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Nowruz Persian New Year Graphics
Coronavirus, Liberals and Nowruz


Nowruz Persian New Year Graphics
Coronavirus, Liberals and Nowruz

Ahreeman X
March 18, 2020

Politically Incorrect Nowruz with Ahreeman X

Haji Virus
“This Nowruz instead of ‘Haji Firuz’, the ‘Haji Virus’ came to Iran!” (Media)
“Coronavirus is doing a slaughter in Iran!” (Media)
Haj Firuz: Hey, who are you?
Xi Jinping: Hey bozo, move along, there’s a new Haji in town!

Tranny Liberal & Haji Firuz
“Liberals boycott Haji Firuz for his politically incorrect Black Face!” (Media)
“Nowruz is dull without Haji Firuz!” (Media)
Liberal: Why Persian Elf has a black face?
Haji Firuz: Hey PC Tranny Liberal, kiss my Black Persian Ass!

Haji Firuz History

Amu Nowruz (Uncle New Year) brings on the New Year on the first day of Spring (symbol of rejuvenation and greens), Nane Sarma (Mother Freeze) is his love which hands her season (winter) to his (spring), and Haji Firuz is his side kick and comic relief. Haji Firuz sings and dance and brings happiness to Persians.

Back in the day, Haji Firuz represented primarily a black slave, then a black servant and now a funny sidekick. Before Islam entered Iran, there was no slavery in the Persian Empire. After Islam entered Iran, along came with it the slavery. Slaves were moved to Iran from Africa; however, in later centuries they were either shipped back to Africa or stayed in Iran as paid servants or free slaves attending various jobs.

History of Slavery in Iran

Back in the day, during Nowruz Holidays, blacks used to play the role of Haji Firuz. Today, we do not have many blacks in Iran (they live mostly in south west), so the role of Haji Firuz is played by whites with black face. Obviously in Iran, we do not have a great number of sissy faggy politically correct liberals; therefore, they do not give a flying fandango about the black face! Burn liberals, burn!

Lately in the west, the Western liberals and Iranian American Democrats have been raising a shenanigan about boycotting Haji Firuz or at least taking the black face off of him. Allow me to be very blunt:

It is called Tradition. It is our cultural and historic tradition. The old black Haji Firuz and the new black faced Haji Firuz were and are very happy jolly folks and they represent the Nowruz. Haji Firuz is the harbinger of Nowruz. What is Nowruz without Haji Firuz and his black face?

No, unlike in America which you brought down the Confederate Flag, Confederate Statues, Columbus Day, Thomas Jefferson's busts and now aiming for George Washington; you cannot bring down Haji Firuz neither in Iran nor in America or the west! So, instead of whining, moaning, bitching, boycotting and protesting with your Marxist professors at your liberal universities, digest the tradition and suffer in silence. So take your pacifiers out of your mouths, your fingers out of each other’s butts, pull up your shorts and skirts over your hairy legs, get up and go throw some tantrum and protest against global warming, environmental crap and animal rights Bull Shiite and please leave Haji Firuz alone because there will be a cold day in hell before we take the black face off!

Now, if you sissy faggy, touchy feely, Oopsy daisy liberals have a problem with that, primarily, kindly kiss my White Persian Ass and then kiss Hai Firuzes Black Persian Ass!


Ahreeman Joon

Santa Clause & Amu Nowruz
Amu Nowruz is the Persian Equivalent of Santa Clause
Santa Clause: Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!
Amu Nowruz: Ahay, Happy Nowruz Persian New Year!

Elf & Haji Firuz
Haji Firuz is the Persian Equivalent of an Elf
Elf: Merry Christmas from North Pole!
Hai Firuz: Happy Nowruz from Tehran!

Amu Nowruz Wants you!
Never forget Your Persian roots!

Haji Firuz Wants You!
Never Forget Your Persian Roots!

Nane Sarma (Mother Freeze) and Amu Nowruz (Uncle New Year)
Nane Sarma is the Persian version of Mrs. Clause
Amu Nowruz is the Persian version of Santa clause

Hanji Firuz in read, Haji Firuz in pink and Amu Nowruz posing!

Hai Firuz comedy street performance, Tehran, Iran

Haji Firuz: Happy New Year, see you next year, how do you like this black face? Burn liberals, burn!

Nowruz-etan Piruz
Happy Persian New Year

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