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Welfare States of America: WSA


Welfare States of America: WSA
Ahreeman X
January 9, 2017

Obama Liberal Kool-Aid Cartoon

The American Dream

The original recipe cooked up by the founding fathers of America was that you do hard work and you get rewarded by having a better life. If you really work too hard and save your money, then you will advance in the society to become anyone you like and go as far as you desire. You work hard and educate yourself, and then sky is the limit. This used to be called “The American Dream”. People from around the world came to America to achieve the American Dream and to be all that they can be. Only in America they could start from nothing and by hard work become everything and everyone that they desired, even the President of the United States of America.

Welfare States of America Cartoon

The Entitlement Goal

Unfortunately the Liberals had changed this recipe to gain dependant voters. Liberals started a new era which called the “Entitlement” era! Democratic Party needed votes to advance in the political scene of America; therefore, they started the culture of “Entitlement”! According to the Liberal Culture and the “Open Door Policy”, your goal to enter United States is to get there any which way you can, then get some benefits, welfare, food stamp, Medicare, maybe disability and housing, join the “Neo Liberal Plantation” slave force, become a dependant voter to the Democratic Party and the plantation slave to the Liberals! The rest is easy; you just keep on collecting welfare instead of hard work, never learn the English Language and remain in the Housing Projects as a dependant voter and another small part of the Big “Welfare States of America” run by the “Big Government” and the “Neo Liberal Plantations”! Welcome to the “Neo Slavery”, Liberal Style!

Welfare Queen Cartoon

Mass Illegal Migrations to USA

The Liberal policy of open doors had caused “Open Borders Policy” executed by the “Big Liberal Government” and allowed millions of illegal immigrants, specifically Hispanics (Mexicans, Central Americans, etc.) to flood the country not in search of the “American Dream” but in search of the Welfare, Food Stamps and Entitlements! Free Government Cheese and Government Kool-Aid become popular and free to grant; however, nothing in life is free and someone had to pay for it! Yes, the hard working American Tax Payer had to pay for it! As the results of the “Liberal Open Door Policy”, today according to the Liberals, we have 12 million illegal aliens but in reality we have 20 million illegal aliens residing in America and leeching the system dry with the free Healthcare, Welfare, Food Stamps, Disability, Housing, Education and 101 other free goodies orchestrated by the “Big Liberal Federal Government” and paid by you the American Taxpayer! In addition, we have about 2 million illegal alien criminal cartels and gang members killing American citizens, raping our women and turning our children to junkies hooked on drugs!

Mass Legal Internal Migrations

Like the illegal migrations were not enough, in addition, millions of poor and lower classes from the South and everywhere else rushed to the 3 infected states: California, New York and Illinois in search of jobs and better lives; however, liberals showed them a better way! The system told the Lower Classes: why work? Just sit home, remain unemployed, make illegitimate babies, collect welfare and food stamps and let it All flow, all them government goodies will float towards you! Just keep on eating them Government Cheese and Kool-Aid and the US Government will take care of you! By the way, do not forget to vote Democratic every 4 years! Be a good Boy and remain as a good Slave in the “Liberal Neo Plantations”!

Next thing you know, these Lower classes become either Under Classes, Homeless or just simply Dependant Voters and Project Dwellers with no hope of ever advancing in the society. Liberals indoctrinated and enforced their neo blend of bigotry and racism which is the “Culture of Entitlement” upon the American Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities. Liberals have made sure that the minorities will never advance in the society and instead of achieving the “American Dream”; they will remain “Liberal Plantation Slaves” for rest of their lives, and for what? A hand full of votes to keep the liberals riding the masses like cattle!

Welfare States of America

As the results of the liberal policies to gain liberal voters; therefore, they can remain in power for decades in and decades out, the Welfare State was created. The richest states of the Union had become either broke or bankrupt! California, New York and Illinois become Welfare States. Large cities of America become home to illegal immigrants, under classes, homeless and free loaders all jobless, hopeless and dreamless! Welcome to the Liberal America!

We the American Taxpayers are financing the Welfare States of America. The gigantic cesspools of Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago loaded with Free Loaders on Government Cheese and Kool-Aid are financed by you the American Taxpayers! We work hard and bust our butts to support a bunch of able bodies on Welfare to sit in the projects, drink booze and smoke dope! Of course every 4 years, these free loaders are ordered to vote Democratic!

More votes for Democrats, more money for the Liberal Establishment and career politicians. Moe money, Moe money and Moe money for the Liberal Plantations of America!

For instance, the Drug Dealing Pimp Governor of California, Jerry Brown Nose is financing his bankrupt state and sanctuary cities with you, the American tax payer’s dollars! We pay for LA, NYC and Chicago Welfare States Systems. This is Taxation without Representation! This is why the American Revolution occurred in 1776!

Drug Dealing States of America

On top of it all, now they want to legalize Marijuana and collect tax off of the Marijuana sales! This way, the US Government will become the Big Drug Dealer on the block! Already we have the California Government and other states acting as Drug Dealers but soon they want to switch the role of the US Government to the Big Boss and the Drug Cartel! Welcome to the Neo Liberal Plantations of America where the Big Boss is also the Drug Dealing Cartel Leader!

What will they teach in schools? Smoke your weed and worry about the Global Warming! Be good boys and girls and who knows, maybe in the future we will also legalize Crack Cocaine! Why not? In the Neo Liberal Plantations, everything goes!

Today it’s Marijuana, tomorrow cocaine and day after tomorrow heroin! Congratulations to Jerry Brown and Hussein Obama on their new jobs as heads of the Drug Cartels!

Liberal Oppression of the Minorities

Now, you got Blacks, Hispanics, Other Minorities, Floods of Muslim refugees and Tons of Illegal Immigrants flooding the Welfare States such as California, New York and Illinois in hope of the American Dream but they end up becoming small insignificant machine parts to the massive “Big Liberal Government”, they become “Neo Liberal Plantation Slaves” to the “Neo Liberal Plantations”! The funny thing is that their leaders like Reverend “Jesse Jackson” and Reverend “Al Sharpton” are far from Civil Rights Leaders! They are nothing but Uncle Toms of the “Neo Liberal Plantations”! Picture Dr. King’s spirit is shaking in his grave!

At what point in history, the great Civil Rights Leaders such as Dr. King were replaced by low lives and leeches such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Hussein Obama and that Transsexual Dog Michelle Obama?!

Black Lives Matter agenda is to create chaos and racial war and indeed Black Liberal Bosses’ agenda is to keep the Black man down as the “Neo Liberal Plantation Slave” and fish more and more “Dependant Voters” out of the swamp and into the “Liberal Plantations”! These losers are the true Uncle Toms! They must get the machine going. Yes sir, The Machine must go on Master! Yes sir-i Bobby! Yas Sir Massa!

Islamic Problem of America

Who created the Islamic Problem in America? Who created the Open Door Policy and flooded America with Muslims? It is a common fact that Islam contradicts Democracy and there is no way in Hell that Muslims ever blend in and become parts of the Melting Pot, yet there are larger possibilities that they blow up and destroy the pot! Muslims will never melt in the melting pot because True Islam is Anti Democracy!

Islam Contradicts Democracy and US Constitution

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are infected

There are no Moderate Muslims! What the Liberals refer to as the Moderate Muslims are in fact “Confused Bastards” who are not even considered as “True Muslims” by the Quran, Muhammad and ISIS who are the true Muslims! True Islam is what we refer to as “Terrorism”!

Obama administration’s agenda was obvious. Hussein Obama as a Muslim (by Shari’a Law, if your father and grandfather are Muslims, then you are Muslim) has a duty to Islam and the Global Caliphate. This duty is propriety to the American Constitution. Obama did not serve America for 8 years but he served Islam for 8 years. Obama and Clinton had created an unsafe world and destroyed America for 8 years. Obama’s priority was Islam and Clinton’s priority was her bank account! 8 years of Obama and 30 years of Clinton was enough to level America!

More Muslim Refugees, more Multiculturalism Garbage, more dependant voters and more destruction of the American Culture, and at what cost? More Democratic votes and Death of the American Culture!

A True Muslim will never accept the American Culture simply because it is against his core values of Islam, Shari’a Law and Social Structure of Caliphate. Good luck blending in the Muslims in to your infested Multicultural Melting Pot! Hey, Euro-Pee-On Onion (EU) already tried it, see what happened?! I have already lost one country to Islam and Muslims (Iran), I am not planning to lose another one (America)!

Trump National Populist Revolution

Finally the good American folks stated that “Enough is Enough” and this is why the peaceful Revolution of 2016 occurred! The Bloody Revolution of 1776 was against the British but the Peaceful Revolution of 2016 was against the Big Corrupt US Government controlling all aspects of the people’s lives! The same as 1776, the 2016 occurred due to taxation without representation, and boy did we get representation?

For the first time since 1920s we owned the White House, Senate, House and Gubernatorial! People have voted and more power to the people!

One man against all odds and against the Big Government Establishment, Liberal Establishment, GOP Establishment, Corrupt Media Establishment, Corrupt Corporate Establishment, Corrupt Wall Street Establishment, Big Banks Establishment, Hollywood Establishment, Liberal Academic Establishment and Global Corporate Establishment, has lead the Movement of the People, the Movement of the Workers to the victory. It takes a great man like Trump to lead a great movement like the movement of 2016 to the victory.

Trump Threat to the Establishment

The Big Government tried everything to derail Trump. Big Government meaning both establishments of Liberals and GOP and all the above mentioned! Establishment is establishment and may them be the “2 Old Farts of GOP”  (John McCain and Lindsey Graham) or the “Clinton Crime Cartel” of Clintons or the “Fake Media”, the colluding corrupt CNN, MSNBC, NEW York Times and the rest of the Mainstream Liberal Media!

I do not know who is worst: GOP Establishment or the Liberal Establishment?

2 Old Farts of GOP” (John McCain and Lindsey Graham) like the rest of the DC Infection tend to escape the “Trump Term Limits” and “Drain the Swamp” messages! They hate term limits because they have made careers out of the political office pencil pushing!

Founding Fathers and Present Losers

Back in old times, the Founding Fathers intended the best men and the wise men to run the country as politicians for 1 or 2 terms and then go back to their own business; however, today, these old farts have no business and never had any business except the business of politics! They remain senators and house representatives for decades and centuries until they die in office! They are nothing but corrupt politicians and parts of the problem! Term Limits is the key word. Drain the swamp is the key word!

Term Limits to these Career Politician Leeches is like the Silver Cross to the Vampires!

Big Government Sabotage of Trump Presidency

The Big Government Establishment of both Liberals and GOP has done their best to sabotage the Trump presidency even before it starts! For God’s sake, Trump had created more jobs even before he starts his presidency, than Obama had ever created in 8 years! Obama’s present for America was 8 years of Unemployment, Welfare, Food Stamps, Liberal Indoctrination and High Taxation! Let us take a look at some of their tactics:

Big Government Tactics to Derail Trump Presidency

* Primarily it was the paid protestors’ disruption and Interruption of the Trump campaign

* Second it was the physical beating of the Trump supporters

* Third it was the street riots and destruction of the public and the private property

* Fourth it was the vote recount shenanigans

* Fifth it was the Electoral College members in cahoots with the Establishment not voting for Trump

* Sixth it was the Russian Hacking Fantasy orchestrated by Obama, Clinton and CIA Bosses

What is next?

Establishment Denial of Trump

De Nile (Denial) is not just a river in Egypt but it is also the state of the mind of the Big Government Establishment in America!

For God’s sake give it up thus January 20th is close and try to swallow this bitter pill. I know and believe me that I know it is hard to swallow but please do not choke on it and try to say it. C’mon, I know you can do it Libs, c’mon, let’s say it together:

“Trump is the 45th President of USA.”

Deal with the Reality and seize dealing with the fantasy! The sooner you come to terms with it, the sooner the pain will go away! Hey, I have suffered for decades of Liberal, GOP and Big Government Establishment Garbage, now it is your turn to suffer to the “Will of the People”! And the will of the people is Trump!

For the first time since Reagan and Palin, I did not drag myself to the voting booth but I passionately anticipated for voting! For the first time I loved to vote and with my whole heart, I campaigned and endorsed a candidate, the candidate of the people and the leader of the “National Populist Movement of the People”, the leader of the “Workers”, the mighty Donald J. Trump!

Welcome to the New America!

Welcome to Trump America, a new age of enlightenment in America! Hopefully we shall witness the ends to the Welfare States of America! Once jobs are created, real education is created and safety is created, then prosperity will be gained and poverty will be demolished. This is how we will add the Blacks and the Hispanics (bases of the Democratic Party) to our ranks.

Give Trump one or two terms and the only thing that will be left of the GOP is the name GOP! The GOP will become “American Workers Party” and the Labor Party of America! Party of the People indeed!

When you have 20 trillion dollars of debit, then it is time for the intelligent businessman to take over and run the country like a corporate business.

Get A Job, Get A Life and Get A Career!

For those who are in the liberal created welfare swamp due to necessity, I have good news: Trump is here and he will create jobs.

For those who are living in the welfare swamp as career welfare recipients, reads my lips:

“Get a job, get a life and get a career” (in that order)!

In a few years, there will be nothing left of the liberal entitlement culture. The little patches of blue on both coasts and Chicago on the electoral map will fade away because instead of welfare, Trump will provide jobs for the people. This would be the last dying breath of the Democratic Party and their illegal immigration open door policy.

To LA, NYC and Chicago Welfare States Bosses

We the American hardworking taxpayers refuse to finance your Welfare States of America! For long, the Big Government’s hands were in our pockets, it is now time to cut off the Big Government’s hands and trim their Rat Tails!

To Welfare State Career Recipients

“We the American Hardworking Taxpayers owe you nothing!”

Get it?

No Entitlement, period! We owe you nothing!

We are not like the wealthy old liberals with White Guilt (for slavery) sitting in their mansions and indoctrinating children! Slavery has been over for centuries! Racism has also been over for decades. Move on please. Move On Dot Org, move on please!

Welfare State, Affirmative Action, Globalism, Global Warming, Political Correctness, Race Card and the rest of the Liberal Fantasies and garbage are done with!

So my advice to you is:

“Get A Job, Get A Life and Get A Career!”

Have you heard the news? The Trump National Populist Revolution of 2016 has been achieved. Now we shall drain the swamp in all levels! We shall now:

Fix the Rigged System
Drain the Swamp
Get A Job, Get A Life and Get A Career!


Dr. X

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