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Symbol of Reforms and Heroine of Islamic Democracy

Shirin Ebadi, Symbol of Reforms and Heroine of Islamic Democracy
The Shirin Ebadi Show, A woman for All Seasons of Bull Shiite!

Ahreeman X
April 17, 2008

L. Plumber: This is some kind o tough Shiite, it simply won’t flush down!
R. Sister Ebadi: I’m so cute, don’t flush me down!

With every season, there comes a piece of Shiite, and this season’s “Shiite of the Season Award” goes to one of the greatest pieces of Shiite and the Piss Nipple Price (Peace Nobel Prize) winner, Sister Shirin Ebadi (Shashid Ezafi)!

L. No Shiite Islam Sign
R. Sister Ebadi: Hey Doggy, don’t dump it all out! Save some precious Shiite!

The Shiite of the Season Award is reserved for the greatest pieces of Shiite that the globe has to offer; therefore, this legendary Muslimette shall be way ahead of the line!

The Piss Nipple Price (Peace Nobel Prize) Factor

They tell me:
But Ahreeman, Shirin Ebadi is a Nobel Peace Prize winner, so how can you bash her?

I tell them:
So are Yasser Arafat and Jimmy Carter!

Yasser Arafat is a dead terrorist who had the Jewish blood on his hand and he embezzled the national budget of the Palestinian nation and most of the foreign aids directly in to his private bank accounts. His family lived a life of luxury while Palestinian children were barefoot and dirty in the streets, throwing rocks at the Israeli tanks and doing suicide bombing! Arafat practically slushed all the Palestinian dough, down his big belly! Arafat murdered as many civilian Jews as possible. For all these glories, bunch of Old Fart Dinosaurs in Norway, granted him the Piss Nipple Price!

Jimmy Carter is one of the most indecisioned, weak, tragic and useless presidents that United States ever had! His global foreign policy had brought the US to her knees! His disastrous foreign policies caused America to lose the Panama Canal and along with it Panama to the arms of a Dictatorial Drug Dealing Regime. His catastrophic so-called Human Rights policy had destroyed Iran (1979).

The Shirin Ebadi Show
A woman for All Seasons of Bull Shiite!
L. Outside Iran, the scarf comes off and the western clothes go on!
R. Inside Iran, the makeup comes off and the scarf and Islamic clothes go on!

One minute he was supporting the Shah and giving him the green light to suppress the Islamist Reactionaries. The other minute he was singing his Human Rights tunes and lecturing the Shah to let the Islamists loose with a free hand to protest. This “Stop and Go policy” had eventually thrown Iran in to the arms of the Islamist Fundamentalists and brought Khomeini to power.

Shah was a weak sick man with cancer. In his normal days, he could not make a decision, set aside in his sick days! Shah was always keeping an eye to DC for orders and unfortunately Carter was the Big Cajona in DC at the time!

It is strictly Carter’s bad policy and CIA’s sad policy that United States of America had lost her greatest Ally in the Middle East and one of her greatest partners in the world, the Imperial Iran. In returns, America ended up with one of her greatest and formidable enemies in the world, the Islamic Republic of Iran, which after 30 years, they are still at each other’s throats! Carter’s sad policies had resulted in the Creation of the Fundamentalism in the whole region. Carter’s Green Belt policy around the Ex Soviet Union to create an Islamic Green Belt around the Communist Russia, was the main cause for the creation of the IRI in Iran, Taliban in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda in the whole region! In a way, Carter and CIA are largely responsible for the birth of the Neo Islamist Fundamentalism.

Carter gave birth to Khomeini and in returns Khomeini gave birth to the global Islamist Fundamentalism. Carter’s horrible policies resulted in Americans being held as hostages for 444 days in Iran. Carter’s disastrous policies had resulted in astronomical rise in the price of gas and breakdown of the America’s prestige as a strong super power around the world. After Carter, every two bit political group or terrorist organization around the world, started to mess with America, kill American military and civilians and hold Americans as hostages. They started calling America the “Paper Tiger”! So Carter had basically brought grand catastrophe to America. Carter is the father of Liberal Pacifism, Appeasement Policies, and Head Guru of the American Democratic Party. It is directly Carter, CIA and Democrats’ faults that destroyed the prestige of America around the world, but most important, they are responsible for the destruction of the progressive Iran.

The Imperial Iran was a dictatorship, but at least a progressive, nationalist and a reformable dictatorship. Islamic Republic of Iran is a reactionary and irreformable theocratic dictatorship, which despises nationalism and loves Islam and Islamist Fundamentalism.

I still remember that famous speech of Carter in Tehran! At a banquet with Shah present, Carter stated that: “Today, Iran is an island of stability in a troubled region!” Carter had made this statement exactly at the moment that the whole nation was about to be exploded in a bloody revolution! That was how out of touch were Carter, CIA and the Democrats. Every time Democrats are in power, the United States Foreign Policy goes down the toilet and along with it the American benefits around the globe!

So for all his efforts, what have they done? Bunch of Old Farts in Norway granted him the Peace Nobel Price! Carter screwed up the American prestige, the whole country of Iran and the global security and the Norwegians gave him the Award!

When Iran collapsed, the whole region of Middle East went down in despair and chaos. Iran was the police of neighborhood and America could rest in peace, but now America had to drag a huge military force from half way around the world, to be present at all times in the region. Carter did not just destroy Iran but he also destroyed the stability of the complete Middle East. For all of his efforts, Norwegians granted him the Piss Nipple Prize!

Reasons for the Birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

How the Peace Nobel Prize Winners are Determined?

Should I be thrilled that Norwegians granted Shirin Ebadi an award?

This is the same Bull Shiite Award, which was also granted to Yasser Arafat and Jimmy Carter! A bunch of Liberal Democrat Old Fart College Professors sit around a table with their index fingers up each other’s butts, seeking salvation and suddenly they get erections and grant awards to some Screw Up in the world and appoint him or her as the symbol of Peace (Piss)!

Shirin Ebadi signs more Bull Shiite related to the Piss Nipple Price (Peace Nobel Prize).
Sister Ebadi: I likes these gold coins, can I haves them?

I have zero respect for Peace Nobel Prize winners and the committee who grants these Bull Shiite Awards! A bunch of Liberal Retarded Scholars who only created this committee for receiving grants, money, power and fame! Screw Peace Nobel Prize!

Why do I Condemn Shirin Ebadi?

I condemn Shirin Ebadi because:

I. Shirin Ebadi calls herself and declares herself to the world as a “Muslim Woman”, not an “Iranian woman”!

II. Shirin Ebadi was appointed by the Shah of Iran as a Judge. When IRI came to power, they took away his Judgeship and demoted her to only a Counselor, so she went in to the private practice as a lawyer. Now, she praise the IRI for this demotion and not allowing women to become judges!

III. Shirin Ebadi loves Islam, the same Islam which does not allow women to become judges! The same Islam which believes in no rights for women and treats women as the second rate citizens.

Quran on Women

A Question for Muslim Women? – On women’s rights in Islam

Sister Ebadi: Long live Islamic Republic of Iran, Praise be upon Allah!

IV. Shirin Ebadi believes that Islam is reformable! If Islam was reformable, then it would have been reformed after 1400 years! Islam had never been reformed, is not reforming now and will never reform in the future! Islam is the most backward, reactionary, unjust, inhuman, anti women and medieval religion in the world. The only way Islam will reform is for the humanity to dump the Quran and Hadith all together in the trash can of the history as garbage!

Mohsen Rohami: Haj Khanom, these flowers are for your Piss Nipple Price winning.
Ayatollah Shirin Ebadi: Thank you Haj Aqa, will we see you at Sofreh Hazrat Abolfazl (Abol Sag) at my house tonight?
Mohsen Rohami: EnshaAllah.

V. Shirin Ebadi believes that the Islamic Republic of Iran is reformable and reforms are possible to occur in IRI. During the last 30 years, not that IRI did not go forward, but it went backward and towards the absolute Islamic Barbarianism and pure Reaction. Not that Reformists had lost all their power, but Fundamentalists had gained all the power and become in control of all the branches of government! Shirin Ebadi’s beliefs are pure garbage.

Sister Ebadi: Hey look at me, I’m the little short and fat balloon in the middle! I’m a great Shiite Scholar!

VI. After 30 years, Shirin Ebadi believes in the Islamic Revolution! She believes that the Reformable Imperial Iran which granted her the judgeship was irreformable, yet she believes that the irreformable blood thirsty Islamic Republic which took away her judgeship is reformable! Does the term: Stupid Muslim Cow, sounds familiar?

Sister Ebadi: Hey look at me, I’m taking my picture with Jack Chirac! I loves publicity.

VII. Since her erection as a Peace Nobel Prize winner by the Norwegians, with all her new global status, she could have taken all types of actions, speeches, petitions, protests, and political activism against the Anti Women, Anti Human, Anti Science, Anti Logic and Murdering Islamic Republic of Iran. She could have risen her voice to promote the human rights and democracy in Iran. Instead, she promoted the Islamic Democracy (Oxymoron) and Islamic Reforms (Myth) and practically closed her eyes and shutten her mouth about all the executions, prisonments and torture of the political prisoners in Iran.

Sister Ebadi: Islam is great, it’s the religion of leading Dual Lives. One life in Iran and at the Mosque with Hejab as a good Pious Muslimette and one life outside Iran with fashion designer clothes as a Western woman. Now give me time to pose!

VIII. At Shah’s time, there were only 3,000 political prisoners in jails. Today there are over 30,000 political prisoners in jails. At Shah’s time, there were random executions in Iran. Today, there are monthly murders and once a while mass murders in Iran. Only in the 80s, IRI had mass murdered over 30,000 opposition members and arrested another 30,000 for long prison terms. But Shirin Ebadi is an Anti Imperial Iran and Pro Islamic Republic citizen! Shirin Ebadi condemns Shah’s regime but embraces Khomeini’s toilet Shiite Hole!

Sister Ebadi and Scholar Fellowette Bull Dyke, lesboing around!
FamiNazi: C’mon Shirin, gimmi a kissy poo.
Shirin Ebadi: Let go of me, you messed up my pose for the camera! Mr. Cameraman, take another shot and make it good.

IX. Since her appointment as the Piss Nipple Price (Peace Nobel Prize) winner, Shirin Ebadi has been silent about all the human rights violations in Iran. Political Prisoners are being arrested, jailed and tortured more than ever before, but Sister Ebadi the Muslimette has shutten the hell up!

New Rock & Roll Band:
Shirin Ebadi and The Bull Dykes

X. Iran is one large Human Rights Violation prison, but Shirin Ebadi goes around the world, conducts speeches, wears fancy clothes, takes off her hejab and scarf and poses in threesome and foursome photo opportunities with other Bull Dykes and Femme Lesbo scholars as herself! Sister Ebadi loves her two-minute of fame in the public eye. She will not hesitate to pose for the cameras or talk Shiite around the world and practically does everything except speaking a single word against the Islamic Republic of Iran! So when inside Iran, she looks the other way during the public executions and when outside Iran, she poses for the cameras! In a meanwhile, Iranian prisons have no more rooms and they are full, so IRI is building many new prisons!

Shirin Ebadi and FemiNazi Bull Dykes
Akbar: What the hell are they? Escaped Hyenas from the zoo?
Asqar: No, it is Shirin Ebadi and her gang o ugly lesbos posing as scholars!

XI. Shirin Ebadi, along with her political fraction (Reformists) are not part of the solution, but a part of the problem. Fundamentalists, Moderates and Reformists are all Hezbollah and all of them are alive because of this regime. If this regime goes, then Reformists will also go to Hell along with it! Shirin Ebadi manages to have her luxurious lifestyle, fame and fortune because IRI exists. If Islamic Republic seizes to exist and the reign of Islam ends in Iran, then Two-Bit Muslim Whores such as Shirin Ebadi would end up peddling their asses in whorehouses, because surely we (The Opposition) will not hand them a fancy job as they have today!

Hyena: Hey Ahreeman, don’t insult the Hyenas, we have nothing to do with that short, fat and ugly Raccoon, Shirin Ebadi.

XII. Shah of Iran must have been a fool, because he had grown many Baby Wolves such as Shirin Ebadi in his mist! These Baby Wolves (Ebadi, Fardoust, Qarabaqi, etc.) ended up biting his hand and Shiiting all over his face!

L. Shirin Ebadi: Stop insulting me, I’m a holy Shiite Saint, call me Saint Shirin.
R. Saint Mary Magdalene: Oh Lord help us, thus now Shirin had become a saint!

XIII. Shirin Ebadi is not a Nationalist, but she is a Muslim. She is a Muslim first and Iranian second. Her priorities are upside down.

L. Oh God, please cover that face! For Allahs sake wear hejab on that head! You may scare the children! And what’s with the Star Neck Dress? You don’t have the body for it!
R. Shirin Ebadi: Ahreeman, stop fingering me or I will poke you in the eye with this finger!

XIV. Shirin Ebadi is pro IRI; therefore, she is not a Progressive Revolutionary person who seeks “Change”, but she is a Reactionary Fanatic who is pro survival of the Islamic Regime. She wants to Reform Islam and Islamic Republic so she can prolong the life of the Islamic Republic of Iran. She is not part of the Iranian Opposition, but she condemns the Iranian Opposition. She is part of the regime and pro IRI.

More cockamamie interviews, cheap talks and publicity stunts for the media by Shirin Ebadi, while Iranian political prisoners are rotting in the IRI prisons.

XV. Shirin Ebadi as a Muslim woman is a disgrace to women’s rights, Iranian women and global women.

Shirin Ebadi: It’s not my fault, I’m only a small time Shiite Kicker!
Ahreeman jan, sing along,
Man che konam, to khodet meyl be jodayi dashti,
Man che konam to khodet sar-e na sazegari dashti,
Man che konam, Lala Lay, Lay Lala Lay, Lalay Loo ……

XVI. Reforms under the framework of the Islamic Constitution of IRI are impossible; therefore, reforms are a myth, reformists are fools and a part of the Islamic regime who want to prolong the Islamic Regime’s life. They are a block on the way of a True Nationalist and Democratic Revolution of Iran. So, Islamic Democracy is a myth and Sister Ebadi is only another block on the way of our true revolution.

Shirin Ebadi: Ahreeman look at me now, I’m dancing Baba Karam with the 6/8 Persian Dance Beat, only for you! Do you loves me now?

XVII. Shirin Ebadi is a Muslim. Islam recognizes no distance between Mosque and Government (Church and State) and in Islam, the Government along with every other aspect of the society are parts of the Mosque (State is part of the Church). This makes Shirin Ebadi a theocrat and a religious dictatorship lover, not a human rights activist and a democratic secular progressive person. Shirin Ebadi is a reactionary woman.

Flush that Shiite down the toilet!

Hezbollah’s Internal Conflicts Does Not Make Reformists as the Opposition to IRI

Internal conflicts between the 3 branches of Hezbollah: Fundamentalists, Moderates and Reformists has been going on for 30 years. Every time one group is in power, they demote and jail the other groups. This is nothing new. Just because Fundamentalists are in power now and they jail the Reformists, it does not automatically make the reformists heroes of human rights and martyrs of the Anti Regime Movement! Reformists are part of this regime and part of the problem.

The Shiite which won’t flush!
Shirin Ebadi is a tough little piece of Shiite who refuses to go away from the public scene. Ayatollah Ebadi seeks around the clock publicity and public attention. Allah bless Sister Shirin Ebadi.

The Shirin Ebadi Show
A woman for All Seasons of Bull Shiite!

Con artists, charlatans, two-bit whores, opportunists and money grabbing, power loving, fame and fortune seeking whores such as Shirin Ebadi are dime a dozen. During the past 30 years, we have seen plenty of opportunists such as these political whores. Always remember that Fundamentalists, Moderates and Reformists are all Hezbollah. Every fraction of the Islamic Regime are Hezbollah. They want to prolong the life of the regime, not to end it. Only the Iranian Opposition wants to end the life of IRI.

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I bow to no Gods.
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I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man.

More power to All Freedom Fighters of Iran

Dr. X

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