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History of API & Tondar

Jamshid Sharmahd Tondar and API Leader's Kidnap and Arrest by the IRI Regime
History of API and Tondar

Ahreeman X
August 3, 2020

Jamshid Sharmahd of API at the New York City Persian Parade for Nowruz Persian New Year Rally in USA. A model of Cyrus Cylinder is behind him and Derafsh Kaviani classic Persian banner is in his hands.

IRI Regime's Opportunism

IRI is using API and Jamshid Sharmahd as scapegoat and distraction from the tragic economy to hit back the US government, Israel and the Iranian Opposition for the latest 2 dozen hits on the key strategic sites of Iran. By over exaggerating the relevance and importance of API and Jamshid Sharmahd, IRI pretends that they actually captured someone of crucial importance like Maryam Rajavi! In reality, Jamshid Sharmahd is a fringe character from API, a fringe group, off shoot of the monarchist fraction of the Iranian opposition! API is so fragile and naïve that so far, their past and present leaders, both were tricked in to traveling near the Iranian borders to be kidnaped and shipped to Iran by the IRI Agents. Presently both are incarcerated in Iran. A bit later, below, I shall expand on the API ideology.

Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

No matter how fringe and out there, the ideology of the API is, and how big of an ideological conflict we have with API, yet still, they are a part of the Iranian opposition and we support the Iranian opposition as a whole; therefore, we support API.

Jamshid Sharmahd leader of API AKA Anjoman-e Padeshahi-ye Iran (Kingdom Assembly of Iran) and Tondar (its Armed Wing) during one of his TV Talk Shows.

IRI Contradictory Statements

There is so much contradiction amongst the IRI officials that it even shows in their slightest press releases. There are rivalries going on between the Administration, IRGC and the Supreme Spiritual Leader’s Office.

* Hojatoleslam Mahmoud Alavi the Iranian Intelligence Minister stated that Jamshid Sharmahd was arrested in Iran.

* IRGC Intelligence stated that Jamshid Sharmahd was arrested in Tajikistan and then handed over to Iran.

* Some Fundamentalist IRI Media stated that Jamshid Sharmahd was arrested in UAE and then handed over to Iran or kidnaped and taken to Oman and from there to Iran.

* Opposition Sources state that Jamshid Sharmahd was kidnaped in Turkey, sent to Iran and arrested in Iran.

Jamshid Sharmahd the second leader of API AKA Anjoman-e Padeshahi-ye Iran (Kingdom Assembly of Iran) and Tondar (its Armed Wing) blindfolded in prison at Tehran during a TV interview confession with the IRI State TV. His face is swollen as the sign of torture and obviously he was beaten up by VAJA (Ministry of Intelligence interrogators).

API Background Information

API (Anjoman-e Padeshahi-ye Iran in Persian) AKA “Kingdom Assembly of Iran” is a political organization. Tondar (Thunder) is its armed wing. Fathollah Manouchehri (Foroud Fouladvand) was a small-time voice dubber (dublor) meaning he was the Persian voice for some of the Hollywood actors in the Hollywood movies or TV series which was screened in Iran or NIRT (National Iranian Radio and Television) in the Imperial Iran before the 1979. He played a small role in the Iranian film industry before the 1979. After the Islamic Revolution, Fouladvand had become a refugee to UK.

When he fled to exile, he started to attach himself to the Iranian opposition. About 2002 he created a small-time satellite TV in London. Same as all other Iranian exiled base TVs, this was yet another cheesy and sadly put together television program which it was more like as Talk Radio show, yet broadcasted on TV. The special element about Fouladvand’s TV show was that he exposed Islam, Quran, Muhammad and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Before Fouladvand, many had done it and they were much more knowledgeable on Islam than Fouladvand; however, Fouladvand had done it on TV.

Foroud Fouladvand was a TV show host but eventually he established his TV show and used the Anti-IRI environment and the popular despise of Islam to form a movement from the young Iranian Nationalist kids in Europe with no directions and no one to turn to. These kids saw a sign of hope in Fouladvand and of course, Fouladvand used them to advance his dream of creating a political movement and becoming a guru!

Jamshid Sharmahd the second leader of API at prison in Tehran.

Dreams of Foroud Fouladvand

Back in Iran, Fathollah Manouchehri was a simple Voice Dubber (Dublor) who always dreamt of becoming an actor and a director.

After 1979, when the Anti-Islam and Persian Nationalism had become a fashion and was trending big time, Fathollah Manouchehri in exile had changed his Arabic name to a pure Persian name and named himself “Foroud Fouladvand”.

Foroud Fouladvand used the passion of the time which was the Anti-Islam Sentiment and created a Satellite Persian TV (a mighty cheesy one indeed) to preach Anti-Islam. This action was nothing new amongst the Iranian Opposition in politics and on the web; however, it was something new on TV. Fouladvand used this gimmick to become a popular TV Showman. This made his dream of becoming an actor, director, filmmaker and a showman true!

Fouladvand’s next dream was to become a political leader, a political guru and the head of a political party. He used his cheesy TV to supposedly create a movement and become a leader. He gathered a group of Anti-Islam exiled Persians and kids, then polished them as a movement. This movement become the API and Tondar become its armed wing.

There was Only One Problem!

This was all fine and dandy but there was only one problem! Foroud Fouladvand was an insignificant man of small stature and intellect without knowledge on how to organize a political party and lead it, set aside any training in hand to hand combat, martial arts, guerilla warfare, commando operations, and arm struggle! He was a weak, physically inclined little man. He created a rag tag army of kids and put Faravahar caps on their heads marching them up and down in streets of London and Europe, desiring to be Nationalist Freedom Fighters. The reality was that neither Fouladvand nor these kids had any clue about how to be professional partisan fighters.

Next thing you know, API and Tondar started to conduct operations inside Iran! Unlike professional clandestine covert operators, guerilla commandos and opposition mission runners such as FFO (Flag of Freedom Organization), PMOI (Mojahedin) and Fedayin, these kids had no idea about the covert operations!

They started using pipe bombs, cheap bombs, wrong tools and equipment to explode wrong targets and even wrong spots in the right targets! The results were that innocent people have died as victims. A number these kids also got injured and died. Next thing you know, other copycat wanna be freedom fighters and bombers jumped in and monkey see, monkey do, targeted mosques, shrines, government buildings and facilities where many innocent people and bystanders died or got injured.

Terrorism Due to Chain of Stupidity

Unprofessionalism and ignorance of Foroud Fouladvand, this wanna be Guru and the kids around him was costly and deadly to various people. This was not the way to fight resistance to IRI. These people were not professionals; morely, they had no clue of what they were doing!

Fouladvand was an amateur and he was tricked by the IRI Agents to travel to Turkey and to supposedly meet bigtime opposition and reformist supporters, donors and financiers. IRI Agents and the Intelligence Agents of VAJA (Ministry of Intelligence) lured Fouladvand and two of his sidekicks to Turkey and then kidnaped them, shipped them to Iran, arrested them and they have been missing since. Since 2007 Fouladvand is MIA.

Foroud Fouladvand the founder and the first leader of API and Tondar.

Trouble in London and Move to Los Angeles

API was finally targeted by the British Police and their office in London was ransacked and turned upside down. The police pressure in UK was due to both pressure from IRI claiming that API is a terrorist group committing terror operations in Iran and also due to the fact that API had actually done a number of knuckleheaded idiotic terroristic actions inside Iran which resulted in loss of innocent lives and damage not only to IRI and Islamic facilities but also to public facilities.

When you kill Mullahs, Hezbollah and Islamists and damage mosques, shrines and IRGC facilities, you can be justified as freedom fighter but when you cross the line and as the result, public facilities get blown away and innocent people die, then IRI can use these incidents to propagate that you are a terrorist organization. API handed IRI that excuse to brand them as a terrorist organization and it was simply due to Fouladvand’s arrogance and pure stupidity.

Fouladvand's Arrogance Ends in Terrorism!

After the disastrous legacy in London, API moved its base to Los Angeles to find a home in Tehrangeles! API figured that Us unlike the UK is not wheeling and dealing with IRI and is more friendly towards the Iranian opposition.

Jamshid Sharmahd Era

After some internal conflict which some API members remained faithful to Fouladvand and some erected the new leader, Jamshid Sharmahd an electrical engineer, Sharmahd basically took over the API. Jamshid Sharmahd was living in Germany and Europe before he moved to Los Angeles and become an Iranian American resident yet keeping his German citizenship. Sharmahd had more education than Fouladvand.

Jamshid Sharmahd was more sophisticated than Fouladvand but he was as naïve, amateur and unpolished as Fouladvand. It seems like in later years, he had become more irrational, illogical and impulsive, maybe this was due to his physical condition of involuntary movements and incoherent mental cognitive process, possibly occurred by the Parkinson’s Disease.

Nervous Tics are involuntary, compulsive, rapid or slow, and repetitive movement and/or vocalization, experienced as irresistible, although it can be suppressed for some length of time; occurrence is increased by stress and reduced during sleep or engrossing activities.

Observe Jamshid Sharmahd’s bizarre body gestures, nervous tics and slow cognitive ability of thoughts and speech in some of his later videos:

Jamshid Sharmahd Program: What are you waiting for?
Possible Parkinson’s disease with involuntary movements

More videos:

Tondar YouTube

API Leadership Flaws

Looks like the past and the present leadership of API were and are suffering from lack of physical and mental health. They have been so naïve, amateur and simpletons that so far both have been easily arrested and are in prisons of IRI. This is not a rational way of operating a professional opposition organization.

Foroud Fouladvand the founder and the first leader of API and Tondar on the phone. Foroud Fouladvand and Jamshid Sharmahd Both leaders of API were tricked by the IRI Agents and VAJA to travel to Turkey in hope of meeting supporters, donors and big financiers. Both were kidnaped, shipped to Tehran and arrested. In Tehran they were interrogated, tortured and abused. Fouladvand is MIA and Sharmahd is in the prison. In two separate occasions (Fouladvand 2007 and Sharmahd 2020) VAJA fooled API leadership and arrested both!

How IRI Arrested Jamshid Sharmahd?

Hojatoleslam Mahmoud Alavi the Iranian Intelligence Minister had appeared on the IRI State TV and stated that Jamshid Sharmahd the leader of the API (Kingdom Assembly of Iran) has been arrested and detained in Iran. He spoke about the arrest of the 65-year-old Jamshid Sharmahd who is running the Tondar (Thunder) the military wing of the API (Kingdom Assembly of Iran) without going to much details; however, he spoke of the vast and complex operation conducted by the IRI Regime’s agents to capture him.

IRI Regime reported alleged plans by Tondar to attack a dam and using Cyanide bombs in Tehran’s Book Fair. IRI Broadcasting also mentioned the charged crimes.

IRI Broadcasting showed Jamshid Sharmahd blindfolded with swollen face, obviously as the result of torture and beatings, confessing to various crimes.

API Flip Flops

The Kingdom Assembly of Iran AKA API (Anjoman-e Padeshahi-ye Iran) and Tondar (its armed wing) seek to restore Iran's monarchy.

API has a history of love hate relationship with Reza Pahlavi II (crown prince of Iran) and the mainstream monarchists. Primarily API supported RP and then criticized and even bashed him. Reza Pahlavi has 40-year history inactive political life and indifferent stands. Reza Pahlavi also has a history of forming alliance with the Reformist Fraction of Hezbollah (IRI Regime Ex Officials); therefore, there is not much blame on API for bashing Reza Pahlavi!

API also has a history of being pacifist but then militant! When they were with RP, they were pacifists and when they went against him, they went militant!

In general, both Fouladvand and Sharmahd used to exaggerate, blabber a lot of nonsense and speak of armed struggle issues which they had no clue about them.

IRI Regime Tactics to Kidnap Opposition Members

Iranian intelligence operatives use tricks to lure opposition back to Iran or friendly countries to be captured.

Intelligence Officers, IRI Agents and IRGC Secret Units have a history of primarily spreading rumors, then contacting opposition and next, posing as sympathizers, fans and donors to lure the opposition members to Turkey or vicinity, near the Iranian border with promises of big donations in millions of dollars. Then they will kidnap them, take them to Iran, arrest them, interrogate them, torture them, beat them up and incarcerate or execute them.

In 2007, IRI Agents lured Foroud Fouladvand the API Leader to Turkey using same tactics with false promises of millions of dollars donation to API and cooperation from the Iranian Reformists and Opposition.

In 2020, IRI agents lured Jamshid Sharmahd the second API Leader to Turkey using once again, the same old tactics with the false promises of millions of dollars of donation to API and cooperation from the Iranian Reformists and Opposition.

So far, the API leadership has fallen for these gimmicks two times and both their leaders have been kidnaped, arrested and detained in Iran. This is a shame. API leadership must be naïve, amateur players and extremely greedy to fall for these IRI pranks and plots, two times in a row!

IRI Agents have been using all types of promises of financial support and political support from various figures such as Ayatollah Sistani all the way to Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani to the opposition, only to lure them to near Iranian borders.

Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani is Famous for giving money to the Green Movement and then Reza Pahlavi’s NCI (National Council of Iran), so opposition groups such as API tend to fall for these tricks by the IRI Agents and get arrested.

In the future articles we will discuss Reza Pahlavi’s secret deal with IRI Officials, him receiving funds from the Reformist Hezbollah figures and his cooperation with the IRI Reformists characters.

Sharmahd last appeared in an online livestream video on Dec. 29. Sharmahd stated:

“We are not only seeking the liberation of our homeland, but we are also moving towards a special direction, and that is to be Iranian, … because we have heard that once upon a time some people were living in the region who were able to build an empire (sarcasm about the Persian Empire).”

IRI Regime Narratives and Talking Points

In the past, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi reacted to the Iran nuclear deal news by criticizing the U.S. for allowing Sharmahd and others to live in America.

IRI Broadcasting quoted Abbas Mousavi:

“The U.S. must be responsible for supporting terrorist groups which are inside of this country and carry out and lead terrorist acts against the Iranian people."

IRI pushed Obama’s regime to suppress the Iranian Opposition groups in America, Europe and Iran.

A statement attributed to Tondar claimed the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist in 2010 by a remote-control bomb, though it later said it wasn't responsible. IRI has been repeatedly accused Tondar of terrorist acts and running missions in Iran. Even many covert operations in Iran which have not been conducted by Tondar, also has been credited to them by the regime!

IRI Regime claims that API and Tondar are Los Angeles based terrorist groups funded and supported by America and Israel.

Last year, US stepped up the sanctions against the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) and numerous groups and individuals linked to the IRGC. The US killed IRGC Qods Force commander Qasem Soleimani early this year. Iran appears to be saying it has now revealed a US plot.

Iran claims the Thunder group (Armed Wing of the API) is a monarchist terrorist group and supported by the US.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi, who is soon to be an ambassador, has also released a statement. He thanked the “Imam Zaman” (Mahdi the 12th Shiite Imam) and the “Clandestine Intelligence Forces” as the “Mahdi’s Soldiers”, for the operation. He accused the “terrorists” of being stained with the blood of the Iranian people. He also strongly protested the US government. “This (US) regime must be held accountable for supporting this terrorist group.” IRI officials are always over dramatic!

IRI State News Networks have been accusing Tondar of so many crimes, many not even committed by them! They have accused Tondar of bombing hotels, stealing chemical and biological weapons, murdering civilians and killing babies!

Tasnim News report claims the group may have wanted to target a Russian consulate in Rasht and targeted tanks and oil facilities. It may be that Iran is tying the group to all these sites to not only create better relations with Russia but also pin the blame for recent explosions in Iran on this group. There is no denying that IRI ties not only the Tondar but many opposition groups of working with Israel and the United States government.

Iran has a history of assassination and kidnaping of the opposition figures. Now is the perfect timing for the IRI Regime to prove that US backed terrorism is exposed and being captured by the regime.

Opposition Groups are not US or Israel Backed

The perfect evidence is that if these groups were funded by the US and Israel, then why on earth their leaders would go to Turkey in hope of gaining a few million dollars of funds from the Reformists?!

Capturing Jamshid Sharmahd was not a Complex Operation

Unlike the claims of the Hojatoleslam Mahmoud Alavi about the complex operations to capture Jamshid Sharmahd, the reality is that these operations are very simple in nature and are based on deceit and treachery. IRI counts on Opposition leaders’ naïve nature and greed to fall for these tricks believing in millions of dollars promised to aid them!

Iranian official news agency IRNA quoted the Ministry as having said that the arrest was a "a heavy and serious blow" to the group.

IRNA Propaganda

IRNA stated:

Jamshid Sharmahd had said in an old video aired by the Persian broadcasters outside Iran that some of the members of the API believe he is their leader while some others still recognize Foroud Fouladvand as the group's leader. Divide and conquer is the IRI policy. Mullahs learned it from the British!

IRNA added that Tondar had also plotted several other terrorist acts in Iran in the recent years, including plots to blow up Sivand dam in Shiraz, detonating a cyanide bomb at the Tehran book fair and planting bombs during gatherings at Ayatollah Khomeini's tomb. The agency added that "all of these terrorist plots were foiled by the Iranian security forces," meaning that the attacks never occurred.

In 2010, Iranian officials said they had arrested and hanged three of the group's members, Mohsen Eslamian, Ali Asghar Pashtar and Rouzbeh Yahyazadeh. The executions were widely criticized by the international human rights watchdogs in 2010.

On 2009, Mohammad Reza Sadeqnia, the man the Iranian Intelligence Ministry sent to the United States to assassinate Sharmahd was arrested and briefly jailed in the United States but he returned to Iran later.

API Contradictory Actions

In 2013, the API announced that it was not an armed group and that Tondar website was not linked to it. Nevertheless, later the group assumed responsibility for the assassination of one of the commanders of Iran's Cyber Army and one of Iran's nuclear scientist, but Iranian officials ruled out the group's involvement in the assassinations.

In the meantime, Iranian officials accused several inmates of being members of the API, but the API refuted the claim.

After API’s bitter breakup with Reza Pahlavi, now the API is against reinstating Iran's previous Pahlavi dynasty and believes that a young man or woman should be elected as the new king or Queen of Iran; However, it has still not named anyone!

Mahmoud Alavi Minister of Intelligence stated:

"Jamshid Sharmahd resided in the 6th floor of the FBI building and he was bragging that he cannot be arrested! He also connected Tondar with a great number of Terror attacks. He stated: Tondar had done 27 Attacks in Iran!"

Both Fouladvand and Sharmahd were tricked in to going to Turkey at the Iranian border. IRI Regime told them that there are sympathizers wanting to meet you in Turkey to pay you millions of dollars aid.

The kidnap and arrest operations were not complicated but very simple. It was due to gullible and simpleton behavior of Sharmahd and Fouladvand

API Timeline

API Satellite TV broadcast begins in London

API participated in the New York City Nowruz Parade.

Over 50 API members arrested at the Brussels airport for sit-in protests refusing to leave a Lufthansa plane. Armin Atshgar the spokesperson stated the intention was for EU to seize trades with IRI and remove its leaders from Iran.

Foroud Fouladvand disappeared. Foroud Fouladvand (Fathollah Manouchehri) leader of API, an Iranian refugee to UK along with Kourosh Lor (Alexander Valizadeh) an Iranian American and Simorgh (Nazem Schmidtt) an Iranian German went to Turkey to meet donors and sympathizers to collect over a million-dollar donation. This was a plan by IRI Regime to kidnap him, take him to Iran and taking care of him. He is missing. According to some sources, Fouladvand is detained in the Towhid or Evin Prisons. They are accused of being Mofsed-e Fel Arz (Corruptors on Earth) and Moharebeh ba Allah (Apostacy of God).

Jamshid Sharmahd and his colleagues establish Radio Tondar broadcasting through satellite and Internet.

Bombing of Shiraz Basij Headquarter by API Sympathizers

Hosseynieh Seyed al-Shohada in Shiraz bombing where 12 killed and 202 injured. For this crime, IRI blamed Tondar.

API members whom were arrested in 2009 before the election protests and were executed in 2010 for the crimes of distributing Anti-IRI propaganda and terrorist activities were including:
Mohammad Reza Ali-Zamani
Arash Rahmanipour
Zahra Bahrami (Gerdiyeh Banu) an Iranian Dutch Citizen (also charged with drug trafficking of Cocaine and Opium).

API Radio and TV extended its Anti IRI Regime activities.

IRI Regime claimed the API is behind the Masoud Alimohammadi the nuclear scientist’s terror.

Bombing of Ayatollah Khomeini’s Mausoleum which injured a number of people

Shahroud Petroleum Refinery Explosion
API detonated a powerful explosive next to one of the petroleum tanks of the Shahroud Refinery. This detonation set the complete area on fire and demolished the entire facility.

Vahid Sayadi-Nasiri (Shapur Zol-Aktav) API sympathizer and Constitutional Monarchist human rights activist, prisoned, tortured and died of hunger strike in Qom.

“Khatam al-Anbia Shia Seminary” center in Shiraz was exploded by API in revenge for Vahid Sayadi-Nasiri’s murder.

Jamshid Sharmahd was tricked by the IRI Agents to go to Turkey to meet new donors and sympathizers wanting to grant him over a million-dollar donation. He was kidnapped, taken to Iran, arrested, interrogated tortured and beaten up in to confession.


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Possible Parkinson’s disease with involuntary movements

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Iran Political Organizations 1: API Links

Iran Political Organizations Index

Ideology and Philosophy of API

In 21sth century, when the world is moving towards Futurism, Scientific Future world, and lately National Populism, API is trying to return Iran to Monarchy! API doesn’t even want to return Pahlavis to power but they want to create a new dynasty! Its like we are somewhere at some point in the Ancient History BC, Middle Ages or 18th Century, trying to get rid of one useless monarch and dynasty to revive Iran with a new benevolent monarch and dynasty! They sincerely believe that the backward, outdated and flawed ideology of monarchy is the answer for Iran! Why? Because once upon a time Iran was glorious under Achaemenids and Sassanids!

API is not even unified under the Absolutist Monarchy or Constitutional Monarchy.  Some even want to mix and match and name it the Persian Style of monarchy! They don’t even know who will be the Shah and what will be the dynasty! They just believe in the concept of the monarchy! No matter how illogical, flawed, discriminatory and backward this concept is, yet they love it due to tradition!

What is the difference between Islamists and API Monarchists?

* Islamists believe in Islam due to our Shiite Tradition!
* API Monarchists believe in Monarchy due to our Monarchial tradition!

That is both their flawed logics!

How Republicans and Monarchists view the world?

Monarchs and Monarchists: Their 21st Century Role

Derafsh Kaviani the Ancient Banner of the Persian Empire was drafted by API as its official logo and flag.

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags: Book in 14 Chapters

My Observations of the Events

I. Problem with Present Arm Struggle
I have no problem with Armed Struggle but not at this point of struggle because the “Actual Conditions of a Revolutionary War” are not met. Killing a few IRGC pasdar here or there and exploding a few bombs here or there makes no difference. That is why IPC focuses on education and information to mass inform the public at the time

II. IRI Exaggerates the Importance, Relevance and Crimes of Tondar
IRI exaggerates the importance of Tondar to credit themselves for this huge operation. They also magnify the Tondar crimes. The reality is that the kidnap of Sharmahd was a simple operation planned by IRI taking advantage of Sharmahd’s naïve nature, greed and mental cognitive regression.

III. Tondar Episode was IRI’s Show Retaliation Against US
This was a show retaliation by IRI, showing toughness to the world, supposedly for US, Israel and
Opposition attacks on 2 dozen Iranian key sites; however, API and Tondar had nothing to do with them!

Esfahan Power Plant Exploded, Latest in a Series!

7 Iranian Cargo Ships Exploded Near Bushehr Nuclear Plant

Iranian Nuclear Sites Explosions: 10 Sites in a Month

IRGC Missile Storage Exploded in Tehran: 8th in a Month!

Who is Blasting Iran’s Key Sites?

Iran Protests: IRI Islamic Regime Got to Go! Thread

IV. IPC Fundamental Ideological Conflict with API
Even though we (Republicans) have fundamental ideological difference with API (Monarchists), yet we consider API a part of the Iranian opposition; therefore, we support API the same as we support every other group and party in the Iranian opposition.

IPC supports and promotes all Iranian opposition groups and parties of Iran.

Iran Political Parties and Organizations Index

Monarchy vs. Republic Ideological and Philosophical Differences

How Republicans and Monarchists view the world?

Why Monarchy has Ended and We Must Start a New?

Monarchs and Monarchists: Their 21st Century Role

The Historical Relation between Monarchy and Shiite!

Monarchy or Republic? Thread

V. I was not a bit keen on Fouladvand’s tactics.
It is no secret that I have never seen eye to eye with API, neither during Fouladvand period nor during Sharmahd era.

Observations: Dr. Foroud Fouladvand & Anjoman Padeshahi

Questions from Anjomane Padeshani

To IPC from API

Fouladvand's Arrogance Ends in Terrorism!

Many in API are pig headed, irrational imbeciles and fanatical monarchists. They refer to various opposition figures as IRI Agents. They even call me an IRI Agent! In other words, anyone who is not a monarchist, must be Hezbollah! That is the API logic! So figure the intellectual level of the API members!

VI. Organizational Problem in API
When both of your leaders get tricked by IRI, lured in Turkey, kidnaped and sent to Iran, arrested, tortured and MIA the same way in two occasions, and when you are branded as a terrorist group due to sadly planned and operated missions, then clearly there is something wrong with your operations as an organization! In other words, you have no clue what the hell you are doing! API needs a fundamental overhaul.

Once you fool me, shame on me but twice you fool me, shame on you! API has fallen for the same trick twice!

We hope there will be peace for Foroud Fouladvand, Jamshid Sharmahd and all political prisoners of Iran.

Iran Politics Club supports and promotes all opposition groups and parties of Iran.

Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

Iran Politics Club Constitution

More power to all freedom fighters of Iran

Dr. X


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