Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA

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NIAC Iran Lobby Discriminates Against Iranians

Postby IPC » Wed Jun 19, 2019 4:27 pm

NIAC Iran Lobby Discriminates Against Iranians

NIAC Mafia Tactics
NIAC Discrimination Against Iranian Americans

New by Sam Ghandchi

Trita Parsi AKA Scarface Trita – Top Iran Lobby Agent in USA and Head of NIAC
Trita Parsi Heads the IRI Iranian 5th Column in USA

NIAC Iran Lobby Business Discrimination Against Iranians
Sam Ghandchi
June 18, 2019

Way back before the creation of NIAC (National Iranian American Council), there was a group named “Anti-Discrimination” with the web URL of 5 different groups had originally created NIAC. A part of these 5 groups were the original members who created the “Anti-Discrimination” Group. Down the road, part of the original “Anti-Discrimination” Group plus a number of others (total of 5 Groups) had created NIAC. If you notice, at the present, NIAC has 2 URLs:

Read More:

NIAC Iran Lobby Business Discrimination Against Iranians ... /index.htm

More Iran Lobby:

Iran Movement Index
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IPC vs. NIAC - IPC Not NIAC Fights the IRI Islamist Regime

Postby Atusa Qajar » Thu Jun 27, 2019 1:33 pm

IPC vs. NIAC - IPC Not NIAC Fights the IRI Islamist Regime

Interesting Article

IPC, not the Leftists in NIAC Fight the IRI Islamist Regime

IPC Not NIAC Fights IRI - Sam Ghandchi Article



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Javad Zarif Father & Coordinator of Iran Lobby in USA

Postby CR » Fri Sep 20, 2019 10:22 am

Javad Zarif, the Father and Coordinator of the Iran Lobby in USA

The Treacherous Con Artist Diplomat

Hooshang Amirahmadi Veteran Iran Lobbyist in USA

Javad Zarif the Conning IRI Foreign Minister
Javad Zarif, the Father and Coordinator of the Iran Lobby in USA
Javad Zarif the Ex Head of Iran’s Interest Section at the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington DC, the Ex IRI UN Ambassador and the present IRI Foreign Minister is the architect of the Iran Lobby Web in Washington DC and a Con Artist.

Iran Lobby at its best
Javad Zarif with Senator Chuck Hagel and AIC President Hooshang Amirahmadi, New York, March 2007

Hooshang Amirahmadi Iran Lobby Site:

AIC Site


Please review the new research by the investigative author Hassan Daioleslam:


Javad Zarif Father of Iran Lobby in USA
The Treacherous Con Artist Diplomat

Hassan Daioleslam
September 20, 2019

Javad Zarif and his colleagues at Iranian mission in New York, played a key role in establishing and expanding Tehran’s web of influence in the U.S. The Implementation of sanctions on Zarif will restrict the regime’s ability to coordinate the activities of this network that exploits political divisions in the U.S., deceives public opinion and influences U.S. policies toward Iran.


Javad Zarif Father of Iran Lobby in USA ... /index.htm

Movement Index

Catayoun Razmjou
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IPC Website
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Iran Lobby’s Anti-War Misinformation Campaign

Postby CR » Wed Jan 08, 2020 9:06 pm

Iran Lobby’s Anti-War Misinformation Campaign

George Soros & Iran Lobby’s Co-Production Anti Trump Show!
Welcome to the Show Provided by the Lying Liberal Media

Soleimani Ring Road Kill Iran Cartoon of A F Branco
Obama’s Hope and Change Dollar Bag in Soleimani’s Hand!
“Money Bag in Soleimani’s hand was about to be delivered to IRI Terrorist Proxies.” (Media)
“Soleimani’s demise was confirmed by his custom-made ring and DNA.” (Media)
“IRI Terrorism was funded by Obama Regime’s Dollars!” (Media)


Please review the important new Iran Lobby Piece by Ahreeman X:


Iran Lobby’s Anti-War Misinformation Campaign
Ahreeman X
January 9, 2020

Obama Terrorist Enabler and the Iran Bomb Iran Cartoon of Ben Garrison
“Hussein Obama funded the IRI Islamist Regime’s Terrorism by $ 150 Billion Accessed Money with $ 1.8 Billion in Cash!” (Media)

WWIII Already Ended!

Trump plays the IRI Regime, Mullahs, Liberal Media and Democrats like a fine-tuned flute! Trump knows exactly what to say and what to do to get the upper hand by getting an overreaction from the Islamists and the Liberals.

As tensions between the US and IRI were escalating, the Fake News Liberal Media blamed Trump, predicted WWIII and that every American around the world is now a target by Iran. I guess after a few days, WWIII is already over!

After the demise of Terrorist Boss, Qasem Soleimani,

Read more:

Iran Lobby’s Anti-War Misinformation Campaign ... /index.htm

Iran Movement Index

Catayoun Razmjou
IPC Web Mistress
IPC Office

Soleimani’s 72 Virgins and Devil at Comic Con Iran Cartoon of Michael Ramirez
“Soleimani was asking for his 72 virgins in Behesht (Islamic Heaven) but he discovered Devil in Comic Con Jahanam (Islamic Hell)!” (Media)

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Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders Lobby for Iran

Postby CR » Thu Jan 09, 2020 2:33 am

Democrat Party of Choice for Iran Lobby in USA
Democrats & Iran Lobby are Old Friends but now Open Friends
Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders Advocate for Iran Lobby

Democrat Party Aligns with Iran Lobby in DC
Democrat Party is the Enemy of America
Iranian American Democrats, Whose Side are they on?

Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders Conference Call with NIAC
Democrat Party and Iran Lobby Go Hand in Hand
Trita Parsi & Javad Zarif Support Sanders & Warren

Trita Parsi Celebrating Obama – Iran Nuclear Deal News
Trita Parsi Iran Lobby Agent in USA – Head of NIAC
Head of IRI Iranian 5th Column in USA
Architect of Iran Lobby in San Diego and USA

Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders Advocates for Iran Lobby in USA
Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders Friends of Ayatollahs in Washington DC
Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders Lobby for the Mullahs




Warren, Sanders join conference call with lobby group linked to Tehran - sparking backlash

FOX News

Democratic presidential hopefuls Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders faced criticism online Wednesday for participating in a conference call with an Iranian-American advocacy group just a day after Iran launched a ballistic missile attack in Iraq aimed at U.S. military personnel.

The group was the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), which critics claim lobbies in Washington on behalf of the Iranian government.

The “#NoWarWithIran Strategy Call,” hosted by, another advocacy group and political action committee first organized in 1998 in response to former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, also included commentary from Jamal Abdi, president of NIAC. U.S. Reps. Barbara Lee and Ro Khanna, both California Democrats, and others also participated.

Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, called Warren and Sanders “disgraceful” for participating in the call with “pro-Iran group NIAC the day after Iran bombed our military bases.”
“Whose side are the Democrat frontrunners actually on?” he asked.

“How is this conference call with Sanders/Warren/ pro-Iran lobby group NIAC, with ties to Tehran & Iranian govt (who just bombed our military bases) different than the claims they made against Trump??”
another user asked. “Are they conspiring with the enemy to overthrow our govt?? Start impeachment?”

"Willingness to engage with NIAC - the Khomeini lobby in DC - should be automatic disqualification for any candidate," another user wrote.

NIAC has been accused by other members of the Iranian-American community of working as part of a U.S.-based pro-Islamic jihad alliance. A former CIA officer alleged in a 2009 brief that NIAC was actively working to influence Democrats -- in Congress and the Obama administration -- to push a foreign policy that would benefit Tehran’s cleric regime. A federal judge ordered NIAC to pay more than $180,000 in 2013 after its failed defamation lawsuit against Iranian-American writer Hassan Daioleslam, who published pieces showing NIAC's links to the regime, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia said the work of NIAC’s founder, Trita Parsi, was "not inconsistent with the idea that he was first and foremost an advocate for the regime." Parsi lobbied Congress and met with Obama administration officials before the signing of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Documents uncovered during the defamation lawsuit also showed correspondence between NIAC and Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

The group, meanwhile, insists it works independently from the Iranian government. According to its official website, NIAC is a “nonprofit dedicated to strengthening the voice of Iranian Americans and promoting greater understanding between the American and Iranian people.”

On the call, Warren, D-Mass., and Sanders, an independent from Vermont, both slammed President Trump for what was described as his “march to war” with Iran that they claim first began in May 2018 when he announced the U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal with world powers.

Trump had signed a presidential memorandum withdrawing the U.S. from the controversial agreement signed by his predecessor, former President Barack Obama. He said he will be re-instituting the highest level of sanctions and warned other countries against helping the Iranian government. The deal had allowed the Iranian regime to garner up to $150 billion in cash – most of which was used to fund state-run terrorist operations, the Free Beacon reported.

The conference call came after Wednesday morning's firing of as many as 15 ballistic missiles at two bases in Iraq housing U.S. troops in a major retaliation by the rogue regime after the U.S. airstrike that killed Iranian Quds Force Gen. Qassem Soleimani at Baghdad International Airport last week.
Iranian efforts to killed American service members were thwarted by the military's Early Warning Systems, Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters Wednesday. No U.S. casualties were reported.

“There seems to be a pause in the hostilities for now, and I hope it endures but let’s be clear – this is a crisis of Donald Trump’s making,” Warren told those who dialed in Wednesday night. “The first job of the president of the United States is to keep America safe, but this president’s reckless actions have made us far less safe.

“He started this back in 2018 when he tore up the Iran nuclear deal. Iran had agreed not to advance its nuclear program, and the international community had already certified that Iran was following the terms of the deal. Our allies wanted to stay in it but not Donald Trump.

“Instead he decided just to tear it up,” she said.

Warren also accused Trump of “tweeting threats of war crimes” when he threatened attacks on Iranian cultural sites, which she said was “not in America’s favor and it is wrong.” Trump had subsequently said he would take no action that violated international law.

Speaking later on in the hour-long call, Sanders accused Trump of telling “the same old lies” told by the Bush administration in 2002-03 that he said lead to the deaths of 4,500 “brave American soldiers,” the death of “hundreds of thousands of Iraqis” and veterans suffering from PTSD still today.

“When I think back in my lifetime to the disastrous wars, the unnecessary wars that have taken place. I think back to Vietnam where people I knew got killed, where my generation suffered so terribly – 59,000 dead, God knows how many wounded. People still sleeping out on the streets today from that war,” Sanders also said, recounting his personal history of America fighting in foreign wars oversees.

“I think the lesson is that war should be avoided in every way that we can. War is the last response, not the first response,” he continued. “I will do everything I can to prevent this war.”

“I’ll be working to make sure that we pass a War Powers Act that makes it clear that the Constitution says that it is the Congress – not the president – who determines whether this country goes to war. And that I’m afraid Congress has forgotten about that under Republican and Democratic administrations. And we’re going to do everything we can to pass that resolution.

Sanders closed out his remarks referencing health care, climate change and homelessness – issues that he said were more deserving of U.S. investment than a potential war with Iran.

MoveOn used the call to promote #NoWarWithIran rallies to be held Thursday across the U.S. in an effort to show public opposition against war with Iran. Both Warren and Sanders urged listeners to attend their nearest event. Move On said more than 7,000 people dialed into the call. More than 70,000 also listened to the call on Facebook Live.
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Re: Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in US

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:44 am

Dear Dr. X,

Your article, Iran Lobby’s Anti-War Misinformation Campaign, is a masterpiece in journalism. It allows people to understand the mass hold of Islamic propaganda in the U.S. It is first sprinkled with some of the finest cartoons by award winning artists AF Branco, Michael Ramirez and Ben Garrison. But then, you provide a wealth of information about the infiltration of Islamic operatives in the U.S. and many links whereby IPC readers can attain knowledge about the Islamic regime.

More importantly, throughout the article you educate and inform your readers of the stupidity and hypocrisy of the twisted media and misguided American minds.

Knowledge is a wonderful gift and I thank you for keeping us, sympathizers of Persians who will someday, and with Trump as President, soon celebrate the freedoms they once enjoyed many decades ago.

I was surprised to find that you elected to have COMMENTS posted after the article, Iranian Hezbollah Agents, Lobby & Front Businesses in USA, presented on the link viewtopic.php?f=46&t=1212

However, however this link provided many e-mail addresses of government and Islamic organizations. I will make use of them to inform many people of the last article I wrote, which was the debate between Al Sina and myself

Your most gracious friend, Nicholas
Author of Philosophy
Student of Science
Writer of Untold
Seeker of Truth
Lover of Life

Future of God Amen
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Elizabeth Warren’s Family Ties to Islamic Republic of Iran

Postby CR » Tue Jan 21, 2020 9:44 am

Elizabeth Warren’s Family Ties to Islamic Republic of Iran

Warren & Sanders are Iran Lobby Candidates of Choice
Warren & Sanders are NIAC Candidates of Choice
Democrat Party is Iran Lobby’s Party of Choice

Warren & Sanders were Conference Calling Iran Lobby
Elizabeth Warren is Known for Her Ties to NIAC
Now We Find Out more about Elizabeth Warren & IRI Connection


Elizabeth Warren’s Son-in-Law Produced Film Funded by Iranian Government

Kristina Wong
Breitbart News

Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) son-in-law, with whom she is close, has troubling ties to the Iranian regime, according to a new book by Peter Schweizer.

The book, Profiles in Corruption, reveals progressive leaders’ little-known ties to corrupt businesses and governments and discusses the Massachusetts senator in a chapter.


The chapter details the business deals of Warren’s son-in-law, Sushil Tyagi, who is married to her daughter, Amelia. Tyagi was born in India but moved to the United States, where he met Amelia while they were both pursuing MBAs at Wharton Business School.

Warren and Tyagi are close. She attended his brother’s wedding in India, recounting it in her memoir. She and her husband Bruce Mann in December 2009 served as witnesses for a power of attorney corporate document he filed in India.

Since his marriage into the Warren family, Tyagi “has been involved in a series of curious—even troubling—business ventures around the world,” Schweizer writes.

Tyagi runs Tricolor Films, and in 2008, produced a film called The Song of Sparrows, directed by Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi.

The film was described as Majidi’s “most religious” and is about a man who is fired from his job on an ostrich farm, moves to the big city and becomes a motorcycle taxi driver, and soon becomes consumed with his passengers’ lives and is swept up in a world of greed. It is his family that help him restore his “caring and generous nature,” according to a film synopsis.

Tyagi was listed as the film’s sole producer on a New York Times page, in credits which have now been deleted. A look back at the page’s archive revealed that the film was funded by the Iranian government agency that is overseen by Iranian propagandists.

Schweizer writes:

The full credits of the film, for some reason, seem to also have been scrubbed from the internet. We obtained a copy by using the Wayback machine and made a startling discovery: the movie’s chief investors included none other than the social deputy of the State Welfare Organization (SWO) of Iran (SWO-“معاونت اجتماعی سازمان بهزیستی کشور”) as well as the Cultural and Artistic Organization of Tehran. (“سازمان فرهنگی و هنری شهرداری تهران”)

These two investors in the film might appear at first glance to be innocuous cultural organizations—but they are not. Both are funded and controlled by the Islamist Iranian government.

The Cultural and Artistic Organization of Tehran states: “This organization was founded in 1996 and [does] its activities under the supervision of a board of trustees composed of various cultural institutions such as IRIB and Islamic propaganda organization.”

The Cultural and Artistic Organization of Tehran’s page promotes cultural events such as one for school children entitled “The Seal of Hostages,” attended by several top Iranian officials, according to the book.
Another event is the inherently antisemitic Quds Day on the last day of Ramadan. The organization also arranges marches, as well as organizes posters and other materials, for Quds Day. Its site says, “A new plan for the destruction of Israel will be launched, and the Quds Cultural Radio station will be located at the Radio Station. Also, the ‘I love the fight against Israel’ is distributed among the people.”

Schweizer notes, “Quds Day typically features massive crowds organized by the Iranian government chanting ‘death to America’ and burning effigies, with full media coverage.”

He writes Tyagi’s The Song of Sparrows has film credits that read like “who’s who of prominent Iranian government institutions.” For example, there is a thank-you to the “Iranian Revolutionary Guards Air Force.”

This was during a time of heightened U.S.-Iran tensions, when Washington had accused Iran of assisting in the killing of five American soldiers based in Iraq, and the then-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had repeatedly threatened that the United States, which he declared a “satanic power,” and warned that Israel would disappear from the face of the earth.

Tyagi also produced another film by Majid Majidi, but even less information is available about this film, Schweizer writes.

According to the book, a now deleted Web page describes Tyagi’s production company this way:
Leveraging their relationships with studio executives, access to top creative talent, and the high-level support that they enjoy from numerous foreign governments, this Los Angeles–based production company is developing a number of major international-themed projects for feature films, television, and interactive media.

“It is not known what foreign governments those might involve beyond Iran. Why the website was shut down is also unknown,” the book says.

Related Articles

Warren, Sanders Hosting Call With Pro-Tehran Lobby Group ... bby-group/

Warren, Sanders join conference call with lobby group linked to Tehran -- sparking backlash ... -soleimani
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