid (The Iranian Magazine)
Jebhe Mosharekat
Jebhe Mosharekat (Emrooz)
Jebhe Meli Iran (Iran National Front)
Nehzat Azadi (Iran Freedom Movement)
Meli Mazhabi (National Islamists)

For more information read:

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America! - Part 1

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America! - Part 2

"No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man."

More power to All Freedom Fighters of Iran

Dr. X

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