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Why a Shah?

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?
Why a Shah?

The Question and The Critics!
Ahreeman X

1st Edition: January 23, 2007
2nd Edition: January 20, 2018

Reza Pahlavi?
If not, then who?
Thinker asks?

The Question?

Now, I would like to analyze this crucial issue. The question remains:

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead The Iranian Opposition?

Reza Pahlavi is not the answer!
Then who is?
These are the questions and answers, which we shall discuss here …

If the masses of Iran, youth of Iran, Student movement and Opposition, needs to do all the efforts to commit to a regime change, either by Revolution, political struggle, armed struggle, coup or Civil Disobedience and successfully remove the Islamic Regime and brings a Democratic Regime to power in Iran and conduct a referendum and then Election, then why will masses of Iran need a Shah? Why a Shah?

What will this Shah be good for? I want Monarchists to seriously ask this question from themselves! Do we want a Shah as a puppet figurehead, just to keep the tradition of Monarchy? Do we want a Shah just to keep the Shahdom? And please do not give me that nonsense line about:

"Shah is a figure to keep the nation intact. Iran is the land of many ethnicities and only Shah can keep all the races and ethnic groups united and intact!"

This sentence to a logical mind is nonsense! This is 21st Century, this is not the 1800s!

Do you want an element to keep all the Iranian Ethnicities united and intact? Then this element is called "Federalism", not a "Shah"!

We are successfully pass Monarchy, way pass Monarchy, Almost 29 years pass Monarchy and way too Evolved to go back to it.

Now, you might ask me, why a Shah? I will answer you in this manner:

In Iran and Iranian History, Shah does not represent a figurehead. Shah is a powerful character who rules the region and hopefully in a Nationalistic way and for good of the nation, such as Reza Shah The Great (Father of Nation), and not as a self-serving weakling parasite like Fath Ali Khan-e Qajar.

Shah is like Father of The Nation and has a duty to Iran. When a Shah goes to Exile, then he must use all his means including financial means, power, efforts, position, ingenuity and his whole life to commit to an effort to make a positive Change. This means, The Shah must use all his capital, all his family's capital, all Imperial Family's capital, all Iranian Millionaires' and Billionaires' capital, all his efforts, all his family's effort, all Imperial Family's efforts, all Iranian Powerful Familys' efforts and all financial, physical and mental efforts of himself and people around him to successfully commit to a Change to make a regime change in Iran. Shah needs to commit to a change by all means possible. Shah needs to support all Democratic Movements to help overthrow the Islamic Regime. Shah needs to devotedly commit to a Coup de Tat, Revolution or a political change. In other words, Shah must put "All his time and money", body and soul and his family's wealth and efforts in to committing to this change. This is no part time hobby, this is a full time struggle! Shah must successfully commit to this change or die trying to do so. Change by all means possible, meaning to create an army of commandos and well trained partisan fighters to overthrow Islamic Republic of Iran. Shah needs to financially support all freedom fighters of Iran from all lines of the Iranian Opposition. Shah must be worthy and must lead the whole opposition. Shah has a duty to Iran. Shah's duty is to revive Iran or die out trying to do so.

Do you know, how I can tell that Reza Pahlavi reads all my articles? Because he always ends up making public remarks about them!

Yes, Reza Pahlavi does read all my writings and he often makes public remarks on them, but he never directly makes these remarks to me! His ego does not allow him to directly get into a dialogue with me! Besides, what can he say in response to my sheer line of logic and reasoning?! After reading above comments, Reza Pahlavi had made a remark regarding my comments and published it in Iranian media! Reza Pahlavi said:

"The Time for Reza Shahs and Nader Shahs are over and done with. Today's world has different needs and requires different tactics."

My comments on Reza Pahlavi's remarks are:

"Yes, you are correct! The Time for Reza Shahs and Nader Shahs are over and done with. Today we have absolute waste of oxygen and useless CIA Puppets such as you! Yesterday, we had Reza Shah The Great, today we have Reza Shaf The Zepert! Reza Shah claimed his crown and throne and took action in Tehran. You on the other hand are still awaiting for CIA and US State Department to Crown and Throne you in Washington DC as the LifeTime Career Exilist Shah! You have been waiting for 28 years to be imorted to Iran! Somewhere along the way you have turned from "an Imported Good" to "a Rotted Commodity"! That is why we are entering the 29th year of remaining in exile and that is why our nation is still under Mullah's Na'leyn (Flip Flops)!"

The Critics!

Many comrades often criticize me that:

Oh Dr. X, you are so harsh! Oh Dr. X, your friendship is more like a stab in the back (Dustiye Khale Kherse), Oh Dr. X, you must keep the unity and support the Inheritor of the peacock throne, Oh Dr. X, ....... and then there are people like Camran and many other Opposition members or leaders who tell me:

Oh Dr. X, you speak so highly of the Shah and call him Alahazrat. You must follow Rostam's path! Rostam would support the Imperial Family (Kianian) no matter what. Just because a son of a Shah was not as worthy as the father, Rostam would have not stop supporting Shah's family, his wife and son! Rostam as a General would always remain as Imperial Family's protector and servant. and then he fed me some line about how he never saw any evidence of Heroship in me! Yes indeed our Camran said these words! Today, Camran has changed his views but back then this was what he told me! In a way this is good, because it proves that people can "Change"! Change is good.

Yes, my sole purpose here is to impress critics like Camran and likes of Camran about my bravery and Heroship! Where were Camran and other comrades like Camran, when I went pretty close to death, many times over and over, due to physical episodes with Hezbollah? As I have always stated:

"I have more knife marks on my body for entangles with Hezbollah than Bald Headed Bastards of Jebhe Meli combinely have hair on their heads!"

Camran is only one comrade who gives me all this advice, yet there are many others who follow the same line of thought pattern and criticize me about my behavior!

Let me address this issue right here and right now. Let me make this very clear to All. My priority is Iran, my priority is not to protect and serve The Pahlavi Dynasty! My purpose in life is to protect and serve Iran, Iranian Culture and Iranian Independence and Freedom. That makes me a Nationalist and not a Monarchist! I am not a Monarchist, neither have I ever made a sworn oat of honor to obey and serve The Pahlavi Family or Iranian Monarchy. However, I have made an oat of honor, a Blood Oat to the burning ashes of my Master, Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh, to continue his path, expand and spread his beliefs, and to protect and serve Iran, Iranian Civilization, Culture and Persianhood.

Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh, A Legend

A Word with Mr. Reza Pahlavi

Sir, in today's world, you must be qualified for a position to occupy the office for that position. In today's world we do not inherit positions, yet we occupy a specific position due to qualifications. Now, let me ask you a few questions:

1. Do you have any type of a College Education or a Degree?
2. Do you have any type of Hard-core Martial Arts, Combat or Military training, rank or background?
3. Do you have any Technical or High Tech Skills?
4. Do you have any Administrative skills?
5. Do you have any Financial or Fiscal skills?
6. Do you have any Managerial or Organizational skills?
7. Have you ever created and/or led a political party or organization?
8. Have you ever researched and wrote anything on economy, philosophy or history?
9. Have you ever managed a company?
10. Have you ever been a company or corporate Executive?
11. Have you ever even ran a small business?
12. Have you ever balanced a fiscal budget for a business?
13. Have you ever even balanced your own finances, stocks and bonds?
14. Have you ever done any proper and beneficial investments of your own?
15. Have you ever worked a day of Hard Labor?
16. Have you ever held a regular job?
17. Have you ever worked a day on any type of a job in your whole life?
18. Have you ever been homeless and raised yourself from that level to a company executive?

Please do not even bother to answer, cause I know you pretty well and I also know that your answers to all the 18 questions above are a "No"! I also would like to inform you that my answers to "All" the 18 questions above are a "Yes"! The funny thing is that the above 18 questions are called "Qualifications" which you do not have, and the much funnier thing is that without any type of a qualification, you have already nominated yourself for governing a nation, presidency, kingdom, or whatever else Washington grants you or the Hand Kissers around you, start calling you that! Now, I have all the qualifications above, yet I have never ever claimed any political office, Opposition Leadership or even having any political ambition, yet I always claimed to be a simple Opposition member! What I would really love to know is that without any type of qualifications, how do you expect to become the leader of a nation by the approval vote of the majority of the population of that nation?! As I have mentioned before, this is not the 1800s and basically in the new world, the leaders do not inherit their positions, yet they must become qualified for them and that is why I am really curious to know, what makes you think that you are worthy to lead Iran?!

You hear me speak highly of Reza Khan, this is because Reza Khan was worthy of my respect and he earned my respect and Masses' respect by acting as the Father of Nation. You also hear me speak highly of Alahazrat, yet in a lesser way than Reza Khan, simply because, Alahazrat had many flaws, yet overall he was a Great Nationalist and his positive actions were 10 times more than his negative actions. I clearly stated this statement to Iranian Opposition Leaders and members, time after time and I have even stated this in writing and officially to Mr. Reza Pahlavi II:

Mr. Reza Pahlavi II:

Reza Shah The Great, your Grand Father had Balls of Steel
Mohamad Reza Shah, your Father had Balls of Copper
Reza Junior, yourself, do own Cotton Balls!

Simple as that!

This is a fact and I have the guts to state it, cause eventhough I am an insider to The Imperial Regime, yet, I am neither a Monarchist, nor a Hand Kisser or Ass Kisser or Ball Polisher or Persian flatterer or Persian Charmer of Mr. Reza Pahlavi or his Family! Monarchists tell me that I must remain as a Good General and Persian Hero to protect The Pahlavi Crown. Shah done some good for Iran, so now, I must throw my support behind his family. I must serve Farah Pahlavi and his son Reza Pahlavi to keep solidarity, unity and obedient, alive amongst the Opposition forces!

I shall tell all these friends that: Respect is not inheritable, yet it is earnable. One must earn the respect of the masses, one cannot inherit it! Comrades, I have never took an Imperial Armed Forces Oat of Faith and Honor to The Shah and his Family! The Great Imperial Forces of Iran and their Generals did not show Guts to stay in Iran and fight to death against the Islamic Baboons, yet they fled to the West and now they write garbage on the Internet, make Websites, put Reza Pahlavi's face on the front cover and talk Shiite on Pal Talk! Go talk to them who took the oat of honor to the Shah and the Pahlavi Regime!

Some Commanders fought and died with honor, like the legendary Immortal Guards, and other armed forces officers and personnel, but the rest skipped The Land of Aryan like Rats, simply because General Hoiser, CIA, Carter and America did not let them to stay and fight! That is their excuse! Shah trained them like little Toy soldiers with no self-thinking brain, so they could not think for themselves and stay and to save Iran from Islam! They were helpless cause Pentagon did not show them the green light! So comrades, go talk to these Ex Imperial Generals or better go talk to Alahazrat himself who fled Iran in times of need! Cancer or no Cancer, ill or not, he left Iran in times of crises, he could stay and kill 10,000 Muslim Revolutionaries without awaiting Carter's orders and save Iran or he could stay and Die with Honor. He was to die off of Cancer, so why he did not stay in Iran and Die as a proud Iranian soldier instead of a death in Exile? He could stay and save Iran or Die for Iran. He could fight dying for Iran or he could put a bullet in his brain and suicide in his own country! He could go down in glory. But as Fereydoun Hoveyda stated: the way that he escaped Iran, his memory in history will always be tainted! Yes, comrades, go talk and preach these words to Alahazrat, The Imperial Generals and Imperial Politicians who fled Iran and were not worthy enough to stay and fight to save Iran or Die for Iran. Take this line of criticism to your Monarchist Legends. Monarchists are such jokers! They had their chance and they blew it! Now all they can do is whine, nag and moan in their cheesy exiled based websites!

These Generals bring excuses such as, we fled to live and fight another day! I tell them, you did not even try to give it a shot and attempt to fight and then when everything was lost, then fly away! Then they bring other excuses such as Washington did not let us! I tell them, what were you, CIA Puppets or Proud Imperial Generals? Why you needed to obey Washington? Dear Generals, give me a break, will you?!

A Comparison

Let's compare what Iranian Generals done in 1979 to what Algerian Generals done in the 1980s, shall we?! In both situations, both nations were about to be swallowed by Islamic Fundamentalism. In Algeria, Muslim won the national elections and were about to take over the country but in Iran an Islamic Revolution was about to change the whole system. In Algeria, The Military took initiative and made a coup, took over the government and blocked the Muslim to take control of the government. Even though Muslim won the election, yet Algerian Military knew better to let Religion and Politics mix by letting Fundamentalists take over the nation, but in Iran, Military got disoriented, military commanders partially betrayed Iran and joined the Muslim, partially did not lift a finger and let it all happen and only a few took arms and fought to death! In Algeria military was determined to stop the Muslim, cause they did not want another Iranian Style Islamic Republic on their hand, but in Iran the mighty Imperial Military collapsed upside down like a Toy Battleship! In Algeria the military was not even as 1/6 sophisticated, populated by numbers and powerful as the Iranian Military, yet they had self initiation, risk taking factor, determination and bravery, but in Iran, the Persian Military was the most powerful in Near East, 2nd in Asia (only after China) and one of the strongest and most technologically advanced in the world, yet our commanders and the whole system of command and officers were trained as Toy Soldiers with one thinking entity named their commander in chief, Shah of Iran! When Shah escaped the battle, military went upside down and collapsed! In Algeria, military made a rational decision by logical thinking and suppressed the vote of the people and had override the national election for the sake of separation of the Mosque and Government, but in Iran, our Generals were abandoned by their Commander in chief and helplessly awaited the orders from Washington! The results were an Era of civil unrest and anarchy followed by Martial Law which is now moving towards civil government, peace and progress in Algeria, but the creation of an Islamic Theocratic Dictatorship and Heartbeat Headquarter of the Global Islamist Terrorism in Iran. There is a very thin line between prosperity and catastrophe for a nation and Militaries in these two nations chosen on which path each nation had to walk towards!

Dear Imperial Generals and Statesmen,

So basically, Shah abandoned you and the nation. Shah left Iran, many of you had later on fled Iran rather than stand up to fight for Iran. Some of you betrayed Iran and worked with Mullahs and the rest of you got executed by the Mullahs cause your commander in chief skipped town and you did not have the self initiative to act on your own without orders from The Shah or Green Light from Washington! I was just a kid back then, but you were the Military and State Leaders of this nation. Let me assure you that on 1979, if I was in your place and in your shoes, I would have not sit there and vegetate with my one hand's pointing finger up my butt and the other hand's pointing finger scratching my chin! And go ahead and hand Iran to a bunch of criminal Jebhei or Tudehi "In-tell-egg-chew-alls" so in return they could drag the illiterate masses of Iran in to the streets by millions and gladly hand Iran to the most illiterate social class of Iran which were the Mullahs! I would have avoided this catastrophe called The Islamic Revolution or The 2nd Arabo_Muslim Invasion of Iran, by all means possible. I would have stayed in Iran, order my troops to slaughter 10,000 or 100,000 or even a Million Islamists to save Mother Persia. What is a million lives in comparison to Destiny and Prosperity of a Nation? I would have stayed in Iran and would have fought for Iran and at last, I would have either saved Iran or died trying so, that's all!

Sins of The Fathers!

As I have always stated and preached to our youth:

Alas O alas, Youth of Iran, your fathers were all guilty. Your fathers have committed Sins. It does not matter if your fathers where pro the Imperial Regime or against the Imperial Regime. On 1979, all your fathers have committed a sin!

If they were An_Qolabiyoun Islamist Revolutionaries or "In-tell-egg-chew-all" Jebhei or Tudehi, they have committed a sin by dragging the illiterate masses in to the streets of Iran and selling Iran to the Mullahs for money, position and power.

Great Shiite Thinker
Our "In-Tell-Egg-Chew-Alls" of 1978 were in fact Great Shiite Thinkers whom handed Iran to the most illiterate social class of Iran named Mullahs!

If they were pro Imperial Regime and are still alive, then they have also committed a sin because they were not worthy to stand and fight and die for Iran. They instead, handed Iran to the criminals of Jebhe Meli, Tudehi Communists and Muslim Baboons. They are equally guilty due to unworthiness!

So one way or the other, your fathers have sinned and historically it is called:

"Sins of The Fathers of 1979."

The Sins of The Fathers, has cost you, your future, salvation and prosperity and the Bright Future of your nation. Your Fathers have sinned and now you have been paying for their sins for almost 29 years! Your Fathers are all Guilty thus they have sinned, so crucify your fathers and give them Hell, thus they are guilty as sinned! My Father has sinned, your father have sinned, Fathers of 1979 have sinned so by Ahuramazda's Will, never ever forgive them thus they were the Cause and Effect of the Tragedy of 1979. Was 1979, The "Great Civilization" that Alahazrat had promised us? Ask this from your worthless fathers, ask them, question them and condemn them for eternity thus they are sinners and they have sinned! All Fathers of 1979 have sinned starting from Alahazrat all the way down to the average Hassan!

After I spoke these words, the fathers flooded the IPC E-mail accounts and even confronted me in person and complained that their children are giving them Hell because of my words! I responded to the Fathers of 1979 that: "Your actions at 1979 has resulted in your children's behavior today! I am only a messenger who sings the message of history to the youth, but you were the cause! Actually, I want your children to give you Hell for eternity!"

I Hold Imperial Generals and Statesmen Responsible

Right here and right now I am holding all of you, The Great Generals of The Imperial Regime responsible for the Catastrophe of 1979. You certainly have room to question my methods and behavior, while your Shah fled Iran and you had abandoned Dr. Bakhtiar helpless and alone in his office, awaiting Washington's Green Light! As I told Reza Pahlavi and as Alahazrat stated in his book: "You must answer to The History"! You gentlemen are indeed way too bold to question my decisions and my methods of fighting the Islamic Regime. My comrades and I, are trying to fix and clean the mess that you have created on 1979 by not standing your own grounds, to fight for Iran, to save Iran or to Die for your motherland, and now you give yourselves the right to question the way we conduct our operations and the way I behave?!

You must answer to the history!

The fact is that, Imperial Forces with all their glory had collapsed, simply because they were not
trained as Self-Thinking Factors, yet they were trained as Toy Soldiers by their leader Alahazrat! The Military Generals either betrayed Iran, like Qarabaqi and Fardust, or they did not threw their support behind Dr. Bakhtiar because Pentagon and Hoiser did not let them to! And only a few fought and died like proud Persians. You, Generals of the Imperial Forces must think about these issues before you question my methods! Some of you know me pretty well, cause you have been working with me and you do know that I speak from the Heart! I do not dance around the issues, I tell it like it is!

Now you, the Statesmen and Generals of the Imperial Iran of 1979, who handed Iran to a bunch of criminal opportunist intellectuals and their Mullah Masters, give yourselves the right to question me, criticize me, point fingers at me, and advise me to play the Game and play ball and to be a Team Player? You have the nerves to ask me to be a Team Player? I ask you, what team? Where is your team? My team is Iran, what's yours? I am not an idle worshiper, neither do I create Gods out of False Prophets! Unlike yourselves, we do not put a picture of Mosadeq or Shah on the front cover of The IPC Website. We do not put a picture of Forouhar and definitely not Reza Pahlavi on the cover of our website and write a statement with font size 72 that: "Our Way is Mosadeq's Way" or "Our Way is Shah's Way"! How about "Our Way is The Iranian Way"? I am not here to Hand Kiss and Worship Mosadeq or Shah and definitely not the unworthy Reza Pahlavi! I am here to protect, serve, teach and expand the Iranian Culture and the Persianhood. My duty is to Iran and my way is The Iranian Way.

You tell me to support Reza Pahlavi? The whole concept of heredity of Crown is illogical! The Leader must be qualified as a person and not by inheritance! What if the inheritor is not worthy at all? Then what do you do? Then you go ahead and change Dynasty either Bloodless or With much Blood like it has been done during 8000 years of Iranian history! What's the alternative? That would be the Council of Monarchy and the combine House (Majlis) and Senate to vote a brother, a cousin or another son as the Shah to replace the unworthy Shah, correct? What if there is no one worthy to rule? Back to Dynasty change we go ......

Then it comes down to a different format and system, for instance Ultimate Council of Monarchy would form after the death of each Shah to decide a worthy new Shah from the Imperial Family, or better off, The Council would choose a New Shah due to worthiness and from amongst all the Nobel Families and Ruling Families (such as after the death of Cyrus, when Darius got voted in as the next Shahanshah)! Doesn't that sound like a step from Fascism or Nazism? In a Totalitarian System, after the death or resignation or retirement of the leader (Fuhrer, Duce, Tavarish Chairman, Hefe, Pishva), the council of Elite would choose a new Fuhrer according to the will of the Old Fuhrer and wisdom of the Council or Politburo! The same episode as Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Communist Russia, Red China and other Falangist or Marxist States! So basically an evolved Monarchy becomes a Totalitarian Regime! And then if you sing me the Constitutionalist Monarchist songs like U.K. or Sweden, then I shall tell you that the Monarch becomes a puppet figurehead, which is good for nothing! Inheritance of the power and the authority is simply illogical, outdated and primitive!

My Solution

My answer and solution to the problem would be a "Republic", total Democracy, Secularism and Federalism. In this day and age and in The 21st Century, to build a system from the scratch, you need the approval vote of the majority of a nation and to convince the majority of the population to vote for a system or a person, you must show them logic and qualifications, and not tradition and heredity! However, if you insist on a Monarchy, then by all means show me a concerned, powerful, willful, strong Monarch? Who is the Shah? Once again, if a person, a student, an opposition member like myself, would do all the efforts, takes all the risks, does all the sacrifice and hard work to make a regime change in Iran, conduct a referendum and brings democracy to Iran, then why on Earth would I need a Shah? What is this Shah good for? A figurehead to keep the nation intact, my sweet petunia! Instead of a Shah, I will bring Federalism to all the states, ethnic groups and races to keep the unity and solidarity of Iran alive. Why the hell will I need a Shah?

Why a Shah?

I do not need a puppet figurehead Shah, that's for sure! I tell you why I need a Shah:

I do not need a Shah in the future of Iran and after I overthrow the Islamic Regime. I do not need a Shah after I successfully make a Regime change. I do not need a Shah after I establish Democracy in Iran by the popular vote.

I need a Shah "Now" and I need it right now to make a stand, a powerful stand, a dedicative devotion and commitment to financially, physically and spiritually put all his efforts and all his family's efforts to make a Coup de Tat, Revolution, or any other type of a Regime Change to bring Democracy to my country. I need a Shah with guts and unshakable will and powerful leadership to lead this opposition. I need a Shah with Giant Balls of Steel. Do you comrades see such a Shah? Where is he? I do not need a parakeet or a parrot to conduct 3 minutes chit chats with CNN or FOX News Network, make a university speech once a blue moon, have a radio interview with cheesy Iranian Radios or release video clips on his website! I need a Shah who creates a Militia and a Guerilla Army for Overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran. I need a Shah who starts hidden negotiation with Generals inside Iran, with armed forces inside Iran, with resistance inside Iran. I need a Shah who actively supports the Opposition Forces. I need a Shah who puts his money where his mouth is. I need a Shah who will be out there side by side of Opposition members, Resistance and Student Movement on the battle front. I need a Shah who will sacrifice everything for the masses and puts 100% for Iran. I need a Shah whom I can call a Comrade, who fights side by side with me, with my comrades in exile and with my comrades inside Iran. I need a Shah that I can rely on him. I do not need a Shah that I end up granting him his Crown, after I overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran! My name is Ahreeman, my name is not Taj-bakhsh!

What I do not need, is a cheesy empty talker, weak speaker, no action and all talk puppet figure who does not take a drink of water without American State Department's OK and permission! What I do not need is an imitation and a caricature of a political leader who only plays the role of a Shah, but in reality he is a Kitchen Chef, a Softy Pacifist Family man, a Sad Preacher with no charisma and a Non Violent type O Guy who does not even have the guts to conduct an Internet Discussion with various Iranian Opposition Leaders or members! What I do not need, is a weak shell of a man who wants to become Shah or President or whatever else Washington allows him to be but without spending a dime of his money, dash of his efforts or hard work from the guts. What I do not need is a wanna be leader who does not have his heart or mind in the struggle but he is only in it because he made a Deal with his family, other influential families and Uncle Sam to become politically active after over 20 years of vegetating, only in return for financial support so he could live a well off life for the rest of his existence! I do not need a Shah who makes deals, I need a Shah who has the guts and the heart and the brain of a leader to commit to this struggle! Otherwise, why on Earth do I need a Shah? This is a question which many Iranian Opposition members ask themselves, Why a Shah?

I want to know, except a few years now and a few years at the beginning, where was Reza Pahlavi during the last 28 years, when my comrades and I were fighting and dying for Mother Persia?

I need a Shah now and today. I need a Reza Shah, a Yaqub Leis, a Nader, a Darius right here and right now to help me save Mother Persia and Free my homeland from the Islamic Beasts. What I need is a Shah with Guts. What I do not need is a Shah who is a Pacifist Seyed-e Olad-e Peyqambar! If I want a Muslim Akhund Preacher with cheesy liquidy pacifist words, shooting Shiite with media as a sad spokesman or a con artist, then I already have Khatami as the Ex president and he is much better of a speaker, all talk and no action than Reza Pahlavi can ever be! Why do I need a Shah? And I do not need a Shah in the future and after I free Iran with my blood and the blood of my comrades from the Islamic Beast! I will have no need for a puppet figurehead Shah like Queen Elizabeth or King of Sweden or Spain! I am not feeding a useless figurehead as a Monarch, off my nation's budget! I want a dedicated Shah right here and right now to lead this opposition and Monarchists know better than everyone else that Reza Pahlavi is not that leader. Monarchists have zero chance of returning Iran to Monarchy with their present Monarch, Seyed Reza Junior and his cotton balls! Let the man play kitchen chef and family man and banquet host. A man cannot concentrate on so many issues, when his sole duty ought to be committing to a regime change!

A Suggestion to our Monarchist Compatriots

My suggestion to Monarchists is that before they run their mouth to condemn me and my ways, take a good look at their Shah, whom they already crowned and throned in exile as Reza Shah The 2nd! Mojaheds choose a president and Monarchists choose a Shah, what about masses of Iran? Do they have a say in choosing their leadership? Dear Monarchist comrades, please take a good look at your pre elected Shah and please be fair and tell me, is this Shah of yours worthy of being a leader, set aside being a Shah? Opposition member to opposition member, after almost 29 years of dedicated struggle to free my homeland and from the bottom of my heart and with pure sincerity and honesty, I am telling you that Reza Junior de Nim Pahlavi is our fellow opposition member, but he is no leader, not even a dedicated 100% Solid Activist, set aside a Shah! The question is:

Are you screaming empty shouts on the Internet and Pal Talk, or do you really want to take Iran back? How devoted are you in believing in The Monarchy?

If you really want to End the reign of the Islamic Regime and take Iran back and to establish a Civilized Regime in Iran, then you need to stand behind a Solid, Strong, and a Charismatic Leader whom Masses of Iran can Trust, Respect and Believe. Someone that you can sell to the public as that Father Figure, as that leader, as that Resistance Heartbeat and as that Organizer. Someone with unshakable determination, powerful power of speech, charismatic persona, strong decision making, and most important, The Self Initiated Will to take charge and take action to fight side by side of the masses. You need to find a Solid Man, so you can sell him as a Shah and the Opposition Leader to the public. This Shah must be politically active, take lead, create a political party, become a leader, take charge, and put 100% of his time and Money in to the struggle. The last thing you need is a Pacifist Seyed who puts 20% in to this struggle and only by making financial deals. Once you find that person in the present Imperial Family, Other Nobel Families and through the same Dynasty or Dynasty Change, then you can stand behind him, call him the lead and fight side by side him and be able to trust him, but you still cannot pre elect him as The Shah, cause that is up to the masses of Iran to accept or to reject him as The Shah!

Reza Pahlavi is not the answer!
Who is the answer?

However, with your present lead and situation, you can neither sell yourselves nor the Nim Pahlavi as a Shah to the masses of Iran. You can continue your "childish make believe" in forcing yourselves believing that Reza Pahlavi is a leader, you can continue lying to yourselves, you can continue hand kissing him so he can throw you a part of them CIA Millions set aside for Iranian Cheesy Opposition and you can keep on at this charade for another 28 years, but sit down and take a good look at yourselves, your organizations, and your present Shah! Do you really think that you can sell yourselves and this guy to the Masses of Iran? With your present system, you could not have done it during the last 28 years and you will never be able to do it in the future! All I ask from you is to be fair. I am specifically talking to you Old Timer Generals of the Imperial Regime, to you Old Timer Politicians and Diplomats of the Imperial Regime, to you who know my true intentions, to you who know that I have no need to deceive you and no need for position and no need for money and no need for power or to lie and therefore, no need to Hand Kiss anyone! I am talking to you Elder Wise Men of the Round Table, the Older Iranian men of principles, the older military men. I am talking to you Nationalists whom your hearts beats for the motherland and to you, the Opposition leaders. You know that my words come from the heart, you are not fools, you know what is The Deal! Stop kidding yourselves and stop criticizing me and start using your Fair Judgment. All I ask of you is to be fair and all I ask Mr. Reza Pahlavi as an Opposition member to an opposition member is to Gracefully step aside and to stop wasting Masses of Iran's Time and Efforts. 28 years of empty talks and false hopes is enough, if you cannot hack it, then by all means step aside and let the masses elect a worthy lead, acceptable by all forces, all leaders and most important worthy of leadership by the will of All Iranians.

Mr. Reza Pahlavi, still could not find the power in himself to answer my many valid questions asked from him, which these questions have been brought up by our opposition comrades and myself to his attention:

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Enter!

If this gentleman cannot even have the power and means to conduct a debate on the Internet and with his fellow Opposition members, then how on Earth can he lead a group or The Iranian
Opposition in whole, set aside becoming The Shah?

Tradition of Shahdom!

Shahdom has a long history in Iran! Iranians just love their Monarchy! They have been creating Shahs and Dynasties for 8000 years, even when they were invaded and occupied by Arabo_Muslim (651 AD) and they could have not create their own Shahs, then they created Shiite Islam Imamate and The 12 Arab Imams to act as Shahs and at the same time rebel against Caliphate of Baghdad! Iranians crowned Ali, a murderous Arab thug, the killer of their ancestors, as their Head of Dynasty, The First Imam and then each Imam automatically replaced his father as a Shiite Imam by the divine rights from God. The heredity of Imamhood continued the same way that the heredity of shahdom would have continued! Iranians have been creating these Dynasties and erect a Dictator on the top and name him The Shah and even when they were under occupation and they were powerless and subjects of the Baghdad Caliphate, then they came up with Shiite Islam and Imamhood in tradition of Shahs! Eventually the creation of Imamhood came back to bite them on the Ass, once at the end of Safavid Era, once at Qajar Era after Aqa Mohamad Khan (The only worthy Qajar King) and then once at 1979 when their Shiite Mahdi and Imam Zaman had reappeared and revealed himself to our good Shiite of Shah and Imam loving Muslim as Imam Khomeini! Our good people had even saw his picture in the Moon! Shiite Islam, the tradition of Shah and Imam Making, Heredity of Crown, Heredity of the Governing Office, Flirtations of the Monarchy with The Mosque, and Lack of Secularity with no clear boundaries for separation of Mosque and State, had finally cost Iran and Iranians their future prosperity, salvation, nation and good name in the world! The results were destruction of Iran on 1979. That was the price they paid for Hero Worship and to follow their leaders as Imams and Shahs due to Divine Rights from God! Now what has left of Monarchy?

L. Great Shiite Thinker "In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All" of 1978
R. Great Solution Thinker of 21st Century

Now at max, we got one million monarchists in exile and another million in inxile cheering for their leader, Seyed Reza Jello Pudding Pie de Nim Pahlavi in dreams of returning Pahlavis to power! The last Shah of Pahlavi was a captain who abandoned his ship named Iran and fled to save his own neck on 1979! What kind of a captain abandons his ship? Now these dreaming monarchists want to return Pahlavis to power! But this time, this upcoming Pahlavi had already sold the prosperity of Iran for the comfort of his belly and under belly for over 28 years! Now these monarchists want to grant this Chubby Boy, his crown and throne! This whole thing is like a comic strip out of a comic book!

L. Thinker Then
R. Thinker Now

A Comparison between Reza Pahlavi and Ahmad Shah Qajar!

Back then in 20s, Reza Khan (Father of Nation), did not even want to become a Shah. He wanted to become the first president of Iran, a new tradition, a new age, a new vision for Iran. But no, you, the Monarchists did not allow him to do so and you convinced him that Iranians need a Shah Figure! Back then, one from my own family, Ahmad Shah Qajar was unworthy and a useless chum. Back then, you did not stand behind Ahmad Shah, cause you opened your eyes and saw the country in shambles and clearly understood that Ahmad Shah was not the man to Fix the Problem, so you changed Dynasties, urged Reza Khan to become the head of a new Dynasty, be a Shah and salvage and save Iran from disaster. Back then, you were not faithful to Qajar, nor had you played ball with the Qajar Dynasty. You did not support The Qajar Dynasty. You did not support Ahmad Shah, on the sole bases of his inheritance of the crown from his father and the fact that he was a Qajar! You did not support the Heredity of the Crown because you used your logic and brain!

What is the difference now? You are standing behind another Ahmad Shah, another Chubby Chump who inherited the crown, yet he has no self-initiative, ingenuity, charisma or strength of his own! Then you point the finger at me for not being a Team Player and for not playing Ball with you! At least Ahamd Shah was the Shah in his own country and then you kicked him out of Iran, but Reza Pahlavi has already been kicked out of Iran as the crown prince and never been a Real Shah in his own country! You awarded him the title of Reza Shah The Second in Exile as a cheesy fake title given to him by The Hand Kissers! You sabotaged Reza Khan's Presidency back then by forcing him to become a Shah. You, the Monarchists and Mullahs of the Mosque, combinely forced Reza Khan to create the Pahlavi Dynasty and end the Qajar Dynasty. Even if we go by your standards and baseless logic, then wouldn't you say, it is time for a Dynasty Change? You are the Great statesmen and military men of this nation, you are not idiots, neither you are blind, then how come you are not capable of observing and comprehending that Reza Junior does not hack it and he does not fit the profile? Maybe its time for all of you to open your eyes and see clearly that after over 28 years of exile:

A) Heredity of Crown is senseless and illogical.
B) Your whole organization, leadership, disunity and struggle resulted in a Big Zero.
C) Your Shah is not worthy of being a Shah!

So before you start pointing fingers at me, please take a good look at yourselves in the mirrors!

"Qabl az in ke be man yek suzan bezanid, be khodetun yek Javalduz bezanid!"
(Before you stick a pin in me, please stick a Jack Pin in to your ......, Persian Style!)

As I have always said, Monarchists with their present Shah, will have no chance of retaking Iran! Monarchist Leaders, are aware of this fact. They know this and I know this and also any thinking opposition leader or member knows this harsh fact! If an employee does not provide results, we fire him. If a tooth is rotten, then we pull it out. The same thing shall be done to a Shah or a Wanna be Shah! Dear Monarchists, do whatever you have to do, but get a clue and if you seek a future in the Iranian Political Scene "Inside Iran", then you know what is good for you! I hope in the future, before pointing fingers at me, you will start taking a good look at your organizations, leaderships and your Shah! All I ask is for you to be fair, thats all. I rest my case.

Reza Pahlavi?
Then Who?
Thinker asks himself?

The Answer is not Who, but What! The Answer is: What brings on The Salvation?

As always, I shall continue working with Monarchists, many of our members are Monarchists, how can I afford not to work with them?! I respect all the active Monarchist Members of the Opposition, they are good compatriots of our nation. I also keep on leaving our line of communication with Reza Pahlavi's Office open and I consider Reza Pahlavi a member of the opposition and a fellow resistance to the Theocratic Regime of Mullahs; however, I must admit that he is far from being the leader of the Iranian Opposition. At last, I have to state that I have no hard feelings from any of you, nothing I write is personal but I only have, good of the nation in mind. I wish "All", the best to achieve your goals and our common goals to gain the freedom of Iran. More power to all of you and keep up the good work.

As I have said before:

Ultra Nationalists live in 651 AD
Muslim live in 7th Century AD
Jebheis and Mosadeqists live in 1953
Marxist Islamists (Mojaheds) and Shariatists live in 1970s
Marxists live in 1980s
Monarchists live in 1978
When will Iranians Move on towards the future?

Dead Worship is an Iranian Tradition:
Some worship Mosadeq
Some worship Shah
Some worship Khomeini
Their agenda is their Cult!
They cannot see beyond their Cult!
Frankly I am really sick of Iranians and their silly cults!

I am pointing at the moon, but these people fail and are only able to see the tip of my finger!

I have a vision of Future, but these people live in the past!

How can we commit to a change and a move forward with these people?
This is called The Iranian Dilemma!


...... and theres your prayer!


Dr. X

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