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Part 1: Muhammad and Islam Cartoons

Charlie Hebdo Life of Muhammad Cartoons
Part 1: Muhammad and Islam Cartoons

English Versions
Translation + Compilation: Ahreeman X
Art: Cartoonists
January 12, 2015

Muhammad the Guest Editor in Chief
In this edition Muhammad joined Charlie Hebdo as a guest editor in chief writing satire!
This is the controversial cover which caused the Muslims to fire bomb the newspaper’s office and hack their website. Muslims threatened to destroy Charlie Hebdo if the newspaper would publish one more Muhammad cartoon, but Charlie Hebdo did not give up and next week published another one!
Muhammad: 100 Lashes if you do not die of laughter!

Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Index
1. Muhammad and Islam Cartoons
2. Jesus, Christian and Political Cartoons
3. Charlie Hebdo Paris Terrorist Attack Controversy Cartoons

Introduction of Truth

To the memory of the brave Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and in solidarity with all the free thinking cartoonists around the globe, we will publish the complete set of the controversial cartoons in IPC. There are times that the free thinkers and the civilized world need to stand up to the Islamist terrorism. Islamist terrorists silenced the messengers in the Paris terrorist attacks but they could never silence the message! We proudly shout: Je Suis Charlie (I am Charlie), we are all Charlie!

The politically correct liberal governments including the socialist Francois Hollande and the closet Muslim Hussein Obama are afraid of the Islamic world and they bend over backwards for the Muslims to sugar coat all the murders committed by the Muslims around the globe, but we don’t. Someone has to stand up against Islam, religion of Submission and if people like us don’t, then who will?

After the Charlie Hebdo Attacks, while all the major world leaders were in France Rally for solidarity, Hussein Obama the coward Closet Muslim and Socialist did not attend and he did not even send his VP or Secretary of state there, because he was too afraid that the reporters would ask questions while he is still refusing to name the murderers as “Islamist Terrorists” but he only refers to them as “Terrorists”! Obama believes that Al Qaeda is tamed and he refers to Somalia and Yemen as success stories while the Muslim terrorists of Charlie Hebdo Attacks ended up being a part of Yemenis Al Qaeda! While ISIS is responsible for the Jewish Market Attacks and Al Qaeda is responsible for the Charlie Hebdo Attacks, they both declared that this is only the beginning, but Hussein Obama who resides in LaLa Land, believes that we live in a Terror Free World and Islam is the Religion of Peace! What can you expect from a Marxist Islamist in the White House closet?!

Charlie Hebdo Newspaper believed that avoiding the Short Term criticism of Islam and Religion would in Long Term damage the Secular Culture of France which as the results would bring up on disaster! France is very strongly built upon Secularism.

Charlie Hebdo Cartoonists clearly stated that “It is better to die standing than living on our knees”! Charlie Hebdo was an “Equal Opportunity Offender”!

The Untouchables 2
Referring to the hit movie Untouchables

In this movie a rich white man who is paralyzed from the neck down hires a black ex-con from the projects to be his caretaker. The black man aids the white man to recover.
Jew pushes the wheelchair and aids the Muslim to get healthy and recover
Muslim and the Jew: Must not mock (Untouchables) them!

Let us state it like it is and unveil the truth. The word Islam comes from Submission. Islam is religion of submission to Allah. All Muslims must submit to Allah and all the population of the Earth must submit to Muslims or else they are infidels and beheading them is Halaal in Islam.

For more information read:

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected (Part 1 and 2)

Islam is a Dangerous Political Ideology (Part 1 and 2)

Islam Index

Islam is a dangerous political ideology posing as a religion. Quran is nothing but a Terror Manual, all you have to do is to read it. Quran is written very clearly and there is only one interpretation of Quran and that is what you read because it needs no interpretation! Muhammad was a terrorist and a serial killer who massacred complete tribes of Pagans, Jews, Christians and others.

Islam is not a religion, but a theocratic political dictatorship which needs to take over the world. Take it first hand from me because I lost a country to Islam and Muslims. On 1979, Islam and Muslims hijacked my progressive country and turned it to the central heart of the Islamist terrorism which is now named IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran).

The Passionate and Wet Gay Kiss
The Love is Stronger than the Hate!
Muslim is French kissing the Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist!

Your leaders, your governments and your gutless, politically correct liberal buffoons do not have the balls to point at Islam and Muslims for what they really are, but we do.

Two Types of Muslims

There are two types of Muslims:

a) True Muslims (Minority)
True Muslims are the terrorists who read, obey and act upon Quran as it is written. True Muslims are Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Jihad and other 101 Islamist Terrorist Groups supported by the central heart of the Islamist Terrorism, the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran). This group knows that Islam is the religion of Submission.

b) Ignorant Muslims (Majority)
Ignorant Muslims are either dumb enough not to read the Quran for themselves or they are in denial about what is written in Quran! This group which is in majority, insists that they are the true Muslims and the true Islam is a religion of peace!

For more information read:

Quran on Non-Muslims

Quran on Women

Politically Correct Governments and Media

Your gutless leaders and media are politically correct liberals whom are either in denial due to historical illiteracy or they do not have the balls to stand up to the Islam and Muslims, so instead they lie to you. We say it like it is!

Rabbi, Bishop and Imam: Must veil Charlie Hebdo!

These are the Charlie Hebdo Newspaper cartoons that even Jyllands-Posten News Paper would not publish!

Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which angered the Muslims by publishing the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad 10 years ago, will not republish Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons due to security concerns.

We have put our lives on the front line of this battle against Islam and Muslims for over 3 decades. We have no fear of Islam and Muslims; therefore, we will publish the complete set of the controversial cartoons and more!

Stop sugar coating the facts and start telling the truth to the global public, so they can judge for themselves, or else one day they will wake up and see themselves living under an Islamic Republic like we did!

Salafist Bull Shiite: All Pretexts are Good!
Salafist = An Islamic movement which believes in following the first 3 generations of Muslims starting from Prophet’s era because Prophet stated that the first 3 generations of Muslims were the best role models of Muslims to follow.
Pretext = Misleading appearance or behavior to conceal the true purpose or object
Title: “Salafist Bull Shiite: All Pretexts are Good!”
Muslim: Even insulting representation of our Prophet!
(Referring to Bugs Bunny as a pretext and the hidden representation of Prophet Muhammad!)

Charlie Hebdo cartoons are in 3 parts:

1. Muhammad and Islam Cartoons
2. Jesus, Christian and Political Cartoons
3. Charlie Hebdo Paris Terrorist Attack Controversy Cartoons

Enjoy the cartoons:

1. Muhammad and Islam Cartoons

These are cartoons on Muhammad and Islam by Charlie Hebdo.

Life of Muhammad Comic Books of Charlie Hebdo

Life of Muhammad: Part 1
Charlie Hebdo Special Comic Book Cover of the Volume One:
The Beginning of a Prophet
Muhammad walks the desert with his camel

Life of Muhammad: Part 2
Charlie Hebdo Special Comic Book Cover of the Volume Two:
Prophet of Islam
Muhammad walks the desert declaring Jihad to the civilized world while holding a scimitar with one hand and holding Aisha, his 6 year old child bride’s hand with the other.

For more information view:

Prophet Muhammad and Aisha his child bride Cartoons

Aisha cild bride of Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad Cartoons of Charlie Hebdo

If Muhammad was to Return!
Muhammad: I am the Prophet you moron!
Islamist (beheading Muhammad): Silence you infidel!

Muhammad the Erotic Movie Star!
The film which will embrace the Muslim World!
The Hit Movie which will set the Muslim World on Fire!
Muhammad performs while cameraman films at the background.
Muhammad: And what about my ass? Do you like my butt?!

Muhammad the Erotic Movie Star!
The Classic Black and White Deluxe Version!

A Star is Born!
Muhammad was born a star!
Referring to the Star of the Islamic Crescent and Star Emblem which represents Muhammad

For more information on the Islamic Symbol:

Meaning of the Crescent and Star Islamic Symbol

Muhammad Overwhelmed by the Islamist Fundamentalists
Muhammad: It’s hard to be loved by idiots!
This was the cover of the newspaper issue (2006) which published the Muhammad cartoons from the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Jacques Chirac (French president at the time) denounced the paper. Muslims sued the paper; however, Charlie Hebdo won the case.

Miss Sack of Potatoes Beauty Pageant!
Muhammad (front) conducts an Islamic Beauty Pageant with sacks of potatoes (Burqa Muslim Girls) at the back.
Muhammad: I will choose the Belle de Fontenay (a popular type of French Potato)!

The Muslim Anger!
Stop Insulting Muhammad!
Muhammad: I am Jewish!

During the filming of the scandalous Muhammad Movie
Muhammad (actor): Are you sure Muhammad had sex with a pig’s head?
Director: I can’t afford to pay for a 9 year old whore (Aisha)!

Islam Cartoons of Charlie Hebdo

Sheep: What are you reading?
Bull: A cookbook (Quran)!
(Sheep and Bull represent good Muslim followers.)
[Huge part of Quran is about what is Halaal (allowed) and what is Haraam (Forbidden) to eat!]

Banning Burqa in France!
Naked French woman protests pro wearing Burqa
Naked woman: Yes to Burqa but only at inside!
(Refers to condom which resembles Burqa and hangs from her privates!)
Burqa Muslim woman amazed at the background!

Sex Slaves are Angry!
“Nigerian Muslim Terrorist group Boko Haram kidnapped Nigerian girls for slavery and arranged marriage.” (Media)
“African Concubines are later sold to French Muslim men to live in France.” (Media)
Pregnant Black Muslim Concubines: Don’t touch our allocations (Welfare Checks)!

Slaughter in Egypt
Quran is Bull Shiite
It does not stop the bullets!
(In reference to Muslims killing Muslims in Egyptian riots)

Still no (Terrorist) Attacks in France!
Militant Muslim: Hold on, he (Allah) still has till the end of January to present his wishes!
[And Allah did (January 2015 Paris Terrorist Attacks) present his wishes!]

Qatar redeemed France
(On Qatar’s debt to France)
Shaikh: Except Florange (Beautiful Township in Lorraine at North East of France) and Mireille Mathieu (Famous French Pop Singer)!

Like taking on the Goliath!
Man: Bringing down this hefty Muslim woman is as hard as taking on the Goliath (David and Goliath)!
(Charlie Hebdo lampooning a bible Story)

Innocence of Muslims
1st Muslim to 2nd: With my new iPhone we can clearly see that they (US Embassy in Africa) have offended the Prophet!

A film about Muhammad and Islam will trigger the Muslim Anger!
Referring to the film on Islam which angered the Muslims
Muslim: Show us an intelligent film and trigger the 3rd World War!

Genocide, Turkey Persists
(On Kurdish Genocide inside Turkey)
Turkish Leader: Even the army denies!

The Islamist Movement Elevates
(On Turkey joining the EU)
Turkey: As you can see, Turkey has a new European Face!
(While putting a veil on the European Union’s face!)

Politically Correct Seasons Greetings by the ISIS Leader!
Final Cartoon published by Charlie Hebdo on Twitter few hours before the Paris attack
Ironically ISIS was responsible for the Jewish Supermarket attack while Al Qaeda was responsible for the Charlie Hebdo Office attack!
Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi (ISIS Leader): Seasons greetings and especially good health,
By the way, Best wishes for the holidays

The Protest!
January 2015 Death of Cartoonists
Charlie Hebdo Newspaper Paris Islamist Terrorist Attacks
Death of Cartoonist while raising the Pencil with his bloody fist
Je Suis Charlie

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