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USA 2012 Election
Ahreeman X
October 30, 2011

Herman Cain Style

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We shall begin

Political Analysis


Let’s do an analysis.

For GOP presidential candidates to win the primaries it is crucial to get 3 endorsements:

Donald Trump endorsement for Business District Votes
Mike Huckabee endorsement for Evangelical Votes
And most importantly
Sarah Palin endorsement for the Tea Party Vote

Sarah Palin is heart and soul of the conservative movement and the most influential factor in the Tea Party. In the past her endorsement made many representatives, senators and governors to win office. Her endorsement is extremely crucial on how the Tea Party will vote and who will they vote for in the primaries. Sarah Palin is a King and Queen maker. Sarah is one of the most influential determining factors in the American politics today.

Great 2012 Duet
Herman Cain for President + Newt Gingrich for Vice President
Business and Economy + Experience and History

For the DNC nominee, the way things are going (Obama’s approval rating, US unemployment rating, US Inflation Rating, etc.) I will not be surprised if the Dems decide to erect a candidate to run against Obama. It is not farfetched for Dems to also have a primary of their own. Why you ask? Because Obama’s electability rating goes down by the day. With these numbers, it is extremely hard to win 2nd term.

Every single thing in the country is going horribly wrong: Economy, Foreign Policy, National Security, Immigration Policy, Border Control, Healthcare, DEA Fast & Furious Blunder, Manufacturing, National Debt, China Supremacy, Energy Independence, Big Government turning US to EU, etc. Everywhere you look, Hussein Obama is destroying America. Even Democrats are not happy with the situation.

The Herman Cain smile and gratitude

The Left Wing Radicals of the DNC criticize Obama for not doing as he promised:
Gay Marriage, Environmental Laws, Wealth Distribution, Healthcare, Social Engineering America, etc.

The Moderate Wing of the Democratic Party is unhappy with him because he is too radical and by not going to the center he will lose the Independent vote.

So on one hand radicals (Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi, etc. are not happy with him.

On the other hand Clintons are not happy with him.

I would not be surprised for the Dems to get Hillary Clinton to run against Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama: I like to stay 4 more years, 4 more years of cheap talks, more recession, more apologies for America, more praising of EU, more funds and power for UN and more appreciation for Muslim Nations and Islam Religion of Peace!
Herman Cain: Listen Boy, if you know what’s good for you, pack up and get your butt out of here and back to Chicago or Kenya whichever is hiring a community organizer or a corrupt government employee!

If Dems want to win 2012, they must come up with an idea. Even though the American Liberal Biased Mainstream Media is in their back pocket, Special Interest (George Soros, GE, etc.) are in their back pocket and Union Teamsters and thugs (backed by Mafia are in their back pocket and on daily basis they are adding more dependant voters (Welfare and Food Stamp Recipients) to their voters and now they are planning to import more dependant voters (Mexican Illegal Immigrants via Amnesty) to their ranks, yet still they must show numbers to win elections. Numbers are bad and no number shows hope and prospect of bright future. Obama has failed in all aspects; therefore, Dems may need a new face and a familiar reliable person to win election.

Occupy Wall Street Mobs

After all you cannot always send a bunch of thugs and bums (Occupy Wall Street Mob) in to the street to camp for a month, cause riots and get arrested by thousands to win elections! This is not how we do it in America. In America we do civilized protests, we do not trash the environment, we do not cause riot and when we finish, we go home at night (like Tea Party).

You can’t win elections by sending anarchists, bums, union thugs, Marxists, Nazis, hippies, psychos, animal rights extremists, tree huggers and other Bongo Banging, Tattooed faced, nose ring wearing, canvas beanie hatting, long haired, anti shower lampoons in to the streets of America to disturb peace, business and public safety and get arrested by thousands. And then you cannot bless their courage and support them by verbal approval (Pelosi, Obama).

Stop “Obama Nation” (abomination) of America = Marxist Islamization of USA
Obama Peeper on US Constitution

If Occupy Wall Street Mobs are really legit, then they should protest and trash the White House and Barney Frank’s and Chris Dodd’s houses because they are the roots of the problem. Freddie and Fanny are the problem. Washington DC ordered the Wall Street to do as they were told. These rioters should go and throw stones at Obama and Frank. Hey, I provide the rope, go lynch them!

So the question is, do Americans back these anarchists and their Union Bosses and Democrats when they see they are trashing the streets, destroying property and harm local businesses? These thugs are Obama’s core voters and final hope! But they may harm him more than helping him!

These thugs are neither working class nor folks looking for work, because both groups do not have time to hang in Wall Street for a month without showers! Working people work and unemployed are looking for work. These thugs are organized mob by anarchists, psycho left, American Communist, Socialist, Nazi parties, Union Teamsters and their Mafia bosses, drug dealers and drug users, hippies and junkies, bums and low lives, professional street walkers and homeless by choice, tree huggers and PETA psychos, Anti Fur and Anti Business crowd and other Looney Tunes. Just take a look at these protestors and you will see the whole circus out there! All the animals are in the streets because they ran away from the zoo!

Obama Peeper on America
Results = Obama-Nation (Abomination)

In nationwide protests by Tea Party, not even one person got arrested and no one trashed the streets and caused damage. Now take a good look at what these animals are doing all over America! And they have the nerves to compare themselves with Tea Party, a grass root movement. These are organized anarchists and street thugs (remind me of 28 Mordad Pro Monarchy thugs in streets of Tehran) with a mission to cause chaos and unrest. This is Obama’s last resource to turn the streets of America to Europe. Socialism fails and it failed everywhere.

But America is not Europe. All of these thugs will be jailed and the protests will be crushed. Police Force is on top of it. They will get beat up without mercy, incarcerated and tried. This is not EU and you cannot run the streets with thugs.

The message is clear; Obama took America off track to create a new America, a Socialist America via a European Vision. He went around apologizing for America all around the world. While Europe went towards Free Markets and Conservatism (Sarkozi, Merkel, Cameron, etc.), Obama took America closer to the cliff to push her down! Socialism has failed in Europe but this did not stop Obama!

Our credit rating dropped and Obama still did not balance the budget and he asked for more bail outs, more billions to spend and higher taxes to impose on people. Obama is enemy of the state and every day that he is in the office is one more day for America to decline and lose her exceptionality in the globe. Obama loves to turn America to a second rate European nation or possibly a 3rd world nation like his beloved Kenya.

Herman Cain vs. Hussein Obama

Herman Cain is a self made businessman who is where he is via hard work.
Hussein Obama is a big government community organizer and the food stamp president due to affirmative action.

Herman Cain, a true American Patriot

Herman Cain is you and I.
Hussein Obama is the ugly face of the Big Government wanting to control your lives.

Herman Cain is a Black American (Decent Black Folk).
Hussein Obama is an African American (Politically Correct).

Herman Cain is not a politician but he revived 3 different corporations and turned them to blooming businesses. He is a job creator with a history of success in the private sector.
Hussein Obama is product of the Big Government, spoon fed by Affirmative Action and got where he is via community organizing and corruption, Chicago Style.

Herman Cain is lovable, likable, electable and a problem solver.
Hussein Obama is hate-able, failure, not electable and a problem creator.

Herman Cain fixes economical problems for living and creates jobs, profit and wealth.
Hussein Obama has no clue about the economy, destroys economy and created debt, inflation and unemployment.

Herman Cain is about taking America back to Free Markets and Leadership of the Globe.
Hussein Obama is about decline of America and turning it to a Ghetto.

Herman Cain is about balancing budget, getting out of Chinese Debt and equal fair trades with China.
Hussein Obama is about borrowing more money from China and giving more blow jobs to China.

Herman Cain is a True American Patriot, Hard Worker, Constitutionalist, Business Brain, Capitalist, Tea Party Patriot, Working Man’s Hero, Common man’s equal, businessman’s emancipator, Energy Independence advocate, EPA eliminator, 2nd amendment advocate, State Rights preacher and an old fashion good old neighbor.
Hussein Obama has nothing to do with America and American values; some believe he is not even American; after all we still did not examine the controversial birth certificate. He stands for everything Un-American, Big Government, High Taxes, Government controlling every aspect of your lives and Socialism. He is basically turning the Federal Government to the National Government. State Rights means nothing to him and he will be remembered as the Food Stamp President (Highest number of recipients during his administration).

Herman Cain is a Decent Black man.
Hussein Obama is a Ghetto Negro.

Herman Cain is a Trouble Shooter and a Problem Solver.
Hussein Obama has almost destroyed America and is enemy of the state.

Obama’s Intellectualism!

They say Obama is an intellectual! I say Obama is an ”In-tell-egg-chew-all”. Besides, where has all this intellectualism taken you? Bankruptcy, debt, unemployment, inflation, corruption, imposed Obama-care, high taxes, bailout of banks and businesses with your tax money, kickbacks to lobbyists, kickbacks to special interest (George Soros, GE, etc.), corruption (Chicago Style), Mob behavior, gangster government, thugs in streets of America (Occupy Wall Street Mobs) and a step closer to Death!

What America Needs?

What America needs is not a liberal university intellectual who is a direct product of the affirmative action and out of touch with the everyday Joe and Jane. What America needs is not an inexperienced man with no clue about the economy, no history in business or private sector and no history or experience in the public service executive field. What America needs is not a man who was created and erected by the media solely because he is a black liberal pop star!

What America needs is a tested, proven and experienced businessman who revived 3 different sinking businesses and had turned them to blooming corporations making profit and creating jobs. What America needs is to be run like a business so she can create a profit for a change! What America needs is balanced budget, less regulations, lower taxes, energy independence, drill baby drill, supply-side economics and creation of jobs. What America needs is a strong leader who means business, one who had put his money where his mouth is. What America needs is not another politician, but a successful businessman who is where he is solely due to his own hard work, old fashion style.

Herman Cain is that man and Herman Cain is the living proof that the American Dream still exists. Only in America can a poor son of a working man with three jobs (chauffeur, barber and janitor) and a working woman (maid) can educate and rise himself not due to affirmative action, not because he is black but only due to his own hard work to climb the corporate ladder and to become a great successful businessman; furthermore, to become the CEO of various companies and corporations, a profit maker and a job creator. Herman Cain is the living example that you can be born in America or come to America with nothing and become everything.

Herman Cain: I am just a simple man with a simple solution, The 999 Plan to fix the economy.

Herman Cain breaks all taboos, race barriers, political correctness and race cards. Herman Cain had left the “Liberal Plantation” long ago and he seized being a “Modern Day Slave” to the Liberal Democratic Plantation, in another life. No one helped Herman Cain but himself. Herman Cain is a responsible, self-made individual who takes responsibility for his blunders and credit for his success. Herman Cain is all about self responsibility and not government handouts.

American Dream is Still Alive!

Herman Cain tells the Occupy Wall Street Mobs to “get a job” and start from the bottom like he did and like I have done. I started from washing toilets and look where I am today. I can perfectly relate to great patriots such as Herman Cain. Yes, instead of street riots, get a job, get a life and get a career. Work for minimum wage, start low, work yourselves up and rise up to be a star. Sky is the limit. In America, if you want to work, there are plenty of jobs available. You can start with $ 7 an hour and work your way up. But if you are waiting for someone to come along and hand you a $ 60 an hour job out of the college, then you will be waiting for a long time and you will end up collecting handouts from the government and rioting in the streets along with the Occupy Wall Street Mobs! You will keep on drinking that government Kool-Aid and eating that government cheese. So go get a job, get life and get a career and do it the hard way like we did. Do it the hard way.

Review my story:

From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life

What America needs is Herman Cain.

Anyone is better than Obama

I like Herman Cain and I respect Newt Gingrich with his vast knowledge, history and experience. I also believe that Mitt Romney represents the establishment and as a Tea Party Patriot, I am against all establishments (GOP, Democratic Party and Washington DC). I believe the next president must have nothing to do with the establishment and he must be an outsider to DC so he can cleanup DC. I believe he must smallen the size and power of the Federal Government and get it out of our lives so the private sector can bloom, create jobs and revive the economy. But whoever the GOP nominates, I will stand by him because anything is better than Obama. Hussein Obama is simply the death of America. Anything is better than Death, even Disease is better than Death. Nothing is worse than Hussein Obama and his policies.

We must return America to Americans and revive the American Values.
We must return to Free Markets, Constitution and Moral Values.
We must send a message to DC: Government works for us, not vice versa.

America must lead the free world, not follow the EU, UN and China.

America First

Right On Brother!
Herman Raise Cain!

We are now open for debates and we love to hear your views.


Ph.D. in conservatism,
Defender of patriotism,
The believer in optimism,
Dr. of passion and eroticism,
With a truck load of magnetism,
Disciple of charm and romanticism,
The one and only, yours truly, Dr. X;
Ahreeman X


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