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Iranian Opposition Missions Manual 4: Dark Web
Dark Web Anonymous Communication
Welcome to the Persian Underground Network

Ahreeman X and Catayoun Razmjou
April 11, 2024

Iran Politics Club Opposition Dark Web Hacker Cyber Warrior

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Manual 1: How to Control the Streets?
Manual 2: 5th Column Operations!
Manual 3: Cyber Security
Manual 4: Dark Web

You are being Watched

You are not only watched by the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Cyber Units, VAJA (Iranian Secret Service), Hezbollah (Iranian and Lebanese branches) Hackers, and IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps), yet also by a series of international cyber bandits in disguise including but not limited to the Big Tech, Big Governments and Globalist Organizations.

Big Tech and Iran Lobby Relations

Let us speak of the Silicon Valley Persian Mafia.

Let us remind you that a good number of Big Tech executives in Alphabet (Google and YouTube), Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and other corporations participated in the 2020 Stolen Election from Trump and they are also Iran Lobby members and financiers of the Iran Lobby Organizations such as NIAC (National Iranian American Council) and PAAIA (Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans). These executives are all Democrats and Iran Lobby which means they are hardcore enemies of the Iranian Opposition and American Patriots. So Big Tech is not your friend aiding you to overthrow the Islamists in Iran. On the contrary, Big Tech backstabbed the American Patriots by rigging the 2020 US Election and stealing it from Trump. Big Tech are Democrats whom have been in bed with the Mullahs for over 4 decades. If you think about it, the only friend you have in America is Trump who brought the IRI almost to its knees via sanctions. The worst enemy you have in America are the Democrats whom appeased, financed and played footsy with the Mullahs for over 4 decades. In other words, MAGA and Iranian Opposition in America are your comrades and Big Tech is a snake posing as your friend!

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA

Google Iranian American Corrupt Management
Google, Facebook and Twitter Iranian American Management

San Diego Persian Cultural Center Iran Lobby Bank Articles Index

Google Articles

You are being watched by the Big Tech and the Governments. This is a fact not a theory. Big Tech spies on you on various forms. They spy on you through your mobile apps, mobile camera, laptop camera, virtual control, software, desktop applications, computer camera, spyware, tracking files, cookies, junk files, viruses, worms, even satellites! And now they have AI as their latest espionage robotic tool! They are watching every move you make through your computers, networks, systems and mobiles even when the mobiles are off!

Why Big Tech is Watching You?

Big Tech is watching you for various reasons:

* Gain information to sell you products
* Gain information to sell to other parties
* Gain information to sell to your competitors
* Gain information to sell to governments

It is all about money. Big Tech are international globalist corporations with no moral standards. They sell your information to the highest bidder.

AI Espionage and Disinformation

The latest Big Tech tactic tool to indoctrinate you into their globalist woke standards and also spy on you and your cyber habits is AI. You are a fool if you assume that the AI is programmed to assist you, inform you and be your co-pilot! AI is programmed by various globalist liberal communist programmers in various corporations to hand you politically correct, globalist, leftist false information to brainwash you and also to gain information on you.

Today’s AI model is not terminator style robots but they are woke fat lesbian transgenders with purple hair programmed to indoctrinate, brainwash, spy and gain control of your lives.

Read these posts:

Is MS Bing Sydney Robot Becoming Alive?

AI Singularity: Today’s Primary Steps: MS Sydney Chatbot Robot

From this Debate which is the longest running philosophy debate on Internet for 10 years:

Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X Debate: Philosophy of Existence
How Everything was Created?

Big Tech Intentions

Hi-Tech Globalist Corporations are not your friends and are not there to aid you but they are there to indoctrinate, enslave and control you to ultimately brainwash you into their way of thinking which is the Globalist WEF, UN and EU type of thinking. The New World Order, The Green New Deal, The Great Reset and rest of the liberal garbage out there is to create braindead slaves out of you.

There is no good Big Tech because they are all bad Big Tech. The difference is that some are only “Disease” like Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon but some are flat-out “Death” like Google and Meta! They are out there to make a buck and screw you along the way!

Hide your Activities

As the Revolutionary Resistance Fighters and Activists, it is your duty to hide your activities from the Big Tech. In IPC we allow the Big Tech to gain as much information on us as we want them to gain! This is what you need to do. Allow them to think that they know everything about you but in reality you must be in control of how much info you will allow them to gain.

Opposition Control of Information

We use different computers for different purposes. We have our private, work and political computers. They are completely different tools, systems and networks for different purposes. For example:

* A Mobile for work (IPC and Private Contracts)
* A Mobile for Private Life (Personal)
* A Mobile for Political Connections Globally (Inside and Outside Iran)

We do not mix these systems. You need to follow this patterns. Always remember that Big Tech cannot be trusted.

Big Tech Sells to the Highest Bidder

Big Tech has no conscience. Big Tech sells your information to CIA, FBI, DOJ, Deep State, Democrats, CCP China, IRI Islamist Regime, Hezbollah, VAJA Iranian Secret Service or anyone else who pays them more! Big Tech and in general Globalist Corporations are similar to Expensive Whores whom they go to bed with the highest bidder! They are absolutely not trustworthy! Do not open up your wallets, secrets and private lives to them. They will screw you, damage you, make money off of you, spy on you and ultimately possibly get you arrested and killed by the governments or terrorists which there are not much difference between the two.

WEF Factor

WEF (World Economic Forum) at Davos is the root of all evil and the enemy of the individualist workers; furthermore, enemy of the humanity. WEF is a mean for the Globalist Elite, Globalist Corporations and Big Governments to indoctrinate, control and enslave you. WEF and its sister organizations such as UN, EU, WHO, WTO and such are the internationalist enemies of the National Populists, Workers and Iranian Opposition. They are in cahoots with the IRI Regime of the Mullahs, American Deep State, Democrats, Biden Regime and Western European Regimes which are all enemies of the people. Do not for a second fall in to their lies and propaganda on Climate Change, Green New Deal, Globalism and other nonsense which are methods of them getting rich and you the people to get screwed and become slaves to the Globalist Corporations supporting the Mullahs in Iran and Democrats in America! It is all a front and a façade, a Fools Façade of Democracy.

Liberal Made Climate Change Apocalypse

Liberal Made LGBTQIA+ 6 to 60 Genders!

Do Not Trust Governments

American Deep State, Islamic Republic of Iran, Communist Chinese Regime, WEF, UN, EU and so on are more or less the same rubbish. They are all terrorists but at different degrees and levels of terrorism. You cannot trust them as far as you can throw them.

CIA and FBI are as much your friends as VAJA, CCP or Hezbollah. Trust no one. That is why we taught you the “Rule of 4.” Review in past “Opposition Missions Manuals.”

Now we move on to the Dark Territories of the Cyber Underworld. Welcome to the Resistance Cyber Warfare to be always a couple of steps ahead of your enemy.

IPC Networks

What you see is the tip of the iceberg. When we state IPC Networks, we truly mean “Networks” and not “Network” indeed.

Iran Politics Club Futurist Faravahar Tricolor Iran Flag

IPC Networks
IPC Open Network
IPC Iranian Opposition Network
IPC American Patriots Network

IPC Open Network

IPC Open Network is what you see on the net. It is the IPC Website, Forum (Club), Newsletter and everything else available openly on the net for everyone to enjoy, read and to get informed.

IPC Iranian Opposition Network

This network is hidden from the public and is used as a forum for the Iranian Opposition resistance fighters and political activists inside and outside Iran to interact with each other globally.

IPC American Patriots Network

This network is hidden from the public and is used as a forum for the American Patriots, National Populists and political figures to interact with each other.

We use the Dark Web, the Deep Web, the Dark Net, the Anonymous Cyber World and draft the Internet Underground as tools to aid us in our cyber war, espionage war, resistance war and protests against the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran). In fact, we shall use all tools virtual or actual, possible to end the illegitimate reign of the Islamic Regime in Iran. The goal is to free Iran. Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

Cyber Definitions

Cyber Definitions
Clear Web
Deep Web
Dark Web
Dark Net
Onion Routing
Timing Analysis
Anonymous Web Surf

Dark Web, Deep Web, Clear Web (Surface Web) Iceberg Diagram

Clear Web

Clear Web (Surface Web) occupies about 4% of the Internet. Clear Web is a part of WWW (world Wide Web) indexed by the search engines and available to all. Clear Web is what you see on the surface of the Internet Aka above the water. Clear Web is tip of the Internet Iceberg which resides above the water.

Deep Web

Deep Web occupies about 90% of the Internet. Deep Web is part of the WWW (World Wide Web) not indexed by the traditional search engines. Deep Web is the bottom part of the Internet Iceberg which resides under the water.

Dark Web

Dark Web occupies about 6% of the Internet. Dark Web is a part of the WWW (World Wide Web) which is only accessible by means of special software, allowing users and website operators to remain anonymous or untraceable. Dark Web poses new and formidable challenges for the law enforcement agencies around the world. Dark Web is a threat to the Globalist Establishment and Big Governments controlling the Earth.

Dark Web if not used for crimes, yet used for spreading freedom and Democracy, can be a useful great tool for the Freedom Fighters of the World.

Please notice that the dark web forms a small part of the deep web, the part of the web not indexed by the web search engines. Sometimes the term deep web is mistakenly used to refer specifically to the dark web. So:

Dark Web is Micro (Part)
Deep Web is Macro (Whole)

Dark Web is the deepest darkest end of the Internet Iceberg which resides underwater in the darkest part of the ocean at the bottom end of the Iceberg.

Dark Net

Dark Net is a computer system network with restricted access which is used mainly for outlawed peer-to-peer file sharing.

Dark Net if not used for crimes, yet used for spreading freedom and Democracy can be a great useful tool for the Freedom Fighters of the World.

Dark Net is specifically valuable to the Iranian Opposition for their fights against the Tyrannical and inhuman Islamist Regime of IRI.

Onion Routing

Onion Routing is a technique used for anonymous communication over a computer network.

In an onion network, messages are encapsulated in layers of encryption, analogous to the layers of an onion. The encrypted data is transmitted through a series of network nodes called "Onion Routers," each of which "Peels" away a single layer, revealing the data's next destination. When the final layer is decrypted, the message arrives at its destination. The sender remains anonymous because each intermediary knows only the location of the immediately preceding and following nodes. While onion routing provides a high level of security and anonymity, there are methods to break the anonymity of this technique, such as the timing analysis.

Timing Analysis

Timing Analysis is a methodical analysis of a digital circuit to determine if the timing constraints imposed by components or interfaces are met. This means that you are trying to prove that all set-up, hold, and pulse-width times are being met. Timing analysis is used to estimate when the output of a given circuit gets stable.

Timing Analysis could break the Onion Routing. You can build your Onion Routing in a fashion not to be broken by the Timing Analysis. You can also use the Timing Analysis to infiltrate the IRI Onion Routing Systems.

Anonymous Web Surf

Anonymous Web surfing hides the user's IP address by rerouting all requests through a third-party server such as VPN (Virtual Private Network), Tor and Anonymous Proxies. Review past Opposition Manuals, specifically the Iranian Opposition Manual 3: Cyber Security.

Cyber Wars

Modern wars are Cyber Wars and they are fought in cyber space. The Cyber Wars can destroy the complete internal system of infrastructure, defense, transportation, food, water supply and security of a nation. CCP China and IRI Iranian Regime are already using the Cyber Wars and Hacking Methods to bring the cyber naïve, cyber illiterate and cyber ignorant American Deep State Regime run by the Democrats, also the West European Regimes, down to their knees.

Not that Chinese and Iranian terrorists, agents, sleeper cells and lobby are freely transport through the American and European Open Borders and move freely back and forth across these Toy Borders, yet the CCP and IRI are now having local networks of espionage and terrorism across the large cities of USA.

In the future, they will conduct projects to cripple the Western World and obviously Liberal Democrats are not doing anything to stop them but on the contrary, they encourage them with open borders and open migrations!

We the Iranian Opposition must also have our information up-to-date and our means explored to the full, so we can conduct our successful cyber war and battles with the IRI and their hackers, to cripple their systems and secure our lines of communication.

In the past, IRI had conducted a number of cyber hacks, attacks and sabotage against IPC; therefore, on each occasion, we had returned the favor by attacks on their ministries!

Why Cyber Security?

Cyber Security guarantees us to:

* Infiltrate IRI Regime’s Government Networks
* Secure Iranian Opposition Networks
* Plan Future Virtual and Actual Wars with the IRI
* Sabotage and Cripple IRGC, VAJA and other IRI Regime’s Ministries’ Networks
* Use Cyber Wars as the key to the victory in Actual Wars

Dark Web Methodology

We give as much information to the Tech Giants, Google and Deep State as needed. We do not disclose our private networks, our private mobiles and our private e-mails to any of them. We reside our private communication on the Dark Web.

Dark Web is the World Wide Web content that exists on the darknets, the overlay networks that use the Internet but require specific software, configurations, or authorization to access. Through the dark web, private computer networks can communicate and conduct business anonymously without divulging identifying information, such as a user's location.

The dark web forms a small part of the deep web, the part of the web not indexed by the web search engines. Sometimes the term deep web is mistakenly used to refer specifically to the dark web.

The Dark Nets which constitute the dark web include small, Comrade to Comrade networks, as well as large, popular networks such as Tor, Freenet, I2P, and Riffle operated by the public organizations and individuals. Users of the Dark Web refer to the regular web as “Clear Net” (Surface Net) due to its unencrypted nature. The Tor Dark Web or Onionland uses the traffic anonymization technique of onion routing under the network's top-level domain suffix .onion.

Dark Web Distribution Diagram
What percentage of Dark Web is used for what purpose?
Dark Web can be used as a great tool for political activism, protests and revolution!

Dark Web is used for various underground tasks including illegal activities but also used for positive revolutionary communications in the web underground.

Dark Web can be a useful tactic for the Iranian Opposition towards the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

Below there are a series of sites for information, how to articles and knowledge. Search them to explore more on the Dark Web. Use Search Engines such as Bing and Tubes such as YouTube and conduct searches for various Dark Web topics to find articles and video clips to gain information.

Dark Web Information


Dark Web - Wikipedia

Deep Web - Wikipedia

Dark Net - Wikipedia

Tor Project

Tor - Wikipedia

Freenet (Hyphanet)

Freenet (Hyphanet) - Wikipedia

I2P Invisible Net Project

I2P - Wikipedia

Riffle - Wikipedia

Onion Routing - Wikipedia


Dark Web 101: Your guide to the badlands of the internet – CNet

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CNet Download

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* Note: Search for Dark Web Video Clips on YouTube

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Battleplan Against IRI in Biden Era Thread

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Victory is Ours

IRI Islamist Regime’s death is not a matter of “if” but a “when” because IRI is bound to die and we the Iranian Opposition are determined to end its lifespan. IRI will die late if you as the Iranian Nationalists do not become active. IRI will die soon if you the Iranian Nationalists roll up your sleeves, get down and dirty in the trenches and actively fight the oppression. Indifference is the key to IRI lasting forever. Nationalism is the key to free Iran.

Join us, join the opposition and join the movement, the Iranian Student Movement, Iranian Democratic Movement and the Iranian Opposition to end the reign of Islam in Iran.

Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

Help yourselves by helping us to free Iran.
More Power to the People


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