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Part 3: Paris Terrorist Attack Controversy Cartoons

Charlie Hebdo Life of Muhammad Cartoons
Part 3: Charlie Hebdo Paris Terrorist Attack Controversy Cartoons

English Versions
Translation + Compilation: Ahreeman X
Art: Cartoonists
January 12, 2015

Muhammad is taking a blood bath while reading Charlie Hebdo’s Muhammad cover newspaper!

Now on to part 3 we go:

3. Charlie Hebdo Paris Terrorist Attack Controversy Cartoons

These cartoons are drawn by the global cartoonists on the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. They are tributes to Charlie Hebdo cartoonists.

Paris Terror Controversy Cartoons on Charlie Hebdo

Islamists at the Police Lineup
But … somebody must know which one is Muhammad?

After the Charlie Hebdo Islamist Terrorist Attack
Muhammad: Oh My God, I Love it!

Masked Historical Hall of Fame
1590: Executioner
1922: Ku Klux Klan
2015: Muslim Terrorist

Muslims sent a message to Charlie Hebdo Newspaper that publishing Muhammad cartoons is suicidal!” (Media)
Stephane Charbonnier AKA Charb (Charlie Hebdo Editor and Illustrator) is pushing the bomb button strapped on his belt but the bomb strap is made up of Charlie Hebdo satirical newspapers!


Old Politically Correct Liberal European Union with her Islamophobia Gimmick Dog silencing the Europeans!
EU: Don’t be afraid, I call it freedom of speech!

Pen is Mightier than the Sword!

“Toonophobia is the new Islamic Disease!” (Media)
Toonophobia: Irrational fear of blasphemous line drawings!
Cartoons vs. Muslim Terrorists!
Wonderful cartoon from talented friends at Cox & Forkum

Charlie Hebdo’s Response to the Islamist Terrorist Attacks!

Charlie Brown weeps for Charlie Hebdo!

Charlie Hebdo Funeral
Wonderful work from Ali Divandari the Persian Cartoonist

Je Suis Charlie!

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