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Your Reality is an Establishment Lie!

Stolen America
Your Reality is an Establishment Lie!

Ahreeman X
January 22, 2022

USA Election Fraud Coup 2020 Erection of Biden Backstab of the Century Ahreeman X Cartoon
Fine collusion of Deep State and China resulted in erection of a Puppet President, “Shiite Bag Joe” in the White House! January 20, 2021 was the starting point of the Socialist Dictatorship in America.

Ahreeman X Iran and America Graphics and Cartoons Chapter 2


A “Virtual Reality” has been created for the American people which is far from the “Actual Reality”. The creators of this “Virtual Reality” are in collusion with one another and mutually benefiting from controlling the American people like puppets. The creators of this “Virtual Reality” are Democrats and RINOs, and they function as the Deep State in every single branch of the government, CIA, FBI, MIC, Media, Tech Giants, Social Media, Hollywood and Educational System.

“Take the Blue Pill and everything stops right here; take the Red Pill and I show you how deep the Rabbit Hole goes!”

Follow the White Rabbit ……

Washington DC Swamp Cabal Behind the Biden Pen Ben Garrison Cartoon
The Cabal who operates the Puppet Pen! The Cabal (Hussein Obama, Susan Rice, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, Mitch McConnel, Hillary Clinton, etc.) runs America and operates the puppet pens Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the backup pen in the pocket!

Ben Garrison Patriotic Political Cartoonist Updates

Bizarro World

The American Corrupt Corporate Media and Social Media portray a Bizarro Upside Down World to you as the audience and brand it as reality! Everything is reported opposite and backward! They are feeding you prime time lies, such as:

* Democrats (ANTIFA and BLM) burned down America for 6 months in 2020 but the Media calls MAGA Patriots insurrectionists of January 6th!

* Democrats Stole the 2020 election and fabricated 81 million votes for an Alzheimer nursing home patient, Joe Biden but the Media says MAGA Patriots tried to overturn the results of a legitimate election on January 6TH, 2021!

* Democrats want to continue cheating in elections by requiring no ID for voters, allowing ballot harvesting and mail in voting but the Media brands it “Voting Rights”! The question is voting rights for who? Illegal Aliens, Dead People, Double Voters, Cats and Dogs?!

* Democrats are the party of Elite, Corrupt, Criminals and Rich White Liberals but the Media refers to them as the party of the working class! By working class, of course they mean Nanny State’s Welfare Recipients, Illegals and Bums! In reality the Workers are getting shafted by the Democrats and pay all the taxes!

So basically, in this Virtual Reality provided for you by the American Media and Tech Giants, you the workers are evil people because you refuse to work hard and pay taxes to support the illegals, welfare queens, bums and junkies! You refuse to accept taxation without representation from today’s British Monarchists (Pelosi, Schumer, Obama) and you want to dump their tea in the ocean by rebelling against them as the MAGA Patriots!

Biden Brain Dead Rolled in by Hussein Obama, Xi Jinping and George Soros Star Trek Graphic
Biden is a shell, a brain-dead façade which is being rolled in via wheelchair in front of the cameras to read what the Washington DC Cabal puts on the teleprompters for him to read. The Cabal runs America and indeed runs America horribly! To put an Alzheimer patient in a puppet show, isn’t this elderly abuse?!

The façade that Media and Tech Giants are selling you is indeed Metaverse Virtual Reality and likes of Mark Zuckerberg are working hard at it!

FBI Most Wanted List Posters - Post January 6, 2021

A Façade of Democracy and Justice has been sold to the American people. The people assume that they have fair elections, fair justice system and fair legislative house and senate. In reality the elections have been rigged for over 3 decades, the justice system is controlled by the liberal and RINO justices and judges who created a two-tiered justice system: one for the Rich White Liberals and one for you the hardworking average Joe and Jane. The legislative branches are corrupt and filthy as a Swamp! Nancy Pelosi is in charge of Stock Market Regulatory System while her husband is a Big Shot in Wall Street making insider trading! That’s how she made out over 30 Million Dollars of her 100 Million Dollars stolen wealth made up of bribes, kickbacks, insider trading and lobby money from China, Russia and Iran Lobby. Worse than Pelosi is that Liberal Plantation Jew Master, Chuck Schumer who runs the Senate as the Swamp.

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

Xi Jinping driving Miss Sleepy Biden Branco Cartoon
Brain Dead “Shiite Bag Joe” with Obama teleprompter is driven by China towards Tyranny! A Chinese Communist Replica System is getting built in America by the Cabal who operates the puppet stooge “Shiite Bag Joe”!

A F Branco Patriotic Cartoonist of the People Updates

Sugar Coated Corruption

The rich have one set of rules assigned for them as Hillary and Bill Clinton get away with fraud, rape and murder, and then there are one set of rules for you the regular people! The complete system is rigged and corrupt as the 3rd world. Same corruption that goes on in Mexico, also is happening here but the difference is that in Mexico, the corruption is out in open. The country is run by Drug Cartels, Top 10 Families and executed the by corrupt cops. In America, the filth and the stench of swamp is hidden under the veil of “Patriotism”. The DOJ, CIA, FBI, MIC and Pentagon as the oppressive 4th branch of the government are the Deep State arm of the Democrats and RINOs which keep the Establishment alive but under the pretense of “Patriotism” and “Flag Waving” they conduct all of their dirty deeds.

CIA drug deals, gun deals and torture goes on while they preach to you that “Don’t do Drugs”, “Guns Kill People” and “Violence is Bad”! It is all a pile of garbage and slogans by the Deep State to keep the Establishment alive. It is all a corrupt system which has been ruling America for over 3 decades.

The Rigged System

If we have not learned anything from Trump, the least we have learned is that the Establishment has killed the “American Dream” and the “Founding Fathers’ Vision”! In 2016, Trump proved to American people that the complete system is rigged. Hillary Clinton got away with lying to FBI, fraud, cheating and murder! In 2020, the Deep State made a coup and ousted Trump out!

The only time that the people had found a voice in Modern America was during the Trump. In fact, Trump was the spokesman of the people. Trump went against the establishment. The complete establishment including the Deep State, Media, Tech Giants, Social Media, Hollywood, Academia and Government came down on him like Hell and did their best to destroy him! Finally, they made a coup and via fraudulent election, they ousted him on 2020 and erected a stooge puppet president, a senile old fool with Alzheimer disease named “Shiite Bag Joe Biden”! A 50-year veteran of the corrupt Washington DC Establishment on the payroll of China, Russia and Iran Lobby who made a fortune out of kickbacks, Wall Street insider trades and Dirty Deals. The Deep State had put Biden Crime Family in the White House. That was the last straw which broke the camel’s back. That was the final declaration of the Deep State to the American people that America is no more a democracy! The Deep State shamelessly and openly had changed the:

“Government of the People by the People and for the People”


“Government of the Establishment by the Deep State and for the Elite”

The Jig is Up

Now there is no need for pretense. The jig is up and the curtain has fallen. On January 20, 2021, America has officially become an Authoritarian Totalitarian Dictatorship of the Elite, more like an Oligarchy with Tech Oligarchs and Establishment (Democrats and RINOs) on top, ruling over the people! The façade of patriotism, god bless America, democracy and other charades had all fallen and the ugly and dirty face of the Washington DC Swamp had openly appeared and unveiled in the filthy DC horizon!

In other words, half the nation woke up to the harsh reality of the Regime’s Bull Shiite Democracy which had replaced the American Unique Democracy, and the other half like brainwashed pawns are still under the spell of the Façade Virtual Reality which was created for them by the Media, Social Media and Tech Giants. Liberals like fools follow the Elite and Tech Oligarchs’ Dog and Pony Show and like monkey see, monkey do, dance to the Democrats’ orchestra like baboons in the fog! This turn it is called, Biden’s Shiite Show!

Let the Cleansing Begin
What Trump needs to do in his 3rd term (because he won the 2020 as his 2nd term) is to clean house. For 30 years (Bush, Clinton, Obama, Biden) the Democrats and RINOs were established deep in to the government. These unelected bureaucrats in military, CIA, FBI, Pentagon, DOJ, State Department, Education Department and everywhere else in combination make the “Deep State” which rules over the American people. The best example is Fauci who makes more money than the president of United States and everyone else in the government, yet he is the one who financed the COVID-19 creation in Wuhan lab, China! We cannot allow the government of the people to be run by the CIA, FBI and DOJ as tools of oppression in the hands of the Democrats.

US Elections 2020 Rigged by George Soros

How American Election was Stolen?

American Political Prisoners

Today we have political prisoners in America who have been held as prisoners without being charged for over a year! America has become China and Russia! Deep State Democrats arrested 3000 patriots and they lied about the number the same way that they lied about the number of the American citizens abandoned in Afghanistan by Biden which was over 5000! Lying American media of course repeats these lies because the American media is basically the Regime’s propaganda machine. Today, we still have 1000 political prisoners in DC jails and 500 American Citizens abandoned in Afghanistan by Biden’s illegitimate regime. Media’s job and Tech Giants’ job is to cover up the facts and propagate pro Biden and Pro Democrat rhetoric. DC jails are not Luxury Hotels but they are filthy, infested cesspools to keep these patriots in the worst conditions.

Mass Brainwash

Mark Zuckerberg is planning to create a nation of zombies with his Metaverse! As of now, kids are spending at least 6 hours in virtual world (Mobiles, Tubes, Social Media, etc.), just imagine how life will be with Metaverse virtual headset goggles of VR sunglasses or eyeglasses which will literally make you live in the virtual world away from the reality 24/7 at 100%! This way, you will be brainwashed and indoctrinated 24/7 to become a perfect robot and puppet for the Liberal Plantation System run by the Liberal Jew Masters of this plantation such as Mark Zuckerberg, Google/YouTube Owners/Managers and indeed George Soros! That’s the future which is being cooked for your kids!

Mark Zuckerberg’s plan is for population to live in pods and bubbles with only extension out will be Zuckerberg and Liberals’ propaganda. You will live in your own Safe Space bubble out of touch with the reality and tuned in to VR open to download every bit of garbage created by the liberals!

Mark Zuckerberg Election Theft

The reason COVID was created was to isolate the people, living in their own pods and safe spaces and tuned in to Social Media and soon Metaverse as perfect braindead robots, an army of ANTIFA, BLM, Anarchists and Marxists to serve the Deep State Regime. That’s why Mark Zuckerberg spent 450 Million Dollars to steal the 2020 election via mail in ballots, ballot harvesting and drop boxes.

Observe this video on exposing FBI and Deep State’s role in January 6th so-called insurrection:

Marjorie Taylor Green and Mat Gates Jan 6th FBI Expose Video interview

“Take the Blue Pill and everything stops right here; take the Red Pill and I show you how deep the Rabbit Hole goes!”

Follow the White Rabbit ……

450 million dollars Zuckerberg money changed the election. Behind Zuckerberg is indeed George Soros.

Blue State Departures

California, New York and Illinois are not states but Liberal Plantations! In these plantations exists high crimes, homeless, pollution, filthy streets and crooked deals.

Will of the people had overturned by the governors’ executive orders in New York and California house and Senate. Best example is that people in California voted to not “clock change” anymore but the governor, senate and house still did not approve it! Will of the people means nothing in Blue States. Elections are rigged, corruption is high and these states are run like Nanny States full of filth. That is why for the past two years, California, New York and Illinois have been losing population while Florida, Texas and Arizona have been gaining population! People and businesses are flying Blue State Shiite Holes to the Red State Heavens!

US government can’t mandate mask or a vaccine if there are treatments for covid-19, and early treatment of Ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies are basically cures. To Withhold these cures is called murder; therefore, US Government is killing the American people to sell vaccines for the Big Pharma and the Big Guy (Biden) gets his 10%!

Fair Elections

Fair Elections must be established or vote of the people means nothing anymore! Fair elections mean:
* Voters ID
* No Mail In Ballots unless registered for it
* No Drop Boxes
* No Ballot Harvesting
* Voting Observers from both parties must be present at all times
* No Dominion Voting Machines

Above election rules are obeyed in our neighbors Canada and Mexico. Above rules are also obeyed and enforced in Western Europe and all other civilized countries. Above rules are only not obeyed in America! Why is that? So, Democrats can cheat in every election?

Illegal Aliens, Outer State Voters, Double Voters, Dead People, Non-Residents shall not vote, as they do in New York, California and Illinois the 3 most lawless states of the union and naturally Blue States.

Stolen Elections have Consequences

As the results of the stolen election, in 2021, Billionaires and Tech Oligarchs in America made out like bandits! Due to the pandemic and controlled police state society, the Elite controlled the public’s minds, also affected the democratic process to the point that they used the pandemic to not only steal elections but to create a tyranny! So, the billionaires of the Tech Giants added more billions to their accounts, yet the public got poorer! As of the result, democracy died, even in USA and got replaced with globalist socialist agenda for the Tech Giants to establish the new world order, great setback, climate change fantasy and every other Bull Shiite agenda which they could shove down the public’s throat to control the globe!

America Turned to a Shiite Hole!

And you thought this could never happen in America! Well, it did! In one year, Democrats have turned the greatest country and economy on earth to a cesspool of crimes, open borders, inflation, unemployment, bankruptcy, broken dreams and a poor house 3rd world Shiite Hole! In one year, Democrats have turned America to a Shiite Hole, just imagine what will be in the oven for 3 more years of Biden!

Democrats are Destroying America
Changing Americanism to Globalism

Well, liberals got offended when Trump allegedly said: Why do we have to always accept migration from the Shiite Hole countries and not civilized countries; therefore, now they have turned America to a Large Pile of Shiite Hole! Now America is a Shiite Hole country! Bon Appetite chewing on Shiite!

Democrats’ Grave Mistake

Only one problem with this “Shiite Show”! Liberals only got one thing wrong! They made a grave mistake, only one mistake! Liberals stole the election and established a Chinese Communist Style Regime in America, an Authoritarian, Totalitarian Tyrannical System the same as China, Russia and Iran, yet they simply forgotten one thing! You know what?!

Democrats and Deep State managed to successfully turn America to a Shiite Hole and establish a Chinese, Russian and Iranian-like Police State in America; however, they could never break the Free American Spirit! American people were born free, live free and will die free. Unlike oppressed, pacified and pussy-fied Chinese, Russian and Iranian people, the American people will never accept and go under the tyrannical rule for long. American people will never accept Socialism, Communism and Islamism. You can turn America’s Government to a Communist Regime but you can never ever turn the American people to Communists nor will they ever accept to live under the Communism and a Police State Dictatorship.

Founding Fathers did not design America to be ruled by DOJ, CIA, FBI and MIC; those visionaries designed America to be ruled by the American people. This was Democrats’ greatest and gravest error. Democrats underestimated the Free Spirit of the American people who will never allow America to become a Socialist Police State.

We the patriots will reestablish Free and Fair Elections in America or we will die trying! This country is our country. This country belongs to the American people. This country was created to be ruled by the People. This country was not designed to be ruled by the unelected bureaucrats in Deep State. This is where Democrats go wrong!

Biden Carry a Big Socialist Stick to American Economy Branco Cartoon
Shiite Bag Joe with Obama Stick follows Obama’s orders on the teleprompter running his “Biden Shiite Show” as Hussein Obama’s 3rd term!

Fight the Power

We shall overcome the “Dark Winter of Biden” after his 4 stolen years or sooner! It is possible to prove in courts of law, with tons of evidence on how elections were stolen in many states. This regime may not last even a full 4 years! One way or another, we the people will end the lifespan of this illegitimate and corrupt regime on 2022, 2024 or before!

Future of America: Patriotic Solutions

Together, we the people will take our country back, clean house, revive America and Make America Great Again. Together we shall shine the lantern and find our way back to the Shining City upon a hill …

One thing is clear:

 “Totalitarian Regimes including Communist, Socialist and Islamist Regimes in a nutshell are:

Elite ruling class on the top.
Shrinking middle class dying in the middle.
Vast lower class slave force at the bottom.”

(Ahreeman X)

Always remember that:

“Informed people are in charge of their own future!”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

The evidence is from here to the Moon, and on weekly basis we are exposing more fraud to the point that legislators and courts cannot deny, and if they do, we will change the corrupt legislators and the judges!

MAGA Forever


Dr. X


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