Democrats Staged the US Capitol Break-ins 2021!

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Democrats Staged the US Capitol Break-ins 2021!

Postby Atusa Qajar » Sat Jan 09, 2021 2:40 am

Democrats Staged the US Capitol Break-ins 2021!
Theft of the Century by the Democrats!
Expose & Photo Gallery Exclusive in IPC

:shocking: :WOW2: :beadyeyes: :kodak: :beadyeyes: :WOW2: :shocking:
Expose: The Real Story of Derailing Electoral Objection Hearings
Another George Soros Treason & Sabotage Masterpiece!
What Really Happened on January 6th, 2021?

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How Republic, Democracy & Freedom Ended in USA?
How Socialist Regime Established in USA?
Who Took Your Rights Away?

:voltage: :voltage: :warning: :voltage: :voltage:
How Tech Oligarchs Will Become Your Masters Now?
How You Will Become Deep State’s Slaves?
How You Will be a Big Government’s Mule?

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What Media & Social Media Hide from You?
We Expose it Wide Open in IPC
We Have No Fear, We Stare the Beasts Right in to the Eyes!

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IPC Presents Grand Expose: Real Story of January 6, 2021
How Democrats Executed Nazi German Style Takeover?
Exclusive & Only in IPC, Extra, Extra, Read all About It:

:nazi: :bearus: :russian: :indochin: :samur: :indochin: :russian: :bearus: :nazi:
How Democrats Established Chinese Style Regime in USA?
:raton: :shackled: :nazi: :hitlers: :nazi: :shackled: :raton:
Birth of USSA (Union of Socialist States of America)
George Soros the Multi Billionaire Planner of the Capitol Break-ins and Riot on January 6, 2021
George Soros also stole the election 2020 for the Biden and the Democrats.
George Soros the Most Corrupt Man on Earth and the Benefactor of the BLM, ANTIFA and the Democrat Party which is the Most Corrupt Political Party in History of America

ANTIFA in black gear hanging from the ledge is about to drop in the chamber of the congress while his friend is watching him. Now that you zoom up close, you can see that ANTIFA is wearing a Palestinian scarf around his neck and under his gear. He also has an Islamist crescent and star with green stripes logo on his helmet. He is dressed in full black. His fellow ANTIFA upstairs is filming him. Notice that Trumpists do not dress like this! This ANTIFA member was one of the first who stormed the Capitol Building in the first wave of ANTIFA attack on the Capitol in coordination with the DC Police, Capitol Security and Democrats. The Riots started by ANTIFA and BLM, yet the Democrats who orchestrated the riots, blamed it on Trump and the Trumpists!

ANTIFA in black gear storms the Capitol Building. Now that you look up-close, you will notice that:
ANTIFA standing on top left edge of balcony is wearing ANTIFA brand and style bullet proof vest.
ANTIFA in the middle climbing the balcony has ANTIFA style backpack.
ANTIFA climbing the wall at the bottom left has an ANTIFA style diagonal strap bag.
Trumpists don’t dress up like this.

Jake Angeli the BLM Viking Capitol Riot Instigator at the BLM Rally in Arizona on June 2020. The background sign says: F Da Police! Notice that Trumpists do not dress like this, nor do they attend BLM Protests. Trumpists do not insult the police but they admire the police. This guy is a hardcore Environmental Wacko Activist and a BLM foot soldier.

Jake Angeli the BLM Viking Capitol Riot Instigator at the Climate Protest at the Arizona State Capital on 2019. The Rally was promoted by BLM and ANTIFA. He is doing a Viking Shaman Scream. The placard next to him reads:
The poles are shifting!
The icecaps are melting!
This is Ragnarök!
It’s time to wake up!
YouTube Star Speed Academy Channel
Since the DC protests, his channel in YouTube has been removed, yet he insists that he is not BLM. The left also tries to dispute that he is BLM.
Notice that Trumpists do not dress like this, nor do they attend Climate Protests. Trumpists do not believe in the Global Warming Hoax. This guy is a hardcore Environmental Wacko Activist and a BLM foot soldier.

Jake Angeli the BLM Viking (center) with Philly ANTIFA Caveman (Left) Capitol Riot Instigators were amongst the first wave of BLM and ANTIFA who rushed the Capitol Building. Over here the BLM Viking is screaming one of his Viking Shamanic screams while the Philly ANTIFA Caveman looking stoned inside the Capitol Building trying to blend in as Trumpists at the Save America March and protests on Washington DC on January 6, 2021. They are both denying to be Leftist BLM and ANTIFA!

Philly ANTIFA Caveman at the Capitol riots Washington DC 2021.
Philly ANTIFA Caveman forgot to cover the Communist Tattoo of Hammer and Sickle logo on his hand!
Philly ANTIFA Caveman and Jake Angeli the BLM Viking were amongst the Capitol Riot Instigators pretending and posing as Trumpists. The Trumpists don’t get Communist Tattoos on their hands!


Ladies & Gentlemen

Enjoy reading and viewing the latest IPC Expose by the Founder & Web Mistress, exclusively in IPC:


Democrats Staged the US Capitol Break-ins
The Real Story of Derailing the Electoral Objection Hearings

Ahreeman X and Catayoun Razmjou
January 9, 2021

What Really Happened on January 6th, 2021?

On January 6, 2021 a show was staged in Washington DC. The show was planned by George Soros, confirmed by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, organized by Muriel Bowser (DC Mayor) and executed by the ANTIFA and BLM. Role of the Media and Social Media was to propagate fake insurrection and misinform the naïve public …….

……. What Democrats had done on January 6, 2021 in Capitol Hill was similar to what Hitler done in Berlin, burning down the Reichstag parliament and blaming it on the Communists! It was a plot and a hoax played on the American people. Today’s America under Democrats is inspired from the Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Communist Russia in the early 1930s when Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin drafted thugs to control the streets (like BLM and ANTIFA) and drafted police state to control the society.

Read and view more:

Democrats Staged the US Capitol Break-ins
The Real Story of Derailing the Electoral Objection Hearings ... /index.htm

Iran Politics Index

Iran Photo Index

Founder Index

Catayoun Razmjou Index ... /index.htm

John Sullivan the BLM founder of the Utah Insurgence USA Group was a Capitol Riot Instigator at Washington DC on January 6, 2021. He doesn’t deny being BLM and being at the protests but he denies being an instigator, yet he claims that he was only there to document the events! Right! It’s a good thing that he didn’t claim that he was fly fishing there!
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Re: Democrats Staged the US Capitol Break-ins 2021!

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Sat Jan 09, 2021 10:34 am

The Democratic Party and Big Tech want to divert attention from evidence that conclusively shows FRAUD in the 2020 Presidential Election. Big Tech Internet companies like Twitter has shut down the President of the U.S. from continuing to inform Americans of the FRAUD. See the two links below that reveal the evidence of FRAUD: ... 40670.html
and ... 21-01-06-1
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Re: Democrats Staged the US Capitol Break-ins 2021!

Postby IPC » Sun Jan 10, 2021 12:12 pm

Biden Socialist Regime & Tech Giants Censorship & Arrests Begin

‘Unity And Healing’ Kicks Off With Mass Arrests And Big Tech Purging Of Dissidents ... issidents/
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Trump Supporters Will Conduct Armed Protests in 50 States

Postby CR » Wed Jan 13, 2021 12:34 pm

Trump Supporters Will Conduct Armed Protests in 50 States

On So-called Inauguration Hoax of the Stolen Election, Trumpists will conduct armed protests in 50 state capitals and major cities. Government ordered National Guards to be fully armed, geared and armored. American people will carry open arms legal by the constitution and they do not care about the Blue States Laws. Democrat states cannot override the Constitution of United States of America. There were deployed more national guards in DC than Iraq and Afghanistan combine. Deep State, Democrats and Socialist Occupational Regime are scared straight of Trump and Trumpists.

Democrats are creating Chinese Communist Style Regime in America and this path will lead to no good because American people are born free, live free and die free. American people are not Chinese or Iranian people. American people will fight and die for Democracy. American people are armed to their teeth. Overnight, Social Media banned over 10,000 conservative accounts including Trump accounts. Mass censorship is all over media, social media and tech giants.

Founding Fathers predicted situations like this. When government steals election, shamelessly occupies the government’s capital and orders military to occupy the capital and state capitals. This is Socialist Regime and Military Occupation in making.

American people are armed and will conduct armed protests because they need to make a stand, not causing violence but a show of force to display if the government gets out of line, people are here to stand up for their rights to freedom and democracy.

If this is the path that Democrats want to go, then there will be a dark future for America. If push comes to shove, both Military and Police will stand with the Trump and the American people because Democrats practically depleted and destroyed both military and police!

Except a small number of DC and Blue State capitals police and national guards, the American military and police will be on the side of the people.

Deep State, Unelected Government Bureaucrats, BLM, ANTIFA and other low lives will take side with Democrats but majority of the police and military will stand by the people.

Impeachment, hoaxes, fabricating capitol incursions, and other liberal nonsense will only make things worse. If Democrats want to go in this path, they must comprehend they are on shaky grounds because unlike BLM and ANTIFA, no one pays the American people to protest and fight for American freedoms. If push comes to shove, even the peaceful Trump cannot stop the wrath of the American people.

People are angry and will never accept this George Soros fabricated Regime. Democrats stole the election and that is called Treason with a Capital T but they are twisting the whole events and lying to the public portraying Trumpists as committing treason.

When Media, Social Media, Tech Giants, Academia, Entertainment, Hollywood, even professional sports are in Democrats side and tools of propaganda for the left, then we have something really rotten going on in this country!

Your 1st, 2nd, 4th and other basic amendments and rights are being taken away. People know very well what is coming to America. Democrats underestimate the American people. This is not China, Iran or Russia to establish a Socialist Regime and silence the people!

Pelosi better be very careful about her next moves. Beware the wrath of the American people.
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