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Trump vs. Biden Debate 1: Democrat Meltdown
Full Ahreemanic Analysis

Ahreeman X
July 1, 2024

Trump vs. Biden 2024 Debate 1: Democrat Meltdown
“Trump contained himself to not wise crack and allow Biden to speak and self-destruct!” (Media)
“Biden on uppers with eyes wide open, speed talking and gaffes self-destructed!” (Media)
Trump: I can’t believe they trusted this guy with the nuclear code!
Biden: Boy, I talk like Speedy Gonzales and can’t blink, by the way, who am I? Where am I?


Over 51 million people watched on the live TV with no possible Media AI coverup that Biden jacked up on uppers with eyes bulged out and speed talking, mumbled, bumbled and stumbled at moments gazing with mouth wide open all over the place! Media has been covering up Biden gaffes for 4 years and displayed a photoshop desired version of him for the public to view; however, how could they coverup this disaster of a debate on the live TV?

People who are into politics were well aware of the reality of Biden; yet, this was the first time that the average public not into politics, brainwashed by the media had the first glance at the Real Biden! Now it clicked that how dangerous it is that this Dementia Patient has his finger on the Nuclear Red Button and is in charge of the most powerful nation on earth!

Biden vs. Trump Debate used Biden Kept Alive Democrat Machine Branco Cartoon

CNN Poll

So who won? What are the most fake news media, representing the White House Regime, Deep State and Democrat Party? CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post and such. Well shockingly for the first time all of them reacted negative to the Biden debate performance! They were in full panic mode! They were speaking of right away replacing Biden as the Democrat candidate!

You may say, how can they replace the Democrat candidate elected by the voters? I will answer you this way: Since when Democrat Party cares about the people’s votes? Remember Bernie Sanders? Democrat Party is Communist Party USA. The Oligarchs and Leadership decide on who runs, not the people!

This is CNN talking, the most biased fake news on the left! According to the CNN poll:

CNN Poll
Who won the debate?
Trump 67%
Biden 33%

Even CNN could not whitewash this disaster!

Biden vs. Trump Debate Democrats Titanic Disaster Ben Garrison Cartoon
“Biden was in state of confusion, dementia and strung out on Uppers during the debate!” (Media)
Biden Ship sinks hitting on the Trump Iceberg and Obama rushes to rescue

Ahreemanic Analysis

Now I will hand you my analysis with mentioning a few points:

I. Truth Unveiled to the People
The public who does not follow the politics and was unaware of Biden’s state of mind before the debate, due to the media coverups and selective display of his behavior, is now in shock that Biden is in charge of the country! We have been stating for 4 years that the 2020 election was stolen and the CIA plus the Oligarchs have assigned a puppet usurper, the most corrupt, incompetent and now incontinent dementia patient as the US president! Now the public finds out and gets shocked!

II. Media in Full Panic Mode
The media cannot coverup and hide the reality from the public on a live debate, no more accusing the conservatives of AI revisions, they are now pretending that they are in shock about the reality of Biden’s state of mind! In the past, they took 8 or 10 cuts to release a speech, selecting the best moments of coherence in Biden speeches to display a sane man to the public but now, there was no way to revise and fake a live debate watched by the millions!

The funny thing is that the Media so naturally pretended that they have just discovered that Biden has dementia! We have been saying it for 4 years and they have known it for 4 years but covering it up. Their last hope was to get Biden isolated for a week in Camp David and trained to somewhat pass as a normal person in the debate; however, their hopes and dreams turned to Shiite when all the drugs, uppers, cocaine, and such plus training and coaches resulted in absolute derangement during the debate! By then, they figured that Biden is no more even capable of pretense (like State of the Union) and he is totally gone! Then they moved to plan B which was seeking a replacement!

III. The Elite Wants Return for Investment!
The Democrats including Media, Oligarchs, Deep State, Hollywood, Wallstreet and Donors specifically the Billionaires such as Soros Crime Family (George and Alex), Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Google Liberal Jew Masters (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) and indeed Zucker-Turd (Mark Zuckerberg) are in full panic mode and are thinking of somehow replacing Biden because in this state of mind, they cannot sell him to the public as what they sold until the moment of the debate! Now public knows that Biden is not the good old moderate Uncle Joe, the wise Grandpaw! Now the public knows that Biden owns a brain salad mix of worms, infection and rot! The Elite spent over 2 Billion dollars on this election, they want to get their money’s worth but the future prospect is dark! Wallstreet wants their money’s worth and the prospects are very dim!

“Biden was zombie corpselike on crack cocaine at the debate!” (Media)
Biden with wide eyes, pale face, speed talking, confused, dazed and jacked up on uppers was in frantic gaffes marathon, incoherent and all over the place, high as a kite in the sky!

IV. The Elite Indecision
The CIA and Oligarchs who run the country since January 21, 2021 including the Clintons, Obamas and other Crime Families are in full panic, they want to replace Biden because the gig is up; however, how can they?

* 25th Amendment
If they declare 25th Amendment, Kamala Harris should do it and her being supposedly the next in line, she will not do it! She knows that she is one person less desired to run the country than Biden! The Elite does not want her to lead because she is simply an airhead, a Bimbette (small bimbo) and dumber and more retarded than Biden! She is the last person desired by the elite to replace Biden, so she is naturally less likely to agree to the plot of the elite to overthrow Biden via a coup. She wants to replace him herself! She is waiting for him to completely collapse! In her mind, she will be the next in line!

* Contested Convention
Another situation will be the contested convention where the Democrats using the delegates, specifically the Super Delegates (only used in Democrat Communist Party) to force Biden out and nominate another candidate!

* Democrat Voters Dilemma
How can the Democrat party once again set aside the votes of the people (like they done to Bernie Sanders) and like they done to other 2024 candidates and once more erect the desired candidate of the Elite? First they erected Biden because he is braindead, easy to control and a good corrupt pawn, they sold him to the public and now they must sell another person to the public! Will the voters go for it?

* Conflict in Leadership
Some of the Democrat Elites still believe that they can salvage the situation by carrying Biden to the finish line as a shell and a façade; however, others such as Media and Tech Giants believe that it is now nearly impossible to sell Biden to the public anymore! The curtain is lifted and the truth has been exposed! They can’t fool all of the people, all of the times!

* Biden’s Stubborn Nature Not Quitting
Even if everyone in the Democrat Establishment comes to term for Biden to step aside, Biden himself do not want to quit! Biden in his chaotic state of mind residing in LaLa Land, truly believes that he actually won the 2020 election, got 81 million votes, he is the greatest US president, he beat Trump before and he can do it again! It is a monumental task to make Biden to quit running for presidency and willingly admit that he must step aside due to health issues because in the past they pumped his ego so much that he actually believed that it was he who beat Trump due his superior skills! Biden actually believes that he is an American Hero saving America. Biden sits in his basement signing anything they hand him. Biden’s presidency is a façade for Hussein Obama’s 3rd term! Biden is absolutely detached from the reality and does not see the CIA strings connected to his limbs moving him around like a mobile braindead puppet!

V. Democrats’ Doubt!
Democrat Party as the Communist party USA is a top-down party. The party structure is set for the elite and billionaires to get what they demand and make the public to obey their wishes. Will of the people means Shiite. Will of the Oligarchs runs the show. Even though the Elite rules the Democrat Party, media, entertainment and the regime, yet this turn around, they have doubts, if they can continue reign by fooling the public because unlike the Democrat Party, in the Republican Party under the Trump and MAGA leadership, now the people run the show. The GOP under MAGA is a bottom-top party. The people dictate to the top leadership on what they want! The American public sees this and they want some of this!

VI. Runaway Slaves
The worst situation is that the usual “Liberal Plantation Slaves” including the Blacks, Latinos, Jews and even the Persians are now abandoning the plantation by great numbers. Yes, the polls and stats display that it is very possible for Trump to break all the norms by getting half the Latino voters, a third of the Black voters, a third of the Jew voters, a great number of the Persian voters and a big chunk of the Young voters and specifically the Suburban Wives! Slaves are abandoning the Liberal plantation! These folks have no love lust for the GOP of the Old Establishment and RINOs but their love lust is for Trump because they can see and they can compare that they were doing much better during the Trump presidency than Biden’s nightmare!

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

VII. People Can Compare Trump vs. Biden Presidencies
For the first time in history in this election, people can actually compare what was life like during the Trump presidency and what is the life like in Biden’s presidency.

* Trump’s Greatest Economy in the history vs. Biden’s near Recession and Bankruptcy

* Trump’s Abundance and Prosperity vs. Biden’s Inflation, High Prices and Shortages

* Trump’s Energy Independence vs. Biden’s Energy Dependence and Astronomic Gas Prices

* Trump’s Safety and Security vs. Biden’s Crime Infestation and Mass Murders

* Trump’s Border Security vs. Biden’s Open Borders and Illegal Alien Crimes and Murders

* Trump’s Peace through Strength Foreign Policy vs. Biden’s Never-Ending Wars and Refugees

* Trump’s Global Safety vs. Biden’s WWIII Prospect

* Trump’s Wealth for All vs. Biden’s Poverty for All

* Trump’s American Happiness and Glory vs. Biden’s American Depression and Collapse

* Trump’s Honor and Privilege of Being American Citizens vs. Biden’s Tens of Millions of Illegal Aliens

* Trump’s American Exceptionality and Global Leadership vs. Biden’s 3rd World Shiite Hole Dump

I can keep on going until tomorrow’s sunrise but do you want me to?

VIII. Biden is Not the Problem, Democrat Party is!
It is not Biden which is rejected by the masses, he just happens to be the president during the collapse of the Democrat party! It is indeed the Democrat party which is being dumped by the people because now people can compare their lives during Trump with their misery under the Democrats! Biden was the final straw which broke the camel’s back! This is Trump’s Capitalism vs. Democrat’s Communism! Who can Democrats erect to replace Biden? Take a look at the candidates:

* Gavin Newsom
Newsom took over the greatest and most prosperous state of the union with a $100 Billion surplus and turned it to a cesspool infested with homeless, crimes, illegal aliens, bankruptcy, poverty and a huge deficit of between $47 Billion to $75 Billion (different economists)! Gavin New-scum (Newsom) drained the social security, Medicare, medical and American citizens’ prosperity by handing social security, Medicare, medical, welfare, food stamps, mobiles, housing, insurance, education and benefits to the illegal aliens! California borders under Newsom are wide open to illegals and he even encourages more illegals being imported by the Biden Regime from the neighboring states, around the country and around the word flown over by the planes and busses! Newsom is the epidemy of disaster, a perfect example of how Liberal Democrats take over a perfect nation or state with blooming economy and freedoms, yet end up turning it to a bankrupt economy and a cesspool full of feces! Now businesses and the middle class are leaving California!

* Gretchen Whitmer
That Psycho Karen proven her thirst for the police state, Soviet Style, during the COVID when she locked down the people with the most brutal regulations and rules; however, allowed her husband to go boating and fishing at the same time. The Elite had one standard and the public obeyed another by this witch! This wench is a dreadful person, just ask her record from the native Michiganders! Gretchen Whitmer is a dreadful Communist!

* Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama is popular with the Democrats but there are three problems with this scenario:

A) Michelle Obama has zero experience in business and politics. She has never ran a lemonade stand set aside a country!

B) Michelle Obama is enjoying her peaceful life of luxury. She doesn’t want to run for office. She needs not any type of headache.

C) Hypothetically if Michelle Obama runs for presidency or replacement of Biden as Hussein Obama’s 4th term, then what would she do about the big question of her Transsexuality? I mean let us face the reality:

We know that she knows that we know that she is a Tranny! No doubt!

I have nothing against Trannies, if you are a cute tranny, hey what do you know, I may even bang you, but an ugly, hairy and masculine tranny like Michelle Obama is not just a Chick with Dick but a Bulldog in Dress! Hell no, this is where I draw the line! The thought of it makes me shiver!

So public will surely inquire to see the information, birth certificate, youth pictures, evidence and definitely what’s under the skirt?!

Indeed, the Marxist gay partner of Hussein Obama, the Big Mike, oops sorry, I meant Michelle Obama might want to ponder about this issue before she runs for the office. Isn’t it better to come out now than later?

So these are the top candidates, forget the rest! As I stated before, the problem is not Biden but it is the Democrat Party’s policies and doctrine.

Americans do not desire 4 more years of Open Borders, Tens of Millions of more illegal aliens in addition to the 40 million already here, high crimes, mass homeless, fentanyl deaths, mass child traffic for Democrats, women traffic, Drug Cartels ruling America, EV mandates, Climate Change Danger hoax, high gas prices, food shortage, high food prices, high taxes, high mortgage, high interest, stock market crash, inflation, unemployment, green new Bull Shiite, new pandemic lockdowns, stealing elections, woke culture, shoving gay ideology down people’s throats, Drag Queen story hours, Trans Ideology, School Indoctrinations, Turning your children gay and retarded, theft of the national budget and $35 Trillion National Debt!

IX. What Drugs Democrats Gave to Biden?
One question remains puzzling: What uppers they gave Biden to look normal and somewhat functional? Biden is so slow that high dosage of uppers would still make him semi-normal! They pumped so much drugs in to him that specifically at the beginning of debate, he was high as a kite! Eyes wide open, pale face, speed talking like a fast forward DVD player absolutely incoherent, gibberish talk, unhinged, choppy and deranged. His statements would begin talking so fast but incoherent and next, his wide eyes would shut and his fast talking would slow down all the way to a halt! Head falling down in to sleep mode, losing chain of thought and totally get lost in the daze and confusion, searching a way out of whatever it is that they wanted him to repeat! He was like a deer in the headlight, a pawn, an elderly abused by Real Players trying to get the charade show going for a few months more of the election to possibly gain 4 more years!

My guess would be the Cocaine which was shot up his butt, avoiding him to shut down. Cocaine was found all over the White House, Hunter never travels without it, aids are using it having gay sex stiffers in the oval office, staff are using it filming gay porn in the White House and Biden surely uses it to remain walking to avoid total collapse! No wonder the desks at the White House smell like a combo of Ass (Gay Anal Sex) mix with Meth (Hospital Disinfectant). Who knows, maybe I am wrong and they used a mixture of Coke, Speed like Meth and No Doze, liquidated and needled up his butt before the debate to stay up! Whatever they used, it made him more bizarre and he surely put up a bizarro show during the debate!

X. Anything for Rating!
At the primetime at max, MSNBC has 800,000 viewers and CNN has half a million. They are down the drain! Only 15% of the Americans still get their news from the mainstream media and a fraction of that number still believe that the news they are getting is the truth! Networks do anything for rating. The order came from the top CEO of CNN for the moderators to make the debate look just and fair. By no means gang up on Trump 3 to 1 as usual! Actually it would be 2.5 to 1 (2 CNN moderators + half-wit Biden)! They wanted to display that they are still a news network, so these leftist political operatives narrated their story and analysis all over the networks in the manner that they are objective and by no means biased or subjective! In this manner, the CNN moderators, the MSNBC anchors and the rest of the media pretended to report the news as they have just found out that Biden is senile!

XI. Joe the Compulsive Liar!
Biden lies like a dog! Everything came out of his mouth during the debate, the same as during his life was a lie! In the past, when he was younger, he was lying as a hobby but now that he is senile, he may lie because he often has no clue where he is, who he is and what is his job if any! Biden has half a century on his belt as the most corrupt and indeed the dumbest politician in DC. He simply looks people in the eye and lies like a dog! Just go over the debate and count all the bold face lies!

XII. Trump Contained Himself and Allowed Biden to Self-Destruct!
The most interesting aspect of this debate to me was for Trump to control himself not to make wise cracks, put downs, insults and jokes about Biden. Even though there was plenty of subject matter, yet he controlled himself and allowed Biden to speak his heart out to the point that Biden angered, cussed, lied, mumbled, gaffed, and nonsensical talked plenty in public. Biden displayed his true state of scrambled mind salad and committed political suicide. This is Trump genius!

Biden presidency sums up in this picture!
Dazed, Confused, Jacked Up, Stoned, Lost, Delusional, and Wacked in a Gaze, Staring at Imaginary Visions, wondering who he is and where he is, residing in the LaLa Land!

Everything Trump Touches Turns to Gold!

People have seen what the life under Democrats looks like and feels like. They have also seen what life under Trump looks like! Everything Trump touches turns to gold and everything Democrats touch turns to Shiite! Trump means perfection. Trump finishes the national projects the same as his business projects under the budget and ahead of time! This is something the DC politicians are not familiar with! DC politicians finish the projects over the budget and decades long! Sometimes they don’t even finish (California Speed Train to Nowhere)!

Liberals and Muslims feed off of each other and they are two peas of the pod! Everywhere they go and take over; misery, terror, slaughter, oppression, injustice, poverty, rape and murder follows! Look at the history of the Democrat Party (Liberals) and history of Islam! Look at the Democrats and Mullahs over 45 years of playing footsy under the Persian carpet! Just look at the US Blue States or Islamic Nations!

I am about Trump!

Trump was right about everything including this:

“In 5 years, there will be nothing left of GOP but its name. GOP will become a different party; you’re going to have a Workers Party. GOP will be a party of the working people, the American workers Party.”
(Donald John Trump)

More Trump Quotes:

Donald Trump’s Best Quotes

To be frank with you, I could be careless about both the Democrat Party and GOP. I am not a Republican but I am a Conservative. I am a National Populist. The GOP Establishment, RINOs and Neo-Cons can blow away and go to Hell but I do not care nor giving a Flying Fandango! I am all about Trump.

Trump and MAGA, we the people are turning the GOP to MAGA, party of the people. That is why I affiliate with the GOP. I am all about MAGA. The hell with GOP, I am a Revolutionary, a Rebel and a National Populist.

I drink Trump water, eat Trump steak, play Trump monopoly, read Trump books, stay in Trump hotels, wear Trump colognes (Trump Empire), use Trump products and watch Trump Rallies! I am addicted to Trump Rallies! Trump fills out arenas, stadiums and halls with Trump Rallies of between 10,000 to 100,000 people! Trump is a Rock Star without a guitar! Who else in the history of America could ever done that? People love Trump because in his heart, he is Man of the People, the Ultimate Rebel and a Blue Color Man! We never had a president like him before and we will never have a president like him in the future! He runs the country like a business, the way it should be! He is not a politician, he is a labor, a worker and a patriot. Yes, the man is a legend!

Everything Trump touches turns to Gold, everything Democrats touch turns to Shiite!

Trump is the greatest American president and this is not an opinion but a fact based on evidence and history of what he has done:

Trump is the Most Accomplished US President in History

This is what Trump had done so far in 1 term, imagine what will he accomplish in his 2nd term!

Trump’s agenda was all laid down here, the book which changed America and gave birth to the National Populist Movement in the world:

Trump MAGA Book: How to Make America Great Again? - Club Forum Topic

MAGA Book: How to Make America Great Again?
New 3rd Edition of Crippled America!
Trump’s Greatest Best Seller Book

Honestly, we are so privileged and honored, so damn lucky to be alive during his presidency and during the Trump years! We are part of the history, the Trump History!

You do understand that one of my favorite sports is to drive liberals mad to the point of explosion! It’s a sadistic turn on for me!

If you promise not to tell anyone outside the IPC, I will share with you a dark juicy secret! Promise? Swear, cross your heart and hope to die if you tell? This is so hush hush, so make sure that you will never spill the beans, ok? So y’all gather around Ye Ol’ Poppa Ahreeman for a juicy secret, here we go:

“When liberals get sad, I get happy,
When liberals cry, I get excited,
When liberals get mad, I get erections,
When liberals turn blue and explode with anger, I grow wings and fly in joy,
When liberals furiously scream social justice, I get climax,
When liberals fall in sorrow and despair, I jump their bones in orgasm!”

(Ahreeman X)

Now next one cannot be published anywhere else but in IPC! It gives a new definition to the political incorrectness, Ahreemanic style! Bon Appetite:

“When you see Muslims bend over for Namaz prayer,
Jump their bones pounding until they scream Allah O Akbar!
When you see Liberals bend over to avoid the Climate Change,
Jump their bones pounding until they scream Social Justice!”

(Ahreeman X)

Chew on that one if you can and put it in your little Black Book!

What can I say, it’s the Sadist in me!

But when I really want to piss off the liberals, I tell them:

This is Trump’s party,
This is Trump’s country,
This is Trump’s world,
You are only living in it!

Picture hardcore liberals’ face blowing a gasket and turning blue exploding when I tell them that, will ya?!

We are indeed so blessed to live during the Trump years, Trump presidency, Trump stolen presidency, Trump return presidency and Trump revision and revival of America! Trump is not just a president but Trump is the spirit and essence of America. Trump is the Neo Founding Father of America! Trump truly makes America Great.

Important Video Clips

Trump vs. Biden Debate 1

Trump vs. Biden Debate 1

CNN Analysis

MSNBC Analysis

FOX Analysis

Tucker Carlson Analysis (So Funny)

Trump Rally

Trump Rally Chesapeake

Hung Cao Speech

Glenn Youngkin Speech

Trump Speech in Chesapeake, Virginia - 6/28/24

Trump Speech in Chesapeake, Virginia - 6/28/24 – Backup File

Trump Rally Philadelphia

Trump MAGA Rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 6/22/24

Trump MAGA Rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 6/22/24 – Backup File


RSBN Rumble

RSBN YouTube



Dearly beloved, as a student of history, I recommend for you to study and judge the history without the biases. Study the Historical Truths and contents according to their own specific time periods’ content and not according to today’s content, taken out of context! What was norm in yesteryears, may not be the norm today. What was revolutionary in yesteryears, may be reactionary today! Be a fair judge of history and study the historical events, each in their own timeframe and contents.

Biden vs. Trump Debate Democrats Faces Branco Cartoon
“Democrats were in state of panic after the Biden Debate!” (Media)
“Democrat Establishment including but not limited to the Media, Big Tech, Deep State, Hollywood, Big Gov. and Organized Crime were in full panic mode and meltdown after the debate!” (Media)
Democrats’ faces speaks a thousand words!

Election Reminder

I would like to remind you that if Trump wins the election and Democrats have the House, they will not certify his presidency; therefore, we must win the Presidency, House and the Senate to execute all of our reforms. Many of you despise the RINO Republicans but you must vote up and down the ballot Republican, so we can win all three. Do not worry about the RINOs because eventually we will cleanse the body of GOP off of the RINOs. It will take time but surely the new GOP will be the party of MAGA. Just do your patriotic duty, register, vote and get as many people to register and vote as you can. If having time, be an activist and impact the elections.

2nd American Revolution

I shall leave you with this bit o wisdom:

“Truth is what we seek, without Dogma, without prejudice, without fanaticism and without subjective influences. We must study the Truth without Religious, Superstitions, Fanatical and even Scientific biases! Truth is Truth, we seek the Truth, we study the Truth and we move towards discovering the Whole Truth. Even if we discover a Big Part of the Whole Truth, we will be happy indeed!”
(Ahreeman X)

We the people shall make America great again!

More power to the people


Dr. X


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