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Trump’s New Tactic: Airport Runway Events
Ahreeman X
August 18, 2020

Trump Jobs vs. Biden Mobs 2020 Election A F Branco Cartoon
2020 Election Ballot Made Simple: Trump Jobs vs. Biden Mobs
You want Mobs? Vote for Joe Biden!
You want jobs? Vote for Donald Trump!
The question is Trump’s security, peace and prosperity or Biden’s BLM and ANTIFA Thugs?

How do you like Socialism?

Folks, how do like the Socialism, Riots, and Chaos, Democrat style? Democrats have used the COVID-19 pandemic to impose lockdowns and full Socialism in the Blue States! How do you like it under the Socialist Dictatorship of Proletariat and Mob Rule in New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore and every other large city in America run by the Democrats? How do you like living under the Mob Rule imposed by the Black Life Matter and ANTIFA? How do you like living under Chaos, confined in your homes and stripped out of your rights by the Democrats? How do you enjoy your police be defunded, your guns taken away and your freedoms been stepped on by the Socialist Democrat State Regimes in the Blue States?

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!

ANTIFA is Burning Down America

Democrats, what do they stand for?

You used to live in the Sunny Golden State of California and Diamond Empire State of New York until Democrat Governors and Mayors stripped you off of your natural human rights, forced you in to your home prisons, took away your jobs and livelihood and imposed Socialist lockdowns on you by their Thug Army of BLM and ANTIFA!

Black Lives Matter Terrorism Thread

ANTIFA is Burning Down America & Democrats are Watching Thread

Elect Joe Biden and Democrats, and America Nationwide will become the Blue States ran down by the Democrats! Your city will become Portland and Seattle! So how do you like Socialism?

Flag of Our Senile Geriatric Father, Media Rises Joe Biden A F Branco Cartoon
In Tradition of the Flag of Our Fathers Movie:
Media Force Stands a Façade Puppet of Joe Biden!
Mainstream Liberal Media (CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WAPO, NPR, CBS, ABC and others) are hiding the Biden crimes (China and Ukraine Bribes, Spy on Trump 2016 Campaign, Protégé of KKK Senator Byrd, Racist Remarks and others) under the rug and rising the dead corpse of Senile Old Fool Nursing Home China Joe for the 2020 Election!

Trump Genius

DNC Online events are conducted for 3 days. To deny the DNC audience, Trump started to hold events on airport runways! No rallies of 30,000 people are conducted amid COVID-19 pandemic, so Trump figured a way to still slaughter the Democrats and withhold the social distancing! As of yesterday, concurrent with the DNC Events, Trump started to hold Runway Events in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Trump is planning to hold many of these small events in the upcoming days.

Trump misses Rally speeches and the American people miss Trump Rallies, so what is the solution? Airport Runway Events indeed! Aside from being an economic genius who created the greatest economy in the history of the Earth, Trump is also a political genius! Even though he is not a politician but a builder, yet he figured a way to torture Democrats, even during their convention!

Trump Rallies Begin the End for Democrats 2020!

Everywhere Trump goes, from the moment he gets off the plane to the moment he conducts a speech at a factory, union, police event or a political gathering, thousands of people line up in the airports, streets and outside the event to see him, greet him and support him, so a huge light bulb lit in his head and he told himself: Why not use this phenomenon to torture Democrats?!

That is how the idea of the Airport Runway Events came to Donald John Trump’s mind. It is simply genius!  So, in the upcoming days and months, expect Trump to hold small but enthusiastic airport runway events. This way, he gets his live message out, gets the media to tag along with him every where and he jabs Democrats in every occasion! They are held in open air with proper air ventilation for social distancing concerned Democrats! The key word is enthusiasm that the Trumpists have and the Dems do not!

Trump MAGA Motorcycle vs. Biden Old Bicycle Ben Garrison Cartoon
Trump MAGA Cycle vs. Old Joe Cycle!
Trump roars towards future progress while Biden babbles Green New Deal:
Hey Corn Pop, turn down your record player!
I can’t hear myself think!
I want to win this presidential race malarkey!

Joe Biden Still in the Basement!

In a meanwhile, Joe Biden is still in his basement hiding from the media, questions and doctors to examine his cognitive abilities! The complete Democrat convention is online and mostly pre-recorded. There is no enthusiasm for Biden and no crowd wanting to watch him. Can you blame them?

Watching Biden gaffes and boring babbles, is similar to be forced to watch a 3-hour screening of a National Geographic Documentary about the Unstable and Unbalanced Bumble Bees unable to fertilize the flowers! Having an enema by the man named Hambone is more pleasing than watching Joe Biden’s babbling full of gaffes in frantic sessions of 10 minutes each!

Here’s a perfect example of Biden’s beautiful babbles:

46 Minutes of Joe Biden Talking Nonsense

Compare that to Trump’s genius:

Trump bucks tradition again by launching campaign blitz during DNC

Trump Airport Runway Events

Watch Trump’s Power of Speech and connection with the everyday Americans:

President Trump Remarks at Campaign Event in Mankato, MN 8/17/20

President Trump Holds Campaign Event in Oshkosh, WI Oshkosh, WI 8/17/20

So, the more Democrat funded, backed and supported BLM and ANTIFA riots in the streets and defunding the police episodes along with cancel culture, will guarantee a Trump Landslide victory in 2020.

American people are simply tired of the Establishment and Biden is the epidemy of the Establishment. He has been in DC for 50 years, that’s half a century! His last flop was the 8 years of Obama-Biden disaster which bankrupted America, put people in poor house, destroyed the military, law and order, healthcare, energy independence, and jacked up the regulations and taxes! Remember the good old Biden time? On the light side, Biden surely expanded his family’s bank accounts by kickbacks from China, Ukraine and elsewhere by the billions! They don’t make them more corrupt, boring and Establishment than Joe Biden!

Democrat Convention 2020 + BLM and ANTIFA Communists Michael Ramirez Cartoon
Welcome to the New Democrat Party: Radical Socialist Party
Do not kid yourselves, BLM and ANTIFA are Democrat Funded Voters!
Audience to Rioter: That’s supposed to be a “Y” for UNITY!
Dem Donkeys: They’re just social distancing!

Lament for the Liberals!

My dearly beloved Liberals, I am sorry to tell you that your geriatric candidate (Joe Biden) and his counterparts in Senate (Chucky Doll Schumer) and House (Nancy Old Pussy) will bring on the landslide results in 2020 which will sum in a GOP House, Senate, Gubernatorial and White House win under the Trump’s direction!

Trump’s Famous Double Thumbs Up Gesture Double Flag Pose
Trump Made America Great Again,
Now Let’s Keep America Great!

Change is Coming

There will be blood! There will be cries and screams by the Media, Academia, Tech Giants, Hollywood and Deep State, and boy, do we love to watch them suffer in agony! After the great 2020 victory, we will legislate various bills to deal with the corrupt and biased Media, Academia, Tech Giants, Hollywood and Deep State! Of course, we will also put more constitutionalist judges in the Supreme Court rather than RINOs like John Roberts! Afterall, we have a number of supreme court judges retiring or kicking the bucket!

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People

In addition, be assured that the American people will not forget the “Globalist Corporations” and billionaires who supported and funded the BLM and ANTIFA! These “Globalist Corporations” are directly responsible for the Riots, Looting, Murders and Assaults in the streets of America. In the future articles, I will give you a list of these corporations.

Gert ready for a landslide slaughter, Trump Style!


Dr. X

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