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The Black Business Guru’s Legacy

Lovely Herman Cain has Left Us
The Black Business Guru’s Legacy

Ahreeman X
July 30, 2020

Herman Cain, a Great American Success Story and an American Dream Come True
Herman Cain Unlike the Liberal Congressional Black Caucus, Gave to the People, and not Take from the People!

Great Conservative Black Business Guru has Left Us

The Lovely Herman Cain known as the “Black Business Guru” has left us. He was the perfect example of a productive and successful black businessman. Throughout his life, he helped grow many corporations and create thousands of jobs. While today’s woke liberals make black heroes out of zeros, Herman Cain was an old school black champ with pure class. He was a True Hero.

Today, the National Populist Movement, the Conservatives, the Black Community and the American Patriots have lost a great man who carved his mark on the American history.

Herman Cain was a great business executive, corporate manager, economical mind, mathematician, talk radio show host, syndicated columnist, Tea Party Activist and Trumpist.

Herman Cain with his felt cowboy hat and dark shades, gesturing a peace sign
An Old School Black Champ and a True Classic

Herman Cain was What Black Community Needs Today!

Black Community could use more folks like Herman Cain. He stood opposite of everything the “Black Lives Matter”, “Liberal Congressional Black Caucus”, and the Black Democrats represent and stand for.

Herman Cain was not on the Liberal Plantation, blaming the White Man or the Cops for the Black Community’s misfortunes.

Herman Cain believed in looking at the man in the mirror and pointing the finger at himself before blaming the world for his problems. Herman Cain believed that Black Community’s problems can be solved only by the Black People accepting self-responsibility for their bad choices starting from voting for the Democrats! Herman Cain believed that the roots of the Black Community’s problems lie in the Terrible Democrat policies, lack of family values, lack of father figures, lack of spiritual values, lack of moral values, victim mentality, welfare, affirmative action, abortion, criminal role models, cultural catastrophes, and in a nutshell within the Black Community itself.

The solution also lies in the Black Community to save themselves from the Liberal Democrat Plantations and the Democrat Slavery of the Mind!

Herman Cain Speech at the Tea Party Patriots Rally
Herman Cain the Tea Party Activist and the National Populist

Herman Cain was a Proud Hard-Working Black Man

Herman Cain was a Good Old “Black Man”, not an “African American”! The African American is a liberal politically correct term. Herman Cain was never on the “Liberal Plantation” getting handout from the Big Government and playing the “Victim Role”. All his life, he worked hard and he prospered.

Throughout his life, he created thousands of jobs and helped various corporations to grow and succeed in business. Herman Cain was not a Washington DC Politician with no idea about how to create jobs and wealth. Herman Cain worked hard throughout his life and he did create jobs and wealth for the people.

Herman Cain was a wealth producer, job creator, corporate man, economical mind and an entrepreneur.
Herman Cain was not from the ilk of the blood sucking leeches of the Black Community such as the Liberal Congressional Black Caucus who get rich off of the Black Community’s Misery and live in the Multi-Million Dollar Mansions while their district lives in the projects and the ghettos! Herman Cain was not from the breed of Maxine Waters’ of the world. Herman Cain was a mover and a shaker, a producer and a creator. Herman Cain created jobs, wealth and hope for the black community.

Herman Cain was not all talk like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Herman Cain was all about taking action and providing jobs for the black community.

Herman Cain with Donald John Trump

Herman Cain was a Valuable Job Creator

Herman Cain understood economy, tax plans, tax codes and job creation. Herman Cain was a worthy productive man. Herman Cain was a fine mathematician. In the 1970s, when barely anyone knew about the computers, Herman Cain graduated from the Purdue University with an MS in the Computer Science! In 1977 he became a Computer Systems Analyst for the Coca-Cola! Herman Cain was from the first generation of the computer science experts who drafted the computers in the business. He used computer science and drafted common sense mathematics to create successful businesses.

Herman Cain created new business and new jobs. Herman Cain advanced the society and was a wealth producer.

I Admired Herman Cain

I always had a special love and admiration for Herman Cain. I always had the highest respect for the Herman Cain. His life meant something because he was a productive man who truly progressed America. His economic theories and tactics were advanced and provided results. He was a wise business guru who truly loved America and advanced the Black Community.

Herman Cain was a classic. They don’t build them like that anymore!  Herman Cain, his felt cowboy hat, his dark shades and his warm smile, a true classic. Herman Cain was the Bluesman of the Business world!

Amazingly, when I was studying and working in the college, I had a great Speech Professor who was the replica of the Herman Cain. Just like Herman Cain, he was fashionable, sharp dresser, classic, wise, powerful speaker, knowledgeable, critical thinker and warm. He looked and dressed just like Herman Cain. He was one of my favorite professors and I was his favorite student because same as him, I was a sharp dresser, professional, conservative, deep in morality and powerful in speech. We both dressed up often in colorful suits, wore dark shades and carried a briefcase. I clearly remember that he often told the class:

“Mr. X the same as I, enjoys and indulges dressing in colorful stylish attire, dark shades and conducts himself in a professional manner.”

He taught me how to expand my vocabulary by learning and using five different words with the same meaning, used in different occasions for my speech and writings. He often stated:

“For each word, you must have between three to five way of stating it: Classic, Modern, Formal, Informal and Slang. That is the power of vocabulary used in speech and writing.”

I learned a lot about speech, debate, claims, arguments, rebuttals and logic from him.

I truly enjoyed this Black Professor’s class, the same as I always enjoyed listening to Herman Cain speak. Both were great speakers.

Herman Cain with Alveda King the niece of Dr. King
Solid Black Role Models for the Black Community

9-9-9 Tax Plan

One of Herman Cain’s legacies is his 9-9-9 Tax Plan which had many followers during the 2012 election. Basically, it stated:

9 % business transactions tax, a 9 % personal income tax, and a 9 % federal sales tax.

Simple and beneficial for all.

Herman Cain had big ideas for the economy and America but liberals were afraid of him; therefore, the same as they smeared Sarah Palin, they smeared him with bogus sexual allegations!

Liberals smeared Sarah Palin as an ignorant hick.
Liberals lynched Clarence Thomas with bogus Sexual Assault Allegatons.
Liberals smeared Herman Cain with bogus Sexual Assault Allegations.

This is what the liberals and the Deep State do! When liberals are bound to destroy you, then you must be a serious threat to the Establishment, the Status Quo and the Deep State. Liberals will not hesitate to scoop as low as everything in their power to destroy you, so they can remain in power and control.

Even now, after his death, the Democrats viciously attack Herman Cain and mock him!

Sarah Palin, the God Mother of the Tea Party Movement was highly respectful and fond of Herman Cain.

Sarah Palin Fashionable Sexy Populist Photo Albums in 4 Chapters

Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump for President in 2 Chapters

Trump was an exception. Like Teflon, nothing got stuck to Trump. No matter how hard the liberals tried, nothing stuck to Trump and liberals could not destroy him!

Trump National Populist Revolution

Herman Cain Timeline

Herman Cain was born in Memphis, Tennessee. His mother was Lenora Davis Cain a maid and a cleaning woman. His father was Luther Cain a farm boy who was raised on the farm. Luther Cain held three jobs to provide a happy home for his family. Luther Cain was a barber, a janitor and a chauffeur. Eventually he become the chauffeur for the Coca-Cola President Robert W. Woodruff. Herman Cain grew up poor but happy in a happy home full of morality, spirituality and hard work. Both his parents planted the seed of hard work means success in to his mind.

Cain family never had the liberal victim mindset, begging the government for aids or blaming the White Man for Racism!

Herman Cain had good role models as parents.

Herman Cain Timeline Index
1945 Born at Memphis, Tennessee
1967 Graduated Morehouse College with a BS in Mathematics
1971 Graduated Purdue University with MS in Computer Science
1971 Ballistic Analyst for US Navy
1977 Computer Systems Analyst for Coca-Cola
1978 Director of Business Analysis for Pillsbury
1980 Regional Manager for Burger King at Philadelphia
1986 CEO of Godfather’s Pizza
1993 Helped Killing Clinton’s Costly Health Care Plan
1995 Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
1996 CEO of National Restaurants Associations
1996 Senior Advisor to Bob Dole Campaign
2004 Lost Bid for US Senate from Georgia
2008 Talk Show Host for the Herman Cain Show in Atlanta, Georgia
2010 Height of Herman Cain Tea Party Activism
2012 Columnist for Newsmax
2012 Created his famous 9-9-9 Tax Plan
2012 Liberals smeared his bid for Presidential Election by Bogus Sexual Assault Allegations
2012 Lost Bid for US Presidency
2013 Contributor to FOX News
2016 Co Chairman of the Black Voices for Trump
2019 Liberals smeared his nomination for Federal Reserve Board by Bogus Sexual Allegations
2020 Passed Away at Atlanta, Georgia (age 74)

Black Voices for Trump

Herman Cain as the Co Chairman for the Black Voices for Trump, sincerely believed that if we had an honest media, then Trump would have gotten the majority of the Black Votes.

What Trump had done for the Black Community?

No president has ever done what Trump had done for the Blacks:

* Opportunity Zones for Investments and Job Creations in the Black Communities
* Permanent Funding of the Black Colleges
* Judicial and Prison Reforms
* Second and Third Chances for Prisoners to Clean up their Lives
* Vocational Schools, Education and Jobs for Freed Prisoners
* Highest Black Employment Rate in History (before Chinese Coronavirus Hit)
* Lowest Unemployment Rate in History (before Chinese Coronavirus Hit)
* School of Choice
* High Black Housing Ownerships
* Safety and Security
* Prosperity

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!

COVID-19 Death

COVID-19 claimed the life of Herman Cain. When Cain attended the Trump Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 20, he was tested negative for the Coronavirus. Have in mind that Cain was diagnosed in 2006 with stage 4 colon cancer that progressed to his liver and was given a 30 % chance of survival. He successfully underwent chemotherapy and had been in remission since. So, Cain had a precondition illness which made him susceptive to fall ill due to the Coronavirus.

On July 1st he went to the hospital for COVID-19 and on July 30th he passed away at age 74.

Following his 2012 presidential bid, Cain launched T.H.E. New Voice, an advocacy group focused on tax reform, energy policy, and national security, and has become a frequent commentator on the news outlets. Cain was just about to start a new show. Cain’s most important activity in his latest months was with the “Black Voices for Trump” which he saw essential for the blacks to help their community and themselves by abandoning the Democrat Party and Policies which brough only disaster to the blacks.

Important Videos

Capitalism creates... socialism takes.

The Most Important Documents

Why We Stand

Freedom of Speech Is Under Attack

Big Government Socialism

Black Voices for Trump Online Real Talk with Katrina Pierson, Paris Dennard, & Rep. Jones

Black Voices for Trump Online with Katrina Pierson

Important Sites

Herman Cain Website

Herman Cain Radio Show

Black Voices for Trump

Herman Cain - Wikipedia

Herman Cain - Facebook

Herman Cain YouTube

Herman Cain Twitter

Herman Cain Instagram

Blexit Movement

Candace Owens

Brandon Tatum

Tatum Report

Herman Cain the Great American Patriot
He is looking at us from up there!

Today We Shed a Tear for Herman Cain

Today, we celebrate Herman Cain’s legacy and glorious life but we also shed a tear for the “Lovely Herman Cain” because he made a difference to many people’s lives and him leaving us is a loss. He made an impact. He was a constructive man who progressed the Black Community and America. We celebrate his life as an economical mind, a business guru, a decent man, a proud black man and a patriotic American.

The complete Liberal Congressional Black Caucus can demise, fade away and go to hell, Hallelujah, a few more dead Leaches on the body of the black community! Praise the Lord! Let them all die and go to hell! You will not see me shedding a tear drop!

However, I cannot help myself not shedding a tear for the Great Lovely Herman Cain, not only as a black man but as a valuable economist, wealth producer, job creator, and someone who evolved and pushed America forward. Someone who cared.

Herman Cain wrote various books on business, economy and politics; however, as a Great Conservative economic Mind, Herman Cain progressed America forward. That is his legacy of love. Herman Cain, his felt cowboy hat, his dark shades and warm smile. The man was a true classic. They don’t build them like that anymore!

May Your Lovely Precious Spirit Rest in Peace


Dr. X


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