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Revise the Quran to Stop a World Crisis

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:47 pm

To END Islamic terrorism and the looming possibility of World War III, the Qur’an must be revised. Its many abominable verses that incite bigotry, hatred, violence, and murder of nonbelievers of Islam must be replaced with God’s Greatest Command – Love one another.


This article provides WHY the Quran must be revised. It supplements the article titled, Need for an Islamic Reformation, which presents How such a challenge can be successfully implemented.

Such a movement requires an understanding WHY the Qur’an MUST be REVISED.

People need to know WHY and HOW Islamic terrorism can be STOPPED. Wealthy business leaders, humanitarians, media news outlets in America, government counterterrorism agencies, and people around the world must spread a powerful communication message that an - Islamic Reformation is needed NOW!

Wealthy business leaders and humanitarians can convey this message by purchasing large quantities of the book Allah, We, Our and Us for distribution to educational institutions, government agencies, and media outlets in America and around the world. It provides a history how Islam became a Theocratic Empire, the many abominable verses in the Qur’an, why Islam is a danger to democratic civilizations, and provides recommendations for Muslims to revise the Qur’an in order to be able to assimilate and accept the cultures of other countries. It is available as a FREE READ via the link below:

American counterterrorism agencies must be proactive.

In a Gatestone Institute article on July 17, 2017 by Khaled Abu Toameh, he reported that a controversial Cyber Crime Law, signed by Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas on July 11, permits the imprisonment of Palestinians for "liking" or sharing published material on the internet. It verifies that Islamic countries and states are successfully inhibiting any criticism against Islamic ideology and abominable actions by Muslim terrorists. Anywhere on the Internet, especially here in America, we see that Muslim propaganda runs rampant in defense and support of Islamic ideology.

A review of America’s Internet reveals that America’s counterterrorism agencies, such as the CIA and FBI, are not as proactive in revealing WHY Islam is a danger to our civilization and report Islamic terrorist atrocities throughout the world. If resources are lacking, wealthy business leaders and humanitarians have got to support our counterterrorism agencies in spreading a powerful propaganda message that an Islamic Reformation is needed now!! It can be successfully accomplished by revealing the abominable verses in the Qur’an that incites bigotry, hatred, violence, and the killing of people that have other religious or personal beliefs than Islam. Islamic leaders must be pressured by people worldwide to revise the Qur’an by advocating the greatest command by a man of God – love one another.

A question raised by Islamic religious leaders.

“How can the Qur’an be revised when 1.6 billion Muslims have been indoctrinated to believe that Islam is the true religion, Allah will make it prevail over all other religions and the Qur’an is perfect whereby revision is forbidden?

Let us examine the first concern of this question. It is stated in Sura 9:33 that Islam is the religion of truth and Allah may make it prevail over every other religion.

Sura 9:33. He (Allah) it is Who sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with guidance and the Religion of Truth (Islam) that He may make it prevail over every other religion, even though those who associate partners with Allah may dislike it.

Are these the words of Allah or a Party of Men to have Islam prevail over every other religion? To accomplish this objective, Muslims have killed millions of people who have other religious or personal beliefs. In Sura 7:5-7, the Qur’an verifies the destruction of towns and the killing of people to have Islam prevail over every other religion is accomplished by an army of men, NOT Allah.

Muslims destroy many towns and kill for Allah.

Sura 7:5-7. Little is it that you heed. How many a town have We destroyed! Our punishment came upon their dwellers by night or while they slept at noon. When Our punishment came upon them all they could utter was: We are indeed wrongdoers.

An army of Muslims destroyed many towns in the name of Allah.

Another verse that emphasizes the killing of disbelievers is presented in Sura 7:97-100. But would Allah or a Party of Men kill His creations? It can only be a contingent of fanatical men identified as We and Our who kills innocent and defenseless human beings.

Sura 7:97-100. We afflicted them suddenly with chastisement, while they perceived not the cause thereof. If the people of those towns had believed and been righteous, We would surely have bestowed blessings upon them from heaven and earth, but they rejected the Prophets, so We seized them because of that which they did. Do the people of these towns now feel secure against the coming of Our punishment upon them by night while they are asleep? Or, do they feel secure against the coming of Our punishment upon them in the forenoon while they are at play? Do they feel secure against the design of Allah? None feels secure against the design of Allah, except those that are losers.

Muslims are commanded to kill nonbelievers and themselves (suicide) for Islam.

The above Qur’an verses are a small sample of many abominable verses that instruct Muslims to kill nonbelievers, and themselves, for the cause of Allah to have Islam prevail over all other religions.

In Sura 4:67-69, a party of religious leaders sanctions their own people to give up their lives to kill others for the cause of Allah and even provide a great reward. The Qur’an therefore condones suicide bombings, which are advocated and implemented by a religious party of fanatical men, NOT Allah.

Sura 4:67-69. If we had commanded them: Kill yourselves in striving for the cause of Allah or go forth from your homes for the same purpose: they would not have done it except a few of them; yet if they had done what they are exhorted to do, it surely have been the better for them and conducive to greater firmness and strength. We would then bestow upon them a great reward from ourself, and we would surely guide them along the straight path.

The above suras prove to any intelligent person that many of the suras were written by despotic men and thereby reveals that the Quran is NOT a Perfect set of laws by Allah. For a comprehensive reading of other abominable verses that incite bigotry, hatred, violence and the murder of innocent people who have their own personal or religious beliefs read Chapter 3.3 of Allah, We, Our and Us. It is available as a FREE READ on the link presented above.

Is the Qur’an Perfect and Cannot be Revised?

The question that must be answered is HOW can the Qur’an be revised when Islamic religious leaders indoctrinate Muslims that Allah perfected religious law (Q5:3).

Sura 5:3. Today have I (Allah) perfected your religious law for you, and have bestowed upon you the full measure of My (Allah) blessings, and willed that self-surrender unto Me (Allah) shall be your religion.

The statement by Allah that He has perfected the Quran is FALSE. It had to be written by Muhammad or a Party of Men but NOT by Allah. Note that Allah did not provide the Qur’an in one day, a fabricated LIE by Muhammad or the Party of Men. The Qur’an was assembled by despotic religious leaders ten years after the death of Muhammad.

To further conclude that many verses in the Quran were WRITTEN by a group of powerful despotic religious leaders and/or military commanders, the following sura is provided.

Sura 8:16-19. O ye who believe, when you encounter an hostile force of the disbelievers, turn not your backs on them. Whoso turns his back on them on such an occasion, unless maneuvering for battle or turning to join another company, shall draw upon himself the wrath of Allah and hell shall be his abode. An evil resort it is. Thus on the day of Badr it was not you who slew them, but it was Allah who killed them; and it was not thou who didst throw gravel at their faces, but it was Allah Who threw it, that He might confer a great favour upon the believers. Surely, Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. That is so; and Allah will surely undermine the design of the disbelievers.

Close inspection of the above sura indicates that it had to have been written by a religious leader or a commander of high rank that tells his army to draw on the wrath of Allah to kill disbelievers or hell shall be their abode. It is foolish to believe the Quran is the perfect Word of God when it is clearly abundant that many verses were written by powerful religious leaders.

It becomes convincingly clear that the above sura was written by a commander as one reads of the strategy not to turn and run when encountering a hostile force unless it is necessary to maneuver for battle by turning and joining another company. But notice in the second paragraph that the commander uses his leadership to strengthen the resolve of his troops by stating “it was not you who slew them, but it was Allah who killed them.” He even has his men believe that “it was not thou who didst throw gravel at their faces, but it was Allah Who threw it.”

Clearly, these are not the words of Allah but a commander or a powerful religious leader. The commander’s technique of using Allah as sanctioning atrocities has been a successful form of brainwashing or leadership to convince his fighters that the killings were not through their own volition but by Allah who supports and directs their actions.

The mind trick of this sura is to use Allah as responsible for the killing of innocent people. It is another way of convincing people that they are not responsible for their misdeeds but some outside force, which they attribute to God. This sura should convince people that the Qur’an was WRITTEN and compiled by despotic religious leaders and/or military commanders to use it as a manual for the indoctrination of Muslims. It is truly unfortunate that Muslims are made into fools by obeying arrogant and powerful men who want nothing more than to live off the land and riches of other people; they even extract a tax from them to let them live and have their own people commit suicide to kill infidels.

There are other suras that lead to the conclusion that the Quran was written by a party of religious leaders. Islamic religious leaders insured that they have the authority to enforce their Quran by writing Sura 3:105. It gives them the authority to invite goodness, enjoin equity, and forbid evil.

Sura 3:105. Let there be from among you a party whose business it should be to invite goodness, to enjoin equity and to forbid evil. It is they who shall prosper.

The religious party of men gave themselves the power to direct the lives of their followers by acting for Allah in specifying decrees, warnings, chastisements, admonitions and threats of punishment for disbelievers. This power to implement and enforce the Quran led to the creation of Sharia law; it extends their authority well into the daily affairs of the lives of Muslims.

A party of religious leaders abrogate God’s commands.

Instead of building upon and fulfilling the Holy Scriptures of the Torah and Gospels, the Qur’an takes issue with the Jews and Christians as unworthy worshippers and even goes as far as to abrogate or cause to be forgotten the previous commandments of God.

Sura 2:106-108. Whatever previous commandment We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We reveal in this Qur’an one better or the like thereof: Knowest thou not that Allah has full power to do all that He wills?

The Quran cannot be the Perfect Law of Allah when it fails to follow the command in the Old Testament, “Thou shalt not kill,” and abrogates the command, given three times, buy a man of God in the New Testament, “Love one another.”

Education of Muslims and People World-Wide Will Result in Revising the Quran.

If Muslim Religious Leaders Fail to
Revise the Qur'an,
Islamic Extremism and Terror Will Always Exist.

Failure to revise the Qur'an will confirm that Muslim religious leaders are intent to make Islam prevail over all other religions with an objective to dominate the world.

Scripture is NOT inviolable.

Everything undergoes change, even the words of inspired men of God. As people become more educated and knowledgeable of the world there must be change to advance to higher levels of spirituality and humanity. To remain stagnate is to die for the ability to think has been crushed. Religious beliefs have been revised many times as demonstrated by the Egyptian Priesthood of Amon. As presented in Figure 1 of the paper, “ Provide History of Religion and God,” inspired men have developed the belief in one-universal God after revising their beliefs many times. This paper was placed on the Internet by ERIC (Education Resource and Information Center and sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education. The Internet link is:

Figure 1 shows that beginning with 2600 BCE, the Egyptian Priesthood wrote The Creation of Atum. It introduced the concept of a soul and the God Atum, creator of heaven, the earth, moisture and air. Around a 1,000 years later, the Priesthood wrote A Hymn to Amon-Re; the supreme God who was venerated as, “the Maker of all mankind, Creator and Maker of all that is.” Then around 1370 BCE, Amenhotep IV was the first pharaoh to envision God by personalizing the sun. A visionary and poet, he composed “The Hymn to the Aton.” Finally, in 1270 BCE, the Priesthood of Amon wrote, “Amon as the Sole God.” The Priesthood went full circle by linking Atum with Amon – and created the first One-Universal God. Amen continues to be spoken by many people today to give thanks for a requested or surprised outcome and sung in many houses of worship.

This short snapshot of mankind’s development of one God conclusively proves that Scripture is NOT encased in concrete NEVER to be revised. Arrogant religious leaders persist to teach Scripture is inviolate because their want to hold onto power to control their followers. This control limits worshippers from questioning and evaluating other religions and grow with other ideas that would allow them to expand knowledge about themselves, the world, and God.

Conclusion: - Revise the Qur’an.

All Muslims and people world-wide should read the Qur’an line-by-line to verify that the Qur’an has many passages written by a party of religious men. Upon learning the obvious conclusion that many passages were written by power-hungry men, Muslims all over the world MUST force their religious leaders to do two things:

Eliminate the many abominable passages in the Qur’an that incite bigotry, hatred, violence, and the murder of people who have other beliefs.

Revise the Qur’an to teach God’s greatest command – Love One Another.

If Muslims in any country are NOT able to force their religious leaders to revise the Qur’an, then they must be forced to leave. Failure to revise the Qur’an will cause Muslims to pursue the objective to have Islam prevail over all other religions. As many freedom-loving countries find their values and culture corrupted by Islamic beliefs implemented under Sharia law, there can be only one outcome - World War III.

Readers of this article are requested to read, Need for an Islamic Reformation to learn HOW such a reformation can be accomplished. It requires ALL people to UNDERSTAND and communicate to others the Islamic PROBLEM so that Islamic religious leaders are SHAMED and FORCED to Revise the Quran. To NOT conform to the will of the people world-wide is to admit that indoctrination of Islamic religious leaders cannot be overcome and the eventual outcome will be WWIII. Need for an Islamic Reformation resides on the IPC website and

Islamic Reformation may consider the Baha'i¬ Faith.

The reformation of Islam is not a new movement and can benefit by endorsing many of the beliefs of the Baha’i Faith that now exists in many parts of the world. The founder of the Baba’i Faith was born in Persia as Mirza Husayn-Ali and surnamed Baha’u’llah (the glory of God). He is considered the only serious reformer of Islam who realized Islam cannot be reformed. Believing that he was vested with authority from God to annul all previous mandates (of Allah) in the Quran he founded a new religion.

Dr. Ali Sina provided a brief yet concise summary of over a hundred volumes of Baha’u’llah’s writings in an article posted on It was posted on December 22, 2010, titled, “The Illusion of Reforming Islam.” Dr. Sina wrote the following to convey the teachings of Baha’u’llah.

“He told Muslims, whereas before you were told to slay the unbelievers, now God wants you to love all the people irrespective of their faiths. Whereas before He told you women are deficient in intelligence, beat them if you fear they may disobey you, now He says men and women are equal and give preference to the education of your daughters, because they will be the mothers and the primary educators of future generations. Whereas in the previous dispensation God told you all non-believers will go to hell, now He says it’s your deeds that matter and your faith without good deeds is worthless and that He is not going to discriminate against anyone because of his belief.

It’s the purity of heart that matters not what you profess with your tongues. Whereas before He had built a huge rotisserie to burn humans for disbelief, He has actually shut it down. He wants you to obey him for the love of Him alone and not because you fear him. Just act as mature people. There is no threat. Whereas before He said,”fighting is good for you,” now He is tired of all the fighting and says fighting behoove the ferocious beasts and choiced deeds behooves humans.

Whereas before you were promised virgins, there are no virgins. Your body will rot here. The rewards are all spiritual in nature, like joy and love. There is no hanky-panky in paradise. Also, there is no punishment, except the regret that you’d feel for losing the chance to develop spiritual limbs in this world.”

The objective of Baha’u’llahs’ faith is to direct mankind and the many diverse religions to believe in one universal God. His teachings promote the agreement of science and religion, and the elimination of all prejudice and racism. He accepts the validity of each of the founders and prophets of the major world religions and believed in progressive revelation whereby the views every great Faith will eventually link into a single spiritual system that is progressively revealed by God to humanity. Namely, religious dogma is not casted in concrete never to be changed but to be revised as mankind becomes more knowledgeable about his world and envisions greater enlightenment about God.

Muslim religious leaders can choose to teach the Quran; a static, unchanging, archaic dogma that restricts the development of the mind and prevent individual freedom of God-given gifts to be the best one can be. The Baha’I faith is a sound alternative that can be used as a springboard to reform the Islamic religion. Only wise, perceptive, compassionate Islamic religious leaders can understand the present cancer of Islam and cure it from infecting human beings around the world. Can they rise to the challenge or will they let their arrogance cause more terrorism, violence and death?

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Re: Revise the Quran to Stop a World Crisis

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:14 pm

Baha’i versus Islam on Revision of Quran


Here is your response:

Baha’i versus Islam on Revision of Quran ... /index.htm


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Response to Baha’I - Islam and Revision of Quran

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Thu Jul 27, 2017 12:47 pm


This writing responds to an IPC post by Dr. Ahreeman on July 24, 2017 titled, Baha’i versus Islam on Revision of Quran.” He initiated a discussion about two issues: one was my advocating that the Quran be revised by replacing its many abominable verses with a command by a man of God to ‘love one another;’ and the other, was my understanding the Baha’i religion.

Before addressing Dr. X comments, I believe it will serve our IPC readers to become familiar with a dialog that initially began with Dr. Ali Sina’s article titled, Five Steps to Defeat Islamic Terrorism in One Year. I was so impressed with his historical knowledge about Islam, and how to defeat Islam, that I responded to his article with an e-mail titled, Another Way to Defeat Islamic Terrorism. Fortunately, this response led to a series of e-mails whereby both Dr. Sina and I exchanged thoughts that gained the attention of Dr. Ahreeman with his IPC post titled, Baha’i versus Islam on Revision of Quran.” For our IPC readers to understand the nature of this response to Dr. Ahreeman, two articles are provided. They are: the Need for an Islamic Reformation and Revise the Quran to Stop a World Crisis.

For the end of this response, I had planned to provide the dialog of the e-mail exchanges between Dr. Sina and myself. I believe IPC readers can benefit by the exchange of thoughts dealing with the above articles. However, it would be proper to receive Dr. Sina’s permission to post the dialog on IPC.

Response to Dr. Ahreeman’s Post on IPC, July 24, 2017

It is with gratitude and honor that I thank Dr. Ahreeman, a critical thinker who uses logic based on scientific facts, for his post titled, Baha’i Versus Islam on Revision of Quran. I hope to clarify the two issues raised by Dr. X in an objective and practical way.

Issue 1: Revision of Quran

Dr. Ahreeman took issue with the my Conclusion, Revise the Qur’an, which is restated below:

All Muslims and people world-wide should read the Qur’an line-by-line to verify that the Qur’an has many passages written by a party of religious men. Upon learning the obvious conclusion that many passages were written by power-hungry men, Muslims all over the world MUST force their religious leaders to do two things:

* Eliminate the many abominable passages in the Qur’an that incite bigotry, hatred, violence, and the murder of people who have other beliefs.

* Revise the Qur’an to teach God’s greatest command – Love One Another.”

Dr. Ahreeman’s response to the above conclusion was twofold:

I. Islam is based on World Conquest, Forced Conversion, Bigotry and Cultural Domination. These are pillars of Islam. Muhammad was a terrorist and Quran is a terror manual. What do you want to revise? The whole religion?

II. Unlike Bible and Torah, Quran is not words of a bunch of so called Saints or clerics. Quran is words of Muhammad and according to Muhammad, it is words of Allah.

A known fact, the Islamic religion is based on the Quran. It is not possible to revise the whole religion. Wise Islamic leaders and scholars know that the Quran can be revised but are restrained because it is forbidden by the words of Allah. Unfortunately, like el Sisi, the President of Egypt, many Islamic followers were unsuccessful in attempts to revise the Quran and many were ordered to be killed as apostates for deviating from the word of Allah.

It is possible to revise the Quran so that Muslims believe in Allah but not the abominable words they are taught to have been provided by Allah. It can be conclusively shown that many portions of the Quran were written by a party of religious men and NOT Allah. It is foolish to attribute the Quran solely to Muhammad with the belief that he received the words of Allah. Islamic scholars have done an admirable job in making fools out of supposedly educated men and women to have them believe Muhammad got his inspirational words from Allah.

Dr. Ali Sina has indicated that the Quran is composed of Meccan verses and Medinan verses. The Meccan verses are almost entirely influenced by the poems of Zaid ibn Amr ibn Nufail. Zaid, a learned man and a poet, converted to the religion of Abraham. He would read to Muhammad his poems and narrate to him the stories of the Biblical prophets. Muhammad’s rudimentary knowledge of the Bible is mostly based on his acquaintance with Zaid. It is therefore true that Muhammad was inspired to write many of the verses in the Quran that reflect the ideology of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures that cited the one God, the existence of the soul, the pains of hell for sinners and the rewards of heaven for the righteous. To say Muhammad was inspired by or communicated with Allah is FALSE. The link below supports the conclusion that the Quran is NOT the word of Allah.

Only fools believe the Quran are the words of Allah. One can even be educated and believe, for example, that Islam is a religion of peace. Do Americans remember what President George W. Bush said at the Islamic Center of Washington D.C. only seven days after Muslims attacked the New York twin towers and other buildings on 9/11/2001, which killed over 3,000 people? There, he announced that “Islam is peace." Even President Barack Obama brainwashed Americans with the propaganda that, “Islam is a religion of peace.” Obama stated this lie at his first White House Ramadan dinner in 2009 and did so every year of his presidency.

The arrogance of George Bush and Barack Obama to tell the American people that Islam is a religion of peace proves that even educated men are easily fooled by Islamic propaganda. Provided by the money paid to Islamic writers and immoral journalists, Islamic propaganda now pervades the Internet world-wide. Both presidents, Bush and Obama facilitated the entry of many Muslim operatives into many U.S. government offices and agencies. One wonders, how could college graduates, who are supposedly well educated not know the threat of Islam especially since Muslim terrorists had already attacked the U.S.S. Cole on October 12, 2000 during the presidency of Bill Clinton? Were these presidents arrogant of Islamic history or was it that multinational Arab, British, and American oil cartels were jointly held and profited from the sale of Middle Eastern oil? This history of American politicians to understand the Islamic threat is dismally lacking as demonstrated by our America presidents. European countries are already paying the price of being fooled by Islamic propaganda as they are being flooded with Muslim immigrants who have no interest in assimilating their values and laws but only adhere to the Quran and Sharia law.

Dr. X wrote, “Unlike Bible and Torah, Quran is not words of a bunch of so called Saints or clerics. Quran is words of Muhammad and according to Muhammad, it is words of Allah.” He clearly pointed out that many before me have been strongly insisting on revising the Quran but finally gave up just as Dr. Ali Sina who gave up and wrote his, “Five Steps to Defeat Islamic Terrorism in One Year.” They are repeated below for convenience.

1- Do not elect clueless politicians who think Islamic terrorism is a fact of life. It is not. It can be defeated if there is a will.

2- Stop the immigration of Muslims. It is more likely for Muslims to radicalize when they immigrate, and especially their children pose a greater risk.

3- Shut down the mosques and ban the practice of Islam. How can we allow a subversive parallel government hostile to us to operate under our protection?

4- Unless Muslims denounce Islam, they must be deported. All Muslims believe in a terrorist creed and a terrorist prophet. All of them are potential terrorists, especially their children.

5- Speak the truth about Islam without the fear of being called Islamophobe, which is a fallacy devised to silence us. We must protect our lives, not the sensitivity of those who want to kill us.

The first four steps do not eliminate Islamic terrorism but only deport and segregate Muslims to live in Arab lands. These steps for isolationism are already too late as large numbers of Muslim immigrants have entered into European countries like France, England, Sweden and Germany. Islam No-Go zones have become popular and as they increase in numbers, the laws of the sovereign country will eventually be replaced with Sharia law. It is only Step 5 that has any promise of being effective and that is to “Speak the truth about Islam.” To be silent is to slowly cause Islam to infect the rest of the world.

To emphasize my point of silence and passivity, it is apropos to have you listen to Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel.

Step 5, Speak the truth about Islam.

This step is an effective and perhaps, the only way to change the ideology of the Islamic world. Dr. X has indicated that “For decades people like Ali Sina, Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Ibn Warraq, and others have tried every which way they could to educate, modernize, revise, (or any other trick up their sleeves) Islam and Muslims but it all failed.” As a result, Dr. X concludes that the only alternative is to be “Anti Islam.”

I agree with Dr. X’s logical conclusion. But unfortunately, he has, like his anti-Islamic comrades, given up to solve the Islamic problem. As I have pointed out, the 5 Steps are not the solution. What is the solution is for all people to Understand the Problem in order to Solve the Problem. The most logical solution is Step 5 by Dr. Ali Sina. But how can the TRUTH be effective?

In today’s world, where people have easy access to the Internet, there must be a propaganda campaign that equals and surpasses the successful use of indoctrination by Islamic resources that flood the Internet. American citizens must pressure our counter-terrorism agencies, such as the FBI and CIA to increase funding to at least match the funding by Islamic extremists who are winning the propaganda campaign. There MUST be a Plan by free democratic countries to EXPOSE the abominations in the Quran. My dear people, Let the Truth Be Known. So what would be a workable plan?

The 3 Step Process to Reveal the Truth About Islam

1. Expose the Abominable Verses in The Quran.

There are numerous verses or suras that incite bigotry, hatred, violence and the killing of people who have other religious or personal beliefs then Islam. The object is to get wealthy business leaders, financially endowed humanitarians, government agencies such as the FBI and CIA, and of course, the National Media in America and many other countries to join their resources together to spread a powerful propaganda, or advertising campaign. Their objective is to educate and inform people WHY Islam is a danger to peace-loving people and WHY the Qur’an must be revised.

On IPC, free access is provided to the novel, Allah, We, Our and Us. It is one of many resources that can be used for the propaganda campaign in addition to many articles written to inform people of the abominable verses in the Quran.

By exposing people around the world to what’s in the Quran, they and Muslims alike, will learn that the Quran was not totally inspired by Muhammad, it is a manual to have Islam prevail over all other religions, and its many abominable suras need to be replaced with the greatest command by a man of God – love one another. The result of such a campaign will show the Islamic religious leaders and scholars to be nothing more than indoctrinated sheep led by a theology that only serves to make slaves of Muslims. Yes, the TRUTH hurts, but that is the only way to educate the Muslim mind. Constant truth heard over and over again will finally penetrate the closed indoctrinated minds of Muslims. For they will come to realize that they have been made into fools.

To initiate the propaganda efforts, the article, Revise the Quran to Stop a World Crisis can be one of the resources; its link is provided above.

2. Initiate an Islamic Reformation

By exposing the many abominations of the Quran, it will provide fodder to get people and Muslims around the world to become cognizant of the need to rise up against the established imams, mullahs, and caliphs to revise the Quran. This can be made possible as Muslims become more encouraged to “see” they have been made into fools by believing their God wants them to kill other human beings simply for having other religious beliefs. The exposure of the abominable verses will undeniably reveal that the Quran is NOT perfect and that a Party of Men have used the Quran to control and subjugate Muslim followers. They must come to know that Islamic religious leaders and scholars enjoy sitting on their asses with the wealth taken by force from many other countries. The novel, Allah, We, Our and Us provides a history how Islam has grown into a world religion not by acceptance of other people but by force taking their lands, wealth, and families to stay alive as slaves if they pay a tax. The alternative for not converting to Islam was, and is death.

It may be possible to enjoin the President of Egypt, el Sisi, and other Islamic leaders to assist in the reformation movement. Here is where the U.S. government can reach out in support of a movement that will help Muslims to attain a higher level of spirituality and seek to live peacefully with people of other countries.

3. Revise the Quran to Advocate Love One Another

Dr. X has enumerated reasons A through E why the Quran cannot be revised. The greatest being that such an effort would be punishable by death. His reasons were: Muslims are too ignorant to read the Quran, both moderate and bad Muslims follow the Quran line by line, the Quran is not able to be revised and must be burned or put into a trash can, most educated Muslims even with college degrees have not totally read the Quran in depth to understand its true nature.

In conclusion, Dr. X believes it is all a waste of time to pursue efforts to revise the Quran but he did write to keep on doing - for to do nothing is to put head in sand. He also indicated that “although IPC is read by College Students, High School Students, Young Professionals, Opposition Members and Intellectuals, the percentage of the Iranian and Muslim community inside and outside Iran out number them by 1000 to one! Do you see the big picture?”

Yes, the big picture is not pretty. But to go down because a large percentage of Muslims are ignorant and there is no hope for them is to go against a fundamental precept, it’s nice to be nice. I am saying that we must try our best to help Muslims to understand the Islamic problem. If we are unable to convince Muslims to pressure and take down Islamic leaders that make fools out of them, then there will eventually be no alternative but to kill them before they take over many countries around the world. Yes, there will be collateral damage, where innocent lives, mothers and children, will die. But did we think about that when we unleased bombs all across Germany and dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima?

Issue 2: Baha’ism and Islam

Thank you Dr. X for informing me of the negative aspects of Baha’ism. Every religion has negative aspects but Baha’ism does have the same aspirations as Islam by seeking to establish a world order where all people are indoctrinated to follow its beliefs. In an e-mail to Dr. X, Mr. Qodrat Ma’navi, a Baha’is follower asked in defense of his religion, “What is wrong with unifying the earth with one race as the human race where everyone is equal? Good Baha’is are asked to repeat the phrase Allah-u-Abha 95 times per day, as ordered by Bahaullah the prophet in Ketab-e Aghdas book of laws.” Allah-u-Abha is an Arabic word that means “God is the Most Glorious or God is All-Glorious.”

The response by Mr. Ma’navi reveals that his religion is one of constant indoctrination by repeating their God Allah at least 95 times a day. But also, control of Baha’is followers is provided by a body of men selected for the Universal House of Justice (UHJ). They are selected based upon a hereditary relationship to Bahá'u'lláh, founder of the Bahá'í Faith . However, what makes this new cult better than Islam, is that it does do away with many of the abominable verses in the Quran. But not having read its scripture, I cannot endorse this religion.

It is to be noted that Baha’ism was a break from Islam as dictated in the Quran. This does show that people can change and adopt an alternative religion. Mankind is ever striving to learn from its mistakes, but it remains if Muslims are capable to rise above their indoctrinated beliefs and achieve a higher spirituality that embraces love of all mankind. But even if Islam was to be reformed by revising the Quran, would Muslims realize that their religion must be separate from the political governing process? Muslims must fight for a governing process that is determined by and for the people.

Ginex Conclusion

To revise the Qur’an with a reform movement that also separates moral religious laws from civil laws is a formidable challenge, namely, separation of church and state. My hopes for the Muslim people to rise up and revise the Qur’an appears to be an impossible challenge. It remains for Islamic religious leaders to perceive that a Theocratic Islamic Empire is the looming threat that can initiate a Third World War. If they remain arrogant and resistant to revising the Qur’an, there is no other outcome but WWIII. Will people around the world understand the problem and try to solve it together with the 3-Step plan given above? If not, are we all fools, just plain lazy, or we have forgotten to love one another?

Free Thinking

Dr. X, I understand you are a man of logic, a free thinker who does not need the fantasy of a religion to guide your life. This is admirable for I also have my own thoughts about how the Universe began. As much as I try, I admit that nobody knows God and, for the most part, is a construction of the human mind to help improve the morality of the human race. In the context of human development and how some of the greatest civilizations survived, we must admit that religion has played a strong role to have people live peacefully among differing communities. But what we also learn is that power corrupts as weak-minded leaders try to retain it for their own line of progenies. (For examples, the kings of Egypt, the kings of England, and the Shia hierarchy of Muhammad).

We must not forget that by envisioning a higher spiritual model, there are great strides that mankind has made in art, literature, inventions and philosophy. It is a beautiful thing for the mind to expand on thoughts that can lead to other discoveries about us, the universe and yes, God.

The belief in God is not a bad thing as long it channels human beings to live better, more wholesome lives. You could replace God with ethics but here again, who makes the rules? Religions have developed after experience in developing rules to have people live in harmony with one another. The thing to remember is that rules can be broken or revised. An intelligent people should realize that beliefs are not cast in concrete never to change. As people become more knowledgeable about themselves and the universe they must also update rules that were useful ages ago.

Hey, a ray of hope: if the ancient Egyptians, the Priesthood of Amon, were astute enough to revise their religious beliefs many times, whereby they advanced from the worship of many gods to one-universal God, by golly, modern man should be able to solve the religious quagmire we are confronted with today. Is education the solution as proposed in the paper, Provide History of Religion and God?

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