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NFL Football Gone Gay Woke
and Wants to Go Broke!


NFL Football Gone Gay Woke and Wants to Go Broke!
Ahreeman X
July 8, 2021

NFL Football Gone Gay Woke Social Justice League Ben Garrison Cartoon

Does NFL have a Death Wish? The worst enemies of football could not plan it better to destroy the American Football better than the Woke White Billionaire NFL Owners are executing! Political Correctness, Pink Ribbons and cleats, Fisting and Kneeling during the national anthem, disrespecting the flag, waving BLM Flags, Naming Black Criminals on the Helmets, Wokeness, and now gayshess! These are each perfect scenarios to destroy the American Football, set aside all of them at once! If one does not know better, he may assume that this is a well-planned conspiracy to destroy football! Are White Billionaire Owners and Black Millionaire players really that stupid?

Amazed Confused Baby:
Say what?!
NFL Football Gone Gay Woke?
Does NFL have a Death Wish?

Football used to be America’s number one sport but by every season, it loses more audience and fans. Football gone politically correct damaged football, football going woke, turned many fans to boycott football but football going gay is the last straw on the camel’s back!

Football is one of the manliest sports on the planet. Football players and audience are not gay, not that there is anything wrong with it (Seinfeld)! Not even the liberal football players and audience are gay! Not even the dumb as a log, head to toe tattooed black players who display black criminals’ names on their helmets as ordered by the administration are gay! For sure football fans and audience are not gay! Any two-bit fool knows that football is not a gay sport!

NFL Football Gone Gay Woke – New Gay Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!
Dallas Cowboys Gay Cheerleaders’ New Cheer:
Gimme a B for Big
Gimme a L for Long
Gimme a M for Mandingo
We Wanna BLM: Big Long Mandingos!
BLM BLM, NFL Gone Gay Woke!
Yeay Boi, Jump Them Bones!

If your beef is seeking gay sports fans, you can go into ballet, maybe gymnastics but not American Football! By every season, football is turning away the fans to abandon the sport and move away to NASCAR, UFC, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing and Hocky, even Soccer! Now by hiring a Dumb Bull Dyke, a Sad Marketing promoter and a mute communicator, NFL has a death wish!

NFL hired former Obama administration aide Katie Hill as the senior vice president of communications in May. Hill is married to a woman. This video is the result of this dumb broad’s campaign:

Football is Gay

If having Roger Goodell as the commissioner was not the recipe for suicide, NFL has now made sure of the suicide by hiring Katie Hill who knows nothing about football! People are now actually avoiding professional football and sports! Merchandise sales, TV ratings, ticket sales and every aspect of the American Football ratings are down and by each season, they are going from bad to worse! Maybe NFL truly has a death wish!

* First NFL tuned football to wuss-ball by sissifying and pacifying the game, and making it less contact sport.
* Second, they become politically correct. Wearing pink for breast cancer is fine but a full month?!
* Third, NFL mixed politics with sports.
* Fourth, NFL supported kneeling, fisting, hand-locks, anthem protests and Raised the BLM Terrorist Flag.

Fifth, NFL started playing a Black National Anthem when players hand-lock and pay respect to it but afterwards playing the American National Anthem when players kneel and fist in protest!
* Now they are openly gay and state that Football is Gay!

According to the latest polls, US population is:
18% Hispanic
13% Black
5% Gay

NFL Players are:
70% Black
25% White
5% Hispanic, Oriental, Others

Let’s say hypothetically NFL is pandering to blacks and gays which that in itself is not accurate because statistically 15% of Blacks are Conservative and another 15% are Independent. Also 15% of Gays are Conservative and another 15% are Independent, but for argument’s sake, let us imagine that all the Blacks which are 13% of the US population are Democrats and all the gays which are 5% of the US population are Democrats. Still, even if NFL is pandering to 13% (Blacks) and 5% (Gays) of US population, yet the actual NFL audience by the great majority are White Working Class and Middle Class. The Football fans who actually buy the tickets, purchase the merchandise and watch the games on TV are by far White Working-Class Blue Color folks.

So, when NFL panders to Blacks and Gays as a demographic group, in a way, NFL turns its back to its audience which are White Blue Color folks whom have no desire to see politics mixed with Football; furthermore, by great majority they are Conservative and to a great point Trumpists!

So, NFL’s new Woke policy is actually a form of suicide. NFL went woke; it will surely go broke! Since they went political, NFL rating was down every year worse than the year before! Now that in addition to politics and protests, they went fully Gay, then they will in fact alienate half or at least a third of the fans!

Football in its nature, is one of the most masculine sports in America. Football fans by majority are not woke liberals and surely not LGBTQ! Football fans are the manliest masculine men and tomboy girls. They are far from gay! If NFL wants to destroy football viewership and popularity, they have surely done it!

These players are dumb as a log. The colleges made them pass every year, only to play football. They are head to toe covered in tattoos and they cannot work anywhere else except NFL! They are making millions playing a game they like, so they should be happy and blessed to be in America, but instead, like monkey see, monkey do, they follow the administration and every week, they put the name of some black criminal thug who got killed by the police on their helmets! They got woke, they disrespect the flag, anthem and America. They have totally forgot that they are here to entertain the people. The people pay good money to watch the game, not to see politics!

Once NFL loses between 1/3 to ½ of their viewership and merchandise sales, then they will learn their lesson! At some point, the Billionaire owners, the millionaire players and the Woke NFL must learn that they are here to entertain the people, not to educate the people to their liberal politics!

It is amazing of what Roger Goodell will do for fad of the day which is wokeness! If they ask Goodell to bend over and we give you few dollars, he will bend over and take his pants down! He will become a transvestite on a dot and in a minute! Goodell is a whore, a woke whore and an opportunist. NFL owners on the other hand, are a bunch of opportunists who do anything for profit. They do not care about black people or gays but they care about profit. They are assuming that their new woke policy will bring them popularity and dollars; however, year and after year, the NFL rating is declining! Democrats told them that wokeness is progress and the future, but in reality, the American people’s backlash against the wokeness, political correctness and cancel culture will be catastrophic for NFL. To be precise, the NFL fans do not give a rat’s ass about wokeness, cancel culture and political correctness, so NFL has another thing coming to them!

I have been playing football all my life. I played football in high school, college, university, semi-pro and simply for fun! Football is one of the core foundations of my life. I used to eat football, drink football and play football! Today, I am disgusted with football! I would have never thought that the day would come for me to simply avoid football! Last season, I did not even watch a single game of NFL. Who wants to see a bunch of uninformed dumb football players, kneel and raise their fists during the anthem and disrespect the flag and military? If that was not bad enough, they openly grasped the BLM Terrorist Organization, wore the BLM shirts, and put the names of black murderers, rapists, child molesters and other criminals on their helmets! Most of them are dumb as a log and without research, they followed the orders of the administration upstairs and automatically put the black criminals’ names on their helmets! The backlash from the police and the fans were exploding!

I am only one football player and fan but millions are the same as me and when they go to the stadiums or watch the games on TV, they have no desire to see politics! Football was one place we went to enjoy leisure time away from politics, but now, they turned football political!

NFL is so stupid that they miscalculated big league about who their audience are? NFL audience are White Blue Color Trumpists and Conservatives. The last thing they want to see is a bunch of Woke Ass Black Millionaire Players and White Billionaire Owners, give them political lessons in wokeness! They want to see football. They do not want to see kneeling, fisting, turning away from flag, hand locks, protests, disrespecting military, police, banner and anthem! They surely do not want to see criminals’ names on the helmets, BLM flags in stadiums, BLM shirts on the coaches and woke liberal propaganda in the stadiums.

Coming soon to your local NFL team’s stadium: Drag Queen Cheerleaders with hairy legs in Miniskirts!

Looks like NFL gone woke, gay and want to go broke! Let us help NFL to go broke!

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NFL is in limbo, hanging upside down in the fools’ paradox which is a bliss!

Dr. X


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