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Stephanie Bice Iranian American RINO Rep.
Oklahoma Fake Conservative Infecting GOP


Stephanie Bice Iranian American RINO Congresswoman
Oklahoma Fake Conservative Infecting GOP

Ahreeman X
August 5, 2021

Stephanie Bice the Iranian American RINO US Congresswoman Ahreeman X Graphic
Exterminate the RINOs, so GOP can grow as the American Workers Party
RINOs represent the GOP Establishment in alignment with the Liberal Socialist Democrats. Don’t Feed the RINOs, They’re Fat and Lazy. No More RINOs, Take Back the GOP

Trump is the GOP and Trumpism is the Future of GOP. Let’s make one thing clear: In GOP, either you are a conservative national populist and with Trump or you are an Undocumented Democrat posing as a RINO. As of now, 95% of the GOP base are Trumpists. A slim minority of the GOP Establishment who are RINOs are trying to hang on the GOP and they pretend that GOP is a separate entity than Trump! The future is very clear: Either you are with Trump as a Republican or you will be kicked out of the GOP as a RINO and welcome to go join the Democrat Party where you belong!

We have a term in Persian which is called “Zerangi” literally meaning “Cleverness”; however, through the years and decades, due to Shiite Islamic infected culture infecting the Persian Culture, the meaning of the term has been transformed from “Cleverness” to “Con”! So, when Persians talk about “Zerangi”, they mean being “Coning”! Stephanie Bice is thinking that she is “Zerang” (Conning) and she had done some “Zerangi” (Con)! Primarily, she deceived the patriots and used Trump to get elected as a conservative but as soon as she got elected, she backstabbed the public and Trump by aligning herself with the RINOs and called for January 6th Commission to flame the witch hunt against the Trump and to empower Nancy Pelosi!

Stephanie Bice the Iranian American RINO US Rep. Ahreeman X Graphic
Don’t Feed the RINOs, Terminate the RINOs

Everybody which Iranians look up to as the possible heroes of the community, turn out to become zeroes, traitors and worst enemies of the Iranian Community! Why are there so many Persian Traitors to the point that treason has become a Persian tradition! One disappointment after another, hi-tech leaders, business leaders, entertainment leaders, social leaders, political leaders, even the opposition leaders turn out to be dirt bags!

As the first Iranian American congresswoman in USA, Stephanie Bice could become a shining star for the GOP, for the Conservative Movement, for the Iranian Opposition and for the Iranian people but instead, she had shown her true treasonous face and betrayed them all by being a RINO!

Dump the RINOs – Drain the DC Swamp PAC
RINOs and Liberals Go Hand in Hand. Stephanie Bice the Iranian American RINO US Congresswoman and Her Other RINO Colleagues

Stephanie Bice the Con Girl

Stephanie Bice, you stuck with Trump to get elected and you did it for as long as it suited you but as soon as elected, you stabbed him in the back like a typical low life Iranian opportunist traitor! There was a reason that unlike the Iranian Tabloids and Cheesy TVs, we did not jump in joy celebrating you by jumping in conclusion! Never jump in conclusion and always wait and see the person’s policies and actions which speaks a thousand words! So, we held on to our panties until we would learn more about you. Once you have shown your true face, we were not surprised because the Iranian community is loaded with traitors, opportunists and charlatans!

Why is it that Iranians have to always be the traitors, Democrats, Iran Lobby and Degenerates?! You pissed your political career away and you will be a one term representative for 2 years, because we, the patriots will do our best to cleanse the stench of the RINOs out of the GOP. Your name will be remembered as a traitor, a seasonal fan, a fair-weather friend, a backstabber and a liberal wolf in GOP’s sheep clothing!

You have destroyed the prestige of the Iranian American community more than it already is! The funny thing is that various Iranian American sites refer to any Iranian with money, power and fame disregarding of what he or she has actually accomplished, as a “Hero”. The reality is that these people are no heroes but they are zeros!

Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires, Silicon Valley Persian Mafia, Hollywood Elitists and political lackies are not heroes because of their position. These people maybe heroes to the Iranian Tabloids and Media Mafia but not to the Iranian people inside and outside Iran! These people are the most degenerates and the worst enemies of the Iranian people!

We will always expose these so-called heroes which are zeroes!

The Great RINO Hunt of 2021 Ben Garrison Cartoon
Trump is GOP and The Great RINO Hunt has Begun!
RINOs are Undocumented Democrats! Run RINO Traitors Run!
Kill Them All, Let God Sort Them Out!

Stephanie Bice and the Iranian Media Mafia

The only people who consider you Zeroes as the accomplished Iranians, are the LA Tabloids, Iranian cheesy TVs and Wikipedia liberals! You are the flunkies and con artists of the Iranian American community! Any bozo who takes a space trip for fun or a DC trip for political opportunism does not automatically become a Persian hero! You can’t fool all of the people, all of the times!

Money, power and fame does not make one a great Iranian. What matters is the actions and policies which the person takes. What one does is the measurement of the person being a great Iranian. It seems like the Iranian Tabloids, Cheesy TVs, Rag Blogs, Rag Sites, Ragazines and Rag Papers of the Iranian Media Mafia are still unclear about this fact or is it that they actually celebrate and promote the “Conning” Iranians rather than “Decent” Iranians?

Stephanie Bice the RINO

Don’t Persians already have a bad enough reputation as Iran Lobbyists and Democrats, so that now the first Iranian American US House Representative must turn out to be a RINO? Must Iranians always be on the wrong side of the American patriotism and align themselves with the Corrupt DC Establishment?

You aligned yourself with:
Liz Cheney of Wyoming
Adam Kinzinger of Illinois
Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah
Sen. Susan Collins of Maine
Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

CNN likes you and praises you! You are in great company!

No matter how good your intentions are, still you aligned yourself with the RINOs! You say you didn’t want to go after Trump and you just wanted to find out why January 6 episode occurred?

You did not need to approve the commission to find out why! I tell you what happened:

Nancy Pelosi is directly responsible for January 6 Capitol Riots because she did not provide proper security for the congress. Trump did not call for the riots, on the contrary he called for a peaceful march. Democrats staged the event and told the cops to open wide and allow the protestors to go inside the congress.

Democrats Staged the US Capitol Break-ins 2021
The Real Story of Derailing the Electoral Objection Hearings

Any way you look at it, you end up being the first Iranian American house representative which ended up being a RINO!

The RINO Backstab of Trump Branco Cartoon
RINO GOP Establishment is on the constant backstab of Trump and the Conservatives!
Exterminate the RINOs to Save GOP!
RINOs represent the Establishment, not the workers.

Stephanie Bice and Iran Lobby

In the future, are we going to find out if there are any connections between you and the Iran Lobby financiers “Farzaneh Brothers” of Oklahoma? Hope not!

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA – Part 2
Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires Support Iran Lobby

Iran Lobby Promotion of Stephanie Brice

When PAAAIA promotes someone, you should figure out that this person must be a Democrat or a RINO and surely Iran Lobby friendly!

PAAIA congratulating Stephanie Bice

PAAIA Display of Stephanie Brice Nowruz Message

PAAIA Promo for Stephanie Bice, and other Iranian RINOs and Democrats

RINOs are Undocumented Democrats!

Do you know how the Liberal Mainstream Media always refers to the “Illegal Aliens” as the “Undocumented Immigrants” only to be politically correct? Well in reality, RINOs are “Undocumented Democrats”!

They are not official Democrat Party members but they are a disease well placed deep inside the body of GOP, posing as conservatives but sabotaging the GOP. The only thing RINOs conserve is their bank accounts and political power! RINOs have no desire to drain the swamp because they are part of the swamp!

RINO Extermination of GOP

We have been constantly pushing Trump but now it is very clear to him that the RINOs must be exterminated. You cannot make deals or cooperate with the RINOs. The RINOs are similar to Vipers. Can you form a coalition with a deadly snake? Behind the mask of every RINO, there is a liberal waiting to come out!

Let us together drain the GOP Swamp Establishment by exterminating the RINOs. Let’s begin with these RINOs by making sure that they will never get elected again as a Republican:

The 6 GOP RINO senators who voted to advance the January 6 Commission bill:

RINO US Senators
Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah
Sen. Susan Collins of Maine
Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska
Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana
Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio

The 35 GOP RINO Representatives who voted to advance the January 6 Commission bill:

RINO US House Representatives
Liz Cheney of Wyoming
Adam Kinzinger of Illinois
Stephanie Bice of Oklahoma
Tom Rice of South Carolina
Tony Gonzales of Texas
Tom Reed of New York
Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio
Dan Newhouse of Washington
Fred Upton of Michigan
Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington
Peter Meijer of Michigan
John Katko of New York
David Valadao of California
Don Bacon of Nebraska
John Curtis of Utah
Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
Andrew Garbarino of New York
Dusty Johnson of South Dakota
David Joyce of Ohio
Chris Smith of New Jersey
Van Taylor of Texas
Chris Jacobs of New York
David McKinley of West Virginia
Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska
Maria Elvira Salazar of Florida
Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa
Steve Womack of Arkansas
French Hill of Arkansas
Mike Simpson of Idaho
Rodney Davis of Illinois
Blake Moore of Utah
Michael Guest of Mississippi
Trey Hollingsworth of Indiana
Carlos Gimenez of Florida
Cliff Bentz of Oregon

Drain Stephanie Bice the RINO – Drain the Swamp

Stephanie Bice - Primary the RINO

Primary the RINO

Drain DC Swamp PAC

Stephanie Bice Information

Oklahoma U.S. House of Representatives Member
(202) 225-2132
1223 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515
Term Started January 2021
Term Ends January 2023

Stephanie Bice - Congress

Stephanie Bice - Wikipedia

Stephanie Bice - Twitter

Stephanie Bice - Facebook

Stephanie Bice - Instagram

Iranian Americans - Wikipedia

Stephanie Bice in Media

Trump takes aim at 35 Republicans who voted to form Jan. 6 commission

35 House Republicans Vote for Bill to Establish January 6 Commission

Oklahoma's U.S. Rep. Stephanie Bice breaks with most Republicans to back Jan. 6 commission

Bice breaks with most Republicans to back Jan. 6 commission

GOP Super PAC Has a New Target: Republicans Who Supported Jan. 6 Commission

Bice Says Bipartisan Jan. 6 Commission Should Not 'Go After' Trump

The six GOP senators who backed Jan. 6 commission bill

The 6 Senate Republicans who voted for the January 6 commission

Here are the 35 House Republicans who voted for the January 6 commission

Don’t Feed the RINOs Republican Poster
Don’t Feed the RINOs, They’re Already Fat and Lazy!
Sincerely, Conservatives Everywhere

Dump Stephanie Bice

We will do our best to make sure Stephanie Bice will never again get elected as a GOP representative in any level. We do this to not only cleanse the GOP of RINOs but also to cleanse the Iranian Community from Iran Lobby, Socialist Democrats, RINOs, Cons, Charlatans, Fake Heroes, and other Filth who have no desire to improve the lives of the Iranians inside or outside Iran but only to expand their bank accounts, power, fame and publicity in the Fake News and the Iranian Media Mafia.

Drain DC Swamp PAC

“The days of GOP being an Establishment Globalist Republican Party is over. We are turning GOP to Party of the Workers, the Conservative National Populist Party of America.”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

More Power to the People
MAGA Forever

Dr. X


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