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Trump Historic 4th of July Eve Speech
At the Mount Rushmore 2020


Trump Historic 4th of July Eve Speech at the Mount Rushmore 2020
Stand Up for America Now, While There Still Exists an America!
4th of July Special

Ahreeman X
July 4, 2020

Trump at Mount Rushmore
Trump Rally on July 4th Eve at Mount Rushmore 2020
There will be a day in the future when Trump’s Bust will be carved on Mount Rushmore as the Greatest President of the United States of America. On that day, Trump’s legacy will be carved in stone forever in History.

President Donald J. Trump conducted one of his best speeches at the Mount Rushmore Independence Day Celebration. There was a patriotic full event with USAF big band, USAF Air Show, various guest speakers and super majestic fireworks extravaganza after a decade long seize of festivities by Hussein Obama.

It was a festival of sound music and fireworks celebrating the birth of America. The United States of America is 244 years old. In 244 years, America has achieved what many countries with thousands of years of history could not. America is beacon of the global democracy and freedom. America had progressed the world more than any other nation in history.

Mount Rushmore 4th of July Fireworks 2020
Trump Rally on July 4th Eve at Mount Rushmore 2020

Trump gave a brief statement of achievements about each of the presidents on the Mount Rushmore: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Trump stated the great achievements of the Founding Fathers to create the Declaration of Independence, the Unique American Constitution, and Democracy. The same founders that the Socialist thugs in the streets are destroying their statues. The low lives in the streets whom are supported by the media, social media and the tech giants are bound to destroy not only the founding fathers’ statues but along with them, the American Democracy and Way of Life. Marxist Academia twists the American history upside down and portrays it as Evil! This enhanced, will be the future of America under the Democrats.

President Trump made it very clear that we the people are living during hard times and we have a crucial decision to make. The Radical Left Liberals are bound to destroy the American Democracy and establish a government of Totalitarian Police State in America. They want to establish Socialism, Censorship, Cancel Culture and Woke Virtue Signaling in America. Trump clarified that we are on an uphill battle with the Censorship and the Cancel Culture from the Tech Giants, Social Media, Mainstream Media, Hollywood, Academia, and the Democrat Establishment.

Trump Rocked the Mount Rushmore
Spirits of the Founding Fathers were Lifted and People were Charged!
Trump Historic Speech on Independence Day 2020
Trump Rally on July 4th Eve at Mount Rushmore 2020

Despite attempts to silence the people, censor the people, riots, protests and thug tactics, we the American people will survive this Liberal Socialist attempt to destroy our history, culture, democracy and freedoms. They do their best to censor and silence us but we shall overcome.

Trump emphasized on the government of law and order. 1 to 10 years jail time for destruction of statues, arson, defacing of public property and damage to our cultural sites by the Radical Left, BLM, ANTIFA, Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, Marxists, Liberal Socialists, Democrats and other Low Lives and Thugs.

Trumpists at the Trump Rally Mount Rushmore 2020
Trump Rocked the Mount Rushmore and National Populists Cheered
Trump Historic Speech on July 4th Eve at Mount Rushmore 2020

We shall overcome this crisis and this attempt to oppress Americans and Destroy America shall pass too.

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!

ANTIFA is Burning Down America

Trump also gave great news! Trump spoke of building of a new national park where the statues of all great Americans will be displayed.

Trump Patriotic Rally at Mount Rushmore
Trump Historic Speech on July 4th Eve at Mount Rushmore 2020

Trump made it absolutely clear that this is the battle for the heart and soul of America. Are we going to remain the beacon of Freedom, Democracy and American Exceptionalism or we will surrender to the Internationalist Globalist Socialist Terrorists, thugs, rioters, protesters and other Democrat Low Lives in the streets who are bound to destroy our Democracy, well-orchestrated by George Soros, Socialists and propagated by the Media, Social Media and the Tech Giants?

Trump had made one of his most charismatic and inspirational speeches of all times, when our country needs unity, hope and inspiration rather than division, hate and sabotage spewed by the American Lying Media and the Tech Giants.

The Majestic and Inspirational Glory of the Holy Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore is the Symbol of the Great American Democracy
Trump Historic Speech on July 4th Eve at Mount Rushmore 2020

View the videos of Trump’s historic speech at the Mount Rushmore 2020, the full event and the fireworks:


Trump Historic Speech at Mount Rushmore

Full Event Trump & First Lady at Mount Rushmore Celebration and Fireworks

Full Event Since Arrival + Fireworks

2020 Election will be the battle for the heart and soul of America. It is the battle for possibly replacements for the 4 Supreme Court Justices retiring, but mostly it is a battle to save our globally unique Democracy or surrender to a Socialist Big Government Police State.

Trump Famous Revolutionary Fist Gesture of the National Populist Movement
One Day in the Future, Trump’s Bust will be Up There with the Other Greats!
Trump Historic Speech on July 4th Eve at Mount Rushmore 2020

Trump National Populist Revolution

“One day in the future, the world will remember who built the US Space Force and carved many other achievements to progress US and the world. On that day, Trump’s bust will be carved on Mount Rushmore. On that same day, Obama and Pelosi’s busts will be dumped in the dumpster of history or toilet, take your pick?!”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

Trump had achieved 101 important achievements in his first term but in his strong speech full of hope, he made it very clear:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the Best is Yet to Come!”

On this July 4th, we shall make a solemn oath of honor:

Stand up for America Now While there is Still an America Left to Fight for!


Dr. X


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