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Unethical Social Values of the Modern Man
Maziar Aptin
August 27, 2011
The Ebrahamites hypothesis of “Creation” is based on lie, arrogance and ignorance.  It claims that there is a super-natural being (God) who created the universe; the book of Genesis by Saint Augustine puts the date at only 6000 years ago.  According to Abraham, human is God’s most precious and prized creature, and all other creatures and matters on earth are created by the same God for human comfort and pleasure.

This hypothesis is a lie because it was copied from the Sumerian mythology and delivered to the faithful as his original.  It is arrogant because it discriminates against all other creatures and nature as a whole. It is ignorant because it is based on hallucinatory, unnatural and unfounded assumptions in which modern science has proved it wrong time and time again. 

The arrogance and self adoration of mankind derived from the above hypothesis has not only created lopsided social values that treats nature in a wrong way, but creates a wrong attitude within the human race itself.  The most extreme case was part of Fredrich Nierzche’s writing in the late nineteenth century which triggered the twisted mind of Adolph Hitler who started a race war in the twentieth century. 

The assumption that mankind is a super-creation and the whole universe is revolving around Man is so ridiculous. If cleaner and neater beings such as trees could think, who do not emit so much waste and smell, they would laugh at human arrogance and ignorance.

 How a few million year old creature, namely human, who is as Morris Miterling put it is nothing but “a moving toilet”, can claim such superiority in a multi billion years old, mysterious universe?  The universe could have already created a number of super-intelligent beings in a form that we humans have not yet recognized.  In this case, how would we feel if we were treated as inferior beings and used in labs for experimentation!

On a larger scale, the difference between man and other animals is miniscule.  We humans selfishly have chosen our thinking ability as criteria for superiority.  With this discriminatory and self -righteous attitude, mankind has chosen wrong sets of values in dealing with nature.

 Within the human race, if a group of people select to choose their social values based on criteria with self-righteousness, the intelligent human community will label such a group as backward, ignorant, “redneck”, racist, etc.   However, for thousands of years we have drowned our mind and thoughts into wrong set of values so much that we are not able to look at nature objectively and threat it in a right manner.

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