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Why Velayat-e Faqih?
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Why Velayat-e Faqih?

Why Iranians Need a Guardian Cleric Velayat-e Faqih?
Ahreeman X
April 24, 2021

L to R: True Face of Imam Khamenei and the True Face of Prophet Muhammad
Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei is the True Descendant of the Prophet Muhammad
IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) is the True Replica of the Muhammad’s Islamic Caliphate

Guardian Clerical System did not start with the IRI Mullahs but with Muhammad’s Caliphate
There is Only One Islam and the IRI Islam is the True Islam
If IRI is Non-Functional, then it Only Means that Islam is Not Functional!

Educate yourselves to True Islam:

Islam Index

The Shiite Islamic Definitions

Before I begin, allow me to define a few Shiite Islamic terms for those who are not familiar with them because I will be using these terms throughout my article:

Shiite Islamic Definitions
Talabe (Seeker) = Shiite Islamic Seminary Student

Hojatol Eslam (Authority in Islam) = Mid Rank Shiite Islamic Cleric

Ayatollah (Verse of Allah, Sign of Allah) = High Rank Shiite Islamic Cleric

Ayatollah al Ozama (Grand Verse of Allah) = Highest Ranking Shiite Islamic Cleric

Imam (Islamic Payer Leader) = Holy Shiite Islamic Infallible Saint

Marja’ Taqlid (Source to Follow) = A High-Ranking cleric whom Shiites follow and base every aspect of their lives upon his following and teachings

Velayat-e Faqih (Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist) = Guardian Cleric Leader of IRI

Maqam-e Moa’zam-e Rahbari (Supreme Leadership Authority) = Supreme Spiritual Leader

Umma (Complete Community of Muslims Bound by the Religion of Islam) = Muslim Community

Seyed (Descendant of Muhammad the Prophet) = Honored amongst the Umma and if cleric, wears black turban

Haji = Pilgrim to Mecca (Holiest city in Islam located in Saudi Arabia)

Kable (Karbalai) = Pilgrim to Karbala (Holy city where Imam Hussein murdered in Iraq)

Mashti (Mashhadi) = Pilgrim to Mashhad (Holy city where Imam Reza buried in Iran)

Vali (Guardian) = Guardian who guards minors and retards (mentally challenged)

Saqir (Minor or Retard) = Minor or Retard (Mentally Challenged) in need of a Guardian

Jomhuri-ye Eslami-ye Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran) = IRI

Difference between Sunni and Shiite Imams

Have in mind that in Sunni Islam, Imam means only the prayer leader who stands in front of the Muslims and recites the prayer for them to follow behind him. But in Shiite Islam, Imam is the highest rank of the clerics, caliph and saint.

What Sunnis refer to as Imam, the Shiites refer to as “Imam Jome’” (Friday Prayer Imam) who leads the prayer on Fridays (Muslim’s day off) in the mosque.

12 Imams

In Shiite Islam we have 12 Imams whom were the Holy Infallible Shiite Saints. They were Ali, Muhammad’s Cousin, the Fourth Caliph of Rashidun in the Islamic Empire, and the first Shiite Imam. After Ali, came his descendants starting from his sons Hassan (2nd Imam), Hussein (3rd Imam) and all the way to Mahdi (12th Imam) whom according to the Shiite Myth, vanished in a well and is expected to return on the judgement day. Many scholars state that Mahdi did not even exist!

IRI Imams

In addition to the 12 Imams, we also have the IRI honorary Imams whom were so high in the cleric ranks which they were given the title of “Imam”. Imams such as Khomeini and Khamenei.

Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist

Shiite Muslims need the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist and a “Guardian Cleric” as a role model to follow. Shiite Muslims base every aspects of their lives upon following the Guardian Cleric. The Guardian Cleric can be local, national or global. The global Shiites’ Guardian Cleric is the Supreme Spiritual Leader of Iran.

Supreme Spiritual Leader

Supreme Spiritual Leader is most likely a Grand Ayatollah rank and an honorary Imam of Shiite. Aside from the Shiite 12 Imams (Holy Shiite Islamic Saints) who were infallible, we also have the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Infallible Imams which are the leaders of the global Shiite Muslims:

First IRI Imam
Grand Ayatollah Seyed Ruhollah Khomeini

Second IRI Imam
Grand Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei

Technically, one must be a “Marja’ Taqlid” (Source to Follow) and Grand Ayatollah to become the Supreme Spiritual Leader of IRI. Khamenei was neither a Marja’ Taqlid nor a Grand Ayatollah; therefore, the Assembly of Experts had to modify the Islamic Constitution in order to award him the position of the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Second Supreme Spiritual Leader. This decision was heavily opposed by a number of Grand Ayatollahs who were much more qualified to take this position.

What is the Meaning of the Guardian Cleric?

Velayat-e Faqih meaning literally Guardian Cleric.

In Islam a Saqir is in need of a Vali. The Vali (Guardian) is in charge of the Saqir (Minor). We have 2 types of Saqir in Islam:

Types of Saqir
1. Minor
2. Retard (Mentally Challenged)

So, when we state that all Iranians and all global Shiite Muslims are in need of a Velayat-e Faqih (Guardian Cleric) and a Vali, then this means that the Iranian people and the global Shiites in general are in need of a Marja’ Taqlid to follow and base every aspect of their lives upon his following and teachings. So, the question remains:

Question to the Iranian People?

Are you minors or retarded? Because only minors and retards are in need of a Guardian (Vali), then which is it: minor or retard?

This is sad but true, the fundamental of Shiite Islam gives the complete authority and the control over the lives of all Shiites to their religious leaders! Indeed, the full and complete control of all’s lives is naturally in the hands of the Velayat-e Faqih who is the Guardian Cleric and the Supreme Spiritual Leader of all Shiite Muslims!

Velayat-e Faqih

Velayat-e Faqih is the ultimate authority in charge of all 3 branches of the government, the Judicial, Legislative and Executive, also Military, Media, Religion and everything else in the country!

Islam is Theocracy

Do not assume that this is only limited to the Shiite Islam, but since the Golden Age of Islam, the head of the Mosque and the State were one, and Theocracy ruled the government and every aspect of the Muslims’ lives. Muhammad was not only the prophet but also the Caliph. The system continued with Caliphs of Rashidun: Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman, Ali and so on.

In Islam, State is a part of the Mosque. Religion covers all aspects of human lives and society. Sharia’ Law rules the society. Theocracy is the Islamic Doctrine.

Iran’s System is the True Islam

What Khamenei does today in Iran is what Muhammad had done in the Islamic Empire then! Khamenei is the true descendant of Muhammad and IRI is Pure Islam in action!

Is Khamenei Qualified?

For instance, technically, the Supreme Spiritual Leader of Iran “Imam Seyed Ali Khamenei” is the leader, Marja’ Taqlid and Imam for all global Shiite Muslims to follow because he is Velayat-e Faqih (Guardian Cleric). Imagine a religiously uneducated man who is not even an Ayatollah but granted the title of Ayatollah only due to the fact that Imam Khomeini strictly ordered for Khamenei to replace him, does now run Iran!

By the Shiite Standards, Ali Khamenei does not even have any religious qualifications to become the Velayat-e Faqih except that as a young slim boy, he was Khomeini’s favorite “Butt Boy” and “Boy Toy”, grew up to become Khomeini’s sidekick, Iran’s President and now Supreme Spiritual Leader!

Holy Cleric Ranks of Islam!
The Shiite Hierarchy!

Islamist Evolution Ahreeman X Iran Graphic Cartoon
Islamist Evolution of Tolab

More Islamist Evolution Graphics:

Iran Animation and Graphics Index

Connection Between Spirituality and Homosexuality!

In the hypocrisy of Shiite Islam, they bash homosexuality but the greatest “Butt Houses” in Islam are the Shiite Mosques and the Shiite Shrines’ backrooms! One can even become the Supreme Spiritual Leader of the Global Shiite Muslims by giving away great butt and being a fabulous Butt Boy!

I imagine there is a strong spiritual connection between Butt Banging and the Evolution of Spirituality! The more you get FAQed or Bang Butt, the more spiritual you become, to the point that an Old Faggot can become the Supreme Spiritual Leader of the Global Shiites!

Do not even assume that this Bull Shiite is limited to Islam, but Butt Banging is a core practice in the Catholic Church, amongst the priests and the Church hierarchy! Religion in general is Bull Shiite!

Mosque, Church and Temple preach:

“Hear yee, hear yee, thou great pious masses, Butt Banging is not for thee but only for me!”

Funny Famous Atheist Expressions and Idioms
The Famous Atheist One-Liners

But then again, who are we to bash the IRI system when right here in USA, we vote a president in to the office for 3 consecutive terms without any qualifications and only due to the color of his skin, his sexual orientation and religion! We erected Hussein Obama as a 3 Term President, 2 terms on his own and 1 term as the Real President behind Biden, only because he is Black, Gay and Muslim; therefore, we sent him with the blessing in to the White House as the first Black Gay Muslim President and Michael, pardon me, Michelle Obama as the First Tranny! Afterall, Allah works in mysterious ways!


Dr. X


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