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Navarro Report: Immaculate Deception

How American Election was Stolen?
Navarro Report: Immaculate Deception

Ahreeman X
December 27, 2020

Supreme Court Denies Hearing Election Fraud Case Gary Varvel Cartoon
Supreme Court Denies Trump’s Day in the Court!
“RINO Chief Justice John Roberts rejected Trump’s day at the court because he is afraid of BLM and ANTIFA riots!” (Media)
“Supreme Court 7 to 2 rejected Trump’s day in court!” (Media)
L – R:
Democrat Jackass Justices: Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan
RINO Chief Chicken Justice: John Roberts (with deranged tong hanging out)
Chicken Justices: Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Any Coney Barrett (looking ashamed at Alito)
Disgusted True Justices: Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas

What are they Hiding?

When they tell you that there was no fraud in the US Election 2020, ask yourself and then ask them these questions:

* Why by midnight election night, Trump was way ahead and won all swing states and the election but by 3 AM, suddenly millions of mail-in ballots inserted in the machines and eventually in few weeks, made Biden the lead in all swing states?

* Why Democrats used every single method of cheating from mass mail-in ballots and fraudulent voting machines all the way to blocking poll watchers’ observations and voter suppression to flip votes for Biden but they refuse talking about it?

* Why YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the Social Media and Tech Giants censor and ban anyone who questions the legitimacy of the election?

* Why Media right away declared the swing states for Biden, when the counts and court cases were ongoing?

* Why Media dismisses any election fraud and hides all facts about the election fraud?

* With thousands of evidences on election fraud, how come judges and supreme court justices refuse to even hear the court cases?

* Why governors, mayors and legislators refuse to examine and audit the Dominion Machines and software?

* Why Legislators dismiss any fraud case or even hear it?

* Why RINOs right away congratulated Biden and accepted his legitimacy?

* Why DOJ without a single investigation decaled there was no election fraud?

* Why everyone is in rush to erect Biden as the president but no one is interested to investigate election fraud cases?

* Why Trump doesn’t get his day at the court?

The answer is very simple: They are all in it, they are colluding parties and they cannot wait to get rid of Trump, silence the American people and return the power back to the Deep State!

If Supreme Court Justices, Legislators and DOJ refuses to even hear the thousands of fraud cases, no matter due to incompetence, fear of BLM and ANIFA or corruption, then it is pretty obvious that we have lost our republic, democracy and freedoms! We live in a tyranny! Return of the Swamp indeed!

USA Election Fraud 2020 Dominion Machine Branco Cartoon
Democrat Jackass: Counting only the legal votes is a threat to our democracy!

Introduction to Indoctrination

China, George Soros and Democrats as major players, and then Dominion Corporation, RINOs and Supreme Court Justices as minor players, all and all either rigged the election or stayed silent watching election to be rigged and stolen from Trump and the American People. The goal was for the Deep State to regain control of the America and to punish Trump and the American people for trying to control their own destiny by destroying the Deep State’s power.

As of now:
80 % of Republicans
50 % of Independents
30 % of Democrats
Believe that the US election 2020 was stolen from Trump. The difference is that Democrats knowing that the election was rigged, yet they are OK with it because they won! That displays the morality level of the liberals for you!

20 % of Biden voters stated that if the Media and Tech Giants did not hide the truth about the Biden Crime Family corruption, then they would have not voted for Biden. That right there would have changed the election results.

How can Joe Biden and Democrats govern America when the majority believe that the election was a fraud and they are illegitimate?!

Navarro Report: Immaculate Deception Table 2:
2020 Alleged Election Irregularities across the Six Battleground States
Check Mark = Wide Spread Evidence
* = Some Evidence

Navarro Report: Immaculate Deception

Peter Navarro the fabulous scholar, great economical mind and the Trump Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy had made a great effort by documenting all of his studies, examinations, and analysis of the thousands of frauds evidences to this historic fraudulent theft of the US election in a report named the Immaculate Deceptionin which we will allow you to read at the bottom of this article. Before we get to the “Immaculate Deception” Report, let us study How American Election was Stolen?

Navarro Report: Immaculate Deception Table 3:
Outright Voter Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election
Check Mark = Wide Spread Evidence
* = Some Evidence

US Election Fraud Evidences 2020

The Stolen Election

The stolen election was a well calculated plot on three ends: China, George Soros and Democrats.

Major Players

I. China
* China COVID-19 Manufacturing and Distribution
* China COVID-19 was created in Wuhan, blocked from spread in China but shipped to infect USA
* China Flood of Chinese Spies and China Lobby to USA
* China owning a good number of Democrat Congressmen on the payroll
* China bribing $ 400 Million to Dominion Corporation a month before election
* China making chips for Dominion Hardware

More information:

Coronavirus, IRGC & Chinese Mullahs: How did it Spread?

Coronavirus, IRGC and Chinese Mullahs!
Coronavirus Spread in Iran, the Real Story

Chinese Coronavirus: Now You Know Why Globalism Fails!
Coronavirus Origin Coverup by China and Liberal Media

China Rigged US Elections 2020 by Bribes to Dominion Corp

Coronavirus Origin, Khamenei, Jinns and Chinese Coverup!
Coronavirus and Taharat Islamic Butt Wash!

II. George Soros
* George Soros finance, arm and organization of BLM and ANTIFA
* George Soros organized BLM and ANTIFA riots in the streets few months before every election
* George Soros ordered organized suppression and censorship of conservatives by Tech Giants
* George Soros ordered hiding of Biden Crime Family corruption by the Tech Giants
* George Soros control of Dominion and Smartmatic Corps
* George Soros order to Dominion to rig the election

More information:

US Elections 2020 Rigged by George Soros
Complete System is Rigged by Deep State

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

Google Promotes Hezbollah and NIAC on IPC’s Traffic!

Is Google a Cult?
Google Cult of Censorship, Espionage and Mind Control

Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization

ANTIFA is Burning Down America

III. Democrats
* Democrat Plot to mail 80 million unsolicited mail in ballots
* Democrat plot to cheat by mail
* Democrat double voters, dead people, underage, felons, illegals, out of staters and pets voted
* Democrats had more votes than voters in various states!
* Democrat poll workers blocked GOP observers
* Democrat Poll workers mass fraud manufacturing and inserting fake ballots
* Democrats printing of flawed Republican ballots so the machines couldn’t read them
* Democrats multiple insertion of same ballots in the machines
* Democrat Governors didn’t require signature verification or citizenship for mail-in ballots
* Democrat Governors refused to have voters’ IDs
* Democrat Governors, Mayors and Legislators extending election deadlines the last minute
* Democrat Governors, Mayors and Legislators refused to audit machines or votes
* Democrat Governors, Mayors and Legislators refused to hear court cases or rejected them
* Democrat post office delivery corruptions
* Democrat post office destruction of real GOP ballots
* Democrat post office early date stamping the Democrat ballots
* Democrat Media hidden the Biden Corruption and fed lies to public as news

More information:

US Election Fraud Evidences 2020

US Elections 2020 or 2nd Deep State Coup?
American People vs. Deep State

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!

Democrats, what do they stand for?

Biden Presidency Denigrates America’s Integrity

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People
Democrat Party Coup Against the American People

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

Minor Players

Minor players not in a way that they are minor factors, yet in a way that they did not originate the stealing but they were side elements participating or silent on the election fraud crimes.

Dominion Corporation Role
* Dominion hardware made in Canada, chips made in China and software made in Venezuela
* Dominion Vote Tabulation counted in Spain and Germany
* Dominion financed by China
* Dominion has at least 3 Chinese CEOs and Managers
* Dominion influenced and controlled by George Soros
* Dominion usage of hack options to rig the election
* Dominion software option usage to flip votes from Trump to Biden

More information:

US Elections 2020 Rigged by George Soros
Complete System is Rigged by Deep State

RINOs Role
* RINO GOP Establishment waited after stealing to side with Democrats
* RINO Swamp creatures were in it all along but shown their true nature after rigging
* RINO Lincoln Project back stabbed GOP all the way
* RINO Never Trumpers colluded with Democrats every step of the way
* RINO Governors, Mayors and Legislators refused to audit machines or votes

Supreme Court Justices
* Refused to hear court cases due to fear of riots or due to collusion with Democrats

End Results of the Stolen Election

At the End of the Day
* Over 7 million votes were stolen from Trump and added for Biden
* Trump never had his day at the court
* Governors didn’t allow to collect dominion machines for examination
* Officials never conducted an investigation
* Dominion machines are still operating
* Post office still delivering fake ballots

Deep State Won; American People Lost

Deep State Swamp had to get rid of Trump to regain power. Trump was destroying the Deep State and returning the power to the people, so Trump had to go.

Deep State Groups
CIA, FBI and DOJ Management
Military Industrial Complex and Pentagon
Washington DC Big Government
Democrat Party
RINO GOP Establishment
Silicon Valley Google, Facebook, Twitter and Other Tech Giants
Globalist International Corporations
Wall Street


Trump National Populist Revolution

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People
Democrat Party Coup Against the American People

Democrat Lockdowns: Gate to Socialism

Democrats used COVID-19 to:
* Lockdown people
* Mass mail-in ballots
* Use dominion machines to steal the election
* Control the Media and Tech Giants to Control Communication
* Empower Big Corporations who voted for Democrats
* Take away people’s jobs and livelihood who voted for Trump
* Destroy Small business who voted for Trump
* Throw Big Pork as aids to Big Corporations
* Throw small dog bones to people as aids to survive
* Establish Socialism
* Establish Tech Oligarchy
* Establish Big Government Control
* Amnesty and import of illegals as prospect Democrat voters
* Establish Mass Censorship
* Establish obedient slaves out of the people
* Change the American Structure as a Free Market Country
* Establish Totalitarian Socialist Regime in Full Force

Google Suppresses Iran Politics Club Links
Google Censors Thousands of Iran Politics Club Links

Google Sabotage of Iran Politics Club Links and Images
Google Iranian American Management Hates Iranian Opposition

Real News Networks List vs. Fake News Media
Alternative News Networks vs. Mainstream Media

Navarro Report: Immaculate Deception Table 1:
A Trump Red Tide Turns Biden Blue

The Navarro Report: Immaculate Deception

Watch this video preview:


The Navarro Report on the 2020 Presidential Election

The Navarro Report Chanel YouTube

Now that you have the background knowledge of what really occurred in the US 2020 Elections, beyond the façade and the fraud displayed to you by the Media, Social Media and Tech Giants; then you are ready to study the report which exposed the details of how the election was stolen. Enjoy reading:

Navarro Report: Immaculate Deception

The truth shall be told and we are stating the truth here in IPC.
Have no fear, stare that beast in the eyes!

Dr. X


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