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What does Obama Administration Means to US, Iran and the World?
Ahreeman X
December 22, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama, Father of the future USSA (United Socialist States of America)

Barack Hussein Obama’s famous order and demand finger.
Obama: You may have not voted for me but I will be your president too!
Half the country are forced to live under Obama’s Socialist Regime by force and due to the sheer political ignorance of the other half!

The Emotionally Influenced, Shallow and Superficial Public

By majority, America is a nation of historically ignorant, politically uninformed, shallow and superficial folks who follow the fad of the day! American public gets their knowledge and information from the American Media. Every two bit thinking individual is well aware that the “Main Stream” American Media is biased. The liberal biased American Media prefers to lie to the public, hide the reality, twist the stories and even create the news rather than to report the news. American Media is so biased that they prefer to sell an unqualified candidate and a pop star (such as Barack Hussein Obama) to the public, rather than to elect a qualified candidate to the office of presidency! American Media does anything to put a liberal in the office. What’s good for America means nothing to the media. Media’s sole intention is to “erect” as many liberals and put them in the office as possible! American Media has an agenda to sell liberals to the uninformed public and portray conservatives as illiterate, backward hicks or reactionary fascists.

How Obama Got Elected?

Barack Hussein Obama, the Empty Suit
The Media Erected Boy for America!

An Example of American Liberal Biased Media at Work!

The perfect example is the recent Media “erection” of Caroline Kennedy to the US Senate. The same American Media who portrayed the governor of Alaska, the largest state of the union with much executive experience (Sarah Palin) as an illiterate whore, is now portraying a woman with no political, executive or legislative knowledge and experience (Caroline Kennedy) as the neo super heroine of the left who will save New York and America!

According to the American Media, a giant of a working class maverick, a doer and a no nonsense woman (Sarah Palin) becomes a backward hick and then a “Know Nothing” spoiled rich girl (Caroline Kennedy) who never established anything in her life except spending his rich family’s money (Kennedys), becomes an Amazon Liberal Goddess!

American Media had done the same thing to McCain and Obama. American Media had created an old senile fool from a Giant War Hero with a life time of experience in public service (John McCain) and then they created a Messiah and a Savior from an Empty Suit who can’t even state a sentence without the prop screen (Barack Hussein Obama)!

American Media had “erected” Obama solely because he is liberal, socialist, young and Black! This is affirmative action in the highest places, the office of presidency! If Barack Obama was not black, then he would have never been the media’s choice to be sold to the public!

Looks Means Everything!

At the exact moment which I took the first glance at the GOP candidates: 3 bald old men (John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson), a shriveled up prune (Ron Paul), a Mormon (Mitt Romney) and a priest (Mike Huckabee) versus the liberal candidates: a cool black man (Barack Obama), a good looking white man (John Edwards) and a woman (Hillary Clinton), I knew that we (GOP) had lost the election! Why you ask? Because Americans are a nation of historically ignorant, politically uninformed, shallow and superficial folks who follow the fad of the day and get their information from the Mainstream Media. In this country, Media makes you or breaks you. American Media has been making the liberal candidates and breaking the GOP candidates. This is not fiction but a fact.

Americans do not even know what is going on inside America, set aside the world! A thinking mind would get his news globally from various media forms of the left, the right and the center, and only then makes up his mind, but the average American lives by the fad of the day put in to his brain by the Liberal Media!

Americans think with their hearts and not with their minds. Looks means everything. This year, liberals had all the charismatic and good looking candidates but GOP had all the mediocre old fogies! Looks means everything in America.

America’s Religion

Mistakenly Americans believe that America’s religion is Christianity! The reality is that America’s religion is “Sex and Violence”. We love violence, just take a good look at our sports: Football (American), Boxing, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), our movies, our TV Shows and our culture! We love Wars and we like to win them. All these pacifist and brotherly love chit chats are Bull Shiite! We would even pay per view to watch live executions of the convicts on TV! Then there is sex. We base everything upon the first glance which we receive from the other party. If the other party is sexy, charismatic, good looking and a good dresser, then he or she is sold to us! Sex and Violence sells in America.

This is why we need a charismatic person with good looks and a powerful speaker who can charm America for 2012, simply because Americans are more emotional rather than rational, and they vote with their hearts rather than their minds! This is why we (GOP) must prepare Sarah Palin for 2012. That is of course if we are planning to win the White House for 2012!

Sarah Palin Rocks America

History of the Biased Media

American Mainstream Media has a history of antagonistic conflict with the GOP (Grand Old Party) since way before Richard Nixon. It is ten times harder for a GOP candidate to gain votes in America than the liberal democratic candidate, simply because he gets no positive exposure from the media and on the contrary he gets attacks, false accusations and slander from the media. On the other hand, the liberal candidate got it made! The liberal candidate gets all the free publicity that is needed from the media.

It is an intentional animosity and hatred of the American Media towards GOP and conservatives. Except for the FOX News (Fair and Balance), Talk Radio and a few Hard Copy Publications, the rest of the American TVs, Newspapers, Magazines and Media are Liberal biased.


FOX News Network (Fair and Balance)

Rush Limbaugh (EIB Networks)

Erecting Democ-Rats

CNN, NBC, CBS, New York Times, Time Magazine and LA Times are on top of the mainstream biased media list that creates the news rather than reporting the news!

American Media will do anything to not elect but to “Erect” the “Democ-Rats” (democrats) in to any office, even if it means electing the wrong person in to the office, even if it means to endanger the national security of America and the welfare of the American people.

Good of the America means nothing to the Mainstream American Media. Their self interest and putting as many liberals in to the office means everything to them. In their minds, “Socialism” and following the “European Example” is the sole remedy for the ills of the nation. Little do they know that today’s Europe is distancing themselves from Socialism and its failed policies! Just take a good look at Nikolas Sarkozy the President of France and the German Counselor Angela Merkel. Unfortunately America under Obama is heading towards Socialism, Economical Disaster, and the Abyss of the Dark Well.

Preparation and Creation of the Future Disaster

In 2008, majority of America, unthinkingly misguided by the Liberal Biased Media voted for Barack Hussein Obama to become the 44th president of United States of America and leader of the Free World. Going back on his word, Obama’s campaign had risen between 600 million dollars (documented) to over a Billion dollar (undocumented: Internet donation, Arab Oil, etc.), unique in the history of America to buy Obama’s way in to the White House! Primarily Obama agreed to have campaign finance limits but then he went back on his word and peddled for as many dollars as he could get his hands on and this was his first openly dishonest act during the election year.

American Media, Special Interest, Arab Oil, George Soros and the Extreme Left have erected (not elected) Barack Hussein Obama as the future “president erect”!

Majority of Americans due to historical ignorance, political ignorance, uniformity, superficiality and hype of the day had voted for a Pop Star to become the president. They have decided to hand the key of the White House to an unqualified empty suit who had never operated anything, even a small business in his whole life. His highest qualification was being a corrupt community organizer from Chicago (Mafia Hometown) in bed with all types of shady characters and slum lords such as Tony Rezko (convicted felon) and corrupt governors such as Rod Blagojevich (on his way to prison)!

Liberal Media’s Politically Correct Terminologies

Have you noticed that the liberal biased media is so politically correct that they never use terms such as “Islamist Terrorists”? They will use words such as Insurgents, Rebels, and at most Terrorists, but never “Islamist Terrorists”! Liberal Media would not dare to insult Islam.

Liberal Media also does not use the term “Merry Christmas” but they use “Happy Holidays”, because they may hurt Muslims’ feelings! Christmas belongs to Christians but Holidays belongs to all!

Also it is now “Person of the Year” and not “Man of the Year”!

It is now “African Americans” and not “Blacks”, even though they are not from Africa and they never been to Africa throughout their whole lives!

It is now “Asians” and not “Orientals”, even though Asian includes the whole Continent of Asia including Indians, Arabs and Central Asians! Not every Asian is oriental; however, political correctness in America demands for them to be called Asians! This even causes false assumptions amongst the Americans that Asian means Oriental and therefore every person from Asia is an oriental! Hey I am from Asia (Iran) and I am not oriental!

It is now “Latinos” and not “Hispanics” because Hispanic sounds too mechanical! But then again isn’t Latino a race group? Aren’t politically correct liberals supposed to be color blind?

It is now “Native Americans” and not “American Indians”, even though they were not originally the natives of Americas and they moved to America, through Alaska (Bering Strait) and from Siberia in Asia.

The list goes on and on and there are no limits to American Liberal Media’s political correctness Bull Shiite. CNN is the head guru of the political correctness disease in the media.

Khomeini and Obama!

What happened in America of 2008 reminds me of what happened in Iran of 1978! Majority voted for Khomeini and then IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) had formed, also majority voted for Obama and then USSA (United Socialist States of America) will form! We ran away from Islam and Socialism and escaped to America to live free, but now America of all places is turning to Shiite!

Question of Character?

Barack Hussein Obama’s Friends and Associates

To create a network of political connections for further political progress, advancement and climbing the political ladder is understandable but where do we draw the line? People judge your character by the friends and associates whom you keep around you. Through the years, these people were Barack Hussein Obama’s close advisors and associates:

Barack Hussein Obama’s Network of Friends and Associates

Reverend Jeremiah Wright (Black Separatist Racist Spiritual Advisor)
Bill Ayers (Weather Underground Terrorist Group Leader)
Tony Rezko (Slum Lord Convicted Felon)
Rod Blagojevich (Governor of Illinois on his way to prison for corruption)
Frank Marshall Davis (Communist Party USA)
Jabir Herbert Muhammad (Nation of Islam)
Reverend Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam Leader)
Edward Said (Radical Palestinian Activist Terrorist)
Khalid Al-Mansour (Saudi Advisor)
Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal (Saudi Prince)
ACORN (Fraudulent Voters Registration Organization)
Hamas (Palestinian Terrorist Group)

Is this character qualified to become president of United States of America?

Question of Records?

Barack Hussein Obama’s History and Records has been kept from the American public by the liberal media! On November 4th the majority of America voted for Obama; however, the majority did not study the records and history of Obama before voting for him!

Barack Hussein Obama will bring these presents for America:

Higher Taxes
New Taxes
More Government Spending
New Government Expenditures
New Government Bureaucratic Organizations
Larger Government
More Government Control of Your Affairs
Interference with Your Right to Own Arms
More Affirmative Action
Legislation from the Benches by the Liberal Judges
Less Individual Rights
Less Freedom of Choice
More Business Regulations
More Socialism
Less Free Enterprise

Obama’s War on Corporations

Radical Socialists such as Obama assume that taxing corporations up the butt will save America! America has already the 2nd highest corporate regulations, taxations, environmental laws and limitations in the world! Keep up these policies and whatever American corporations which have still left operating in America will leave overseas to India, South Korea, Taiwan or south of the border to Mexico or Brazil!

Along with corporations, all the jobs will also leave America. Corporations are what creates jobs in America. Without corporations, all of these American jobs will be lost and they will go to the cheap labor overseas or south of the border. This is common sense: 2 + 2 = 4.

Democrats are the Cause of the Economic Recession

It seems like Socialist Liberal Democrats are declaring war on corporate America! Democrats are the reason for the present economic disaster. The over lending of the banks, the buying of junk mortgages, irrational spending, encouragement of people to buy houses without having the money, dependency on foreign oil, not allowing to drill our own oil, silly environmental regulations, imaginary global warming, various number of corporate regulations, spreading the wealth and tragic economical decisions did not start by Bush but it goes all the way back to Clinton and even Carter administrations! The present economical recession which in times will turn to the economical depression (under Obama) have not been created over night by Bush, but it has been created through the decades of sad liberal economical policies!

Of course you do not hear all this from the media. The media points finger at Bush! The reality is that under Bush’s tax cuts we had economical prosperity during 3 quarters of Bush’s presidency. The Shiite only hit the fan in the 4th quarter (which liberals ruled the congress). I am not having a love affair with Bush. I do not even consider Bush as a “Reagan Republican” and a “Fiscal Conservative”. Bush is a globalist and a big spender. Bush’s economic policies are far from what I believe. I am a “Reaganomist” who believes in “Reaganomics” and “Supply-Side Economics”. I am a Reagan Republican. I believe America has been going in a wrong direction for decades. Republicans or Democrats both have led America to the present disaster. The present economic disaster is the direct result of such policies. America has lost her way and drifting further away from Capitalism and Free Enterprise.

Barney Frank Factor

Barney Frank, the hypocrite, bureaucrat, corrupt, degenerated and perverted, gay congressman from Massachusetts, now in office for 100 years was and is the chairman of the House financial services committee. He is one of the main factors who is directly responsible for the present economical crisis. He has been in office since 1981. For God’s sake, what has happened to term limits! We must have term limits in America! He has been boning around with US Capitol interns, banging butts for decades, accepting bribes in the form of kick-backs and benefits to look the other way on the banking practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack and other corporations.

Have you seen "Barnette" Frank speak? He sounds like an old gay pervert with dentures and front teeth missing, drooling on dick juices while deep throating an 18 year old intern in his office at the House of Representatives!

Bill O’Reilly rips Barney Frank

This drooling flaming faggot imbecile, part of the DC Establishment forever, keeps on blaming everyone else from Bush all the way to George Washington and Hafez Shirazi for the economical crisis, except himself! This is the typical liberal pointing fingers and blaming others syndrome! It is like this Gay old boy did not ever have the slightest role in this shenanigan!

Barney Frank, Clintons, Harry Reid (Senate majority leader), Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House), and rest of the DC Liberals and career politicians are some of the great factors which had caused the present economical recession but none of them accepts any blame. It is like they were living on Mars before the Shiite hit the fan in Wall Street! Bush is responsible for everything!

If Bush is responsible for everything, then how come for 3 quarters of his presidency, the American economy was blooming?!

Bush Bashing Syndrome

These days Bush is responsible for everything from Michael Moore’s constipation due to over eating, all the way to the tsunami in Thailand! Bush is responsible for every little incident from the torn rectum of the Palestinian kid (throwing rocks at the Israeli tanks in Ramala), by the Israeli soldier’s rifle bayonet, all the way to my father’s lack of erection without Viagra! G. W. Bush is this evil entity responsible for world’s every single problem and even natural disasters! Thank God for Bush, so liberals have an escape goat to blame everything on him!

It is like overnight Bush had caused the global economical recession! God could not come down from the heavens and do this, but Bush obviously had caused the global crisis overnight!

… and then there goes slogans:
Bush lied, my son got fragged, Cindy Sheehan lain an egg and some bimbo also got banged in Basrah, Iraq! It is all Bush’s fault!

All the problems in Iraq and Afghanistan are Bush’s fault. These countries were fragged for hundreds of years. Bush comes along and hands them freedom and democracy after centuries of slavery, and then they blame all their miseries on Bush!

Bush liberated 50 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan and now the little Shiite-kicker bloody Arab throws shoes at him! That’s the thanks he gets for treating these people as human beings. It is best to treat these people as Saddam had done. Saddam treated them as little maggots.

What would have happened to this Arab journalist if he had thrown the shoes at Saddam? He would be hung upside down by the balls with a tree branch shoved up his ass! This is what Bush gets for liberating these lizards!

To Liberals

These days everybody hates Bush. American Liberals hate Bush more than Arabs, but as a liberal, if you don’t give any credit to Bush, still you can’t deny one fact: Thanks to Bush, since 9/11, America has not been attacked and as a liberal, you have been sitting your butt safe and comfortably on the sofa, couch potatoing in your Mom’s basement and vegetating now for 8 years, shouting: Death to Bush!

Back to Reaganomics

It is not Capitalism which has failed, but it is the Socialization of America, Socialism, Irrational Globalism with no boundaries, Big Government Policies, Massive Expenditures, Creation of Huge National Debt, limitations on Free Market Economy and other liberal policies that further distant us from Capitalism and led us in to the present economical disaster. Republicans and Democrats are both responsible for this economical tragedy.

Republicans Part
Republicans are responsible because they have lost their ways and went further away and apart from Reaganomics, Free Market Economy and limited spending.

Democrats Part
Democrats are responsible because they simply put aside the Free Market Economy and stuck with Socialism!

It is not Capitalism which got US and the World in to the present economical disaster, but it is the exact opposite. It is the lack of Capitalism and going towards Socialism which had caused this tragedy! But do we learn? Of course not! We elect Obama, so we will head on crash to a brick wall with the speed of 300 miles per hour! We are going full Socialism now!

The solution is back to Supply-Side Economics and Reaganomics which made America bloom.

Why Obama’s Economic Policies will Fail?

It is very simple. In a recession, you do not raise taxes on people, raise taxes on corporations, enlarge the size of the government and expand government spending, because if you do, then you will turn the recession in to a deep depression! This is common sense.

To cut dependency on foreign Arab oil, you do not create 101 environmental laws and regulations out of your rectum to ban drilling your own oil and gas and then create a myth such as “Global Warming”, because if you do, then you will enlarge this dependency to the Arab oil, even more than what it is today!

But then again what do you expect from a man whose one of the main factors which he was elected by, was the Arab and Saudi Oil money funding his campaign, so in return he will screw America and Americans by not allowing to drill our own oil, hence we will stay dependant to the Arab oil. In addition, to compromise the national security of America and Israel by the appeasement policies towards the Islamist Terrorist Regimes (Iran, Syria, Palestine, etc.) and aligning with the Arabo-Muslim!

Why Obama’s National Security Policies will Fail?

A weak president in the White House is Allah sent to Arabo-Muslim! Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and Islamic Republic of Iran are having a group joy ejaculation and climax over Obama’s erection to the oval office! Most likely, during the first year of his presidency, some sort of threat will occur to the national security of America. Either Al Qaeda will attack, a biological or chemical terrorist attack, IRI’s nuclear threat, Hezbollah sabotage or domestic terrorism. He will be challenged. Due to weakness, he will fail.

Why Obama’s Foreign Policies will Fail?

Obama’s liberal pacifist stands and appeasement policies will result in a defeat in Iraq, retreat from Iraq, and the replacement of US Troops by the Iranian troops. Iran will become a larger regional power (in Middle East) and continental power (in Asia) than she already is. A nuclear Iran under the Mullahs will then dictate policy to America. In the long run, United States will end up returning to the Middle East and fighting by then a much more powerful Islamic Iran in every front from Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria all the way to Afghanistan. This final face off with Islamic Republic of Iran will swallow the whole Middle East in to a bloody war.

Obama’s weakness, radical politics and bending over to terrorism will empower radical socialist, Marxist and Islamist states all over the world including but not limited to Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, North Korea, Iran and others.

Every single Islamist Terrorist organization such as Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Jihad al Eslamiya and etc. will grow larger and more powerful. The immediate threat from Middle East will move inside US borders and American cities.

Why Obama’s Domestic Policies will Fail?

The man is an empty suit who promised “Change”, but now we are finding out that his “Change” is basically re-erecting the complete Clinton’s cabinet and administration back in to the power. Obama’s so-called Change is going back to Clinton’s corrupt era, appointing Clinton people in to various positions and maintaining the same old Washington DC politics as usual.

With McCain and Palin, a true Change of all fabrics in DC could occur; however, with Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Clinton, we will have the same old Liberal policies and business as usual in DC as it has been for decades. For instance, Rahm Emanuel, the Obama’s future chief of staff is a knife drawing thug from Illinois (Chicago Mob) and a Clinton trustee who used to threaten people and draw knives and carve tables with them while doing these threats!

The “Do Nothing” Congress will continue destroying America, government will get larger, more of your tax money will get wasted, politicians will become richer, same liberals who ran DC for decades will continue running DC. Oh yeh, I almost forgot, …… and Barney Fag, Oops sorry I mean Barney Frank will suck more Schlong and drool saliva all over his mouth while doing it!

One for the Arab Oil

Obama’s 2008 victory is also a great victory for the Arab Oil. The best tactic for the Arab Oil to keep America dependent to their oil and also promote the Arab cause and undermine Israel was to get Obama elected.

As a hardcore environmentalist, Obama is against drilling American oil in Alaska, Gulf Shores and Continental US. Obama is also against expanding nuclear energy, clean coal and other forms of fossil fuel. This means only one thing: Continued dependency to Arab Oil.

Global Warming Scam

Moses turned a stick to a snake.
Jesus walked on water.
Mohammed behalved the Moon (Shaq ol Qamar).
… and Al Gore created the Global Warming!

Global Warming Scam Equals to Higher Taxes and New Taxes …

Global Warming to liberals is the same as God and religion to Christian Fundamentalist Conservatives! One day liberals sat around and asked themselves: Unlike Conservatives, we do not have the Church business, God and Religion business as a gimmick to make money and create votes, so what should we do? So the liberals came up with a new and bright idea: Global Warming Scam!

“Why not create some cockamamie fear and scare tactic to frighten people about some imaginary episode where in it, the Earth is about to get destroyed by the mankind, due to the global warming?” (Liberals pondered)!

The American public are so much pro healthy environment, clean air and survival of the planet, so let us take advantage of this issue and force the naïve, uninformed and gullible American youth and public in to believing that there is a global catastrophe on the way and it is called the Global Warming!

The scientific reality is that there exists Global Warming and so does Global Cooling! Earth’s temperature has been going up and down for millions of years. In the past, Earth had Melt Downs and Ice Ages, and so it will occur in the future. The problems with liberals’ theory are:

Problems with Global Warming Scam Theory

I. Global Warming and Global Cooling occurs throughout the history of Earth. The human’s part to affect this process is microscopic! The human factor is so small that it is practically irrelevant. Human pollution cannot affect this process and if it does, then it is as big as .05 % of the total process. To assume that human can affect the global climate to the point to cause a mass Global Warming and a catastrophic future is garbage and fantasy.

II. If anything will occur in the future, is not global warming, but all the scientific evidence directs to a future Global Cooling and Ice Age! Every year the global climate is getting colder! Of course the temperature goes up and down; however, we had some of the coldest winters around the globe last year and also this year. The freezing and the never happened before unusually cold winter had occurred in China, Iran, Europe and everywhere else! Snow up to your knees all around the world. Every year the temperature is getting colder and not warmer!

III. Hypothetically, even if Global Warming Scam will be true, then we will see the minor results of this warming in a millennium and the major results of this warming in tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of years in the future! In a million years from now we may have a major catastrophe and even then, it will most likely be an Ice Age!

IV. The chances for such catastrophe in a million years are as much as the chances of a large meteor crashing with the Earth and destroying it!

Why Liberals have created the Global Warming Fantasy?

By creating mass hysteria, scare tactics and fear, the liberals via the leadership of Al Gore, Jane Fonda, Hollywood, and the Kennedys, can create a new fad and belief to:

a) Take advantage of the American public’s scientific ignorance to create a common belief, which in fact is nothing but a myth.

b) To publicize this myth repeatedly and for so long so that the public lives in fear of this myth and will do anything to avoid it.

c) To create the environment and the mentality which results in to the mass creation of the “Environmentalist Wackos”, “Tree Huggers” and “Over Zealous Greens” groups to vote Democratic in elections.

d) To finally as the ultimate goal, raising the environmental taxes to a higher level and creating new environmental taxes, so they can take more money out of your pockets to finance their crusade and expand the government by creating more useless offices, departments, organizations and more paper pushers to work in them and spend your hard earned money!

e) To expand the role of the government in controlling more of your lives and more of your money!

This is basically the whole story on the Global Warming Scam, which has become a business for the Democrats! GOP had the Christian Conservatives and the Religion and God gimmick to create revenue and votes, so liberals had to come up with their own gimmick to create new revenues and votes, so they created the Global Warming Scam out of their rectums!

Solution to Global Warming

Global Warming exists and we must take care of our planet so it will take care of us. But I do not believe in myths and scares! We must and we will work to create a green and healthy environment and will have the environmental issues in mind, while pushing for progress, industrialization, technology and economy to grow. We will not follow fads but we must deal with facts.

Global warming business for Dems is like the religion business for the Christian right. But I am a firm believer in “Evolution”, “Science” and “Logic”. Environmentalist Wackos have forced us not to dig oil in Alaska, Montana and Gulf of Mexico, not to build new atomic reactors, not to build new refineries and they have caused our dependency to the foreign oil, which had resulted in the high prices of gas at the pump. We must overcome this dilemma. Sarah Palin, the same as myself does believe in environmentally safe usage of all our natural resources. We must drill our own oil to stay independent of the Arab oil. It is simple as that.

What does Obama Administration Means to US, Iran and the World?

After the above descriptions, it is pretty obvious that what type of present this administration will bring to America! Nothing but disaster is in the bag for America. Economical Depression, Compromising the National Security, Disastrous Foreign Policy, Continuation of Oil Dependency to the Arab Oil, Close Down and Fall of Corporations, Major Economic Meltdown, High Taxation, Big Government, Banning many types of guns and interfering with your rights to own and bear arms and basically total meltdown of America. Obama wants to change the fundamentals of America.

On Economic Bailouts

Obama wants government to bailout everyone who did not pay for their mortgages and he wants to bailout failing corporations so the government will end up controlling everything and everyone. Obama wants to bailout all the failures with your tax money! This is socialism.

In Free Market Economy, you will keep up your part and you will produce results or you will be eliminated out of business or you will lose your home. This is how it is done in the Free Market System. Obama wants to artificially equalize everyone and get everyone to be dependant to the big government. Obama wants to eliminate the element of self-responsibility.

Obama believes that Healthcare, Welfare and Affirmative Action are natural rights and not personal responsibilities!

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology

Free Market Economy vs. Socialism

In Free Market Economy, individual benefits result in competition and in returns competition results in economic growth and perfection.

In Socialism where everyone benefits equal shares and everyone’s work is equal to everyone else, the wealth is spread equally, social classes do not exist and therefore there is no sense in hard work and no motivation for the hard work; therefore, the economy will stagnate and seizes growth. Progress will simply not occur. Perfect examples are Ex Soviet Union, Eastern Blocks, North Korea and China before she went full blown Capitalistic!

Interesting Story

An American was travelling throughout the old Soviet Union and saw a bunch of farmers sitting around under the shade of the trees for long hours chit chatting, drinking. Eating and passing time. He went forward and asked them:

American: Pardon me comrades, but when do you work?
Comrade: I make the same amount of Rubles if I work or sit under the tree shade passing time!

On World

Obama’s Administration cannot be disastrous for America but not for the rest of the world, because America is the heart of global economy and everything is related and interlinked. Disaster in America will bring chaos to the world. US sad foreign policies, bad economic policies, and bending over to the terrorism will impact the globe. Western Europe and the Free World will directly be the target of this impact.

On Iran

Iran will obviously be screwed! Obama administration will mean nothing but 4 more years of stronger, more fundamental, more powerful and a nuclear Iran. Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to grow stronger, crush Iranian people’s rights, suffocate human rights, women’s rights and every other rights in Iran and continue to lobby in America.

IRI Lobbyists in America are already having an erection due to Obama’s victory. It is a win win situation for Hezbollah and IRI Lobbyists in America. They receive funds both from Tehran and Washington DC:

Hezbollah in America

Hezbollah IRI Lobbyists in USA (Trita Parsi - NIAC) Sue Author

Trita Parsi (NIAC), Hezbollah – IRI Lobbyist Frauds US Congress for Funds

Hezbollah Front Businesses in America

America, Americans, Israel and Iranian people will lose.

Liberal Politicians, Hezbollah, Mullahs and IRI Lobbyists will win.

Another 4 years of stagnation for Iranian opposition and stalemate with IRI for America, thanks to President Erect Obama!

George Soros Factor

George Soros transparent organizations were one of the main factors which bought the US elections. George Soros, the billionaire with radical views is one of the greatest Special Interest who pushed his liberal agenda via funneling various funds coming through all directions and 101 camouflaged organizations (such as to the most radical liberal candidates (such as Obama) year in and year out!

George Soros in returns gets all types of benefits from the government and a free ticket to do as he pleases with his corporations. George Soros gets the Green Card and his wishes for Socialization of America. George Soros and other Special Interest Groups and Individuals are the backbones of the Democratic Party.

Unions Factor

Unions in America are not there to protect the labor, but they are there to manipulate the labor and the votes. Unions are operated and run by the Mob (Mafia), Special Interest, Radical Liberals and Corrupt Politicians. Unions dictate to their members on how to vote, how much to pay (union fees) and how to live! Unions are corrupt organizations to manipulate the American labor force, voting system and the political balance. Union members are used as cattle or robots and foot soldiers to do their parts. Unions are a tool in the hands of the Democratic party.

Walmart, a Shining Example

Liberals hate Walmart because Walmart doesn’t allow unions. Walmart employees are non-union workers; therefore, the union does not have the power to cripple the corporation and bankrupt it. Unions’ illogical demands were one of the major factors for GM and Chrysler corps to be in their present situation. Unions block the economical growth by crippling the corporations. They suppose to stand up for members’ rights but in reality they end up bankrupting the corporations so the labor loses his job and becomes unemployed. Look at what is happening to the American corporations today!

Walmart is an exception. Walmart workers are not union members. Corporation is happy, labors are happy, customers are happy, service is good, products are cheap and Walmart was one of the few corporations which last year and this year shows profit rather than loss or bankruptcy. Walmart does not need government bailout or handout to survive. Shareholders are profiting, stocks are up and corporation is growing. Walmart employees have jobs and security without the interference of the government.

Liberals and DC Government hates Walmart and they have been trying to find 101 irregularity and malpractices with Walmart. So far they have failed and Walmart is blooming. Walmart department stores are all over America and are doing great without government interruptions.

In Obama’s view of the world, corporations must not succeed, because it is government’s job to regulate, mandate, control and run the economy and the nation. Obama is bound to turn America to a socialist nation.

Obama’s Election Wining Factors

* Media sold Obama to the people
* Unlimited dollars raised by campaign while he supposed to be pro campaign finance limits.
* Creation of a Grass-root Movement and Money Raising Machine
* Saudi dollars
* Arabo Muslim dollars

Obama’s Dishonesty

How can you lie after lie after lie and portray absolute dishonesty and then once in office, expected to become an honest president?!

Lies about his pastor and spiritual guru are the ultimate! How can Obama sit in the Church for 20 years and listen to hate speech by Reverend Jeremiah Wright and then claim that he does not remember any of it? How can Obama jump start his career by people such as Bill Ayers (Terrorist Group Leader), Tony Rezko (Slum Lord Convicted Felon) and Rod Blagojevich (Governor of Illinois on his way to prison for corruption) and then claim that he barely knew these people? There are no limits to Obama lies!

Obama gives a new meaning to the term “Dishonesty”! Every 3rd statement came out of his mouth during the campaign was a lie! This man is a compulsive liar, a narcissist, a sad actor, an arrogant empty suit and a celebrity pop star who can’t even talk without the prop screen! Media created this man and media erected this man and media sold this man as the 44th president of the Union to America.

American Media Betrayed American People

In other words, Media committed treason by knowingly creating a Messiah out of an empty unqualified suit. Media did put his own self interest (Liberalism) above America’s interest. Media is directly responsible for the future tragedies which will occur during Obama’s 4 year presidency.

Who Voted for Obama?

Over 40 million Americans don’t pay taxes in this country. Most of them voted for Obama because under his plan they get money back for the tax cuts! Corporations, small businesses and working class get taxed up the kazoo but bums, welfare recipients and tax cheaters get money back! Welcome to United Socialist States of America under the President Erect Obama!

Most of the people who voted for Obama do not even have the general knowledge of the American events, set aside the global events! They would get their information from the American Media; therefore, their brains and knowledge were obscured and they were misinformed by the liberal biased media.

American media demonized and belittled Sarah Palin but glorified and hide facts about Barack Obama.

Cashing in on Obama

Obama merchandise are selling like hot cakes! Businesses are cashing in on Obama coins, posters, statues, action figures, memorabilia and other goodies (even Obama Black Condoms) like the second coming of Christ! Every week, Obama is on all media covers even Playboy! Everywhere I Iook and everywhere I go, I see Obama’s face and that black militant wife of his (Michelle Obama)! Have you noticed that Michelle Obama has the face and attitude of a sassy black bitch from Hell?! The type of a militant bimbo which you want to smack the Shiite out of her?!

I can’t walk around without facing some sort of Obama picture on something! Obama is simply killing my erections! Every time I get erected, Obama’s face kills it! Even Viagra does not work anymore! Maybe Haji Kuchike should sue Obama for not allowing him to fully grow and get erected! Media erected Obama and in returns, Obama is killing Haji’s erections! Obama, the killer of erections!

Give it a year or two and I will have the last laugh! All of these merchandising and hype will disappear when America goes in depression! Every Obama voter will be sorry for putting an empty suit in charge of the most important office in the nation!

Big Government = Socialism = No Free Markets

Liberals and Big Government love to control America and grab as much of your tax dollars as possible and then order you on how much tax to pay and how to spend your own money! Government does not believe that you can run your own life; therefore, they raise your taxes, take your money and your rights, take your guns away (so they can easily control you) and then hand you bones (like dogs) such as welfare, healthcare, project housing and food stamps!

Liberals want to control every aspect of your life and decide for you on how to live. Government does not believe that you are qualified to run your business or even your life; therefore, they regulate your business and tell you how to live! Liberals believe that Big Government is the solution to everything. The reality is that the Big Government is the reason that we are in this hole today!

Every business which is ran by the government is a monopoly and a failure including the postal system, welfare system and affirmative action!

Every time the private sector is in charge, there is competition; therefore, perfection and excellence occurs. All aspects of the country must be run by the private sector, free market system and various companies.

If socialism was practical, then Soviet Union and the Eastern Blocks would have not fallen and even China would have not turned to a Totalitarian Capitalistic System!

If America was ran like a corporation, then the present economical disaster would have not occurred! When government is in charge of anything, then things go down to Shiite! Just go to any government facility and see the tellers and clerks cannot even speak English set aside assisting you!

Obviously the American Media, American Youth and Neo Liberals have forgotten this fact and they did desire to once more experiment with Socialism. More power to them but I promise you that by the end of Obama’s 4 year presidency, liberals will Shiite all over America so bad that every single Obama voter would’ve preferred to eat Shiite and die rather than voted for Obama!

Who Will they Make Fun of Now?

Liberal Media, their news programs and their entertainment shows and Hollywood used to make fun of the Republicans in charge or running for the office. Now Democrats are in charge of everything, so who will they make fun of now? They will be out of jokes and cracks for 4 years! They have no one to make fun of and they will dare making fun of the Black Messiah and the Democrats! Who will they bash now? Comedy shows will be very boring during the next 4 years!

I Sympathize with the US Military

It is surely hard to be a true American Patriot (not a liberal democrat) or a military man and accept Obama as commander in chief! Obama is an arrogant narcissist and a dishonest compulsive liar who is not fit to be a shoe salesman, let alone the commander in chief of the US Armed Forces! How can a true American patriot or a Military man respect this con artist?

Barack Hussein Obama is planning to:

Cut the military budget
Cut the military benefits
Downsize the US Military
Weaken the US Military
Cut and Run in Iraq
Cut Veterans Benefits
Undermine the US Military Generals
Disgrace the Armed Forces

And basically spit in the face of the military.

This man is a weak, liberal pacifist with defeatist and appeasement policies in the bag for America to bend over backwards to the Terrorists, Islamists and the Marxists. This cheap shot Chicago Mob Boy is against everything that the American patriots and military believes in. It is surely hard to accept this empty suit as the commander in chief for 4 years! However, when one makes an oath of honor to the president of United States of America, then he must keep his oath. No matter how ridiculous it may seem to make an oath to a person who is bound to destroy America, her military might and her global prestige, yet still the military shall keep their oath of honor and suffer for 4 years. My hat is off to the great armed forces of United States of America and all American Veterans and Patriots. It is surely hard to respect Obama, set aside to accept this charlatan and con artist as the commander in chief. Not a minute too soon for these 4 years to be over.

Will Affirmative Action End Now?

There is a Black Man officially the president of United States of America, the highest office of the land. This means Racism is technically no more a relevant factor in America’s daily life and business world. There are no more excuses for the liberals to play the “Race Card” and to insist on “Affirmative Action”.

Dear Mr. President Erect,

When is it the time to end Affirmative Action and Reverse Racism in America?

I doubt if liberals and Black Democratic politicians will ever end Affirmative Action because this is their bread and butter. They will always play the race card and sing Slavery songs for the bleeding hearts!

Today, a Black Man is America’s president. There are no more excuses for Affirmative Action.

End Notes

In 2008, America has committed suicide (Obama), the same way that in 1978, Iran has committed suicide (Khomeini). Welcome to the Club! Who knows, maybe it is Karma!

In 1978, Liberal Democrats shafted Iran and Iranians and erected Khomeini, Hezbollah and IRI. In 1978, Liberal Democrats destroyed Iran and created Neo Global Islamist Fundamentalism.

Reasons for the Birth of IRI

In 2008 Liberal Democrats shafted America and Americans and erected Obama. In 2008, Liberal Democrats destroyed America and created USSA (United Socialist States of America).

What goes around, comes around. But who loses in the middle? Iranian and American people!

So it all comes down to 2 conditions:

a) Obama will execute his radical leftist plans and changes the fundamentals of United States of America, even fingers the Constitution, in this condition, we will have a riot and a possible revolution on our hands and the opposition will stand up and rise up against Obama. There will be chaos in the nation.

b) The DC Status Quo liberals such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton will advise Obama and drag him from the extreme left to the center left, to avoid a full blown riot in the government and country. Obama will gather wise advisors around him to succeed going through these 4 years.

But then again if Obama surrounds himself with the DC Career Politicians as advisors, what will happen to the “Change” which he had promised?

If he practically brings back the Clinton’s Cabinet to power, then isn’t this so-called “Change” just a slogan and another empty promise from a politician to the American people?

Either way, Obama is stuck between the Rock and the Hard Place! He can’t execute his radical leftist plans because America will not stand for them and he cannot maintain the Status Quo and surrounds himself with DC Career politicians as advisors, because people did not vote for him to maintain the Status Quo! On top of it, he does not have the ingenuity to run the country (because he is an Empty Suit), so he will be in need of all these advisors (which he despises) to get him through these 4 years!

Seeing his latest actions, Obama voters are already beginning to abandon him and feel that he had betrayed them.

Bad News and Good News

The bad news is that Carter and liberals had permanently damaged Iran, now for 30 + years, because you can’t vote IRI out of the power in Iran. It will take a bloody revolution or US military liberation to end IRI.

The good news is that Liberal Media had temporarily damaged America and it will only last for 4 years, because in America, we can vote the president out after 4 failed years!
I am an atheist and I don’t believe in God, but Thank God that we live in America!

For the next 4 years, Obama will damn America dramatically. It is up to us, the Thinking GOP movers and shakers to determine the future of America, Iran and the World by proper planning and starting the movement from now and today.

Outcome of the 2012 elections will be decided now and it is up to us to prepare a candidate to sell to America on 2012. All the odds will be against us including the American Media. We will succeed against all odds, simply because we have learned from our past mistakes and indeed Obama administration will destroy this country so bad that on 2012, people will beg for a “Real Change”.

In 2008, Christian Conservatives, True Republicans, Fiscal Conservatives, and Reagan Republicans did not vote for McCain because they did not believe that he represented the core of the GOP and the fundamentals of the party. This is why GOP had lost the elections. Today we must return to Reaganomics, Fiscal Conservatism, Small Government, and core beliefs of the GOP. We are beginning our grass root movement today to win 2012. We will start this movement not to win elections but to save America from Socialism and becoming a Grand Welfare State! From today, we will think 2012.

Barack Hussein Obama is an empty suit and does not deserve to be the president of United States, set aside the leader of the Free World. Folks such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and myself will remain opposition to this Socialist Government and this Media erected puppet named Obama.

In 2008, we have lost the Presidency, the Senate, the House and the Governorships. In 2012 we must gain everything back and this turn, unlike 2000 and 2004, we must actually establish reforms and True Change of the complete fabrics of the DC politics and the Federal Government. The True Change starts now, so on 2012 we will gain our country back.

Bush was a bigger spender and globalist than Democrats. This is why we must nominate a true Fiscal Conservative, a Reaganomist, a Reformer and an Agent of Change to lead GOP. This is why I will stick with Sarah Palin for 2012. We must prepare Sarah Palin for 2012. In my future article, I will explain further:

Why Sarah Palin for 2012?

We are a nation of survivors and we will survive the Obama years. I have faith in this nation. Future is bright and future lies in Free Markets and True Capitalism. We will survive.

More power to the Thinking Minds

Ph.D. in conservatism,
Defender of patriotism,
The believer in optimism,
Dr. of passion and eroticism,
With a truck load of magnetism,
Disciple of charm and romanticism,
The one and only, yours truly, Dr. X;
Ahreeman X


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