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Trump Final Countdown
People vs. Deep State


Trump Final Countdown: People vs. Deep State
Ahreeman X
May 5, 2023

Fate whispers to Trump: “You cannot withstand the storm.”
Trump whispers back: “I am the storm.”
The storm is coming to blow out the Deep State and DC to Hell! It is not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when?” People will take their country back!

Fools Façade of Democracy USA

Even the most ruthless regime in the globe, the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Regime doesn’t arrest the leader of their opposing party (Reformist or Moderate) but the Biden regime arrests the leader of the American opposing party! Biden Regime is more tyrannical than the IRI regime. Democrats’ America is a façade of the democracy and freedom. Democrats’ America is a step short of Communist China and Islamist Iran. Democrats are speedily moving America towards a Communist Dictatorship.

Today’s America is only a façade of Democracy. Only fools, Democrat Foot Soldiers and RINOs believe that America is still a Democracy! America used to be the most unique form of democracy in the globe; however, since beginning of the Obama’s Marxist Islamist Reign on 2008, the Deep State took control. Deep State existed since the creation of CIA in 1947, yet they operated at the background. After 2008, the Obama Regime in coalition with the Deep State Swamp and RINOs had turned America to an Authoritarian Tyranny. Step by step, the US Government had pushed America to become the replica of the Chinese Communist System. Today’s America is nothing like what the Founding Fathers had visioned; furthermore, it is a Totalitarian Dictatorship with a mix and match of Fascist and Communist ideologies!  

CIA Presidential Quotes Exposing the Deep State
CIA History: The Unconstitutional 4th Branch of the US Government!

Democrat Party = Communism + Fascism

This is how we will make America Great Again!
The Storm is coming and the Woke Globalist Criminal Elements will pay for their crimes!
Joe Biden (Chinese Installed Puppet and the most corrupt politician in DC) as the head of Biden Crime Family shall be prosecuted and prisoned for receiving bribes, racketeering, grand larceny and corruption. Along with Biden, the Pelosi Crime Family for insider trading; Clinton Crime Family for murder, rape, embezzlement, corruption and creation of criminal enterprise. Kamala Harris the incompetent Airheaded Hindu Bimbo for bailing out ANTIFA and BLM terrorists with get of jail free cards! All the Globalist Tech Oligarchs specifically Bill Gates for promotion of the Climate Change, New World Order and Green New Deal Hoaxes to destroy the world and enrich themselves. Antony Fauci the serial killer for the mass murder of millions of people during the COVID-19 pandemic via collusion with China and funding the creation of the virus in the Wuhan Lab. These are only tip of the iceberg; the rest of the Democrat criminals shall follow! Justice will be served!

Who Runs USA?

Today’s Democrat Party is not the JFK Party. Today’s Democrat Party is the party of BLM, ANTIFA, Anarchists, Communists, Islamists and Marxists whom have been step by step taking control of the country starting in the 1960s. These Globalist Marxists own the Government, Media, Hollywood, Academia and Tech Giants. In addition, the US Government and the Woke International Globalist Corporations are in collusion to run the country!

By the order of China and woke International Globalist Corporations, the Democrats are not conducting debates in their 2024 primary, sounds like Communism? They pre-selected a puppet figure, a braindead usurper and a Chinese installed quasi leader which happens to be the most crooked DC politician in his old ages as a dementia patient for the president. Deep State figures and globalist corporate bosses control him and totalitarianism is established.

If you get your minds out of the hazy brainwash cloud provided for you by the Media, Hollywood and Tech Giants, and start studying, reviewing evidence, self-educating and thinking on your own, then you shall notice that today’s America is far from what George Washington and the Founding Fathers visioned, it is far from what we have signed up to protect and serve! Today’s America is a Tyranny, sugar coated with the façade of Democracy!

Chinese CCP which runs the UN, WEF, WTO, WHO, and seeks to control the globe, has finally colluded with the EU liberals and Globalist Corporations to eliminate the final hope for freedom and democracy in the world which is called USA!

How They Run the World?

The final obstacle on the path of China and Woke Globalist Corporations to run the world is a Nationalist USA! All the fantastic garbage and Bull Shiite theories which they propagate as facts such as the Climate Change, Global Warming, Transgender Ideology, Green New Deal, Creation of Gay Minority Group, Promotion of Interracial Relations, Race Mixing, Marxism, and so forth are to destroy the American Culture and the White Race.

Life According to Media and Hollywood

If you watch the mainstream media, TV commercials, TV Series, Movies, Entertainment and Tech Giants, they propagate that:

90% of America is Black and Gay!
90% of Couples are Interracial!

In reality,

10% of America is Black.
5% of America is Gay.
95% of American Couples are of same race.

They are promoting, homosexuality, transgenderism, race mixing and other unrealistic facades.

Why Government and Globalists Promote Wokeness?

If you have a world with one race consisting of mongrel mix and match, one ideology of liberal Marxism, one belief in Climate Change and everyone is gay, then it is much easier to control all the humanity!

Destruction of Fossil Fuel results in global starvation which is now happening:

No Fossil Fuel = No Fertilizers = No Crops = No Cattle = No Food

That is the goal of the Globalists! To submit people to slavery by starvation and propaganda.

China’s goal has always been the destruction of the White Race or as they refer to them as Devils! Globalists go along with them because their greed for money and power to control is based on the wokeness!

They want the public to close their eyes to the real history and events:

Global Civilization was Created by the White Race

Historical Reality dictates that the Global Civilization was Created by the White Race:

Aryan Race: Persian, Roman, Greek, Scandinavian and German Empires
Anglo Saxon Race: British Empire
Latin Race: Spanish, Portuguese and French Empires
Slavic Race: Russian Empire

Civilization: Persia versus Greece and Rome

And all of them specifically the Anglo Saxons and Aryans created United States of America.

If it wasn’t because of the White Race, United States of America as it is today, would have not existed! Instead, American Indians would have still lived in tents in America! White European Anglo Saxons (British) and Aryans (Germans) created the American civilization!

At no time in history and nowhere in Africa, ever existed a Black Empire! Today in schools they are teaching revisionism and false history! They create Black Empires in Mali, Sudan and West Africa which were nonexistent! African governing states where only small tribes, city states and kingdoms which were fighting amongst themselves and enslaving their own people by selling them to the white man to ship to Americas!

History According to Hollywood

Cleopatra becomes black in Netflix, while her historical ancestry was Hellenic Greco-Macedonian going back to Alexander! Actually Egyptians by majority are white, Arabs or mix. Surely Egyptians by majority are not black! Egyptian kingdom was not run by blacks!

The blackest it gets was Nubia (Sudan) and Ethiopia which ran by Queen of Sheba and there is still debate on the fact that if she was black! Historical evidence so far denies that she was black!

On Netflix’ Vikings II series, a black queen appears in Viking Kingdoms of Scandinavia! Imagine that if you can! By Hollywood’s order, no series or movie can go in production if at least there is not a black character in it! So figure how wokeness destroyed today’s reality and historical truth!

In Hollywood productions, Persians become Black, America was built by Blacks, indeed world was built by Blacks!

In the past, they used to fabricate false identity for comic book superheroes:

Superman become gay
Robin become gay
Hawkman become black
Batgirl become black, sometimes Muslim
Batwoman become lesbian
Lex Luthor become black
Green Lantern become black

And so on ….

Now, they fabricate and falsify the real history of the world!

300: Rise of an Empire, the Real Story and Photo Gallery

300 Spartans, The Real Story!

Alexander, falsification of history by Oliver Stone!

The reality is that globalists want to eliminate the human races by creating a mix race of their own, so they can control this mix race as lab rats. They surely want to destroy the White Race, specifically the Aryan and the Anglo-Saxon Race. They have already destroyed Europe and now they are working on destroying America. UN blessed flood of illegal aliens and Muslim refugees invading America; Drug Cartels’ traffic of drugs, women and children as child labors and sex slaves to America; control of the southern border by cartels are only a few methods to destroy America! 

Xi Jinping Chinese Puppet Master controls Biden Robot Ben Garrison Cartoon
The Manchurian Candidate in the White House!
Billions of dollars of Chinese kickbacks and China Lobby dough, paid off!
Who is really in charge of the White House? Chinese spy balloons everywhere, Chinese spies in all levels of the US government, Chinese purchase of US farmlands and corporations, Chinese donations and control of the US universities, Chinese infiltration of the legislative, judicial and executive branches of the US government and what does Biden do? Sucking on Ice Cream Scoops!

Ben Garrison and Tina Garrison: GrrrGraphics site

New World Order

Why liberals are destroying America?

Democrats are Destroying America
Changing Americanism to Globalism

Why Democrats are Destroying America? Thread

Liberals celebrate diversity of cultures but not ideologies!

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

Liberals pretend that they are the defenders of Science while in reality they are Anti Science!

Liberals are Not Progressive But Regressive!
Learn Your Terminology and Call them Communists!

Liberals are great with playing the race card!

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!

Who is behind the New World Order? Who wants to reshape the world as they desire?

These are people who want to change the world by creating a slave population of one race (mixed race), one gender (gay) and one ideology (Marxism) as obedient braindead woke robots:

Liberal Globalist Billionaire Jews Who Rule the West

Masculinity, Nationalism, Racial Purity and Cultural Identity is toxic to them because they want one weak and degenerate world population under their command and control!

Of course anyone who slightly mentions this fact is branded by the liberals as “Racist.” No one is more racist than the liberals! They started dividing the people by race, race baiting and race card, but now they scream Social Justice, Racism and wokeness!

This is the system of desire for the Lilly White Liberals, Corporate Owners and Globalists to create:

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

This is as far they will go to rule over the world:

FBI Most Wanted List Posters - Post January 6, 2021

The funny thing is that “Liberal Plantation Jew Masters” and Jews in general do not race mix and they marry amongst themselves! They keep their own race pure! On the contrary, they preach to others the concepts of race mixing, integration, interracial relationships and marriage! They do not do as they preach! Hypocrisy?

Jews are one of the most segregated communities of the globe. Jews in general marry Jews, simply because they do not see non-Jews worthy to race mix! Jews marry amongst themselves unless in rare cases when they marry someone worthy like Donald Trump’s daughter! This goes specifically for the Elite Liberal Jews, Orthodox Jews, Hasidic Jews and Traditional Jews.

It actually makes sense. If you want to keep your race, religion, culture, traditions and society pure to progress, evolve, conserve and survive, then you must marry your own kind and keep the community pure.

However, the “Liberal Plantation Jew Masters” prescribe this prescription for their own race, but not for America! Anyone who goes un-woke, they brand them as racist! They do the same thing to blacks. If you are a good obedient Liberal Plantation House Negro or Farm Negro such as Lebron James, they throw you a bone by allowing you to become Billionaire but if you are a Runaway Slave from the Liberal Plantation and God forbid, a Conservative Black like Kanye West, then they take the titty away and don’t allow you to become a billionaire!

Lilly White Wealthy Liberals or Liberal Plantation Jew Masters, they keep the billionaire club exclusive, segregated and controlling the global population. That is how the plantation runs!

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology Philosophy

It’s not Racism, it’s about Control!

It is all about power grab. China, Globalist Corporations, EU Ruling Liberals, and American Democrats colluded for control of the world. American Deep State is the baby of this marriage!

Chinese spies, Communist Ideologs, Woke Globalists and Marxists are all over the US Government, US Military, US Congress and White House!

Manchurian Candidate!

Biden is the installed puppet president by China. In the past, China had puppets all over the US Government and society. Puppets such as Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Swalwell, General Mark Milley, AOC, Squad, BLM, ANTIFA, Anarchists, Communists and so on had become the norm of the American society!

Today, China had successfully managed to install Biden as the “Manchurian Candidate” inside the White House! Present US Regime is owned by China! Chinese spies are all over CIA, FBI, DOJ and US Government agencies!

I still do have patriotic friends inside the CIA, FBI and US government; however, this does not change the fact that the Upper and Middle Management plus a great number of Rank and File of the CIA, FBI, DOJ and US Government are Deep State ideologs, Chinese agents and Democrats in disguise!

Stolen America
Your Reality is an Establishment Lie!

Deep State Extermination in America

Two-Tiered Justice System in America

Proud Boys get jail for sedition but BLM and ANTIFA get out of jail free cards with no bail by Kamala Harris! Explain that one?

Black Lives Matter Terrorism

ANTIFA is Burning Down America & Democrats are Watching!

So if you look closely, you will notice that:

- Letitia James NY AG is a Liberal Plantation House Negro
- Alvin Bragg NY DA is a Liberal Plantation Farm Negro
- Agenda is to Avoid Trump to run for presidency

Trump caught them off guard in 2016, so they stole his presidency on 2020 and now they are doing their best to stop him for 2024!

Deep State Agenda

Trump is the only hope for the average working man! The only time that the working man found a voice in America was the Trump’s presidency, so the Deep State had to make a coup and oust him out! Ever since that moment, they have been trying to destroy him, so never again, anyone would dare to run for presidency aside their own Uniparty of Democrats and RINOs!

Think about it:

“They’re not coming after me, they’re coming after you, I’m only standing in their way!”
(Donald John Trump)

“In today’s America, we have only three types of people: Patriots, Traitors and the Sheep; the Sheep who follow the Traitors!”
(Ahreeman X)

In both quotes above, we are speaking of “Woke Communist Globalist Mob!” The mob who follows the “Liberal Plantation Masters!”

Since 2015, the Deep State and Democrats have tried every trick in the book to jail Trump, from Russia Collusion to Library Archive Crimes to imaginary hush money to rape accusation and every other Bull Shiite imaginary accusation possible! Next thing you know, Democrats will bring a female poodle and claim that Trump raped the dog! This Bull Shiite Hoax is so obvious that even fools can see the Deep State Swamp is fabricating every fabricated charge to avoid Trump becoming president again!

The Final Countdown

Trump Final Countdown: People vs. Deep State. Yes, We are Making the Final Stand!

Everything in today’s America is political and racial because Democrats made it that way! Deep political divide, separating people by race, sex, social class, wealth and ethnicity, implementing everything to divide and conquer so they can remain in power.

Trump Indictment Hoax

Democrats’ America = Fake Democracy

Trump’s arrest is election interference. Charges are fabricated and they are no charge.

Democrats are masters of election cheatings. Billions of dollars are funneled by US Gov, Chinese CCP, Drug Cartels, CIA and Overseas fat cat donners through 52% of unemployed small donors on Act Blue to every Democrat candidate around the USA. This is the way to donate more than donation limit to the candidates. Majority of these unemployed donors are not even aware of their thousand times of online donations! These are welfare queens, project dwellers and liberal plantation slaves whose names are being used for donations! Democrats conduct all of these crimes by breaking the donation limits but if a Republican like Dinesh D’Souza breaks the donation limit to his friend by a few thousand dollars, they dump him in jail! Democrats have created a corrupt tyranny and replaced the US unique Democracy with it, a true Banana Republic! 

As the results, brain damaged puppets installed by George Soros, get elected all over USA. How else do you think Joe Biden, John Fetterman and Alvin Bragg get elected?

Corporations are like whores; they do anything for money. When Democrats are in power, they go woke!

Joe Biden is the Manchurian candidate and is compromised. He is a national security threat because:

A) He is a dementia patient
B) He is a Chinese agent

All US Intelligence Agencies Lied!

Why do we even have 18 different intelligence agencies in USA?

* 51 intelligence officials lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop and said it was a Russian disinformation while it was all true with proven bribes to the Biden Family.

* 17 Intelligence agencies stated that Russia influenced the US election on 2020 and in other words Putin helped Trump to get elected. Now we know these 17 Intelligence agencies lied.

* US Intelligence Agencies also treated the Steel Dossier fabricated by Hillary Clinton on Trump as facts.

We have 18 Intelligence Agencies in USA and all of them lie like dogs because they are made up of unelected government career paper pushers whom are all Democrats and they make up the Deep State.

Again, why do we even have 18 different intelligence agencies in USA?

CIA Presidential Quotes Exposing the Deep State
CIA History: The Unconstitutional 4th Branch of the US Government!

Trump Rallies

Trump Rallies are working man’s hope to take their country back from the Deep State and the globalists. Observe some interesting and enlightening speeches, Deep State exposing and facts which you do not hear in the Mainstream Media News, Social Media and Hollywood Entertainments:

Trump Rally Waco Texas 3/25/23

Introductory Speeches

Ted Nugent Speech + National Anthem played with Electric Guitar

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Mayra Flores

Matt Gaetz

Mike Lindell

Trump Speech

Trump Speech at First 2024 Campaign Rally in WACO, Texas 3/25/23

Trump Speech at Mar a Lago after indictment

Trump Post-Arraignment Press Conference from Mar-a-Lago 4/4/23

Trump NRA Speech

Trump NRA Speech – Trump Channel

Trump NRA Speech - RSBN

Trump Interesting Clips

Donald Trump stated:

“The only crime that I have committed is to fearlessly defend our nation from those who seek to destroy it. And now, these radical left lunatics want to interfere with our elections by using law enforcement.”
(Donald John Trump)

Trump Indictment Hoax Clip

Make America Great For Us Again!

Climate Change Hoax is a Liberal Garbage!

Educate yourselves to the Reality:

Liberal Made Climate Change Catastrophe Hoax!

Trump Will Unleash the American Energy!

Energy is everything: No fossil fuel means no food

No Fossil Fuel = No Fertilizer = No Crops = No Cattle = No Food

Fossil Fuels: The Big Picture

The Real Climate Crisis

Prager University - YouTube

Prager University - Rumble

Real News Sites

Real News Networks

Real News Networks List vs. Fake News Media Thread

Xi Jinping Chinese Puppet Master with Biden, Democrats and Media Puppets Branco Cartoon
Chinese Globalist Puppet Show
Who Controls Who Formulas?
CCP => White House
CCP => Democrat Legislators => Media

A F Branco: Comically Incorrect site

The Final Countdown is Now!

I am a rationalist, a realist, a scientist and surely an atheist; therefore, I have no religious angle. Having said that, I shall state that if ever it was a matter of life or death, end times, good vs. evil, and the Final Battle, it is now! Deep State, Democrats, RINOs, Globalists and Woke Tech Oligarchs are textbook personification of True Evil!

They have already stolen Trump’s second term presidency which is our presidency, people’s presidency and democracy. Now they are doing their best to incarcerate him. Since 2015, they have thrown everything in his face except the kitchen sink! Bull Shiite charges, fabricated hoaxes, garbage conspiracies and now indictments! Everyone including Democrats know that it is all Bull Shiite!

Their problem is that their power grab and reign of over 35 years, is now threatened! For over 35 years, The Deep State Swamp of Democrats and RINOs have ruled America by force and kept the power amongst themselves! They did not allow an outsider in, until Trump become president, broken all the rules and attempted to return the power back to the people. That is the Deep State’s problem. They want to go back to the good old days of Swamp! But the problem for them is that the people have waken up and they are awakened but not woke!

Today, we shall make the final stand against the tyranny. We must fight tooth and nail to win 2024. We must take over the House, Senate, Gubernatorial and the White House. We must push Democrats out of power. To win this task, we must use the same Democrat tricks where it is legal. We must use Ballot Harvesting, Drop Boxes, Mail In Ballots and so on. Once we get Democrats out of power, then we can establish clean elections by establishing 1 Day Voting, Paper Ballots Only, No machine counts and voters ID required. Until then, we must fight Democrats the same way which is dirty but wherever it is legal!

2024 is a clear case of do or die. I do not believe in absolutes, the absolute good or evil.

Universal Intelligence vs. God

I believe in the duality philosophy; however, if anytime in history, America was ever under the direct threat of pure evil, it is now and it is by the Democrats. As I stated before:

“In today’s America, we have only three types of people: Patriots, Traitors and the Sheep; the Sheep who follow the Traitors!”
(Ahreeman X)

The battleground is here and we are all lined up,

We are the Patriots.
They are the Traitors.
Uninformed Public are the Sheep who follow them.

It is time to stop being sheep. You are people, not Sheeple! Take control of your own destiny! Fight for America now because the alternative is to live on your knees as slaves to the Deep State and Woke Corporations who are walking all over your backs.

Destruction of American Energy, Inflation, High Cost of Food, High Cost of Housing, Woke Garbage on TV, Indoctrination of your children in schools, High Crimes in the streets, Homeless everywhere, Drag Queen Teachers, Marxist Professors in universities, Forced Acceptance of Gay Culture, Destruction of Morality, Revision of True History, Fake News 24/7, Social Media Censorship, Government Propaganda everywhere, Taxation without Representation, taking away all your rights and Hunger, yes hunger! People must decide between buying food to feed their families or putting gas in their cars! Bottleneck is exploding!

Time to stand up; time to fight for America and Freedom. I hate to state it but if we lose this election, America will fully become a Communist Dictatorship, a replica of China. As Biden stated: “Let’s Finish the Job!” Meaning let’s finish the job of bankrupting USA, destroying USA, starving USA, and allowing the Masters of Deep State and Globalist Corporate Lords to enslave you!

In 3 years of pandemic, China ended up ruling the world, Corporate Oligarch billionaires become multi-billionaires, multi-millionaires become billionaires, politicians enriched themselves with millions but you the average Jane and Joe lost your small business, lost your stocks, lost your wages, lost your jobs and now struggling with poverty and trying to make ends meet!

Woke Corporate Globalists are now indoctrinating you and your kids on Social Media, TV and Internet with the billions they made off of incarcerating you in your homes for 3 years of pandemic!

You don’t even have a time passer like TV series, movies and commercials to watch without getting indoctrinated by wokeness!

Fellow Patriots,

China become The Super Power
Deep State Established Absolute Power
Woke Corporate Globalists become Multi Billionaires
Politicians got Rich
Government suffocated you with Tyranny
And you,

You have become the Bottom Feeders, Pawns and Slaves to the:

Liberal Plantation System and Globalism

“At least a third of the US government employees can be fired so waste, fraud and mismanagement can be cut down to size. Government never meant to be this big and powerful. Government used to serve the people but now rules over the people!”
(Ahreeman X)

“Informed people are in charge of their own future!”
(Ahreeman X)

Ahreeman X Famous Persian Quotes

We are losing our freedoms in America and around the world. Time is now, the place is here, and this is the final battle of the war. It is the Final Countdown!

This is not only about America or the world but this is about the fate of the humanity!
I am willing to fight for America and my Freedom, how about you?
Join MAGA because the alternative is Deep State Slavery!

It is the Final Countdown!

More Power to the People

Dr. X


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