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Why Not to Vote for Democrats?

Why John McCain for US 2008 Elections?
Why Not to Vote for Democrats?
Ahreeman X
May 3, 2008

US Senator John McCain, US Navy Lieutenant Commander John Sidney McCain III , …
Underneath all the titles, there lives a simple and humble patriot, a true American Hero,
Our John McCain.

You have been asking and waiting for this article and endorsement for a long time, so at last it is here. You wanted my opinion and now you will get it. In this article I will analyze, logic and reason why Iranian Americans in specific and all Patriotic Americans in general must vote for John McCain in the upcoming presidential elections.

Tomorrow and Yesterday
John McCain, choice of the GOP for the future.
The Great Ronald Reagan, choice of the GOP for all times!

John McCain Site

John McCain Service to America Tour

Why You Must Vote for John McCain?

I can state reasons from here to the Moon; however, we do not have time for such essay. Therefore, I shall only state the most important reasons.

I. US Democratic Party has been Infiltrated with IRI-Hezbollah Lobby Groups

II. Democrats will Compromise the National Security of America

III. Democrats are the Reason for Foreign Oil Dependency and High Gas Prices.

IV. Democrats’ Economical Solution Equals to Larger Government and Higher Taxes

V. Global Warming Scam Equals to Higher Taxes and New Taxes

VI. Democratic Candidates have No Solution and No Hands On Experience to Run America

VII. Democrats will Try Again to Throw Your 2nd Amendment Rights Out the Door

VIII. Democrats in Power Equals Less Individual Freedoms and More Government Control

Ronald Reagan was, is and always will be the heart and soul of the GOP.

Now I will go over each one of the above reasons on why you must not vote for Democrats and then I will tell you that what can John McCain do for you on each issue.

US Democratic Party has been Infiltrated with IRI-Hezbollah Lobby Groups

I am not stating that all Iranian American Democrats are Hezbollah and all US Democratic Party members are pro wheeling and dealing with Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), but I am declaring that the US Democratic Party has been compromised and infiltrated with the IRI Lobby groups; therefore, Pro IRI Iranians are all democrats and US Democratic Party is officially pro the appeasement policies with IRI.

Hezbollah in America! - New Tactic: IRI Lobby in USA!

Democratic Party and the Mullahs’ Lobby - Flirting with the Mullahs

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America!

Iran’s Oil Mafia Penetrating the US Political System - Hezbollah IRI Lobby in USA

IPC Movement Index

On the other hand, you would never find an Iranian Hezbollah (Fundamentalist, Moderate or Reformist) or any Pro IRI Iranian or Liberal Reformist who has any party affiliation with the GOP! Why would you find such person? It is an oxy moron!

A Nationalist Iranian and a Patriotic American would never end up as a Liberal Democrat! The US Democratic Party is pro prolonging the life of the Islamic Republic of Iran! Liberalism is Islamism’s best friend! US Democratic Party is the party of choice for IRI, Hezbollah and global Islamists! They are counting on Liberals to get elected, so they can have one large Islamic Bangarooni and party hardy!

John McCain, a true patriot

Democratic Party’s official policy towards IRI is appeasement. IRI Lobby has infiltrated the core of the Democratic Party. IRI Agents in America pose as Humanitarian Iranian Americans and Do Gooding Pacifists or Bleeding Heart Liberals. They have been able to charm their ways in to the Liberals’ Hearts. They have been able to buy their ways in to the Liberals’ deep pockets. The naïve, uninformed and peace loving Iranian Americans have been falling for these IR -Hezbollah Lobby Groups. IRI Lobbyists are even drafting celebrities as their members to become popular amongst the average Iranians of the streets and the youth.

To draft celebrities is a typical Cult Characteristics which has been practiced by Scientology and other religious cults, and now by IRI Lobby Groups.

Trita Parsi and NIAC Drafting Celebrities (Discussion Thread)

Hezbollah Front businesses in America (Discussion Thread)

In a way, the Iranian Celebrities are conned in to believing that IRI Lobby Groups are Humanitarian Groups and Civil Rights Groups, which are fighting for the civil rights of the Iranian Americans! The reality is that these Lobby Groups are not fighting for anything except enlarging their bank accounts in the west, which has been provided by Tehran and the IRI foundations in America!

There are so many IRI Lobby Groups that as soon as the Iranian Opposition exposes one of them, suddenly three more will pop out in the political scene of America! They are like cockroaches popping out of the woodwork! It is becoming a losing battle for the Iranian Opposition to fight IRI.

Iran’s Oil Mafia Penetrating the US Political System - Hezbollah IRI Lobby in USA

IRI Lobby Groups have managed successfully to not only penetrate the US Democratic Party, yet even the Universal Humanitarian Organizations.

What is happening to Amnesty International?

The bottom line is that how can you trust Democrats to gain power, when they have their hands deep in the IRI Lobby’s pockets? A Democratic Administration in America only means more wheeling and dealings of the American Corporations with Islamic Republic of Iran, less sanctions, more appeasement policies and; therefore, prolonging the life of the Islamist Regime in Iran! Think of that before voting for Democrats! In shorts:

Not all Iranian American Democrats are Hezbollah,
All Iranian American Hezbollah are Democrats!
Ask yourselves why?

This is not fiction, but a sad fact. Hezbollah uses the American freedoms and system against America! Thanks to Liberal policies and liberal democrats, Hezbollah has now officially penetrated the US Democratic Party and the American political system.

What can John McCain do for You?

John McCain has passed his test about patriotism. He is an Ex POW, experienced veteran, war hero and a true American Patriot. John McCain’s braveries during his military history is well known. His party affiliation is GOP and GOP is all about not giving in to global thugs, petty bullies and irrational dictatorships such as Islamic Republic of Iran. McCain seeks no deals with the Islamist regime of Tehran. McCain supports the freedom loving Iranian people and their fights against the barbaric regime of the Mullahs. McCain supports the Iranian Opposition and Resistance.

The GOP’s 3 Musketeers
Rudi Giuliani, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McCain, 3 of the greatest “Secular Progressive” Moderate Republicans and the future of the GOP. Welcome to the new face of GOP.

Never forget that it was Jimmy Carter (God Father and Guru of the Democratic Party) who destroyed Iran on 1979. This brings us to my second point.

Democrats will Compromise the National Security of America

The most important factor and measurement to choose a president is to know his policies about the National Security of America. Actually the most important factor to vote for a president is to have the National Security of America in mind. Without National Security, you have nothing. Without security, the safety of your family, your loved ones, your property and whatever you hold dear will be compromised.

Everything else including economy, social issues, rights, pro life or pro choice and gay marriage are all garbage when your own life and your family’s life is at stake! National Security comes first and is the number one issue for Americans at the time. Everything else is secondary.

Democrats are trying to downsize this issue and accuse GOP of playing the Scare Tactics and Homeland Security color code games! The reality is that no matter how much you hate George W. Bush, yet since 9/11 there has not been another attack on America! The least that you can do is to give that much credit to Bush and GOP.

All it takes is to dump some biological or chemical substance in to the water resources and there will be massive numbers of Americans dead. New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Diego can come down to their knees with massive infections and epidemics. One attack, one crash, one infection, one explosion and one single terrorist act can result in disaster.

Obviously Americans have forgotten about this issue. I certainly hope that you as Iranian Americans and as Patriotic Americans will remember this issue in November. Vote smart and when you vote, all you have to do is to ask yourselves that who can provide you and your family with most amount of security? Who has the most experience in securing America?

Would it be this man?

Barack Hussein Obama

Or this woman?

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s dirty campaign trick to diminish Obama’s fame was legendary. Mr. McCain, must love these internal Liberal rivalries. I am sure Hillary is making Hussein more electable! Clinton’s camp started the dirty politics by defaming Obama. First his name, then his religion, afterwards his clothes ….. can Clintons scoop possibly lower than this? Is there any wonder why Hillary is so hate-able even by her own party? Liberals are paving the way smooth and clean for GOP. Spreading these pictures via e-mails was the worst thing that Clinton’s camp could do to damage themselves!

OK, Obama is in the Islamic clothes visiting an Islamic nation and his name is Hussein but does this make him an Islamist Terrorist?

My hat is off to Hillary’s camp. We could not do it better and cause more internal conflict amongst the democrats than this!

But I have asked you that if Hillary Clinton could scoop lower than the above? The answer is yes and she already has!

Welcome to Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s episode! Last month, Obama was the future Dr. King but today he has become the Anti White, Black Panther, Nation of Islam Racist!

Liberal Assumptions

Liberals crack me up! At the beginning of the elections, they have assumed that they had it all in the bag! They assumed that America hates Bush; therefore, America hates GOP and it is time for a change!

The reality is that Democratic candidates do not have the experience to run America, nor they have any possible solutions for the ill economy. Hillary is known for dirty politics, but Obama was the saint! Today, Obama’s integrity is in serious question?!

The Obama Question?

How can Barack Obama be a member of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s congregation for 20 years and have Reverend Jeremiah Wright as his spiritual advisor and his guiding light for 20 years, without knowing that Reverend Jeremiah Wright is an Anti American, Anti White, Black Militant Racist?

For 20 years, Reverend Wright had enlightened Obama and shown him the light of Jesus! For 20 years Reverend Wright has repeatedly shouted “God Damn America” and “White Devils” in to the ears of Obama! For 20 years Reverend Wright has shouted Anti American Rhetorics and Anti White Rhetorics. Of course NAACP and Barack Obama have been supporting him and cheering for him during all those years! NAACP still supports him and if Obama was not running for president, he would also still support him!

Barack Obama openly denies that he ever had any knowledge of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s politically incorrect speeches, preachings, politics and philosophy! This is the most stupid, cockamamie statement that one could ever release! How can you be a member of a church; furthermore, be like a son to your reverend and accept him as your guru for 20 years, yet have no clue about his ideology nor ever have heard any of his controversial speeches?

First Obama welcomed Reverend Luis Farrakhan’s endorsement, yet criticized his politics and rejected to have any affiliation with Reverend Luis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Now Obama once more, kindly welcomes Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s endorsement, yet again, criticizes his politics and rejects to have any knowledge about his politics!

Obama may have gotten away with the Farrakhan’s episode, but how can he get away with Wright’s episode? Unless if we believe that Obama was living under a rock and he is naturally retarded, then not a single sane person can believe that Obama had no clue about Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s politics and preachings while he was a member of his church for 20 years and same as a son to him! This has surely destroyed all Obama’s credibility, honesty, and integrity. All the Clean Hands, DC Outsider, Neo Dr. King images which the Main-stream Media had created for Obama is now officially destroyed! The poster boy for Change had turned out to be another Dirty Politician!

Reverend Jeremiah Wright had officially announced that Barack Obama has no other choice but to officially say what he said (ignorance about the good reverend’s politics), so he can get elected! Reverend Wright also stated that Obama had betrayed him and his church. Obama had betrayed the congregation. Obama has been his disciple, member of his church and same as a son to him, yet now he betrayed it all and also betrayed him!

The funny thing is that when first Obama has been hit with the Reverend Wright’s scandal, he did not renounce and disassociate himself from the reverend. Only after Reverend Wright did speak ill of him, then Obama renounced him and disassociated himself from him! What does this makes you think of Obama? The poster boy for integrity, honesty and Neo Dr. King, is nothing but another political opportunist!

So primarily, liberals thought that they had it all in the bag! America hates the War in Iraq, Bush and etc. so naturally they would elect the democrats. First they had Hillary, then came Obama as a DC Outsider, Clean Politician, Spiritual Guru, a Great Preacher, Unifier, another Dr. King and then suddenly it all went to hell! Obama had collapsed!

So today, liberals have no solution and no policy and in addition, now they have no candidates! Hillary is hated as a dishonest con artist, a dirty politician, and an angry Femi-Nazi, and Obama’s credibility is now gone! So now what?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the Democratic Party’s candidate of choice for the next president of the United States of America:

Barack Hussein Obama

Brother Barack Hussein Obama in traditional Islamic Somali Garment

Brother Barack Hussein Obama in traditional Islamic Turban, Robe and Shalwar Pants

Unlike Hillary’s camp, we (GOP) do not criticize Obama for his choice of clothes, his middle name, his Muslim father, his race or his choice of spiritual leader (Reverend Jeremiah Wright), but we criticize him because of his lack of experience in office. He has practically no experience and no qualifications to be the next president of United States. And then there is a little issue, which is called credibility! If Obama lies now about his guru and politics, then what would he do tomorrow in the presidential office?

Why GOP rejects Barack Hussein Obama?

I. Lack of experience in the office and qualifications to become president.

II. Flat out lies and denial about 20 years of being a disciple to a Black Militant Racist who hates America.

Why GOP rejects Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Then there is Hillary! She also has no experience except her few senator years in DC. It is laughable when she talks about her 30 years of experience in office!

A doorman at State Department also has 30 years of experience, but can he run the government of the most important nation on Earth?

All I have to say is that:

If Hillary Clinton could not manage her own household and husband not to run around with 6 (known) different women on the side and then to lie about them under oath, then how can she manage United States of America?

So Hillary Clinton,

I. Has very little experience and qualifications for the job.

II. Has a history of cover-ups (White Water), lies, deceit, dirty politics and dishonesty.

III. Will do anything to get elected. She has no principles whatsoever.

Hillary is basically an angry and frustrated FemiNazi.

Hillary Curtains, a woman for all types of cover-ups!

Learn from the History – The Jimmy Carter Episode!

Allow me to take you for a walk through the history …

Let me tell you a story about the God Father and Guru of the Democratic Party, worshipped and followed as a role model by all the Dems and let me tell you what he had done to America and Iran.

Jimmy Carter is one of the most indecisioned, weak, tragic and useless presidents that United States ever had! His global foreign policy had brought the US to her knees! His disastrous foreign policies caused America to lose the Panama Canal and along with it Panama in to the arms of a Dictatorial Drug Dealing Regime. His catastrophic so-called Human Rights policy had destroyed Iran (1979).

One minute he was supporting the Shah and giving him the green light to suppress the Islamist Reactionaries. The other minute he was singing his Human Rights tunes and lecturing the Shah to let the Islamists loose with a free hand to protest. This “Stop and Go policy” had eventually thrown Iran in to the arms of the Islamist Fundamentalists and brought Khomeini to power.

Shah was a weak and sick man with cancer. In his normal days, he could not make a decision, set aside in his sick days! Shah was always keeping an eye to DC for orders and unfortunately Carter was the Big Cajona in DC at the time!

It is strictly Carter’s bad policy and CIA’s sad policy that United States of America had lost her greatest Ally in the Middle East and one of her greatest partners in the world, the Imperial Iran. In returns, America ended up with one of her greatest and formidable enemies in the world, the Islamic Republic of Iran, which after 30 years, they are still at each other’s throats! Carter’s sad policies had resulted in the Creation of the Fundamentalism in the whole region. Carter’s Green Belt policy around the Ex Soviet Union to create an Islamic Green Belt around the Communist Russia, was the main cause for the creation of the IRI in Iran, Taliban in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda in the whole region! In a way, Carter and CIA are largely responsible for the birth of the Neo Islamist Fundamentalism.

Carter gave birth to Khomeini and in returns Khomeini gave birth to the global Islamist Fundamentalism. Carter’s horrible policies resulted in Americans being held as hostages for 444 days in Iran. Carter’s disastrous policies had resulted in astronomical rise in the price of gas and breakdown of the America’s prestige as a strong super power around the world. After Carter, every two bit political group or terrorist organization around the world, started to mess with America, challenge America, kill American military and civilians and hold Americans as hostages. They started calling America the “Paper Tiger”! So Carter had basically brought grand catastrophe to America. Carter is the father of Liberal Pacifism, Appeasement Policies, and Head Guru of the American Democratic Party. It is directly Carter, CIA and Democrats’ faults that destroyed the prestige of America around the world, but most important, they are responsible for the destruction of the progressive Iran.

The Imperial Iran was a dictatorship, but at least a progressive, nationalist and a reformable dictatorship. Islamic Republic of Iran is a reactionary and irreformable theocratic dictatorship, which despises nationalism and loves Islam and Islamist Fundamentalism.

I still remember that famous speech of Carter in Tehran! At a banquet with Shah present, Carter stated that: “Today, Iran is an island of stability in a troubled region!” Carter had made this statement exactly at the moment that the whole nation was about to be exploded in a bloody revolution! That was how out of touch were Carter, CIA and the Democrats.

Today, Carter as an Ex president is back-stabbing America by negotiating with Hamas, another terrorist group which American Administration had clearly banned!

Every time Democrats are in power, the United States’ Foreign Policy goes down the toilet and along with it the American benefits around the globe! Democrats have always been pro appeasement policies.

Today, Hillary Clinton wants to change the above common belief by tough talking to the media about Iran:

Hillary Clinton jumps the Anti Iran Bandwagon

These types of rhetorics are nothing but role play and cheap talk, to prove to the American public that she is not your average Liberal Pacifist and she can provide safety and security for America. The reality is that this is only campaign tactics for the election year.

Hillary Clinton has no clue about foreign policy if it would hit her in the face like a sac of rice!

What can John McCain do for You?

John McCain’s history of military discipline, solid American patriotism, strategic planning and efforts in the US Congress proves that he has the most experience to defend this country, protect this country from terrorist groups and regimes, and keep the Americans safe and sound from harm. McCain is the most qualified candidate for securing America.

Democrats are the Reason for Foreign Oil Dependency and High Gas Prices.

Democrats lie to America by pointing fingers at George W. Bush and his administration as the main cause for Oil Dependency, High Gas Prices and Lack of an Alternative Fuel. The reality is that the Democratic Congress and Democrats in generals are the cause for these catastrophes. Confused? Allow me to explain:

It is democrats who have been blocking every single bill brought up in the congress for decades about:

I. Drilling for oil in Alaska, Gulf of Mexico Region, Montana and other oil rich areas of America

II. Building more Oil Refineries

III. Building more nuclear reactors

Why do Democrats do it?

Why are Democrats Anti Progress?

Because they are Environmentalist Wackos. Even if the drilling projects are way underground and do not harm the environment, they are still against it! Democrats prefer for us to pay $ 10 a gallon at the pump, than to drill in Alaska! United States of America can be self-sufficient and produce her own oil, but Dems do not allow it. Democrats care more about certain endangered species of rats, lizards and roaches than human beings!

High gas prices and gas shortage makes the farmers and ranchers to go broke, not produce and the truckers not to deliver. We are and we will have high food prices. America is and will face inflation, high food prices and disasters in supplies and demands. American humans are suffering because of the Democratic Congress.

Democrats do not allow us to drill our own oil because we may damage the environment. Democrats do not allow us to build more refineries to produce our own gas, because we may damage the environment. Democrats will not allow us to build more nuclear reactors to supply our energy, because it may damage the environment. In a meanwhile, America is falling behind the technology because Democrats are Anti Progress! On the other hand, countries with no environmental codes, no high taxations and no tough regulations like China, Russia, India, and even Venezuela are progressing and becoming economical giants!

In a meanwhile, your family and my family are paying up the butt for high gas and food prices and everything else, while Democrats are protecting some species of Weed or Cock-a-Doodle-Doo in Alaska or Gulf Region! To Democrats, the value of our lives is less than some Rat in Alaska.

So we have to not drill our own oil, build refineries and nuclear reactors, but purchase expensive oil from Arabs, Chavez and everywhere else! Then democrats want to search for alternative fuels, but as soon as any alternative fuel is suggested, they create 101 environmental laws and regulations to make sure the production process fails! Perfect example is Ethanol production and all the environmental episodes, which Democrats have been creating to seize the productions.

Democrats want high gas prices. Democrats do not want alternative fuels. Because if these problems are solved, then they have nothing else to bitch about, and to whine and moan about! Democrats never offer solutions but they bitch you to death! They need issues to criticize, so they get elected!

What can John McCain do for You?

John McCain with his unique style of negotiation and political moves, can reach across the party lines, work with both parties and seek a logical solution to the energy problem. If anyone can find a solution through negotiation, that is John McCain. We are decades away from discovery and replacement of an alternative fuel with oil. For now, we must drill our own oil to be self sufficient and independent from the foreign oil. McCain is the man who can bring the Democrats on board. McCain is the man who can get safe and environmentally clean refineries and nuclear plants built. He can keep everyone happy and start getting results. He is popular on both sides of the isles.

Democrats’ Economical Solution Equals to Larger Government and Higher Taxes

Liberals tell you that we have a recession and a huge economical problem, but at the same time, they put up a battle to avoid making Bush’s tax cuts permanent! They don’t want you to have yearly tax cuts and to have more money in your pockets! They prefer to have that money in their pockets. They prefer to spend your money in DC on the bigger and larger government, so the bigger government can decide for you on how to live!

The liberal solution for the economical problem is to create more taxes, create new taxes, raise the present amount of taxes, create more government bureaucracy, new government offices and administration to spend these taxes, create new positions in DC and state capitals, so you can pay for their salaries and expand the government and make it larger! Liberals love to create all these new government departments, so they can tell you how to spend your own money, as if you are so stupid that you can’t run your own lives! Liberals assume that people are ignorant, private sector is greedy and useless. Liberals want the absolute supervision of the government over all your affairs.

Liberals want the control of your lives. They want a larger government, a welfare state to hand out money and food stamps, Medicare and Medical to free loaders, junkies, alcoholics and derelicts and on top of it, they want you to pay for it with your taxes! They want you to work hard, pay higher taxes and support the deranged of the society. When the voting time comes, they gather these derelicts and get them to vote democratic so they can look forward for more handouts!

Dependant Voters

Liberals have created a social class of dependant voters. They handout welfare and food-stamps, they enforce affirmative action and shove the unqualified students in to the universities only based on their minority status and race, and even pay them grants and scholarships to study! All of these welfare recipients and affirmative action puppets are nothing but “House Niggers” to Liberal Democrats who live in their mansions and large homes in the suburbs. These folks are “Dependant Voters” who will vote democratic for handouts!

Liberals have created a useless and unproductive social class of “Dependant Voters” and as soon as they see a successful minority and a self-built black man (General Colin Powell) or a successful and a self-made black woman (Dr. Condoleezza Rice) who made it on their own, then the bashing begins! Liberal Democrats do not like Strong, Independent, Intelligent, Educated, Self-made minorities, because they can’t control them as the “Dependant Voters”! Strong Black Folks or Strong Mexicans are a threat to the liberal establishment. Strong minorities, who can stand on their own feet and educate themselves without affirmative action, are breaking the old cycle of liberal dependencies and “Neo Social Slavery”! Strong minorities say no to these liberal masters and “Neo Plantation Owners”!

Dr. Condoleezza Rice, the most powerful woman in America today, is a true symbol and role model for women. She is a self-made strong and independent black woman. Dr. Rice (Secretary of State) is a powerhouse. Condy is a great politician, great organizer, great administrator, highly intelligent woman, extremely educated, speaks Russian, is a classical pianist and above all that, she also has nice shins!

God forbid if these Strong minorities stand on their own feet! They are the “Runaway Niggers” and “Outlaw Colored Folks” to the liberals! The strong minorities break all the same old Liberal Social Engineering and Socialization of America by the liberals!

Senator John McCain with Dr. Condoleezza Rice. I believe that Dr. Rice is a great vice presidential choice. Dr. Rice is most qualified to be the president of United States but she did not run for presidency. She is surely the most desired candidate for the VP. Have I mentioned that I also like her shins?!

Top 10 World's Most Powerful Women of 2006

Top 10 World's Most Powerful Women of 2007

Liberals seek stupid niggers and spicks to control, feed and train as “Dependant Voters”! Strong, Independent and Intelligent Black and Mexican folks are “Liberal Nightmares” and “Social Abominations”! Be a good Nigger and take your handout from your liberal master and say “Yas Sir-i Massar” and Master will take care of yous! That’s what liberals love and that’s the liberal way!

General Colin Powell, a great decorated veteran, a wise military man, a great statesman, a fabulous role model for Black Americans and a fine example of a strong intelligent black man and a true American Patriot.

What can John McCain do for You?

John McCain will not raise your old taxes, create new taxes and enlarge the government so that you can pay for it! He will cut taxes, try to make the tax cuts permanent. Then you may ask that how will he create revenue to boost the economy? Good question indeed. John McCain will cut useless government offices and make them much smaller, so he can cut the waste, expenditure and add to the revenue. John McCain will eliminate useless government administration and smallen many large government hierarchies.

John and Cindy McCain during campaigns

John McCain will eliminate high corporate taxations, regulations and Bull Shiite environmental laws, so American Corporations will not leave America for China, India, Korea, and Malaysia! When American Corporations stay in America, then they provide jobs for the American labors, when American labors work, they have money in their pockets and they spend, so other classes of the society also benefit from them.

John and Cindy McCain with the veterans

Smaller government, cut government spending, cut government waste, end useless regulations, stop corporations to leave America, create new jobs, permanent tax cuts and many more bright ideas. This is how John McCain with a lifetime of experience and service to United States of America will boost our economy. This is the logical way, not the Liberal Bull Shiite to control more and more of your lives and stick their hands deeper and deeper in your pockets!

Global Warming Scam Equals to Higher Taxes and New Taxes

Global Warming to liberals is the same as God and religion to Christian Fundamentalist Conservatives! One day liberals sat around and asked themselves: Unlike Conservatives, we do not have the Church business, God and Religion business as a gimmick to make money and create votes, so what should we do? So the liberals came up with a new and bright idea: Global Warming Scam!

“Why not create some cockamamie fear and scare tactic to frighten people about some imaginary episode where in it, the Earth is about to get destroyed by the mankind, due to the global warming?” (Liberals pondered)!

The American public are so much pro healthy environment, clean air and survival of the planet, so let us take advantage of this issue and force the naïve, uninformed and gullible American youth and public in to believing that there is a global catastrophe on the way and it is called the Global Warming!

The scientific reality is that there exists Global Warming and so does Global Cooling! Earth’s temperature has been going up and down for millions of years. In the past, Earth had Melt Downs and Ice Ages, and so it will occur in the future. The problems with liberals’ theory are:

Problems with Global Warming Scam Theory

I. Global Warming and Global Cooling occurs throughout the history of Earth. The human’s part to affect this process is microscopic! The human factor is so small that it is practically irrelevant. Human pollution cannot affect this process and if it does, then it is as big as .05 % of the total process. To assume that human can affect the global climate to the point to cause a mass Global Warming and a catastrophic future is garbage and fantasy.

II. If anything will occur in the future, is not global warming, but all the scientific evidence directs to a future Global Cooling and Ice Age! Every year the global climate is getting colder! Of course the temperature goes up and down; however, we had one of the coldest winters around the globe last year and this year. The freezing and the never happened before unusually cold winter had occurred in China, Iran, Europe and everywhere else! Snow up to your knees all around the world. Every year the temperature is getting colder and not warmer!

III. Hypothetically, even if Global Warming Scam will be true, then we will see the minor results of this warming in a millennium and the major results of this warming in tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of years in the future! In a million years from now we may have a major catastrophe and even then, it will most likely be an Ice Age!

IV. The chances for such catastrophe in a million years are as much as the chances of a large meteor crashing with the Earth and destroying it!

Why Liberals have created the Global Warming Fantasy?

By creating mass hysteria, scare tactics and fear, the liberals via the leadership of Al Gore, Jane Fonda, Hollywood, and the Kennedys, can create a new fad and belief to:

a) Take advantage of the American public’s scientific ignorance to create a common belief, which in fact is nothing but a myth.

b) To publicize this myth repeatedly and for so long so that the public lives in fear of this myth and will do anything to avoid it.

c) To create the environment and the mentality which results in to the mass creation of the “Environmentalist Wackos”, “Tree Huggers” and “Over Zealous Greens” groups to vote Democratic in elections.

d) To finally as the ultimate goal, raising the environmental taxes to a higher level and creating new environmental taxes, so they can take more money out of your pockets to finance their crusade and expand the government by creating more useless offices, departments, organizations and more paper pushers to work in them and spend your hard earning money!

e) To expand the role of the government in controlling more of your lives and more of your money!

This is basically the whole story on the Global Warming Scam, which has become a business for the Democrats! GOP had the Christian Conservatives and the Religion and God gimmick to create revenue and votes, so liberals had to come up with their own gimmick to create new revenues and votes, so they created the Global Warming Scam out of their rectums!

What can John McCain do for You?

John McCain is a firm believer that Global Warming exists and we must take care of our planet so it will take care of us. But John McCain does not believe in myths and scares! John McCain will work to create a green and healthy environment and will have the environmental issues in mind, while pushing for progress, industrialization, technology and economy to grow. John McCain will not follow fads but he deals with facts.

Global warming business for Dems is like the religion business for the Christian right. But John
McCain is a firm believer in “Evolution”, “Science” and “Logic”
. He does not deny God and he sees the traces of a divine power at works, but he is a firm Evolutionist. This would make him a realist and not an idealist; therefore, he can’t believe in myths from the right or the left!

Environmentalist Wackos have forced us not to dig oil in Alaska, Montana and Gulf of Mexico, not to build new atomic reactors, not to build new refineries and they have caused our dependency to the foreign oil, which had resulted in the high prices of gas at the pump. John McCain will change all that.

Democratic Candidates have No Solution and No Hands On Experience to Run America

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s total hands on experience to run the nation is microscopic compare to a life time of experience by John McCain on how to run the country!

In addition, liberals have no solution but all they do is criticize and complain! Take a deep look at their ideas and you will notice that all of them are not practical but full of ideals!

What can John McCain do for You?

US Navy Lieutenant Commander, John Sidney McCain III
An American War Hero and POW
A Statesman and a Veteran Administrator

John McCain the navy pilot

Both McCain’s grandfather and father were admirals in the United States Navy. McCain attended the US Naval Academy and graduated in 1958. He became a Naval Aviator, flying attack aircraft from carriers.

John McCain with his squadron

As the son and grandson of distinguished Navy admirals, John McCain deeply values duty, honor and service of the country. John attended college at the United States Naval Academy, and launched a 22-year career as a naval aviator upon his graduation. He continued the McCain tradition of service to the country passed down to him from his father and grandfather when he asked to serve in the Vietnam War.

A John McCain speech in front of the flag

On July 29 1967, John narrowly survived the first of many near-death experiences during his lifetime while preparing to take off on a bombing mission over North Vietnam from his ship, the USS Forrestal. A missile accidentally fired from a nearby plane struck the fuel tanks on John's plane and created a deadly inferno aboard the ship. John barely escaped the fiery disaster that killed 134 men, injured hundreds more and destroyed 20 planes.

John McCain means business

Instead of taking the option to return home after the Forrestal disaster, Senator McCain volunteered for more combat duty - a fateful decision that stopped the clock on his life and separated him from his family, and country, for five and a half years.

Senator John McCain with Cindy McCain

During his 23rd bombing mission on October 26, 1967, a missile struck John's plane and forced him to eject, knocking him unconscious and breaking both his arms and his leg. John was then taken as a prisoner of war into the now infamous "Hanoi Hilton," where he was denied necessary medical treatment and often beaten by the North Vietnamese.

The POW Flag

John spent much of his time as a prisoner of war in solitary confinement, aided by his faith and the friendships of his fellow POWs. When he was finally released and able to return home years later, John continued his service by regaining his naval flight status.

Senator McCain's last Navy duty assignment was to serve as the naval liaison to the United States Senate. John retired from the Navy in 1981. His naval honors include the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Afterwards, John McCain had served his nation in so many ways and in different government positions.

Senator John McCain and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, two great Moderate Republicans

McCain retired from the Navy in 1981 and was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Arizona's 1st congressional district in 1982. After serving two terms, he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1986, winning reelection in 1992, 1998, and 2004. While generally adhering to conservative principles, McCain has established a reputation as a man who does not fear reaching across the isles and party lines to work with both parties’ candidates for embetterment of America.

McCain made campaign finance reform one of his signature concerns, eventually co-sponsoring the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act in 2002.

McCain had lost the Republican nomination in the 2000 presidential election to George W. Bush after closely contested battles in several early primary states. In the 2008 presidential election cycle, McCain staged a comeback after his campaign stumbled in mid-2007, and by the end of January 2008, once again he was the Republican front-runner. Following victories in early February and the withdrawal of his closest competitors, McCain gained enough delegates to solidify his status as the presumptive nominee on March 4, 2008.

McCain’s Reality

The bottom line is that McCain is a true American patriot, a war hero, a military man, a commander, a leader, a statesman, a veteran administrator, a politician, an organizer, and a trained man to become the commander in chief. He is fit and qualified for the job.

McCain is well qualified to lead America, end both Iraqi and Afghani conflicts gracefully with keeping the prestige of America and prosperity of Iraq and Afghanistan in mind, jump-start the economy and progress the nation.

Liberal Lies

Liberal candidates love to take McCain’s words out of the context and lie about his intentions wanting a war for a hundred years!

The reality is that Senator McCain stated that we may end up remaining some troops in Iraq for a 100 years. As of today and after 62 years (World War II), we still have a US troops presence in Germany and Japan both. Does this mean that we have been fighting the Germans and Japanese for 62 years? Obama and Clinton have nothing to offer to the Middle Eastern situation. They just want to cut and run and destroy both Iraq and Afghanistan. They rather face the Islamists back again in both nations in a few years! If we don’t fight this war over there now, then we have to fight it back home in a while! Democrats never offer a solution but they are great in nagging! So they take Senator McCain’s words out of the context and in every speech they make, they repeatedly state that McCain is a warmonger and he wants to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan for a hundred years! They refer to McCain’s possible presidency as Bush’s third term. Democrats are useless when it comes to solutions and they are great with criticizing!

Democrats will Try Again to Throw Your 2nd Amendment Rights Out the Door

Once more liberals will try to take away your rights to own and bare arms. The liberals can better control an America with no weapons. They have no solutions to take away the criminals’ guns but they want to take away your guns and leave you unprotected in your homes!

If Americans own no guns, then we will become slaves to the government’s will. Today, the government cannot dictate to us as they wish, or else we can form the militia, commit to a revolution and overthrow the government. If the government gets out of line and not abides by the constitution, then it is our duty to overthrow the government. This is why the founding fathers had input the 2nd amendment in to the constitution.

No Gun Ownership = Government Dictatorship
Liberals would love that!

Personally, if anyone including the government will ever come close to my guns and tries to seize them, I will fight to death to protect my 2nd amendment rights. Government has no business to tell me to own or not to own guns.

What can John McCain do for You?

All I have to do is to state a few quotes from Senator McCain on this issue:

I know how to use guns; but I don't own one.
Prosecute criminals, not citizens for gun ownership.
Don't hold gun manufacturers liable for crimes

Senator McCain opposes restrictions on assault weapons and ammunition types. He calls for GOP "tolerance" of closing gun show loopholes. He declared a ban on cheap guns and requirement of safety locks for gun show checks. He supports the ban on certain extreme assault weapons. He openly stated to punish criminals who abuse the 2nd Amendment rights. He believes that the Youth Violence Prevention Act restricts guns for kids.

McCain will protect your 2nd amendment rights.

Democrats in Power Equals Less Individual Freedoms and More Government Control

It is the common knowledge that Democrats believe in less individual freedoms, less private sector and less free markets. In returns they believe in more government control, more socialism and more dictation on how to live your lives.

What can John McCain do for You?

McCain believes in less government control and more private sector and free markets. States should run their own affairs.

Everywhere the government intervenes and monopolizes, the disaster begins and the quality of service drops! Everywhere the free market, the private sector and open competition exists, the quality of service goes up and people are faced with choices rather than socialism!

Government’s role should only be monitory and not supervisory.

Ralph Nader and the Third Party Factor

Ralph Nader will run!

Can you folks see Ralph Nader’s finger?

Ralph Nader, a strong 3rd party candidate

Ralph Nader’s famous finger!

That will be the finger, which will Frag the Liberal Democrats!
Remember what happened the last time that a strong independent candidate (Ralph Nader) ran for the presidential elections?

Any amount of votes, which will be given to Ralph Nader, will come out of the Liberal Democrats’ bag! Ralph will damage the Democrats (once again) beyond repair! Ralph cost them the election last time! Ralph Nader running as a third party, independent or Green candidate, will be a God Send for GOP!

The God Factor

Unfortunately in America, we are still involved with God and Marriage when it comes to election time! You must believe in God and be married to be elected in to a public office! Europeans are making fun of us and look at us as backward people. A true secular nation is way over these petty issues such as God and Marriage! What does God and Marriage have to do with qualification for a public office?! Americans are making fun of how Iranians are so religious and Islamic Republic of Iran is a theocratic regime, but then again America is a religious nation and if you don’t believe in God and Marriage, then you will go nowhere in the US politics! America and Iran are both religious nations and in this aspect, they are way behind the Europeans. Sometimes I think that we need to fight for enlightenment all over again!

If we don’t monitor the Christian Fundamentalists in States, then the same as Iran (1979), they will create a Government of God in United States! There is a thin line between Church and State and it is called Secularism and Freedom!

GOP Must Stand Solid Behind John McCain

This goes to all Conservative critics of John McCain for instance Ann Coulter who said that if McCain would become the GOP nominee, then she would rather vote for Hillary Clinton than McCain! Rush Limbaugh and a number of other talk radio people also raised a lot of commotions about McCain. Their beef is that McCain is not conservative enough for them.

These guys have a beef with all Moderate Republicans including Arnold Schwarzenegger. The reality is that the Moderate Republicans are the only faction of the Republican Party who are still keeping this party in one piece, relevant, alive, popular and sane.

The time for Extremists and Christian Fundamentalists are over. The garbage that GOP is the party of God, must end. The fanatics must seize their bias because the majority has already spoken and the majority wants a change in the GOP. Today, we are fighting for the heart and soul of the GOP to keep it secular and progressive. This is not the party of God but it is the party of people. Keep your religion to yourselves and keep the GOP secular.

Ann Coulter, a Liability for GOP

Who said the founding fathers were Christian Fundamentalists and America was created based upon Judeo-Christian values? The founding fathers were secular, progressive, and many were atheists. The founding fathers were much brighter than today’s political leaders! Observe:

Famous Atheist Quotes and Wisdom

The Ronald Reagan Legacy

If you have not learned anything from the history of GOP, then follow Ronald Reagan’s path. The great Ronald Reagan, father of Supply Side Economics would always back the nominee of the party. Today, the nominee is John McCain and the majority has spoken. You must obey the will of the people because the people are the ones who buy your books (Ann Coulter) and listen to your shows (Rush Limbaugh). Without the people, you must sell oranges at the corner intersections of Los Angeles like new migrant workers!

Great Ronald Reagan, the father of supply side economics and Reaganomics. Reagan, the destroyer of Communism and one of the greatest presidents of United states.

Ronald Reagan is my all times favorite American. Reagan was a true Cowboy. Reagan was Heartland America. Reagan was what’s so great about America. Reagan’s Legacy will live forever. I salute Ronald Reagan, the true meaning of patriotism, conservatism, life, liberty and American Spirit.

Things are Coming Together!

Now, I am an Atheist, but I am telling you, someone up there must love GOP! What else can go wrong for Liberal Democrats? It seems like everything is going wrong for them. The road is getting paved for another 4 to 8 years of GOP. Someone up there must love GOP.

Dear Bleeding Heart Little Liberals, I have one thing to tell you:

Bleed Liberals, Bleed ………..

I shall clearly state here that the Lieutenant Commander, John McCain is healthy as a horse and healthier than a young spring chicken. He is in perfect shape and ready to take on the responsibility. Great American Hero, Experience, Veteran Statesman, Politician, and Solid as a Rock, ready to roll.

John McCain, a true patriot and a great statesman

GOP is a party of substance, history, justice, professionalism, career and courage. The party of technocrats. We deal with facts, not emotions. Our candidates do not preach rhetorics, but facts. We offer solutions, not sermons.

Advice to Conservatives

My master, Dr, Kourosh Aryamanesh (assassinated by IRI) used to say:

Don’t look at Muslims as the enemy and try to fight them, but look at them as uninformed people who need to be informed and enlightened. Try to inform them about the true history, philosophy and reality, so they shall also become informed and leave Islam.”

Now I tell you fellow conservatives that:

Don’t look at Liberals as politically correct, confused, bitter, despiteful, jokers but look at them as ill people. It is not their fault that they are liberals. They have an illness; a disease which is called ‘Liberalism’. Try to cure them and make them healthy again. To cure Liberalism, you must be patient and spend many hours preaching to them, reason with them and enlighten them. They do not know better, because they are ill. You are the healthy, so show them the wrong in their doings and show them salvation.”

Go with John Sidney McCain III, Go with JS.

All good things must come to an end and so is our little history lessons, preachings and words of wisdom. So now, you can go back and enlighten others to the good words.

In God We Trust
God Bless America
God Bless GOP!
(Cheesy American politician style)!

Ahreeman Bless



Ph.D. in conservatism,
Defender of patriotism,
The believer in optimism,
Dr. of passion and eroticism,
With a truck load of magnetism,
Disciple of charm and romanticism,
The one and only, yours truly, Dr. X;
Ahreeman X


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