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Shiite of the Season

Trita Parsi Iranian Hezbollah Agent in America
Shiite of the Season
Ahreeman X
August 18, 2012

The Big Shiite which wouldn’t flush down!
Shiite Plunger: Hot damn boy! This is some mighty tough Piece O Shiite to break down and flush! This Dag On Thang just won’t flush down! Ohoy boy, bring down the Drano liquid plumber and the electric snake to open the pipes. This dookie poo just don’t want to float down to the sewer!

Breeze O Shiite!

With every season there comes a Shiite. In every season, wind blows a fresh smell of Shiite and wind brings on a new piece of Shiite. This season’s Shiite is a great piece of Shiite, the Top Shiite in the Land of Great Satan! This piece of Shiite was well filed and polished and made in Iran, next he was released from the rectum of the Mullahs and then he was sent to America to become the top IRI Lobbyist representing the anus of the Imam in the Land of the Great Satan! Yes ladies and gentlemen, this piece of Shiite was blown from Iran and brought from Sweden to America. And this season’s great Shiite of the Season award goes to the Big Piece O Shiite, live and in person ……

TP AKA Trita Parsi AKA Toilet Paper AKA Qazanfar Laqveh (because his weak spine cannot hold his body; therefore, he wobbles when he walks!) AKA Weasel AKA The Ugly Eye-Rainian!

Trita Parsi: Don’t I look a little bit like Elvis Presley?
Constipated Dookie Pusher: Maybe Elvis Presley now (in the grave)! The only thing you and Elvis have in common is that both of yous are Kings! He is the King of Rock and Roll and you are the King of Dookies! C’mon Trita come on out, let me give it another hard push, Ya Ali, Oof … I think I ripped a muscle. I gonna get hemorrhoids! C’mon Trita come on out, one more push ….

The Trita Parsi Story

Released from the anus of Imam in Qom; raised in the backrooms of the mosque in between the legs of Tolab, Hojatol Eslams and Ayatollahs; grown up on Mullahs’ Holy Water, the “Ab-e Lavat” (Islamic Anal Sex Juices); fed on bread (Nun Sangak) and butter (Kare-ye Heyvani) from Qazvin by Qazvinis; sent to and bred in Sweden by Dildo loving tall gay Swedes; back to Tehran, Iran for training via VEVAK (Iranian Intelligence Agency); finally shipped to America to establish an IRI 5th Column seed in Washington DC, this Swedish Import had finally came to America to achieve his American Dream!

Trita Parsi: C’mon Ahreeman, I may be a Geek but at least I have enough respect for my fellow Iranians to not mock their religion and Our Republic ……
Doggie: Shut them mouth Geek Boy, can’t you see I’m busy dumping dung? You’re interrupting my peace during Shiite! Ahreeman knows best. This here is the best official sign for “No Shiite Sign”!

After TP (Toilet Paper) has entered America, first he was the “Tea Boy” for Hooshang Amir-Ahmadi (Veteran IRI Agent and Lobbyist in America). What “Tea Boy” does is that upon order from Bozorgtar (Elder) which is Amir-Ahmadi, he brings rounds of Darjiling Tea cups, Persian Sweets, Qalyan (Hookah), wet towel (to clean up Bozorgtar’s Moameleh after climatic Lavat) and then dry towel (to dry Bozorgtar’s Moameleh from wetness)!

So when Bozoergtar yelled:

Bache Tar Biyar!
(Boy bring Wet)
TP brought wet towel!

And when Bozorgtar yelled:

Bache Khoshk Biyar!
(Boy bring Dry)
TP brought dry towel!

“Trita Parsi is becoming a professional actor and he is starting his Hollywood career by playing in a Dulcolax Laxative Commercial” (Media)
Trita Parsi: Don’t I look a little bit like Brad Pitt in this pose?
Dumper: Geek Boy keep on talking, your words work as Dulcolax Stool Softener Laxative and Muscle Relaxer! Ooh yeh, I can feel it, a big one is coming out ….. Ya Ali, Ya Holy Dookie, Ya Imam Khomeini, Ya Moula-ye Motaqiyan, push …. Ehen, Ehen, Akh, Aaaaakh … (Qart, Bang, Kaboom)!

At the beginning, TP (Toilet Paper) AKA Trita Parsi was the towel boy of Hooshang Amir-Ahmadi. Once his training in Iran and DC was over, he did set up shop in Washington DC, started his Dokan (Grocery Store) named NIAC (National Iranian American Council), hired a bunch of thugs, low lives, whores, Mercenaries (Mozdur) and Angal (Parasites) as employees and started operation.

NIAC (National Iranian American Council)

Trita Parsi Site

Other “Front Businesses” (IRI money laundry fronts) in America started to donate funds to NIAC (IRI money wired to America). Respectable Iranian Businessmen (IRI Front Businesses in America) rushed dollars (Blood Money) to NIAC and helped NIAC grow big and strong. Even Toilet Paper (Trita Parsi) had grown bigger (a few millimeters on his puny neck and mosquito arms)!

“The National Iranian Organization in Search of the Shining Talents is handing out free Aftabeh (Iranian Toilet Pitchers) to the shining talents!” (Media)
“Extra Extra, Iranians are aiding Iranian Americans: The Iranian Shinning Talents are shipping a great number of Aftabeh to the Iranian Americans abroad to help them flush Trita Parsi down the crapper!” (Media)
The Shining Talent (Retarded Girl): Hey Trita, this one for you …. It even has the official emblem of the organization on it!

One of the major factors to help Trita Parsi grow was the IRI backed media in America:

Hezbollah Front Businesses in America: Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise

The KIR Tower Monument in Washington DC

So eventually Trita Parsi created the KIR Tower in Washington DC and has become its tip!

“KIR Tower is the newly built IRI Tower Monument in Washington DC!” (Media)

KIR Tower
KIR = Khomeini’s Islamic Republic
KIR Tower is located at Washington DC, USA



Trita Parsi turns Gun Slinger!

Once TP got big and strong, he assumed that he is now a strong gun slinging cowboy in America like John Wayne or maybe a martial artist like Steven Seagal; therefore, he started to Huff and Puff like the Big Bad Wolf and then tried to blow away the “Iranian Opposition” at their home away from home (America)! Suddenly this little weasel thought that he is the Iranian Incredible Hulk and wanted to take on the Iranian Opposition! So once the opposition had read through him like a clear glass and started to criticize him, he started a campaign of verbal, written and net war against the opposition. Afterwards TP grew some seedy balls (rat testicles) so he sued Hassan Daioleslam!

Trita Parsi: I am warning you Ahreeman, now you are making me mad. You don’t want to see me angry. When I get angry, I rub my Hasteh Khorma (Date Seed AKA Microscopic Schlong) on the flat ground! Kari nakon be Zamin-e saf bemalam!
“Trita Parsi is a Great Shiite Thinker. Trita often comes up with his great ideas for the Iranian American Community while doing some deep soul searching and thinking on the Crapper!” (Media)

Qazanfar Laqveh (Trita Parsi) assumed that by suing Hassan Daioleslam, he can shut the Iranian Opposition’s mouth, scare them straight and silence them in America! What Qazanfar Laqveh miscalculated was that this is not Islamic Republic of Iran but this is United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. In America people have rights (unlike IRI). In America there exists freedom of speech, assembly and most important freedom of press.

Not that suing Daioleslam did not scare the opposition straight but it back fired on Trita Parsi’s ugly face! Of course a couple of articles which I wrote was also a great factor to unite this greatly divided opposition at least as long as they would punch Trita Parsi and the rest of the IRI Lobbyists in the mouth.

IRI’s Anti Opposition Activities in Southern California

Why Iran is a Mess? Problem and Solution: Iranian Opposition

Hezbollah in America – New Tactic: IRI Lobbying in USA

Voices for Peace Iranian Video, a Hezbollah – IRI Production

Specifically this one in defense of Hassan Daioleslam was effective to wake up the Opposition:

Hezbollah – IRI Lobbyists in USA (Trita Parsi and NIAC) Sue Author

Agitation of Iranian Opposition to Unite

Iranian Opposition maybe the most divided opposition in the world but one thing can unite them (at least for a limited amount of time) and that is the mutual hatred of IRI, Hezbollah and specifically the IRI Lobby in USA.

What Trita Parsi had done (suing Hassan Daioleslam) was the greatest gimmick and gadget which he had unintentionally put in my arsenal to start a great campaign of agitation and put down of the Iranian Opposition! All my well planned agitations and put downs of the Iranian Opposition had worked and they have finally turned the various groups of opposition around, and made them to take a good look at themselves, to analyze the situation and to see where they are (nowhere) and where the IRI Lobby is (everywhere)!

My calculated plan had made the various groups of the Iranian Opposition to wake up, turn around, and united punch Trita Parsi and IRI Lobby in America in the mouth. Suddenly the Anti IRI Media, Political Organizations and Social Groups started to fight back. Amazingly the Iranian American Community rejected Trita Parsi and the IRI Lobby Groups. The scattered and divided Iranian American Community of 2.7 million had suddenly become united and refuted, rejected and exposed the IRI Lobby Groups in America!

Iranian Population Inside and Outside Iran

One arrogant and wrong move (Suing Daioleslam) was just a spark which likes of me needed to start a fire inside the Iranian American Community to combinely reject and fight the IRI Lobby in America.

Trita Parsi: Yes, back home when Mullah took me to the backroom of the mosque, his Kharzeh was this long (left) and this thick (right)! It was a mighty fine Moameleh! While I was down there struggling, I told myself: Vay che gondas (God it is huge)!

Low Lives like Trita Parsi and Hassan Nemazee may underestimate the Iranian Opposition and assume that by suing a couple of people (Aryo Pirouznia and Hassan Daioleslam), they can silence the opposition!

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America

Hezbollah Fears Ahreeman X

Thugs like Trita Parsi and Hassan Nemazee keep on pushing and shoving people around and breaking walls until they hit a Solid Steel Shield named Ahreeman X!

I could only wish that these low lives would sue me or make an assassination attempt on me, but unfortunately they all got their memo from Tehran and Tehran had most likely informed them that unlike the gentlemen of the Iranian Opposition, I am a “Barbarian Bloodthirsty Beast”.

Left - The relaxed and enlightened Trita Parsi after a climatic Lavat Session (Islamic Halaal Anal Sex)!
Right - The Tense and Angry Trita Parsi before Lavat: “I really hate you Ahreeman!”

You see, there is a reason that after 33 + years of serving the Iranian Opposition and fighting the IRI, I am still alive!

Great comrades such as Bakhtiar, Farrokhzad and many others are dead but I am still alive! Why is that? Well, IRI knows very well why that is?! In the past, there were IRI agents who made assassination attempts on my life. There were IRI Agents who made moves against me. Imam of Santee Mosque and his Thugs, Ya Hussein Thugs and Muslim Student Association Thugs in San Diego County in 3 separate occasions made moves against me. What I have done to the Santee Mosque, the Imam, the Ya Hussein Brigade and the Muslim Students, in each occasion has been registered in the history. In each occasion, Tehran has failed to eliminate me; furthermore, I retaliated with full force, beyond their belief and expectations!

Through the years, they assumed that they can either eliminate me, scare me to hide away or at least silence me. In all occasions they have failed; morely, they have faced backlash and retaliation. Ahreeman does not back off or back down. Ahreeman retaliates beyond imagination.

In each occasion, I retaliated with full Ahreemanic Wrath and with such magnitude of violence that made the IRI Hezbollah Thugs to look like Sunday School Teachers! Tehran has never expected such violent outbursts and retaliations. I can only imagine how in Tehran they were standing amazed in the middle of the field of prairies with one finger in their mouths (due to the unexpected surprise) and the other finger in their rectums (due to the unbelievable violence)!

Shiite Plunger: God Damn Ahreeman, he’s bringing me more Shiite to break down! Where do all these Shiite come from? They are blocking our pipes! Ship em back to Middle East!

Yes, Tehran assumed that I am just another liberal pacifist “Career Exilist” member of the Iranian Opposition like Reza Pahlavi II (Qorbat Neshin O Khosh Neshin), but boy have they got a surprise!

Ahreemanic Way of Dealing with Hezbollah!

Without going to details, let’s just say that it took a long time for the Santee Mosque, Ya Hussein Local Brigade and the Muslim Students Association to recover from these grand catastrophes. And for those who made actual assassination attempts on me, well, for some bizarre reason, they tend to amazingly disappear from the history!

10 years ago, I have set a policy for the IPC Operations. A simple policy:

* If they send one of us to the hospital, we will send at least three of them to the morgue.
* If they ransack our office, we will destroy everything they own.
* If they make a move on one of us, we take care of their family, friends, organization and everyone around them.

You see, I am a solid student of Aqa Khani (Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar) and Reza Khani (Reza Shah the Great) Styles!

What Iran Needs?

This is How We Do It!

For over 3 decades I have lived and made friends in America. I have made friends in all the low places and I have made friends in all the high places. I have large enough balls to right here and right now on the public Internet and in the largest Iranian Website in the world, state that if any IRI Lobbyist or Agent makes a move against me, this will be the last move that they will ever make! Deal with that statement if you can! Not that I will counter sue you for every penny that you have and I will put your organization out of business, but you will be lucky if you end up in jail or get deported for treason! After all, I can do many worst things to you than jail and deportation. I can do things to you which will make jail and deportation look like Sunday School!

Shiite Plunger: Here we go again, and more Shiite to plunge down!

Why to be Extreme?

Question: Now you may ask me that why I am so extreme in my tactics and with my words?

Answer: The answer is Fear.

What Hezbollah understands is violence and what Hezbollah respects is Fear. I do not care for Hezbollah to respect me. The only thing I need from Hezbollah is to fear me and throughout the decades, after 3 failed assassination attempts and my extreme retaliations, believe me, Hezbollah truly fears me. The slight mentioning of my name “Ahreeman X” makes people like Ya Hussein Brigade Thugs in San Diego or bozos like Trita Parsi to piss their pants while at the same time, these people have never cared for or given a rat’s ass about Liberal Pacifists such as Reza Pahlavi II or likes of him!

Hezbollah understands the suffocating fear provided via extreme violence and destruction. The name of Ahreeman X equals the darkest and deepest version of fear for them.  The name “Ahreeman X” shakes their foundations and wobbles their back bones. They comprehend this language very well.

My Humor is Deadly!

I am master of humor for my readers but I also have another side to me which provides this fear for Hezbollah. Readers love my humor but Hezbollah perfectly understands this Deadly Fear of Ahreeman. After all, my Humor is Deadly!

“IRI Regime hung many Opposition members.” (Media)
Imam Khamenei: Trita tell the Americans that only the Islamic version of the human rights is good!
(Trita Parsi Cartoon by Parviz)

“IRI Regime hung many Opposition members.” (Media)
Imam Khamenei: Trita go put Shiite on Shingle and tell the Americans that it had nothing to do with the human rights!
(Trita Parsi Cartoon by Parviz)

Conflict Resolution, Old Fashion Persian Style!

You see, Hezbollah’s new tactic is to use the American Judicial System and abuse the American Laws against the law abiding Iranian Americans. Hezbollah likes to fight their battles in the American Courts. Me, I am a bit different! I fight my battles not just in courts, but way beyond that …….. I fight my battles “The Old Fashion Style” like we used to do back in Iran!

The problem with Hezbollah is that they are used to fighting the Gentlemen of the Iranian opposition. They had never met a creature such as me before! So far, in three occasions, Hezbollah have tasted what Ahreemanic Wrath is all about.

Trita Parsi and his Gang of Bandits (NIAC)
Trita Parsi’s NIAC (National Iranian American Council) is a band of low lives, whores, thugs and mercenaries (Mozdur) who work as the IRI 5th Column in Washington DC posing as Lobbyists for the Iranian American Community!
(Picture is the courtesy of Jahanshah Javid of , another low life IRI agent posing as a media publisher.)

Hezbollah is used to chasing after humans of the Iranian Opposition until they met Ahreeman! I have provided Hezbollah a perfectly new scenario to ponder about.

You see, Hezbollah could be careless about the Liberal Pacifist members of the Iranian Opposition such as Reza Pahlavi II and the little wussy pussy, sissy faggy monarchists around him (like the Liberal Democrat “Constitutionalist Party of Iran”) because they are no threat to IRI (Kebrit-e Bi Khatar).

IRI is worried about serious inhuman beasts such as me who are willing to fight them to death and beyond!

Ahreemanic Style versus Liberal Pacifist Style!

Let me tell ya something: I have women in IPC Operations with bigger balls than the combine hierarchy of Reza Pahlavi II, Constitutionalist Party of Iran and the rest of the Sissy Faggy Monarchists with “Seedy Balls” (Tokhm Hasteh Khorma)! We are Hardcore Iranian Nationalists.

“Trita Parsi conducts many lectures at expensive hotels!” (Media)
The IRI Hezbollah Gang Bang Boys!
Trita Parsi: Boys, let’s go to our hotel room and do a Full Male Lavat Orgy and afterwards order Champaign and Caviar on the Iranian Tax Payers money!

As far as TP goes, he is just a dirt bag amongst the many other dirt bag agents of IRI in America. Trita Parsi is a filthy petty liar. He claims to have 250,000 Iranian Americans in his e-mail list and members list but the reality is that NIAC has barely 250 members and beside the naïve, deaf, dumb and the blind Iranians and celebrities who allow NIAC to use their names as members, the rest are IRI front businesses and agents in America.

Trita Parsi Reaching for Imam Hussein!

Trita Parsi is not a concern to me because if he stands straight and fully erect with his hands well raised all the way above the top of his head, standing on tip toes; he still cannot reach Imam Hussein (my left testicle) set aside reaching Haji Kuchike (the Junior Pilgrim AKA the Ahreemanic Schlong)!

Sex Exchange Operation by Dr. Haji Kuchike!

How can a dwarf weasel petty agent of IRI reach a Giant’s ball such as Ahreeman? I pity dirt bags like Trita Parsi.

“Trita Parsi of NIAC and Hooman Majd the Author are good friends!” (Media)
 Iranian Agents in USA discuss Current Affairs!
Hooman Majd: Hey Qazanfar Laqveh, let’s go back to hotel, but I’ll bang you first.
Trita Parsi: No way, I’ll go first because your shambool is too big and if you go first, you’ll rip me and ruin me for the others!

Little Weasels like Trita Parsi come and go. IRI creates IRI Lobby Groups in America by the speed of light. As soon as we expose one, IRI creates two more! It is really hard to keep up with all of these dirt bags.

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America

But one thing must be taught to Trita Parsi and the rest of these dirt bags:

When you put yourself in the public eye and become a public figure, you open yourself for criticism. As a public figure, in United States you can’t sue the press for defamation. You have opened this can of worms, now deal with it.

Have you dirt bags heard about:

The Press Shield Laws
Freedom of the Press
The First Amendment

And so on ….?

There has been so much written on Trita Parsi that instead of rewriting his life story, I can just redirect you to some of these good writings. Here are some good links with more information on Trita Parsi and the IRI Lobby in America:





IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America

Iran’s Oil Mafia Penetrating the US Political System

Trita Parsi’s Lies and NIAC Intimidation Campaign

Trita Parsi (IRI Lobbyist in USA) Reports to Tehran

Trita Parsi (NIAC), Hezbollah – IRI Lobbyist Frauds US Congress for Funds

Iranian Hezbollah in America

Hassan Daioleslam Index

Movement Index

Shiite of the Season Index

Trita Parsi the Winner of the “Shiite of the Season” Award

But I have to give credit to Trita Parsi who worked himself up the ladder to become the top IRI Lobbyist in America. Found in Sweden, Trained in Iran, sent to America to set up shop and gather other low lives on the payroll of IRI, he had finally found his place in the armpit of the IRI Petty Snitches and Agents in America. Now through Fabricated front businesses donations to NIAC, he gets money from Tehran and with that money, NIAC bribes the Democratic Congressmen for their appeasement of IRI.

Attention Iranian American Liberal Democrats

Today, Trita Parsi is the head flag waver of the “Iranians for Peace” Movement! No war with Iran is his motto and allowing the Mullahs to stay in power for another 33 years is his goal!

Iranians for Piss (Peace)” Movement must surely be glad to have such a valuable Bull Shiite Scholar such as Trita Parsi on their side! Iranian American Liberal Democrats must also be glad and proud to have such Great Shiite Scholar and Activist leading them to Salvation!

“Trita Parsi envies Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.” (Media)
Trita Parsi: He has a Ph.D. from Bang O Salavat University and so do I. Hey if this low life (Ahmadinejad) can become the president, then a bigger low life like me can become a better president! Hey seriously, I’m wasting my time in DC, I can become the next IRI president.
[Courtesy of Bang O Salavat (Shove and Prayer) University. Always recite prayer after banging. Allah O Akbar, Khomeini Rahbar!]

Hey let us not put down Trita Parsi and Lampoon him no more, thus after all he is not just a Little Piece O Shiite! Oh no, TP (Toilet Paper) is no more a small time Piece O Shiite, yet we have awarded him the highest award possible and now he is one of the Greatest. He is the Shiite of the Season winner for IPC’s this season’s “Shiite of the Season” award!

More Trita Parsi Disguise:

Alireza Pahlavi’s Suicide and IRI Lobby in USA

Google, Persian Gulf and IRI Iranian Agents in USA

“Trita Parsi’s lies are exposed by the Iranian Opposition.” (Media)
“Trita Parsi is drowning in Shiite!” (Media)
Trita Parsi: Hey Ahreeman help me, don’t let me drown, don’t flush me down … Help … Me ….

Yes, Your Religion Too!

This should further prove to all of you that in IPC we do not discriminate. We hand our awards without prejudice and discrimination. IRI Agents and Hezbollah Dirt Bags can also be Bahaiis, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists and Zoroastrians such as Trita Parsi! There are Dirt Bags amongst all faiths who will sell their own mothers for a $ 5 bill set aside selling Iran for hundreds of thousands of dollars!

So do not write to me and tell me that as a Bahai, a Jew or other minorities, your Shiite does not stink and your Religion and your ilk would never become IRI Agents! Yes, your Shiite also stinks and your Shiite can also hit the fan! There are Dirt Bags amongst every religion, every race, every creed, every ethnicity and every minority. There is no shortage of Dirt Bags in Iran or else the IRI Iranian Hezbollah would have run out of agents by now! So take your “my Shiite don’t stink rhetoric” elsewhere and face the real Bull Shiite which is Trita Parsi AKA Qazanfar Laqveh whom we granted our highest IPC award,

The Shiite of the Season Award.

“At last Trita Parsi has been flushed down the toilet.” (Media)
Trita Parsi: Hey Iranians get united and act as a community (under IRI). Look at me, I’ve been under the IRI for a long time and I am (my corn hole is) this wide! I am TP (Toilet Paper). I am the almighty Bung Holio of all Bung Holes! I am the Great Corn Holio, I need TP for my Bung Holio! My Bung Hole has been stretched and it is this wide!

The Grand Finale!

Well, I have been shoveling Shiite for decades:

My Experience with Shiite!

May the Ahuramazda and the Ahreemanic Powers grant me more energy to continue shoveling the Bull Shiite out of the brains of our good fellow Iranian Shiites!


Yours Truly,
Shiite Shoveller X

Dr. X

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